The Try Guys Meet Ned's Baby


  1. Adriana Lepera

    Adriana Lepera7 minutes ago

    Ok was it just me or when Wes held Eugene’s finger didn’t Eugene just look like his heart melted and he just got super calm ??

  2. Angie Potato

    Angie Potato45 minutes ago

    “You wanna..hold him?” “No..I don’t” “Okay :(“

  3. Madeline Loyd

    Madeline Loyd3 hours ago

    Eugene: * accidentally pushes soft spot * I’m so sorry Ned: Goddammit Eugene

  4. Constant Chaos

    Constant Chaos4 hours ago

    Who else fully hates babies

  5. Kirito Gaming

    Kirito Gaming6 hours ago

    4:58 the hangover scene in the elevator

  6. Happy Thoughts

    Happy Thoughts6 hours ago

    You can tell that when Wes is a teen he will get more attached and have the most trust with Eugene xD

  7. Repent

    Repent9 hours ago

    Yea I’m not excited about meeting it . . . . . Should I stop saying _it_

  8. peachiii ?

    peachiii ?13 hours ago

    “Can you get off my boooob”

  9. Nirvana Ayad

    Nirvana AyadDay ago

    is it just me who yawned right after Wes did?😅

  10. Mo Uo

    Mo UoDay ago

    Eugene das just 😥 ITS A BABAY ( i know i spelt it wrong on purpose )

  11. Chronic Achilles Maintenance :/

    Chronic Achilles Maintenance :/Day ago


  12. Lee Jones

    Lee JonesDay ago

    I bet kieth when holding west was wondering if he could fit west's head in his mouth

  13. Sissi Qi

    Sissi QiDay ago

    Wes is absolutely adorable! I teared up a little when watching this.

  14. Laiba Hussain

    Laiba HussainDay ago

    Eugene is going to be the one uncle the baby is OBSESSED with even though he hates the baby

  15. Laiba Hussain

    Laiba HussainDay ago

    Do you want to hold him? No... I don't actually want to

  16. Gacha Gracie

    Gacha GracieDay ago

    Lmao Eugene is standing in the corner like “there is no way in hell I’m touching that thing”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. Jeremy Laliberte

    Jeremy Laliberte2 days ago

    Lol wes looks like zack. I'm cracking up. Ha ha ha

  18. Lerica Mascarenhas

    Lerica Mascarenhas2 days ago

    I love how eugene calls Wes *it*

  19. Lerica Mascarenhas

    Lerica Mascarenhas2 days ago

    When wife is pregnant Husband: *I am not ready to become a dad* After birth Husband: *suddenly becomes a professional dad*

  20. Jenna Wesolowski

    Jenna Wesolowski2 days ago

    rare footage of eugene feeling emotion

  21. Liliana C

    Liliana C2 days ago

    If you've read him the LOTR series I hope you've read him the Silmarillion...BE INTELLECTUALS

  22. Hillary Benitez

    Hillary Benitez2 days ago

    7:02 "omg that is a big yawn" 😂😂😂

  23. Paige Parker

    Paige Parker2 days ago


  24. YaBoi Rey

    YaBoi Rey2 days ago

    His wife looks exactly like tbnrfrags/prestonplayz’s wife

  25. iRoseCakez

    iRoseCakez3 days ago

    Wes is gonna be embarrassed in the future.

  26. Madison Kessens

    Madison Kessens3 days ago

    Ned's dad sounds exactly like Ned

  27. Puppet Time News

    Puppet Time News3 days ago


  28. Kate Funnekotter

    Kate Funnekotter3 days ago

    The image of Keith holding a boom will always be in my head.

  29. savagemarcus 350

    savagemarcus 3504 days ago

    “You know, just like F*ck, sh*t, dick, and goddamn”

  30. Denny's Donuts

    Denny's Donuts4 days ago

    You should collab with the creator of Nerdy Nummies, @RosannaPansino because her nephew is ten days old. Grayson and Wesley play date.

  31. Alea Macs

    Alea Macs4 days ago

    Omg Eugene hahaha 🤦🏻‍♀️

  32. Anastazija Salobir Omerzu

    Anastazija Salobir Omerzu4 days ago


  33. Mahreen Anwar

    Mahreen Anwar4 days ago

    At 2:30 you can see Eugene in the corner regretting his life decisions

  34. GamingDLC

    GamingDLC5 days ago

    Eugene: babies are to dependent Me: he must love baby turtles

  35. Amy Pirnack

    Amy Pirnack5 days ago

    So sweet. ❤️ Actually made me cry.

