The Secret World of Jeffree Star


  1. Itz_Wolfie19

    Itz_Wolfie1950 minutes ago

    Is Jeffrey star a boy

  2. Multi. Tea

    Multi. Tea56 minutes ago

    How he says paytas tho

  3. Allyson Isherwood

    Allyson Isherwood56 minutes ago

    does jessie worl for jeffree now?

  4. Anglers Guide

    Anglers GuideHour ago

    34:04 and suddenly I realized how much Jeffree Star and Ellie Goulding look alike lol

  5. kona hoover

    kona hooverHour ago

    Conspiracy theories pls

  6. Lunar_Eclipse Hi

    Lunar_Eclipse HiHour ago

    I don’t understand the metabolism either and I have a really fast metabolism but it sucks cause I’m a skeleton

  7. marfa lighting

    marfa lightingHour ago

    And also you have a secret sickness too?

  8. marfa lighting

    marfa lightingHour ago

    Is it true that you let Shane do u after this video for closure?

  9. Skye Lehman

    Skye LehmanHour ago

    When are u posting again bc U havent posted since this video

  10. Skye Lehman

    Skye LehmanHour ago

    Or u know since this series. I just miss having u make me laugh all the time

  11. Yo Bestie

    Yo BestieHour ago

    shane: every pronoun is great me: it jk love u jeffree amazing person

  12. internetqueen

    internetqueenHour ago

    god i love them

  13. Tania’s World13

    Tania’s World13Hour ago

    Wow this is now his most viewed video on his channel, ❤️✌️and this has 1.2 MILLION likes 👏👏👏

  14. Famke

    FamkeHour ago

    ''I want you to make me rich'' 19.414.887 views OKRRR

  15. Para Site

    Para SiteHour ago

    Jeffree seems like a nice person. But im getting dizzy with the camera. Too jerky.

  16. Rozal Dalit

    Rozal Dalit2 hours ago

    I’ve enjoyed this video more than anything. I was literally crying and upset before then I saw this and made so happy

  17. Rachel Rosen

    Rachel Rosen2 hours ago

    Jeffree Star is such a liar. "Nate and I like to have threesomes so the (bed) is big enough to accommodate everyone" then says a few minutes later "Nate and I don't have threesomes at home, only when we're traveling so we never have to see them again" Which is it, you disgusting lizard-faced narcissist? You likely *don't fuck* I mean who would...? Fuck no. There is nothing sexy or appealing about you JS. You have good skin and that's all. You are ugly as fuck. Nate is *using your skinny ugly made up ass* and that's all. What are you gonna do when you're an old dried up queen, Izzy? I can see your future and it involves cock sucking for cash at some gloy hole dive.

  18. Swood my Grommit

    Swood my Grommit2 hours ago

    Why does he look like that

  19. Nat Twice

    Nat Twice2 hours ago

    this video is cracking me up. love love jeffree and shane and everyone around them omfg

  20. Agster

    Agster2 hours ago

    Big fan of both of you. Much love

  21. Eliza m

    Eliza m2 hours ago

    Nate is cute when he smile ;) no tea though😂

  22. Eliza m

    Eliza m2 hours ago

    Nate is cute when he smile ;) no tea though😂

  23. Victoria Dozier

    Victoria Dozier2 hours ago

    Shane in the diamond head piece is EVERYTHING!!!!

  24. TheEngineeringGirl

    TheEngineeringGirl3 hours ago

    i fucking love Jeffree 🙌🏻

  25. Aristotle Artist

    Aristotle Artist3 hours ago

    There are a lot of things in our life without money and luxuries things like feelings, souls and thoughts, loves and cares which make us pure happy...

  26. emcsneeze !

    emcsneeze !3 hours ago

    i have sooo much respect for jeffree- mainly because of the reputation he’s built for himself. a LOT of people make videos about him and his scandals- which makes their viewers go and watch jeffree’s videos which is more money and subscribers for him. kudos to you jeffree. there are very few people who are willing to do whatever it takes to claw their way to the top, like you. 👍

  27. Legendary Starkid

    Legendary Starkid3 hours ago

    OKAY SHANE. I waited a long time to watch these cause I dont care for Jeffrey Star. But imma watch them all cause I love u and u worked so hard to make these videos

  28. Bonny Melendez

    Bonny Melendez4 hours ago

    You guys are great together, sooooo freaking hilarious 😂 bff material💎💕

  29. STUX Animations

    STUX Animations4 hours ago

    He's fucking 57!?

  30. Soleil Daring

    Soleil Daring4 hours ago

    I’m sorry is the Jessie Buttafuoco with the assistants?!??


