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  2. Nichole Hastings

    Nichole Hastings12 hours ago

    prolly child sex trafficking.

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    Refinery29 how easy or difficult it is to start your own make up line or company

  4. Sarah Smurph

    Sarah Smurph2 days ago

    +Oziaq I

  5. Sarah Smurph

    Sarah Smurph2 days ago

    +JT Habershire b

  6. Sarah Otto

    Sarah Otto7 days ago

    I would like to know if companies lie about the ingredients on their products and if it's easy for them to say "cruelty free" without going through a legitement validation process. It should be illegal to do so, but many companies probably get away with these things.

  7. Danreael

    Danreael6 hours ago

    That’s crazy

  8. Angelina Nguyen

    Angelina Nguyen7 hours ago

    I'm Vietnamese

  9. Carla Browne

    Carla Browne8 hours ago

    This is really a beautiful, heart-warming story. It's so rare to find truth and fairness these days.

  10. Harita Patel

    Harita Patel12 hours ago

    I'm from India

  11. Lizzy Night

    Lizzy Night12 hours ago

    I donated almost a foot of my own hair and donated it to Lovely Locks thanks to my uncle, who cut it for me. It’s exciting to think about who could be wearing my dark brown hair...!!

  12. Chrissy Got The Coils

    Chrissy Got The Coils12 hours ago

    I'm glad Dan offered a reasonable price 💜💜

  13. Chrissy Got The Coils

    Chrissy Got The Coils12 hours ago

    $2-3?!? TUHHHH

  14. Myeasha Bastien élève

    Myeasha Bastien élève12 hours ago

    Bitch! All the woman out here buying weave and all shit are mess up cause they don’t know where it come from. Now you know that you are wearing trash on your head. That what you get BITCHES !!!

  15. mikhela tuesday

    mikhela tuesday14 hours ago

    Documentary called good hair already explained that before people even paid for hair extensions they where cutting their hair off for cultural reason and trashing the hair after now they are able to make money from something that started as a cultural way of living

  16. Cheese Cake

    Cheese Cake16 hours ago

    bless her🥰❤️❤️🥰

  17. Maha

    Maha16 hours ago

    mmmm so could the fake and not pure wig be harmful?

  18. 96donov

    96donov20 hours ago

    might as well just donate the brothers got it popping !

  19. Cassidie Hailley

    Cassidie Hailley20 hours ago

    That woman that got her hair cut is such a beautiful soul her when she got her hair cut all that just so she can feed and look after her family. 😊

  20. DoxyLady

    DoxyLady21 hour ago

    First lady is so incredibly sweet. I'm so happy that Dan was able to give her such financial security, at least for a while.

  21. sera kaya

    sera kayaDay ago

    once there were this lady walked into to the beauty saloon asking to sell her hair to eat it is really sad :( don't wear wigs unless you really need it

  22. Annie Nguyen

    Annie NguyenDay ago

    I am a Vietnamese 🇻🇳

  23. Meisheen Calsado

    Meisheen CalsadoDay ago

    I once sold my 15 inches hair for $24,and now I'm wondering who wears my hair now

  24. Christiana Ag

    Christiana AgDay ago

    So this is what African women wear on their heads! It's a pity we don't appreciate what God has given us!

  25. Milagros Figueroa

    Milagros FigueroaDay ago

    See this is why I never will wear wigs, extensions, and weaves because....Nah. I’ll just leave my natural hair and then if I want it straighten then so be it 🤷🏽‍♀️. Hey but every girl has their own thing when it comes to their hair.

  26. Carrington Dennis

    Carrington DennisDay ago

    I had to write to him, how often do we see someone caring enough about people and their plight in life and not just about the money. I pray God bless his honest efforts.

  27. Brookie Wookie

    Brookie WookieDay ago

    That Guy is amazing God Bless all the Women who sold their hair for good causes

  28. Laxus Dreyar

    Laxus DreyarDay ago

    Aw, this is so heartwarming and sweet. I'm glad a man like Dan still exists somewhere because it gets my hopes up for the future.

