The Truth About Jessie Paege Coming Out


  1. I probably hate u

    I probably hate u12 hours ago

    Technically everyone is bi so who cares

  2. Kaylee Donnelly

    Kaylee Donnelly10 days ago

    Love the editing

  3. Ali May

    Ali May14 days ago

    I noticed that you’ve only interviewed girls so far. Is that just a coincidence or did none of your male friends want to be interviewed? No hate. I love this series and I’m just wondering!

  4. Destinee McCraw

    Destinee McCraw15 days ago

    i have depreshion and alipesha wich is a thing wear you loose your hair and alot of people are makeing fun of me can you help me give me some tips

  5. koki

    koki24 days ago

    So she‘s bi... whats the big deal? Like why make a video about it lol

  6. I probably hate u

    I probably hate u11 hours ago

    Ikr everyone is technically bisexual

  7. Ruby C

    Ruby C26 days ago

    You are such inspiring people

  8. Ruby C

    Ruby C26 days ago

    You go Nikki I ❤️you and gabi

  9. Isabella Ashby

    Isabella Ashby29 days ago

    Lol ik this is off topic, but girl, WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR CLOTHES!!!

  10. PsychoPhoenix123

    PsychoPhoenix12329 days ago

    i came out as bi when i was 14. i was bullied for 6 months afterwards

  11. PsychoPhoenix123

    PsychoPhoenix12312 hours ago

    +I probably hate u excuse me what. shut up. way to make a down on my comment u asshole

  12. I probably hate u

    I probably hate u12 hours ago

    Everyone is technically bisexual

  13. Mariah Gonzalez

    Mariah Gonzalez29 days ago

    I know i barely seeing this video but i have this friend i barley know for 2months and ones i met her she came out to me and my other friend i knew for 3years we were shock but we didn't care i don't jude no one and how they acted

  14. Ellen Nolan

    Ellen NolanMonth ago

    Everyone my best friend would lllooovvveee it if u could subscribe to valm official that is how u spell it

  15. Marjorie Gidwitz

    Marjorie GidwitzMonth ago

    Is the sound weird?

  16. the youtube sisters

    the youtube sistersMonth ago

    Do the truth about Shane Dawson

  17. Isabella Morris

    Isabella MorrisMonth ago

    OMG Jesse Paige is so tall!

  18. Yusur's Life

    Yusur's LifeMonth ago

    What’s the background music in the video when they are talking?! I want to use it in my videos

  19. Potato Productions

    Potato ProductionsMonth ago

    ★·.·´¯`·.·★ 🅓🅞🅞🅓🅛🅔🅩➋ ★·.·´¯`·.·★

  20. Carly Vlogs

    Carly VlogsMonth ago

    So sad... All the dislikes.... ☹️

  21. Na’s random Thoughts

    Na’s random ThoughtsMonth ago

    I have to many friends BI but I don’t know because I don’t like boys or girls

  22. Natalie Flores

    Natalie FloresMonth ago

    I first I thought that was wengie

  23. Reagan Deist

    Reagan DeistMonth ago

    I can really relate to this video I am only twelve but I still just came out and I have felt like this for years and have just been able to realize how I feel and now I have a song for all people who don't know about LGBT groups Have you heard of lgbtq+ Well I think you should They have a heart that fights for what they want And yes I am pan and I am proud to be me

  24. HonestSims !

    HonestSims !Month ago

    This is a copy of shane dawson

  25. Zaikura- Chan

    Zaikura- ChanMonth ago

    I haven't watched her for long but she may not even know Shane or watch his content. So, it could just be that two people have the same interest in talking and making people opening up, and spreading awareness. It's really different format too, it's very one on one, and not really a conspiracy reveal. So I don't think she needs to credit anyone if she did grab inspiration. Even then it's a good thing she is doing this sort of thing, it's good for society and a new step for MReporter.

  26. Kadiance Prewett

    Kadiance PrewettMonth ago

    I came out to my brother and best friend 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙🌈

  27. Amador Zamora

    Amador ZamoraMonth ago

    Can you do jame Charles

  28. Meine Namen

    Meine NamenMonth ago

    Shane Dawson didn‘t invent interviews ffs

  29. Steph Draws

    Steph DrawsMonth ago

    I’m 12 and I’m already out of the closet I sister slammed it shut 1 year ago 😋

  30. martha teague

    martha teagueMonth ago

    Please do one on Meredith Foster!!!😁

  31. John Visage

    John VisageMonth ago

    I'm not a fan of identity politics. I'm a huge fan of Freddie Mercury, he was gay. Did his homosexuality made what became? Sexuality is just one tiny part of who you are but now people are proud of their sexuality? Sexuality isn't a choice, so nothing to be proud off. Be gay, be whatever you are, be more Freddie. He didn't give a shit about his sexuality, because it wasn't that important.

