The Stunning Transformation Of Kylie Jenner


  1. Nicki Swift

    Nicki Swift8 months ago

    Which of Kylie's looks is your favorite?

  2. LazarBeam LazarBum LazarFace

    LazarBeam LazarBum LazarFace2 days ago

    Nicki Swift none

  3. tamya nevels

    tamya nevels7 days ago

    Landon Le no she dont u mad cause she look better than you the only thing she got is lips did so stop hatin

  4. Bubun Riana

    Bubun Riana9 days ago

    Nicki Swift her teen look was really good n natural ❤❤❤

  5. mirai mirao

    mirai miraoMonth ago

    Nicki Swift 2015

  6. Art Montoya

    Art MontoyaMonth ago

    All of them!

  7. Mikkhiel Akbar

    Mikkhiel Akbar4 hours ago

    And now she has lips big as balloon's

  8. yasmin1343

    yasmin134322 hours ago

    Omg idiot speaker she forget about her makeup by 16 she had many surgeries already

  9. DaWahine79

    DaWahine79Day ago

    Where’s the credit to her A-mazing plastic surgeons??? They are the real artists here!

  10. Ali

    Ali2 days ago

    She repaired her face and body 👌🏻 yay! Stunning! (Natural is always better)

  11. Faviola Martinez

    Faviola Martinez2 days ago

    She looks soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much different the so it’s going to annoy u but it’s true she changed a lot and I mean a lottt

  12. Pablo Rodriguez

    Pablo Rodriguez2 days ago

    She faker than jewlery from the gumball machine 😂😂😂😂

  13. LazarBeam LazarBum LazarFace

    LazarBeam LazarBum LazarFace2 days ago

    She has no talent.

  14. Dani K

    Dani K2 days ago

    Welll done Mr. Doctor. I wanna be operated by you! Kylie, tell me who is this god!

  15. Domino

    Domino3 days ago

    2014- brow lift, lip fillers, nose job, teeth fixed, jaw fixed

  16. Kelsey Kelley

    Kelsey Kelley4 days ago

    Like who cares if they get stuff done but stop freaking lying about it we’re not stupid. It’s obvious you’ve had a lot more crap done.

  17. Derpy Doggy

    Derpy Doggy5 days ago

    I like teal hair don’t care, cuz she looks like a normal human being.

  18. Priya Bains

    Priya Bains5 days ago

    i hate her

  19. Han

    Han5 days ago

    Why did she say her eyes are green/yellow on the Travis Scott question vid, when they're obviously brown?

  20. NaturalCanadian

    NaturalCanadian6 days ago

    "Adorable tween"??? Your joking right?

  21. Raul Shankar

    Raul Shankar6 days ago

    But tbh she looks better........

  22. M R

    M R7 days ago

    Tbh she does look better...she should stop now though but whatever floats her boat.

  23. Big bank Take lil bank

    Big bank Take lil bank7 days ago

    From having a twig body and normal lips, to peachy lips and being a Hourglass. Lots of changes. 😂

  24. Janet Michel

    Janet Michel7 days ago

    Shocking, all these procedures should be banned, it’s criminal. Wait until she gets older she’s going to look like an old hag. She started off by lying saying she hadn’t done anything to her thin spiteful lips, she starting to look like an African American.

  25. Kathleen Wilson

    Kathleen Wilson8 days ago

    You mean the plastic transformation...Kris def pushed her into growing up too fast. Her own house at 18 and a baby at 20. Gotta admit she is gorgeous though. Too bad she choose the ugliest guy in CA to be with whose probably just enjoying the gravy train

  26. Carlos Arias

    Carlos Arias9 days ago


  27. Carlos Arias

    Carlos Arias9 days ago


  28. Rawr Xd

    Rawr Xd9 days ago

    Stunning ? What so stunning about her , we all know she use plastic surgery .

  29. Feel Free To Subscribe

    Feel Free To Subscribe10 days ago

    Going green, that Kylie meme.

  30. Feel Free To Subscribe

    Feel Free To Subscribe10 days ago

    She looks 17 at 13...

  31. Lefty Cooks

    Lefty Cooks11 days ago

    she can basically do whatever she's her own body anw. Besides for me, she looks better now

  32. daddy wendy

    daddy wendy11 days ago

    The Plastic Transformation Of Kylie Jenner

  33. alfonso hernandez

    alfonso hernandez14 days ago

    Everyone knows kylie for all the plastic surgery and stuff but dont realise that she is actually very pretty without all of that

  34. Deborah Mack

    Deborah Mack16 days ago

    Kylie looks so much older than Kendall now. Very sad. When she is 25 she will look 40.

