The Voice 2018 Kyla Jade - Semi-Finals: "Let It Be"


  1. Re-zandre Diergaardt

    Re-zandre Diergaardt3 hours ago

    thats why xtina is not part of this show anymore she said its not about the voice anymore , she should've won!!!!

  2. Stephanie K.

    Stephanie K.4 hours ago

    TEARS IN MY EYES. Wow this woman is the real deal. AMEN.

  3. Daryl Dixon

    Daryl Dixon5 hours ago

    Kyla got cocky, should have saved this for the finale.

  4. Sallie Mae

    Sallie Mae5 hours ago

    The real winner for me on The Voice Season 14.I'm looking forward to following and supporting your music journey regardless of what happened on The Voice. Continue to be true to yourself and music .I'll be glad and honored to be in your first concert.I hope record producers will invest in talents like Kyla Jade because she could bring the needed diversity to the current music world.

  5. call me atlas

    call me atlas10 hours ago

    I don't care for her I think the right person won

  6. Sherard M

    Sherard M13 hours ago

    That note at 2:43 ...........smh

  7. Tina Jackson

    Tina Jackson15 hours ago

    Kyla has the best voice! But this show is not set up for real voices... THATS WHY NOT ONE HAVE MADE IT BIG! THIS SHOW SUCKS!

  8. Jemila Griffin

    Jemila Griffin19 hours ago

    Now I enjoyed that. Her voice type is definitely gospel idk wtf they were doing when they had her singing that one country song with Blake it was fuckin terrible but THIS HERE was Good. Very Good. Spensha need to cut it with the country too & go back to gospel like she used to her country is disappointing.

  9. Heather Correll

    Heather Correll19 hours ago

    Someone has seen Across the Universe. I ain't mad about it

  10. Kleebie Cat

    Kleebie CatDay ago

    She did not win. I think black people should stop watching and participating in the Voice. We are quite often the best but never win. Not surprised though.

  11. Johnny W

    Johnny W22 hours ago

    Kleebie Cat yes and no. A lot of black males have won the show. The first person to win was black.

  12. Sam Love

    Sam LoveDay ago

    Clearly the winner. I call for a recount.

  13. Tracey Robinson

    Tracey RobinsonDay ago

    Omg never heard this way but I love it this way tears flowing

  14. Erica Fidelis

    Erica FidelisDay ago

    I love Kyla ❤ and I thought the problem was Blake... I was wrong. He tried to do right thing but not even his influence helped Kyla.

  15. S Shah

    S ShahDay ago

    Erica Fidelis i wanted Kyla to win too!! And I think blake was the right coach...I think the issue was kyla’s performances Monday night were her weakest. Also, the voice didn’t help either by making her perform first...people in the beginning of the show are forgotten by the end unless they had standout performances

  16. Chrispine Siaji

    Chrispine SiajiDay ago

    A talented beautiful Woman

  17. rainbow lost in space

    rainbow lost in spaceDay ago

    She's an *a n g e l*

  18. Veronica Norvell

    Veronica NorvellDay ago

    You deserve to win the voice. You did a awesome job what a voice.

  19. Regina Alvaia

    Regina AlvaiaDay ago

    Kyla thanks ! I loved your performance ! You are the great singer soul ! I`m happy ! God bless you ! Fenomenal !!!

  20. Fossil By Then

    Fossil By ThenDay ago

    Lost... :((

  21. Therone Dawson

    Therone DawsonDay ago

    You were robbed. I hope that you become that successful r&b singer .



    I don't know how to live after this😳

  23. Nataly forentino Romero

    Nataly forentino RomeroDay ago


  24. MayaLmhs

    MayaLmhsDay ago

    Smooth like Sade...

  25. Khaled Ali

    Khaled AliDay ago


  26. Jaime Alick

    Jaime AlickDay ago


  27. Iroc Life

    Iroc Life2 days ago

    All fat black girls sound the same

  28. ThatSingerReactions

    ThatSingerReactionsDay ago

    Iroc Life all racist bots with created accounts to be racist sound the same

  29. Regina Hockett

    Regina Hockett2 days ago

    Baby!!! Kyla!!! No words!!