  32. Lazy Artist

    Lazy ArtistMonth ago

    This was on my birthday... I'm flipping out lol Love my lesbisn space rocks and gay diseased founding fathers

  33. Destiny Davis

    Destiny DavisMonth ago

    Usually you're supposed to give credit to the person who made up the idea.. don't think people are mad she's copying the idea, just the fact that she didn't give Shane any credit.

  34. Emely Meier

    Emely MeierMonth ago

    Inner first note mode trial prove mm-hmm stair scream.

  35. panda squad

    panda squadMonth ago

    The truth is to sad for me because I'm just 9

  36. Roselyn Gomez

    Roselyn GomezMonth ago

    Jessie or Nikki, please read this. My name is Roselyne Gomez. I'm a Hispanic 13 year old and I came out to myself as bisexual a year ago. I started to realize I wasn't straight when I saw I was developing feelings for this girl in 6th grade. I told myself I couldn't be gay or bisexual, I'm straight and I was born like that. Fast forward later into the school year someone started a rumor about me that I was dating my "bestfriend". My "bestfriend" was a super heavy Christian and when she heard The rumor she was disgusted because she didn't like gays. She wanted to go to the principals office and tell someone there what had happened. Her words where " they said we where dating and we are both Christian and we where offended by them calling us lesbians." When she said that I thought to myself that I wasn't offended by them assuming I was gay but that assumed that just becuase we are best friends that we are dating. I can relate with Jessie when she said she didn't know why she was offend when those girls where calling the other girl lesbian. That's how I felt during that moment. Then I moved on. The 7th grade where I was still questioning my sexuality. During seventh grade I met my 2 bestfriends and my future girlfriend. We all loved anime and we did this thing where we would cosplay and anime ever today at school. It was so much fun. When it got to the end of the year we decided we wanted to do that cosplay every day for the last week of school. We all shared a love for Hetalia and we decide to do that. For the last week of school. My two best friends cosplayed Romano and Spain and I cosplayed Germany And my girlfriend cosplayed Italy. It was so much fun playing them. And since we ship both Spamano and Gerita we decided to pretend that we where dating in like a platonic way. It was mostly just teasing. Like "Spain control your boyfriend!" And we would have a few laughs. After the week was over and Monday rolled around (we had two half dats after the last week of school) my best friend that played Romano said she liked. My other best friend (there both girls, both bi, and are now dating there so adorable) and they got together the same day that my girlfriend told my other best friend that cosplayed Spain. Then, that same day, my girlfriend told my best friends that she liked me ;-; and. I was falling for her to. But mind you I was still in the closet and in denial. However my girlfriend was super open about being lesbo. Then we got together and now we call ourselves the "Gay Fourman Trio"

  37. makayla rankin

    makayla rankin2 months ago

    this series is awesome i think it's great that youtubers are being more open like this series niki is doing, jeffree star, alisha marie, gabbie hanna and so many more it's so great seeing the youtube community be open with the viewers obviously shane is inspiring people which is amazing

  38. Emily Leung

    Emily Leung2 months ago

    Why does both their makeup look weird??

  39. Yequisha and Carles's World

    Yequisha and Carles's World2 months ago

    Jessie just be yourself and remember your a #Unicorn!

  40. Sheila Bow

    Sheila Bow2 months ago

    The “she copied Shane” thing is stupid. People have been interviewing people about mental health and problems forever

  41. Grace Bolster

    Grace Bolster2 months ago

    Your hair is so pretty

  42. Mothflight Jayfeather

    Mothflight Jayfeather2 months ago

    how do you know if you have social anxiety?

  43. Nicole Vyse

    Nicole Vyse2 months ago

    people at my school still call people gay as an offensive word but then they go and say “gay is okay” and it’s so annoying because some people say it around me and i get super quiet cause i’m bi and i get offended and once my friend who knows i’m bi once said “stop you fag” and i was right next to her and she knew i heard it and i got so quiet and she said sorry and i know it was an accident but she knows it bothers me and it’s offensive to me so it was kinda sad

  44. BrookeLynn Wilson

    BrookeLynn Wilson2 months ago

    Soooo I lost my very best friend coming out she was amazing but she did not appreciate it

  45. Graci Chandler

    Graci Chandler2 months ago

    she was crying before this?

