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    What topic would you guys like to see on Shady next? Comment below!

  2. najafa

    najafa2 days ago

    how Africans are helping to save and conserve the still wild side and wild life of the continent, I hope!

  3. Wendi Russo

    Wendi Russo7 days ago

    Where fake eye lashes come from

  4. jessica rodriguez

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    Refinery29 I,


    LIZTHELIZARD10 days ago

    Refinery29 dog toys made of

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    What a good man,

  7. Anna VT

    Anna VT2 hours ago

    She looks like an absolute gorgeous model with short hair

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    yay! go dan!!

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    Shaz Brown3 hours ago

    Loving this guy! xx

  10. Shanto Lion

    Shanto Lion3 hours ago

    Dont put on human hair extensions u can get the jinx of the person it was taken form....your real hair is powerful

  11. J A

    J A4 hours ago

    She ain’t know about synthetic hair LMAO

  12. ItzSydneyBlues OMG

    ItzSydneyBlues OMG4 hours ago

    Dan actually puts effort cutting the hair, offers more than $100, and is doing it for even more money, which is fair. Dan is truly a miracle.

  13. Bianka Dark

    Bianka Dark4 hours ago

    Can they do this for curly hair I need money

  14. Wendy Yang LDS

    Wendy Yang LDS5 hours ago

    I...never use hair extensions but I'm just curious

  15. sat vc

    sat vc5 hours ago

    This is honestly so sad

  16. La to the Bay

    La to the Bay5 hours ago

    I think she should have made at least enough for 3 months rent for what they were going to make

  17. La to the Bay

    La to the Bay5 hours ago

    Ain’t no way

  18. Tonya Campbell

    Tonya Campbell6 hours ago

    Absolutely love this. Thank you

  19. LLB MAGA

    LLB MAGA6 hours ago

    Well, I think I love Dan.. ❤❤. Most people can make thousands on these people's hair and pay them peanuts. God bless Dan and may he forever remain happy and healthy. So admirable of him and that's what is going to keep Dan in business for a long time to come

  20. High Desert Piper

    High Desert Piper6 hours ago

    OMG it's so long..TWSS . nah she really said that. and no one cares about vein people buying hair so they can look pretty


    JIREH RED11 hours ago

    you go Dan!

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    D 101 D !!11 hours ago

    Dan, an inspiration.

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    This guy is amazing

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    this is a good topic!

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    why am i crying... I love you Dan

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    This is Vietnam 😢😢

  27. Armando Rivera

    Armando Rivera14 hours ago

    Nice to know there is still some good left in this cruel world. Peace be with him.

  28. kathrine G

    kathrine G14 hours ago

    You are the best. It’s what I thought they did with extensions.Thank you for showing us this is not the case.

  29. Megasladon :D

    Megasladon :D17 hours ago

    i thought we got trillions of strands from feminist who cut all there hair off

  30. Mira Calde

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    Team Dan!!! ❤️

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    Kick buttocks 33318 hours ago

    This is actually some shady mf shit

  32. Bao Vang

    Bao Vang18 hours ago

    Okay. Now I want to buy some hair extensions provided by this guy!

  33. Angela Cooper

    Angela Cooper19 hours ago

    India, China, Malaysia. Sometimes dead people. Well for my community I am FORCED to wear an Asian woman’s hair as white people have demonized African hair. We’re told our kinky hair is ugly. The mental chains of African women must be broken. I have to accept that I’m black, kinky haired and proud. My hair is 16 inches long straightened and getting longer so I am now accepting who I am. And screw anyone who hates my hair!!!

  34. Samantha Rogers

    Samantha Rogers19 hours ago

    Did Locks For Love

  35. Mama Llama

    Mama Llama20 hours ago

    Good man Dan !!

  36. veggiesaremurder

    veggiesaremurder20 hours ago

    Synthetics, y'all! I've been saying it for years. If you want extensions or a wig, there are some very very high quality synthetics that are extremely realistic. And yes, many synthetics are treated so you can use heat on them.

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    Thank you for this video

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    extremely knowledgeable 🙏❤

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    Her name was SO MISPRONOUNCED

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    K Ella23 hours ago

    ❤ beautiful story

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    Good Day23 hours ago

    Eeyuck yuck yuck mmm no no no nasty nasty

  42. Kc 4L

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    😂😂😂 give em chump change n a 3rd world country...then come charge americans thousands 😭😭😭

  43. Kc 4L

    Kc 4LDay ago

    smh...come show us ur devotion to GOD by giving us your hair yo sell for our own personal proceeds... when yall gon learn they use religion to dupe u idiots

  44. Tess Halpern

    Tess HalpernDay ago

    So brilliant. Thanks for the wonderful video xx

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    May Dan be blessed amazing job

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    Absolutely WOW!

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    I see vietnam in that thumbnail, i pick up

  49. Teewriter

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    That is a beautiful story about Thui Thanks.

  50. Jett Joseph

    Jett JosephDay ago

    This is exploitation disguised as some form of ethical business. If this is acceptable then let's embrace prostitution in the same manner.

  51. Copeland Family

    Copeland FamilyDay ago

    Y'all are wearing SACRIFICED HAIR...

  52. MochiGamer 101

    MochiGamer 101Day ago

    So you make barukas?

  53. Copeland Family

    Copeland FamilyDay ago

    Love your own hair & stop wearing other people's hair... Self-Hate is real in all NATIONS

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    Lilit TakiryanDay ago

    Who is cutting onions like me?

