The Secret World of Jeffree Star


  1. Don Kun

    Don KunHour ago

    HES 57!!!!!! I THOUGHT HE WAS 19

  2. Shaun jackson

    Shaun jackson2 hours ago

    Holy shit

  3. clusterfvck

    clusterfvck3 hours ago

    Jeffree is everything I've ever wanted to be, it's not fair... I hope someday I can at least have the same doll-like house like they do. Or clothes. Or body type. Or all of them combined?? But I doubt that'll ever happen.

  4. Zariya Watson

    Zariya Watson3 hours ago

    This probably what nicki Minaj house looks like (kinda)

  5. jiminie park

    jiminie park3 hours ago


  6. Kary Granados

    Kary Granados5 hours ago

    Is it normal that I watch this series almost every day?

  7. Zenen Zamora

    Zenen Zamora5 hours ago

    So cool 😄

  8. Rush Butler

    Rush Butler5 hours ago

    Shane you have more subs than her(maybe) but i love jeffree I mean both of you💖

  9. Erin Fischer

    Erin Fischer6 hours ago

    This is amazing.

  10. Ooppies Poopies

    Ooppies Poopies6 hours ago

    That's really gross man, you know how they say a dogs mouth is cleaner than a humans. I believe that is a myth, they do not brush or have any form of oral hygiene and they also have a mental disorder where they have the feeling to eat their shit and other animals shit especially when they are young because of nutrient value that their system could not digest. Do not let animals lick your mouth. Ecoli bacteria is not safe anywhere in your body besides your intestines... especially if it hits your blood stream... it can kill you.

  11. Randall Perez channlez2

    Randall Perez channlez26 hours ago

    *Came from a video that the tittle Jeffree Star make Shane feel poor LOL*

  12. _•Fairbear• _

    _•Fairbear• _6 hours ago

    HONEY LISTEN UP! give me this tea I have my ice cream I have my favorite MReporterr give me the tea yas

  13. Caro Olivia

    Caro Olivia7 hours ago

    He’s 69

  14. McKenna Sullivan

    McKenna Sullivan7 hours ago

    “So shine see this little rock here is $100,000 so don’t touch it unless you wash ur hands first”.

  15. Rachel-Elise Cotter

    Rachel-Elise Cotter7 hours ago

    Aw, I didn't realize that Nate used to work at The Chow! My fiance worked there for years as well. :)

  16. Guitar  Man

    Guitar Man8 hours ago

    Is jeffery actually 57 ?

  17. Katie Garcia

    Katie Garcia4 hours ago

    Guitar Man no😂. I think he’s in his early 30s

  18. Lydia Beale

    Lydia Beale9 hours ago

    two types of scorpios

  19. Boum Yac

    Boum Yac9 hours ago

    This fagot creature is famous only because he is ritch

  20. Riley Lynn

    Riley Lynn9 hours ago

    still better than jake paul

  21. Rochelle Nicoletta

    Rochelle Nicoletta9 hours ago

    I think its scary where he lives.

  22. Sofia Camille

    Sofia Camille9 hours ago

    I wonder if Jeffree has Tati water😂 any holo sexuals here?

  23. im no one

    im no one10 hours ago

    Shane is so shocked at how rich Jeffree is, it kills me every time

  24. Theyyluvme 01

    Theyyluvme 0110 hours ago

    Who else realized he said racist PAST he never said anything from him being racist now like Jesus stfu and grow up ppl stop hating all the time

  25. Francesca Mezei

    Francesca Mezei10 hours ago

    When trisha paytas said omg me I learned to love her

  26. ellie jupp

    ellie jupp10 hours ago

    I'm such a massive fan I love u

  27. Rango's old dead chann

    Rango's old dead chann11 hours ago

    Never heard of the dude before this vid ever lol

  28. Bizarre Is The New Black.

    Bizarre Is The New Black.12 hours ago

    3:30 sounds like a royalty free version of Another One Bites The Dust :P

  29. Kyra Thoma

    Kyra Thoma12 hours ago

    Does anyone else notice how much plastic Jefree wastes? Like in terms of straws and plastic cups..

  30. Gaming Only

    Gaming Only14 hours ago

    social climbing fag. fuck your channel and fuck you. you are so dramatic its like everyones about to kick your ass.

  31. BloodyRose

    BloodyRose14 hours ago

    rewatching this fucking series - bitch i’m ready.