  30. Meza Gallardo

    Meza Gallardo2 days ago

    It is a masterpiece. Lady you are unique. I have hear it 20 times., and I can keep it forever.

  31. wysgrandma

    wysgrandma2 days ago

    She just ruined a great song!

  32. Cynthia Uhrich

    Cynthia Uhrich2 days ago

    her voice gives me goosebumps. . .SO talented.

  33. Oyelade Folake

    Oyelade Folake2 days ago

    when she sings I feel every word she says

  34. Cintia De Mita

    Cintia De Mita2 days ago

    This is beautiful.

  35. Star Girl

    Star Girl2 days ago


  36. Léo Kms

    Léo Kms2 days ago

    Já venceu!!! The voice e´dela

  37. chuladeojoscafe

    chuladeojoscafe2 days ago


  38. Mike Nino

    Mike Nino2 days ago

    Whats so great about that.

  39. Tonya Thornton

    Tonya Thornton2 days ago

    I love this so much!!

  40. Elemuelle Harris

    Elemuelle Harris2 days ago

    Come on lows! I live!

  41. SilverSauce

    SilverSauce2 days ago

    ahhh let it be, let it beatles and let kyla jade win the voice!

  42. missjigga29

    missjigga292 days ago

    Only still watching this season for you kyla.. You are just so special.. Just saw your first performance for tonight and damnnnnnnnnnnn is all i can say!

  43. Edward Von Gerichten

    Edward Von Gerichten2 days ago

    This gal is like a spiritual volcanoe wow!

  44. D McPaisley

    D McPaisley2 days ago

    If she doesn't WIN, no reason to call this show THE VOICE.

  45. odessa headley

    odessa headley2 days ago

    it's so amazing how she's evolved in terms of confidence and just finding her own voice. love it!! there's not a single person left that could beat this kyla. i'm watching!!

  46. Gabriel Santiago

    Gabriel Santiago2 days ago

    she better win

  47. REER Activist

    REER Activist3 days ago

    This anointed Sister took us to church with this one. I heard my Mama my Granny and every Wise woman who ever once told me 'Baby, just let it be'. This one touched my Soul. Thank you.

  48. Tjay 000

    Tjay 0003 days ago

    Mary cannot come to you! She's in the ground. Great singing, tho.

  49. Theresa Adams

    Theresa Adams3 days ago

    I love this woman this song inspires me I listen to it every morning to get my day started

  50. YSSM1993

    YSSM19933 days ago

    Venezuela presente, eres la mejor Kyla, felicitaciones y mucho exito! / Venezuela present, you are the best Kyla, congratulations and much success! :)

  51. sabrina reinales

    sabrina reinales3 days ago


  52. Maria Ethel Kasper

    Maria Ethel Kasper3 days ago

    Maravilhosa! Uma diva no palco! Performance fantástica! Merece o prêmio The Voice 2018!!!

  53. Copyrightbreaker22

    Copyrightbreaker223 days ago

    I haven’t watched this season at all but damn this took me to Jesus and back and I’m not even Christian

  54. NJ

    NJ3 days ago

    Queen of consistency 🔥

  55. Frengki Faot

    Frengki Faot3 days ago

    I can’t stop to open my mouthhhhh🤣🤣🤣😱😱😱😱😱😤😱😱😱😱😱

  56. moontakeen whitaker

    moontakeen whitaker3 days ago

    She good ...real good

  57. fridgewhisperer

    fridgewhisperer3 days ago

    Awesome as always! You really bring it!

  58. dmistyeyed

    dmistyeyed3 days ago

    Drop Tha Mic Kyla.. Just Drop Tha Damn Mic Already!!! Kudos To You Love For That Performance.

