The ULTIMATE $30,000 Gaming PC Setup


  1. Unbox Therapy

    Unbox Therapy5 months ago

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  2. Justin Rodriguez

    Justin Rodriguez3 days ago

    star citizen please!!!!!

  3. Hunter Jackson

    Hunter Jackson7 days ago

    I have a setup like this too!!! But its the only type of setup you won't find elsewhere the only " One Of a Kind" homemade version.

  4. faheez syed

    faheez syed25 days ago

    +Sanyam Kaushik I'm also from india

  5. smoki loek

    smoki loek27 minutes ago

    what cost 30000 doll?


    JR VIDEOZ28 minutes ago


  7. Marc willson

    Marc willsonHour ago


  8. Ascadsds YT

    Ascadsds YTHour ago

    Puta este vídeo me hace sentir mas pobre de lo que soy :,v

  9. Pim_Gamer

    Pim_GamerHour ago

    I would play minecraft

  10. mohamad hafiz

    mohamad hafiz3 hours ago

    i prefer normal setup than this piece of shit

  11. Sadman Sakib

    Sadman Sakib3 hours ago

    Give me any of your gaming keyboard

  12. Rafael Prates

    Rafael Prates4 hours ago

    Eu prefiro gastar 30k em um setup desse do quem gastar comprando moto e essas coisas

  13. T e l e

    T e l e7 hours ago

    Sure... I can afford that

  14. Dank Chicken

    Dank Chicken10 hours ago

    no scuff?

  15. Rajesh Kumar

    Rajesh Kumar12 hours ago

    That was Stephen hawking in starting?

  16. superdibo

    superdibo15 hours ago

    Someone buy me a laptop me brokey

  17. despacito

    despacito16 hours ago

    Also this sucks its for gaming so 144hz or 240hz would be better

  18. despacito

    despacito16 hours ago

    Do a refresh with 3 of the predator x27 monitors and an rtx 2080ti sli build

  19. Airwreck 14

    Airwreck 1416 hours ago

    How to be a couch potato101

  20. Anthony Limun

    Anthony Limun18 hours ago

    That's cool

  21. Wade Douglas Coon

    Wade Douglas Coon20 hours ago

    Amazing hit a like if you argee

  22. The Hacking Rabbit

    The Hacking Rabbit21 hour ago

    Ur a noob at fortnite

  23. Pootis Bird

    Pootis BirdDay ago

    Yup. Flagging cause fortnite. Its trash and cancer. Play Other games, like Warframe. Jesus...that kind of setup. Youre a dissapointment and scum.

  24. Ferdi Ferdi

    Ferdi FerdiDay ago

    You. Forgot .the. scuf controller.

  25. Bro Honest

    Bro HonestDay ago


  26. Rafeah Suparman

    Rafeah SuparmanDay ago

    i Buy i buy 1 00009973608000000 🎧💵💵💵💵💵💵

  27. Arindam Dubey

    Arindam DubeyDay ago

    whoa man.... thats huge

  28. Sockmanexpress

    SockmanexpressDay ago

    But how do you play local multiplayer with that setup?

  29. H3II O_O

    H3II O_ODay ago

    Can u Give me Some PC :D

  30. H3II O_O

    H3II O_ODay ago

    Give me Money :D


    JTR VLOGSDay ago

    take my fucking money take it take it

  32. Brian W

    Brian WDay ago

    Unless that chair is also a toilet, this shit is a waste of money.


    PGX JUSTINDay ago

    Your so fucking noob quit fortnite ninja here xD

  34. Gabriel isfun

    Gabriel isfunDay ago

    me want

  35. Barnacle Boy

    Barnacle BoyDay ago

    If I had that in the and the factory, I would turn off all of the factory lights and sit in it.

