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The Vamps - Just My Type


  1. Rydel Fellows

    Rydel Fellows23 seconds ago

    i wanna see Brad in a movie :)))

  2. Daim Onds

    Daim OndsHour ago


  3. Ashley Hernandez

    Ashley HernandezHour ago

    This song is so good though. Best I've heard in a while

  4. Shelbambum Real

    Shelbambum RealHour ago

    sorry replay button

  5. Chinmayee Surve

    Chinmayee SurveHour ago

    What the heck happens next?????

  6. Jessica Rose

    Jessica RoseHour ago

    My favorite song

  7. Jessica Rose

    Jessica RoseHour ago

    This song is frickin awesome omg like ItsDolphin

  8. Miaka Yuki

    Miaka Yuki2 hours ago

    This song was so fucking lit 💕🔥🔥🔥 #LoveFromMalaysia 🙊

  9. Miva

    Miva2 hours ago

    This video made me realize how much I miss Morocco *:'(*

  10. Emily Stevenson

    Emily Stevenson2 hours ago

    They've come a long way and grown on me.

  11. Tdh San

    Tdh San2 hours ago

    Is that Mariah Leonne

  12. Maximum Power

    Maximum Power2 hours ago

    Totally awesome!

  13. Brooklyn Brace

    Brooklyn Brace3 hours ago

    Bro it’s on the radio!!!!

  14. Anu Priya

    Anu Priya3 hours ago

    Just my type 😍 from India 💟💝

  15. Thiên Trang Chung Nhất

    Thiên Trang Chung Nhất3 hours ago

    OMG!! *soooo cuteeee* 100% love it

  16. Diana. Withmore.

    Diana. Withmore.3 hours ago

    Oh my god brad is so handsome,hot and also cute fullpackage 😍

  17. ViPleng

    ViPleng4 hours ago

    Where is this place?

  18. Anu Priya

    Anu Priya4 hours ago

    Oh I don't know why The Vamps just my type They're my device I don't think twice Oh I don't know why But the Vamps just what I like But I, I, I love it I, I, I love it 😍

  19. Chão

    Chão4 hours ago

    Meus nenês tão de volta é tão lindos

  20. Do Mallin

    Do Mallin5 hours ago

    Why is it so catchy?? Then the video?? Its my type

  21. Victoria Trias

    Victoria Trias5 hours ago


  22. Yanelis Molina

    Yanelis Molina5 hours ago

    they are so underrated!! i love them so much and they need to be appreciated and recognized more

  23. Yanelis Molina

    Yanelis Molina5 hours ago

    this has such a cool/chill vibe and i’m lovin’ it

  24. mylife sucks

    mylife sucks5 hours ago


  25. Tynaa

    Tynaa6 hours ago

    Lit 🔥🔥🔥❤️

  26. Tynaa

    Tynaa6 hours ago


  27. Tani Camus

    Tani Camus6 hours ago

    Really is a good song, I like it 😍

  28. Tani Camus

    Tani Camus6 hours ago

    Omggg 😍😍😍😍😍

  29. Richtofen Edward

    Richtofen Edward7 hours ago

    My beautiful country guys u are so welcome in Morocco 😊😊😁

  30. Richtofen Edward

    Richtofen Edward7 hours ago

    Incredible ❤❤❤😍😍

  31. Moon Dragon

    Moon Dragon8 hours ago


  32. Moon Dragon

    Moon Dragon8 hours ago

    bOp SuMmEr sOnG

  33. Marta Perek

    Marta Perek8 hours ago

    I think this song is too short for me, i need 1 hour version of this song coz i’m done with tapping on replay every 3minutes god damn its so annoying 😂❤️❤️

