The Try Guys Old Age Makeovers


  1. broadwaymelody33

    broadwaymelody33Hour ago

    “And I’ll love YOU no matter what” I’m crying laughing 😂

  2. Tazlina Rhetoric

    Tazlina RhetoricHour ago

    I love Becky

  3. YoLilRedd Brown

    YoLilRedd Brown2 hours ago

    Me during this video: I was able to see 3/4 of my grandparents and none of them have wrinkles in the 60-80 range 🤔. *OH THANK GOD I HAVE MELANIN*

  4. Nic olee

    Nic olee4 hours ago

    17:40 really cute

  5. Aesthetic Queen

    Aesthetic Queen4 hours ago

    Zachs grandad was hot!

  6. Erin Ford

    Erin Ford5 hours ago

    Eugene: My dad has brothers... But ive never met them. CaUsE oF tHe WaR

  7. Erin Ford

    Erin Ford5 hours ago

    Im not gonna bring up race, but its because im asian.

  8. Scruzy 26

    Scruzy 269 hours ago

    @thetryguys you should do a Try Wives old age makeovers

  9. Charlotte Thorp

    Charlotte Thorp9 hours ago

    eugene deffinently looks the best

  10. Slight Anxiety At The Social Gathering

    Slight Anxiety At The Social Gathering9 hours ago


  11. bts bts

    bts bts10 hours ago

    not trying to he racist, im asian myself, but its a fact that asians, when they grow older, they still have their hair

  12. horselover

    horselover10 hours ago

    3:36 yo does Zach look like Seth Everman there or am I seeing things??😂

  13. Bri Bri

    Bri Bri14 hours ago

    I want to know his skincare routine in a video

  14. malcolm mckellar

    malcolm mckellar15 hours ago

    Oh my god, Keith looks like that guy who played Herman Munster

  15. Laura Martínez

    Laura Martínez15 hours ago

    2:16 Becky;”you know how many creams I put on him a lot” if he come out wrinkly af, I want my money back” cuts to Keith saying “that’s my Becky”

  16. David Thomas

    David Thomas15 hours ago

    Becky and Keith will be divorced...shes so shallow

  17. Pixie Chan

    Pixie Chan15 hours ago

    No! Beautiful Eugene😂😂😂

  18. K K

    K K15 hours ago

    Grandpa you know Keith won’t have dogs or kids

  19. faroshscale

    faroshscale16 hours ago

    Eugene is fucking ADORABLE

  20. h3art1224

    h3art122417 hours ago

    How did Eugene win this😂😂😂

  21. querky_ Berkee

    querky_ Berkee18 hours ago

    Ned laughed like Kermit 😂❤

  22. soph

    soph19 hours ago

    bruh i love keith so much in this video "and i'll love YOU no matter what!" "compliments, gimme the compliments"

  23. Natat16

    Natat1619 hours ago


  24. Loki Lacaille

    Loki Lacaille20 hours ago

    Why is Bald Zach a goshdarn Hottie PlayBoy?? ... those eyes??!?!?!? And Keith looks like either a really nice funny old guy or the kind of guy that lures you in with charm to axe murder you in his backyard

  25. PuppyGamerRG

    PuppyGamerRG21 hour ago

    Eugene doesn't like to be ugly... Even when old he looks great XD

  26. ToastXHam Gacha

    ToastXHam Gacha21 hour ago

    Well there skin won't look great now, after that makeup....

  27. Penelope Pegg

    Penelope Pegg23 hours ago

    tbf I don't think this is overly realistic besides eugene? like I doubt... Zach... Is gonna look like a slimey6 gremlin when he's old

  28. Enrique Diaz

    Enrique DiazDay ago

    My dad isent losing hair and my grandfather dident lose any hair either. Edit:Forgot to say than would I not lose hair either?

  29. Veronica Anderson

    Veronica AndersonDay ago

    Zach and Ned could totally rock being completely bald.

  30. Foxygen Studios

    Foxygen StudiosDay ago

    Please be respectful of Eugene, his family, and the other tens of millions of people who died and were affected by the war. It is a serious and sad matter and we need to be respectful. Many of Eugene's family died in the war and he never got to see them.

