The Try Guys Meet Ned's Baby


  1. JeffTheGrate

    JeffTheGrateHour ago

    I was Keith when I met my friends baby

  2. Rihanna Everyday

    Rihanna Everyday3 hours ago


  3. Calico Galaxy

    Calico Galaxy3 hours ago

    Look at this Precious. Little. Nugget

  4. Reg2323

    Reg23234 hours ago

    i can tell the types of uncles keith, eugene, and zach would make keith: fun uncle who you love getting to hang out w/ eugene: buys you the best clothes and is relatable/cool uncle zach: the uncle that doest understand anything and doesnt know what to do but loves you more than he loves himself

  5. Nataya Riz

    Nataya Riz5 hours ago

    bitch ned n ned's dad voice are literally the same tf

  6. Nataya Riz

    Nataya Riz5 hours ago

    thats weird... ned become a hottie after getting married n has a baby... what kind of sorcery is that 🤔🤔🤔

  7. Stefania

    Stefania6 hours ago

    Ariel is like a princess, even just a few weeks after birth she looks radiant and her smile is so sweet! :)

  8. KamilaDalmate

    KamilaDalmate8 hours ago

    Ned’s family are like carbon copies of each other

  9. SheNoob

    SheNoob8 hours ago

    Zach: What words can we NOT say in front of the baby? Ned: F***, s***, c***, g*dd*mn. Zach & Keith: *quiet lols* Eugene: Why was c*** third? Me: *deceased* X'D

  10. Turtle Lover

    Turtle Lover8 hours ago

    Eugenes face on the thumbnail says it all XD

  11. Emma

    Emma9 hours ago

    Keith has such a soft spot for babies and it's adorable

  12. god of kahoot

    god of kahoot12 hours ago


  13. Isabelle McN

    Isabelle McN13 hours ago

    Keith needs to be a dad rn

  14. Rein Chan

    Rein Chan14 hours ago

    *Melts from cuteness*

  15. Eric Wakeham Fan!

    Eric Wakeham Fan!16 hours ago

    Eugene is exactly like me

  16. Lemonjam 9

    Lemonjam 917 hours ago

    Should I stop saying it? Eugene learns new things

  17. Aspen Tozier

    Aspen Tozier17 hours ago

    Eugene wooow

  18. Arikian

    Arikian19 hours ago

    My name is Wesley, this is awkward

  19. Stephanie Mineros

    Stephanie Mineros19 hours ago

    This is so wholesome, I can’t

  20. Melani Osorio

    Melani Osorio19 hours ago

    Ned is a copy of his father

  21. Ada Carpenter

    Ada Carpenter21 hour ago

    I couldn't stop laughimg

  22. Linbugg07's world

    Linbugg07's world21 hour ago

    ITS SO CUTE,Keith is probably the 1# uncle

  23. Lorelei-Rei V

    Lorelei-Rei V21 hour ago

    The ominous music when Eugene was looking at Wes hahaha

  24. Multifandomer Kpop for life

    Multifandomer Kpop for life22 hours ago

    Why is eugene me when my brother was born

  25. Rory Kirklnd

    Rory Kirklnd23 hours ago

    when this baby grows up and goes on youtube and discovers these videos not only is he gonna have a TON of blackmail material but he will get to see himself as a baby and how everyone reacted when hes grown up hes going to be able to watch all these videos and watch himself grow up and its going to be awesome

  26. Sarah :/

    Sarah :/23 hours ago

    *Eugene, sure ish gonna be a great father.*

  27. kusz prem

    kusz premDay ago

    "I don't know IT. I've never seen IT. I saw IT in a photo....ummm...and...IT was a Baby" hahahahaha I SUBSCRIBED TO THIS CHANNEL SOLELY BECAUSE OF EUGENE

  28. Narwhal Fluffy

    Narwhal FluffyDay ago

    Why does Zach know what kissing a girl peach feels like XD

  29. Narwhal Fluffy

    Narwhal FluffyDay ago

  30. dual8288

    dual8288Day ago

    this just cemented my theory that keith is a grandmother masquerading as one of the youth to try to fit in with her grandchildren

  31. Black Lion

    Black LionDay ago

    awww so cute. ....😍😍😍😍

  32. RollyBall

    RollyBallDay ago

    Eugene: “He’s so small” *thats what she said......*

  33. DisIsMriam xOx

    DisIsMriam xOxDay ago

    Lmao Eugene is so relatable xD

  34. Love Bugger

    Love BuggerDay ago

    Omgsh why am I crying?? Oh wait, I’m pregnant!