  59. eric li

    eric li3 days ago

    *lord.......what kind of vocal is this*

  60. Michelle Obie

    Michelle Obie3 days ago

    Goosebumps, goosebumps, goosebumps! Very powerful voice, very beautiful

  61. Alan Craig

    Alan Craig3 days ago

    I don't like this

  62. Alan Craig

    Alan Craig3 days ago

    Not a fan

  63. Federico Diaz

    Federico Diaz3 days ago

    That song lends itself well to gospel versions

  64. Red Baron Farm

    Red Baron Farm3 days ago

    OMG WOW WOW WOW I am speachless

  65. Freshko Def Official Youtube

    Freshko Def Official Youtube3 days ago

    If she doesn't win...smh. Lot of talent but she's on another level

  66. Staff SargentO

    Staff SargentO3 days ago

    WOW! Paul McCartney should be proud!

  67. Fione Falloon

    Fione Falloon3 days ago

    I'm not in the US, someone plz vote for me. She is amazing....

  68. D wade fan 4 life

    D wade fan 4 life3 days ago


  69. Jey Dy Junior

    Jey Dy Junior3 days ago


  70. Jey Dy Junior

    Jey Dy Junior3 days ago


  71. Jey Dy Junior

    Jey Dy Junior3 days ago


  72. Jey Dy Junior

    Jey Dy Junior3 days ago


  73. Teheran Height

    Teheran Height4 days ago

    She has Aretha Franklin all in her

  74. Trae

    Trae4 days ago

    So she wins

  75. joel rabin

    joel rabin4 days ago

    Still in the trending list after days away from semi-finals 😍

  76. Big L H

    Big L H4 days ago

    Now this Sister knows she's Over Damn Weight looking like she's ready for the Buffet

  77. Jeoff Argales

    Jeoff Argales4 days ago

    she is the future winner of the voice her voice is so unique and beautiful she really deserves a spot in the finales

  78. originalgrace

    originalgrace4 days ago

    I can not stop watching it! This was even sent

  79. Puppy 9000

    Puppy 90004 days ago

    Kyla is gonna Win 10000000000000000000%

  80. Random Guy

    Random Guy4 days ago

    2:46 I was done...

  81. Gabrielle McLean

    Gabrielle McLean4 days ago

    *THIS IS STILL TRENDING IN THE US!* and it's been all week, #45 right now, and it's next Sunday morning (6 days after the upload, 5 days after it started Trending I believe) on the east coast and it's been all week. You Are Amazing Kyla Jade!

  82. Musicc 9

    Musicc 94 days ago

    Please !! She needs to win

  83. Jeff Marshall

    Jeff Marshall4 days ago

    Gabrielle McLean I noticed that also. I’m so beyond elated for her. I hope and pray America gets it right. IT’S TIME and she’s the one.

  84. JayTwoTimes

    JayTwoTimes4 days ago


  85. Frederick Savage

    Frederick Savage4 days ago

    That was great... from feather to jet.

  86. Akei Sarasau

    Akei Sarasau4 days ago

    hearing this on a sunday under a coconut tree on the beach of Fiji and looking out at sea and enjoying it..........#@ peace mode

  87. Alysson Barkman

    Alysson Barkman4 days ago

    John, Paul, George, and Ringo are very proud of her I am sure. She is such an amazing singer, I wish I could sing like her. She is totally going to win.

  88. zelvin hill

    zelvin hill4 days ago

    Goosebumps realness!! I almost crawled out of my skin. Yaaaasssss!!!!

  89. chuckie brown

    chuckie brown4 days ago

    Black people can't sing. They just scream and call it "soul". "Ohhhhhhh AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... Let it beeeeeeeeee! MMMMMMM HMMMMMMMM,,,, oh AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

  90. Bruce Leroy

    Bruce Leroy4 days ago

    Darien Jenkins Does Chucky strike you as someone who does research?

