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    What topic would you guys like to see on Shady next? Comment below!

  2. 이스테이시

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    Go for height enhancers, height surgeries or just height related. Because I came from an Asian family and height is a must in every Asian household. I feel suffocated when I'm being teased because I'm short and I'm strating to feel uneasy and I want to spend big amount of money to buy height enhances but I'm kinda against after I watched your lightening products video.

  3. Carmie T

    Carmie T8 days ago

    I would like to see your take on the dark side of the rodeo.

  4. 이스테이시

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    Here in philippines we have lots of hurricane disaster coming every year and tons of relief goods are donated in the country but a lot of people speculates that some Reliefs Goods aren't given to the people who needs help. I don't know if its true I just read it on the school paper ones but it would be cool to get an answer.

  5. Lemalemia play's games YT

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    How did you come up with your channel name?

  6. sky diamond

    sky diamond16 days ago

    Their go the Supremes 1:14

  7. Maryam Kauser

    Maryam Kauser2 hours ago

    Dan is soo beautiful inside and out bless him 😍😍😍👌

  8. Kimberly Tran

    Kimberly Tran4 hours ago

    My family comes from Vietnam and I can relate to her story 🇻🇳

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  10. _._necromancerjjj_._

    _._necromancerjjj_._17 hours ago

    Don't donate your hair. Because you're not helping anyone, only the scammers that are going to sell it.

  11. reality check

    reality check21 hour ago

    The woman looked so depressed when Dan was cutting off her hair

  12. Malachi Taylor

    Malachi Taylor23 hours ago

    They are still very beautiful with their short hair

  13. Brittany Bracey

    Brittany BraceyDay ago

    The dudes thay told her 2$ or 3$ need there ass beat hair worth hundreds smh Dan ur awesome

  14. nicole fowles

    nicole fowlesDay ago

    Dan is a real One I respect his integrity

  15. Bananamilktea _

    Bananamilktea _Day ago

    “Virgin Remy ” Me: OMG THATS ME!

  16. Nightmare Meg

    Nightmare MegDay ago

    I would neverrrr.. use real hair 🤮

  17. Arya Singh

    Arya SinghDay ago

    Dans a good man *Be like DAN*

  18. Beautiful Afflictions

    Beautiful AfflictionsDay ago

    I'm sorry... but this is just a trend that I will never understand or accept. I will NEVER understand why anyone wants to wear someone else's hair. Hair is LITERALLY excess keratin, excreted from the head. Its bodily waste. I was actually bullied for my hair growing up. I have thick, curly hair... I was teased and called Mufasa and had people sing "the lion sleeps tonight" when I walked by. Even as an adult, I had coworkers put "Hakuna Matata" on my desk... so I laugh when I see people so desperate to have hair that is not theirs. I find it pathetic and weak. But that's MY opinion

  19. Luz Ceballos

    Luz CeballosDay ago

    God bless this man and I hope he becomes successful

  20. Jey Spanish

    Jey SpanishDay ago

    It’s disgusting to wear another person’s hair. 🤢

  21. 龍之谷

    龍之谷Day ago

    Does it matter? where the hair comes from? it is Not a vital organ which people cut out of another person forcefully, it is not a fucking kidney, OK? You don't have to kill someone to get it, and the person who sold their hair, is not in danger of losing his/her life, OK? it will grow back, so shut up already. It is like , my toe nail clippings, I cut them off, I sell them to you, I grow more, so what the fuck is the big deal? If you think it's such a big deal, I'll Give you my toe nail clipping, for free!!! How's that? Find some other subject for your show, this subject is corny and too desperate. Tell your producers, this subject is too desperate guys will use anything to blow it out of proportion for some ratings, huh? Pathetic....

  22. Dev Gaming

    Dev Gaming2 days ago

    *Nice video! My close family & friends donate their hair to charity... 👊🏻🤡👌🏻*

  23. Alissa Beerthuis

    Alissa Beerthuis2 days ago

    Loved this video, very informative and touching!💘

  24. Plycorn

    Plycorn2 days ago

    we stan fair people like dan

  25. チロングカテリヌ

    チロングカテリヌ2 days ago

    7:48 I'm sorry what? wing ti thi but aye im from vietnam

  26. sami B.

    sami B.2 days ago

    I wish all black women were to go natural .a lot of this crazy people could have gone poor

  27. sami B.

    sami B.2 days ago

    You will not see my cent in the name of fake hair.

  28. clownery

    clownery2 days ago

    we need more people like dan

  29. sami B.

    sami B.2 days ago

    I am natural I love the hair God gave me. Black beautiful. Your own hair is your is your glory. Why do you put something on your head that is not yours .live satanic to go to he'll alone in the name of beautiful. Course u are beautiful the way God made you. If u thing u are ugly .then make yourself alone then prove God after that. Crazy people.

