The Secret World of Jeffree Star


  1. laven Yoon

    laven Yoon32 minutes ago

    Honestly my ed shook when you did the vomit noises cause same bitch

  2. Denise Albiter

    Denise Albiter32 minutes ago

    I womder if Jeffree has airpods 😂

  3. Isobel Buchanan

    Isobel Buchanan37 minutes ago

    ‘Sorry me kitchen is so small, I’m so embarrassed’ *YOU COULD FIT MY HOUSE IN THERE!*

  4. Nataliee Meyerss

    Nataliee Meyerss43 minutes ago

    *_i can’t afford to watch this_*

  5. Amaya Jiselle

    Amaya JiselleHour ago

    If I had that much money I would make a house that looks like a shed but underground it’s a mansion that’s safe if there is a nuclear war. Just a idea.

  6. Doughy Dust

    Doughy DustHour ago

    Pause at 4:00

  7. Amelia The Diva

    Amelia The Diva2 hours ago

    Why do you need an ID to see Jefree?

  8. Nataliee Meyerss

    Nataliee Meyerss36 minutes ago

    His stuff is more expensive than your life

  9. Campbell Young

    Campbell Young2 hours ago

    i’ve always wondered why he was so rich. like, ik he’s a queen, but why is he RICH😂

  10. Super Saphire

    Super Saphire3 hours ago

    I was so shocked by this I nearly threw up because everything was so expensive and I swear my puke tasted like Doritos

  11. killer bee

    killer bee3 hours ago

    Jeffree brought her own pronoun

  12. Pacion Vazquez

    Pacion Vazquez4 hours ago


  13. alfred venturina

    alfred venturina5 hours ago

    The way Nate looks at Jeffrey at 18:36..

  14. Sára Szenta

    Sára Szenta5 hours ago

    fiú vagy lány?????😩😩😩😦😦😳

  15. Allisa

    Allisa6 hours ago

    wait what sex swing?

  16. I don’t exist

    I don’t exist7 hours ago

    Tf? How old is Jeffree?

  17. Steffi Spr

    Steffi Spr7 hours ago

    When is the jeffree wax figure happening?

  18. boss haha

    boss haha7 hours ago


  19. ItzCake

    ItzCake7 hours ago


  20. Howdy Partner

    Howdy Partner8 hours ago

    Anyone else come back to watch it all over again?

  21. Tejaswani Bhardwaj

    Tejaswani Bhardwaj8 hours ago

    Shane's expression are everything. 🤤

  22. Sofia Salo

    Sofia Salo9 hours ago

    Jeffree is literally me fav person ever

  23. jasmine dunning

    jasmine dunning10 hours ago

    My friend said that Jeffree and Nates 10 year age gap was disgusting and gross and i said that she should go home

  24. Bailey Carmouche

    Bailey Carmouche10 hours ago

    Having everything is fun but it gets so wack cause u have everything its not fun anymore but I LOVE YALL

  25. wet ASMR

    wet ASMR11 hours ago

    *”the grand total is $59,268.76”* think of how many 20 piece chicken nugget packs they could’ve bought with that

  26. Aavale' Storm

    Aavale' Storm11 hours ago

    27:37 Diva!

  27. Nusaiba Rahman

    Nusaiba Rahman11 hours ago

    Omg now I want to know what exactly happened during the threesome talk that they cut out

  28. singerfg05

    singerfg0511 hours ago


  29. Jennie Cloud

    Jennie Cloud11 hours ago

    Here I'm in Wisconsin

  30. Torontopia

    Torontopia12 hours ago

    Wait let mw get this "straight", Nate is $traight? What? STFU!

  31. Kawaii Kitty

    Kawaii Kitty12 hours ago

    Me: OH MEH GOWD THIS BOOK IS 1 DOLLAR, ITS SO EXPENSIVE 😫 Jeffrey: like seriously it’s 100 dollars it’s so cheap

  32. Midanya Wonders

    Midanya Wonders13 hours ago

    The real question is how are you so rich Shane?????? illuminati confirmed

  33. Madeline Anderson

    Madeline Anderson13 hours ago

    * BARBIE IS QUAKING-34:37*

  34. Curtis Plays Games

    Curtis Plays Games13 hours ago

    wait sociopath has 19 mill

  35. Abigail Konrad

    Abigail Konrad13 hours ago

    nates story made me cry

  36. Victoria dazzle

    Victoria dazzle13 hours ago

    34:45 Taehyung is SHOOK

  37. Literal Trash Can

    Literal Trash Can13 hours ago

    Can we just talk about how Nate is constantly letting out cute little grins whenever Jeffree speaks? Like he’s so attentive and caring and it’s so clear that he actually does care a whole shit load. Y’all are goals 💕💕💕