  91. Darien Jenkins

    Darien Jenkins4 days ago

    chuckie brown. Granted singing came when they brought slaves to America. called "hems" so by saying, "blacks can't sing" do your research first. #THEMOREYOUKNOW

  92. Darien Jenkins

    Darien Jenkins4 days ago

    chuckie brown. but when white people scream they call it "rock" or "heavy metal". #PUREIGNORANCE.

  93. James Brown

    James Brown4 days ago

    Brynn is in third place actually with 48 and Britton 4th with 46

  94. Musicc 9

    Musicc 94 days ago

    James Brown 48 what?


    ARCHANGEL OF LIGHT4 days ago

    Fantastic... that poodle like hairnest is bizarrely distracting....

  96. JarrettBee

    JarrettBee4 days ago


  97. James Brown

    James Brown4 days ago

    spensha Baker Blackbird= 6 Only issues were! I couldn't understand some words. I thought it was really good though. I could use a love song= 6 There was some parts I couldn't understand. There was also a pitch problem! It was ok! Broken Halos=10 This was a flawless performance! I still believe in you= 10 Flawless performance! I understood every word. I loved her rendition of this song. Down on my knees=10 This was a flawless performance! Better man= 8 I couldn't understand the words at the beginning but other then that. She did really good! Good performance! Red= 7 There was some words that were hard to understand. It was ok performance! My Church=6 There was some pitch problems and some words I couldn't understand. I liked this performance though. rise up=9 There was one word I didn't understand from her but this was an amazing performance from her end. total=66 Kyla Jade Let it be= 10 This was a flawless performance! What's going on=8 There was a word I couldn't understand and a pitch problem at the end. It was a good performance though! This is me=3 There was a lot of words hard to understand. I loved the performance though. You don't own me=14 This was off the scales good. Best performance ever on the voice! Sweet Sweet Baby=9 Few words I didn't understand but the fact that she sang in this key.Also! Them High notes! She was hitting. Makes this performance another best performance in the history of the voice. One night only=20 This is the best performance in the history of the voice! Without question! See Saw=10 This was reall good! Some words I couldn't understand. Those notes she was hitting. Were amazing! How great thou art"=6 There was some pitch problems! I loved this performance though. She can sing. one last time=10 Some pitch issues at the beginning and couldn't understand some words but them high notes toward the end. Made up for it. It was an ok performance! total=90 Brynn Cartelli What the world needs now=3 So many words I couldn't understand. There was a pitch problem also! This wasn't good at all! four five seconds from=0 This was the most confusing performance! I have ever heard. There were so many pitch problems! I couldn't understand anything practically. She was singing. At one point Britton had to sing over her because you couldn't hear her. Worst duet ever! Fix you=2 I couldn't understand alot of words. There was a pitch problem also! This wasn't a good performance! I'm sorry! beneath your beautiful=7 There were some words I couldn't understand. It was an ok performance though! You and I=4 There were alot of pitch problems and words I didn't understand. Not a good performance at all! Up the mountain= 5 The beginning was amazing! Once She got toward the end. I couldn't understand. A word she was singing. It was a good performance though! unstoppable=2 I couldn't understand alot of the words. There was a pitch problem also! Here comes goodbye=3 There were words I couldn't understand. There was also a pitch problem! This was not a good performance at all! Ready for it=5 I couldn't understand alot of words.This wasn't a good performance on her part! total=31 Britton You can't always get. What you want=2 That was a train wreck! I couldn't understand some of the words. He was singing. So many pitch problems in this song! Horrible! The rising=0 So many words I couldn't understand. A couple of pitch problems! This was horrible! Trouble=8 A couple words I couldn't understand. This was a really good performance though! Perfect=6 There were alot of words that I couldn't understand but other than that. It was ok! What's love got to do with it=1 There was alot of words I couldn't understand. There also was alot of pitch problems! This was a horrible performance! Small Town=5 It was alot of words! I couldn't understand. This wasn't a good performance! Some kind of wonderful=4 There were so many pitch problems in this! This was not a good performance! New York State of Mind=10 This is one of his best performances! Definately liked this performance. Thinking out loud=10 This is another one of his best performances! It was really good! total=46 Kyla= is the best singer overall! She can go low. She can go high but maintain control. It hard to imagine! She was a bakground singer! If this is the case! I suggest all background singers try out for the voice. This woman is a superstar! That's been hiding in the background! There are superstars on tv right now! That can't sing on her level! I don't think she is a superstar. I know she is. She is the Aretha Franklin of our generation! Congradulations on being the first! Black female gospel artist to be voted into the finale. Ontop of that congradulations on being the first black female with a huge voice! To make it in the finale. Kyla does. Have issues pronouncing words. She should watch her pitch to. Spensha= is the second best overall! I love the control she has over her lows. Don't be fooled though! She can hit those highs to. She brings a new sound to country music. There is no escaping it. Country music is definately what she is suppose to be singing. I think she has a very bright future ahead of her. Congradulations on being the first black country female artist! To be voted into the finale! The one thing I love about her. Is how she can hold a note out longer than anyone. Spensha has issues pronouncing words. That's it! Britton= is the third best overall! He has his own sound but I don't think its unique. I feel as though. I heard that sound before. He does have a cool look though. He also has alot of confidence. His singing need some major work though. I don't hear any strengths in his singing. He has issues pronouncing words. He should watch his pitch. I'm kind of scratching my head. On how he is in the finale as well. He ok! He is not finale material though! Brynn= Is the fourth best overall! She does have a cool tone her voice. She does not. Have control over her lows though. To the point where her voice just disappears almost. She has issues pronouncing words. She has pitch issues to. I honestly don't understand. How she is in the finale! Only 2 of her performances were good!

