The Strange (But True) History of Hysteria


  1. Miss Eddie Blue

    Miss Eddie Blue17 hours ago

    I can’t even imagine being a hypochondriac back then!! Omg being scared that my uterus is wandering around my body!! I would’ve been wearing perfumed underwear everyday!! 😅😋😹😹

  2. Meredith Volkman

    Meredith Volkman14 days ago

    They 100% could have figured something out over those hundreds of years, but they didn't bother because it was easier to just blame everything on the patients being women than actually assess them as complex human beings. The entire concept of hysteria was basically sexism at its finest, and I'm kind of disappointed that sexism wasn't mentioned once in this video.

  3. Keely Hayes-Davies

    Keely Hayes-Davies23 days ago

    Hysteria wasn't only used to describe why women were too emotional, or to explain a sickness they couldn't understand. It was used as justification for the denial of their rights, their education, and their agency. It had far more to do with finding biological justification for women's suppression that it did in finding explanations for sickness.

  4. wayne ben

    wayne ben23 days ago HOW do we treat it??

  5. Sara Kate

    Sara KateMonth ago

    Its TOOO BAADDD female hysteria isn't still recognized today :/ it would be GREAT if vibrators were covered by insurance, huh? Or if we women could go to hot doctors like that MReporter guy ;) for a nice "pelvic message" ..and instead of it being considered CHEATING its just GETTING CURED! 😄😁😂

  6. Claire Davies

    Claire DaviesMonth ago

    The uterus diagram!🤣 I thought I was looking at the,Pink Panther!!🤣

  7. Bificalera1

    Bificalera12 months ago

    Hysteria translated means crazy hyper in my language and it's refrenced when someone goes crazy and kill everyone they know . Is like a mix between paranoia and maniac personality .

  8. Lav lav

    Lav lav2 months ago

    Well my uterus is lazy as me... It doesn't move around much.....

  9. Desolo Zantas

    Desolo Zantas3 months ago

    Just like anxiety is to people!

  10. prince joopie

    prince joopie5 months ago

    Tuberculosis, you say? Laughable! Her uterus must just be in her lungs.

  11. Darcowmations

    Darcowmations5 months ago

    Oh no my uterus just got bored and left

  12. Leixa ღ Shipper

    Leixa ღ Shipper5 months ago

    This is unbelievable... And gross, the uterus roams!? Wtf

  13. Ethan Wagner

    Ethan Wagner6 months ago

    Hysteria: the ancestor of "Are you on your period?"

  14. Genzo Kun

    Genzo Kun6 months ago

    I just search Hysteria by Nano And this came up

  15. caro

    caro7 months ago

    I didn't know whether to laugh or facepalm for the entirety of the video

  16. Elka Sir

    Elka Sir7 months ago

    the moving uterus kinda sounds nighmarish tbh that feeling that you can feel your uterus moving around your body, it's unnerving

  17. belovedchaos1

    belovedchaos18 months ago

    Ohh thank goodness...and here I thought I was going crazy. Ha ha ha

  18. Guest Informant

    Guest Informant9 months ago

    This is happening with autism.

  19. qiaomei zhang

    qiaomei zhang9 months ago

    BeCaUsE ThAt Is ToTaLlY hOw It WoRkS

  20. [GD] Hali

    [GD] Hali9 months ago

    *3:35* Well.. now we know where that came from.

  21. Alyssa Weaver Nelson

    Alyssa Weaver Nelson9 months ago

    Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)

  22. Herbert Miller

    Herbert Miller9 months ago

    Next time I disagree with my girlfriend I'm going to say "Get your uterus back in place." I bet you that will work out well.

  23. Bessorah Rubenstein-Vered

    Bessorah Rubenstein-Vered9 months ago

    Funny story: Many women with endometriosis used to be diagnosed with Hysteria, and endometriosis is sort of like having your uterus wandering around, except it's only the lining and we don't really know now how it happens.

  24. Robot Zombie

    Robot Zombie9 months ago

    Didnt doctors masturbated female patients against their will?

