These Ancient Relics Are So Advanced They Shouldn't Exist...


  1. Jonathan Cross

    Jonathan Cross45 minutes ago

    1 year later... Voynich Manuscript Revealed (2018)

  2. tammy dwight

    tammy dwight3 hours ago

    needs side panel for crows feet

  3. Rick James

    Rick James7 hours ago

    AND imagine if nit wits actually could come up with logical comments and contributions instead of trying to make silly remarks or be negative and critical about complex issues.

  4. Travis Jester

    Travis Jester10 hours ago

    This is proof that we can go backwards, people seem to think that we are incapable of losing all the great technology we have today but that is a very real possibility.

  5. Unhumanized

    Unhumanized15 hours ago

    Blame the aliens

  6. FactThat

    FactThat23 hours ago

    Stop it with the Aliens or Reptilian nonsense! thumbs up if you agree

  7. Serena Gibson

    Serena GibsonDay ago

    Idk it always looked like a grimore to me. A very spiritual person with science to back it up

  8. splendor Inthegrass

    splendor InthegrassDay ago


  9. davincii

    davinciiDay ago

    2 months prior, the mysteries of the manuscript where reviewed here - Even with the internet, we still can't google things before posting and saying things are impossible

  10. CMDR Cmdr

    CMDR CmdrDay ago

    The guy that invented that clock couldn't have even had a light bulb moment

  11. Serena Gibson

    Serena GibsonDay ago

    Candle over his head

  12. Harvey Tinseltin

    Harvey TinseltinDay ago

    Voynich manuscript.

  13. Harvey Tinseltin

    Harvey TinseltinDay ago

    Can you buy a Copy of that?

  14. CLOWN_x_X

    CLOWN_x_XDay ago

    not an expert but pause on 9, 45sec put ur head from side and u ill see matematic leters 2 8 9 0 6 11 etc . just try at 9, 57 u see the 44 number page ? now go 10 ,46 can u see the start leters 4 ? equal to the pages number ? pls tell me im not triping lol sry the english

  15. Jerome Sanders

    Jerome SandersDay ago


  16. Bongo Man

    Bongo ManDay ago

    Are any of the illustrated plants in the manuscript recognizable? If not, maybe they are not from earth. Just wondering.

  17. steven189111

    steven189111Day ago

    You Babble endlessly .....

  18. MrIcculus6

    MrIcculus62 days ago

    Aliens traveled interstellar space with their super gear technology?

  19. Sabbath maiden fan

    Sabbath maiden fanDay ago

    No archimedes

  20. James Ritter

    James RitterDay ago

    That simple thought has never even crossed my mind but i feel you completely debunked the whole alien theory in a few words. My only guess would be that if it was aliens then mayby they showed them how to make such a complicated device but they only had the resources available to them. Are ancestors were so intelligent its mind blowing. Not to say we are not, but the things they learned and discovered and did all without youtube, computers, robots, and cellphones.

  21. Danny Hemphill

    Danny Hemphill2 days ago

    Kapernick says alien technology is racist

  22. Victor Bovsun

    Victor Bovsun2 days ago

    Was hit during all the hand gestures, like if you didn't feel safe

  23. Greg Jay

    Greg Jay2 days ago


  24. J Owen

    J Owen2 days ago

    Voynich Manuscript is supposedly a form of old Turkish diallect, latest I heard. Since the Arab cultures were ahead of Western cultures for centuries, I don't think it's necessary to jump to unnecessarily strange conclusions. Corrections? That would have been very expensive "paper".. you would lose your head if your made a mistake! Suggest you take a look at this

  25. Roberto Ramirez

    Roberto Ramirez2 days ago

    Not paying thank you

  26. Abhirama Ravindra Kumar

    Abhirama Ravindra Kumar2 days ago

    If you come to India n test things passing X rays I’m sure you ll be spellbound of ancient technology. I’m sad still many Archeologists don’t realise the fact that modern much advanced technology existed previously, they think themselves very learned n all ancients monuments in India are only built locally n with chisels n primitive tools is what they portray, wish we change n try to learn more rather than think we better than our predecessors. I’m sure u ll get many things in India which the archeologists n govt don’t give a damn about but rather buy to the western written histories which really isn’t convincing.

  27. Mario Sirna

    Mario Sirna2 days ago

    So many incorrect news enriched with poor sensationalism in just 15 minutes. I am impressed. The first one is that the greek device is an astronomical clock. Amazingly advanced, but surely not a computer.

  28. Luthfi Agustian

    Luthfi AgustianDay ago

    Mario Sirna dude, computer means a machinr to compute something, in the modern case, the code that translated to a running programs. The astronomical clock you just said is to compute days and months. Turring machine doesnt look like a modern computer, but it was a computer machine. Get your fact right.

  29. Hammad Irfan

    Hammad Irfan2 days ago

    As for the manuscript. Maybe they were Arab lost works(destroyed by Genkhis Khan ofc) which were found and he encoded it. Or in some cases even bettered it.

  30. RBVC

    RBVC2 days ago

    lets not forget that many these organizations destroy and/or hide evidence of anything not written or altered in our history books. so for them to come up with answers i'd take it with a huge grain of smithsonian salt.