  35. Jeppetto M

    Jeppetto MDay ago

    Eugene wear your seatbelt!!!

  36. Deba Dev

    Deba DevDay ago

    Keith should become a dad now. He is such a beautiful baby

  37. Kitchen Sink

    Kitchen SinkDay ago

    Eugene is like the ultimate Slytherin: *Pretends he doesn't have feelings* *Actually a giant marshmallow*

  38. attacced by jinhwan

    attacced by jinhwanDay ago


  39. Katia Torres Fragoso

    Katia Torres FragosoDay ago

    I love how Zach is very excited to hold the baby but he's still terrible at it :3

  40. Jaime Sell

    Jaime SellDay ago

    eugene he cant form long term memories yet the second he takes his eyes off you he will forget you even exist

  41. menma chan

    menma chanDay ago

    Zach always reminds me of ryland adams 😍

  42. Musically yours Катрин x СоёнПак

    Musically yours Катрин x СоёнПакDay ago

    Only a short while into life, Wes gets a kiss from Eugene before everyone else does😂

  43. Bird 553

    Bird 553Day ago

    They grow up so fast 😓😌😊

  44. Rae

    RaeDay ago

    My friend recently had a baby and Eugene was me lmao

  45. Lyssa

    LyssaDay ago

    I feel like Eugene is one of those guys that hates babies until he has his own or a nephew!!!!!

  46. Maynard Omar Mendoza

    Maynard Omar MendozaDay ago

    wait a minute... eugene has a spikey suit?!? what occasion needs a spikey suit?

  47. poeticlovestone

    poeticlovestoneDay ago

    Eugene is me my first rotation in the postpartum unit this quarter of nursing school.

  48. Meena Beams

    Meena BeamsDay ago


  49. Quad Squad

    Quad SquadDay ago

    Its uncle keith habs, eugene lee yang, and korndiddy!!

  50. manovi lbvl

    manovi lbvlDay ago

    "Do you want to hold him?".... "No.....i dont want to"

  51. Lilly Markus

    Lilly Markus2 days ago

    Oh my god Ned's dad is just like an older clone of him holy shit XD

  52. Crystal Cherry Blossom

    Crystal Cherry Blossom2 days ago

    Omg that’s adorable

  53. Crystal Cherry Blossom

    Crystal Cherry Blossom2 days ago

    I bet the baby is going to have a GREAT relationship with Eugene

  54. SubnauticDayZ Wow

    SubnauticDayZ Wow2 days ago

    That baby is so fucking cute

  55. Crystal Cherry Blossom

    Crystal Cherry Blossom2 days ago

    I really thought that Keith’s smile would make the baby cry 😂😂😂

  56. Sasha Kawaii Art

    Sasha Kawaii Art2 days ago

    Eugene is me when it comes to babies, no I don't want to hold your baby, thank you very much!

  57. Account Unown

    Account Unown2 days ago

    Omg why is Eugene the definition of me...? 😂😅😭

  58. pia Walker

    pia Walker2 days ago

    You have this baby then all of the sudden you baby’s got a baby. - Ned’s mom 2018

  59. N H

    N H2 days ago

    Eugene just reminds me of Barney Stinson

  60. Hailey iam

    Hailey iam2 days ago

    유진 진짜 매력 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 츤데레 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  61. Nolaz YT

    Nolaz YT2 days ago


  62. Sweet 'N' Sour

    Sweet 'N' Sour2 days ago

    I felt like Eugene wouldn't exactly love him but wouldn't hate him. But he would love Eugene. And Eugene would buy Wes fashionable clothes and stuff.

  63. Haily Petersen

    Haily Petersen2 days ago

    He's so adorable!

  64. Summer Ross

    Summer Ross2 days ago

    The first try baby

  65. Lindsey Tucker

    Lindsey Tucker2 days ago

    The octave their voices reach is hilarious

  66. c h i m m y

    c h i m m y2 days ago

    eugene is a *m o o d*

  67. prashit k

    prashit k2 days ago

    i love how the background music is usually Mozart or Beethoven.

