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    Facebook : :D

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    FunChannel awards won by Lionel messi

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    FunChannel dca

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    Uploaded the video of footballs greatest! Thief

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    MESSI is higher than ronaldo

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    I love messi

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    I love you messi lam the fan of your😍😘😙😚👦👌⚽

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    Messi !


    TECH WITH FAIZAN5 days ago

    LM 10 Is The Best MESSI is the king of the football MESSI is the KING of the KINGS

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    michael constantino5 days ago

    messi is the greatest player ever. like this one if you agree.

  12. Jawad Ahmad

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    The best

  13. Leng Gangte

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    I wonder there is a person who still likes a selfish Ronaldo

  14. Faisal Ahmed

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    The structure of football was made in the history of pele.. maradona..zidan..garincha ..Carlos and so on..pele won his first world cup at the age of 17 and even won 3 world cups for his country and maradona too won the world cup by his greatness...afterwards whenever a new wanna be good player came we said that he will be new maradona..then Lionel Messi came ..and as we know people started to call him the new maradona first..but eventually they learned the name ..and it was Lionel Messi. .not by his shirt first but by his greatness..nowadays whenever we search or look for a wanna be good player around the world we say him "The New Messi"..not pele or Ronaldo lima or Christiano or even maradona...some people would say that cause there would be no-one like them...Instead of arguing I totally agree with them by saying the last word that there would be no one like "Lionel Messi "either..and some people would like to say that he could not achieve something for his country...then i also agree with them by asking the question then why the people of his country and the world football lovers wanted him back to see him playing..because my friends it's not the cup that always touches the's something called love ..more precious than anything in this world. ..and it's such a shame that we got only one life time to see him playing..but we also should cherish that blessing...The name of "Lionel Messi" would be written as "the greatest player of all time" . I don't particularly like or hate Jose Mourinho..but only respect him..because we don't have the right to judge someone..whether we like him or not..The best thing about Jose Mourinho that toched my heart his opinion" it's a pity that we can not stop the clock.we only got some time for the greatest player to watch him..and when he retires we all will cry cause we won't be seeing him play anymore as he getting older and older, it's such a pity".. "The magician"..

  15. Achilleas Kotridis

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    Runs veri fast with ⚽ stuck on foot and plays zic zac like (2T engine go cart )its the best.

  16. Pat McTallica

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    .................and if I am the 40th thousend post here. He is the best ever. The very best ever. But unfulfilled.

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  18. Camiir Abdi

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    I really need to meet messi am helpless here in Kenya and I now how to play

  19. Abhinay Malasi

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    This man is now the captain of this club.

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    Messi is the best

  21. Lionel Messi

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    Born for football....

  22. Henrietta salem

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    Messi is the messiah of football while Ronaldo is just a ruler there have been many great rulers like Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar but since time there has only been 1 messiah Jesus Christ 2 if you count messi in football

  23. Henrietta salem

    Henrietta salem16 days ago

    How says the left leg is not good he plays with only one leg yet still greater than Ronaldo who plays both legs am I right


    PALFY MYBOII!!20 days ago

    Messi has a much better personality than Marodona.

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  26. Yosef Wibowo

    Yosef Wibowo23 days ago

    What? Still not good enough to win a world cup? Just move to Italy already..

  27. Roy Ragmac

    Roy Ragmac25 days ago

    Messi so great because so fast kick from troy you are so great messi messi meesi

  28. Yam Roka Magar

    Yam Roka Magar25 days ago

    Love you Messi from Nepal

  29. Pham Minh Nhat

    Pham Minh Nhat26 days ago

    who can control the ball and though pass 4,5,6.. others like Messi? Natural!

