The Romanoffs - Official Teaser #2 | Prime Video


  1. sebatian

    sebatianMonth ago

    Guys, after watching 3 episodes...THIS SHOW IS AMAZING, GIVE IT A TRY.

  2. Trey Ward

    Trey Ward2 months ago

    Doesn't look like a good show but I'm going to watch a few episodes just to gaze at Amanda Peete.

  3. Rabbi Mamzer ben Amalek

    Rabbi Mamzer ben Amalek3 months ago

    The filthy joos murdered Tzar Nicholas II and his family in a satanic Kabbalah ritual murder. Before he was slaughtered, the Tzar was portrayed with a chicken body on postcards found only in jooish ghettos in Russia. Joos believe that they can confess their sins over a chicken and then slaughter it to gain forgiveness. Joos also funded and executed the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, 85% of the Soviet Commissars being jooish. They later starved 12 million Ukrainians to death in the Holodomor. Now these sick and twisted joos are mocking their grizzly murder on (((Netflix))). Boycott this disgusting anti-white propaganda network.

  4. Brother J

    Brother J3 months ago

    To have this in French was the stupidest idea ever, who the heck wants to sit and read freaking subtitles while watching a TV show😠😡

  5. Christopher Lucki

    Christopher Lucki4 months ago

    What a truly awful looking series. I feel sorry for the real Romanov decedents who have to deal with knowing that garbage like this uses their good name!

  6. Jake Moore

    Jake Moore4 months ago

    All White cast... Hmmm...

  7. Stefan Djurovic

    Stefan Djurovic4 months ago

    I am Romanoff.

  8. THWB

    THWB4 months ago


  9. MANA

    MANA4 months ago

    My name is Romana (._.

  10. Toree Hartman

    Toree Hartman4 months ago

    I'll watch it because it's from the creators of Mad Men and has John Slattery and Christina Hendricks!

  11. Larry Chatanuggs

    Larry Chatanuggs5 months ago

    💿💿💿 #💿💿💿💿 💿💿💿 #💿💿💿💿 *Jesus Christ said only believe, that He is the Son of God.* *He will give you the free gift of eternal life* *He will also heal your body!*

  12. Roofingdoggo

    Roofingdoggo5 months ago

    I had a heart attack when I saw Andrew Rannells!

  13. Aria Carmela

    Aria Carmela5 months ago

    Not the best timing, just when Putin-Mafia-Thug-Scum teams up with Trump-Mafia-Thug-Scum to Make America Grate.

  14. Zach Ryder

    Zach Ryder5 months ago

    Marvel: We'll give Black Widow an origin movie soon... * *crickets* * Amazon: Fine... I'll do it myself

  15. Alexander Christopher

    Alexander Christopher4 months ago

    Except it's the wrong one...

  16. HateAsians100

    HateAsians1005 months ago

    no russian actors??? prime you are fucking trash, rly

  17. John Fazio

    John Fazio5 months ago

    Is anyone ever going to hire a composer ever again in Hollywood ...

  18. Leon Fontius

    Leon Fontius5 months ago

    Why do I feel like watching this 😅

  19. MyName IsRamen

    MyName IsRamen5 months ago

    Only for Isabelle Huppert !

  20. Tim B

    Tim B5 months ago

    Well I'll be "roamin' off" now.

  21. Guillaume Parola

    Guillaume Parola5 months ago


  22. Janez Zmavec

    Janez Zmavec5 months ago

    Whats with two FFs? RomanoFFs? I thought their surname was Romanov?

  23. Sleepwalker

    Sleepwalker5 months ago

    I clicked for Roger, you fucking assholes.

  24. lylotss

    lylotss5 months ago

    I thought his was going to be drama. eh looks bad

  25. krazy kayy

    krazy kayy5 months ago

    Scarlett Johansson????

  26. Symbol Guy

    Symbol Guy5 months ago

    I was hoping this would be an Anastasia story

  27. palmtrees101

    palmtrees1015 months ago

    would have preferred a period drama about the actual romanovs, not some lame story about ppl now thinking they are romanovs, wth? esp since nicholas II has no descendants, so it's just totally made me up silliness.

  28. TheSarahRamsingh

    TheSarahRamsingh5 months ago

    When they said Matthew Weiner was doing the Romanovs this is not what I imagined.

