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The Usos lay down The Uso Street Code: SmackDown LIVE, Feb. 6, 2018


  1. FaZe Slayer

    FaZe Slayer2 days ago


  2. casheena travers

    casheena traversMonth ago


  3. Donnnation TV

    Donnnation TVMonth ago

    They're having the best run of their careers tremendous work on that promo 👌🏽

  4. Jasmine Walker

    Jasmine WalkerMonth ago

    The uos

  5. Jason jr Henderson

    Jason jr Henderson2 months ago


  6. Jason jr Henderson

    Jason jr Henderson2 months ago


  7. Jason jr Henderson

    Jason jr Henderson2 months ago


  8. Jason jr Henderson

    Jason jr Henderson2 months ago


  9. Peter Rogers

    Peter Rogers2 months ago


  10. Ken Fletcher Castro

    Ken Fletcher Castro2 months ago

    I want the old usos Just saying

  11. Ryan Ramirez

    Ryan Ramirez3 months ago

    These USO’s Are Amazing 💪🏻 but The USO’s Now Is 🗑🗑🗑

  12. blue lantern

    blue lantern4 months ago

    BOOK GANG 1:55

  13. Maureen Fricke

    Maureen Fricke4 months ago

    Usos power

  14. Brody Marsh

    Brody Marsh6 months ago

    This is the same gimmick used for 3 minute warning with Rosey & Jamal

  15. iiamCÀŁƏB S.R

    iiamCÀŁƏB S.R7 months ago


  16. jasmine Ortiz

    jasmine Ortiz7 months ago

    the Usos can be a little rough at especially when it comes to wrestling

  17. jasmine Ortiz

    jasmine Ortiz7 months ago

    love the attitude from the Usos and Jey he serious right now

  18. jasmine Ortiz

    jasmine Ortiz7 months ago

    come to think of it I love the Usos attitude today and also they can get a little rough

  19. ForeverSmoov _102

    ForeverSmoov _1028 months ago

    Im Tongan which is Polynesian and The reason why I think the heel turn work so great is because it's more of who they are, with the face paint and alla that, that was stereotypical island vibes just like the Rock when he entered as Rocky Maivia. Now they flourishing being more like themselves. Most Polys in general come from the Hood and the fact they from the Bay Area I wouldn't doubt it. I'm from LA and that just seems to fit them way more then wearing the lavalava and doing war dances

  20. Jessica Hartzog

    Jessica Hartzog8 months ago

    Preach y’all preach!!! ❤️💜

  21. Kobe Fitzgerald

    Kobe Fitzgerald8 months ago

    Usos are the top tag team in all wwe

  22. Jaz Tucker

    Jaz Tucker8 months ago


  23. Lukas Vlogs

    Lukas Vlogs8 months ago

    I like the new usos

  24. Keith Alonzo Carter Jr

    Keith Alonzo Carter Jr8 months ago

    Mmmmmm Yeahhhhh They Might Be Alright To We Had Match Of The Night !!!!!!

