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  1. Jenny Kiss

    Jenny Kiss8 hours ago

    Watermelon is Sandia in spanish

  2. CraNez CraNez

    CraNez CraNez9 hours ago

    Babi in Sunglasses

  3. Jeff Becker

    Jeff Becker15 hours ago

    pregnant pussy is extra wet & horny enjoy it while it lasts.

  4. Joleen Perry

    Joleen Perry22 hours ago

    I binge watch the vlogs! Congratulations Neistats!

  5. Klongeiger

    KlongeigerDay ago

    I spent the last 10 minutes looking up translations of watermelon in different languages. Some of them are nice enough for a decent girls name, e.g. Spanish, sandia, or Bulgarian, dinya.

  6. M AS

    M ASDay ago

    boy or girl?

  7. Mermaid Monroe

    Mermaid MonroeDay ago


  8. Chelsea Hammerbeck

    Chelsea HammerbeckDay ago

    You should call the baby Mel ... Short for Watermelon ;)

  9. Mariana Morkel

    Mariana MorkelDay ago

    I'm a little bit late,but it's great to hear the wonderful news! I wish you and Candice all the best during the pregnancy!

  10. Vineta Maharani Putri Debora

    Vineta Maharani Putri DeboraDay ago


  11. Felix Grave

    Felix Grave2 days ago

    Please on October 18th my birthday

  12. InXone

    InXone2 days ago

    @Casey Congratulations!!! Beside that: What shirt do you wear?

  13. Jay Dee A little bit of Everything

    Jay Dee A little bit of Everything2 days ago

    I'd say I'm happy for you but you don't even look happy for yourselves

  14. Jason Wild

    Jason Wild2 days ago

    Great news guys. Congratulations on your news..!!

  15. twitchmx17

    twitchmx172 days ago

    that only means casey did the nasty.

  16. Daiane Benites

    Daiane Benites2 days ago


  17. Eboywalker 3

    Eboywalker 32 days ago


  18. Isaiah Doherty

    Isaiah Doherty2 days ago

    Casey do you have to learn everything the hard way laughsssssss

  19. Marquisha Lu

    Marquisha Lu2 days ago

    libra baby!!!

  20. Marcos Ribeiro

    Marcos Ribeiro2 days ago


  21. azelea amely

    azelea amely2 days ago

    Awh congratulations!

  22. Deepak Mohapatra

    Deepak Mohapatra2 days ago

    Lovely 😍

  23. Randall Chito

    Randall Chito3 days ago

    Oh love you both.

  24. GirlGamerReallywild

    GirlGamerReallywild3 days ago

    Watermelon is Síndria in Catalan so similar so Sandra and Melancia in Portugese so Melanie?

  25. DannieJ

    DannieJ3 days ago

    This is amazing. Pregnancy is a beautiful (and exhausting....and uncomfortable....and sometimes painful) thing. I am so happy for you guys. I have two boys. A six year old and a one year old. It took five years to want a second one and now, before our second was even one, I was ready for number three! (Just need the hubby to be ok with it lol) Congratulations again guys! This is beautiful. Candace, you’re beautiful! (though you may not feel like it)

  26. Barbara Collett

    Barbara Collett3 days ago

    Listening to the latest podcast (which I am totally addicted to!) You asked for suggestions.... what about the name 'Evangeline'? Couple of great nickname possibilities. Evan, Angel, Linny. Just an idea. Franny and Linny. How cute :). Personally, I love the name because it's the name of a beautiful celtic song by Karen Matheson.

  27. Letícia F

    Letícia F3 days ago

    i love to see your laid back way to love each other and also i'm so happy for you two ♥

  28. Lexi Rios

    Lexi Rios3 days ago

    ugh I love Candice

  29. Ben Maclean

    Ben Maclean3 days ago

    Hey Casey what about the name frankie for the baby

  30. Richie Spider

    Richie Spider3 days ago

    Congratulations to you and your family.

  31. LelPop

    LelPop3 days ago

    Love the lofi

  32. eMantheman14

    eMantheman143 days ago

    I work as a store clerk, once I thought this lady was pregnant and gave her priority, she proceeded to look at me with such shock. Next day I didn't give priority to a lady that I didn't know was pregnant and she proceeded to get fed up. Its always a gamble with pregnant women.