  32. Audrey Reid

    Audrey Reid16 hours ago

    “So now that I’m 57..” 😂😂😂🙌🏻

  33. Anne Pesimo

    Anne Pesimo16 hours ago

    love love love this😍😍😍😍..... you are both awesome.. more love from PH..💖💖💖💖

  34. Alin Alexandru

    Alin Alexandru17 hours ago

    Date dracu de jegos... Sper sa ajungi în fundul iadului diavol de cacat


    HER MAJESTY EVE17 hours ago

    Nag gwapooo ni nate putangina

  36. Sophie Kiwi

    Sophie Kiwi18 hours ago

    Is no one gonna talk abut Andrew's weird ass laugh in the house eating Oreos??

  37. Angela Esperanza

    Angela Esperanza18 hours ago

    This is literally a bad girls club house lol

  38. Hanna Dragon

    Hanna Dragon18 hours ago

    I don’t wear makeup and know nothing about it but he is hilarious!!

  39. Cozmo Productions

    Cozmo Productions19 hours ago


  40. Hyper

    Hyper21 hour ago

    Why is Andrew's laugh so fucking cute like wtf I can't with this adorable shithead STAPH

  41. Këñdy C

    Këñdy C22 hours ago

    Jeffree is the best!

  42. Madison Stacy

    Madison Stacy23 hours ago

    I find it weird that my name is Madison

  43. panic!king fangirl

    panic!king fangirlDay ago

    "i like it because it is very open so that god can talk to me personally and just let me know like hey, you're still white trash you're still a faggot..... yeah that's how i knew he was real." *same jeffree same*

  44. Addy Tun

    Addy TunDay ago

    He doesn’t sweat ethier because his pours aren’t open like mine, or he is an alien 👽🤪but I love my alien shisters 🤪👽💝💗💛💛💛💛💛💛❣️❣️❣️💕💕💕💘💘💗💗💖💖💖💖💝💜💜🎀💛💜💛🎀💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💛💜💛💜💜💛💜💛💛

  45. Fanny Ayuniar

    Fanny AyuniarDay ago

    I had no idea that I'm poor.........till I watch this😂

  46. Maggie Cooper

    Maggie CooperDay ago

    Omg Nate is soo cute

  47. Alexis Blodgett

    Alexis BlodgettDay ago

    Jeffree looks so flawless in this video, I’m new to Shanes channel and he’s killing me 😂😂

  48. J L

    J LDay ago

    Shane Dawson needs to loose some weight! Boi got fat as fuck.

  49. K T

    K TDay ago

    I cant even afford my own apartment..holy shii Jeffree

  50. L O N G L I V E X

    L O N G L I V E XDay ago

    No matter what, we love Jeffree💞

  51. L O N G L I V E X

    L O N G L I V E XDay ago


  52. esvin8771

    esvin8771Day ago

    Shane's getting chunky monkey

  53. Nessa

    NessaDay ago

    So how “poor” is Shane exactly? Cos his net worth is 4 million doesn’t sound poor to me at all.

  54. Victoria Rafaela Fierro

    Victoria Rafaela FierroDay ago

    How is Shane so thick

  55. Flaninty

    FlanintyDay ago

    oh jesus i thought jeffree was a girl with a guys name i feel so bad

  56. jimi meier

    jimi meierDay ago

    Wait how old is Nate

  57. Map Artaud

    Map ArtaudDay ago

    Im watching all again cause u guys make me laugh. I know how Jefree feels, in a way prolly way less, about not knowing who to trust and how friends stab you in the back..

  58. Jayda G 1214

    Jayda G 1214Day ago

    But Shane has more subscribers then Jeffry 😐

  59. skeetskeet boi

    skeetskeet boiDay ago

    That door costs more than my house



    you always wear that pig shirt

  61. Megan J

    Megan JDay ago


  62. Megan J

    Megan JDay ago

    *MONET* .."they spelt money wrong" SJFGJDRG

  63. Ema Leins

    Ema LeinsDay ago

    18:32 Nate like wtf u didn’t tell me this😂

  64. Toya Smith

    Toya SmithDay ago

    he said that is $125,000 …. the moment you realize that's the price of your house... lmaoo

  65. arf905 -

    arf905 -Day ago

    Bruh the thing that’s funny is they are all gay/ bisexual so when they make sexual jokes it makes sense

  66. ThisIsNotDavidCai

    ThisIsNotDavidCaiDay ago

    Jeffree star is the beauty guru QUEEN 👑

  67. Renskate da fox

    Renskate da foxDay ago

    Jeffrey hasn't had beer ever And I'm twelve and I've had a drink or two in my life

  68. Bree_999

    Bree_999Day ago

    Nate is straight but not?? Is there something I’m not getting????

