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    FBE Shoutout please and react to grojband

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    🏰 *I МАS!ТÙRВАТЕ Т0 V!IDЕ0S !0N МY СH!АNNЕL! L00K!* 😚😚

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    React to love Island uk

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    Who saw the movie I did

  11. Shelley Jackson

    Shelley Jackson2 months ago

    FBE could you get me the rock’s autograph?!

  12. ItzPepparoonie Plays

    ItzPepparoonie Plays2 months ago

    I knew it was E,T from the beginning

  13. Gacha Queen

    Gacha Queen2 months ago

    Who else was screaming at the screen? Especially for Minions

  14. Jonathan Ouellette

    Jonathan Ouellette2 months ago

    Omg neve cambell aka sidney prescott

  15. XxheadhunterxX

    XxheadhunterxX2 months ago

    Dwayne could be a comedian

  16. Channel Channel

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    XxheadhunterxX I mean he was low key when he was in the wwe

  17. WhiteKnightGamer YT

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    Lmao my name is Noah too xD

  18. bookXbat

    bookXbat2 months ago

    I haven't seen skyscraper or any of the previews for it. And I don't follow the rock closely enough to know what his family looks like. So for a minute there I legit thought this was his actual family until they said cast and I went to looked up what his family actually looks like. So A+ on the casting because had me fooled!

  19. bookXbat

    bookXbat2 months ago

    I probably will watch it in all honesty lol

  20. XMp3Xdrone 1

    XMp3Xdrone 12 months ago

    bookXbat the movie was great

  21. RaMostafa Masri

    RaMostafa Masri2 months ago

    her laugh 😍😍😍

  22. Akbar Ilham Merdeka

    Akbar Ilham Merdeka2 months ago

    Is that jodie. From beyond two soul

  23. BostonMeme

    BostonMeme2 months ago

    Yeah but its not minions its despicable me ;-;

  24. Yotrex GamingX

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    BostonMeme no it's the minions is I saw the movie

  25. Artika Gunathdotdotdot

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    The prequel is the Minions movie

  26. Tye McCarthy

    Tye McCarthy2 months ago

    BostonMeme yes it minions the film is before they met gru

  27. HeyitsMaia

    HeyitsMaia2 months ago

    They would actually make an adorable family in real life, omg.😰😍

  28. adventures of Beemo

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    It's Sidney Prescott lol

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    3:20 lol

  30. JAJ001

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    2:17 hey I would have guessed that too

  31. dad2 jrn

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    I knew minions because of the S it stands for Scarlet and The rock sed light bulb and I was like light bulb (in Gru’s voice) hehehehhe it’s minions

  32. EmilioPlayz 660

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    Et one was too easy

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    kitten kat21079 saaaammeee!!!!

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  36. Asip

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    You all just got ROCK!.. Dwayne so humble... so sweet..

  37. Camilla Pettitt

    Camilla Pettitt2 months ago

    Great format. Dwayne is such a sweetie with his family and good to see fbe as per usual treating their guests, The same by being cute with the kids

  38. Bridge Baal

    Bridge Baal2 months ago

    Y only 6 mins doe

  39. qhudsiya khadir

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    I'm watching this video and a Rock movie ad comes on aka Skyscraper. 😳 wow 😳

  40. King Rapid

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    Gets skyscraper ad

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    I knew what that was from the start it was ET the whole time

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    I got two movies

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  48. BelieveNoGod

    BelieveNoGod2 months ago

    What's the last movie ? All I hear is "strange wut", or "danger burt" or something like that ?

  49. TYTON GAMING 2.0

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  50. Dylbre567 -

    Dylbre567 -2 months ago

    BelieveNoGod Skyscraper.

