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    What topic would you guys like to see on Shady next? Comment below!

  2. Maryline Martine

    Maryline Martine4 days ago

    The truth behind cheap iphones in the market and instagram.

  3. Christina V

    Christina V4 days ago

    *FUR* Show from where is fur. Hair - it's just nothing if compare with fur from someone (animals) who "donate" it's from not their wish and with a lot of pain and suffering. Show real fashion side.

  4. P Lou

    P Lou5 days ago

    The big business of the water industry, Flint Michigan water crisis, and what exactly is in tap water

  5. Tommy AwadY

    Tommy AwadY8 days ago

    This is a very sad topic

  6. CaliforniaGirl49

    CaliforniaGirl498 days ago

    Apple products

  7. padma salam

    padma salam3 hours ago

    Dan is a good and fair man. He buys his hair with good intentions, and is looking out for the poor, therefore he will be prosperous. See folks, there are still good people left in this world. I am rooting for him.

  8. Tae's loud a** sneeze and YOONMIN!

    Tae's loud a** sneeze and YOONMIN!6 hours ago

    Actually selling their hair as an option for money gaining is much better (if they are not able to get a job or enough money) than.. selling your body or else.. but tbh I wouldn't spend a second thought about my own hair (I don't really care about it..) to cut it(when the woman said they would miss it and so on)

  9. random dude

    random dude6 hours ago

    do they really have to shave the Indian girl's hair off to the scalp, I mean at least the guy cuts the Vietnamese girls hair at a reasonable length so they still look normal. This was so interesting though and its something ive never thought about in my entire life haha

  10. farizsh zaharshah

    farizsh zaharshah7 hours ago

    Blessing DAN doing.He fully respect and deserved for successful.salute

  11. gardening life

    gardening life7 hours ago

    This brought me to tears. I'm so happy people like you are literally changing the world for the better

  12. Justene Rose

    Justene Rose12 hours ago

    She looks like Garcia from criminal minds

  13. Jessica N

    Jessica N14 hours ago

    Vote with your dollar y'all 💸✅

  14. Jessica N

    Jessica N14 hours ago

    Yes, we need more fair trade =

  15. Catton Productions

    Catton Productions16 hours ago

    This makes me want to smile over, and over again. Seeing this video just gives me happiness I’m glad the women are benefiting from dan’s fair trade

  16. Scott Gust

    Scott Gust17 hours ago

    You published hateful comments calling 120db "racist and anti migrant"? These wiman have been raped and murdered by the thousands in Europe by migrants and you mock are the face of malice and hate, you are the facist natzis!

  17. Ashley Clement

    Ashley Clement21 hour ago

    Just wear your own hair - 4c black girl..

  18. Yah'nique Marshall

    Yah'nique Marshall21 hour ago

    They just ran up on a girl and just cut her hair off that is very sick 😤😑😑

  19. Stephanie Marie

    Stephanie MarieDay ago

    Yes! Go dan so awesome!

  20. Anon Anonymous

    Anon AnonymousDay ago

    Egotistical woman in the west forcing poor woman to make degrading choices, all in the name of vanity and they don't care about the woman at the other end, why do they wear these wigs to hide their ugliness, to give a false impression of themselves, to attract awful attention, and they have been exploiting woman who are so poor and uneducated, it's a curse they carry on their heads. And they have been doing it for years, the magnitude of woman feeding of other woman is disgraceful. The men are like pimps. It's shameful and primitive. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵 how are these woman who exploit other woman adding value in this world, this is our time in history is this what they will have written about themselves, they used other woman to hide their shame, people need to grow a God Consciousness.

  21. Amanda Abraham

    Amanda AbrahamDay ago

    Whose watching from India ?

  22. Tiffany Mack

    Tiffany MackDay ago

    This is great! I hope Dan’s business soars!! I hadn’t really thought about what it means to these women who cut their hair. But they are still beautiful once they do! 🙌🏾

  23. Mastariale

    MastarialeDay ago

    We need more men in the world like him who want to help make a difference in someone lives and not try to rip someone off for what they have ..... 👍🏼 👍🏼 👍🏼

  24. Mastariale

    MastarialeDay ago

    What an amazing guy to help out women that are struggling and a very outstanding guy to take the time out to make those women feel beautiful even after they have cut there hair ...

  25. mzChocoSensualHedbob

    mzChocoSensualHedbobDay ago

    Not only does Dan pay them a lot of money but he cuts their hair so delicately and beautifully. A heart warming ending to somewhat of a disturbing documentary.

