The Usos lay down The Uso Street Code: SmackDown LIVE, Feb. 6, 2018


  1. LegitsavgebossElias Gatgens

    LegitsavgebossElias Gatgens14 days ago

    It’s like 6 in the morning when can I go to sleep.

  2. Mikael Bile

    Mikael Bile17 days ago

    I kIndia like the old USO’s better

  3. Cool Jay

    Cool JayMonth ago

    when he said cupcakes and bon-bons, bon-bons was a reference to SpongeBob btw

  4. Lakirra Lesbians Channel

    Lakirra Lesbians ChannelMonth ago

    USPS damn that sucked, like 400+ lbs damn stop kissing yo daddy's butt, lol x

  5. Ogal Hade

    Ogal HadeMonth ago

    Jey went crazy🤪

  6. Robert Owenslo

    Robert OwensloMonth ago

    Jey uso be snaping in Jimmy because usos they rock

  7. Jaden Kendrick

    Jaden Kendrick2 months ago

    They finally got bars

  8. Nocturnal Legend

    Nocturnal Legend2 months ago

    This crowd is so dead unfortunately. They kill it every time they get on the mic and we don’t have the crowds like we used to because of pg era. USO’s are never gonna get the recognition and respect that they DESERVE until these crowds start to wake up cause they sleeping on the USO’s.

  9. Drew Lanning

    Drew Lanning2 months ago

    Oh the irony behind this video now

  10. Shu Wing Leung

    Shu Wing Leung2 months ago

    I love their promos

  11. Jasmine Walker

    Jasmine Walker2 months ago

    The usos

  12. Hunter 375

    Hunter 3752 months ago

    Can I go to sleep now

  13. Jasmine Walker

    Jasmine Walker2 months ago

    The uoso

  14. May Sters

    May Sters2 months ago

    My fav ❤️💜🤷🏻‍♀️

  15. Tushar Tantwa

    Tushar Tantwa4 months ago

    The next thing i want to see is Roman Reigns should join The Usos and turn heel....🔥🔥🔥

  16. Notorious B.U.G.

    Notorious B.U.G.4 months ago

    Welcome To The Usos Penitentiary

  17. FaZe Slayer

    FaZe Slayer5 months ago


  18. casheena travers

    casheena travers6 months ago


  19. Donnnation TV

    Donnnation TV6 months ago

    They're having the best run of their careers tremendous work on that promo 👌🏽

  20. Jasmine Walker

    Jasmine Walker6 months ago

    The uos

  21. Jason jr Henderson

    Jason jr Henderson7 months ago


  22. Jason jr Henderson

    Jason jr Henderson7 months ago


  23. Jason jr Henderson

    Jason jr Henderson7 months ago


  24. Jason jr Henderson

    Jason jr Henderson7 months ago


  25. Peter Rogers

    Peter Rogers7 months ago


  26. Ken Fletcher Castro

    Ken Fletcher Castro7 months ago

    I want the old usos Just saying

  27. Ryan Ramirez

    Ryan Ramirez8 months ago

    These USO’s Are Amazing 💪🏻 but The USO’s Now Is 🗑🗑🗑

  28. blue lantern

    blue lantern9 months ago

    BOOK GANG 1:55

  29. Maureen Fricke

    Maureen Fricke9 months ago

    Usos power

  30. Brody Marsh

    Brody Marsh11 months ago

    This is the same gimmick used for 3 minute warning with Rosey & Jamal

  31. iiam CÀŁƏB

    iiam CÀŁƏBYear ago


  32. jasmine Ortiz

    jasmine OrtizYear ago

    the Usos can be a little rough at especially when it comes to wrestling

  33. jasmine Ortiz

    jasmine OrtizYear ago

    love the attitude from the Usos and Jey he serious right now

  34. jasmine Ortiz

    jasmine OrtizYear ago

    come to think of it I love the Usos attitude today and also they can get a little rough

  35. ForeverSmoov _102

    ForeverSmoov _102Year ago

    Im Tongan which is Polynesian and The reason why I think the heel turn work so great is because it's more of who they are, with the face paint and alla that, that was stereotypical island vibes just like the Rock when he entered as Rocky Maivia. Now they flourishing being more like themselves. Most Polys in general come from the Hood and the fact they from the Bay Area I wouldn't doubt it. I'm from LA and that just seems to fit them way more then wearing the lavalava and doing war dances

  36. Jessica Hartzog

    Jessica HartzogYear ago

    Preach y’all preach!!! ❤️💜

  37. Kobe Fitzgerald

    Kobe FitzgeraldYear ago

    Usos are the top tag team in all wwe

  38. Jaz Tucker

    Jaz TuckerYear ago


  39. Lukas Vlogs

    Lukas VlogsYear ago

    I like the new usos

  40. Keith Alonzo Carter Jr

    Keith Alonzo Carter JrYear ago

    Mmmmmm Yeahhhhh They Might Be Alright To We Had Match Of The Night !!!!!!

  41. Cory Kashmirie

    Cory KashmirieYear ago

    The usos are best haff of the tag team champions

  42. Kelera Leba

    Kelera LebaYear ago

    Cool As Ice-water 😘❤


    USO FAN UCE-OYear ago

    I love the USO

  44. jo se

    jo seYear ago

    Best change ever

  45. Danitia Afonsoewa

    Danitia AfonsoewaYear ago

    I love them

  46. angela tuala

    angela tualaYear ago

    The usos Angela tuala family soon

  47. Kegan Begay

    Kegan BegayYear ago

    There really trash talker's

  48. xsaew Perry's

    xsaew Perry'sYear ago

    Nun of that purple stuff cough cough lean

  49. maggie mccarthy

    maggie mccarthyYear ago

    Wait wen i say us you say you say o us

  50. Brezzy Brie

    Brezzy BrieYear ago

    *Jey* : NUN OF THAT PURPLE STUFF! *Crowd* Umm ok...... *Me* I love them Usos 😍😘