These Ancient Relics Are So Advanced They Shouldn't Exist...


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    That's gotta be some good wine if you like it aged.

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    Give it a rest seen this 100 times find something else that we don't know about

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    10:00 ok, is it strange that i can read it?

  5. Kevin Torres

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    Great content but the book was solved before you posted this video (voynich manuscript )

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    Please can you have a look @ the giants/skeleton on sardinia which italian government wants suppressed.thnx

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    Possibly a mad man?

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    Recreate it with a plastic 3d printer.

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    Only pornhub knows what's on the device...

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    I love your videos but FUCK SKILLSHARE!!! Every time I watch one of your videos I forget you do the ad IN the video. Holy crap is this annoying.

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    Because like most technology or any inventions if the big boys don't have it or its superior to there's or if humans can have it for free like electricity the big boys buy it hide it or destroy it

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    So they discovered it in 1902, put it in a museum undisturbed for 100, then studied over the last 20 years? This video came out 5 years before it should’ve

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    Turns out the Voynich Manuscript was based on old Turkish, and is rather mundane when translated.

  15. Joel Baldwin

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    You have to be an idiot to automatically conclude that because something is more advanced than you can explain that it's somehow related to or made by aliens or from the future and that mankind living in the past could not only have not been intelligent enough to have made it but flat out lacked the technology and ability to do so. There are so many assumptions being made when that is done, ruling out conclusions that might be more logical and much more likely to be true.

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    Also using a high powered X-Ray on an ancient bronze artefact damaging it beyond repair and costing some engineers over £3,000,000

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    Ehhhhh, don’t really believe this

  18. Darren Simmons

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    If it was ahead of it's time then why was it made at that time?

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    What's up with the fake accen

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    For the voynich manuscript its surprised me on how us humans and our technology cant decode it but ive been thinking long and hard we used decoders to try it and computers for years but nothing There maybe a solution. Apple made a ai robot that started to speak in code with another ai robot yes this may not be relevant as they talked on how to end humanity but if we was able to make them read in code and speak in languages we may just discover more answers or the truth behind all things we may already know. I know some who are reading this may think i maybe wrong but to think that a robot learned in a few seconds compets to how quickly us as humans take weeks or years to master a new languages or master a pattern/habits or some may just think im completely stupid even just to think that. im able to understand how this could end up going completely wrong but we need to take chances

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    I have no doubt that aliens wrote that book

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    internet is full of BS, and it is coming more and more.

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    I like how we get straight to business, no 1 minute introductions because everyone already knows who you are. Nice work!

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    No the problem is that scientists today are so stupidly arrogant ; they can't possibly fathom that ancient civilizations could have been as intelligent and advanced as this. Humanity being around as long as it has.

  25. alex trebek

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    it also contradicts evolution. there never was a 'duh' Neanderthal man but humans were fully formed and fully intelligent from day 1. Evolutionists can't accept this so they continue to be mystified by out of place artifacts

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    I swear darwin was wrong about only the strong survive; breeding the strong with the strong. Seems more like the stupid breed with the stupid. And will not survive. We get dumber by the generation

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    What's up with all the hand gestures?

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    Go put a tinfoil hat on you mug!

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    what kind of class did you go to that taught you to wave and extensively move you're hands when you talk?

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    Time Travelers confirmed?

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    I bet Voynich Manuscript is really about women menstrual cycles.

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    Alchemy and magic stuff

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    Get facts right. It was a spong Fisher man diving' and it was not found in a box. Or on a boat.

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    But this guy talks too much tho

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    Just so you know this dude needs to re-up on his video skills they've already cracked over 70% of the Voynich manuscript

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    @ 5:58 What is wrong with your eye brows?!?

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    When he says "a young Leonardo de Vinci" at 12.08 it showed an image of Rembrandt

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    Two questions: Can the Whatchamacallit Mechanism access SkillShare? Is Thoughty2 secretly an alien?

  41. R. Marchand

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    The Voynich manuscript is written in old Turkish language and has been deciphered in 2018

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    Forty 2 is so awesome! When i grow up I want to be as successful as he is

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    The work of Greek demigods

  44. Eric Land

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    " It's a cookbook !!!! " . (Twilight Zone S03E24)

  45. SDJW 2016

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    I have an idea, the Manuscript should be scanned to find patterns and repeats, thus we could be one step closer to extract the information that we could use to crack the manuscript.

  46. hifi noob 2018

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    It's a navigation tool based on the stars, not really a surprise. Ancient people have the same brains we do. Mystery solved, it's not surprising ancient people developed tools like this to help their everyday lives. Actually the Chinese abacus is the world's first computer. Btw if ancient people could see our world they would think we were God's and quite clearly we NOT! This alien tech bullshit is nothing more then part of the conspiracy industry that makes money off peoples ignorance...... pathetic!