  26. Darkened Sun

    Darkened SunDay ago

    I donated my hair when I got it cut. I was 13 and I had REALLY long hair. It went all the way to my knees. My mom wouldn't let me cut my hair for the longest time and when I graduated middle school my dad took me to my grandma's hair salon and I donated my hair to a children wig maker.

  27. KJLDS_yg stan BLINK VIP Ikonic INCLE AKMUnLEEHIfan

    KJLDS_yg stan BLINK VIP Ikonic INCLE AKMUnLEEHIfanDay ago

    so is my make up brush paint brushes and other things who had hairs.. is from human hairs...? O.O SHOCKED

  28. Johnanna Burke

    Johnanna BurkeDay ago

    Ok hair extensions. It dose not matter. Who buys it everyone has a problem with wearing wigs especially by color of skin its not only for black people sorry kisses though i can no longer wear it at all I'm sad neah not mad at all

  29. elizelo zelo

    elizelo zeloDay ago

    in malaysia full head hairclip 100% human hair is around USD35. the synthetic one in indonesia is like only for USD3 but the quality is very good almost like human hair, you can curl or straighten until 220dc

  30. John Peoples

    John PeoplesDay ago

    Dan Choi is a hotty….woof!

  31. Clover Schilling

    Clover SchillingDay ago

    I actually started full-on crying when that woman had her hair cut. I'm half native american and my ancestors had their hair stolen from them, so keeping my hair long is really important to me. It's wonderful that Dan offered her a fair price and she can use that money to better her family's quality of life, and that he's breaking into a market that has taken only advantage of women like her. Best of luck to him!

  32. Clover Schilling

    Clover SchillingDay ago

    The fact that women have had their hair outright stolen from them is just horrifying.

  33. Vanessa Riley

    Vanessa RileyDay ago

    Some is pure horse's hair. All the weave people not just women but people wear EVERYDAY it's no way everybody get real human hair every time!! That's impossible. They can show U a sample but it doesn't mean it's all real human hair. U can believe that like everybody that wear weave grew it themselves. They probably collect it from the garbage and recycle it who knows? Like when people go in hotels and they don't know what's clean or dirty just by coming in the room, U can't tell. They may have somewhat real hair from some places but the hair in America that we see them selling all the time it as to be mostly fake

  34. Hardhorse Lps

    Hardhorse LpsDay ago

    In Vietnam, they pay money to cut your hair. In America, we pay money for people to cut our hair.

  35. Ronda Kelly

    Ronda Kelly2 days ago

    I feel blessed to have seen this video.

  36. Original Jikook

    Original Jikook2 days ago

    The woman was so cute! And Dan too

  37. jzonna burrell

    jzonna burrell2 days ago

    It’s so beautiful to see people doing the right thing. I just wish that everyone were as honorable as Dan.

  38. Empress Jacklyn

    Empress Jacklyn2 days ago

    She look cuter with it cut@9:34

  39. Rose Volgs

    Rose Volgs2 days ago

    My mom says it came from plastic or horses

  40. Empress Jacklyn

    Empress Jacklyn2 days ago

    men in the 1800's and prior wore wigs, this bs is nothing new at all. George Washington included! Some are made from plastic so what's the big deal...this is nothing new.

  41. Madhura Giri

    Madhura Giri2 days ago

    Thank you for sharing.. It was really a good video loaded with bundle of knowledge. I enjoyed watching it till the end.

  42. Kida Tash

    Kida Tash2 days ago

    Welp, really gotta love Dan I really love how he's so fair and gentle with the women he gets the hair from And how he always gives them a cut that makes them feel pretty and feminine We need more people like him in the Beauty Industry honestly

  43. Heather Elliott

    Heather Elliott2 days ago

    Some countries like India, the woman and children are so broke tha they grow their hair long and have to have it all cut off for money. Watching the young girls crying s they cut their hair was upsetting. I can’t BELEIVE that some hair comes from drains and dead people

  44. Heather Elliott

    Heather Elliott2 days ago

    My son had long thick hair so when he decided to cut it short he donated his hair to kids with cancer, we’re from Australia and I was so proud of him putting his hair into a post pack and sent it off. I hope it got to be used for cancer wigs I was disappointed when nobody at least sent a thank you

  45. yuyu yeyy

    yuyu yeyy2 days ago

    That woman is beautiful omg

  46. yuyu yeyy

    yuyu yeyy2 days ago

    My hair is horrible

  47. Hui Yi Chung

    Hui Yi Chung2 days ago

    They look good in short hair.

