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    What topic would you guys like to see on Shady next? Comment below!

  2. babygirl Holley

    babygirl Holley3 hours ago

    Refinery29 God bless his heart and soul he also give them another way of thinking I don't have to sale my body I can sale my hair and my son will be proud of or my family they didn't have to sale their body blessing to this young man 💟

  3. catothewiser

    catothewiser18 hours ago

    Maybe the disgusting Jewish practice of a rabbi circumcising a baby and sucking the baby's dick to drink the blood?

  4. Isabel

    Isabel2 days ago

    Cosmetic testing on humans and animals

  5. Mischa Komak

    Mischa Komak2 days ago

    I would like to see a story about cacao and green tea

  6. George Hands

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  7. venus000

    venus00038 minutes ago

    why did i cry when the older woman thi thuy said she was starting to like her new hair 😭

  8. faith and hope

    faith and hope43 minutes ago

    I have so much hair that i have cut over the years my own hair.... and I don't really know what to do with it....I don't throw away my hair but over the years all the hair I cut off my head I have just love to do something with it

  9. Emilka Motyka

    Emilka Motyka54 minutes ago

    If i will ever need to buy hair, i will go to Dan

  10. Alesia  Crawford

    Alesia Crawford59 minutes ago

    Awesome Journalism!!

  11. Refinery29

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    +alesiacrawford Thanks for checking it out!

  12. Qartika Najib

    Qartika NajibHour ago

    Good job Dan 😭❤

  13. Nina

    NinaHour ago

    Respect ♥

  14. AdrienneStarr

    AdrienneStarrHour ago

    so amazing!

  15. Hawa Cham

    Hawa ChamHour ago

    Hijab best answer...

  16. Beverly Dudley

    Beverly DudleyHour ago

    Exactly. It’s just so difficult to get the best and they are all absolutely shady! I’ve been scammed so many times.

  17. FairyFarmer

    FairyFarmer2 hours ago

    This is amazing

  18. Diana Luna

    Diana Luna2 hours ago

    Ok but why am i sobbing ?!? 😭 this is beautiful! ❤❤❤

  19. tesla b

    tesla b2 hours ago

    Dan the man

  20. Getta Petta

    Getta Petta2 hours ago

    I wish all the women shedding their hair felt like I do. I feel like my hair smothers me and causes me to overheat. It makes me feel liberated to see it gone.

  21. olivia raye

    olivia raye2 hours ago

    Thank for sharing this information. It would be nice to know that all parties involved are benefiting.

  22. Carol Hairston

    Carol Hairston3 hours ago

    Excellent segment on where the hair comes from. I hope the young man with Remy New York continues to do well with his business. It's great to see people who are willing to do the right thing.

  23. Astro Pirate

    Astro Pirate3 hours ago

    Fcking disgusting...

  24. Carl Zornosa

    Carl Zornosa4 hours ago

    Dan kinda looks like Bobby but less you know lol

  25. Jaymie Bigelo

    Jaymie Bigelo4 hours ago

    100 is not shit for that woman's partnerships pay her three times that they charge around 400 to 500 for human hair he is not slingshot getting rich off their misery shame on him too he is not better

  26. Gramps Fight Corner

    Gramps Fight Corner5 hours ago

    extremely honorable man, may his business flourish and and sets a new standard for the industry.

  27. Yoqlene

    Yoqlene5 hours ago

    I don’t understand the thumbs downs. Truth hurts I suppose!

  28. Intelligent Dating

    Intelligent Dating5 hours ago

    They can sell that hair for 1,000. Giving them 100$ isn't honourable, it's just the lesser evil. As for $3, well that is just fucking abuse. Cunts! Taking away a very culturally and personally important part of someone's identity for $3. Lame!!!

  29. Brian Smith

    Brian Smith5 hours ago

    Dan truly is a beautiful soul in such a narcissistic field!! Namaste!!

  30. mona hiss

    mona hiss5 hours ago

    Dan is THE MAN

  31. Study, Judah! Study!

    Study, Judah! Study!5 hours ago

    So if you want to get a weave or hair extensions you know to check out Dan's company. I assume his hair is very expensive though. If he paid 100 dollars for the hair you should figure it will be anywhere from 200-400. Plus he takes the time and care to make the wigs if that hair is for a wig.