  51. Joshua Head

    Joshua Head2 months ago

    Guessed ET at 1 second clip with out looking

  52. Fazbear OFFICIAL

    Fazbear OFFICIAL2 months ago

    The rock and scream girl

  53. Logan Ruelle

    Logan Ruelle2 months ago

    Fazbear OFFICIAL I like the screen movie series

  54. Aiden Habib

    Aiden Habib2 months ago

    I saw to trailer for skyscraper right before this video

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  56. Timothy Chang

    Timothy Chang2 months ago

    Me: MINIONS!!!!!!! Dwayne Johnson: The Shape of Water. why...

  57. Luskebus

    Luskebus2 months ago

    Attack of the 50 foot minion

  58. Dominga Guerra

    Dominga Guerra2 months ago

    Omg, Neve looks so pretty and she has aged so nicely, it’s like seeing her at the age when she was filming Scream. You’re a wonderful actress😍🙂😀😃😄 Like if you agree

  59. Dominga Guerra

    Dominga Guerra2 months ago

    Anis Khoirunnisa yes, not the tv show. She was in the old movies

  60. Anis Khoirunnisa

    Anis Khoirunnisa2 months ago

    Dominga Guerra she was in scream? 😲

  61. Roda Barongan

    Roda Barongan2 months ago

    2.49 minion

  62. Despairs Magic

    Despairs Magic2 months ago

    Neve looks absolutely stunning! Such a beautiful woman!

  63. The Mitch Zone

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    *The Rock. Yes.* 🙂

  64. Cutefluffykitty💖🦄

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    Yeahhhhh !!!!!!!! The Rock is the best !!!!!!! 😄😄😄😄😄😄

  65. Colleen McIndoe

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    I love that she guessed Newsies!!

  66. ElectronPN :P

    ElectronPN :P2 months ago

    Teen react to videogamedunkey

  67. safah sajad

    safah sajad2 months ago

    When you only watch it when who see the rock

  68. Lorena Toledo

    Lorena Toledo2 months ago

    You met Dwayne Jonhsen ?!?!?!?! 😲😲😲

  69. A and A in the kitchen!

    A and A in the kitchen!2 months ago

    Wow I saw the trailer just before this vid 😐

  70. African

    African2 months ago

    GalaxyGirl360 we all did

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    Who else got a Dwayne Johnson ad before this or in this video. P.S. I got skyscraper

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    0:01 i thought that was dwayne's hair😂😂

  73. Tana's Extensions

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    RF0X LOL

  74. DaannN

    DaannN2 months ago

    Not watched ET in over a decade yet I got it straight away. Proud of myself ngl

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    why do i see dweyne everywhere

  77. Rahul Patel

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  78. William Camacho

    William Camacho2 months ago

    If you can smell.... E.T.

  79. Led Floyd

    Led Floyd2 months ago

    I was shouting E.T

  80. lauren

    lauren2 months ago

    yall did the fast n furious movies and not scream give neve the respect she deserves 😤

  81. Cyber Demon

    Cyber Demon2 months ago

    E.t. please get that right

  82. Star Galaxy

    Star Galaxy2 months ago

    I was screaming my head off when they didnt get e.t. or minions. 😂😂


    VICTOR NKWONTA2 months ago

    Where did u find the rock

  84. The Ugly Duckling

    The Ugly Duckling2 months ago

    under a rock😂😂😂 sorry...

  85. Patrick Lange

    Patrick Lange2 months ago

    The original Charmed cast reacts to the Charmed Reboot trailer.

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    Artzie Haul2 months ago

    Hello Sidney...

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    Hello I'm here2 months ago

    Omg I'm so excited to watch skyscraper it looks so good!

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    I love Dwayne Johnson

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  91. Emma Woolnough

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  92. Abigail Davis

    Abigail Davis2 months ago

    Who else was literally screaming E.T and minions😂🤣🤣

  93. Oni Bitler

    Oni Bitler2 months ago

    literally right before the last movie I say 'watch it be Skyscraper' -_-

  94. Sailor Ceres

    Sailor Ceres2 months ago

    anyone else get the skyscraper ad before this?

