The Spiders and the Bees


  1. Erick Gutierrez

    Erick GutierrezHour ago

    This is really funny❤😜😛

  2. Olivia Wallace

    Olivia WallaceHour ago

    You: It's all okay, unless you live in Australia Me: Gee, thanks.

  3. TheLeeroymethod 925

    TheLeeroymethod 9252 hours ago

    Ya like Jazz

  4. Emilie Spence

    Emilie Spence2 hours ago

    ok so first thing i was biten twice from a spider and was stung from a yellow jaket

  5. Gacha Gold

    Gacha Gold2 hours ago

    I’ve never been stung by a bee but one landed on my head once and I tried hitting it of and it just stayed there so I stopped and let it stay 😂 it was so cute and I’ve loved bees ever since

  6. German Dictator

    German Dictator2 hours ago

    I have a spider in my room...I feed him monthly

  7. Ditty Creater

    Ditty Creater2 hours ago

    So im strong and i was 7 and i had a bee on my shoulder so i caefully look at it and..... hit it because i not bout to get stuck today

  8. 귀염둥이Kittycat

    귀염둥이Kittycat2 hours ago

    James: don’t hit it with a book and kill it Me: *sees a spider* AHHH KILL IT KILL *grabs book* *smashs spider* 🕷

  9. Beanieboo123 boo

    Beanieboo123 boo2 hours ago

    Fun fact:Bees don't sting they bite but Friking stupid wasps sting.

  10. Super Red Suited And sonic Gameplays

    Super Red Suited And sonic Gameplays2 hours ago

    6:40 omg i did the dame thing when i was like 7

  11. GalaxyGirlYT

    GalaxyGirlYT2 hours ago

    Oh. Cool.

  12. Those singing Girls

    Those singing Girls2 hours ago

    I’ve never gotten stung by a a bee but I’m scared of them but also I know how important they re

  13. the real saphire calico

    the real saphire calico2 hours ago

    One time at school we saw this bee on a flower and we waved at him and he waved back Another time we found a bee stuck upside down so we turned him around and then we waved at him and he also waved back

  14. -WessieTheTurtle -

    -WessieTheTurtle -3 hours ago


  15. Plausible Gaming

    Plausible Gaming3 hours ago

    Ms Breezy reference

  16. Anahi Garcia

    Anahi Garcia3 hours ago

    One time in 1st grade we wrote about what do you hate bees or spiders

  17. Alpha Wolf

    Alpha Wolf3 hours ago

    One time when I was sitting with my friends and reading our made up stories (don’t judge us) I look to my right and you know what I saw ?.... A FRICKEN SPIDER READING MY FRICKEN STORY (it was that good) so I screamed “THEY’RE ISA FRICKEN SPIDER READING MY STORY!!!!”And my friend got a piece of paper and (gently)swatted it away . By then I was halfway across the field . That’s when I descovered I was arachnophobic...... 😑😑😑😑😑😑

  18. Msp Angels

    Msp Angels3 hours ago

    in my school we were at P.E so i was doing a mile walk with my best friend and! there was a bee hive on the floor and bees around the entire back people ran back to the teachers but my friend and i were so happy like omg we saw heaven BEES THE BEST and the when we got back we teased people for running away regrets

  19. Linda Saxon

    Linda Saxon3 hours ago

    I never got stung by a bee

  20. Lapis Angel

    Lapis Angel3 hours ago


  21. Clover Hall

    Clover Hall3 hours ago

    There is no sense in phobias.

  22. Lunar creepypasta cat :3

    Lunar creepypasta cat :33 hours ago

    A spider bit me and made me sick WHILE I was sleeping

  23. Pikachu Kitty

    Pikachu Kitty3 hours ago

    6:43 ive done that when i was going to the beach with my family i was like Stepping on a bee and i was like falling down and i told my sister brother and my mom I was stepping on a beed and the docters have to remove it and i was like OW! and yea i was fine its was like a black bee..

  24. Zeeron 2010 Дежников 0. 2

    Zeeron 2010 Дежников 0. 23 hours ago

    Субтитры по русскому класс

  25. Micheal Lopez 2

    Micheal Lopez 23 hours ago

    I'm a fan of no insects

  26. PixLr and Mallard

    PixLr and Mallard4 hours ago

    0:40 Yo James you soooo thicc

  27. CrEeD Harp560

    CrEeD Harp5604 hours ago

    He said they can’t open doors but they don’t need to they can just go under the door and kill you with a single bite while you sleep and they are so small they can kill you without you seeing them so if you do see a spider make it suffer by cutting off it’s legs with a knife

  28. Admir Colic

    Admir Colic4 hours ago

    Quadrant lenny face

  29. The Satanic Gamer From Hell

    The Satanic Gamer From Hell4 hours ago

    This is not what i accpected when i watched this but k

  30. Archie Sonic

    Archie Sonic4 hours ago

    Honey bees are actually invasive species and e don’t really need them :/

  31. Tilly Pearson

    Tilly Pearson4 hours ago

    J.just A. A M. Man. E. Eating S. Soobway

  32. Daisy Kriz

    Daisy Kriz4 hours ago

    The daddy long legs is the most venomous spider in the world

  33. Mr. Potato

    Mr. Potato4 hours ago

    I mean reading

  34. Mr. Potato

    Mr. Potato4 hours ago

    I'm watching charlottes web right now I'm on chapter.....8

  35. Lynn Chan Playzz

    Lynn Chan Playzz4 hours ago

    But the child that’s getting graduated won’t even se THEMSELVEVES graduate!