  29. Andrew Costello

    Andrew Costello5 months ago

    Malkovich? Malkovich

  30. CopperT47

    CopperT475 months ago

    Black Widow anyone?

  31. Theodore Macewko

    Theodore Macewko5 months ago

    Assuming certain things I the present Tzar of Russia and a direct desendent of tsar Nicholas ll. What would you do if l told you that the Tzar Nicholas ll had a secret grandson in September 1917. Pretenders have no idea what a real desendent of tsar Nicholas ll must tragically deal with. Assuming certain things I have had attempts on my life and drugs slipped into my food causing dangerously high blood pressure. Nostrdemus spoke of a family of seven , two under distress!? Assuming certain things I live in a world where I get constintly "monitered" and have ideas stolen from me . I live in a world where I can get assaulted and the police don't go after the assaulter.

  32. The Great Chairman Fred Hampton

    The Great Chairman Fred Hampton5 months ago


  33. Charles Horn

    Charles Horn5 months ago

    Hollywood: Here’s an idea, let’s make a pretentious series about overwritten self important people like us. As a twist, we will loosely tie it to the Russian Imperial family. That way everyone will think we are deep and very smart. Public: Ehh, I think I’ll rewatch some old Family Guy reruns.

  34. K’Lyrone Urbangeek

    K’Lyrone Urbangeek5 months ago

    Great Cast!! I’m gonna watch it

  35. vujotxx

    vujotxx5 months ago

    This looks so stupid! I can see this once cancelling itself!

  36. Max Brazil

    Max Brazil5 months ago

    I approve of what happened to the Romanoffs.

  37. CM HW

    CM HW5 months ago

    So does satan.

  38. Steven Ayala

    Steven Ayala5 months ago

    I thought it was a movie about Black Widow. What a disappointment.

  39. Karen Shackelford

    Karen Shackelford6 months ago

    Looks funny but then again, I may be a Hapsbourg

  40. Нилл

    Нилл6 months ago

    And no actors of Russian heritage? Seriously? Just a bunch of people who know nothing about Russians and Russian culture. What a joke

  41. APlaceForUtubes

    APlaceForUtubes6 months ago

    I want to cut open my stomach so I don't have to taste the vomit

  42. Sarjo Bojang

    Sarjo Bojang6 months ago

    I don’t get it. Can someone explain to me watch I just watched.

  43. Smolo The KloWn

    Smolo The KloWn6 months ago

    So where is Black Widow?

  44. О к о л е с и ц а

    О к о л е с и ц а6 months ago

    А нуу, ЧИКИ-БРИКИ и по коням!

  45. That's Not

    That's Not6 months ago

    All these Romanoffs and not a single Natasha.

  46. Jefferson Evangelista

    Jefferson Evangelista6 months ago

    I thought this was a Black Widow tv spinoff

  47. Professor Jameson

    Professor Jameson6 months ago

    Worth watching for Amanda Peet. Amazon is competing strongly with Netflix for original shows.

  48. Arjun Tandon

    Arjun Tandon6 months ago

    I got all excited cause at first I thought it was gonna be a Black Widow thing, but this is meh

  49. Damion Nguyen

    Damion Nguyen6 months ago

    *Where is Natasha Romanoff(Black Widow in Avengers btw)?*

  50. Stromjir

    Stromjir6 months ago

    I'm a cheeseburger.

  51. MaxMax

    MaxMax6 months ago

    they keep promoting this as being made by the "creator of mad men" but amazon won't say it's matthew weiner directly because they don't want people googling that name and reading up on the accusations of sexual harassment against him.

  52. Andreas Drunk

    Andreas Drunk5 months ago


  53. Dariusz Marciniak

    Dariusz Marciniak6 months ago

    I'm just curious remind me please who killed the Russian royal family? And then tell who produces the series and profits from it, they are properly the same people if you know what I mean.:-)))

  54. peciarova zuli

    peciarova zuli4 months ago

    +Alexander Christopher You have problems with logic and obviously your knowlege of history is not good. Where are you from Alexandor?

  55. Alexander Christopher

    Alexander Christopher4 months ago

    +peciarova zuli England and France was sending troops to Russia to stop the Bolsheviks. Because the Loyalist forces were winning battles against the untrained Bolsheviks, they execute the Tsar's family. As for Germany, well, they sent Lenin to Russia after exile in Switzerland. And England and France are late because of WW1. You do know that Russia is counted as Europe, with most of their population is on the European side?