  98. James Brown

    James Brown4 days ago

    I think. She might be. The most important artist! To ever be on the voice. I think. She might be. The most important artist of the 20th century! This woman is destined for fame. I'm like 100% sure. She will the first person to become famous. If she wins this show. I've graded all her performances. People that have seen them. Know I'm not easy on no one. Including my favorites! Not only is she demolishing everyone. I graded the top winners from the past and they don't even come close to her. If I'm correct and I think I am. She is the artist the voice has been waiting for. I think she is the most important! Since Whitney Houston. I think if Kyla wins. She might be the first artist. The voice has been looking for this entire time. Who will become famous after the show! No! I don't think. I know. Her scores are off the charts! I'm 150% sure!

  99. Gordon Dosher

    Gordon Dosher4 days ago

    My favorite performance this season

  100. Domingos Di Lello

    Domingos Di Lello4 days ago

    Let Kyla be the Voice this year.

  101. knightof1990

    knightof19904 days ago

    Damn, that's amazing

  102. Adrian Rosario

    Adrian Rosario4 days ago


  103. paras166

    paras1664 days ago

    The quality of this season is evident by the fact that Kyla is the runaway favorite this season but Brooke from last season is even better.

  104. Ancha Batubara

    Ancha Batubara4 days ago

    2:20 AMAZING

  105. kieykieymama95

    kieykieymama955 days ago

    I just got chills literally

  106. Danny Davis

    Danny Davis5 days ago

    To the 577 people who dislike this video you have so much hate in your heart I just got to let it be know that you suck

  107. The queen

    The queen5 days ago

    Im just shook, she better win. Even if she doesnt shes going to go very far 👏🏻👏🏻

  108. Hi There You Go

    Hi There You Go5 days ago

    *wtf is this* *she just scream and she can't control and do dynamic of her voice lmao* *Indonesian idol is way better than this trash lmao*

  109. ismael1989

    ismael19895 days ago

    I GOT CHILLS!!!!!!!!!

  110. Jakesterz 2246

    Jakesterz 22465 days ago

    She kinda ruined it

  111. cesar contreras

    cesar contreras5 days ago

    If she doesn't win then I don't know what talent is for you guys cause god damn she's extremely special