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The Weeknd - Call Out My Name (Official Video)


  1. Glenda Kauers

    Glenda Kauers3 hours ago

    2:57 he says Selena

  2. Catt Olson

    Catt Olson3 hours ago

    Female Rapper from Alaska! Check me out! Thank you :) Peace & Love

  3. Hi Trinity

    Hi Trinity3 hours ago

    I get sad when I hear thus song cuz it came out when I was broken hearted by this terrible guy but I love this song so I still listen to it and it's a lot better now I don't get as sad as I did but know I'm in a way better relationship and happy to be out of that one

  4. PandaBee 13

    PandaBee 134 hours ago

    I've literally been a fan for 4 years and this is my favorite song now

  5. manuelito lopez

    manuelito lopez4 hours ago

    i love this song!

  6. manuelito lopez

    manuelito lopez4 hours ago

    every time i hear this song wants me to brake down and start singing this song but loude!!!

  7. Cindi Vandeven

    Cindi Vandeven4 hours ago

    I am 57 and a big fan, better than MJ sorry but he is

  8. L king

    L king4 hours ago

    please watch my new music video on my Vevo channel

  9. shilanjoy bhattacharyya

    shilanjoy bhattacharyya5 hours ago

    Again broke off with Justin

  10. Djavad Sardarov

    Djavad Sardarov5 hours ago

    On my way,on my way...

  11. haris Ali khan

    haris Ali khan5 hours ago


  12. sassyfrassy 101

    sassyfrassy 1015 hours ago

    i lately fell in love with this song

  13. Rahman Serajur

    Rahman Serajur5 hours ago

    Everything is fair in love and war -Mr. Unknown

  14. Nik ure Play

    Nik ure Play5 hours ago


  15. Вероника Митрофанова

    Вероника Митрофанова5 hours ago


  16. Tori Stansberry

    Tori Stansberry6 hours ago

    love this song so much know all the words to it listened to it more then 100 times

  17. Marius Olaru

    Marius Olaru6 hours ago

    Îmi place melodiile tale The weekend

  18. victor .,

    victor .,6 hours ago

    The Weekndddddddddddddddddddddddddd!!

  19. Pizza_wand Rrp

    Pizza_wand Rrp6 hours ago

    Wtf is that 2:26

  20. Marli Schaer

    Marli Schaer7 hours ago

    This Song drives me crazy!🙃😍 I love It ..❤

  21. Alexandra Pele

    Alexandra Pele7 hours ago

    Why is everybody hating selena I don't get it.. is her life, her decisions and she can do whatever she wants. Im sorry for him yeah.. but sel is not a bad person

  22. Ashan Deep

    Ashan Deep7 hours ago


  23. Banhisekha Sarkar

    Banhisekha Sarkar8 hours ago

    After this song, I hate Selena Gomez so much. That she left him for Justin who is getting married to someone else.

  24. Dina Bakeri

    Dina Bakeri8 hours ago


  25. Little6 Anime9

    Little6 Anime98 hours ago

    My mom thinks im listening to her talk my life to death about cleaning and im just listening to this. Everytime she laughs i look at her and smile and shake my head like oMG i cant believe that. Lol waiting for her to notice

  26. Maria Melo

    Maria Melo8 hours ago


  27. sigedt sigedt

    sigedt sigedt8 hours ago

    the weekends voice is hot.damn love it the song

  28. Josie lerma

    Josie lerma8 hours ago


  29. Yahya Bouchama

    Yahya Bouchama9 hours ago

    Best video for the best song by offering the best singer for me

  30. Savage Boi075

    Savage Boi0759 hours ago


  31. Lucy

    Lucy9 hours ago

    Idk why I’m tearing up when I can’t even relate to the song 😢

  32. Michael Kelly

    Michael Kelly9 hours ago

    Selena should go find Alice Ustinova and together they can write a joint apology letter for breaking Abel's heart.

  33. Kadhimow 355

    Kadhimow 35510 hours ago

    Stupidity begins when one expects life to be fair or perfect, life is a lie of hope and it will be like that till the end.

  34. charlotte emmabea Rushton

    charlotte emmabea Rushton10 hours ago

    Does any one know we're I am from. I don't know any more. The girl from mill bank died. And has been reborn into a satalite

  35. Ali shaidaee

    Ali shaidaee10 hours ago

    This song take me to another world،love it

  36. Mouad Eladoui

    Mouad Eladoui11 hours ago

    The ♥♥♥

  37. ;:

    ;:11 hours ago

    Imagine walking down the street and see someone doing this..... Yeah

  38. kookdae전정국

    kookdae전정국12 hours ago

    this is deserves so much views i'm so addicted

  39. Estefanie Morales

    Estefanie Morales12 hours ago

    This song's just reminds me of a guy who just broke me after I gave my all to him. When the Weeknd hops at a certain point, all I see is the guy that left me. Love this song and love the Weeknd. Selena doesn't deserve you.