  38. Kathy Kinder

    Kathy Kinder13 hours ago

    Does her face melt

  39. AnjieDoesThings

    AnjieDoesThings14 hours ago

    he picked the right shirt to wear for this XD

  40. Big MamaBear

    Big MamaBear14 hours ago

    Lol I eat frosting out of the can too

  41. Katie Anthony

    Katie Anthony15 hours ago

    and i thought i was rich eating squish candy

  42. waifu

    waifu15 hours ago

    too broke to say the G word, gucci- SHIT I SAID IT FBI IM SORRY

  43. Fan Of my hero academia

    Fan Of my hero academia16 hours ago

    Me 2,500 omg hell no to much! Jeffree omg so cheap!

  44. Pretty Much Paige

    Pretty Much Paige16 hours ago

    I want to have as much self esteem as Jeffrey Star has money

  45. itzmac

    itzmac16 hours ago

    “Why does it taste richer in your house?” 😂😂

  46. itzmac

    itzmac16 hours ago

    He’s 57!?!

  47. Katie Anthony

    Katie Anthony16 hours ago

    27:20 mood

  48. M Guru

    M Guru16 hours ago


  49. xx gamexz

    xx gamexz16 hours ago

    18:34 that got dark..

  50. Princess_Unicorn

    Princess_Unicorn16 hours ago

    Me: *eating nutter butter* 2:31 omg Jeffre eats the same food as new!

  51. Gavin Kesselring

    Gavin Kesselring16 hours ago

    16:11 two bottles of Jack Daniels in the left bottom

  52. Gummy Gator

    Gummy Gator16 hours ago

    6:05 time to inves-tea-gate

  53. Freyja Úlfarsdóttir

    Freyja Úlfarsdóttir17 hours ago

    His fridge is bigger than my house

  54. Marin Jakobsen

    Marin Jakobsen17 hours ago

    If that was my closet, i'd never get out of the closet ;) ;)

  55. Katie Anthony

    Katie Anthony17 hours ago

    shane: what surgery haven’t you had? *looks down at jeffree’s chest*

  56. Keri Cait

    Keri Cait17 hours ago

    I just finished this series. Thank you Jeffree for being so authentic, for being real & for showing the world that although you are fabulous AF you're just a normal human like the rest of us. I cried a bit & LOL'd a ton. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! And to Shane Dawson, thank you for creating this. You gained another follower today!!

  57. Gabriel Garcia

    Gabriel Garcia18 hours ago

    this is my 3rd time watching this series!! ❤️❤️

  58. Erica Piatt

    Erica Piatt18 hours ago

    Did anyone notice the red bull in his hands when Shane went in? Then Jeffree said he never drank beer. ???

  59. Isaiah Celaya

    Isaiah Celaya18 hours ago

    Kim k live in calibasis but in the Cathy griffin vid lives next to Cathy ? But we stan

  60. Cool Natalie

    Cool Natalie19 hours ago

    Jeffree do your makeup with dollar tree makeup

  61. Audrey Furmage

    Audrey Furmage19 hours ago

    I dare Jeffree to go buy dollar store make up for a day... lets see if he will

  62. Audrey Furmage

    Audrey Furmage19 hours ago

    I dare Jeffree to go buy dollar store make up for a day... lets see if he will

  63. Aanya and Kaitlyn

    Aanya and Kaitlyn19 hours ago

    I’m scared to find out the cost of her whole house

  64. Genevieve TV.

    Genevieve TV.19 hours ago

    I love how the whole time Nathan's just in the corner nervously laughing like... "OMG what it happing why are their 2 random people in my house discovering all my secrets??!"

  65. K C

    K C19 hours ago

    They should know that suckling constantly through a straw is going to give them a smokers mouth with lines all across the lips.