  31. William Barnett-Lewis

    William Barnett-Lewis2 days ago

    Your racism is noted. Now shut up, sit down and don't bother the adults while they're talking.

  32. Dave S

    Dave S2 days ago

    They were probably produced one-by-one in a small workshop and sold at the Agora in Athens.The Vatican might have one in their collectipn but the rest of them have been destroyed. This is the lone survivor.

  33. the almighty ocean

    the almighty ocean3 days ago

    Hey man, whats the name of the background song on the first part?

  34. mmaacckkssoonn

    mmaacckkssoonn3 days ago

    I mean we are not the first advanced civilization.. geez get your head out of your asses 😂 along their path the fucked up.. And believe me when I say WE will also at some point fuck up and we will get back to the “Stone Age” You really think our electricity will be around for ever?

  35. Phill Wright

    Phill Wright3 days ago

    Can English people NOT pronounce the "TH" sound??? It's Thaaaaaa! NOT Faaaaaa! It's NOT Fanks for watching, its's THANKS for watching! The information is interesting but I have such a hard time listening to such lazy English.

  36. James Ritter

    James RitterDay ago

    Fats for sure!

  37. EpicJoeR

    EpicJoeR3 days ago

  38. Daniel Love

    Daniel Love3 days ago

    Isn't life amazing so much we don't know about and so much we need to know to me it's the essence of being alive!

  39. Raymond Ashby

    Raymond AshbyDay ago

    meh. life is shit, and then you die. get over it

  40. Christine Klenk

    Christine Klenk3 days ago


  41. Tuzakci

    Tuzakci3 days ago

    It's a Sharpness V book bruh

  42. allan Leroy

    allan Leroy3 days ago

    people please stop looking at the eyebrows.!!! hahah

  43. Crinosis

    Crinosis3 days ago

    I could care less if it was a component of the chariot described in Ezequiel, Jesus forgot it when he left, the Mayans made it and sent it to Greece. Whatever this piece of device was or wherever came from, does not change anything we do today, we have a far more advanced technology.

  44. Blitz Kat

    Blitz Kat3 days ago

    There is a chance that there are other civilizations out there that we are unaware of. There are other things living out there for sure because there are other planets like Earth that support living organisms.

  45. L L

    L L3 days ago

    Unskiled share

  46. Matt Carrell

    Matt Carrell3 days ago

    The bet and only way to unlock this manuscript will be by letting a linguistically and code-breaking trained AI examine this book. Someone out there.. make it so!

  47. Joseph Orca Orca

    Joseph Orca Orca3 days ago

    My God. I bet they had internet too. Right , bloody hell.

  48. cool beanz

    cool beanz3 days ago

    The devil is a liar

  49. NicsterPlays

    NicsterPlays3 days ago

    What’s the background song at 8:40 ?

  50. NicsterPlays

    NicsterPlays3 days ago

    Please it’s so good

  51. BushDoctor119

    BushDoctor1193 days ago

    This is a moment in time where we are waken up .. Alien technology it looks like but its not complete .. But the scientist is right that is has something to do with the planet and stars and the Moon and sun .. The day will come we all get our aswers .. untill then people judge each other that they are mad or crazy .. I would love to see them faces when they have " their day".. 😂I know i am for starters haha but Hell Yeah i would live to take the fuck of out of here ! I Hooe they beam me out from here from another time or so ;))))

  52. Jay Tang

    Jay Tang4 days ago

    How do you claim it’s the world’s first computer when Ancient Greek probably made 50 of those before this one?

  53. macgyverthebunny

    macgyverthebunny2 days ago

    think that is weird, watch this... and the book that can't be deciphered doesnt come as close to this one-

  54. Michael MVP Tatro

    Michael MVP Tatro4 days ago

    Proof the sacred texts are myth

  55. Richard Neal

    Richard Neal4 days ago

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  56. paqueenb

    paqueenb4 days ago

    Fallen angel technology. Hidden history. Aliens do not exist. Read the Bible and research flat earth. ❤️

  57. Michael MVP Tatro

    Michael MVP Tatro4 days ago

    Your a fucking idiot

  58. Yosua T3C

    Yosua T3C4 days ago

    Sometime i think very absurd about this world,like how we know about the religion,could it be someone from "apocalypse'' time,travel back to the beginning of our civilization with their advanced tecknolgy & knowlages and then teach our accient human about what & not to do and also teach them some technology to help them solve kinds of problm..and leave holy book as hidden massage...also to fix something that can be chaos in the future,i dont know what specific reason behind it..but its just my thought,i could be wrong,but once again this is just my absurd thinking...for me life exist is because of many possibilty form :)

  59. Hooge

    Hooge4 days ago

    The actual machining of the gears would be the impressive part, assuming the ancient Greeks were able to correctly assume the elliptical movement of solar masses it wouldn't be hard to assume they could correlate it to a series of gears working together as a mini mechanical solar-mobile. The 'prediction' of solar events simply occur, and line up with science that the ancient Greeks are known for. As for the 'galaxy' comparison in the manuscript, that's simply a Spiral of Theodorus/Pythagorean Spiral/Square Root Spiral which is a geometric occurrence that has been known for thousands of years. Again it's not hard to imagine knowledge of math given what we seemingly know of the history of mathematics.