The ULTIMATE $30,000 Gaming PC Setup


  1. Unbox Therapy

    Unbox Therapy8 months ago

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  2. mike mack

    mike mack16 days ago

    id never leave that seat lol

  3. milan bubonja

    milan bubonja19 days ago


  4. Peter Gaming

    Peter Gaming20 days ago

    Unbox Therapy if I can buy this off u and u come to the uk and help me set it up with the ppl that work with me I am willing to pay $15000 plz get back to me via instagram pete.colllins

  5. Rivaille AMV 夢

    Rivaille AMV 夢22 days ago

    sa porra vai voarrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Thumli koben2.0

    Thumli koben2.025 days ago

    It sucks

  7. PuRpLe CooLAiD

    PuRpLe CooLAiD9 minutes ago

    No just kidding

  8. PuRpLe CooLAiD

    PuRpLe CooLAiD9 minutes ago

    Noob in fortnite dont deserve a 30.000 gaming setup

  9. RaptorGamingYT _

    RaptorGamingYT _3 hours ago

    Where can i buy it

  10. RaptorGamingYT _

    RaptorGamingYT _3 hours ago

    You"re crazy

  11. •Heraze •

    •Heraze •5 hours ago

    But can it run crysis?

  12. Nigger

    Nigger7 hours ago

    i waant it to play paint.exe


    OYUNCULAR KANALI7 hours ago

    bu ne olum helal

  14. INDIAN

    INDIAN10 hours ago

    His portrait monitors are bigger than my monitor.

  15. Lil Sid

    Lil Sid12 hours ago

    Rip Steve Hawkins

  16. Sergio III Pasia

    Sergio III Pasia12 hours ago

    You are nad at fortnite

  17. Sergio III Pasia

    Sergio III Pasia12 hours ago

    I mean bad

  18. Pedro Paiva

    Pedro Paiva16 hours ago

    PornHub forever

  19. Vincent Yohanes

    Vincent Yohanes16 hours ago

    Can it run crysis?

  20. David Nelson

    David Nelson16 hours ago

    Ur mum gay

  21. Freshdollar VEVO

    Freshdollar VEVO17 hours ago

    One word: WOW

  22. chippledon1

    chippledon118 hours ago

    What more does a man need really!

  23. The Haggleboys

    The Haggleboys19 hours ago


  24. Siraf 123

    Siraf 12320 hours ago

    Bad mouse

  25. fardhin harry

    fardhin harryDay ago

    Buys a 3000$ setup,and gets killed by some "below than me" users.

  26. GentleMan MCPE

    GentleMan MCPEDay ago


  27. KING I

    KING IDay ago

    With bigger screens and better performance

  28. KING I

    KING IDay ago

    You can buy this in a few months for 10k


    TSNLEGENDDay ago

    Soooo... You gonna give it away or what?

  30. will adams

    will adamsDay ago

    Pay all this money just to be trash at fortnite

  31. JC PVP

    JC PVPDay ago


  32. Random Person

    Random PersonDay ago

    I would play some Roblox in that setup...

  33. SmokeAlot nd6

    SmokeAlot nd6Day ago

    Not fortnite, now cmon

  34. Jesus Gil

    Jesus GilDay ago

    Doesn't top CXC Simulations....

  35. Ali Saber

    Ali SaberDay ago

    I have a 8,000 dollar pc

  36. luc1f3r_rog

    luc1f3r_rogDay ago

    Omg he's a default and he laughs when he dies

  37. Michael

    MichaelDay ago

    Ugh just just take my money

  38. hjalte Henriksen

    hjalte HenriksenDay ago

    put this beast on some wheels

  39. menda-gamer

    menda-gamerDay ago


  40. Naylofu! *

    Naylofu! *2 days ago

    But it isn’t 30,000.

  41. werqa123

    werqa1232 days ago

    Meanwhile many ppls dying from starvation.