  46. Kawaii Panda

    Kawaii Panda2 months ago

    This series is so amazing

  47. superburx in the sun

    superburx in the sun2 months ago

    Copying Shane fake trash

  48. Jesilei Miklus

    Jesilei Miklus2 months ago

    You are so brave to come out like that stay HAPPY 😁😋stay brave🌻 PRIDE 🌈 🦄

  49. Brithzy girl

    Brithzy girl2 months ago

    I support the lgbtq+. Most of my friends are lgbtq+ and they know that i will always care for them even if they are different. 🤞🌈

  50. RandomKgirl

    RandomKgirl2 months ago

    #loveislove 🌈🌈 #ally

  51. Maya Pollock

    Maya Pollock2 months ago

    I’m so happy that she can soit cause I needed that when she came out was when I started questioning and i think I’m bi but idk yet I’m still not sure it’s so hard I al,ost came out to my friand yesterday today and i was thinking about this weekend. UGH why is this so hard.

  52. Amanda Rebc

    Amanda Rebc2 months ago

    Am i the only one who linked her apartment to the one of Burke and Cristina in Grey's Anatomy? LMAO

  53. Na’s random Thoughts

    Na’s random Thoughts2 months ago

    I love you and Jessie you probs don’t know me but I have followed the both of you for a long time

  54. ᴛʏʟᴇʀ ᴀɴᴅ ᴍᴀx

    ᴛʏʟᴇʀ ᴀɴᴅ ᴍᴀx2 months ago

    the echo is bothering me

  55. Tiger9302

    Tiger93022 months ago


  56. Heather Kitchens

    Heather Kitchens2 months ago

    Let's help

  57. T A

    T A2 months ago

    I didn’t think she was in the closet, but good on her for finally saying who she is out loud! 🌈

  58. Ginny Weasley

    Ginny Weasley2 months ago

    I love how more youtubers are doing these types of series because it helps us understand and is trying to help others and break out of there shell

  59. Rahaf 906

    Rahaf 9062 months ago

    Jessie’s Highlighter is everything ✨😍

  60. Cassie Fults

    Cassie Fults2 months ago

    I just want to thank you so much for spreading this message and I think you are so amazing to be bringing us all closer to the you tubers we follow 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  61. Emma H

    Emma H2 months ago

    Kids still talk about that all the time.. lesbian and gay is still word used as an attack

  62. Aboodi II

    Aboodi II2 months ago

    I love this series so much

  63. Kristin Solli

    Kristin Solli2 months ago

    You go girl!!!!❤

  64. Txaxixnxy Fxnxexy

    Txaxixnxy Fxnxexy2 months ago

    You rock that blue hair xxx💙💙

  65. Helen Hernandez

    Helen Hernandez2 months ago

    **AHEM** , Excuse me. You spelled it wrong, it’s JESSYEE our meme father.

  66. Makayla Harris

    Makayla Harris2 months ago

    do liza koshy

  67. kiairaaaxo

    kiairaaaxo2 months ago

    I love this series but I think you need to start jumping out of the beauty community and talk to you tubers that aren’t in that community

  68. imma stan to a lot of ppl

    imma stan to a lot of ppl2 months ago

    so what if she is copying shane? there both trying to spread positivity and awareness, the most people the better. ❤️

  69. Dj Joy Drummy

    Dj Joy Drummy2 months ago

    After watching this video and jessies 2 coming out vids I decided to come out to my mum and im so happy about it ty x

  70. Lola Kehoe

    Lola Kehoe2 months ago

    Everything is rainbow omg lol

  71. Emma Downey

    Emma Downey2 months ago

    I actually thought that Jessi Paege had already come out judging from her videos. That’s interesting.

  72. Elena Crowe

    Elena Crowe2 months ago

    She's shiny af (literally)

  73. sherein hussein

    sherein hussein2 months ago

    Thanks you are the best I am going through depression from getting bullied

  74. sherein hussein

    sherein hussein2 months ago

    Thanks you are the best I am going through depression from getting bullied

  75. Zoé Servant

    Zoé Servant2 months ago

    I’m closeted to my family and friends and when Niki said I can’t imagine having social anxiety and being closeted, I just raised my hand like yep another person right here

  76. Gym Doll

    Gym Doll2 months ago

    I have social anxiety and I am closeted, not good combo :v

  77. Cheese Stick

    Cheese Stick2 months ago

    im in that stage where i don't know if im bi or not lmao

  78. JesusHatesMe

    JesusHatesMe2 months ago

    I remember ages ago her saying she was bi

  79. Amazing Cookie

    Amazing Cookie2 months ago

    The girls in my school always make jokes about someone being lesbian and we all don’t know if there is a lesbian in the room and how they’re gonna feel

  80. Syeda Gulbun Zaidi

    Syeda Gulbun Zaidi2 months ago

    does any boy else think the intro looks like the intro for love island.