    GOLDEN JEON4 hours ago

    I love how Shane legit sounds like Rumplestiltskin👌🏻😂👑

  32. Hannah van Niekerk

    Hannah van Niekerk4 hours ago

    i had to go to wikipedia to check he isn’t actually fifty

  33. Steven_X19

    Steven_X194 hours ago

    33:55 😂😂🤣🤣

  34. wig flew

    wig flew4 hours ago wont regret it

  35. Lexi Victoria

    Lexi Victoria4 hours ago

    I'm amazed by his life holy shit 😦

  36. Starlights Production

    Starlights Production4 hours ago

    I'm here again 💓💓 I keep watching this series damn 💘

  37. Mo Van Weert

    Mo Van Weert5 hours ago

    14:19 i don't like to boast but i really want to im a girl in a add aaaaa of vogue aaaa please ignore this comment im being annnoying again and my face looks ugly there

  38. J L

    J L5 hours ago

    Before watching this I was never subscribed to ur channel but ever once in a while one of ur vids would be recommended and I’d click it but when I seen a clip from this series I had to come peep and I didn’t think I’d love this so much. I’m genuinely impressed, keep up the amazing work. Not that it’s worth much but you got yourself a new subscriber ❤️

  39. BeanosaurusRex 82

    BeanosaurusRex 825 hours ago

    Please shave

  40. Mo Van Weert

    Mo Van Weert5 hours ago

    Shane aren't you rich you have like 16 m subscribers

  41. Mo Van Weert

    Mo Van Weert5 hours ago

    But jeffree came up for his fans with the beauty blender foundation scandal that's not racist that's the opposite

  42. Augie Guettlein

    Augie Guettlein5 hours ago

    I love your legs I wish I had your thighs your cats and everything

  43. Dr. K

    Dr. K6 hours ago

    19 mill views and the same on all these Jeffree colabs! Congrats, you deserve it Shane and thank you. I subbed to Jeffree and that's thanks to you! For showing me who he is! He most certainly is fabulous!

  44. Linda

    Linda6 hours ago

    I haven't really stopped to appreciate it, but Jeffree is really pretty

  45. CaroDame

    CaroDame6 hours ago

    Omg his husband ist so cute

  46. Boobi

    Boobi7 hours ago

    I am so proud of Jeffree, I am going to cry biish

  47. Aoibhe Emilia

    Aoibhe Emilia7 hours ago

    nearly 20 million ? omg

  48. Em M

    Em M7 hours ago

    Let get a dime Jeffrey

  49. Tony Swag

    Tony Swag8 hours ago

    Bro both theese niggas fag😂

  50. 스노우

    스노우8 hours ago

    Jeffree is so brutally honest XD and i love him xD

  51. Ashley Rae

    Ashley Rae8 hours ago

    Me when I walk into dollar tree "HES HEREEEEE!!"

  52. HeyCharnay

    HeyCharnay8 hours ago

    Wow I'm inspired! This is better then any MTV cribs💎💰🏘

  53. Zoe Clark

    Zoe Clark8 hours ago

    why do u need that much!!!!!!

  54. Hollie Rae

    Hollie Rae8 hours ago

    This is the first Shane video I’ve ever watched and I’ve never laughed so much ever 😂 I’m doneth

  55. Masbee

    Masbee9 hours ago

    WAIT. jessie buttafuco is one of jefree's maids?

  56. Spects

    Spects9 hours ago

    the guard at the start is like the most polite and friendly guard

  57. RukaXchan

    RukaXchan9 hours ago

    He sold his soul

  58. Tasheena Shepard

    Tasheena Shepard9 hours ago

    19:14 though😆😆😆😆😆😆

  59. Makenzie Black

    Makenzie Black9 hours ago

    No joke, the cheapest thing in Jefree's house I could not afford.

  60. Rose The Third Child

    Rose The Third Child9 hours ago

    4:52 the face when i forget something important for school

  61. Quenterah Williams

    Quenterah Williams9 hours ago

    Jeffrey: our fridge is empty bc we have been traveling a lot Me: ....... our fridge is empty bc of me.......

  62. Gamer Dude

    Gamer Dude10 hours ago

    Does he ever sleep he’s always drinking energy drinks

  63. Estefany  Perez

    Estefany Perez10 hours ago

    Can I have something from where the Gucci goes to die closet to pay for my student loans lol .

  64. Gerard way is my jesus, Sorry yeesus

    Gerard way is my jesus, Sorry yeesus10 hours ago

    Were did drew go ??????

  65. Zack Land

    Zack Land10 hours ago

    Please do a 3rd eye video

  66. Gracey Penley

    Gracey Penley10 hours ago

    4:40 AHHH IM SORRY IM RICH AND YOUR NOT....tana tana tana tana tana by: tana monguea hefner

  67. Booga

    Booga10 hours ago

    Why the fuck am I watching this? I’m not gay

  68. Chun li

    Chun li5 hours ago

    Booga neither am I . And I watched this.

