The Predator | "The Ultimate Predator" TV Commercial | 20th Century FOX


  1. Fátima Perez

    Fátima Perez7 months ago

    what is the music name?

  2. Merck Z

    Merck Z10 months ago

    La canción se llama Rabitss Revenger

  3. aaron calenoff

    aaron calenoff10 months ago

    What's the song

  4. Regyane Araújo

    Regyane Araújo10 months ago

    Looking forward to watching this movie. OMG

  5. Mr. badenglishspeaker

    Mr. badenglishspeaker10 months ago

    Looks already better than alien covenant

  6. Jaime The One

    Jaime The One10 months ago

    I need to see a sniper fighting it!

  7. Platinum Peyton

    Platinum Peyton10 months ago

    Wtf this tv spot looks like it came from 2003

  8. Kylo Blox

    Kylo Blox10 months ago

    What is this background song.....i like it

  9. Pedro Alves Reis

    Pedro Alves Reis10 months ago

    0:16 - 0:20 what does that Guy say?

  10. Joseph Makowski

    Joseph Makowski10 months ago

    One thing I’m not looking forward to is how there saying that the Predators will invade and conquer earth when they aren’t the kind to do that. Earth is one of their prized hunting grounds, it they take it over then they lose the opportunity to find suitable game to hunt

  11. Rodimus Prime

    Rodimus Prime10 months ago

    nobody throws baby on the car like that!

  12. Pedro Alves Reis

    Pedro Alves Reis10 months ago

    You sure this spot is suitable for tv? I mean , even if the movie s an R you gotta make general audiences tv spots right?

  13. Bakhradin Yerezhepov

    Bakhradin Yerezhepov10 months ago

    Жду не дождусь

  14. Douglas Snyder

    Douglas Snyder10 months ago

    I think that this is gonna be good. Can't wait to see it soon.

  15. Some random person

    Some random person11 months ago


  16. Sushi Bin

    Sushi Bin11 months ago

    What’s is the song

  17. Hollywood Universe

    Hollywood Universe11 months ago

    Tamil Release

  18. Aleksander Vladimirovich Krinkov

    Aleksander Vladimirovich Krinkov11 months ago

    dis iz crapp!!

  19. Ben Wasserman

    Ben Wasserman11 months ago

    So Luther the Anger Translator is fighting a Predator? Yeah, I'll watch that

  20. Young Chuy 23

    Young Chuy 2311 months ago

    I’m definitely going to go see this movie I’m a big predator fan

  21. Domenico Grillo

    Domenico Grillo11 months ago

    and they fucked it up.

  22. Dru N

    Dru N11 months ago

    Honestly... This looks like JUNK.

  23. Kosh Naranek

    Kosh Naranek11 months ago


  24. DjArmedWolf

    DjArmedWolf11 months ago

    Tom Morello " rabbit's revenge" ft bass nectar big boi and killer mike

  25. Clout Cloud

    Clout Cloud11 months ago

    We need another AVP movie

  26. Sergeant Kek

    Sergeant Kek11 months ago

    That's really sad tbh.

  27. Alex the viper

    Alex the viper11 months ago

    I think they should called it the Apex predator instead of the ultimate predator It sound much better.

  28. Foxsake

    Foxsake11 months ago

    The heat vision is alot better

  29. Ninja Master

    Ninja Master11 months ago

    Hip-hop music. So childish.

  30. Rain Riley

    Rain Riley11 months ago

    Trailer 3 Please!

  31. Blister Monde

    Blister Monde11 months ago

    "The ultimate Predator" - Yeah, pretty ultimate. Big like a house, makes noise like a tank, so that camo makes no sense. Can't hide in bushed or trees and is a giant target for aircrafts and tanks. Yeah, "The Ultimate Predator".

  32. Adrian Cębrzyński

    Adrian Cębrzyński11 months ago

    Theme ?

  33. The True Gamer

    The True Gamer11 months ago

    Why did they have to make it funny ish why not scary creepy and dangerous trailer like predator 1 and predator 2 and predators, I think this movie is going to flop

  34. dalleX88

    dalleX8811 months ago

    a shame we wont get anymore predator movies after disney takes over.

  35. Dino Boy27

    Dino Boy2710 months ago

    I hope the predator strikes big in the box office but not to the extent that disney will buy it

  36. Iridescent Silhouette

    Iridescent Silhouette11 months ago

    Meh.. Looks like a movie

  37. assassin guy

    assassin guy11 months ago

    Song is Tom Morello rabbits revenge

  38. Karanvir Kooner

    Karanvir Kooner11 months ago

    I'm definitely going out of my way to see this

  39. jxa66

    jxa6611 months ago

    YOOOO the ultimate doesn't need the mask to see in infrared 😮

  40. Mcoractual Customs & Reviews

    Mcoractual Customs & Reviews11 months ago

    The "upgrade" looks weird, even for a Predator. It's face is really dopey looking. Like it has downs syndrome or something...? It doesn't look...right. I can't put my finger on it.

  41. Edgard Lucana Gallegos

    Edgard Lucana Gallegos11 months ago

    Great!!!! Its Amazing-...

  42. nallamala kiran

    nallamala kiran11 months ago

    For the first time..100% comments are Postive.

  43. Bali baliku otomotif

    Bali baliku otomotif11 months ago

    cannt wait this movie

  44. MrQuiche Productions

    MrQuiche Productions11 months ago

    Everything feels like an normal action-movie with shitty jokes,shitty soundtrack and lastly bad action scenes. This doesn't fit the Predator trailer requirements

  45. Cobra Explorations

    Cobra Explorations11 months ago

    Can't Wait for this new movie ! :D This look awesome ! :D

  46. Trendy Tamil

    Trendy Tamil11 months ago

    Waiting eagerly... plz tamil trailer

  47. GHOST

    GHOST11 months ago

    I’m watching this


    CHOCOLATE STARFISH11 months ago

    Name of soundtrack please

  49. Major_lazer 1

    Major_lazer 111 months ago

    The predator movies used to be so gritty and scary at some points. This one is more comedy based I'm still intrigued to find out how it turns out

  50. E.3.C PICTURES

    E.3.C PICTURES11 months ago

  51. Chris Monvel

    Chris Monvel11 months ago

    This is gonna be awesome

  52. Soufyan Hassan

    Soufyan Hassan11 months ago

    This looks great! One question: what did Sterling K Brown's character say at 0:18? I didn't hear it clearly.