  30. christine uwamwezi

    christine uwamwezi26 days ago

    I will be like messi

  31. Vumilia Noella Etie

    Vumilia Noella Etie26 days ago

    Messi is the king

  32. saurabh bhandari

    saurabh bhandari27 days ago

    Messi....😍:-) 😍:-)

  33. fatima Sadiq

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    Messi the greatest player in the world

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  35. Sadg Ali

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  36. Baraka Peles

    Baraka PelesMonth ago

    it will never be messi to be better than Christiano ronaldo

  37. Baraka Peles

    Baraka PelesMonth ago

    it will never be messi to be better than Christiano ronaldo

  38. andrew stanley

    andrew stanleyMonth ago

    i was same at that age just never made it sadly i missed it i was too old they said to make this team to further my carreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer well fuck shit i was gutted

  39. Sahil Wani

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  40. erick carioca71

    erick carioca71Month ago

    Messi, o verdadeiro gênio e fenômeno

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    Messi is the best player in the world👌👌👌He is my life,Messi i love you so much💟💖💕💋💋

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    World's best footballer I want to be like MESSI

  43. Ellie leo

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    Messi is 👑👑❤❤❤❤💪💪💪👏👏👏👏👏🔝🔝⚽🐐

  44. King Pro Alb.

    King Pro Alb.Month ago

    Messi is not from this world.He is a "GOD"

  45. Sulton Gabriel

    Sulton Gabriel27 days ago

    Not much people know but the best soccer player is Pele as people call him the GOD of soccer

  46. Sulton Gabriel

    Sulton Gabriel27 days ago

    Messi is not the best player in the world

  47. Nad

    NadMonth ago

    it is sad to say that there are better players in the world than Messi and Ronaldo, but because poverty they didn't have the chance to play.

  48. doshin7777

    doshin7777Month ago

    The best footballer ever is messi but no CUP.

  49. Litsa Mega

    Litsa MegaMonth ago


  50. Carlos Navarro

    Carlos NavarroMonth ago

    He doesn't win anything with the Argentinian team.

  51. Nathan Kolbe

    Nathan KolbeMonth ago

    Ronaldhino is such a sweet guy, bless him.

  52. Michael Neil

    Michael NeilMonth ago

    G.O.A.T. Greatest of all time!

  53. Cristiono Ronaldo

    Cristiono RonaldoMonth ago

    Wait what?? Cr7 is better than Messi

  54. Salin Shakya

    Salin ShakyaMonth ago

    Messi is the best if he loses or if he wins he is the best

  55. sol gonzalez

    sol gonzalezMonth ago

    CR7>lm10 lm10 is lamme

  56. zeo legend

    zeo legendMonth ago

    for my man, messi,back in the day in the day everyone said messi was small but nowadays for the tall messi seems mythical. messi helps others as if they were his brothers or sisters. but what makes him a god footballer is the fact he couldn't prove science even more wronger

  57. Valentin Condeescu

    Valentin CondeescuMonth ago

    Football has a nickname .MESSI. Romanian fan.I saw no player bigger.Because, wasn't.

  58. Abdulrahman Faaz

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    Messiiiiii... 😎😎😎

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    Messi the great

  60. Mahmoud Babikir

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    Ronaldo doesn't have good players on his team not like Messi thats why Barcelona is better...

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    Ronaldo And Messi all they the best

  62. Kina Nzangmei

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    The best ever player in da world😍😍😍

  63. Todd Whitaker

    Todd WhitakerMonth ago

    1Messi 2Ronaldinho 3Ronaldo 4Zlatan 5Modric the top 5 in my opinion

  64. Jose Gomez

    Jose GomezMonth ago

    He’s good but my dude is CR7

  65. munozrandolph

    munozrandolphMonth ago

    messi in the world cup never smiles lol

  66. Tarq Baba

    Tarq BabaMonth ago

    Maradona is a legend on pitch. His talks makes sense.

  67. subir bandyopadhyay

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    I love messi I am ur biggest fan

  68. Abhinash Lama

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    god LAM

  69. Sattu Rai

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  70. Dfr Dgg

    Dfr DggMonth ago



    SIDDIKA FAZELMonth ago

    11:47 that face of sucsses

  72. love flower

    love flowerMonth ago

    12:20 was his lip bleeding or am I tripping

  73. Rum V

    Rum VMonth ago

    The Legend. Greatest Ever!