  31. Amberdawn Sese

    Amberdawn SeseDay ago

    Ariel: **sees a future with Ned for the rest of her life** Maggie: **sweet cinnamon roll that has a sense of humour but still will live with Zach for the rest of her life** Becky: **hysterical and roasts the shit outta keith**

  32. Lyra Sumuverta

    Lyra SumuvertaDay ago

    Eugene looks so hot 🤣🤣🤣

  33. Britney Drummond

    Britney DrummondDay ago

    Luther from the Umbrella Academy: DaD sEnT mE tO tHe MoOn Eugene: because of the war.

  34. JY Kim

    JY KimDay ago

    "Find your grandparents or someone of age Pay some respects for the path that they paved To life, they were dedicated Now, that should be celebrated"

  35. Kaysee Manilay

    Kaysee ManilayDay ago

    Eugene still look so good

  36. Alex Boggs

    Alex BoggsDay ago


  37. Corina Villarreal

    Corina VillarrealDay ago

    Petition a 50 year reunion in 2069 to see how they compare

  38. Felix Martin

    Felix MartinDay ago

    Eugene is the hottest one yet he does not have a girlfriend

  39. The Sad Cookie

    The Sad CookieDay ago

    3:36 Zach: I think I look like One Punch Man *BALD CAPE!*

  40. Zev Bradley-Bunkin

    Zev Bradley-BunkinDay ago

    Becky is so mean.

  41. Ana Filipa Pimenta Pereira

    Ana Filipa Pimenta PereiraDay ago

    i think Ariel will continue to be really pretty tbh

  42. Rachel Lancaster

    Rachel LancasterDay ago

    Ned looks like the high sparrow from game of thrones

  43. Amanda Rose

    Amanda RoseDay ago

    They should do this with the girlfriends/wives!!!

  44. Jenny

    JennyDay ago

    Ariel was such a sweetie :)

  45. Jenny

    JennyDay ago

    Wow, Becky is such a bitch!

  46. LS Productions

    LS ProductionsDay ago

    Euenge looks like hes from crazy rich asians

  47. ItsjustDaniela'sLife

    ItsjustDaniela'sLifeDay ago

    Is it just me or does Ariel look like Carol from Friends?

  48. MjauDuuude

    MjauDuuudeDay ago

    Please do a girlfriend/wife edition!

  49. Gerardo Arteaga

    Gerardo ArteagaDay ago

    And now a poem: The smile of Ariel 💙

  50. TheVampireRay Msp

    TheVampireRay MspDay ago

    invite Maggie to try wives wine time

  51. *little monster *

    *little monster *Day ago

    "I wanna bib where's my bib?"

  52. Finny Boyy

    Finny BoyyDay ago

    “Asian don’t raisin” 😂😂 why is that so funny

  53. b k

    b kDay ago

    I love how they mix humor with message of appreciation with getting older. So many never get the chance.

  54. Zhaodan Chen

    Zhaodan ChenDay ago

    “Cuzs of the war” counts 3:51 6:42

  55. Dan Orlich

    Dan OrlichDay ago

    Zach wins old age, 100%

  56. Kelacia Cherry

    Kelacia CherryDay ago


  57. 느리하

    느리하Day ago

    Eugene : Korean might know what I'm saying Korean : Nope. Absolutely not. Nopepidynope. 아니, 응 아냐.

  58. lol lipop

    lol lipopHour ago

    lolol I absolutely understand :')

  59. Paige Keen

    Paige KeenDay ago

    zach actually looks really good bald like before they put the hair on.

  60. Kassandra Montoya

    Kassandra MontoyaDay ago

    Yooooo why Keith look like my math teacher!

  61. HollowGirl Rue

    HollowGirl RueDay ago

    i fucking hate raisins

  62. Alexis Wood

    Alexis WoodDay ago

    Keith is KFC

  63. butt

    buttDay ago

    eugene's dad is so sweet

  64. phoenix feather16

    phoenix feather16Day ago

    the whole time this was being filmed eugene is just trying to make all the hawains feel guilty

  65. phoenix feather16

    phoenix feather16Day ago


  66. phoenix feather16

    phoenix feather16Day ago

    ZACH HAS A GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!!???!!!!?!?!?!?!

  67. Asthetixx Bae

    Asthetixx BaeDay ago


  68. Klara With a K

    Klara With a KDay ago

    8:20 Ned kind of looks like Dr. Emmett Brown

  69. heather girdwood

    heather girdwoodDay ago

    Where do we stand on there being a war??