  56. peciarova zuli

    peciarova zuli4 months ago

    Well this time americans are not guilty. Russian Royal Family was killed by soviet scum supported by european countries (England, France, Germany, the idea was created in Europe). And frankly speaking all the Family was assassinated so there couldn't be any descendants.

  57. xansdad55

    xansdad555 months ago

    Nicholas II, the Empress Alexandra and their five children were assassinated by Bolsheviks as were Nicholas's brother Michael, Alexandra's sister Elizabeth (she was the widow of Nicholas' uncle, and a number of other Romanov cousins. The Dowager Empress Marie, Nicholas's mother and his two sisters escaped from the Crimean peninsula in 1918. Many of the surviving Romanovs are the descendants of the brothers and uncles of Nicholas II father, Emperor Alexander III. Among those still alive are the artist Prince Rostislav Romanov who spends half his time in England and half in Russia and the Princess Olga Romanov who also lives in England.

  58. Fearless 512

    Fearless 5126 months ago

    I thought this was going to be about the black widow origins

  59. Мария Чеснокова

    Мария Чеснокова6 months ago

    I just love how Matthew Weiner makes those teasers without ANY hint on what that series is actually about.

  60. Ladies Love the Moon Knight

    Ladies Love the Moon Knight6 months ago

    Maybe because he has problems

  61. Rica Weiss

    Rica Weiss6 months ago


  62. M B

    M B6 months ago

    It’s already difficult to tolerate trumps and queen of England and now we have them 😭🙄

  63. Delbane Ren

    Delbane Ren6 months ago

    This had better be about Natasha or Marvel will be pissed.

  64. RewindJacobjake

    RewindJacobjake6 months ago

    Where is January Jones? Either way, I love red.

  65. Empatheia Multiversalis

    Empatheia Multiversalis6 months ago

    Lenin is coming for ya!

  66. Alexander Christopher

    Alexander Christopher4 months ago

    Even better... Putin is coming

  67. hfredydl

    hfredydl6 months ago


  68. Dammit Kakarot

    Dammit Kakarot6 months ago

    Diane lane. Christina Hendricks. I’m in.

  69. SirDark

    SirDark6 months ago

    Looks like trash

  70. Amanda Nanda

    Amanda Nanda6 months ago

    Okay but when are we gunna get a show called "Everybody Hates Rasputin"??

  71. Bangin' Gears

    Bangin' Gears6 months ago

    Natasha Better be in here someplace!!! #blackwidowmovie

  72. Jebus_gT

    Jebus_gT6 months ago

    Kill all capitalists.

  73. CM HW

    CM HW4 months ago

    +Alexander Christopher reported to the authorities for incited violence/murder.

  74. Alexander Christopher

    Alexander Christopher4 months ago

    Kill all imperialist.

  75. CM HW

    CM HW5 months ago

    No u

  76. Brendon Patterson

    Brendon Patterson6 months ago

    He will always be Sterling to me

  77. A Google User

    A Google User6 months ago

    What the hell is a romanoff? Lance ulanof’s cousin?

  78. Margarito Tobias

    Margarito Tobias6 months ago

    Thought this was about black widow.

  79. Cutie Pie

    Cutie Pie6 months ago

    I'm in.

  80. Yseson _

    Yseson _6 months ago

    It's like Girls but vaguely Russian, or what is New Wasp America for 500 Alex?

  81. Lovleen

    Lovleen6 months ago

    Natasha Romanoff?

  82. CM HW

    CM HW5 months ago

    I was hoping for Tsar Nicholas II but unfortunately that is not the case.

  83. Stokes The Red Panda

    Stokes The Red Panda6 months ago

    WEW it’s victor lang

  84. Linen Gray

    Linen Gray6 months ago

    Great cast I hope it is good. Loved Man Men.

  85. Abi

    Abi6 months ago

    Oof I thought this was a Black widow teaser

  86. sid assassin

    sid assassin6 months ago

    *nataasha romanmoff ??*

  87. Miguel Alejandro Quezada Morando

    Miguel Alejandro Quezada Morando6 months ago

    Long live Lenin!

  88. CM HW

    CM HW5 months ago

    +Miguel Alejandro Quezada Morando no, he's getting assraped by the very same demons that possessed him during his life on earth.