  30. Le-oo Ooh Noo

    Le-oo Ooh Noo2 days ago

    This HAIR has been sacrificed to demon idols. HAIR HAS A MEMORY. See Dr. EMOTOs famous experiment "Words on Water" Vainity, pride & lust demons create havoc in people's lives. REPENT. Turn back to God. Don't feed the beast guys.

  31. 陈莎莎

    陈莎莎2 days ago

    I didn’t know hair worth that much... where’s this guy, I want to sell my hair too 🤑

  32. Sofia afn

    Sofia afn2 days ago

    Errr... where it comes from? How about a DNA test guys?

  33. Namita Das

    Namita Das2 days ago

    Vendors sometimes visit our village,ask door to door to buy fallen hairs of women,I hv seen my mom collecting the fallen hair daily basis and store it in a packet.Then sell this to vendor.We sell it Rs 4000(/kg in Indian currency.7-8yrs bk it was Rs1000/kg.

  34. XxPastel DuckyxX

    XxPastel DuckyxX2 days ago

    The ladies that got their hair cut were very loving and beautiful. 😊


    CRYSTLO TECH2 days ago

    How dark the world is beyond Glamour

  36. mp allagnat

    mp allagnat2 days ago

    My hair is knee length, medium blond

  37. Cleiton Schley

    Cleiton Schley3 days ago

    You go Dan!!! 🙏🏻😍

  38. Perla Meza

    Perla Meza3 days ago

    He’s so amazing !!!

  39. Jenefer Salem Peque

    Jenefer Salem Peque4 days ago

    I wanna sell my hair too. I still have have my hair cut years ago with me. 😁

  40. Muhfadhilnur 45

    Muhfadhilnur 454 days ago

    I gv u ma respect bro....👍

  41. M

    M4 days ago

    Just feels a little dramatic, yes it is unfortunate in some cases, but there are honestly more unethical issues we should prioritize first, but its cute I guess that this guy is doing the right thing...

  42. Chris Bittmann

    Chris Bittmann4 days ago

    I don't know why at the end you're asking for regulation for transparency. It's going to monopolize the current competitors, Remy and his rivals, while the barriers to entry are significantly risen. It'll make paperwork, fees, maybe licensing and make the product cost more. As new products are created and innovated upon, there's a small timeframe of market unawareness to it. Obviously now it's obvious that Remy is very successful and is well known by its consumers. No regulation is necessary, and that's a sample of how free markets work

  43. Frédérique Wagemans

    Frédérique Wagemans4 days ago

    can't you just grow your hair for a few moths so it gets long, then cut is and make it into hair extensions so that you can have short hair but when you feel like having long hair you just use your own hair.

  44. Caramel’s Life

    Caramel’s Life4 days ago

    That boy be like “Lemme touch this hair” i would be so sad if someone just touched my hair like that

  45. OnAComeUpChea

    OnAComeUpChea4 days ago

    Where’s the black girls that get this weave?

  46. Emi Lysa

    Emi Lysa4 days ago

    I just cut my hair and throw...not aware we can sell it😁

  47. Sundae Kongo Kingdom

    Sundae Kongo Kingdom4 days ago

    Still encourageing everyone to keep their natural hair and hairstyles. That journey is not worth it and o=so many people suffer from it. Peace

  48. Marcos Galvan

    Marcos Galvan5 days ago

    2:27 ariana grande better watch her pony tail

  49. Nikk Nikk

    Nikk Nikk5 days ago

    its funny how she have to try the fake hair for this video ....

  50. queen 'Araweela

    queen 'Araweela5 days ago

    Wish everyone could just accept how they are. Coz its effortlessly beautiful.

  51. ludy Ro

    ludy Ro5 days ago

    God bless this young man!!!

  52. Juprison lomban

    Juprison lomban5 days ago

    Interesting to watch !

  53. Aisa Fahimi

    Aisa Fahimi5 days ago

    Even though what dan is doing is really amazing i still don’t understand this trend among women who think wearing a wig makes them beautiful. (except for people who really feel like they need them like cancer patients etc.) i just wish people stopped keeping up with every trend that comes n goes and just love their natural self❤️

  54. shamiso precious Chiota

    shamiso precious Chiota5 days ago

    i loved watching it

  55. ingrid g

    ingrid g6 days ago

    Thank you for the vídeo la trueh we women un laringe america fear to loose our life whem confronting the violent hair dealers they Will shot iif we scream.