  48. jyushi matsuno

    jyushi matsuno2 days ago

    my hair is messy >;P yet i don’t care >;P

  49. Caitlyn Duong

    Caitlyn Duong2 days ago

    Go Dan!🙂

  50. Angel Parada

    Angel Parada2 days ago

    This video touched my heart! Thanks for making us more aware



    thank you Dan Choi . we need more DanChoi in this world

  52. Bridgett Karpinski

    Bridgett Karpinski2 days ago

    I like this video because the Wig's she makes can help Cancer

  53. Battle B

    Battle B2 days ago

    It's sad that ppl would have to go to this extent to survive in the first place.

  54. esmi gamino

    esmi gamino2 days ago

    Omg my hair is super long past my lower back

  55. Maria Rodriguez

    Maria Rodriguez3 days ago

    He not only pay well for the hair . He also keeps a decent length of hair on the women he recollect hair from .

  56. YR

    YR3 days ago

    Im afraid from Dan, he's doing something great and sometimes it takes more than wanting to do good...

  57. Helen Alford

    Helen Alford3 days ago

    This is a good article because this can either be exploitation or make a difference to someone's life and people should be prepared to pay a decent price for someone else's hair.

  58. Unsnatchable Wig

    Unsnatchable Wig3 days ago

    We must demand.

  59. ricardobike123

    ricardobike1233 days ago

    I have been in the hair industry for the past 19 years, unfortunately the Chinese corrupted the market, specially with their economical and labor power; few years back we were able to find more pure hair, although "pick up hair" has always been available, you were able to choose what to buy, now days, if you don't have reliable source it is almost impossible to buy good quality hair, I always like to tell my clients that the hair available for extensions is what i call "COMMERCIAL" hair. I love working with hair cut from one donor, too bad the demand is too great and the main problem is availability. Now there is still a few companies out there who offer hair closest to virgin, too bad when you ship hair into the united states, this hair must be fumigated before it leaves India (certificate of fumigation is provided). also some of the one donor hair comes with "imperfections" gray hair etc etc. so lots of hair vendors or distributors use henna dye to cover these "imperfections".then it comes coating it with silicone etc etc. So, it is a chain reaction type of problem, how to supply the demand?? specially when customers, like, that silicone finish in the hair. We treat har in a different way, not just one type of hair fits all, I feel every person is trying to achieve something and sometimes they compromise that, just because it is only certainty hair available, and i'm talking about very silky straight hair; How about customer with more of a more natural coarser or kinkier type of hair? we deal with all ethnicities, African American, hispanics, caucasian and i like to guide my clients towards a more natural type of hair, silky with silky, coarse with coarse, curl with curl, etc.

  60. G Del

    G Del3 days ago


  61. Lilibeth Dolauta

    Lilibeth Dolauta3 days ago

    In the Philippines there is a door to door hair selling so its 101% legit.

  62. Polly Dixon

    Polly Dixon3 days ago

    Awesome video, very informative. Thank you....I commend the young man and i hope he continues to be the way he is in his business practice...i wish him well.

  63. elena Le

    elena Le3 days ago

    Hello every one, my name is Elena le, I am vietnamese, We have own factory supply human vietnam hair in the world, I hope be talk to you guys more in this field hair. this is my instagram: and my facebook:, and wed site:

  64. Ashley Brown

    Ashley Brown3 days ago

    I think the idea of wearing another human beings hair is creepy AF

  65. Alex B

    Alex B3 days ago

    Great person to help peopel

  66. Shelley Muuchee hair

    Shelley Muuchee hair3 days ago

    I also cut my long hair ,but it is free!!!because I want my hair style to be cool

  67. Kristal

    Kristal3 days ago

    Like this guy

  68. Chiane XO

    Chiane XO3 days ago

    Finally ! I know who does Beyoncé’s wigs

  69. Brenda Williams

    Brenda Williams3 days ago

    God bless you Dan!!! You go boy!! Dan is a real man..