  95. Potato Space

    Potato Space2 months ago

    Sailor Ceres ME XD

  96. Official Gamer

    Official Gamer2 months ago

    2:18 Dwayne was like go the kid was so confident and said Avengers. I'm just NOOOOOOO WHATTT HOWW. Then Dwayne face got me soo good.

  97. Jacob Zirkel

    Jacob Zirkel2 months ago

    Really? The shape of Water? It was a collapsing bridge, not a mute sexing up a fishman!

  98. Cooked :D

    Cooked :D2 months ago

    Et I got

  99. Austin Saunders-Biagioli

    Austin Saunders-Biagioli2 months ago

    da first one tho

  100. scott Russak

    scott Russak2 months ago

    Wtf the add was for skyscraper

  101. Ma Gix

    Ma Gix2 months ago

    As soon as E.T. and they were guessing what the movie was i was just screaming" E.T?!?!"

  102. bhavik katarmal

    bhavik katarmal2 months ago

    I barely was able to find out any of the movie

  103. Janet Salas

    Janet Salas2 months ago

    “Mickey mouse” I’m like.....😂😂😂

  104. Rafael Merlo

    Rafael Merlo2 months ago

    Biblia Reyna Balera.

  105. jaydawg116

    jaydawg1162 months ago

    Skyscraper ad. Then skyscraper plug. Then a second skyscraper plug. Oh come on I get it already.

  106. The pig win Guy

    The pig win Guy2 months ago

    Same for me miss go watch the movie

  107. Samuel Amador

    Samuel Amador2 months ago

    Man, Neve looks amazing. Scream is my absolute favorite.

  108. Destiny McGlothan

    Destiny McGlothan2 months ago

    The ad of this was a movie he is in

  109. danny camacho

    danny camacho2 months ago

    I luv skyscraper

  110. Ryan Vlogs

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    The skyscraper ad, came up was getting ready to watch the video

  111. Janet Salas

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    Ryan Vlogs lmfao

  112. Taofikat Agreeing Orange

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    Same lol

  113. R u Army

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    Ryan Vlogs same lol

  114. Shadow Cooter

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    I think I am the only Noah that doesn't wear glasses ever time I see a person named Noah they are always wearing glasses

  115. SolidSnake9630

    SolidSnake96302 months ago

    Great Video! It is nice to see them react together.

  116. The Fluffy King

    The Fluffy King2 months ago

    You should do this more often with the movie challenge with the generations

  117. jovivianed

    jovivianed2 months ago

    1:39 OMG HOW ITS ET

  118. ayesha naseer

    ayesha naseer2 months ago

    wsnt rllly entertaining

  119. Abigail Aldridge

    Abigail Aldridge2 months ago

    I got a skyscraper ad! Lol 😂

  120. Ryan Vlogs

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    Abigail Aldridge same

  121. Ayanna Spivey

    Ayanna Spivey2 months ago

    Abigail Aldridge me too lol I really want to watch it

  122. Dev Chisholms

    Dev Chisholms2 months ago

    When I watched this I say the ad for skyscraper

  123. wilson bagas

    wilson bagas2 months ago

    Do Reaction Of Cher Sing Fernando from Mamamia 2

  124. Connor Rothschild

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    I got a skyscraper trailer

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    Connor Rothschild omg lucky I never get that ad

  126. Careless' VOD Reviews

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    LOL it's ET 4hedz! Omegalul pepehands.

  127. Leira Whitehart

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    Anyone else get an ad for "skyscraper" before watching this?

  128. Janet Salas

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    Leira Whitehart me

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    The people's elbow

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  132. BlueSteel X

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    A movie that i really want to see is dwayne johnson and john cena

  133. Wannysek

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    Turn John Cena heel in the movie

  134. Loxer150Gaming

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    *-Rock-* Dwayne Johnson Paper Scissors