  56. kiiseuu

    kiiseuu6 days ago

    that's our dan

  57. Angie Harson

    Angie Harson6 days ago

    she looks so beautiful !!!

  58. Stefanie Daniella

    Stefanie Daniella6 days ago

    awesome! ethical! fair! = good direction for those seeking long human head hair for making long hair extensions it's not easy even for those who can grow extra naturally long terminal length head hair, as it takes often over a year of growth to return back to full length even "fair trade" payment that covers as much as a month of living expenses, in poorer countries, still does not come anywhere close to the needed timespan to regrow the same length, plus long lengths that are both healthy and well kept, do not come free of effort.

  59. BTSismy LIFE

    BTSismy LIFE6 days ago

    YAS! She went to my country CAMBODIA 🇰🇭!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEET!

  60. I'mfray Xox

    I'mfray Xox6 days ago

    My hair that was cut of because I wanted it to go to charity it made 15 wigs

  61. Apeman Commeth

    Apeman Commeth6 days ago

    It’s just hair! Go snip off a dead horses tail and bada boom!

  62. Simone Jensen

    Simone Jensen6 days ago

    I started to cry😢😔😢

  63. Afro Atheist

    Afro Atheist6 days ago

    Dan is handsome(^.^), sweet, (^.^), and lovely....(^_^)

  64. Goomba Pizza

    Goomba Pizza6 days ago

    You know, I'm really glad that the guy paid the women a sum that is worth a lot over there, and didn't even leave then with a crappy hairdo. He could have taken more hair off just to exploit them, but instead he left them with an attractive shoulder-length blunt cut so they still look feminine and pretty, and feel good about themselves.

  65. non grata

    non grata7 days ago

    Buying a desperate person's youthfulness and wearing it is pretty messed up.

  66. Sarah Lynn

    Sarah Lynn7 days ago

    I actually really love her with short hair. It suits her

  67. hipxsass

    hipxsass7 days ago

    This has been in my recommended for the longest time and i finally decided to watch it

  68. Ange Samira

    Ange Samira7 days ago

    Dan: Cuts and make a haircut to a woman *Me: Marry me*

  69. rxses iikxt

    rxses iikxt7 days ago

    When they traveled to Vietnam I was glad I don't need captions

  70. herms16

    herms167 days ago

    All the hair comes from India it's processed and treated with different dyes... your documentary is not correct.

  71. Elizabet MTZ

    Elizabet MTZ7 days ago

    2:01 Lexy: because the industry has always been SHADY get it SHADY and the show is called SHADY ......................... I should stop

  72. Amprita Singh

    Amprita Singh7 days ago

    O my blessed with beautiful hair..😇

  73. cindy huiqing

    cindy huiqing7 days ago

    Wow ! So gonna keep cheering for Dan and his company!!

  74. Sora Gen Next

    Sora Gen Next7 days ago

    This is unbeweavable.

  75. Atla Härtel

    Atla Härtel7 days ago

    I donated my hair and apperently it made two wigs! Because of the fact that extentions and wigs in Denmark, are not to popular when made by real hair, there's a big chance it was given to someone who needed it, more than I did!

  76. FruitsandCoffee

    FruitsandCoffee7 days ago

    My hair has gone from chin length to elbow within 1 and a half years. Give me another two years and it's going to reach finger tips. I can grip the hair growth on my legs with my fingernails within two hours of shaving. I have a lot of ingrown hair, sores and such. My follicles hurt all the time. People only see the silky black waterfall around me though. I shave my head every 3 to 4 years after it gets that long. I only give to charities. I don't sell. It's been wonderful to watch what happens. I didn't know hair could change so many lives until I started doing this.

  77. Judge Judith Sheindlin

    Judge Judith Sheindlin7 days ago

    y’all seen that vid of that lil girl getting a sew in

  78. Ashton Sale

    Ashton Sale8 days ago

    next time I see my grandma I'm gonna say" hey nana i just thought you should know you just took some poor ladies hair...but don't worry y'all both benefit....she gets money to feed her family and you look twenty years younger and I get a new grandpa.

  79. Dad StopLikingMyComments

    Dad StopLikingMyComments8 days ago

    Omg when they would source hair from sewers and CORPSES! 😱

  80. lucy

    lucy8 days ago

    i’d feel bad wearing extensions. idk. i’d feel weird taking someone else’s hair

  81. Chimmy Jimine

    Chimmy Jimine8 days ago

    Come buy my hair bro I don’t like long hair

  82. NouraKwt

    NouraKwt8 days ago

    I don't know why I'm crying

  83. Ram Kitten

    Ram Kitten8 days ago

    Oh no, I have diabetes from how sweet Dan was. Fucking protect and support this man.