  42. eliran heftzadi

    eliran heftzadi2 days ago

    but can you pee without getting up from the chair?

  43. Francisco Ulrich

    Francisco Ulrich2 days ago

    I prefer my 512mb vram nvidia 310M... You inferior being

  44. Rock-i Mac

    Rock-i Mac2 days ago

    This hurts my virgin boner. Ouch.

  45. jakob p

    jakob p2 days ago


  46. Ε1 τρελό

    Ε1 τρελό3 days ago

    l need tnis

  47. kat rad

    kat rad3 days ago

    i dont got a 4k pc but i able to watch it in 4k

  48. Vasile T

    Vasile T3 days ago

    Acer build one, it's better and it cost $10k"by the way, those monitors are shit for gaming"

  49. N0LifeRada

    N0LifeRada3 days ago

    I can imagine the screens falling off the stand and landing on his face somehow... :thonk:

  50. Darcy Campbell

    Darcy Campbell3 days ago

    maybe a real game would be cool to see.....

  51. Jack Averill

    Jack Averill3 days ago

    $30000 on a gaming setup and you play fucking FORTNITE

  52. Thank u next bitch sister

    Thank u next bitch sister3 days ago

    *why am I here? Just to suffer?* **cries in poor**

  53. Thank u next bitch sister

    Thank u next bitch sister3 days ago

    Yeah yeah, it can run high power games so and so, but can it run roblox? Hmm...

  54. Thank u next bitch sister

    Thank u next bitch sister3 days ago

    *cries in poor*

  55. Mr Cheese

    Mr Cheese3 days ago

    Y u here?

  56. Mr Cheese

    Mr Cheese3 days ago

    3098 called They want their setup back

  57. Adreas KMLT'

    Adreas KMLT'3 days ago

    I think the pirate cookies is over the top..

  58. Garnelle Pineda

    Garnelle Pineda3 days ago

    Wow nice computer! Can you give it away?

  59. Andrej nikto

    Andrej nikto3 days ago

    I play

  60. TFocysGaming

    TFocysGaming4 days ago

    I would break it in 5 minutes

  61. yamamoto genryusai

    yamamoto genryusai4 days ago

    the desk is so small for me


    FORTNITE GAMMER4 days ago


  63. دوست پسر کوثر

    دوست پسر کوثر4 days ago

    I don't have money to get a NORMAL Pc

  64. ZB Playz

    ZB Playz4 days ago

    Should of got the thronos

  65. Wolf Dragon

    Wolf Dragon4 days ago

    That gives me a boner just looking at it I wish I had that but I’d be blind playing every day LOL This is my dream setup like mines only cost 899.99 but I still like it

  66. MrGyrian

    MrGyrian4 days ago

    i only have 2$ .........

  67. 1Shot

    1Shot4 days ago

    You can be there for a week bruh i can be in there for months


    ATHARV REGE4 days ago

    I envy you Lewis. I very much Envy you.

  69. Jux W

    Jux W4 days ago

    I would have more mice for more comfort. Thats why I have 3 mice but other than that amazing!!

  70. Jake Casken

    Jake Casken4 days ago

    I love how he has this setup and he is a default 🥴

  71. LESCHOK33

    LESCHOK334 days ago

    I could be there forever

  72. Brainz_ Dylan

    Brainz_ Dylan4 days ago

    What if you rage

  73. the investigator

    the investigator5 days ago

    Dream of every gamer

  74. Saqib Alam

    Saqib Alam5 days ago

    has the ultimate gaming pc setup, plays Fortnite on it. :)

  75. D

    D5 days ago

    Out of all games you choose to show off on this amazing setup you choose fortnite🤦🏻‍♂️👎

  76. Adam Linder

    Adam Linder5 days ago

    He does not deserve that

  77. xXOtaku_EntertainmentXx

    xXOtaku_EntertainmentXx5 days ago

    for me its a foot to close and it would mess up my aim because of that fact

  78. Alex M

    Alex M5 days ago

    Cool but light years away from being practical... and playing fortnite!?!? Really? From all the games that are on the market... dissapointing

  79. Jose Callejas

    Jose Callejas5 days ago

    Is it for sell?