  36. Ross Dirkse

    Ross Dirkse4 hours ago

    Hippos are actually the most dangerous animal. I'm also an arachnaphobe + daddy long legs are insanely venomous but aren't actually spiders and can't actually reach your skin and their fangs are very small and I'm starting to freak out because I am quite arachnaphobic so yea . . . . AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  37. Ross Dirkse

    Ross Dirkse4 hours ago

    I'm also afraid of bees, yellow jackets, wasps, and last but not me being the least afraid of them, hornets.

  38. MidoPlayz

    MidoPlayz5 hours ago

    7:34 T h e f r i c k i s n o w *H O L Y*

  39. Starburst

    Starburst5 hours ago

    I got stung by a bee but it was on my nose

  40. Vincent Zhou

    Vincent Zhou5 hours ago

    Your naked

  41. William White

    William White5 hours ago

    Bees aren't the only pollinators out there

  42. Maria Ramirez

    Maria Ramirez5 hours ago

    I do not like spiders spiders or so girls I actually got bit by a black widow and parents got so scared so they took me to the hospital

  43. Christian Jimenez

    Christian Jimenez5 hours ago

    I love eracenets

  44. BarfBag

    BarfBag5 hours ago

    when you got a 360 noscope of fortnite 7:34

  45. Dull_R34per 101

    Dull_R34per 1015 hours ago

    Bees can’t see red flowers \:

  46. wegner438

    wegner4385 hours ago

    How about.... CICADA KILLERS!!

  47. Capitainedoritos

    Capitainedoritos5 hours ago

    7:34 HOLYFRICK.MP4


    AWESOME EVERYDAY5 hours ago

    Bees are not that important to the eco system.......

  49. Fortnite Gameplay Videos

    Fortnite Gameplay Videos5 hours ago

    6:49 *when my teacher says we have extra homework*

  50. ツThelikable

    ツThelikable6 hours ago

    You helped my arachnophobia

  51. Nefi2410

    Nefi24106 hours ago

    James what happens if you get bit by a. Black you know what happens

  52. Jorge Salazar

    Jorge Salazar6 hours ago

    The Black Widow saves its everyday even in endgame

  53. Jeremiah Heller

    Jeremiah Heller6 hours ago

    hay thx james you changd my thought of bugs you are the best

  54. Brian Ambrosi

    Brian Ambrosi6 hours ago

    great WHITE shark

  55. Jason Ortega Meza

    Jason Ortega Meza6 hours ago

    Rip bee's

  56. Thecommander248

    Thecommander2486 hours ago

    Stepped a wasp nest once. It was underground. It was just a little pin hole on the ground. So small that it could have been mistaken for an ant hill. Horrifyingly worthless and painful creatures.

  57. Sharla Kinder

    Sharla Kinder6 hours ago

    He's right. WASPS ARE ASSHOLES.

  58. PepeIsGreat

    PepeIsGreat6 hours ago

    bees pollinate flowers and they’re like spiders. Don’t aggravate them

  59. PepeIsGreat

    PepeIsGreat6 hours ago

    Bees? Really?

  60. Cami Anderson

    Cami Anderson6 hours ago


  61. 1000 followers with one video

    1000 followers with one video6 hours ago

    Insects i hate: Butterflies. Just ew 🤢

  62. Angel TitanicFan

    Angel TitanicFan6 hours ago

    Me:*gets Sting by bee* Me:OWWWWW- Earth:*explodes* Or Universe:*explodes*

  63. Tik tok DiNo

    Tik tok DiNo7 hours ago


  64. J. J

    J. J7 hours ago

    they are scared because of evolution

  65. Alvira Plays

    Alvira Plays7 hours ago


  66. knplayz 617

    knplayz 6177 hours ago

    My cousin is a bee and he's a MReporterr

  67. The Minecraft Bros

    The Minecraft Bros7 hours ago

    Who else didn’t understand the shark part No one just me Ok

  68. Robo Dragon

    Robo Dragon7 hours ago

    My friend got scarred by yellow jackets So my friend Connor was kicking a soccer ball outside. He hit it up and kicked it to his house and it landed in a bush. He went to go retrieve the ball and... BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ He got stung almost 50 times and cried

  69. Samiya Banks

    Samiya Banks7 hours ago

    Wait you said that the spiders web it’s too weak to trap you But then you said the spiderwebs are stronger than a bullet proof vest???

