The ULTIMATE $30,000 Gaming PC Setup


  1. Unbox Therapy

    Unbox Therapy11 days ago

    Visit and use discount code “Unbox15”(letters in discount code ARE case sensitive) to get an Unbox 24hr exclusive of 15% off Arctis Pro + GameDAC:

  2. Beast Boy

    Beast Boy32 minutes ago

    Tabithia Moore I so agree 😂😂

  3. Wie Ein Reh!

    Wie Ein Reh!5 hours ago

    Unbox Therapy o

  4. Beast Boy

    Beast Boy21 hour ago

    Unbox Therapy show off the gaming on the biggest 📺 ever

  5. PowerGlide GT

    PowerGlide GT39 minutes ago

    No doubt he wouldnt play fortnite

  6. UnReaL__Jay

    UnReaL__Jay54 minutes ago

    "we have a PlayStation here because i have to look at my keyboard to find the keys"

  7. Get Sh it on

    Get Sh it onHour ago

    My PC is a POTATO compared to this

  8. Daniel Rasmussen

    Daniel RasmussenHour ago

    30000$ pc but 60 hz monitors..

  9. Obye239

    Obye23954 minutes ago

    Daniel Rasmussen they are 4K ultra wide monitors

  10. Gentle George

    Gentle GeorgeHour ago

    Can it run roblox?

  11. Where's God When im scared?

    Where's God When im scared?2 hours ago

    Can everyone just stop with the default skin thing, he probably doesn't play fortnite so it doesn't matter

  12. Robin Bnnr Banner

    Robin Bnnr Banner2 hours ago

    U r the most crazy MReporterr I have ever seen

  13. Ryan Gillespie

    Ryan Gillespie3 hours ago

    *Calls mom for her credit card*

  14. Luki_ Lp

    Luki_ Lp3 hours ago

    this is the best setup i have ever seen

  15. Nake

    Nake3 hours ago

    Allright I'll give you a sub for this one 😂👌

  16. Danny Alvarez

    Danny Alvarez4 hours ago

    This is amazing. Great video.

  17. bapiya1

    bapiya14 hours ago

    This video shows crazy , insane setups don't make u a gamer..🤣😂

  18. جست , لحنء .!

    جست , لحنء .!4 hours ago

    do i can buy the holy thing ???!

  19. Obye239

    Obye23954 minutes ago

    جست , لحنء .! Learn english

  20. FanciDoes

    FanciDoes5 hours ago

    these are my dreams.................. literally........ xD no but thats the coolest thing i've ever seen....................... can you be robbed? xD

  21. Ellix EH TV

    Ellix EH TV5 hours ago

    Why to choose this ultimate pc when youre a noob

  22. 許韶恩

    許韶恩6 hours ago

    Yeah you really should not be gaming

  23. tony no money

    tony no money7 hours ago

    U tested with fortnite............................................... seriusly

  24. User Unknown

    User Unknown7 hours ago

    corsair peripherals are much better than steelseries by far imho, they even have better rgb :)

  25. Obye239

    Obye23952 minutes ago

    User Unknown nah, if you care about the rgb razer is the way to go

  26. B G

    B G7 hours ago

    the 43UD79-B monitor has a 5 second response time and 60 hz refresh rate. terrible for shooters like fortnite , so no .. not ultimate. you have a ferrari engine with a pinto body. that chair is amazing tho

  27. Zack Caleb

    Zack Caleb7 hours ago

    But the question is can it run minecraft on 60 fps?

  28. Obye239

    Obye23953 minutes ago

    Zack Caleb nah, even with optifine it can barely reach 5 fps

  29. Tudor Ionut

    Tudor Ionut7 hours ago

    I would play cs 1.6 in that cfg

  30. Liam Coy

    Liam Coy7 hours ago

    Hey lew why don’t u reach out to Ninja or any other streamer and try to hook them up w one of those

  31. hg5 gordie

    hg5 gordie8 hours ago

    U might have a 30g pc but ur shit at fortnite

  32. Gytis

    Gytis8 hours ago

    I bet this PC couldn't run Oldschool Runescape

  33. Warrior MT

    Warrior MT8 hours ago

    Can make the same exact setup in china for less then $30k lmfao.