  40. 무녕

    무녕12 hours ago

    thank you abel

  41. KwiNdZ

    KwiNdZ12 hours ago

    This is symply beautiful

  42. le monde a ma façon

    le monde a ma façon13 hours ago

    Rip selena jb has engaged 🙈

  43. le monde a ma façon

    le monde a ma façon13 hours ago

    I love you 🙊

  44. Viper dch

    Viper dch13 hours ago

    Why no one that dislikes the video ever comment(ed) here ?

  45. FlashGun96 FTW

    FlashGun96 FTW14 hours ago

    for who is this song?was it his girlfriend

  46. SharlyDent

    SharlyDent14 hours ago

    ''I almost cut a piece of myself for your life'' *cof* *cof* SELENA *cof* *cof*

  47. NurseGirl2627

    NurseGirl262715 hours ago

    The vibes man the vibeeeeess

  48. Nilmar Carvalho

    Nilmar Carvalho16 hours ago

    Canta muito!

  49. Lays Santana

    Lays Santana16 hours ago

    *Eu amo essa música amo essa voz maravilhosa* ❤❤❤🍒

  50. Lyaz M

    Lyaz M16 hours ago

    Beginning of the video reminds me of "me in February going to work at 4:30 am" freaking cold and miserable

  51. Jenni D

    Jenni D16 hours ago


  52. Marianela Martinez

    Marianela Martinez16 hours ago

    This song Makes me sad for some reason 😭

  53. Marco Almonte

    Marco Almonte17 hours ago

    I got dumped recently 😫

  54. Stephany Celcis

    Stephany Celcis17 hours ago

    Tears stream down face everytime.......


    XIM3NA PONCE ROMERO17 hours ago

    Alguien aquí que hable Español !!2018!!

  56. Felipe Da Silva

    Felipe Da Silva17 hours ago

    maior musicao !!!!!!!

  57. follow my instagram picture

    follow my instagram picture17 hours ago

    Congrats on 13,000,000

  58. Filthy Mortals

    Filthy Mortals18 hours ago

    I like this song it's kinda about how I feel about life and my personal life

  59. Denyse Ramirez

    Denyse Ramirez18 hours ago

    if you like my comment you what to do like please

  60. Denyse Ramirez

    Denyse Ramirez18 hours ago

    nice song

  61. Hailey Little thunder

    Hailey Little thunder18 hours ago

    My brother can't stop playing this song he just blows the whole house up but really hes just like owner family DJ

  62. Daniela Miranda

    Daniela Miranda18 hours ago


  63. Crazy Vines

    Crazy Vines18 hours ago

    This song broken me into pieces😭😭


    MICAHISGOD19 hours ago

    Many ppl believe that the Weeknd, like many artists, have sold their souls to the Devil in exchange for fortune and fame. This may be true, but how could you blame them for doing so when the opposing contract offered by Sataniel's rival clearly states that if you give your soul to God (Yahweh, Jah, Jehovah, Allah, Elohim or whatever you wish to call him), you will most likely live a life of poverty, persecution and despair in hopes of entering an unforeseen and unverified paradise? I'm not a rocket scientist, but it doesn't take a genius to innerstand which contract sounds like the more logical one to accept. #justsayn 😕 Just leave the psychedelic drugs alone and you all will be just fine. Contrary to popular belief, Sataniel was never actually the bad guy.

  65. Yaman Yadav

    Yaman Yadav19 hours ago

    I like selena though but this song really tells how much hurtful is breakup really after the whole cheating thing with the ex

  66. Angel Gill

    Angel Gill19 hours ago

    I love the weeknd music

  67. tammy schizleski

    tammy schizleski20 hours ago

    I dedicate this song to him, a week he told me that the girlfriend was pregnant, and after three weeks he married her. he broke my heart! 💔

  68. tammy schizleski

    tammy schizleski5 hours ago

    Nox1234567891011 I did not know!

  69. Nox1234567891011

    Nox12345678910115 hours ago

    da fuq y are u fucking around with a dude that has a girl allready ?

  70. Aisah Davao

    Aisah Davao20 hours ago

    my heart aches for u man😭

  71. King James

    King James20 hours ago

    come to think of it, when Abel is heartbroken, sad, etc. he always shows a fire album now I kinda want him to be sad always lol

  72. Rubina Briones

    Rubina Briones20 hours ago

    I like the bat

  73. Jesus Briones

    Jesus Briones20 hours ago

    Ino bad mia

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    earn bitcoin earn bitcoin21 hour ago

    good sir

  75. Juanky Rodriguez

    Juanky Rodriguez21 hour ago

    With such good music as this song , how is is possible that Drake's crap sells better . Bad taste is rulling Itunes :-(

  76. Stella Rodriguez

    Stella Rodriguez21 hour ago

    Me encanta, que voz tan hermosa

  77. Daniel Mills

    Daniel Mills21 hour ago

    Esto es otro nivel

  78. MsLovelylana

    MsLovelylana21 hour ago

    Stupida Selena, WOW this type of love you meet once in a lifetime, keep running after the mocoso Justin, he looks like a child you stole from his mom, pinche mansa you will regret the rest of your life your dumb decision. Abel will get over you soon but you will cry the rest of your life for the slap in the face Justin gave you. Andale disfruta tu Soledad.