  70. laura flores

    laura flores3 days ago

    the guys so cute and doing a great thing! The lady looks so cute at 9:45 when she gets all shy

  71. cult madre

    cult madre4 days ago

    the way she typed smnsjskdkdkdi

  72. Jen Spice

    Jen Spice4 days ago

    This is just sickening. What an amazing hair dealer that Dan is. Thank you so much for doing this research. :)Jen

  73. A B

    A B4 days ago

    A hundred dollars? That's it? I don't feel like that's "ethical"

  74. Bae Jing

    Bae Jing4 days ago

    He took such diligent care of the way he cut her hair, leaving it with a beautiful style. Her smile was priceless.Thank you for sharing this.

  75. Racheal J

    Racheal J4 days ago

    Thank you Dan for being a wonderful human! 🙏

  76. Me as Myself

    Me as Myself4 days ago

    The ad was so touchy I could nt cntrl my tears...

  77. elianowielzen

    elianowielzen4 days ago

    Goodhair chris rock

  78. Commenter Number One

    Commenter Number One4 days ago

    Hair is such a personal thing. I think it's gross and strange to wear someone else's hair. Like wearing someone else's finger nails after they've clipped them.

  79. Andrea Martin

    Andrea Martin4 days ago

    Damn ... thank you Dan. We need more ppl like you.

  80. Miriam Carrero

    Miriam Carrero4 days ago

    Its wonderful to see this young man help to empower women. He will influence others for sure. But hope it catches on to others to do the right.

  81. Elmina Baptiste

    Elmina Baptiste4 days ago

    wow glad to what he is doing

  82. Mariah Butler

    Mariah Butler4 days ago

    My name is Mariah

  83. Diligent Excellence

    Diligent Excellence4 days ago


  84. Peggy Funk

    Peggy Funk4 days ago

    I am so glad to see Dan is trying to help the women who sell their hair, and not take advantage of them. Sadly that is rare in the world today.

  85. Morgan Le Fay

    Morgan Le Fay4 days ago

    Thank you Dan. I cried so much right now you are a great person.

  86. candistuffz !

    candistuffz !5 days ago

    That’s a great guy 👍

  87. madison jones

    madison jones5 days ago

    her smile is so beautiful!

  88. Snuffles

    Snuffles5 days ago

    Can pubes work?

  89. Gabrielly bailon

    Gabrielly bailon5 days ago

    Incrível, ótima pauta, emocionante, adorei ♥️

  90. Otoshi- -sama

    Otoshi- -sama6 days ago

    That’s not creepy at all.

  91. LolaColaProductions

    LolaColaProductions6 days ago

    What if my hair from the hair dressers was made into a wig 😂

  92. Olivia Garrison

    Olivia Garrison6 days ago

    This is a really cool documentary but at the same time it’s just hair? It grows back.

  93. alcoholicpuppy

    alcoholicpuppy6 days ago

    I would grow my own hair, and pay someone to make it. If I had money, then I'd travel to pick the woman and pay them more than a thousand , then find someone to make the wig for me.

  94. Shinmen Takezeo

    Shinmen Takezeo6 days ago


  95. joleen masha

    joleen masha6 days ago

    i can imagine i sale my hair for 100dolla and they sale for 500dolla ,800d.1,000d even more that crazy world

  96. joleen masha

    joleen masha6 days ago

    very expensive hair from poor people very sad why

  97. tom11zz884

    tom11zz8846 days ago

    Black women love this video !

  98. Amber M

    Amber M6 days ago

    Wow. Learned something new. Than you for this segment

  99. Girly Productions

    Girly Productions6 days ago

    I have donated my hair twice and it goes to a place where they make wigs for people with cancer. The first time I cut off 8 or 9 inches and the second time, I wanted to do the same thing but I ended up donating 11-12 ish

  100. Miranda Toye

    Miranda Toye6 days ago

    This is really interesting

  101. Jackie Bazan

    Jackie Bazan6 days ago

    My hair was to my ankles and I chopped it off. Threw it away. I never knew the value especially since i never dye or iron my hair so it was thick healthy and silky. I wish i knew who these women are. Id like to send them long term financial support.

  102. Paige

    Paige6 days ago

    7:16 Am I the only one who said "thats what she said" ?

  103. Moon Le

    Moon Le6 days ago

    im vietnamese but i live in canada and to see my country, or a person that has the same background as me, being recognized on a western platform because of something spectacular that they did makes me so happy. i haven’t heard vietnamese for so long and when the woman started speaking it i was so excited to listen! i love dan, and this video so much!! 💞💞

  104. Colors

    Colors6 days ago

    This is sad

  105. Oka Chan the witch

    Oka Chan the witch7 days ago

    It’s kinda like a new hair cut for the woman