  36. Lily’s Life

    Lily’s Life5 days ago

    “Yes let’s look at his butt.” Keith is awesome xD

  37. Anxious_Ally

    Anxious_Ally5 days ago

    Why is Eugene so relatable?

  38. Spongebob_

    Spongebob_5 days ago

    *Eugene saying ‘baby’ as it*

  39. Tebz Meyers

    Tebz Meyers5 days ago

    Eugene doesn't hate babies. He's created this gigantic wall to protect himself, which makes me feel so sad for him. I just want to hug him and tell him that it's ok. He doesn't realize it, but he's the most relatable. (I'm a bit of a hypocrite in this regard though, because I have a gigantic wall up too.)

  40. Bud Gates

    Bud Gates5 days ago

    That's so sweet. Such a cute baby

  41. Kristen Cernilli

    Kristen Cernilli5 days ago

    Eugene interacting with the baby is everything

  42. Shadow Claw

    Shadow Claw6 days ago

    Ariel's sister looks exactly like her but instead of being blonde she's a ginger.

  43. Emma Choyen

    Emma Choyen6 days ago


  44. Emma Choyen

    Emma Choyen6 days ago

    Eugene and teen Wes being the closest is my canon

  45. Emma Choyen

    Emma Choyen6 days ago

    Zach holding wes is like a baby holding an even smaller baby

  46. Coopinsurf

    Coopinsurf6 days ago

    Eugene is the guy afraid to love truly.

  47. Andrew M

    Andrew M6 days ago

    Ned sounds exactly like his dad

  48. Unnati Nirmal

    Unnati Nirmal6 days ago

    Eugene.. 😍😍

  49. mountainoflard

    mountainoflard6 days ago

    Eugene is the Uncle Jesse of this story. Zach is Joey. Ned is Danny. Keith is... Becky? ❤️

  50. Florence Gregory

    Florence Gregory6 days ago

    Best lines of Keith Habersberger Yea let’s look at his butt

  51. Katarina Bergqwist

    Katarina Bergqwist6 days ago

    Oh my gosh, Ned and Ned's dad have the same voice!

  52. Katarina Bergqwist

    Katarina Bergqwist6 days ago

    When it comes to babies I'm exactly like Eugene. I don't know what to do or how to react, I don't really find them cute, I don't want to kiss them or hold them or anything. And also, babies drool.

  53. Hello Friend

    Hello Friend6 days ago

    When Wes is in high school someone is gonna find this

  54. Sam Head

    Sam Head6 days ago

    when Wes grabs onto Eugene's finger, It is just SO Hilariously Adorable!

  55. Grace Smith

    Grace Smith7 days ago

    ned and his dad have the sameeee fucking voice. thats crazyy

  56. Windysaint

    Windysaint7 days ago

    Congrats on baby 👶

  57. denise pagaduan

    denise pagaduan7 days ago

    Eugene’s reaction is so priceless 😂

  58. Bootiful Face

    Bootiful Face7 days ago

    U and lady like should do something together idk what but idc

  59. KC Raeken

    KC Raeken7 days ago

    First it was "My wife" Now it will be "My baby"

  60. Dramatically Me

    Dramatically Me7 days ago

    Eugene is so scared to hurt Wes

  61. soph da loaf

    soph da loaf7 days ago

    eugene is the most relatable one in this video 😩

  62. jana renee.

    jana renee.7 days ago

    4:26 i feel sorry to the dog 😂

  63. justin seagull

    justin seagull8 days ago

    holy shit it's already been 7 months since this been posted?! time flies fast

  64. Crazy Mystery

    Crazy Mystery8 days ago

    Eugene loves Wes but he is so considerate that it gets in the way

  65. Maricela _Thefox

    Maricela _Thefox8 days ago

    2:30 look at Eugene he looks like he isn't impressed

  66. Ace

    Ace8 days ago

    😭😭😭 omg the messages to Wes! My heart!

  67. Mossyshine

    Mossyshine8 days ago

    Can't wait for toddler Wes

  68. Katrina Clemente

    Katrina Clemente8 days ago

    "Its a baby" okay...