  36. Comfort Prince

    Comfort Prince2 days ago

    Can 2 people use it at the same time Like 2 player

  37. Vish Da Boss Fish

    Vish Da Boss Fish2 days ago

    I wanna buy that

  38. Poppa J

    Poppa J2 days ago

    That is 3500$ I went onto their site. Good try though.

  39. Sky Lord

    Sky Lord2 days ago

    Он ему нахрен не нужен, а вот понтов по крышу мозга

  40. JoshuaGamingHD

    JoshuaGamingHD2 days ago

    When I saw this I was speechless

  41. Josie Black

    Josie Black2 days ago

    I just turned on my computer and i guess i had a youtube video up and then i hear the intro to this SHIT playing through my headphones and i just about lost it.


    ROYAL KING2 days ago

    You not good gamer


    ROYAL KING2 days ago


  44. TSM_ mikes

    TSM_ mikes2 days ago

    Can I have that plz I never play fort nite or have that in mylife

  45. Sadhguru in hindi

    Sadhguru in hindi2 days ago

    Borders of the potrait tv is an issue

  46. Siddharth Gopakumar

    Siddharth Gopakumar2 days ago

    asom! i like it. lew you are the best

  47. Tsuyu Lucid

    Tsuyu Lucid2 days ago

    when you have a $30,000 set up, but your skills are 0 anyway

  48. Splitey

    Splitey2 days ago

    How much can i pay you for that pc

  49. Splitey

    Splitey2 days ago

    Huge fan btw

  50. it'sFckinRaw

    it'sFckinRaw2 days ago

    can't buy skills tho... lol

  51. KidGamer360

    KidGamer3602 days ago

    Oh no xbox is left out. Wait is it windows 10😎

  52. KidGamer360

    KidGamer3602 days ago

    I am going to start saving my money for a setup like that 👀

  53. jxsh xd

    jxsh xd3 days ago


  54. LBMC

    LBMC3 days ago

    I want ninja to play on this!

  55. Νίκος Καραγιαννάκης

    Νίκος Καραγιαννάκης3 days ago


  56. Batrix_ YT

    Batrix_ YT3 days ago

    I am starting New gaming chennel pleše sub me

  57. Hatim Toutorials

    Hatim Toutorials3 days ago

    Plz give me your peesee

  58. karthick senna

    karthick senna3 days ago

    why did he built an extreme pc and kept it in a warehouse...

  59. Marie Hanacarla Theofillia

    Marie Hanacarla Theofillia3 days ago

    $ 1 = MYR 4... $30, 000 = MYR 120, 000 :(

  60. Kelvin KMS

    Kelvin KMS3 days ago

    PUBG and Far Cry 5

  61. Bender Rodriguez

    Bender Rodriguez3 days ago

    perfect chair for tripping on acid, nice and safe, no need to leave and entartaining 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  62. arjun manimala

    arjun manimala3 days ago

    Courtesy of ... T series!!..😓😓

  63. Steven Rogel

    Steven Rogel3 days ago

    Ultimate Fatass setup

  64. Miguel Alejandro Bastidas Arturo

    Miguel Alejandro Bastidas Arturo3 days ago

    Tan cara y corre el Fortnite a menos de 100 fps

  65. Bretton Wilson

    Bretton Wilson3 days ago

    I wouldn’t be surprised if some rich kid bought this and turned into a lazy potato and has a gpa if a Pringle..

  66. Ace Of Crystal Spades

    Ace Of Crystal Spades3 days ago

    Well, now i can get TWICE the viruses! 😉

  67. Michael Lee

    Michael Lee3 days ago

    Looks like my dream setup for coding, or hacking...

  68. Ashren

    Ashren3 days ago

    Fortnite alone made me click off sadly.

  69. Penny Williams

    Penny Williams3 days ago

    Yyyyeeeeaahh, I'm going to actually get up off my ass to get something to eat, not sit there and be a lazy fuck. Also, why the hell would you eat around that? You have to disassemble it and clean up any crumbs you got inside.