  68. Manali Banerjee

    Manali Banerjee2 days ago

    5:29 was a total lie!

  69. taeminstrash

    taeminstrash2 days ago

    Keith: “Oh he’s got his eyes open. gEt OvEr HeRe AnD lOoK aT hIs EyEs.”

  70. Bolor Erdene Bayarmagnai

    Bolor Erdene Bayarmagnai2 days ago


  71. Kameah Holtdaniels

    Kameah Holtdaniels2 days ago

    2:31 Look at Eugene 😂 And Keith and Zachs reactions SO CUTE

  72. LunarGalaxy

    LunarGalaxy2 days ago

    A practice baby seems really rude

  73. Radhika Sharma

    Radhika Sharma2 days ago

    who's here after the babysitting video

  74. moonlight wolf

    moonlight wolf2 days ago

    Ugene are u ok who dosent like babys

  75. C.o.R

    C.o.R2 days ago

    Babies freak me out because they look like old people and it scares me because they were *just* born and they already look like they're 80 and that doesn't seem right??? Like child??? How long were you in there???

  76. Maddie Fishblob

    Maddie Fishblob2 days ago

    8:24 I thought this was gonna turn into the bachelor show, where all of Wes's potential future wives gave speeches to win him over 😆

  77. HasSalute

    HasSaluteDay ago

    Maddie Fishblob true😂

  78. Keira Hartzell

    Keira Hartzell2 days ago

    A Practice Baby!

  79. Kat Wolf

    Kat Wolf3 days ago

    Omg look at Wes's cheeks I'm crying

  80. James Alan

    James Alan3 days ago

    .... should I wear .... a suit?

  81. sidi tv

    sidi tv3 days ago

    Being a baby is the best you cry and they stick a tit in your mouth so cool

  82. Kida K.

    Kida K.3 days ago

    Eugene is so meee lmao

  83. Komi

    Komi3 days ago

    *I just don't like children or babies or just human contact in general.*

  84. peachie guk

    peachie guk3 days ago

    Eugene is literally me when there’s a baby around me

  85. HannierzHangover

    HannierzHangover3 days ago

    I feel like Eugene and Wes are going to be best friends once he can talk

  86. Haniya Ejaz

    Haniya Ejaz3 days ago

    I am a baby person

  87. kagnomi

    kagnomi3 days ago

    I feel like Keith’s paternal instincts kicked in super hard. You can tell he loves babies and wants his own soon. He looks so happy and excited and absorbed in everything that is happening “His eyes are open. GET. OVER. HERE.”

  88. edopps718

    edopps7183 days ago

    Best part is Eugene at the very end as the door is closed "Great job... making the... life"

  89. invisible

    invisible3 days ago

    Welcome little Wes!

  90. invisible

    invisible3 days ago

    This is so cute i cried the whole video

  91. satanisthedevil

    satanisthedevil3 days ago

    Oh my god Ned looks and sounds exactly like his dad

  92. Molly Mai

    Molly Mai3 days ago

    That is the cutest thing I have ever met and when it opened its eyes

  93. prachi arora

    prachi arora3 days ago

    who's here after Eugene babysat 'it'??😂😂

  94. Sierra Clarke

    Sierra Clarke3 days ago

    Ooooommmmmggggg baby Wes is soooooo cute! I am so happy for Ariel and Ned, and I wish them best of luck!

  95. Hahsti Fakhri

    Hahsti Fakhri3 days ago

    Keith should be a dad

  96. Brooklyn

    Brooklyn3 days ago

    *6:37* Watch Eugene just melt

  97. Kassy_ _K

    Kassy_ _K3 days ago

    1:37 "are you afraid of the baby?"

  98. Benjamin Saejong

    Benjamin Saejong3 days ago

    Eugene such vulnerability issues 😂 but I too was raised by a Korean mom, so I can confirm this checks out 😂😂

  99. Jamie Hensley

    Jamie Hensley3 days ago

    Eugene’s reaction to the baby is super adorable

  100. Lena Le

    Lena Le3 days ago

    4:07 he looks so happyyy

  101. holy H E C C its suga

    holy H E C C its suga3 days ago

    Eugene would be a great dad He just doesn't know yet