  35. appolospbvxr

    appolospbvxr16 days ago

    Doesnt mention about the other obvious things that drastically grew bigger over night.

  36. Leah Danastasio

    Leah Danastasio17 days ago

    They just ALL look YUCK now!

  37. Wongwongwong 1000

    Wongwongwong 100017 days ago

    When she had no plastic surgery done. She is just fake and she is not a self made billionaire. She was always rich. No one can say self made when you are born rich. It’s like inheritance. Also the whole Kardashian family has to stop talking because they don’t know anything.

  38. Tori Assise

    Tori Assise17 days ago

    teal hair was good

  39. Longboard Stoner

    Longboard Stoner18 days ago

    Honestly a little lip fillers she looked good but she went overboard so much!

  40. james88

    james8820 days ago

    Kim 2.0

  41. Zoya's point / Fashion, beauty&more

    Zoya's point / Fashion, beauty&more20 days ago

    I would have looked much better than her if had got such surgeries and grooming done by a team of experts

  42. Zoya's point / Fashion, beauty&more

    Zoya's point / Fashion, beauty&more20 days ago

    Stunning plastic surgeries

  43. Rhi Rhi

    Rhi Rhi21 day ago


  44. A

    A23 days ago

    Nose teeth jaw lips eyebrow breasts ass. Basically everywhere

  45. Mel4227

    Mel422723 days ago

    If her lips were making herself insecure, and she was happy to get plastic surgery, then do it. If you want to feel better about yourself and your willing why not?

  46. Kinga L

    Kinga L24 days ago


  47. N- Ing

    N- Ing24 days ago

    Genetics are genetics..... at least she has the cash to pay for her offsprings surgeries when they look like the dough ball face she was before

  48. Sheena Rugjee

    Sheena Rugjee24 days ago

    All she does is show women how to be insecure about them selves and how make up and cosmetics are what you need to make yourself feel better. Remember people. If you don't accept yourself for you, no one else will

  49. Janel Aygör

    Janel Aygör25 days ago

    Stunning??? HELL NO

  50. Dennis Gabah

    Dennis Gabah25 days ago

    They just hated how God created them and that's sad

  51. Gregory Cooper

    Gregory Cooper26 days ago

    Honestly Kylie used to be the ugliest Kardashian but now that title goes to Kendall!

  52. Madeline Walsh

    Madeline Walsh27 days ago

    For the people bagging her out for lip injections, SHE HID FROM YOU SO YOU PEOPLE WOULDN'T GO AND DO IT THINKING IT WAS THE ONLY WAY TO BIG LIPS. And then when she admits it to you you start accusing her of other plastic surg surgery, give her a break. JEEZ

  53. sidra malik20

    sidra malik2027 days ago

    She has removed fillers bcz of haters 😧😧😧

  54. Bad Riri

    Bad Riri28 days ago

    "Stunnig transformation" ? You better say "plastic transformation"

  55. franscesca lewars

    franscesca lewars29 days ago

    I really don’t care let her be

  56. Christina _

    Christina _Month ago

    “Hot mama to be” That’s a little creepy ngl

  57. Real me

    Real meMonth ago

    shes pretty still . Every one Grown beauty, Idiot!

  58. Gacha Wolf Pack

    Gacha Wolf PackMonth ago

    She’s the only teen who got plastic surgery in early age

  59. Gacha Wolf Pack

    Gacha Wolf PackMonth ago

    I think Kendal is the only one who didn’t get a plastic surgery

  60. Shruti Ghosh

    Shruti GhoshMonth ago

    She is plastic..

  61. Golden era girls

    Golden era girlsMonth ago

    Kylie Jenner, beauty icon? Darlings, Grace Kelly was a beautiful icon! This is a big difference!

  62. Nikki Marie

    Nikki MarieMonth ago

    She looks completely fuckin different.

  63. sang rasConnie

    sang rasConnieMonth ago

    Why does she look older than 11 when she's 11?Anyways,my question should be why do the 'whites' always look older than their ages or it's us that look younger than our ages lmao...

  64. DanPhil Hill

    DanPhil HillMonth ago

    Kylie looks like a noodle with blonde hair. The darker hair suits her better in my opinion.

  65. DanPhil Hill

    DanPhil HillMonth ago

    This society makes me feel sort of insecure about my lips.

  66. khushi mishra

    khushi mishraMonth ago

    I think she looked much prettier before doing the lip job. I don't understand how some people can be so mad.

  67. Krazzy2 1

    Krazzy2 1Month ago

    Honestly, “chameleon” is the perfect word, she looks different everryy damn year!!!! And she changed alittle too much over these years...