  25. Cory Kashmirie

    Cory Kashmirie8 months ago

    The usos are best haff of the tag team champions

  26. Kelera Leba

    Kelera Leba9 months ago

    Cool As Ice-water 😘❤


    USO FAN UCE-O9 months ago

    I love the USO

  28. ass slayer 69

    ass slayer 699 months ago

    Best change ever

  29. Danitia Afonsoewa

    Danitia Afonsoewa9 months ago

    I love them

  30. angela tuala

    angela tuala9 months ago

    The usos Angela tuala family soon

  31. Kegan Begay

    Kegan Begay9 months ago

    There really trash talker's

  32. xsaew Perry's

    xsaew Perry's10 months ago

    Nun of that purple stuff cough cough lean

  33. maggie mccarthy

    maggie mccarthy10 months ago

    Wait wen i say us you say you say o us

  34. Brezzy Brie

    Brezzy Brie10 months ago

    *Jey* : NUN OF THAT PURPLE STUFF! *Crowd* Umm ok...... *Me* I love them Usos 😍😘

  35. Tafadzwa Patience zisusa

    Tafadzwa Patience zisusa10 months ago


  36. Carmellita Jackson

    Carmellita Jackson10 months ago

    they was lowkey rapping lol

  37. Kendrick Handspur

    Kendrick Handspur10 months ago

    Like when he said split u like the red sea

  38. Irish Gambino

    Irish Gambino10 months ago

    Damn I love these guys

  39. Mr 100

    Mr 10010 months ago

    Love this promo USO’s most underrated promo in wrestling

  40. Richard Joyce

    Richard Joyce10 months ago

    These usos vs new jack and mustafa Ali dream match

  41. Lawrence Mason

    Lawrence Mason10 months ago

    Best tag team in the world

  42. Anthony Mukoko

    Anthony Mukoko10 months ago

    Are te Usos and Tama Tonga related ? Cuz they do really look alike (not just because they are both samoans,I’m talking bout cousins loookin alike)

  43. Ewuniki Cordes Clark

    Ewuniki Cordes Clark10 months ago

    Good come back

  44. teammm

    teammm10 months ago

    Jey is so fine omg

  45. The Russian Nightmare

    The Russian Nightmare10 months ago

    And literally no reaction from the crowd..

  46. LITFL_Zinger

    LITFL_Zinger10 months ago

    The WWE has an awful talent pool right now

  47. GoldNeverages

    GoldNeverages10 months ago

    Anyone actually get goosebumps and hairs sticking up on the back of their neck when they mentioned it??......I know I did, their promos are 🔥

  48. akesa fifita

    akesa fifita10 months ago

    John Cena and the Usos are the best promo people in the WWE history!!!!!!

  49. Abenezer Dawit

    Abenezer Dawit10 months ago


  50. Abenezer Dawit

    Abenezer Dawit10 months ago


  51. Darryl Wallace

    Darryl Wallace10 months ago

    That was pretty good. Hope they keep it up.

  52. gearhead gearhead

    gearhead gearhead10 months ago

    These cats knows the streets.

  53. Iso Zion4

    Iso Zion410 months ago

    They the best heel in the wwe facts!!

  54. Wilhelm Divinagracia

    Wilhelm Divinagracia10 months ago

    How many times better are the usos than roman when it comes to promo work???

  55. Hemanth Gowda

    Hemanth Gowda11 months ago

    usos fans

  56. i don't know

    i don't know11 months ago


  57. Marcus Horne

    Marcus Horne11 months ago

    The Usos have gotten soooooooo good since the brand split one good things came out at lest

  58. Cass Jnr

    Cass Jnr11 months ago

    Gave me ucebumps lol.

  59. Drizzy Dre

    Drizzy Dre11 months ago

    All fire spitting promos🗣

  60. Monster_ Inkz

    Monster_ Inkz11 months ago

    The best damn tag team in the world!!!!! LOCK DOWN!!!!!!

  61. Raw Sauce

    Raw Sauce11 months ago


  62. Jason Bauer

    Jason Bauer11 months ago

    They got crazy swag

  63. xBassel92x

    xBassel92x11 months ago

    This is fucken amazing man

  64. Tiny Taco

    Tiny Taco11 months ago

    Usos vs the shield

  65. life with me laiah

    life with me laiah11 months ago

    Best tag team my favorite wrestlers

  66. Kyle Aaron

    Kyle Aaron11 months ago


  67. Mick Hawkins

    Mick Hawkins11 months ago

    This tag team should never be seperated !! Excellent promos and Excellent Matches !!

  68. Anthony Tyler

    Anthony Tyler11 months ago

    Their intensity in promos is ridiculous.

  69. Jaden Wilson

    Jaden Wilson11 months ago

    Best promos in WWE by far.