  79. A D

    A D22 hours ago

    Girl call out my naame and I'll be onnn... my waay and......😔

  80. Jose Pavon

    Jose Pavon22 hours ago

    Selena your mom’s a hoe for hurting this man

  81. Justin Scales

    Justin Scales22 hours ago

    I love The Weeknd but his videos have become very esoteric. I mean this video have all type of messages in it. The Fucking Baphomet bruh. How many others seen this shit?

  82. unknown toxic890

    unknown toxic89023 hours ago

    This is perfect timing 💔😫

  83. Lost Unicorn

    Lost Unicorn23 hours ago

    Oh my God perfection💛💛💎👑

  84. Sara  Cristina

    Sara Cristina23 hours ago

    Música incrível, muito talentoso!!!❤️❤️

  85. heather flint

    heather flint23 hours ago

    MY GAWD IM CALLIN !! can u hear me. ?

  86. Kalee Duarte

    Kalee Duarte23 hours ago

    Yesss bby 😂💘💘💜💜💜

  87. Kristie Walker

    Kristie Walker23 hours ago


  88. Rob Gleason

    Rob Gleason23 hours ago

    I wonder what selena thinks of this song

  89. madison Alexa

    madison AlexaDay ago

    It's alright Selena just left you for Justin but he got engaged so jokes on her and nice lyric "I almost cut a piece of myself for your life" she had to get a kidnie transport 💖

  90. Thankyou Jesus

    Thankyou JesusDay ago

    So we gonna ignore the fact that he got a demon in this

  91. Sara Darras

    Sara DarrasDay ago

    Can't stop listening to this!!! 🖤😭

  92. FLAMiX

    FLAMiXDay ago

    *Song : Call Out My Name* *Artist: The Weeknd* 🎼🎤🎻 *Lyrics* 🎼🎤🎻 [Verse 1] We found each other I helped you out of a broken place You gave me comfort But falling for you was my mistake [Pre-Chorus] I put you on top, I put you on top I claimed you so proud and openly And when times were rough, when times were rough I made sure I held you close to me [Chorus] So call out my name (call out my name) Call out my name when I kiss you so gently I want you to stay (want you to stay) I want you to stay even though you don't want me Girl, why can't you wait? (why can't you wait, baby?) Girl, why can't you wait 'til I fall out of love? Won't you call out my name? (call out my name) Girl, call out my name, and I'll be on my way and I'll be on my- [Verse 2] I said I didn't feel nothing, baby, but I lied I almost cut a piece of myself for your life Guess I was just another pit stop 'Til you made up your mind You just wasted my time [Pre-Chorus] You were on top, I put you on top I claimed you so proud and openly, babe And when times were rough, when times were rough I made sure I held you close to me [Chorus] So call out my name (call out my name, baby) So call out my name when I kiss you so gently I want you to stay (I want you to stay) I want you to stay even though you don't want me Girl, why can't you wait? (girl, why can't you wait 'til I?) Girl, why can't you wait 'til I fall out of loving? Babe, call out my name (say call out my name, baby) Just call out my name and I'll be on my way Girl, I'll be on my- [Outro] On my way, all the way On my way, all the way, ooh On my way, on my way, on my way On my way, on my way, on my way (On my)

  93. Honami Chan 7w7

    Honami Chan 7w7Day ago

    FANTASTIQUE (♡˙︶˙♡)

  94. Honami Chan 7w7

    Honami Chan 7w7Day ago

    FANTASTIQUE (♡˙︶˙♡)

  95. sneaky panda maria

    sneaky panda mariaDay ago

    My wig just flew..

  96. Siyavash Arya

    Siyavash AryaDay ago

    Love this Song

  97. Sylvia Morales

    Sylvia MoralesDay ago

    Call out name

  98. Johana Pacheco

    Johana PachecoDay ago


  99. MalakFP

    MalakFPDay ago

    Ever since I imagined this song was about his hair, I can't see it the same anymore 😂

  100. Charlotte

    CharlotteDay ago

    68K dislikes from Selena fans and 2M likes from real people

  101. Luqman saleem

    Luqman saleemDay ago

    selena left him for justin but see now she got nothing

  102. jennifer morales

    jennifer moralesDay ago

    Rip Selina Gomez

  103. Asdri y dami

    Asdri y damiDay ago