  47. itatertot

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    For the first one I was gonna guess a clockwork but hey, kudos to the people of the past. Smart humans was born in the last million of years. Why can’t scientists understand this. So basically this machine was a computer clock to track the sky and the sun. So like a sundial? But it sunk with the ship so they wasn’t able to use it?

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    Anyone else bothered by half of his face being raised more than the other half? it's like he's perpetually having a stroke.

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    Hey +Thoughty2 the man at 8:45 is us the Turk's greatest leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Lived between 1881-1938, won our Independent War in 1923 and established Turkish Republic from the ashes of Ottoman Empire. So that man is neither English nor American scientist as you mentioned. FYI

  50. Christopher Puzzo

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    Stuff made by Archimedes. Not aliens. Ancient humans were smarter than you think and they were way smarter than most of the idiots that inhabit the earth now.

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    When he said Computer I almost fainted🥵 I’m speechless !! 😶

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    I'm sorry.... ATHENS not affens ! Can't stand this... Thousands not fousands.

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    Jack Benjamin haha it’s common in England for people to replace th sounds with f sounds. I have no idea why but lots of them do it.

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    Lord I want that Manuscript 📖!!!!

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    But can the first computer run Doom

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    Curious has its pages or script been run through the quatum computer?

  57. Brian Hurry

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    That book was manufactured by a con artist

  58. Joe Yocom

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    Mr. Slye invented a computer for gasoline pumps in the early 1930's

  59. Snr. Froggy Mooopew

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    Confirmed that the Dwemer never went extinct, the just invented space travel and moved from Nirn to Earth. Nirn is the planet Elder Scrolls takes place on for all the Normies.

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    If there was only some video about the content, instead of video of this guy talking.

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    Shut the fuckup

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    Time traveller left his stuff.

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    Try using some wd45 on it followed by liquid wrench.

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    Tower of babel

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    They call the Middle Ages the dark ages for a reason.. we lost everything when we lost Alexandria.

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    This damn eyebrow is pissing off 😠 😠

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    I like how someone is like "hmmmm, this ancient gearbox defies our current understanding of what these people were capable of... ergo, the only logical conclusion, is that aliens came along and did it! like wut

  68. Mike Majewicz

    Mike Majewicz8 days ago

    Update. I believe that scholars have discovered it is written in an ancient Hebrew dialect.

  69. Hayden Muscat

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    Watch Clickspring if you want to see the mechanism being created :P

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    It is amazing what you can accomplish in 16 hours a day when you are not distracted by phones, T.V., social media and you tube. Unlike me who gets sucked down this black hole everyday.

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    Speaker acts like he is communicating, but in reality is only irritating.

  72. pigsbishop99

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    The Antikythera mechanism is generally thought to have been made by Archimedes. As he was one of the greatest minds of all time, the complexity is not a problem. Do any of you really believe that aliens would have brought a clockwork mechanism? Come on!

  73. TheDba82

    TheDba828 days ago Solved it's just in old Turkish

  74. MrBogart

    MrBogart8 days ago

    For me thus is an instrument for navigation and this is a device which perhaps was used to find this vessel by people who it was of value to them. They used it to discover its location and then left the device there in the wreck so others could not find it on them and know that they had located something important which was on that boat and which has been removed. Perhaps there were even more valuable things on that vessel originally?

  75. Ed Kandefer

    Ed Kandefer8 days ago

    There is a you tube called the boy with the incredible brain with verified super human mathematics

  76. Michael Sheridan

    Michael Sheridan9 days ago

    Romans build Colosseum: Us: Yeah I could see that Romans make piece of shit art Caesar demands be sent on a boat and sunk into the ocean Us: Aliens

  77. Miguel Denesus

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    This is a cool channel but why Am I the only one amazed at how stupid humans still are?? That's the only reason we're excited to see things we forgot how to make ages ago.

  78. Dick Zuckerburg

    Dick Zuckerburg9 days ago

    They are relics, we don't know how old they are or who made them.

  79. Gerard Doherty

    Gerard Doherty9 days ago

    How do you know it's 2100 years old? That's just presumably when the ship sunk? That doesn't mean it's not 100 or 1000s of years earlier?

  80. Michael Bley

    Michael Bley9 days ago

    I think immediately going toi the conclusion of ALIENS is kind of insulting to human capabilities. Because while it seems anachronistic, there always had been people that were just completely ahead of their time. Its not that far off to think there was some ancient greek counterpart to people like Nikola Tesla or Leonardo Da Vinci who created the Antikythera mechanism.

  81. Nobo DY

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    yeah we don't even know the half of it

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    They should make a movie about this.

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    Thoughty ..... you’re cool But your overly dramatic expressions is distracting bro... less visuals from you the better, your voice sells but you’re coming off as laboring. I’m going to try and complete watching this because I recognize your voice and it was informative and interesting stuff

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    i looks like a story book about what happen or a record of people how days pass by,

  85. joey john Jasly

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    when you know the reality about this device,actually to wipe a*s hole after s*itting..