  25. Joyce Chen

    Joyce Chen9 months ago

    it's the *hysteri* of hysteria

  26. Dan

    Dan9 months ago

    In defense of the doctors of that time, it doesn't seem that far fetched to think that the uterus can extend to higher reaches of the torso. When a woman is in the later stages of pregnancy, the uterus does stretch to be quite large to contain the unborn infant. It seems reasonable to think that it could reach at least that far, if not further when there's not a human growing in there. I'm doubtful that they thought it detached and wandered about on its own, so much as it stretched up and interfered with other organs. Obviously, we now know that the uterus doesn't really do that, but the idea isn't as ridiculous as this video makes it out to be. Sometimes the human body does some pretty strange things.

  27. MMM tis Moribund Murdoch!

    MMM tis Moribund Murdoch!9 months ago

    tarassis - The male equivlant of hysteria (which technically only applied to women)

  28. That Random Rabbit

    That Random Rabbit9 months ago

    This is so funny

  29. Barbara Ann Baugh

    Barbara Ann Baugh9 months ago

    Those symptoms sound a lot like PMS strange they never thought of chocolate :)

  30. WorldReligion

    WorldReligion9 months ago

    I enjoyed your video but I think you should've been more honest about the sexual assaults and rapes that happened on women when men said they were sick for no reason other than maybe they weren't feeling well or they had a mental issue to deal with

  31. the night hAunter f88k the 1%!! PRIVACY OR gen8cide

    the night hAunter f88k the 1%!! PRIVACY OR gen8cide9 months ago

    this videos hilarious.

  32. Teri Yama

    Teri Yama9 months ago

    I just think of Def Leppard and I’m happy

  33. Zenny Abanales

    Zenny Abanales9 months ago

    What's with the ancient hatred of the uterus? It's not like we went around blaming the testicles for wandering around your groin area causing health problems, then suggest that the only way to solve it was for men to get laid often. People back then were strange.

  34. Tori Green

    Tori Green9 months ago

    If only my doctors didn’t dismiss my symptoms as if they still believe in hysteria now...

  35. Pressity Smith

    Pressity Smith9 months ago

    WTF?! That was JUST removed from the DSM in 1980?!

  36. Cleaner White

    Cleaner White9 months ago

    that uterus in the thumbnail kinda look like Pink Panther

  37. Lady Alteria

    Lady Alteria9 months ago

    Oh Freud and your sex lol

  38. Mama Val Promise

    Mama Val Promise9 months ago

    Hey! Endometriosis *is* a thing! Look it up!

  39. Electro-Cute

    Electro-Cute9 months ago

    Wandering uterus made me dumber, oh gees @~@'

  40. RoisinV

    RoisinV9 months ago

    So basically, PMS has plagued us for thousands of years. 😕

  41. Marceliaan

    Marceliaan10 months ago

    Women can move their uterus back in place by twerking. It's a proven fact.

  42. DewDiePie Bich Lasagna

    DewDiePie Bich Lasagna10 months ago

    Man: My leg hurts. Doctor: You're ankle is sprained. Woman: My leg hurts. Doctor: Your uterus is wandering because you don't have enough sex. 😕

  43. Joy De

    Joy De10 months ago

    'Wandering uterus' must be metaphorical.. not literal..

  44. Brittney Burns

    Brittney Burns10 months ago

    Wandering uterus has made my day lol

  45. Piano With Corey

    Piano With Corey10 months ago

    It’s crazy that we’re going to look back at our current medical diagnoses and treatments in a couple hundred years and be shaking our heads just the same!

  46. pisceanrat

    pisceanrat10 months ago

    Bring back the goatee

  47. Kayla C.

    Kayla C.10 months ago

    Hysteria was in the DSM until 1980?? Yikes.

  48. Geneva Irons

    Geneva Irons10 months ago

    No wonder women's reproductve health still isn't well researched, look at how far behind we were only less than 100 years ago

  49. Geneva Irons

    Geneva Irons10 months ago

    On top of that, women are too often not taken seriously by their doctors, making it even more difficult for us to make progress

  50. Eyes of Supreme

    Eyes of Supreme10 months ago

    the hell...?

  51. harringaj

    harringaj10 months ago

    The same Greek base is why we call removing the uterus hysterectomy

  52. Okoboji

    Okoboji10 months ago

    Decades ago, I took a course in abnormal psychology, and the psychology professor lectured about this in a part of a presentation she gave on prevailing zeitgeists of the past. She also told us they would use smoldering dung to keep a woman’s uterus from wandering.