  70. Penny Williams

    Penny Williams3 days ago

    I wouldn't play that at all. As a person, I have to keep a healthy body, and I can't do that by sitting and playing games for long periods of time. So, that's a waste of money.

  71. Alvaro Norman Valdivia Cardenas

    Alvaro Norman Valdivia Cardenas3 days ago

    $/30,000 only for fornite :'c

  72. Gaming Lord

    Gaming Lord3 days ago

    Is it for sale

  73. kreemkrackered

    kreemkrackered3 days ago

    $30,000 setup and plays Fortnight?!! 🤣😂

  74. Nie Wolf

    Nie Wolf4 days ago

    He reaveld the futre

  75. Upside down Gravity

    Upside down Gravity4 days ago

    Hope you never rage while playing in this...

  76. Joe

    Joe4 days ago

    My living room is close to this!

  77. best of latios latias

    best of latios latias4 days ago

    And I'm here with a phone only .

  78. Wala Nothing

    Wala Nothing4 days ago

    Waste of Money

  79. Great Memes

    Great Memes4 days ago

    if i have that i might never see the sun again

  80. Im Çłutchęd

    Im Çłutchęd4 days ago

    The only youtuber that is not a clickbaiter

  81. William Queen

    William Queen4 days ago

    I want to live in a world where everyone works on that seat

  82. Rutik Karkhile

    Rutik Karkhile4 days ago

    Does it includes everything shown in video

  83. Angel lopez

    Angel lopez4 days ago

    You are not a good enough gamer to deserve this

  84. Paras Singh

    Paras Singh4 days ago

    Broke people's dream.. 🙇🙇🙇🙇

  85. charles evola

    charles evola4 days ago

    Only thing you're missing is a toilet!

  86. Raydiel Ortega

    Raydiel Ortega4 days ago

    I really wish I had this all😔

  87. Bhavin Bhatt

    Bhavin Bhatt4 days ago

    When you have a 30 000 dollar gaming setup but your a default in fortnite

  88. sonjay pelongo

    sonjay pelongo4 days ago

    can you give me some pc parts

  89. Sydju TV

    Sydju TV5 days ago

    The biggest annoyance I have with this setup is the fact that the 3 monitors are not aligned. Other than that, massive kudos!

  90. 컴현

    컴현5 days ago

    크 LG 자랑스럽다

  91. Ayush Mohanta

    Ayush Mohanta5 days ago

    Can we play Minecraft in that

  92. Gaming Guy 324

    Gaming Guy 3245 days ago

    Like Wow that's just like wow like wow like you actually spent that much like wow.

  93. 学市区リックス

    学市区リックス5 days ago

    When you have 9999999% crazy gaming set up but has 1% gaming skills

  94. 学市区リックス

    学市区リックス5 days ago

    Youre so freakishly rich! Like what the hell

  95. Mr Noob

    Mr Noob5 days ago

    U suck at Fortnite

  96. blabla truc

    blabla truc5 days ago

    Has 30k$ PC, plays Fortnite without skin.

  97. Jaszy

    Jaszy5 days ago

    😢 I’m not rich.. damn this gaming chair is awesome and my dad was so stupid that he thought a chromebook was good.. and I really wanted to play kinds of games like tf2 cs go fortnite and other games.. all I have is a crap laptop and an iPhone..

  98. Sameer Ulhaq

    Sameer Ulhaq5 days ago

    How much money only for this pc

  99. no boom worm sr

    no boom worm sr5 days ago

    thats insane

  100. Can this channel reach 100k without video?

    Can this channel reach 100k without video?5 days ago

    Haters will say it is costly.

  101. FocusedGamer 101

    FocusedGamer 1015 days ago

    Id play minecraft here all day

  102. FocusedGamer 101

    FocusedGamer 1015 days ago

    Where can i buy this setup plzzz tell mee

  103. Galo Arizaga

    Galo Arizaga5 days ago

    If I'm ever rich im buying one these shits