  34. Oumaïma Elasri

    Oumaïma Elasri8 hours ago

    Woaw it was filmed in Morocco youuuuuupi

  35. Serena Mitchell

    Serena Mitchell9 hours ago


  36. fatima zahra Br

    fatima zahra Br9 hours ago

    Morocco ❤❤

  37. The Cheshire Hatter

    The Cheshire Hatter9 hours ago

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    The Cheshire Hatter9 hours ago

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  39. The Cheshire Hatter

    The Cheshire Hatter7 hours ago

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  40. Êxtrã Ćhéèśê Búrgēr

    Êxtrã Ćhéèśê Búrgēr7 hours ago

    The Cheshire Hatter Stfu

  41. Han Le

    Han Le10 hours ago

    we not gon talk about how this song sound exactly like “i wanna go” by britney spears like tf

  42. Nancy Tran

    Nancy Tran10 hours ago


  43. Nancy Tran

    Nancy Tran10 hours ago


  44. Krisztin _69

    Krisztin _6910 hours ago

    I love you

  45. Fernanda Portillo

    Fernanda Portillo10 hours ago


  46. Gin neihsiel

    Gin neihsiel11 hours ago

    so underrated 😢

  47. Rosa M

    Rosa M11 hours ago


  48. Hira 123

    Hira 12311 hours ago


  49. clay jensen

    clay jensen11 hours ago

    it’s ma type thoo

  50. Gum Dum

    Gum Dum12 hours ago

    his hair would only work with his face. told my barber to make my hair look like his. got exactly one, look ugly af on me.. 😭

  51. Angélica Telpalo

    Angélica Telpalo12 hours ago


  52. Oriana Burbano Vera

    Oriana Burbano Vera12 hours ago

    I love so much this guys, they're completely perfect 😍❤️

  53. Dark_ WALKER-

    Dark_ WALKER-12 hours ago

    nice song man

  54. Athenais snap Schone

    Athenais snap Schone12 hours ago

    I love it 😍😘

  55. shosho channel

    shosho channel12 hours ago

    Oh the music video in Morocco I am from morroco I really love you so much and I hope you like Morocco 😍🇲🇦

  56. Ariel Rozjas

    Ariel Rozjas12 hours ago

    This song in my head. And i think i just broke my replay button.

  57. Gaetane Laumonnier

    Gaetane Laumonnier12 hours ago

    Juste trop bien

  58. Shirley León

    Shirley León12 hours ago

    I remember when they were kids but now DAAAAAMMMM BOYS you look so good and this song is good too.

  59. Arabic Vevo

    Arabic Vevo13 hours ago


  60. MM9

    MM913 hours ago

    yaa Morocco 🇲🇦❤️

  61. sharul izat

    sharul izat13 hours ago

    2018 ?

  62. Majciaks

    Majciaks13 hours ago

    I love it💕💕💕

  63. RapMon sold Jimin's jams to Suga for 3 dollars

    RapMon sold Jimin's jams to Suga for 3 dollars14 hours ago

    I missed this guys so much!!! I need to start listening to them again because I don't get tired of their voices 😍

  64. Susan Chapman

    Susan Chapman14 hours ago

    Brad can I have you’re number

  65. Multifandom Edit

    Multifandom Edit14 hours ago

    Omg I'm soooo in love with Brad.... I'm not crying... me? Nope....😢

  66. Adeline Arthur

    Adeline Arthur15 hours ago

    what is this song's genre? i love it

  67. elssa

    elssa15 hours ago

    they snapped

  68. Fruzsina Tóth-Zsiga

    Fruzsina Tóth-Zsiga15 hours ago

    i can't stop listening this song

  69. Mondragon

    Mondragon15 hours ago

    Dani daniels??