  32. Anne

    Anne6 hours ago

    It comes all from India and it all has lice in it.. Dan is the man... I need to check him out

  33. • 지민 •

    • 지민 •6 hours ago

    Im Vietnamese and it's really important for my family that I keep my long hair

  34. Feon Jun

    Feon Jun6 hours ago

    Dan = Representing the Southeast Asian brothers.

  35. Starberry Sweetee

    Starberry Sweetee6 hours ago

    Thanks for acknowledging cultures that have used additional hair for so long 💗

  36. Bob Bob

    Bob Bob6 hours ago

    So much respect for what Dan does.🙏

  37. Claudia Rodriguez

    Claudia Rodriguez7 hours ago

    Amazing 😍

  38. Zel Ezl

    Zel Ezl7 hours ago

    So it is true. Before, when I go to salon to cut my hair.. my mother would say that the hair can be for sale and I didn't really care. But now, i am shocked and amazed that it is really true lol

  39. Vivian Nguyen

    Vivian Nguyen7 hours ago

    Go Vietnam!! #Asian #Vietnamese

  40. Ilona Si.

    Ilona Si.7 hours ago

    Perfect video and respect for Dan :)

  41. Eddy Stronger

    Eddy Stronger8 hours ago

    Vanity... Vietnam is beautiful.

  42. Maggie Hussey

    Maggie Hussey8 hours ago

    This is sad and scary that you would want someone else s hair on your head,

  43. coolkidmars

    coolkidmars9 hours ago

    so would i be wrong if i ask where to find this hair im tryna purchase some ?fym!

  44. Ruth Warren

    Ruth Warren9 hours ago

    Is there a link for Dan's company? So we can all make an ethical choice when we buy hair. Seems essential for the message of the video Edit: Oh, there is

  45. Tamara R Syadania

    Tamara R Syadania9 hours ago

    So much respect for Dan.

  46. Kitterz

    Kitterz10 hours ago

    Wow... I had no idea. My daughter is starting to lose her hair due to autoimmune Type 1 Diabetes complications, so learning about this has been so enlightening. I hope I can one day afford REMY hair for her that she will love.


    KAYDENCE MURDOCK12 hours ago

    Dan is a great man and he’s doing good things but let’s admit it he looks dead inside at the end of the vid

  48. BT Trade

    BT Trade12 hours ago

    That Shady host is so nice, paying compliments to the lady who just sold her hair, her beautiful long hair. And it's true, that lady's hair, even when it's short is still so beautiful, shining under the sun and reflecting its ray like that.

  49. Tamia. Hamilton

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  50. Nicole Jonson

    Nicole Jonson12 hours ago

    I don't know where they get this from but white people have been wearing wigs and hair extensions since all about 1880

  51. Budoshoha

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  52. Joonie is a cutie

    Joonie is a cutie12 hours ago

    Wow they all have very long, healthy, beautiful hair 😍 It’s good that these women are getting paid by Dan rather than other people trying to scam them.

  53. thecobaltroom

    thecobaltroom12 hours ago

    Thank you guys for the awareness and thank you Dan for doing your best! Nevertheless I somehow feel like my heart hurts...

  54. * Crafticorn *

    * Crafticorn *13 hours ago

    Nguyen Thi Thuy is so incredibly cute

  55. Jill B

    Jill B13 hours ago

    Dan is amazing.

  56. big gay

    big gay13 hours ago

    Dan is a god

  57. Love love

    Love love13 hours ago

    The lady looked beautiful after cutting hair

  58. eggnog9090

    eggnog909013 hours ago

    I've never understood the whole concept of wearing weave or wigs. It seems odd to me to put someone else's hair on my head. I can understand wearing a wig if someone has lost their natural hair to a health issue like cancer etc or your hair is extremely thin. But aside from that I don't see the point at all. Why do people hate their natural hair so much? I just don't get it.

  59. King and Queen of Halloween

    King and Queen of Halloween13 hours ago

    Very powerful video!!