  29. Kaya Boiardi

    Kaya BoiardiDay ago

    Are you related to selena gomez

  30. Tiney Willians

    Tiney WilliansDay ago

    hair tht I buy on line or in store sure ain't this cause it's plasticcccc made

  31. hellie119

    hellie119Day ago

    Side note: the wig maker looks like Garcia from criminal minds!


    KEVIN IRVIN.IDay ago

    Yet, us guys pay to get the haircut while women get paid for exact same thing lol. Female privilege

  33. pham nghi

    pham nghiDay ago

    I also speak vietnamese

  34. Pearl Daniel

    Pearl DanielDay ago

    one place i know women have long hair is in micronesia like pohnpei, im sure they love to sell their hair. lol

  35. JD Bustamante

    JD BustamanteDay ago

    She looks very pretty with short hair.

  36. Arya C

    Arya CDay ago

    ASIAN PRIDE!!!!!

  37. horsecharmer93

    horsecharmer93Day ago

    From someone who has donated her hair (average 16inches) every other year for programs that make wigs for cancer patients, this man is doing a great service and should be very proud.

  38. juju ahn

    juju ahnDay ago

    Wow, thank you for this... very eye opening

  39. hannah kate

    hannah kateDay ago

    god bless him, this is such an amazing company💗💗

  40. Desek Resek

    Desek ResekDay ago

    but theyre not shadier than manny mua

  41. Brooklyn Nguyen2409

    Brooklyn Nguyen2409Day ago

    Hey there Vietnam, it's my country

  42. J Cali

    J Cali2 days ago

    Great video! Hope that Remy continues to empower women and set a standard for the industry. Thank you for this video !

  43. Rena Frazier

    Rena Frazier2 days ago

    I love what he is doing.. I don't wear extensions or anything of the sort- to each it's own, the Lady Thuy is Rocking that short hair style, She's Beautiful no matter what, Nevertheless that short hair style she Looks Wow!! Makes me appreciate a lot!!! Thanks for sharing...

  44. Kermit The Frog

    Kermit The Frog2 days ago

    Ion use extensions i got thick and full hair😏🤤😃

  45. Jenzi ilu

    Jenzi ilu2 days ago

    Growing your hair is hard I cut off 9 inches of my hair and I miss it cuz it was all the way to my hips.

  46. Maika Le

    Maika Le2 days ago

    I'm so proud to be born a Vietnamese. I love my black hair!

  47. EmoShowerCap1

    EmoShowerCap12 days ago

    Well now i know to buy from that guy if ever I want to wear weaves/wigs

  48. Promising Sunset

    Promising Sunset2 days ago

    😐 I don't want braids anymore.....

  49. Jackie Brown

    Jackie Brown2 days ago

    She was beautiful and fresh with her long hair. It kinda sounds like she should cut her hair because it looks better short. But the people who will be getting the hair will be lengthening theirs. Boy what a sacrifice ☹️

  50. Anna Rabelo

    Anna Rabelo2 days ago

    I´m in love with this man !!!

  51. Kawaii Diy

    Kawaii Diy2 days ago

    100ndollars is not a promise to a better future stop lying mrs reporter, that money can only afford a month rent or food

  52. tnkbale1

    tnkbale12 days ago

    Yes !!!!! Vietnamese people ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  53. w4k1- 70wn

    w4k1- 70wn2 days ago

    Hair is already i don't like touching fallen hair..

  54. Игорь Алексович

    Игорь Алексович2 days ago

    This man is amazing. Thank you.

  55. Yamilet Reyes

    Yamilet Reyes3 days ago

    This is amazing, these women and this guys are just... I have no words... Simply AMAZING

  56. Dana Govain

    Dana Govain3 days ago

    It's a reason only Dan in Vietnam was willing to show the ins and outs of how he conducts business. He was the only legit fair trade business. Paying $2-3 for hair is ripping off the grower. Thankful Dan understands these women need to live and have families to support. We need to help grow Dan's business.