  55. Samedha Arora

    Samedha AroraDay ago

    I hope Kylie Jenner watches this

  56. JL Cena

    JL CenaDay ago

    Walk a mile in someone else's shoes. In this case their hair.

  57. Ein werewolf

    Ein werewolfDay ago

    They showing sad picture of hair and dey selling them on the bottom form vid 😂

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    There’s too much hair these days

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    I love dan 😭😭😭😭

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    Thank you Dan ~ respect is you Sir!

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    Very interesting. I cannot believe some people offered her $2 or $3 for her hair!! Wtf smh

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    This was a beautiful documentary!

  63. Grace Davey - Mayfield SS (2452)

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    Some people just donate thier hair two

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    Wow how amazing

  65. Thapelo Daniel Mohotsi

    Thapelo Daniel MohotsiDay ago

    So some are offer to hindu gods; oh my!

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    I like her better with short hair

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    Loved this documentary, will share of course

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    I’m not gonna get hair extensions ever

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    I’m here because it kept showing up on my feed and I finally gave in 💀

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    III IIIDay ago

    This man is too pure for the world..

  71. Josephine Kennemore

    Josephine KennemoreDay ago

    That's sad!

  72. Rhonda Robinson

    Rhonda RobinsonDay ago

    He is amazing...he can definitely take what he's doing for his country...those women are very lucky

  73. Leonna Hutchinson

    Leonna HutchinsonDay ago

    He offered her $15

  74. Hannah DeMott

    Hannah DeMottDay ago

    Very emotional video, thank you for this. Very educational.

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    10:15 That's a beautiful thing!

  76. RavenTheTruthTeller

    RavenTheTruthTellerDay ago

    9:05 At least she getting money. The ladies in the Indian Temple DON'T EVEN KNOW they shit getting sold and they think they giving it to a god, smdh!

  77. RavenTheTruthTeller

    RavenTheTruthTellerDay ago

    5:39 I was Vietnamese in a past life.

  78. RavenTheTruthTeller

    RavenTheTruthTellerDay ago

    LOL @ virgin remy - so many black women talk about it till you think it's a black thing and I long felt that way and I'm black!

  79. RavenTheTruthTeller

    RavenTheTruthTellerDay ago

    LOL @ virgin remy - so many black women talk about it till you think it's a black thing and I long felt that way and I'm black!

  80. RavenTheTruthTeller

    RavenTheTruthTellerDay ago

    1:07 to 1:14 Funny how us and jews have something in common yet because we wanna be accepted by crakkkaroachés™ we put the jews down when the crakkkaroachés™ want us dead, too.

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    Wow 😮

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    Any small youtubers want to support each other? Have an amazing day everyone☺️

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    I’m gonna grow my hair now

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    Beautiful video

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    Thanks to Dan!

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    Wow humanity and innovation ❤️

  87. Mylie Granville

    Mylie Granville2 days ago

    Vietnam is where my mother was raised ;-; idk why I said that. Also, I know what that Vietnamese lady is saying, jut saying

  88. Emnet Abrham

    Emnet Abrham2 days ago

    I just have more respect for all women around​ the world !!

  89. Lindsay Caron

    Lindsay Caron2 days ago

    Oh my gosh!! THANK YOU, DAN! And thanks Lexy, for exposing this. I'd never thought about the hair industry. This is shocking and eye-opening information. So important to share!

  90. Denise Varela

    Denise Varela2 days ago

    to know i just flashed my hair down the toilet

  91. Melissa Davenport

    Melissa Davenport2 days ago

    May God always bless your company Dan, May God always bless the beautiful people who sell there hair for a better life for them and their families 💝 Sending love from San Francisco CA

  92. Cee Jay

    Cee Jay2 days ago

    Women pay tons of money for extensions. It’s wonderful to see that Dan is trying to make a difference and teach those who sell their hair the value of it

  93. SpankBuda .......

    SpankBuda .......2 days ago

    No, black females pay tons of money for extensions. Well over a billion dollars a year! A group of females that's worth $5 somehow have tons of disposable cash giving most of it to enrich other countries instead of using it towards their own "community".

  94. Gabriele Ruth

    Gabriele Ruth2 days ago

    oh wow I guess I don't want a wig anymore thank you fake hair will do

  95. SomethingTidal

    SomethingTidal2 days ago

    His company should allow buyers of these wigs to donate to a patreon to continue support for these women. How cool would that be? Rich women in first world countries empowering women in other countries.

  96. ynna cueto

    ynna cueto2 days ago

    He offer a fair price ,it's good business, helping people while doing bussiness

  97. Jenn Mark

    Jenn Mark2 days ago

    This was eye opening and showed the greed of the industry. I was shocked to see ‘Dan’ being so caring even down to the amount of hair he left the women with! He didn’t take it all and left them with pride, a true gem of a guy!

  98. stella waillu

    stella waillu2 days ago

    Glad to see that Dan is making a change,good luck

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    I just had a commercial about hair etensions before seeing this

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    Why the fuck people be disliking?

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    Bless the honest ethical person- changing someones life!

  102. Maria De Los Milagros Sanchez Obregon

    Maria De Los Milagros Sanchez Obregon2 days ago

    In my country I sold my hair for 10 dollars. LOL

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    Loll when you’re Asian and understand what the lady was saying without subs 😭😭😂😂😂

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    what was she saying

  106. Loreto Victorio

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    So can a man sell his hair if he has a long hair too?