  60. Cristinact

    Cristinact13 hours ago

    Wow!! I could never imagine the source of extensions!!! Thanks for sharing this video

  61. Capri Imani

    Capri Imani13 hours ago

    bruh people want long hair and I just cut mine and people still call it long. Thats crazy to think about

  62. Royaltybrand11

    Royaltybrand1113 hours ago

    Omg I don't wear weave as my hair is almost waist length and super thick and curly plus it's expensive like if I get a weave I want it thick and full and that's like at least $600 for hair or more. Since I'm a hair stylist if i do decide to get my hair weaved I would save money by doing my own hair. With that being said I love Dan if I buy hair to change up my look Dan is the man. I like how ethical he is and that it's fair trade, I like that the women are not sacrificing to idols so no weird demonic spirits are attached to the hair and I love that it's helping out entire families. I think it's truly amazing how black women across the world and especially in America are keeping the economy in countries most of us never been to thriving. IF we decided to no longer buy hair and decided to rock our own hair as a collective unit could u imagine how that would inadvertently affect so many ppl? Yes other races wear extensions but none as much as women of color this natural hair movement I'm sure put a dent In some pockets

  63. gene vulaca

    gene vulaca14 hours ago

    Sooooo cool. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  64. Malden Jordan

    Malden Jordan14 hours ago

    Girl I can see the squares in that weave from here 5k my ass imma go find food

  65. * Kawaii fairy *

    * Kawaii fairy *14 hours ago

    My family is Vietnamese and my mom has been telling me to cut my hair and this is so inspiring and I think I might maybe try it !

  66. Valerie Irina

    Valerie Irina14 hours ago

    Eye opening and amazing

  67. Ocean Burke

    Ocean Burke15 hours ago

    Kylie could be wearing your pubes

  68. Sandi Sandoval

    Sandi Sandoval15 hours ago

    I've sold my hair last month, I still can't get used to have a bob instead of my long hair, here in Mexico it is also very common to buy and sell hair, and because of this a lot of people is getting scammed.

  69. A Mess

    A Mess15 hours ago

    Those that want to donate hair (not to Locks of Love, they’re evil), don’t give up if you have processed or shorter hair! My hair was just past my shoulders when I shaved it down to the scalp and donated to an organization in my hometown called Wigs for Kids. My hair is curly and has been bleached, but they take the low quality hair and sell to companies that make real hair dolls to fund their operation and allow them to give wigs out for free to kids battling chemotherapy.

  70. Bennetta Daniels

    Bennetta Daniels15 hours ago

    Not only is Dan honorable but hes so cute right??

  71. ThePookie25

    ThePookie2515 hours ago

    Dan's the man!

  72. Danielle's Song

    Danielle's Song16 hours ago

    Good for him. I've known many women here in the states who give their hair to "Locks of Love" to make wigs for the sick. I hope they are doing the right thing with all of that beautiful hair...

  73. Francis B

    Francis B16 hours ago

    Im so glad that he is doing things the right way. I have always had a fear of wearing real human hair..Its just a little weird to me. To each its own though!

  74. Mary Vega

    Mary Vega16 hours ago

    Came across to your channel.. and I’m freaking love it .

  75. Refinery29

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    +maryvega Welcome! Thanks for being a part of it!

  76. X-MISMA-X

    X-MISMA-X16 hours ago

    Good Grief

  77. Trent Timoy

    Trent Timoy16 hours ago

    Dan's choice is so genuine and highly respectable. WHY can't we have more of that? Because the human capitalistic nature is to be greedy. That's why.

  78. bikinggal1

    bikinggal116 hours ago

    Thank you Dan!! Paying these women respect!

  79. Vichny :3

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  80. petite pipsy,

    petite pipsy,17 hours ago

    thank goodness i wear synthetic....there should be more like dan ..

  81. Morgan Lee

    Morgan Lee17 hours ago

    These women look so happy this is so amazing.

  82. Judy Osborne

    Judy Osborne17 hours ago

    Very interesting story and very well done. Thank you for sharing this.

  83. herpderpy

    herpderpy17 hours ago

    We need more Dans in the world for sure. I knew about the human hair industry, that's why I refused to buy human hair extensions.Because of all the shady shortcuts like grabbing hair from drains and mixing in animal hair, there are people who have had mites and fungal infections from purchased hair they had fused with their own.