  57. reina reigns

    reina reigns3 days ago

    is this hair available in the USA

  58. Jenn Zied

    Jenn Zied3 days ago

    Makes me appreciate my hair. Now I want to help these women.

  59. KC Puppycute

    KC Puppycute3 days ago

    Her smile after she told her that her hair made her look young and beautiful made me feel wanted

  60. Lightlygobirdy

    Lightlygobirdy3 days ago

    This is very empowering for us all. If you buy poor quality extensions or wigs, they will not last. As a cancer survivor, it is difficult to be bald after chemotherapy. So, I salute Dan for implementing ethical processes for procuring hair and am grateful to pay more if I know what I am getting is ethically sourced. Most importantly, I would like the women that have sold their hair to know how grateful I AM for a good product that can change my life. I feel less afraid to go in public, to my children's school, or even to visit friends. For me, it is embarrassing to go into public almost bald.Thank you to Dan and ethical people worldwide. When I wear my wig, I silently thank the woman who sacrificed her hair so that I share in a global communion with her. She ((albeit unknown to me) has enabled me from being ridiculed in my community. I want Dan to tell his clients just that. :)

  61. jupiter _123

    jupiter _1233 days ago

    Good thing I don't use extensions and grow my hair out natural and put no chemicals in it

  62. Mees Lopez

    Mees Lopez3 days ago

    Products made in Ciudad Juárez Mex maquiladoras. From TVs all the way to Invisalign.

  63. Rosie Saints

    Rosie Saints3 days ago

    I think was he’s doing is awesome for the people he buys the hair. My daughter was blessed with dark thick long curly hair. What she did up until college was to donate it to a company that made wigs for children with cancer. She loved it. She would get a card every year with a picture.

  64. xiansino

    xiansino3 days ago

    I thought this Video was more about the manufacturer processes of hair extensions.

  65. El xox

    El xox3 days ago

    Is she rlly tall or are the ppl just small

  66. Copa Cobana

    Copa Cobana2 days ago

    El xox both

  67. Grace McCarrick

    Grace McCarrick3 days ago

    fam i have to PAY one hundred euro to get a haircut like that shes just been payed to have a professional hairdresser cut her hair

  68. Victoria Jackson

    Victoria Jackson3 days ago

    I truly didn't care before watching this video. I thought 'aw hell another video about the corruption of the beauty community 🙄' but when I seen the synthetic hair I was disgusted! I have used synthetic mix before. And then hearing this lady's beautiful hair was offered only $2-3 dollars when for those inches we at least pay 120!!! I was more than temporarily moved. I'm not buying hair again unless I know the source is ethical. These beautiful women deserve so much more than being treated like sheep.

  69. CapriciousVirtuosity

    CapriciousVirtuosity3 days ago

    Dans the man.

  70. cara victoria

    cara victoria3 days ago

    Dan from Vietnam! I love you. Thank you for caring. I will definitely only buy fair trade hair from now on. As much as possible. ♡

  71. Regina Paredes

    Regina Paredes3 days ago

    Where I come from, I've seen one can sell hair at salons. So that's where I thought hair extensions came from.

  72. Marina Leibowitz

    Marina Leibowitz3 days ago

    I donate my hair, to Pantene for cancer patients. I would love to donate again to Dan and the proceeds go to continue to helping women. This should be another initiative that he can introduce to the brand.

  73. Emmakinz!

    Emmakinz!3 days ago

    $3 for all that hair!? People like that need to get slapped. Hair takes forever to grow.

  74. Asmaa Nassar

    Asmaa Nassar3 days ago

    No human deserves this. these amazing ladies sell their amazing hair to support their families if we and their governments don't help what next selling their body parts Fuk this world

  75. Shawn Ruth

    Shawn Ruth3 days ago

    Awesome Mr Dan!