  69. cj wins

    cj winsDay ago

    I still don’t like him but I wanna be his me. Lol

  70. cj wins

    cj winsDay ago

    I still don’t like him but I wanna be his me. Lol

  71. Keyana Miller

    Keyana MillerDay ago

    Why does Shane look like rich Dora when he put that head piece on lol

  72. glaxgurl sofie

    glaxgurl sofieDay ago

    Shane's t-shirt is everything lol

  73. Lil’ Extraa

    Lil’ ExtraaDay ago

    I was so amazed by his house and then he said let’s go upstairs and I was like shit I’m poor for rich people

  74. Ally Gk

    Ally GkDay ago


  75. Hallo there

    Hallo thereDay ago

    " *oh wait, I got food on my head* " Same

  76. Liam Kane

    Liam KaneDay ago

    Low key would smash

  77. Adrianna Luketich

    Adrianna LuketichDay ago

    Jeffree is like my mom and everyone women in my family “did you wash your hands”

  78. Diego Merino

    Diego MerinoDay ago

    Jeffreestar is such a star

  79. Kharissa Cariaso

    Kharissa CariasoDay ago

    Shane was so annoying in this...

  80. Reese Bartholomay

    Reese BartholomayDay ago

    He's actually the funniest person ever

  81. Nicole Stark

    Nicole StarkDay ago

    The best from all parts

  82. Meagan Cooper

    Meagan CooperDay ago

    In love with Jeferee



    When he was about to knock on the door😂

  84. Kailie Dean

    Kailie DeanDay ago

    Ok so I went from not really being a fan of Jeffrey Star.... To absolutely loving this .... Diva? Goddess? I literally have no words. I'm in love.

  85. Jazzlyn Faith

    Jazzlyn FaithDay ago

    Why does he talk about being so poor when he has 18 million subscribers and 25+million views ???

  86. Naima Vvv

    Naima VvvDay ago


  87. Veronica Pichardo

    Veronica PichardoDay ago

    Damn Shane has those thunderthighs

  88. FreeAnBeingME

    FreeAnBeingMEDay ago

    Omg when Shane said that’s me at Dollar Dtore- He’s here.🤣🤣🤣😜

  89. Whitney Skiles

    Whitney SkilesDay ago

    Imagine a scavenger hunt in the closet with the number pad like imagine shaving to look in the shoes and all those purses

  90. Carolina Millan

    Carolina MillanDay ago

    I can’t get over how good this series is. I didn’t even know Jeffree and now I admire him! Shane you must have a Netflix show!

  91. Blue Fox

    Blue FoxDay ago

    okay.. so this is the first time i've heard of jefree star... Does that make me a bad person?

  92. Gaming With Charlie Price

    Gaming With Charlie PriceDay ago

    Jeffree star is fuckinng awsome

  93. Blu's Pie

    Blu's PieDay ago

    I'm so poor i cant even pay attention to the video

  94. Hello Hello

    Hello HelloDay ago

    I can relate with jefree, I eat and love food but I don’t gain weight.

  95. Betmarie Matos

    Betmarie MatosDay ago

    Jeffree is so down to earth, funny and nice.

  96. I give up on life

    I give up on lifeDay ago

    adopt me jeffree

  97. lilyulla -

    lilyulla -Day ago

    why is jeffree literally me

  98. A_World _Full_Of_ Lies

    A_World _Full_Of_ LiesDay ago

    Jeffree seem's cool. Nice!

  99. Alexa Sanchez

    Alexa SanchezDay ago

    My room is the maids quarters

  100. Blu's Pie

    Blu's PieDay ago

    I haven't the slightest fucking clue who jefree star is, but the jake paul series got me addicted to shane dawson

  101. Tae’s Tea

    Tae’s TeaDay ago

    red room, barbie room, gold room... WHAT ELSE IS IN THERE? CHRISTIAN GREY'S ROOM?

  102. Mo Fraser

    Mo FraserDay ago

    Why do I feel like Shane Dawson payed Jeffree Star to come to his house?? 😂