  68. MEawesome7791

    MEawesome7791Month ago

    All is fakeeee

  69. Rewa Naveen

    Rewa NaveenMonth ago

    most successful plastic surgery ever

  70. Andrew VanDeKamp

    Andrew VanDeKampMonth ago

    But she took a very good doc, he did an awesome job on her.

  71. lavenderfields

    lavenderfieldsMonth ago


  72. Meera bai

    Meera baiMonth ago

    How old is she?

  73. Stacia Hanover

    Stacia HanoverMonth ago

    July 10th 2018 still had some lip fillers her original lips were really thin and she was never up front about it what bull!

  74. Teresa Curniffe

    Teresa CurniffeMonth ago


  75. Avakin life Chloe

    Avakin life ChloeMonth ago

    If you showed me a pic of her when she was younger I wouldn’t guess that was her

  76. Neslihan Atagül

    Neslihan AtagülMonth ago

    She just grow up I mean yea she did a plastic surgery but this doesn't mean that she changed if you are 20 year old go and look your 13-14 year old pic you changed did you did a plastic surgery? Nop

  77. Parul Vats

    Parul VatsMonth ago

    2:45 As if you already listen to your mom 😂

  78. Pants

    PantsMonth ago

    That’s an entire different person

  79. xxcharmedxx530

    xxcharmedxx530Month ago

    She might be plastic but you're lying to yourself if you're saying she looks bad because she doesn't.

  80. Renee Mechelle

    Renee MechelleMonth ago

    She use to look so much her daddy. She got a whole new face.

  81. Potato Looking ass

    Potato Looking assMonth ago

    Remember people, your not ugly. You’re just broke

  82. Lauren Mizner

    Lauren MiznerMonth ago

    It's funny all of you people have something to say because they look good if you don't like it then don't watch it she is so beautiful and talented wish you luck and

  83. Kami Kaze

    Kami KazeMonth ago

    Its pretty obvious this is showing plastic surgery every where😤😤😤😤😤

  84. Hahaha Hahaha

    Hahaha HahahaMonth ago

    To me shes ugly ._.

  85. Kristen Almonte

    Kristen AlmonteMonth ago

    Looks like a completely different person. It is amazing what plastic surgeons did.

  86. Theresa May

    Theresa MayMonth ago

    U know just sick of all this plastic artificial looks women are goin for should we all undergo surgery that way we all look fake

  87. Wiccian

    WiccianMonth ago

    Let's be honest, that was money well spent.


    ᎶᏒᎪᏟᎬᏆhᎬᎶᎾᎠ_ᎪᏉᎪMonth ago

    It's not really stunning on the plastic

  89. Mick Rogue

    Mick RogueMonth ago

    Not even allowed to develop her own identity and individuality. She is simply being groomed by her older siblings.

  90. baezaileen713

    baezaileen713Month ago

    You meant to say: the amazing work by her surgeons...

  91. webguy943

    webguy943Month ago

    I can look like a model too if i had millions of dollars worth of surgery.

  92. Michelle

    MichelleMonth ago

    Toned down was her best Lewk

  93. Lisa Marie

    Lisa MarieMonth ago

    she looks like a Bratz doll

  94. secret giggle

    secret giggleMonth ago

    Lol she looks absolutely different from her former self 😱😱😂😂😂

  95. Mariya Seby

    Mariya SebyMonth ago

    How old is she

  96. Tracy L

    Tracy LMonth ago

    LOL ..she didn't "make herself" into anything. Her mom's first husband defended a murderer. Her sister made a sex tape. Her mother whored them all out. And amazingly, her "fans" don't stop to realize that she has no actual talent.

  97. TK G

    TK GMonth ago

    My compliments to the plastic surgeon!

  98. Kenneth Bergan

    Kenneth BerganMonth ago

    Why am I watching this...?

  99. love is my pain

    love is my painMonth ago

    All lips?? What about the boob, hips? And the booty??!🙄

  100. Petronila Del Carmen

    Petronila Del CarmenMonth ago

    Bitch what abt the iconic rainbow wig???

  101. Maria Camila Vega

    Maria Camila VegaMonth ago

    Let's be honest She is obviously enhanced, but the surgeons did a great job

  102. Volardragon 77

    Volardragon 77Month ago

    This is not Puberty its called *money*

  103. Wiccian

    WiccianMonth ago

    Money well spent.

  104. Bee extraordinary

    Bee extraordinaryMonth ago

    The sad transformation.

  105. nimra habib

    nimra habibMonth ago

    She has gone from a sweet ,natural girl to shameless and plastic beauty.

  106. Sweet Tears

    Sweet TearsMonth ago

    This literally is mostly about her hair. This isn't what I can for 😓

  107. Sweet Tears

    Sweet TearsMonth ago

    2:56 low-key looks like Dinah Jane from fifth harmony.