  84. Michaela Čížková

    Michaela Čížková17 hours ago

    Well done Dan 💙Bless you

  85. Annie

    Annie17 hours ago

    Dan is an amazing human. I hope more people who buy wigs, celebrities, wigmakers and everyday people alike choose to pay more attention to where the hair comes from. I hope even more that more and more people choose to support dan and his company!

  86. Annie

    Annie17 hours ago

    REMY NY you are welcome! Best wishes to you and your company! Have a wonderful day :)

  87. REMY NY

    REMY NY17 hours ago

    Thanks, Annie!

  88. catothewiser

    catothewiser17 hours ago

    Yeah, real ethical source that place in India. A cult selling off hair from people they say to shave their heads.

  89. pepe

    pepe18 hours ago

    god bless dan

  90. Freya Evershed

    Freya Evershed18 hours ago

    What a hero Dan is 🙄

  91. She0Plays

    She0Plays18 hours ago

    Yes but how much exactly did dan pay her?

  92. Paige Lilly

    Paige Lilly18 hours ago

    She looks like Mulan!!!!

  93. Gertrude Brooks

    Gertrude Brooks19 hours ago

    Where he helping for 2 0r 3 dallors don't make sense he should paying 100 dollars a head he be shut down .

  94. Cuckinator

    Cuckinator16 hours ago

    A wig like that would sell for thousands

  95. Seema Kurdi

    Seema Kurdi20 hours ago

    They sell it cheap and it is sold very expensive in markets

  96. Seema Kurdi

    Seema Kurdi20 hours ago

    Ohhh that pained my heart, these are the most valuable things for women, I lost all my hair because of bad climate and I cut it very short, I don't miss it but could feel this woman😢

  97. Madyson Fuentes

    Madyson Fuentes20 hours ago

    I started crying after the woman was happy when the blonde lady complimented her

  98. Naomi Z

    Naomi Z20 hours ago

    I'm sad it's over! Beautiful video.

  99. Daisy Rodriguez

    Daisy Rodriguez20 hours ago

    i love Dan

  100. Joseph Howard

    Joseph Howard20 hours ago

    A million thumbs up for this guy!!!!!!

  101. Catherine Todd

    Catherine Todd20 hours ago

    Post from: Blank Canvas Syndrome If you people want to support his company, the best way is to follow their social media & comment their posts, so more people can see them, here's the links:

  102. REMY NY

    REMY NY17 hours ago

    Thank you, Catherine!

  103. Catherine Todd

    Catherine Todd20 hours ago

    Dan is another modern day saint... We need more people like REMY NY! Thank you for this all-important video. I hope all people who buy wigs do this kind of research to find out where their hair comes from via a fair trade supply chain. And people don't start lying about it.

  104. REMY NY

    REMY NY17 hours ago

    Well, I don't know about being a modern day saint.. but yes, I agree. We need change in the industry, and I'm hoping to lead the way.

  105. Praise Be To YAH and His SON

    Praise Be To YAH and His SON21 hour ago

    WOOOOWWW!!!! This is sad and crazy as hell...

  106. Slime Is AMAZING

    Slime Is AMAZING21 hour ago

    Any Vietnamese people here?

  107. Claudia Aguilar

    Claudia Aguilar21 hour ago

    9:47 Beautiful

  108. Alba Rodriguez

    Alba Rodriguez21 hour ago

    Hey Dan, I love you. Thank you for not taking advantage of women in need :)

  109. REMY NY

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  110. Laylee

    Laylee22 hours ago

    I loved this, I really hope he succeeds.

  111. REMY NY

    REMY NY17 hours ago

    Thanks, Laylee!

  112. [HR] Porto Rico Importing Co.

    [HR] Porto Rico Importing Co.22 hours ago

    I wanna date dan , hes so cute

  113. REMY NY

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    *blushing* <3

  114. MrsDew DEW

    MrsDew DEW23 hours ago

    Wow, great video.

  115. SchattendragonflyPL

    SchattendragonflyPL23 hours ago

    I donated my hair free for an organisation that makes and donates free wigs for cancer patients. So this is an awesome deal for me. Hairs are very expensive though and should be paid well if for sale. The guy is doing a great job. So many women being offered a penny for their pricy beauty.