  80. Patrycja Strug

    Patrycja Strug5 days ago

    They have the access to 203 gaming technology

  81. can I reach 100 subscribes with one video.

    can I reach 100 subscribes with one video.5 days ago

    The real question is can it run pong?

  82. ThatMemeGuy69

    ThatMemeGuy696 days ago

    They have gotten the early access to 2030 gaming technology

  83. 5000 Gamerscore

    5000 Gamerscore6 days ago

    **insert crysis meme**

  84. Boda Nagaraju

    Boda Nagaraju6 days ago

    Stefen hawkinh

  85. Som Gupta

    Som Gupta6 days ago

    can it run gta vice city


    I'M ABOUT TO SPLOOGE6 days ago

    I can literally visualize a tech nerd sitting here 24/7, 10 days a week, 365.

  87. Usama Javed

    Usama Javed6 days ago

    Expensive setup doesn't make you pro player

  88. Utkarsh Aryan

    Utkarsh Aryan6 days ago

    The ultimate chair of virginity.

  89. Greg Macias

    Greg Macias6 days ago

    Best setup to turn fat

  90. Benja Un Gamer

    Benja Un Gamer6 days ago

    I just have a shiti windows 10 and I need 26000 pesos

  91. Aura1

    Aura16 days ago

    Its more like 10000 at most

  92. Dont Mind Me

    Dont Mind Me6 days ago

    Who came here after watching linus tech tips?

  93. Dont Mind Me

    Dont Mind Me6 days ago

    +Atir Ahmad thats enough for me 😂

  94. Dont Mind Me

    Dont Mind Me6 days ago

    +Atir Ahmad lmao i only just want a simple gaming set up

  95. Atir Ahmad

    Atir Ahmad6 days ago

    This is for enthusiasts gamer or person who love over the top

  96. Atir Ahmad

    Atir Ahmad6 days ago

    But I think the predator thronos has better cost to value

  97. Dont Mind Me

    Dont Mind Me6 days ago

    +Atir Ahmad me too but i think it's only the rgb

  98. Tere, me oleme Richard ja Juhan

    Tere, me oleme Richard ja Juhan6 days ago

    DUDE! That'll be the best thing for me!!

  99. Vincenzo Bertelloni

    Vincenzo Bertelloni6 days ago

    When you buy something and the only imperator thing I can see here is the throne position u have when you sit down ...and that's it. Another expensive useless shit.

  100. Jemsean Dalingay

    Jemsean Dalingay6 days ago

    Your set up is so cool but your noob too

  101. Vage on Amazon

    Vage on Amazon6 days ago


  102. kid_on_da_internet

    kid_on_da_internet6 days ago

    Acer made the same thing for 10,000

  103. BenSavage

    BenSavage6 days ago

    This guy is a tool. Not an authentic gamer Not authentic as a person in these videos.

  104. Blackwidow

    Blackwidow6 days ago

    only 3.5 K $ for this chair hmm

  105. danielsjohnson

    danielsjohnson6 days ago

    Putting a compact keyboard in this over-the-top setup makes little sense.

  106. PelaajaW

    PelaajaW6 days ago


  107. Ahmed Seckinov

    Ahmed Seckinov6 days ago

    My yearly income is $30,000 😢😫

  108. International νideos

    International νideos6 days ago

    30.000$ pc and play fortnite. Fuck logic.

  109. Snake crawler

    Snake crawler7 days ago

    i would play this game porn hub i mean imagine jacking off in that chair

  110. Muzaffer Sümer

    Muzaffer Sümer7 days ago

    öyle bir sistem kurup fortnite bile oynayamamak :D

  111. Eelx 0.

    Eelx 0.7 days ago

    I wanna have it !