  66. Sophie Lee

    Sophie Lee19 hours ago

    Aw the pig shirt. If I knooooow, u know

  67. Kiki French Fry

    Kiki French Fry20 hours ago

    Can we just say I love Pomeranians and have one myself and omg they’re so cute mine’s name is Cookie

  68. Esej Snake

    Esej Snake20 hours ago

    21:43 "Great" 23:47 "Richer at your house" 30:52 Flamethrower

  69. ThatOne ArtKid

    ThatOne ArtKid20 hours ago

    Haha... rich people humor is amazing

  70. Panic!ed Killjoy

    Panic!ed Killjoy20 hours ago

    rewatchng this and noticing that mY COUSIN LIVES THERE

  71. ThtsFufu

    ThtsFufu20 hours ago

    Shane is hilarious LOL "YOU HAVE A MOUNTAIN!?" LOLOL

  72. millie Brownridge

    millie Brownridge20 hours ago

    And then we get robot teeth hunny ;)

  73. Beata Novosedlikova

    Beata Novosedlikova20 hours ago

    So funny video.. OMG!:)

  74. CJ ;-;

    CJ ;-;20 hours ago

    Me feeling poor for 42 minutes straight lmao

  75. CJ ;-;

    CJ ;-;20 hours ago

    I’m sorry, how old is Jeffery? 😂❤️

  76. Meganoob22TV -nick-

    Meganoob22TV -nick-21 hour ago

    7:51 I'M GONNA WRECK IT!

  77. Creepy Kay

    Creepy Kay21 hour ago

    Omfg I've been dreading this video for so long and I regret it. This was the best video I've ever seen! Shane&Jeffree forever! 💕💕

  78. lilMessi10

    lilMessi1021 hour ago

    Ayeee grand Rapids Michigan

  79. ozynn

    ozynn21 hour ago

    *delicious drama diva daddy*

  80. Kyla Dumalaon

    Kyla Dumalaon21 hour ago

    love you shane😘

  81. 2005deluxe

    2005deluxe21 hour ago

    I was thinking about doing some remodeling and wondering if I can get any color ideas from JS

  82. Ashton The emo

    Ashton The emo22 hours ago

    is anyone waiting for the special!!!!!!????!?!

  83. Kendylle Jenkins

    Kendylle Jenkins22 hours ago

    you should do a life in David Dobrik's life!

  84. Kristina Scott

    Kristina ScottDay ago

    Jefferee Star- you could invest in helping me grow my business!! Maybe mentor me!! Www.KrystelsCastle.Com I am a Huge Fan of you and your personality. Would Love to meet you someday!! Great Wurk!

  85. fida omar

    fida omarDay ago


  86. Miranda c

    Miranda cDay ago

    *To the 1% of people who see this, I hope you have a bright future I am a MReporterr myself and I am not asking you to do anything but I would love to hit 3,800 by the end of January* Thank you all of MReporter❤💓❤💓

  87. Laura Dee

    Laura DeeDay ago

    Jefree the next time you do one of these could you do it with a more serious tone?

  88. ginny thomasson

    ginny thomassonDay ago

    I was born in grand rapids michigan and it low key makes me feel proud that nate was from there

  89. Love Puppy’s

    Love Puppy’sDay ago

    My bff used to live in that neighborhood

  90. maythcal studio

    maythcal studioDay ago

    boi i sal a fucking kid in the back round in the bathroom seen

  91. The Beelzeboss

    The BeelzebossDay ago

    The song that sounds like Another one bites the dust T R I G G E R S me

  92. Sophie Louise

    Sophie LouiseDay ago

    My two fav youtubers together🤪

  93. Astrid does Dance

    Astrid does DanceDay ago

    At least it won't hurt falling down the stairs LOL

  94. PreciousPop

    PreciousPopDay ago

    *Shane's shirt says it all*

  95. Rosemary Metallic

    Rosemary MetallicDay ago

    Anybody realise that Shane's t shirt is literally how he felt on 10:07 😂

  96. Dark Lxghtz

    Dark LxghtzDay ago

    its weird to think that jeffree is like 32 years old! he looks really young for his age

  97. FireCutiepie gt

    FireCutiepie gt19 hours ago

    He said he is 50 I think

  98. Holy. Taemin

    Holy. TaeminDay ago

    24:07 LMAO 😂 I've been laughing at this for like a gud 10 min

  99. Kassandra Kassy delacruz/Vitulli

    Kassandra Kassy delacruz/VitulliDay ago

    Oh my gosh I still love you!!!

  100. Lolimation S

    Lolimation SDay ago

    Me: Mum I wanna wear that 50p dress again Mum: honey it's too small Jeferee: I wear my Gucci once and then I leave it in a wardrobe to die

  101. Eddy127

    Eddy127Day ago

    Andrew did very well recording everything he is the best

  102. Eddy127

    Eddy127Day ago

    Who else is like just rewatching the Jeffrey series never gets old