  33. El Jefé

    El Jefé3 days ago


  34. Elena Yran

    Elena Yran3 days ago

    Please do a watermelon related name like Marlon(sound kinda like melon) or Polly/Estrella(Kinds of watermelon)!!

  35. Matilda Martin

    Matilda Martin3 days ago

    CONGRATULATIONS loves god bless you!!!!!!!!!!*******

  36. J M

    J M3 days ago

    The most unenthusiastic mother I have ever seen. Sad

  37. Matthew Candelaria

    Matthew Candelaria3 days ago

    At first look I thought this was gonna be a Casey x Ethan h3h3 collab

  38. Gabrielle Maldonado

    Gabrielle Maldonado3 days ago

    She looks so fucking tired of being pregnant already 😂 poor girl I’ve never had a kid but it looks exhausting

  39. Roy Rojer

    Roy Rojer3 days ago

    Congratulations to both of you!

  40. Kinetic Kiwi

    Kinetic Kiwi3 days ago

    If it's a boy name him walter, so you can call him walter melon later on.

  41. July Maldonado

    July Maldonado3 days ago

    Congrats guys hope we get more updates on watermelon

  42. Emily Ridgway

    Emily Ridgway3 days ago

    I knew she was I told all my friends she was from one of your videos a month back!

  43. aude. deblauwe

    aude. deblauwe3 days ago

    I’m confused is he married or dating someone?

  44. Stewy Lipbite

    Stewy Lipbite4 days ago

    She looks super displeased about this situation...

  45. Dave Tattz

    Dave Tattz4 days ago


  46. Stefany Portillo

    Stefany Portillo4 days ago

    Could always name her Sandia (watermelon in Spanish) Sandia Neistat!

  47. Mariam Ayvazyan

    Mariam Ayvazyan4 days ago

    Awww yay!

  48. Eng Rawan

    Eng Rawan4 days ago

    OMG I cannot believe it 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️ so happy for you God bless you 💞

  49. Censored Gurung AG

    Censored Gurung AG4 days ago

    I really hope one day David and Liza end up like them!!

  50. coinhawk crypto

    coinhawk crypto4 days ago


  51. Arizona Timeless Tourist

    Arizona Timeless Tourist4 days ago

    Congrats to you both.

  52. Aria Gamer

    Aria Gamer4 days ago

    If a girl Aria If a boy Shaan

  53. RoMeow 儸密貓

    RoMeow 儸密貓4 days ago


  54. Myla Diamond

    Myla Diamond4 days ago


  55. Dad

    Dad4 days ago

    Awesome news. Congrats to you all and enjoy 👶🏼👏✌️

  56. Milou Baars

    Milou Baars4 days ago

    Congrats on Watermelon!

  57. Madison -

    Madison -4 days ago

    Congratulations ❤

  58. Scott Blackwell

    Scott Blackwell4 days ago

    Casey and Candace will NOT be together when this kid graduates high school in 20 yrs and Casey is 60. Not gonna happen!

  59. Scott Blackwell

    Scott Blackwell4 days ago

    So this kid could be Owen’s, right? Since women outlive men by an average of 15 yrs, unfortunately, we need to be targeting women a little older than us. Never going to be the case though when it comes to men with a little money. Candace would love to have a little 25yr old stud, but she has to settle for the man with the wallet.

  60. Carol Chaves Madureira

    Carol Chaves Madureira4 days ago

    Ahhhh gente que massa!!! Parabéns ❤️

  61. CSG LYFE

    CSG LYFE4 days ago

    Casey= Nice dad

  62. Snicker's WorldYT

    Snicker's WorldYT4 days ago

    Congratz! I'm an OCTOBER Baby! Much LOVE from South Texas!

  63. Marline Mattie

    Marline Mattie4 days ago

    Yay! Congrats!! You had to mention David & Liza. Now I’m sad.

  64. Bronx Star

    Bronx Star4 days ago

    Gotta guy him a booster board congrats

  65. Big B Bricks

    Big B Bricks4 days ago

    Happy Daddy Day Casey

  66. Devon Alltree

    Devon Alltree4 days ago

    Congrats man super happy to hear this, I’m know I’m late but it still counts!!