  81. tinna G

    tinna G3 months ago

    the audio is kinda ecoie

  82. himynameissacred

    himynameissacred3 months ago

    5:11 yeah in locker rooms no one talks like that anymore, they either twerk in underwear or try to hide. And like in my school at least it doesn't matter your sexuality like it's like yeah whatever

  83. Lyly Bunny

    Lyly Bunny3 months ago

    This has made me confident and strong and happy and I AM PROUD TO BE BI!

  84. lSoccer Lizethl

    lSoccer Lizethl3 months ago

    I already knew becuz of STORYBOOTH

  85. Chi Nguyen

    Chi Nguyen3 months ago

    U should do the Gabbie show

  86. EvIn97

    EvIn973 months ago

    omggg jessie lives in the apartments that are in the outdoor mall I work at!

  87. G V

    G V3 months ago

    Ayeeeee tøp ♥️♥️

  88. X X

    X X3 months ago

    @nikidemar Niki Demar do it with adelaine Morin or cloe couture 💛💛💜💜💛💛💜💜💛💛💜💜💛💛💜💜💛

  89. Gaby Trash

    Gaby Trash3 months ago

    Why u coping Shane dawson

  90. Gaby Trash

    Gaby Trash2 months ago

    • Cøøkie Islas • but she does not give him credit you Bitch

  91. • Cøøkie Islas •

    • Cøøkie Islas •2 months ago

    Gaby Trash Shane is not the only one who can makes this type of videos and I think it is good that Shane is inspiring other MReporterrs to make this type of videos

  92. Kori Hawks

    Kori Hawks3 months ago

    As soon as I read the title I started clapping in my head

  93. ༄briana༄ !

    ༄briana༄ !3 months ago

    What does she mean by closet?

  94. • Cøøkie Islas •

    • Cøøkie Islas •2 months ago

    The closet is what it is called when a person hides who they are like if a person is hiding the fact that they are gay

  95. Bella's dollhouse

    Bella's dollhouse3 months ago

    Before someone who is LGBT+ comes out and publicly identifies as LGBT+ - Closet

  96. Carolina fghjklkjhgfdfg

    Carolina fghjklkjhgfdfg3 months ago

    Is Shane the only MReporterr allowed to interview other MReporterrs about their life?!😤😐

  97. Daphne W

    Daphne W3 months ago

    I’m 11 and I think I’m bi how do I know and how old should I tell my parents

  98. • Cøøkie Islas •

    • Cøøkie Islas •2 months ago

    Daphne W it doesn’t matter if you want to tell them now tell them their is no age limit I’m also bi and I’m 12

  99. Brilyn Vlogs

    Brilyn Vlogs3 months ago

    I freaking love 21 piløts

  100. • Cøøkie Islas •

    • Cøøkie Islas •2 months ago


  101. Jess Lee

    Jess Lee3 months ago

    Niki i think you have really found what you were meant to do on youtube this series is amazing

  102. Emilyrose vlogs

    Emilyrose vlogs3 months ago

    Can u do a video with misstiffanyma please

  103. Kimmy Lou

    Kimmy Lou3 months ago

    What was that “blah blah” word???

  104. Athena Penelope

    Athena Penelope3 months ago

    You and Shane are seriously gifts from god. Thank you so much for making these videos 💕💕

  105. CoCo Thenurd

    CoCo Thenurd3 months ago

    Why does this have more views than the actual coming-out video?

  106. Hannah Sutherland

    Hannah Sutherland3 months ago

    please start a the truth about channel!!!

  107. Sophie Woods

    Sophie Woods3 months ago

    This give me sm anxiety 😢

  108. Caitlyn Turtle

    Caitlyn Turtle3 months ago

    Omg iam so happy for her iam 14 and iam bi and have been in my first relshionship with a girl for 3 months 2 weeks and a day and I came out to my mum about 3 months ago and could never be happier x

  109. The Evil Alpaca

    The Evil Alpaca3 months ago

    Uh copying Shane Dawson?