  53. 1-Minute Medical Terminology

    1-Minute Medical Terminology10 months ago

    Guess it will take another century or two for "uterectomy" to replace "hysterectomy" as a household word! 😉

  54. Jessalyn

    Jessalyn10 months ago

    There should be a follow up to this about how it has historically led doctors to repeatedly dismiss many female patients complaints as "emotional" or "hormonal" when they were having actual medical problems. "But don't take my word for it..." There's extensive case studies on this.

  55. Sarah Fey

    Sarah Fey10 months ago

    Is it bad that this will be the high point of my day? Probably...

  56. Katarina Bergqwist

    Katarina Bergqwist10 months ago

    You should all watch the movie Hysteria from 2011.

  57. kannddyy19

    kannddyy1910 months ago

    It really just seems like they had no explanation for periods...

  58. george boyd

    george boyd10 months ago

    Women are crazy... Cuz they're women!

  59. Zapphy Eff

    Zapphy Eff10 months ago

    'Your uterus is wandering around inside your body, you should get married and have babies about it' - a definitely qualified doctor.

  60. areamusicale

    areamusicale10 months ago

    I dare you to google "the first vibrator"!

  61. spindash64

    spindash6410 months ago

    welp, glad that nightmare's over. Now for society to catch up on the fact that men can have neurological disorders as well. ...yeah, I may have a slight angle here...

  62. at BitcoinJake09

    at BitcoinJake0910 months ago

    Omgroflmao.... Historical Ignorance

  63. luckyOcean_Cat

    luckyOcean_Cat10 months ago


  64. Zach

    Zach10 months ago

    Despite being removed from the DSM in 1980 Hysteria made a huge comeback in 1987 thanks to such hits as Pour Some Sugar on Me, Love Bites, and Armageddon It.

  65. greenjelly01

    greenjelly0110 months ago

    It's true... a woman's uterus got up and walked around right out of her body. It became Ann Coulter.

  66. Storyteller's Lullaby

    Storyteller's Lullaby10 months ago

    Considering how I saw a comment on it, do you guys think you could do a video on Endometriosis? As a long time viewer of your videos, you all made it so someone whose illness makes doing anything a dream can still learn & fall back in love with knowledge. Thank you. People that have the chronic illness don't have many allies because its either ignored, brushed aside 'cos it doesn't exist, and to have you all look into it will allow more people to be aware of this debilitating illness. ((Everyone is having a good laugh over the Wandering Uterus, but... Endo is basically that, but its the lining of the uterus that throughout the body.))

  67. bigghoss762

    bigghoss76210 months ago

    I think there was also a (un)healthy dose of "Doctor, my wife's not acting right. She's not giving me sex whenever I want and she's expressing independent thoughts."

  68. Exo's proud mama bear

    Exo's proud mama bear10 months ago

    Having sex regularly actually helps reducing depression and anxiety so they were kind of right about the solution

  69. jedigecko06

    jedigecko0610 months ago

    I honestly can't tell if that cartoon-uterus-with-a-face is cute or scary.

  70. warhawkjah

    warhawkjah10 months ago

    Scientists have a long history of accepting absurd theories as true because they fail to test them with basic logic. Whenever someone tells you most scientists think climate change is human caused just remember there was a time when they thought the uterus had a mind if it's own.

  71. MissLilyputt

    MissLilyputt10 months ago

    C’mon, doesn’t anyone want to tell people that they’re emotional because their uterus wandered to their elbow?

  72. ycr424

    ycr42410 months ago

    a long history of men not knowin what to do with uteruses n surrounding area. n what happened to whyyyyyy vibes were created. cuz docs got tired of diddlin women out of their "hysteria".......likely story doc. but funny how vibes are a multi million dollar industry for countless gals who still dont have a man or one who can finish the job. siiiiiiiigh, a womans work is never done. ;}

  73. 3 El Tercero

    3 El Tercero10 months ago

    I am a guy, Uterus Hysteria seems somewhat sexist. Where are the Women doctors to counter argue this belief.... Oh yeah in the kitchen Xray much to comfirm/disprove this quack belief.

  74. Corey McGuire

    Corey McGuire10 months ago

    Why didn't you have Dr. Doe guest host this one? She would have been perfect and it would have sent more viewers her way. Her channel is the most important channel on MReporter!