  70. Jojo Minh

    Jojo MinhYear ago

    The usos never me to sleep yet, im tired

  71. star gaming

    star gamingYear ago

    Stupid usos

  72. andy260897

    andy260897Year ago

    Usos really have came far. Great promo 👍🏻

  73. Aiden Bowie

    Aiden BowieYear ago

    Win every mach usos

  74. Aiden Bowie

    Aiden BowieYear ago

    I love you uuuuuuuuuuso

  75. FRANK MELE Liufau

    FRANK MELE LiufauYear ago


  76. FRANK MELE Liufau

    FRANK MELE LiufauYear ago


  77. jordan christol

    jordan christolYear ago

    This has to be one of the best promos in a long time

  78. Don O.

    Don O.Year ago

    Their mic skills exponentially grew better

  79. Tariq Taylor

    Tariq TaylorYear ago

    Welcome to Uso Penitentiary


    LOUNIS DZYear ago

    L'équipe est toka ISH ISH

  81. Big Boss

    Big BossYear ago

    Wtf these guys ain't black

  82. Tyson Jones

    Tyson JonesYear ago

    Went from "Ehh...they might be alright..."

  83. Tariq Taylor

    Tariq TaylorYear ago

    Tyson Jones To yeah yeah... we had match of the night

  84. Muhammad 908

    Muhammad 908Year ago

    Uso beated harper rowen before no big e

  85. The All Seeing Cat

    The All Seeing CatYear ago

    Jimmy looks kinda creepy now, metal teeth and dark unusual eyes. Is it just me? Or am I crazyyyy. Nah wait, it ain't paranoia. It's the USO PENITENTIARY

  86. Perez News

    Perez NewsYear ago

    U high bro?

  87. Alejandro Sanchez

    Alejandro SanchezYear ago

    The usos are the greatest wwe tag team in the past 10 years. Say what you will about the revival and DiY being the best but the usos have always been consistent and never fail to deliver match of the night. That's why they're 5 time tag champs. That's why they are always in the main event. That's why they held the belts for like 70% of the year in 2017. Any new team the usos face is considered a dream match cause they reached that level of greatness. No one ever says they want a dream match against the young bucks and the bar. Cause the bar even though they're 4 time champs. They aren't legendary status like the usos. People say the usos vs young bucks cause those two teams are legendary. The young bucks. Best tag team to never step foot in wwe in history. And the usos. Probably the best tag team in the past 15 years tbh. Dream match if the young bucks decide to go to wwe

  88. Lord Ya'

    Lord Ya'Year ago

    Splitcha like the Red Sea.

  89. zakir azam

    zakir azamYear ago

    Usos jus to good 🔥

  90. Jalyn Withers

    Jalyn WithersYear ago

    Usos future hall of famers

  91. DontCopyMe

    DontCopyMeYear ago

    I think that Every tag teams that joined the Dark side is much better as a heel like IF you agree

  92. Ayuob Best football 96

    Ayuob Best football 96Year ago


  93. BrodyM ay31

    BrodyM ay31Year ago

    USO’s Chehoooo

  94. John Perez

    John PerezYear ago

    Day One Ish 👊🏽

  95. Lunatic J

    Lunatic JYear ago

    What if The Bullet club Vs The Shield (including the usos)

  96. Dualshock Entertainment

    Dualshock EntertainmentYear ago

    The Usos vs The Authors of Pain at Wrestlemania would be a great feud.

  97. Brianna Sullen

    Brianna SullenYear ago

    I love the usos

  98. JuniorTorres720

    JuniorTorres720Year ago

    I like this version of Uso's. They've come a long way!

  99. Gabriel Torres

    Gabriel TorresYear ago

    Not the 1st time they were heel. They started out as heels when they appear with Tamina in the late 2000s but thats not near as good as this heel run here. My god.. greatest tag team in WWE and it's not even close. Their mic skills even though its no different when they were face paint usos but it sounds more intense and serious and I dig that. Look at that WWE samoans who can be heel and still get over and successful, I think there's another Samoan in raw is in desperate need of a heel turn (for like 3 years), a certain big dog and my god that nickname is so cringe for him. May the usos continue success and I like how Jey tied in his low-key dui and how he slept in jail for 8 hrs in that promo, that was sick.

  100. MR Sir

    MR SirYear ago

    they made the tag division relevant again. everyone is always pumped up and excited to see the usos matches. especially there ppv matches. always awsome. awsome on the mic too. I can honesty see them being legit heels. screwing over people out of there titles or title chances

  101. Rachaun Rogers

    Rachaun RogersYear ago

    Dave East shout out?