  70. Liyah Rodrigues

    Liyah RodriguesDay ago

    Wait zack has a girl I thought he was gay

  71. Rihanna Phillips

    Rihanna PhillipsDay ago

    Eugene looks like a sophisticated accomplished business tycoon

  72. Rhonda H.

    Rhonda H.Day ago

    Becky's reaction was the best! "You look like someone trying to protect your house but you're already dead!" I bet she peed a little laughing so hard. 🤣🤣🤣

  73. Rihanna Phillips

    Rihanna PhillipsDay ago

    Try Wives Ft GF get old people makeovers

  74. Freyja Svansdóttir

    Freyja SvansdóttirDay ago

    Eugene is the only one that looks real. I wouldn’t do a double take if I met this dude in Korea town.

  75. Juliana Geppert

    Juliana GeppertDay ago

    Is it just me, or do all of the old try guys seem just vaguely off?

  76. Leah Croston

    Leah CrostonDay ago

    I love Becky so much 😂

  77. June Abdullahi

    June AbdullahiDay ago

    "Asian doesn't raisin" lmao

  78. Akira Alexis Soyra

    Akira Alexis Soyra2 days ago

    And then there are those who look so young, even though they are old, like my family is blessed to still look so young despite being of age. Life moves on with or without you. Art is life.

  79. anna anne

    anna anne2 days ago

    Anybody: *says anything* Eugene: *BeCauSE oF ThE wAr*

  80. Jonathan Ngo

    Jonathan Ngo2 days ago

    Becky's laughter made my day 😂

  81. slayy all day

    slayy all day2 days ago

    I want try wives +Maggie

  82. Raymond Lisle

    Raymond Lisle2 days ago

    Friend: "Why are you still single?" Me: "Because of the war."

  83. Waaar rio

    Waaar rio2 days ago

    Eugene’s dad : *dA mOrE i lOoK aT cHu Da mOrE yOu lOok cRiNgE*

  84. Jenna Reynolds

    Jenna Reynolds2 days ago

    Keith is so freaking funny tho 😂

  85. Micaca Belanger

    Micaca Belanger2 days ago

    Eugene’s dad is so cute

  86. tawnia garcia

    tawnia garcia2 days ago

    I like how Becky compares to movies. I do that :)

  87. Maya Ashby

    Maya Ashby2 days ago

    OMG ned's eyes are green

  88. Belle butter

    Belle butter2 days ago

    i still can't express it enough but, MAGGIE IS SO DARN PRETTY UWU

  89. invisigoth510

    invisigoth5102 days ago

    Watching Try Guys age. Commercial at end of video is for local derm spa. “Erase the signs of aging”

  90. Teona

    Teona2 days ago

    Tbh Try Guys should do at least one old video once old now.

  91. safawazhere

    safawazhere2 days ago

    BECKY'S REACTION IS PRICELESS "you look like a horror movie"😂😂😂

  92. Desaraye Crawford

    Desaraye Crawford2 days ago

    Eugene is the only one without significant other

  93. Gaby Smith

    Gaby Smith2 days ago

    I love that all the other try guys seemed to not like their look but Eugene was just there talking about he is still going to party and go to bars 😂

  94. 70W07

    70W072 days ago

    nobody: eugene: i like it..

  95. Anonymous User

    Anonymous User2 days ago

    I reported this a bunch of times and it still comes up on my feed. Wtf. Why does it push these feminist low T betas on my feed?

  96. Ciren Rose

    Ciren Rose2 days ago

    Why would you hate it? What did she expect? -_-

  97. Neea Liuski

    Neea Liuski2 days ago

    Eugene looks like one of those asshole businessmen/mafia boss from Korean dramas or movies

  98. Nehal Chanda

    Nehal Chanda2 days ago

    Keith looked like a scary old man in who's backyard your baseball falls. P.S. No offense taken.

  99. Ajreel Cachumbo

    Ajreel Cachumbo2 days ago

    Eugene looks so good!

  100. lepakking26

    lepakking262 days ago

    Wouldnt it be cool for just 1 ep the try guys significant other do what they did just for 1 ep

  101. Allenor The Baby Shark

    Allenor The Baby Shark2 days ago

    This video made me realize that I will love these guys even if they turn 80 haha