The Secret World of Jeffree Star


  1. Mara Hope

    Mara Hope27 seconds ago

    I love Jeffry and shane

  2. Rosesstuff

    Rosesstuff4 minutes ago

    7:53 he was ready to bang it open then jeffree comes out idk but im dying

  3. edboss

    edboss6 minutes ago

    Me and jeffree have the same birthday

  4. Bogdan Maslovskiy

    Bogdan Maslovskiy29 minutes ago

    I feel like Shane ran out of reactions by the end

  5. Bogdan Maslovskiy

    Bogdan MaslovskiyHour ago

    I’m not really into these guys’ content but god damn this is entertaining

  6. Stephanie Arellano

    Stephanie Arellano3 hours ago

    i like how Jeffree came from nothing and now he’s an iconic figure.

  7. bububella40

    bububella403 hours ago

    OMG Jeffrey star is georgous 😍

  8. Holly Kent

    Holly Kent3 hours ago


  9. Harvey Pierce

    Harvey Pierce4 hours ago

    Jeffree is kinda spooky you never know what your gonna get lmao

  10. Harvey Pierce

    Harvey Pierce4 hours ago

    Shane could literally look so luv better but he’s really just not bothered and I love it😂😂😂

  11. Lily Mandel

    Lily Mandel5 hours ago

    who else is watching after they are best friends

  12. Dylan King

    Dylan King6 hours ago

    He said in his dior backstage video that hes dripping in sweat 👏😮

  13. Ireen Jahan

    Ireen Jahan7 hours ago

    Because of the amount of sarcasm in this video I can’t tell what’s real or not and I’m loving it

  14. na na

    na na11 hours ago

    *1:27* did I just hear a pig...

  15. Hitha Harish

    Hitha Harish12 hours ago

    God. Thank you for making Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star😂❤️

  16. Katie F

    Katie F15 hours ago

    One of Jeffree’s shoes is worth more than my life.

  17. Angeles Alvarado

    Angeles Alvarado15 hours ago

    Ugh! Trash! She meant me 😂

  18. Stephanie-Anne Laveyan

    Stephanie-Anne Laveyan15 hours ago

    Jeffree needs to adopt Shane and remake Annie 🥰😂

  19. ツPohani Krastavac

    ツPohani Krastavac17 hours ago

    I fell like jeffree is spying on every single one of us and that he will buy us

  20. I love Cats

    I love Cats18 hours ago

    Hi how are ya Wait Jesus take the wheel I need to hold my tea

  21. Henry knows Nothing

    Henry knows Nothing19 hours ago

    But It in 2019 Jeffrey bought Shane an entire closet full of Gucci

  22. Kaiden Martin

    Kaiden Martin19 hours ago

    Jeffery “I don’t sweat “ 20 min later Jeffery “I’m sweating” WHAT IM SO CONFUSED DO YOU SWEAT OR NOT

  23. SimplyLex 2025

    SimplyLex 202520 hours ago

    i love that jeffree says he is so old but he's only 30

  24. Harvey Pierce

    Harvey Pierce4 hours ago

    SimplyLex 2025 YES😂😍

  25. Alyssa Montgomery

    Alyssa Montgomery21 hour ago

    Test: Name a famous queen Me : Jefree Star.

  26. Cinnamon 31

    Cinnamon 3122 hours ago


  27. Umar_T

    Umar_T23 hours ago

    She will probably have anything but does she 1 dollar bill we beat him

  28. eve125851

    eve125851Day ago

    I thought i would stop.watching in like 5 minutes of video and i watched it to the end 🤔

  29. Harvey Pierce

    Harvey Pierce3 hours ago

    eve125851 SAMEEEE

  30. Gwy Gwy

    Gwy GwyDay ago

    _Damn_ Bella Thorne is *RICH*

  31. Brain has left the chat

    Brain has left the chatDay ago

    Gooood, I miss Shane soooo much 😯💖💖💖

  32. swimminginthe galaxy

    swimminginthe galaxyDay ago

    Shane is literally me: "I m p o o r"

  33. Lois Mcfarlane

    Lois McfarlaneDay ago

    Here the mother ducking TEA

  34. Elizabeth Paddock

    Elizabeth PaddockDay ago

    Wait...Jeffery is old is his bf??!!