  70. Gacha_Spirit 1454

    Gacha_Spirit 14547 hours ago

    Butterflies: cerebities Moths: homeless Bois spiders: adorable Bees: oh ma gawd wasps:I DON'T WANNA DIE

  71. Jessica Klaus

    Jessica Klaus7 hours ago

    Once a bee landed on my lip piercing and I had to stand still for like 5 minutes.

  72. eren Gaming

    eren Gaming7 hours ago


  73. eren Gaming

    eren Gaming7 hours ago

    spiders birthday spider: why can i only be 1 year and starve

  74. Olivia Kainz

    Olivia Kainz7 hours ago

    How long have you been jumping into a pool?

  75. Garrett Garcia

    Garrett Garcia8 hours ago

    2:35 I cant breathe

  76. Garrett Garcia

    Garrett Garcia8 hours ago

    And yeet it back in the wild

  77. Germanic Bayonet

    Germanic Bayonet8 hours ago

    It’s like bees are kamikazes

  78. Herbie Dog

    Herbie Dog8 hours ago

    Hey buddy look over here ->3:53 Hahahahaha haa now ur gay

  79. Duck

    Duck8 hours ago

    If I watch this, will it stay out of MY FUCKING RECCOMENDED

  80. Daniela Ruzickova

    Daniela Ruzickova8 hours ago

    The saddest thing for me is that.. Bees feel that you are scared of them!!! .... And then....they fly sooooo close around you that you just freak out and run as fast as possible..... And I hate that feeling 😭

  81. John Jerome

    John Jerome8 hours ago

    They dont have one eyes

  82. Arturo Rodriguez

    Arturo Rodriguez8 hours ago

    No cussing in this Kristen Minecraft survers

  83. Mihai, doar Mihai

    Mihai, doar Mihai8 hours ago


  84. Lukeland

    Lukeland9 hours ago

    Bees.. Yeah Right! IVE NEVER SEEN A BEE IN MY COUNTRY LIKE.. SINCE EVER! -_- Thats False

  85. Shayne Dalton

    Shayne Dalton9 hours ago

    This guy is hilarious 😂

  86. Dracian

    Dracian9 hours ago

    these spiders are cute and cartoonic, but these spiders at home are at least 3 or more inches in diameter, harmless but scares the absolute poop out of me because of their hairy body

  87. Andrea Temich

    Andrea Temich9 hours ago

    The weird thing is after I watched this video,in the shower a spider was watching me

  88. Denise HD

    Denise HD9 hours ago

    I am from Germany and there are all spiders harmless but I still fear of spinning

  89. Stardust OwO

    Stardust OwO9 hours ago

    I HATE gacha life. Just a fact.

  90. Fsyut K C Nytesfg Uyd I6ret U6tek7zw We

    Fsyut K C Nytesfg Uyd I6ret U6tek7zw We9 hours ago


  91. MinecraftTGN

    MinecraftTGN9 hours ago

    **Breathing intensifies**

  92. Michael Herrera

    Michael Herrera9 hours ago

    if your a person that makes newspapers waching this can you pls writte to stop global warming and farrmers shod stop useing sprays this how many pepol want you to writte that👈👈👈👈👈👈👈

  93. Golden Funmaker

    Golden Funmaker10 hours ago

    at 0:35 it happen to my twice i was freaking to dead pnew the mr sipder dead

  94. Potato Cat

    Potato Cat10 hours ago

    I have a story about a spider Ok so it was a normal weekend (1 am) my brother was in the hallway go to the bathroom and I just hear him go wth and I walk out to the hallway and I just gasp there is a spider the size of my hand siting on the wall anyway my brother yeeted it out the cat door (I live in Australia)

  95. Aphmau Wolfie fan

    Aphmau Wolfie fan10 hours ago

    I have arachnophobia

  96. Lava Boy

    Lava Boy10 hours ago

    I got stung 6 times

  97. CUBIX

    CUBIX10 hours ago

    I have arachnophobia because I may have be bitten my one, I’m not sure cuz I was at school and realised that something bit me and there were 2 puncture marks

  98. Springy Coyle

    Springy Coyle10 hours ago

    "What are you trying to say about dangerous colors America?"

  99. Themagicminer 57.3

    Themagicminer 57.310 hours ago

    I got bitten by a brown recluse. TWICE. I have reason to instinctually kill brown spiders.

  100. sophia Isaac

    sophia Isaac10 hours ago

    when is vidcon and WHERE!? Also how do i get to go to it? :3

  101. EXPORT DyllanYT

    EXPORT DyllanYT10 hours ago

    Actually if a spider against a shark the shark will lose because it has no water