  70. ㅁㅁ모

    ㅁㅁ모16 hours ago

    브래들리 넘 귀여웡

  71. Hajer Mohammed

    Hajer Mohammed16 hours ago

    I love how she gave all his money to the man X)

  72. Richtofen Edward

    Richtofen Edward7 hours ago

    Hajer Mohammed not the man X its the waiter 😁😁😁😃

  73. Hajer Mohammed

    Hajer Mohammed16 hours ago

    So Hi. 4,099,338 Views and 3.1M Subscribers. Okay :)

  74. meryam life

    meryam life16 hours ago

    In Morocco waw

  75. Mandss O'Brien

    Mandss O'Brien16 hours ago

    Stou apaixonada

  76. Anna Luisa  Bizotto

    Anna Luisa Bizotto16 hours ago

    Amaziiinnnnnnnnngggggg , love you guys ❤️❤️❤️

  77. Mandss O'Brien

    Mandss O'Brien16 hours ago

    Que gatos

  78. Samy12

    Samy1216 hours ago

    Was shot in Morocco

  79. Varnika Sharda

    Varnika Sharda16 hours ago

    Which boy u most like

  80. farhahahaha

    farhahahaha16 hours ago

    my heart keeps dying everytime the girl gets too close to brad, its like how i feel when there's nothing holding me back's music video came out oh boi but wow i love this song and im very happy now thanks boys

  81. sana munir

    sana munir17 hours ago

    can anyone recommend more songs like this ?

  82. Êxtrã Ćhéèśê Búrgēr

    Êxtrã Ćhéèśê Búrgēr16 hours ago

    sana munir The vamp-can we dance? (U might hate or love it idk lol)

  83. shin

    shin17 hours ago

    why does he looks like tom holland

  84. goofy bitch

    goofy bitch17 hours ago

    brad reminds me of my crush and he’s cute

  85. Maryam 12

    Maryam 1217 hours ago

    Morocco is always the best to do the best vedio club ❤🇲🇦

  86. Khanh Vy

    Khanh Vy17 hours ago


  87. Acy Ace

    Acy Ace17 hours ago

    is it just me or Brad looks different now compared to the last time I saw him (on social media of course) He looks more different , more mature. but always hot. !

  88. Yaren Karahan

    Yaren Karahan17 hours ago


  89. Yassine El halaoui

    Yassine El halaoui18 hours ago

    wonderful views in the best country in the world MORROCO, Nice sound but the secret is CHEFCHAOUN ;)

  90. Полина Мех

    Полина Мех18 hours ago

    моя зайка

  91. サーモン中田

    サーモン中田18 hours ago

    these days many new songs!!

  92. Ava Huang

    Ava Huang18 hours ago


  93. Sana Haya

    Sana Haya18 hours ago

    this is morrocco yeeeah

  94. Assia Meddah

    Assia Meddah18 hours ago

    This is Morocco I'm shure

  95. Blem02 -

    Blem02 -18 hours ago

    Also to the blond guy (idk his name) stop copying Luke Hemmings (hair)style 😂

  96. Blem02 -

    Blem02 -18 hours ago

    I’m not a the vamps fan, I know a few old songs and I was like "it’s okay but no more". And idk how, i saw this video and i clicked. This song is just so good they improved so much. Tbh I’m really surprised, in a good way. I was like "god no it’s not the Vamps that’s impossible". Great job boys

  97. william ljunggren

    william ljunggren19 hours ago

    i love this song

  98. michelle zhou

    michelle zhou19 hours ago


  99. Ronni Jordanian

    Ronni Jordanian19 hours ago

    I like it

  100. rattanakon sonkum

    rattanakon sonkum19 hours ago

    miss you😇😇😇😇❤❤

  101. Youtube Story

    Youtube Story19 hours ago


  102. Amanda Yusuf

    Amanda Yusuf19 hours ago


  103. Chester Tuliao

    Chester Tuliao20 hours ago

    Anne Marie and The Vamps? Who's with me? Yes collab please.

  104. Chester Tuliao

    Chester Tuliao20 hours ago

    Hoping for Collabration again with Demi Lovato😍

  105. Chester Tuliao

    Chester Tuliao20 hours ago

    One of my favorite song of The Vamps😍