  35. Jackie The Wolf

    Jackie The Wolf18 hours ago

    Lol he was joking XD

  36. Kristin De Leon

    Kristin De LeonDay ago

    This Whole Episode Has Me Dying😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀 iLove Them Together 💓✨

  37. sharks in the wøøds

    sharks in the wøødsDay ago

    it's all so superficial tbh

  38. Anbar Vasquez

    Anbar VasquezDay ago

    Lo q jeffree quiso decir: -coman pobres ,':D

  39. PaulinaCR Subs

    PaulinaCR SubsDay ago

    The Secret World of Jeffree Star (SUBTITULADO AL ESPAÑOL):

  40. bs 88

    bs 88Day ago

    Love the part route around when they eat the oreos, you can tell everyone's really loosening up, and starting to have genuine fun with the filming. Love it.

  41. Lazy Monkey Girl

    Lazy Monkey GirlDay ago

    When the maids are funnier than Shan on steroids

  42. dog

    dogDay ago

    Woof woof

  43. MistytheRainwing

    MistytheRainwingDay ago

    I literally cannot get over how adorable jeffree’s dogs are. 😍😍

  44. CheeseString101

    CheeseString101Day ago

    14:30 NOW THAT IM 57 LOLL

  45. Julieta Mazzu

    Julieta MazzuDay ago

    It felt kinda awkward all the money remarks from shane. Like stop.

  46. Nicah Tacliad

    Nicah TacliadDay ago

    this video took so long cuz his house is too big. wait, more like a mansion

  47. Jared Tunay

    Jared TunayDay ago

    i have one thing that jeffree doesnt have, eyebrows

  48. Sarah MacDonald

    Sarah MacDonaldDay ago

    New gender JEFFREE STAR

  49. Hunter Grossman

    Hunter GrossmanDay ago

    Why do I think $10 is expensive then there’s jeffree: oh this room maybe like $7000000

  50. Harvey Pierce

    Harvey Pierce4 hours ago

    Hunter Grossman LMAOOO

  51. Drag Queen Scarlett

    Drag Queen ScarlettDay ago

    new msu ichxcnnanel

  52. Brady Goss

    Brady GossDay ago

    Is he/she actually 57?

  53. Joltaik

    JoltaikDay ago

    idk why i find gay / bi youtubers so funny

  54. Kaylee Rules and likes to Game

    Kaylee Rules and likes to GameDay ago

    I just want to write something about the him being racist. Dont go through people social media to find one joke and then get all mad because of it...

  55. Rhylee Wilson

    Rhylee WilsonDay ago

    I have seen this so many times and I love it, But why is shame me when I go to my friends house for the first time, “wow you have a mountain 🏔”

  56. sup bro

    sup broDay ago


  57. Kiwi

    KiwiDay ago

    “Small town Michigan kid!” OH HERE I AM!!!

  58. Kiwi

    KiwiDay ago

    This video keeps increasing my love for Jeffree Star

  59. Randy Rivera

    Randy RiveraDay ago

    Why wasn’t I invited???

  60. Eleanora Glick

    Eleanora GlickDay ago

  61. makenn a

    makenn aDay ago

    32:04 but he doesn’t...

  62. just sub

    just subDay ago

    Only rich people have eyes that render how rich he is

  63. Jason David Rockwell

    Jason David RockwellDay ago

    "Girl this is just play money... This is just AdSense."..… I'm Shook

  64. Abigail Johnson

    Abigail JohnsonDay ago

    J why does jeffree ligit look younger than me I’m not even/almost a teenager

  65. Addi Roman

    Addi RomanDay ago

    12:41 Jeffree: There’s something in your hair. You don’t look presentable. How dare you embarrass me in front of my friends. Shane: I thought he was talking to me Me: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  66. Julian Villalpando

    Julian VillalpandoDay ago

    The point there trying to say at 30:00 is I smash and dash

  67. The one Anthony

    The one AnthonyDay ago

    cries in poor

  68. Jay Dee

    Jay DeeDay ago

    Ace family house is way bigger

  69. Whats the tea sis?

    Whats the tea sis?2 days ago

    I got a Payless add saying it was closing “Payless closing now come get it!” “let’s go sis!” My mom Me *sits there being poor...*