  69. Chun li

    Chun li5 hours ago

    Toothpaste tea.

  70. Toothpaste

    Toothpaste10 hours ago

    Booga no one said you were and no one said you had to be gay to watch this

  71. Amanda Gura

    Amanda Gura11 hours ago

    Delicious is the cutest dog I have ever seen

  72. Lazy Mondays

    Lazy Mondays11 hours ago

    I do that thing with the funfetti icing too

  73. Rhoni Medina

    Rhoni Medina11 hours ago

    I'm literally eating frosting while watching this

  74. Veronica Gonzalez

    Veronica Gonzalez11 hours ago

    I just noticed I’m blocked in your twitter account and I have no idea why???!

  75. lamodenior

    lamodenior11 hours ago

    i am soo the camera man crackin up behind scenes and just enjoying lifeee tbh lmao

  76. Hammy

    Hammy11 hours ago

    Choose your gender

  77. Hammy

    Hammy10 hours ago

    Toothpaste Its a fucking joke calm tf down

  78. Toothpaste

    Toothpaste10 hours ago

    Hammy ima bout to use rat poison on your ass

  79. Mood

    Mood11 hours ago

    what flew? my WEAVE

  80. Birai Ochoa

    Birai Ochoa11 hours ago

    Wait Jeffrey Star is 57?!

  81. Jen Mendez

    Jen Mendez11 hours ago

    "I'll take my used Jeep..." lmao I drive a used Jeep lol I feel attacked😂😂

  82. Esme Sanchez

    Esme Sanchez11 hours ago

    I can’t STOP laughing I love this video!!!!!

  83. Ken nedy

    Ken nedy11 hours ago

    BITCH WE KNOW YOU RICH! You’re not fooling anyone with wearing the same shits every video.( guys I’m joking, but fr like this dude almost spent $10,000 on a toys r us employe)

  84. Lluvia Sanchez

    Lluvia Sanchez11 hours ago

    Finna be my second time watching the seris

  85. Lluvia Sanchez

    Lluvia Sanchez11 hours ago

    Nate and jeffree are so fucking .....omg I can’t explain them in words....they sexy asf 😍😍😍😍

  86. greenalfoil

    greenalfoil12 hours ago

    Watching Shane hold a drink in that room was just giving me mad anxiety.

  87. Blanca Dewitt

    Blanca Dewitt12 hours ago

    Jeffree Star is self Made not Kylie Jenner 😂

  88. Keplix

    Keplix12 hours ago

    Shane be looking like rumple stilskon

  89. I am Also a Human Thanks

    I am Also a Human Thanks12 hours ago

    Y he look 15 he never really aged huh

  90. diana arreola

    diana arreola12 hours ago

    Shane expose the ace family with their lies !

  91. Brittany Aquino

    Brittany Aquino12 hours ago

    One of the assistants is named Brittany and I feel already part of his fam. Jeffree adopt me!!!

  92. Kylie Erickson

    Kylie Erickson13 hours ago


  93. Naiya Forrester

    Naiya Forrester13 hours ago

    Does he donate any money to charity

  94. Exci Gold

    Exci Gold13 hours ago

    Im shookt...

  95. M&m

    M&m13 hours ago

    jeffree is actually really fun and nice haha

  96. Bianca mcgill

    Bianca mcgill13 hours ago

    Please make a show called keeping up with Jeffree Star ⭐️ instead of always hearing keeping up with the Kardashian’s

  97. Kylie Erickson

    Kylie Erickson13 hours ago

    Jeffree looks so good in this vid

  98. Jessie Ray

    Jessie Ray13 hours ago

    Dude can we please get a singing with noise cancelling headphones #3. 😂Would be nice to see a just you video every once in a while

  99. Bianca mcgill

    Bianca mcgill13 hours ago

    Jeffree I want you to make me rich lol 😝

  100. Caleb Stultz

    Caleb Stultz13 hours ago

    on the real jeffree star is kick ass

  101. Just Monse

    Just Monse13 hours ago

    Long ass vid

  102. Sarah Vargo

    Sarah Vargo13 hours ago

    Shane I love you but post more sister

  103. Charline Hernandez

    Charline Hernandez13 hours ago

    Every minute in his G-Wagon Shane: haha!

  104. Tae’s Panda Express

    Tae’s Panda Express13 hours ago

    Just to make sure Jefree Is a He that turned into a she right? I’m new xD

  105. Tae’s Panda Express

    Tae’s Panda Express13 hours ago

    Naruto Uzumaki oohhh okay thanks!

  106. Naruto Uzumaki

    Naruto Uzumaki13 hours ago

    no, he is still a guy, he just likes to wear makeup.

  107. L&P Vlogs

    L&P Vlogs13 hours ago

    Shane "where's the puffer fish?" 😂😂 literally me