  34. Obye239

    Obye23952 minutes ago

    Warrior MT bet

  35. UnReaL

    UnReaL9 hours ago

    Was that meant for Stephen Hawking?

  36. Nam Trần

    Nam Trần9 hours ago

    Tôi mong muốn có nó :( oh mah fuckin godanmit son of a bitch :(

  37. Hoàng Hải Huỳnh

    Hoàng Hải Huỳnh10 hours ago

    And when u need to poop....

  38. Alfred Hitkopp

    Alfred Hitkopp11 hours ago

    Playing fortnite on this... never watch u again


    THEGAMINGSPINNER11 hours ago

    Far cry 5 Fortnite

  40. Joker_0 o

    Joker_0 o11 hours ago


  41. Toms Karols

    Toms Karols12 hours ago

    battlefield v on this one😍

  42. VeNomSlimZ

    VeNomSlimZ12 hours ago

    can you buy that?

  43. Sukalyan Roy

    Sukalyan Roy13 hours ago

    when the snacks in the setup cost more than your entire pc

  44. The Gamerz 470

    The Gamerz 47013 hours ago



    OSIAM FILMS14 hours ago

    rip steven

  46. atharv parlikar

    atharv parlikar14 hours ago

    Please make a gameplay of PUBG 😢😢😢

  47. Obye239

    Obye23951 minute ago

    atharv parlikar no, fortnite is more popular than pubg so he will get more views from fortnite

  48. Jim Fitzgerald

    Jim Fitzgerald14 hours ago

    Really? From all the good games that can be played on 60FPS+ higher, you play Fortnite? Which is a game where people complain about framerate drops?

  49. Obye239

    Obye23951 minute ago

    Jim Fitzgerald he needs ad revenue and views

  50. Omar Zharfan

    Omar Zharfan15 hours ago

    why he always has to make us feel jealous -.-

  51. Idris salim

    Idris salim15 hours ago

    noob noob

  52. The Love Story of Physics.

    The Love Story of Physics.15 hours ago

    noob will play with this,, pro play with a pc.!!

  53. Obye239

    Obye23951 minute ago


  54. Antonio GM

    Antonio GM16 hours ago

    The most ridiculous unnecessary thing in the world,

  55. AGYT

    AGYT16 hours ago


  56. jay_ gamer

    jay_ gamer17 hours ago

    Nigga we made it😂🎮🕹

  57. Rajesh Godara

    Rajesh Godara17 hours ago

    this is really too much , and i dont like RGB

  58. ColZen

    ColZen17 hours ago

    Or you can buy a BMW

  59. iRviNe48

    iRviNe4817 hours ago

    when it move, just feel not solid at all.

  60. n nn

    n nn18 hours ago

    You have the Oculus no? play somme elite dangerous and tells us about how grate is this thing that we never gonna experience....

  61. icee pop

    icee pop18 hours ago

    BUT DOES IT RUN NOTEPAD?????????????

  62. Xx_Gl1ch43v3r_xX 17

    Xx_Gl1ch43v3r_xX 1718 hours ago

    Out of Pubg, Fortnite, and Far cry 5 I chose the comma

  63. Wesam Mazen

    Wesam Mazen18 hours ago

    hey unbox therapy how much is the chair

  64. no way Rosé

    no way Rosé18 hours ago

    aint the screen too close

  65. Galaxy_Lis

    Galaxy_Lis19 hours ago

    he sucks at fornite

  66. Tiago Costa

    Tiago Costa19 hours ago

    Is it resistant to Nerd Rage.... ? Humm

  67. Zuriel Gonzalez

    Zuriel Gonzalez19 hours ago

    I'm jeoluse

  68. Christopher Young-Stone

    Christopher Young-Stone20 hours ago

    Better then ninja

  69. Fernando Lima

    Fernando Lima20 hours ago

    Whats this headset?