  70. Songs Here!

    Songs Here!2 days ago

    At 3:26 thought another one bites the dust was on

  71. Lisa Tapp

    Lisa Tapp2 days ago

    I knew Jeffrey was an alien 👽

  72. Harvey Pierce

    Harvey Pierce4 hours ago

    Lisa Tapp HAHA❌😂

  73. Gang Green4Life

    Gang Green4Life2 days ago

    Even tho he not rich respect the one who found out the secret about chucks chess

  74. Lisa Tapp

    Lisa Tapp2 days ago


  75. Suicidal Bastard

    Suicidal Bastard2 days ago

    I swear his trash cans are worth more than everything in my house

  76. Holly Dyke

    Holly Dyke2 days ago

    My four gay bois uwu

  77. Mykolas D

    Mykolas D2 days ago

    My house tour would last like 2 minutes

  78. ZayneTan

    ZayneTan2 days ago

    Is Nate straight or gay? Since jeffree said he was straight but like I think he meant straight as in straight body

  79. Babouche

    BaboucheHour ago

    No, Jeffree said he’s only been with girls before and jeffree is wether female nor male.

  80. Amalika Baramuli

    Amalika Baramuli2 days ago

    Guys please stop commenting bad about your life, even though you are poor, atleast you have a good family, friends, house, school and MORE

  81. MÎŚŤÉŘ Ë

    MÎŚŤÉŘ Ë2 days ago

    I have a real family that cares for me that for me Jefree Star can't really have....

  82. Eduardo Aguilar

    Eduardo Aguilar2 days ago

    I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve watched this video. It’s perfect.

  83. cring boy g

    cring boy g2 days ago

    Idk why am watching this

  84. Bianca Silva

    Bianca Silva2 days ago

    Me: His house looks like a castle Shane: It’s like... a castle

  85. Me Man

    Me Man2 days ago

    Jefree is in his 50’s!!!!!

  86. Emery J Kolb

    Emery J Kolb2 days ago

    Dammit I love you Shane ❤️

  87. Diana Mae

    Diana Mae2 days ago

    Jeffree's 57?

  88. ItzDani De La Cruz

    ItzDani De La Cruz2 days ago

    I *would't mind being those fish...*

  89. OmarDe Savage

    OmarDe Savage2 days ago

    Is Shane Dawson gay?

  90. Armani Ivy

    Armani Ivy2 days ago

    The camera man's laugh@ 11:23 😂😂😂😂

  91. abriana mccray

    abriana mccray2 days ago

    *Nate is 69!!*

  92. SYeNellEs LifE

    SYeNellEs LifE2 days ago

    this makes me know how poor i am ;-;

  93. Kennedy Fuller

    Kennedy Fuller2 days ago

    I feel like Jeffree could just spend a million dollars and not even make a dent in his bank account lmao

  94. G vlogs

    G vlogs2 days ago


  95. G vlogs

    G vlogs2 days ago

    This is the video that proof that jafree star is selfless

  96. Delaney Campana

    Delaney Campana2 days ago

    I love when Jeffree walks out the front door and just says 'Hello?'

  97. Retro Vibes

    Retro Vibes2 days ago

    This bitch is 43mins

  98. potter head101

    potter head1013 days ago

    Actually Jefferys eyes are really pretty

  99. alex santa

    alex santa3 days ago

    Is no one gonna talk about 16:38

  100. ByCoco GR

    ByCoco GR3 days ago

    He is gay ?

  101. XxNinjaBxtch99 xX

    XxNinjaBxtch99 xX3 days ago

    3:01 to 3:08 killed me! Shane u r amazing! Don’t let anyone tell u different!

  102. Alondra Aguirre

    Alondra Aguirre3 days ago

    38:44 and 38:52 had me so dead

  103. Sanjii Paul

    Sanjii Paul3 days ago

    Obviously he don't know what right words to respond on every Jeffrey's said.

  104. Lisa Tapp

    Lisa Tapp3 days ago

    🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂 Read more

  105. Asmr Mya

    Asmr Mya3 days ago

    I almost died of laughter

  106. Miss Maria

    Miss Maria3 days ago

    Oh my god i didnt even notice the time love you both😘😘