The Scammer MESSAGED Me Back? - Worst 90s Mystery Ebay Unboxing RESOLUTION


  1. lm r

    lm rDay ago

    I hate they did this to you. But makes you think, how many other people have been scammed.

  2. Marinus Gozewinus

    Marinus Gozewinus25 days ago

    That was a realy weird box


    TRUTH BE TOLD2 months ago

    This fool is lying to your face! She is not THAT stupid. Or if she is THAT stupid, well, then she's retarded isn't she? Never learn from your mistakes, silly goose? Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!

  4. Katie Bell

    Katie Bell5 months ago

    I'm glad you kept the doll. I liked it. I hope by now it doesn't reek of mold. 😘

  5. sharan krystyniak

    sharan krystyniak5 months ago

    Bunny, years ago, I bought a mystery box. The seller said I would enjoy it. He had a story connected to each item. And whether the stories are true or not, it worked out very nicely. Good people are honest. Bad people are not. It's the way life is.

  6. kimberly michel

    kimberly michel5 months ago

    Bunny you have a wonderful heart and we love you

  7. kimberly michel

    kimberly michel5 months ago

    Bunny we love you but dont hypocrite yourself or your fans..u use words like rage, disappointment and bring up so many negatives while saying you dont blame the seller...doesnt make sense...

  8. CitizenD

    CitizenD6 months ago

    😂 why do people say it’s too long of a video , I want my time back etc... change the channel and stop wasting more time complaining . I watch bunny while I’m doing dishes and her rambles are part of her charm

  9. natalie0385

    natalie03856 months ago

    Hey love your videos, what happened to the Johnny Depp mystery box?


    SARAH'S HANSON6 months ago

    7 fold is their carma !! Yicks !!

  11. Donna Corrado

    Donna Corrado6 months ago

    Off topic question. Any chance you are going to the cosmetic thing in NY in April? I'd love to meet you. If so... I will go to the back of my garage and.bring Tiny Tears who I personally performed optical surgery on. It was unsuccessful. I also gave her a bath and fried her hair off on the radiator. If that does inspire you to come to NY... Have a lovely holiday. Even your ranting honest and.well done.

  12. Donna Corrado

    Donna Corrado6 months ago

    Bunny, I am a NYer. There is a sucker born every minute. I'm glad eBay did the right thing.

  13. Elizabeth Ann ferrario

    Elizabeth Ann ferrario6 months ago

    Fabulous result bunny, it’s a very sad person who did this too you, however you acted with a completely professional attitude , I know you will put this behind you, you are a loverly person love and hugs Liz x

  14. txferretgirl

    txferretgirl7 months ago

    *malicious is the word you are looking for lol

  15. Nia Nia

    Nia Nia7 months ago

    Like really!! I have soooo many questions.. like is that like your doll morgue or do you have it set up like that so people wouldn't want to enter it. I like it and can't stop focusing on it.

  16. Bri Colleen

    Bri Colleen8 months ago

    I am 6, going on 7 minutes into this and you should have just got to the point. WTF nothing of any relevance has come up by 7 minutes.

  17. Regina Dickson

    Regina Dickson8 months ago

    Don’t’re loved as you are and those that seek to hurt you should be ashamed of themselves. Many years ago, my Pastor at the time was talking in church about someone stealing the window air conditioner for our nursery and inside my ire started to get up. He continued to offer a prayer that they needed it, and offered prayers for us not to hold ought in our hearts because it only hurts us. One of the biggest and best lessons I ever learned. I AM glad you had the ability to continue to be lovely!! I am THRILLED about the restitution made to you, and those lovely people that sent you a REAL 90’s box-the one with Beetlejuice in it. Keep being you!!❤️

  18. Katie Martínez

    Katie Martínez8 months ago

    I love you bunny🖤❤️🖤 talk it out all you need! We are a family and families help each other out no matter what! I know I’m like a year late but still lol had to put this comment down

  19. Nicole Ayla Ashby-King

    Nicole Ayla Ashby-King9 months ago

    "Intrinsic value"?????

  20. Sassy Lady

    Sassy Lady9 months ago


  21. Amanda Ziff

    Amanda Ziff9 months ago

    U shud have given out his number, so all ur fans could text him back. That was so nasty.

  22. Donna Kawana

    Donna Kawana9 months ago

    Don't bleach the doll. Spray lemon juice all over her leave her out in the sun the acid in the juice will kill an remove mold smell an stains!!!

  23. Janice Higman

    Janice Higman9 months ago

    Where the f does she get to th point of the vid? Anyone?