  84. Peppermint Snowdrift

    Peppermint Snowdrift8 days ago

    JEWISH populations wore wigs and extensions for years? I LITERALLY just learned that! I never would've THOUGHT about that. I thought that it was only African-Americans....and those who NEEDED hair, like people who had Cancer....

  85. Peppermint Snowdrift

    Peppermint Snowdrift8 days ago

    I have NEVER worn a wig before....or hair extensions....or any type of hair colorant....or permanent solution....or anything like that. The WORST things that I've put onto my hair have been gels and sprays. My hair is NOW almost to my KNEES. You try to take MY hair, and you may find yourself INSTANTLY ACCUSED of trying to TRAFFIC my entire BODY! I have a HOLLYWOOD HORROR MOVIE SCREAM!

  86. Peppermint Snowdrift

    Peppermint Snowdrift6 days ago

    @Irridessa Amore Well, NOW we all KNOW who wears wigs trafficked from these poor women....IRRIDESSA AMORE! Yes, we're lookin' at YOU!

  87. Irridessa Amore

    Irridessa Amore7 days ago

    Peppermint Snowdrift shut up

  88. Latin Man

    Latin Man9 days ago

    Can I come and be your assistant/apprentice (to the wig maker). I got my cosmetology licenses 2017

  89. Sydney Tran

    Sydney Tran9 days ago

    3:42 is the answer

  90. LegalShield Barbara

    LegalShield Barbara9 days ago

    It sad to see these woman wearing hair that collected from floors, sewers, and obtained from foreign country? To exploiting women from another countries like Vietnam, India is bought for $3.00 per head, then sold for hundreds of dollars in the united states. Black women need to stop wearing this exploited, unethical rape of Asian women hair! They should stop and start wearing horse hair! African kinky hair is beautiful, I have straight hair and I like my hair to be curly, I will not wear wigs or human extension hairs! It is unethical! Stop exploiting women with straight hairs from Asia or Asian children's hair to be sold to these American Women who want to wear extension straight hair! We all know that it is an extension, not your natural look! Beauty is in the eye of beholder? What is going on with these women? Fake hair, fake nails, fake boobs, fake eyelashes, what else, fake VJJ?

  91. Lungten Dorji

    Lungten Dorji9 days ago

    I just love the ideal sense of transparency and his vision behind this Vietnamese man's hair business.Thanks for sharing.May this trend of productive hair business spread all over the globe...

  92. ashleydawn makeup

    ashleydawn makeup9 days ago

    I hope Dan's vision will make a change in the industry. I love that he's helping women better their lives and their families lives.

  93. Yordan A

    Yordan A9 days ago

    You are doing great job!

  94. Bekah Pinto

    Bekah Pinto9 days ago

    In Brazil I listened a lot of story of women who had they hair stolen in places like street markets e shopping centers, that’s real thing, it’s really sad.

  95. Anglophile Luka

    Anglophile Luka9 days ago

    This is so wholesome, I’m actually crying! Wow, Dan you legend! Hope he keeps up the good work and people follow in his tracks!

  96. Happy Bolden

    Happy Bolden9 days ago

    Awwwwww Dan👏👏👏👏💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞

  97. Maria Hernandez

    Maria Hernandez9 days ago

    Majority of our shoes, our clothes, our electronics, hear, and food are coming from slave labor. Slave labor is what has provided us with our most basic needs.

  98. Jessica Reitmeier

    Jessica Reitmeier9 days ago

    When I was 10 I volunteered a foot and a half of hair to partake in "locks of love" I remember they said it was for kids with cancer, but I wonder if sometimes they make other wigs with it

  99. Alan Diego

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  100. Zev

    Zev10 days ago

    black women wanna look like indian women sooo bad lmfao its sad

  101. neoncity baby

    neoncity baby10 days ago

    Who else thought the lady in the beginning was Penelope Garcia from criminal minds ??

  102. OneRiceBall

    OneRiceBall10 days ago

    Seeing Nguyen smile like that and being viet myself hit home a little harder T_T

  103. Nancy Masana

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  104. Livi Loo

    Livi Loo10 days ago

    This is amazing

  105. meiconto

    meiconto10 days ago

    If you support Dan's ethical approach but still cannot afford/doesn't need to buy from his company now, at least follow REMY NEW YORK on Instagram to boost its market value. At the time I'm posting this comment it only has 7.804 followers. Let's see how much he can get from now on with our help. @theremyny is his user

  106. Zappadow

    Zappadow10 days ago

    $100 is something like đ2.3M... that's amazing

  107. Sijin Park

    Sijin Park11 days ago

    Dan is a hero.