  67. Magdalene Blair

    Magdalene Blair4 days ago

    You posted something on insta or twitter asking Frannie if she was excited to be a sister !!! But CONGRATS IM SO HAPPY FOR YALL

  68. Priscilla Doesn’t Edit

    Priscilla Doesn’t Edit4 days ago

    My Birthday is October 9th 😝

  69. MissNeverPerfect

    MissNeverPerfect4 days ago

    I’m due in October too :) congratulations!

  70. Barb

    Barb4 days ago

    Congratulations !

  71. Dee Greeley

    Dee Greeley5 days ago

    You can tell she's dissapointed to be breeding with him but at least he's got money to cheer her up

  72. Courtney Wilson

    Courtney Wilson3 days ago

    yo she has more money than him

  73. Gary Roth

    Gary Roth5 days ago

    I love Casey! How long have all of you been watching?

  74. Elliot Elliott

    Elliot Elliott5 days ago

    YYYYAAAAYYYY!!!! So excited for you both!!!!

  75. Jill Velasco

    Jill Velasco5 days ago

    Candice looks amazing! Didn’t know she’s preggy but Congrats!!!!

  76. Gary Roth

    Gary Roth5 days ago

    I love Casey! How long have all of you been watching?

  77. Stephen Kirkpatrick

    Stephen Kirkpatrick5 days ago

    Why would anyone thumb down Watermelon?

  78. Sk xo

    Sk xo5 days ago

    Congratulations ❤️

  79. Kool Kierstin

    Kool Kierstin5 days ago

    This time don’t go to a different state while she’s in labor😂

  80. Just Bananas

    Just Bananas5 days ago

    Casey: Liza and David , sorry to hear about the breakup.. Me: (record scratch) wait, what?!

  81. Annabel Furton

    Annabel Furton5 days ago

    Yay! Congrats! Watermelon :)

  82. Diva Desy

    Diva Desy5 days ago

    I thought they were 40

  83. Diva Desy

    Diva Desy5 days ago

    So are they talking about food

  84. DJ H

    DJ H5 days ago

    The weirdest thing..... I was gonna comment and ask if she is expecting a couple months ago. Ha!! 🤪

  85. Gurmehar Bajwa

    Gurmehar Bajwa5 days ago

    What about “Carrol”, or “Carolina”, OR “Candy”? It’ll keep the theme of the names beginning with “C”... or something haha. Also, CONGRATULATIONS MAN!!

  86. demofactory

    demofactory5 days ago

    Congratulations on another child in the family!!!!! Watermelon is a cute name. You could name it "Number Two"? Wish you all the best of luck.

  87. Matthew Robertson

    Matthew Robertson5 days ago

    I straight up thought that was H3 in the thumbnail

  88. footytang

    footytang5 days ago

    Yikes. These two battle constantly and are in actual couples therapy. Time to have another baby to "fix" the marriage? That's gonna be a no from me, dawg.

  89. Jake DelVecchio

    Jake DelVecchio5 days ago

    I have some ideas for the baby name 1. Oatmeal 2. Francine 2 3. 368 4. Dan (if it’s a boy) 5. Dana (if it’s a girl ^^ Dana would fr be a cool name after dan

  90. Umaiza Farooque

    Umaiza Farooque5 days ago

    At the beginning where it says " A very special announcement" I kinda thought the thing said AVERY SO THATS A SIGN IF ITS A GIRL NAME HER AVERY NEIStat

  91. Elle Miller

    Elle Miller5 days ago

    So happy 😍

  92. Celina Isabel

    Celina Isabel5 days ago

    No more of those bachelor trips you be taking

  93. Celina Isabel

    Celina Isabel5 days ago

    Well duh

  94. La Vie De Vava

    La Vie De Vava5 days ago

    When she shouted "THREE" I thought she was about to say they expect twins :( !

  95. Little Kitchen Big Food

    Little Kitchen Big Food5 days ago

    First you, now Peter must be in the MReporter Algorithm of successful MReporterrs. Congratulations Casey.

  96. Amin Animator

    Amin Animator5 days ago

    Another vloger and youtuber born ..... Watermelon

  97. Alice Linehan

    Alice Linehan5 days ago


  98. Andrea Brew

    Andrea Brew6 days ago

    Congratulations!!! 💗

  99. Pola A

    Pola A6 days ago


  100. Ben Belay

    Ben Belay6 days ago

    You said another child is coming like 2vids ago?????

  101. Perry S

    Perry S6 days ago

    Why she look not so happy all the time..