  89. Miguel Alejandro Quezada Morando

    Miguel Alejandro Quezada Morando5 months ago

    Probably organizing a proletariat revolution down there.

  90. CM HW

    CM HW5 months ago

    He's burning in hell lol

  91. Dynasty The Gemini

    Dynasty The Gemini6 months ago

    Thought this had something to do with marvel. I guess not.

  92. genocide amerika

    genocide amerika6 months ago

    Subtle Yankee imperialist propaganda against Putin

  93. Christina Hanula

    Christina Hanula6 months ago

    Wrong ethnicity for the actors what a dishonorable action

  94. hadria leon

    hadria leon6 months ago

    oMG I was working on MSC Divina where they shoot the cruise scene -check in as Romanov- 🙀🙀🛳

  95. NexAngelus405

    NexAngelus4056 months ago

    lol someone should do a video using clips of the title character from the Don Bluth film Anastasia showing her reacting to this trailer.

  96. jeffrey murray

    jeffrey murray6 months ago

    I clicked on this because I thought it might be about marvel and black widow. I saw an old Howard stark and the last name of black widow

  97. Jacob Loves Comics

    Jacob Loves Comics6 months ago

    Bruh. I thought black widow was getting a solo tv series

  98. Opie

    Opie6 months ago

    I knew up a Rebecca Romanoff in grade school. Sooooo cute. First real crush. Later I could have sworn I saw her in a commercial before I moved. 😭😭😭

  99. Annie Wong

    Annie Wong6 months ago

    It’s spelled “Romanov”....

  100. Павел Воронин

    Павел Воронин5 months ago

    This is an older style of writing Russian names ending in -ов in Latin letters that was used in the 19th century. Another example is Rachmaninoff.

  101. Brendan O'Brien

    Brendan O'Brien6 months ago

    Mathew Weiner made this? I’m in.

  102. imkakar1

    imkakar16 months ago

    yawn...sopranos was a masterpiece...mad men was aite til it got repetitive around season 4. but this???? wtf matthew??? fucking jacobins.....

  103. c0l0jar0

    c0l0jar06 months ago

    I'm not 1/2 way through the video and I'm only certain of one thing. This has too many characters for me to care about any of them.

  104. James Matthews

    James Matthews6 months ago

    That cast though.

  105. Bennie the Pooh

    Bennie the Pooh6 months ago

    Does anyone know the song after the trailer?

  106. oseraphima

    oseraphima6 months ago

    the nutcracker.

  107. superpopoky1

    superpopoky16 months ago

    And suddenly we know Natasha Romanoff's family tree...

  108. Stop Deonna

    Stop Deonna6 months ago

    Is Natasha Romanoff or Romanova in this? Scarjo in it?

  109. Caren Northcutt

    Caren Northcutt6 months ago

    Roger sterling is a romanoff?

  110. Yerp Derp

    Yerp Derp6 months ago

    This looks bad.

  111. LightYagami210

    LightYagami2106 months ago

    What does this have to do with Black Widow?

  112. WF4L

    WF4L6 months ago

    On the captions, only once is “Romanoff” spelled correctly

  113. marvel marble

    marvel marble6 months ago

    im sorry, but i was imagining a show of nat’s family or something

  114. Caleb Cobb

    Caleb Cobb6 months ago

    It wouldn't be Russian if it didn't have Tchaikovsky playing or a name ending in -off

  115. Orson Welles

    Orson Welles6 months ago

    If your name ends with "in", time to get out

  116. Danny Jones

    Danny Jones6 months ago

    The Romanoffs is a contemporary series "set around the globe, centering on separate stories about people who believe themselves to be descendants of the Russian royal family." - this a copy from what the creator, since the very beginning, said it was about, he never claimed it was going to be a historical series!

  117. fcv123

    fcv1235 months ago

    People don't read.

  118. ADF MO2

    ADF MO26 months ago

    They said Romanoff 500 times in this trailer.

  119. ADF MO2

    ADF MO25 months ago

    missbyrd92 lol yes, my language was hyperbolic. The point is, it was annoying and I still have no idea what the movie is actually about.

  120. missbyrd92

    missbyrd925 months ago


  121. Porsche Collector

    Porsche Collector6 months ago

    I am Romanov, and I don't recognize any of these people!

  122. Felix Gonzalez

    Felix Gonzalez6 months ago

    Isabelle Huppert ....the best