  70. C P

    C P20 hours ago

    Dude that’s exactly what I’m going to do and I’m NOT KIDDING

  71. Joel Marin Martinez

    Joel Marin Martinez21 hour ago

    The Ultimate $30,000 PC Setup *Plays Fortnite*

  72. Jason Edwards

    Jason Edwards21 hour ago

    holy shit. that would only give me an excuse to not go anywhere but invite some sexy friends over lmao. Sounds great right! lol

  73. M I L K

    M I L K22 hours ago

    Death bed

  74. Darth Feint

    Darth Feint22 hours ago

    ayy man its ya boi, U mind sparing like 120 out of that 30k so I can buy a new power supply pls and ty.

  75. Leandro Ferreira

    Leandro Ferreira22 hours ago

    Make the setup where you do not need to use a control remote and you enter the virtual world itself, there you'd be doing something great, in this showcases you're just showing what already exists, but yeah it's pretty.. Good luck.

  76. Ravi Kava

    Ravi Kava22 hours ago

    im so jells im on fire please same 1 help mi XD

  77. why not?

    why not?23 hours ago

    Bet you can't still get a fortnite win

  78. Fishka YT

    Fishka YT23 hours ago


  79. Bhanu Singh

    Bhanu Singh23 hours ago

    Can you please unbox xiaomi mi mix2s

  80. Melniboné Vos

    Melniboné Vos23 hours ago

    i dont find an option to redeem the code (Unbox15) on there web site im at check out on the product. please help?

  81. Lemon Man Covers

    Lemon Man Covers23 hours ago

    How is it cheaper than the 5t

  82. ayderus Hassen

    ayderus Hassen23 hours ago


  83. Myron T.

    Myron T.23 hours ago

    Love the coke cola setup. Every gamer dream:)

  84. el tio nazul

    el tio nazul23 hours ago

    this video = perfect sedentary lifestyle ;b

  85. TJgamesfull7

    TJgamesfull7Day ago

    30k for 90 fps OMEGALUL

  86. Zeftyh

    ZeftyhDay ago


  87. dNLq

    dNLqDay ago

    the chair needs a shithole

  88. faynox.

    faynox.Day ago

    I need this

  89. Cody Becker

    Cody BeckerDay ago

    But.... *CAN IT DO THIS?*

  90. frezy wizard

    frezy wizardDay ago

    Ur so good at fortnite

  91. Hase

    HaseDay ago

    gross misuse of Hawking here

  92. Star1 child

    Star1 childDay ago

    Would have been so complete if all 3 displays were bigger. Display size matters.

  93. Smartdog Gaming

    Smartdog GamingDay ago

    I need it

  94. Arkadiusz Marcinczak

    Arkadiusz MarcinczakDay ago

    He spends 30k on a set up but doesnt Buy a skin for 10 dollars

  95. Aimilios Pappas

    Aimilios PappasDay ago

    need to play CSgo there...

  96. garrett soash

    garrett soashDay ago

    where do i get that set up

  97. DOOM PW

    DOOM PWDay ago


  98. DOOM PW

    DOOM PWDay ago

    Who would buy this to play Roblox ?

  99. Obye239

    Obye23949 minutes ago

    DOOM PW a faggot

  100. Seeb Mnzz

    Seeb MnzzDay ago

    Still no numpad

  101. افكار قانونية

    افكار قانونيةDay ago

    ممكن احصل على pas4 slim

  102. Mr. Blox

    Mr. BloxDay ago

    now i feel bad because i have a shitty setup looking at that

  103. XxdeadlyKillerxX 1

    XxdeadlyKillerxX 1Day ago

    Creates a 30000 $ pc....plays fortnite😑😑

  104. VS- Btd

    VS- BtdDay ago

    ey, this is America..

  105. TheEnergy Monzster

    TheEnergy MonzsterDay ago

    My dream of my gaming setup😍😍

  106. Jacob D

    Jacob DDay ago

    Thumb love huh

  107. kasso89

    kasso89Day ago

    The Ultimate Wheelchair.

  108. Arol_exe

    Arol_exeDay ago

    e słabe

  109. Ravioli-san

    Ravioli-sanDay ago

    how to get fat and get diabetes 101

  110. Milu Gope

    Milu GopeDay ago

    Dj ajay

  111. Al The

    Al TheDay ago

    No driveing or flight control?

  112. Nelson dr

    Nelson drDay ago

    I don’t know money can do this.