  76. Gratuity 'Tip' Tucci

    Gratuity 'Tip' Tucci3 days ago

    I’d shave my head for $15,000 so wtf?

  77. Marvel Mockingjay

    Marvel Mockingjay4 days ago

    Ironically had an ad for hair extension.

  78. Brianna Ne'cole

    Brianna Ne'cole4 days ago

    This makes me not want to wear wigs anymore 😩😩

  79. Jackyblue67 Same

    Jackyblue67 Same4 days ago

    That is really sad the lady having to sell her beautiful hair . Wish I could help her so she never have to do that again .

  80. Jackyblue67 Same

    Jackyblue67 Same4 days ago

    My hair grows like wild weed & when I brush it I always have alot that comes out .Wish I knew someplace I could give it to .

  81. divaliciouscola2

    divaliciouscola24 days ago

    Ok but out of all the things to steal u steal someone’s hair off their mf head??

  82. Anastasia

    Anastasia4 days ago

    I wish great success to Remy New York. ❤

  83. Brooklynn Sugasfuturewife

    Brooklynn Sugasfuturewife4 days ago

    This is so sad I’m about to cry 😢

  84. Sasha Blackbird

    Sasha Blackbird4 days ago

    I literally started to bawling my eyes out 😭 when she was getting her hair cut. I understand why Native keep their hair long. And why its painful to cut it. Residential School's. Being sheared and stripped of identity. At least these women who sell their hair to this man get something out of it.

  85. Lil Audiii

    Lil Audiii4 days ago

    You tellin me the weave I use for my braids are plastic

  86. Emani Nunez

    Emani Nunez4 days ago

    Black women take notice

  87. Sneha P

    Sneha P4 days ago

    Wow! Hats off to you, man!

  88. Džejlana Kljajić

    Džejlana Kljajić4 days ago

    That woman is so insanely beautiful and the short hair looks so good on her :) this video made me smile so much

  89. Rach

    Rach4 days ago

    She is so cute and sweet, I kept replaying 9:40 😭💗

  90. Dark Moon

    Dark Moon4 days ago

    Lol so you can just get attacked, but they don’t take your money but your hair? Lol

  91. Lily Lau-Coombs

    Lily Lau-Coombs4 days ago

    so interesting!

  92. 123thebasics

    123thebasics4 days ago

    Thank you for this report. I purchase hair and this was very eye opening...I just looked up Remy New York and my next purchase will be to help support Dan's business.

  93. It's Ethan

    It's Ethan4 days ago

    Faith in humanity restored

  94. Joelicia Wheeler

    Joelicia Wheeler5 days ago

    Wow 😮 amazing dan

  95. charlie malinis

    charlie malinis5 days ago

    Very informative and awesome vids

  96. Asia Girl

    Asia Girl5 days ago

    I thought it was the girl come criminal minds Computer girl lmaooo

  97. Ana Flavia Lima

    Ana Flavia Lima5 days ago

    great job :)

  98. Dandy Candy

    Dandy Candy5 days ago

    They all look so beautiful with short hair

  99. Mara A

    Mara A5 days ago

    Sounds like a commercial. You found only 1 company that would show production? Not credible sorry!

  100. Justin Gonzalez

    Justin Gonzalez5 days ago

    This video made my entire day. Very inspirational.

  101. Sun Rae

    Sun Rae5 days ago

    MReporter wanted me to watch this video for so long I finally did and I'm glad.

  102. S D

    S D5 days ago

    I want to buy hair from him omg

  103. Amaz!ng Grac3

    Amaz!ng Grac35 days ago

    Dan is such an amazing person! So glad to see he gives them a good haircut and instead of just wacking as much off as posible.

  104. gabs ribeiro

    gabs ribeiro5 days ago

    * sharing this to all the stupid celebrities *

  105. seymone cummings

    seymone cummings5 days ago

    Bravo Dan 👏🏾

  106. Yskde Heudnd

    Yskde Heudnd5 days ago

    His hair is sooo lit!