  86. Michael Sheridan

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    1:18 it sinks ships that's what it does

  87. Daniel Danicon

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    The problem is that people just can't get around the TIME, loooooooong time the earth had existed. 2000 years is literally NOTHING. A micro second on the lifespan of the earth. I hear people say they notice the climate change and I really feel like the whole world had gone retarded..

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    These “hey this is how you can get rich like me” ads make me wish I was too broke to have a phone and see their scams

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    Come on, if aliens were real Trump would have blabbed about it already 😆

  90. SuppersReady8880

    SuppersReady888010 days ago

    "Mr. Ardic claims he and his son have discovered more than 300 words in the Voynich Manuscript Code. His research paper was published on the John's Hopkins University digital journal. In his online video presentation , which has been watched almost a million times, Mr. Ardic concluded that the manuscript was written in a poetic, rhythmic method called "Phonemic Orthography" which describes speech visually."

  91. Joey Mitchell

    Joey Mitchell10 days ago

    the voynich manuscript. Has anyone ever thought that the code is actually made up of multiple codes? what I mean by this is what is each word/section of script between the spaces are encoded differently and therefore need a more abstract look. What if in order to decode the manuscript we need to isolate each sentence and run each known lanuage through an AI along with the decoding methods. perhaps the decoding is language dependent and more intricate than previously thought. I know not much of decoding or translation but if you were to find one constant, the fact that we cannot decode it, perhaps this is because there is nothing to decode and we merely lack the knowledge to understand it. Could it be possible for us to understand this manuscript if we were to try coding our language into that language? perhaps we could gain insight or maybe a sort of muscle memory knowledge from simply writing it? Bilingual people. if you know how to write two languages do you feel some similarities with the muscle memory? do notice how some words "feel" similar? How they have a sort of rhythm? could this voynich manuscript be base upon random etchings that somehow make sense when written for an extended period of time? This may be ramblings but I felt I should share. Joseph A Mitchell

  92. Blubox84

    Blubox847 days ago

    It's actually written in old Turkish language. A Turkish father and son are decoding it. So far, there is nothing special...

  93. maxwell muhoro

    maxwell muhoro10 days ago

    It written in form of a dairy that was used to study if earth is habitable to the alien race...I'm I the only one who sees people are doing it all wrong

  94. maxwell muhoro

    maxwell muhoro10 days ago

    I Weirdly can tell what it actually says cause I can translate it but just a small part

  95. maxwell muhoro

    maxwell muhoro10 days ago

    The voynich manuscript is not just a book but a letter to human beings

  96. Grow ByDoing

    Grow ByDoing10 days ago

    Times a illusion so it could of been made any now.

  97. pavy415

    pavy41511 days ago

    So much lost technology existed way back in the days that will make tech today child's play the era was called the dark ages

  98. Cruelo Deville

    Cruelo Deville11 days ago

    If only the great library of alexandria wasnt burned.

  99. Mister Procaffination

    Mister ProcaffinationDay ago

    +Nivard Bellen Idiot, logging companies replant the forest they cut down. We have more trees now than we did 200 years ago.

  100. Harvey Kong Tin

    Harvey Kong Tin4 days ago

    It is said that the Christianity authority at that time - trying to establish itself as the new authority - burned/destroyed anything that contradicted Christianity - hence the loss of the great library of Alexandria. A documentary about a lost text by Archimedes illustrated this - that it was recycled/reused - overwritten by Christian prayer text - and said that if this was not lost - we'd be hundreds of years ahead, eg. we'll be on Mars by now.

  101. Stefanita Alexandru

    Stefanita Alexandru5 days ago

    +Wild sane stolen not burned technology ,the one that controls the past ,controls the future .

  102. Nivard Bellen

    Nivard Bellen5 days ago

    yea like how they waste all the trees on earth to make more money to invest on their crusade to find a new earth. ironic right? that's how stupid our race is. sadly.

  103. Wild sane

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    Cruelo Deville they burnt knowledge and now they are toiling to get it... typical human beings

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    Watch "20,000 Year Old Pyramid Discovered In Indonesia" on MReporter -

  105. zeroziro Zoro

    zeroziro Zoro11 days ago

    the only meaning of having no mistakes in this book means: it's a copy not the original book. so the original book should be way older than this copy

  106. Jasen Gibson

    Jasen Gibson11 days ago

    There's an obvious 3rd option for the Voynich manuscript's text: It's just made up gibberish with no real meaning, perhaps somebody's art project. The fact that it also has bizarre illustrations of plants that don't exist kind of points that way as well.

  107. John Cheeks

    John Cheeks11 days ago

    The book have to be broken down to every aspect from science identification levels plants symbols and signs of ancient pyramids and temples etc.........ocean of secrets

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    I think I actually like our govt not having access to these things