  69. Anabelle Nguyen

    Anabelle Nguyen9 days ago

    eugene's reaction is priceless

  70. CanadaMMA

    CanadaMMA9 days ago

    6:55 Ok, THAT'S a legit Ned mini me

  71. Porter Boyce

    Porter Boyce9 days ago

    That baby is going to love Eugene the most and that’s a fact

  72. Myrin

    Myrin9 days ago

    7:53 eugene realizes that he hates all babies but one

  73. justyne the blue fox

    justyne the blue fox9 days ago

    wes kind of looks like ned a little to me

  74. Dhsjs Dudjdi

    Dhsjs Dudjdi9 days ago


  75. Allison Gaylor

    Allison Gaylor9 days ago

    I have a few things to say 1. Wes is SO CUTE 2. “I wanna be a baby” 3. What can’t I say in front of the baby? **** **** *****... 4. I want to know more about Eugene *asks* Error message: Sorry you must be level 10 friend to unlock backstory

  76. Whiskey Gordon

    Whiskey Gordon9 days ago

    And Eugene’s heart grew 3 times that day...

  77. Linda Ackerman

    Linda Ackerman9 days ago

    I love the way they pull Eugene in haha

  78. Kidnight

    Kidnight9 days ago

    i bet Eugene is gonna be the Michael Douglas from Ghosts of Girlfriends Past for Wes

  79. Indiglo gal

    Indiglo gal9 days ago

    Lmaoooo Eugene was unimpressed

  80. Carolyn 16

    Carolyn 1610 days ago

    I want Eugene to have a kid so bad 😂😂

  81. SkullztheSpellcaster

    SkullztheSpellcaster10 days ago

    5:09 word

  82. J.C. Kersh

    J.C. Kersh10 days ago

    Eugene will be Wes's go to Uncle to ask for advice on life, style, and other things that his other try guys, uncles, won't know anything about.

  83. Riley Aiken

    Riley Aiken10 days ago

    Ned and his dad sound exactly the same. If wes does when he gets older it’s gonna be crazy

  84. Miss Jackson

    Miss Jackson10 days ago

    Ned looks so much like his dad

  85. BV the Sage

    BV the Sage10 days ago

    Eugene is the most curious reaction. His fear of intimacy and fear of being around or carrying babies makes me wonder if he had some major trauma in infancy/early childhood that was hidden from him. If it is trauma, it could have affected him his whole life and made him obsessed with being the best, but not being able to open himself up to be vulnerable or intimate with people. My heart goes out to him. It happened to me, and I was abused as a baby and my mother under postpartum depression tried to kill me several times which led to lifelong emotional trauma, distance from babies, and fear of intimacy.

  86. Fionna Cissell

    Fionna Cissell10 days ago

    Wes is so lucky to have so much support from his whole family even at such a young age.

  87. Zoe Valdez

    Zoe Valdez10 days ago

    when they first see him you can see eugene standing at the door still

  88. minieyke

    minieyke10 days ago

    Keith was down for this, he was like "Practice baby! Let's go!"

  89. Teddy Scare

    Teddy Scare10 days ago

    Ned’s dad looks like Zach

  90. Isabel Tager

    Isabel Tager10 days ago

    Zach: “It’s like kissing a little peach!” 😍😍🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️

  91. Mylene Hobman

    Mylene Hobman10 days ago

    Eugene staying by the door lol. He looked so scared. 😁💚💛🧡💜

  92. EverybodyClap UrHands1

    EverybodyClap UrHands110 days ago

    Wes is gonna grow up to love his flamboyant, gay, cool uncle eugene

  93. Faith MacKenzie

    Faith MacKenzie10 days ago

    Why is Ned literally his dad 😂😂

  94. Senna Taylor

    Senna Taylor11 days ago

    Eugene may act awkward around Wes, but we all know he's gonna go full John Wick on anyone who tries to hurt Baby Fulmer.

  95. Marissa Hestad

    Marissa Hestad11 days ago

    Why am I Eugene?

  96. Boost Mobile

    Boost Mobile11 days ago

    No offence

  97. Boost Mobile

    Boost Mobile11 days ago

    Eugene looks like a kpop star

  98. 麻籽 亞

    麻籽 亞11 days ago

    it's sweet knowing that wesley is gonna be loved by the other three try guys is just.... very touching.

  99. Anaya Lewis

    Anaya Lewis12 days ago

    ‘YES let’s look at his butt’ Keith 😂

  100. Claricia

    Claricia12 days ago