  74. Graciela Martinez

    Graciela MartinezMonth ago

    Ronaldinho Gaucho ei rey joga bonito

  75. Claire Chenn

    Claire ChennMonth ago

    You or so cool

  76. Muhammad Luqman Hakim Mazlan

    Muhammad Luqman Hakim MazlanMonth ago

    10:06 goosebumps!!!!

  77. ClassicPlayz

    ClassicPlayzMonth ago

    I remember those days, Pedro, messi, and villa, iniesta, busquets, and xavi... I loved watching them play

  78. Tenzin Sonam

    Tenzin SonamMonth ago

    Winner winner chicken dinner

  79. Nabina Subedi

    Nabina SubediMonth ago

    Lionel messi king of football & greatest footballer ever love you from Nepal

  80. vidsscreen

    vidsscreenMonth ago

    He's rubbish !

  81. Mahir Hussain

    Mahir HussainMonth ago

    Why does messi always look like he’s holding a laugh

  82. Jenish Timsina

    Jenish TimsinaMonth ago

    Messi is best but ronaldo is worst

  83. Bravo elano

    Bravo elanoMonth ago

    Jogador nbe kualidade ha mundo

  84. Ulisses Porto

    Ulisses PortoMonth ago

    It's easy to be "Great" when you are playing along Xavi and Iniesta!! Give me a f... break! He is very good but not the best. What has he done for the Argentina national team??? If he is so incredible, how come they always fail at World Cups? The answer is very simple. The Argentina national team has no Xavi and no Iniesta to support him. Very simple. R7, Ronaldo(Brazil), Ronaldinho, they are better.

  85. KDee

    KDeeMonth ago

    Messi is the greatest of all time. ⚽️✊🏿

  86. krishaant singh

    krishaant singh2 months ago

    Z %

  87. gaming clasher

    gaming clasher2 months ago

    Love you messi you are god

  88. MrPorkncheese

    MrPorkncheese2 months ago

    Hehe ye never give up. Apart from the national team where he gives up... LoL

  89. Kevin Luhuu

    Kevin Luhuu2 months ago

    At the end of the video was a Spanish commentator, lol

  90. Aaron Phillips

    Aaron Phillips2 months ago

    Barcelona way tha the only way he knows take him out they ways and he b a nobody simple as tha

  91. Plan Billionaire

    Plan Billionaire2 months ago

    "Leo Messi is the Lyon of the jungle in Fifa Football", ask Pele and Maradona, forget cristiano ronalda !!

  92. Chama Matafwali

    Chama Matafwali2 months ago

    I love messi his the best pls make more videos

  93. Josue Guillen

    Josue Guillen2 months ago

    Im forever a Madrid fan, but I enjoyed watching this. At some point, you gotta leave rivalry behind and just appreciate greatness

  94. Hmaktei Hmai

    Hmaktei Hmai2 months ago

    Messi.... I adore ...

  95. Cool Dude

    Cool Dude2 months ago

    Messi never give up, waiting for world cup 2022

  96. Jeremiah Grant

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  97. Mdshuvo Mdshuvo

    Mdshuvo Mdshuvo2 months ago

    Messi is not bast

  98. adam bell

    adam bell2 months ago

    Gos gifted player with a heart of gold

  99. Vanessa del Rio

    Vanessa del Rio2 months ago

    its terrible this vid

  100. Rasta Boss

    Rasta Boss2 months ago

    Lionel Messi the best player in the world⚽🌎🏆

  101. Futbol Drones

    Futbol Drones2 months ago

    MReporter: :D

  102. Esdras Santos

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  103. Kevin Luhuu

    Kevin Luhuu2 months ago

    Messi is a GOD🙏🏻🙏🏻

  104. Leonardo Da Vinci

    Leonardo Da Vinci2 months ago

    I remembered when Ronaldinho was awarded the Ballon D'or, during an interview, he said he was not even the best player in his club. The best player was a kid named Lionel Messi.

  105. Rahul Patil

    Rahul Patil2 months ago

    19:42 - 19:54 Watched it numerous times.

  106. Mohammed Hashim

    Mohammed Hashim2 months ago

    Both messi and ronaldo live to play football ... No drugs nothing that affects their game and health... Two legends.. real footballers dedicated to their work.. for me both of them are GOAT