  24. Jessica Bussom

    Jessica Bussom10 months ago

    New subscriber.. wish this video would’ve gotten more to the point.


    NADINE LEDESMA10 months ago

    Too much rambling. I wouldnt buy a 950usd mystery box online. Its just common sense and a red flag that its already a scam :/

  26. Musix addixt

    Musix addixt10 months ago

    Unpopular opinion, you literally ordered a mystery box from eBay... for $950.... You know there’s a risk that it’s not going to be exactly $950 worth of goods or not. It’s subjective what’s significant items from the 90s and what’s not. I don’t see it as stealing and scamming. I see it as supply and demand. If you want 90s items literally buy items that have a description, not a mystery box. But of course you need video content and drama. Sad. That should be expected.... I do not see your irritation.

  27. lisa mcgee

    lisa mcgee10 months ago

    They lied to you Bunny!

  28. DivaChicTreasures

    DivaChicTreasures10 months ago

    So glad everything turned out well for you...being a eBay seller myself I found it so unacceptable for someone to send moldy, dirty, buggy things, let alone mislead you with the contents...

  29. Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes

    Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes10 months ago

    Well that's because they all got sold why the number is down. Ain't no one gonna take their mystery boxes off the net

  30. Fumb Duck

    Fumb Duck10 months ago

    I got scammed as well /watch?v=flxARplZfgw&t=4s

  31. TheBizzle1984

    TheBizzle198410 months ago

    I love your curls so much😍 I'm always jealous of their volume.

  32. Olivia Golding

    Olivia Golding10 months ago

    OMG just get to the story, you really need to self edit girl

  33. D S

    D S10 months ago

    Good grief, ramble much?

  34. Fan Girl Diaries

    Fan Girl Diaries11 months ago

    There’s so many trolls on here complaining about how long the video is and she needs to shut up and get to the point. if you don’t like like her video style... THEN. DONT. WATCH. simple fix 👌🏻

  35. Kate_Kosmo

    Kate_Kosmo11 months ago

    I have been scammed on eBay 4 times in the past year with either fake products, bogus listings, and most cosmetics. Recently I purchased cosmetics and after the seller told me that they were authentic before purchasing, I received them and they were fake. So I proceeded to return the item and I just found out yesterday that the item cannot be returned because the seller provided a fake address. So I cannot receive my refund because the seller cannot receive their products back yet. So I've been on the phone trying to get through eBay which I can't yet because there's no one in the office but yet it says a wait time of 1 minute but I have to call back. I've tried to email but it says I need to call. This is bull crap that eBay does not have a specific email address!

  36. J. S.

    J. S.11 months ago

    Wow they were seriously targeting you.. I mean he/she messages you saying they did in fact need it but then tried to pretend they honestly tried to send good stuff. Idk that person better learn their lesson before screwing with the wrong person.

  37. Kay layton

    Kay layton11 months ago

    I got scammed 2 x on Ebay

  38. Troy Shiflettt

    Troy Shiflettt11 months ago

    Long video that could have been cut down 75% alot of manic chatter

  39. Noemi Mellado

    Noemi Mellado11 months ago

    You´re a great person Bunny. I admire your nobility.

  40. Lexi Nolani

    Lexi Nolani11 months ago

    Bunny is such a sweetheart, it truly sickens me that some people prey upon people purely based on the fact that they have a big heart. Love you Bunny ❤️

  41. Travis Bull

    Travis Bull11 months ago

    Bunny gives me wood!!! Bunny yummy!!!

  42. Mallory Anderson

    Mallory Anderson11 months ago

    You are normally adorable and extremely pleasant but I enjoy you even more SOMEHOW when you've had a couple 😉

  43. OryonStar1

    OryonStar111 months ago

    IM glad it turned out ok. So sad people like that make it bad for those who are legit on ebay. I think these 3 videos are the most upsetting videos I have watched. I'm glad it's over. I learned a lesson by watching you bunny. Hugs!

  44. Lexie H

    Lexie H11 months ago

    I love you so much and you're so freaking cute but the room you're in is one creepy ass room !!!

  45. Melanie Band

    Melanie Band11 months ago

    that's alot of dolls..

  46. Devin  Stevens

    Devin Stevens11 months ago

    You bought it hoping to hit hold sorry you had that much to waste then do 100 videos

  47. Tonya Rush

    Tonya Rush11 months ago

    Your still such a wonderful soal after being scammed your still a positive person!

  48. Carrie Hildabridle

    Carrie Hildabridle11 months ago

    Your too nice I would've told them to take the $$ away from the seller!!

  49. M G

    M G11 months ago


  50. frank jackson

    frank jackson11 months ago

    What happened to Dog Face?