  75. Deshka Darkstorm

    Deshka Darkstorm10 months ago

    Uterus wandering around the body does kind of sound like an incredibly basic, misunderstood description of endometriosis though, which is a very common condition that needs more awareness.

  76. Michael Oscar

    Michael Oscar10 months ago

    Pre-20th century medicine is just terrifying

  77. Carol Peletier

    Carol Peletier10 months ago

    Oh dear husband, it pains me to say this... But my uterus ran off again. Could you help me find and catch it?

  78. Scopes

    Scopes10 months ago

    *Nasty Nas is your area 'bout to cause MASS HYSTERIA!*

  79. ped ro

    ped ro10 months ago

    Wow a lot of stuff from that show another period is making sense lol

  80. Pandæ •

    Pandæ •10 months ago

    {\_/} (x_x) Bunny lived a good life.. /v v\

  81. Skoih

    Skoih10 months ago

    For pleasure or for belief? I mean they did make a vibrator so maybe they probably thought it was a cure.

  82. Sprat-Lane

    Sprat-Lane10 months ago

    but I actually do experience hysteria during my menstrual tho...😂😂😂

  83. Matt Bachmann

    Matt Bachmann10 months ago

    Yea the Sawbones podcast covered this much better like two years ago.

  84. NihilisticEntropy

    NihilisticEntropy10 months ago

    We thought they were wrong, but now...

  85. sent4dc

    sent4dc10 months ago

    Hmm, actually diagnosing it as "not enough sex" still sounds like a good idea. How do I get my gf's doctor read this?

  86. Veo 16

    Veo 1610 months ago

    what the hell is hysteria?

  87. Deividas NC

    Deividas NC10 months ago

    they use IBS now then can't find anything

  88. SayWhat?

    SayWhat?10 months ago

    Rarely are real solutions/answers found for anything [with any pressing importance] where someone financially and/or physically benefits from the current state of ignorance. "Yes mam, you have hysteria! Would you prefer to buy my expensive tonic or be cured by my firm medical shaft of discretion?"

  89. mr. tata

    mr. tata10 months ago

    Ha! Lady parts😉

  90. Pragnan Saha

    Pragnan Saha10 months ago

    Fear the almighty UTERUS !!!

  91. Plotuis Sonatas

    Plotuis Sonatas10 months ago

    This is not what I read in the ancient medical records. Where on earth did he get This? Smelling salts were only used to revive or prevent swooning from malnutrition.

  92. Quaglium Quagnarr

    Quaglium Quagnarr10 months ago

    1:43 Reel it in with a coat hanger

  93. Quaglium Quagnarr

    Quaglium Quagnarr10 months ago

    I want the next Mars Rover to be called "Wandering Uterus."

  94. High Preist Of The Children Of Tom

    High Preist Of The Children Of Tom10 months ago

    Not a single Muse joke was made. Disliked

  95. Devon Roberts

    Devon Roberts10 months ago

    So back then doctors didn’t admit when they don’t know what is wrong and blamed it on general misunderstood diseases?! Jeez, glad that doctors are sooooo much different nowawadays..

  96. spijkerpoes

    spijkerpoes10 months ago

    Well, i might have to disagree on the progress we supposed to have made. Please watch Jennifer Brea

  97. Daniel Turner

    Daniel Turner10 months ago

    MS used to be considered hysteria, many me/cfs patients are wrongly diagnosed with conversion disorder.

  98. nunyo biznez

    nunyo biznez10 months ago

    Well, women are more emotional than men, but the "wandering uterus" is a bit odd.

  99. Babydoll Jim

    Babydoll Jim10 months ago

    Some still believe it’s the fault of the uterus if you have “emotional problems” (my parents for example). I just got a hysterectomy and my dad said: “maybe you’ll be relieved of some of your emotional issues now...” 😂😂😂 my whole life they had me believing that my depression or moodiness was because of my periods! 😂😂😂. Yea, the notion still exists...

  100. Lau Frances

    Lau Frances10 months ago

    How disturbing, woman were forced to have sex

  101. Raul M.

    Raul M.10 months ago

    And Number one selling "Consumer Electronic" product is!?..." Ding!!!!🙈