The Predator | "The Ultimate Predator" TV Commercial | 20th Century FOX


  1. Merck Z

    Merck Z2 months ago

    La canción se llama Rabitss Revenger

  2. aaron calenoff

    aaron calenoff2 months ago

    What's the song

  3. Regyane Araújo

    Regyane Araújo2 months ago

    Looking forward to watching this movie. OMG

  4. Mr. badenglishspeaker

    Mr. badenglishspeaker2 months ago

    Looks already better than alien covenant

  5. Jaime Holguin

    Jaime Holguin2 months ago

    I need to see a sniper fighting it!

  6. Wyatt Peyton

    Wyatt Peyton2 months ago

    Wtf this tv spot looks like it came from 2003

  7. Kylo Blox

    Kylo Blox2 months ago

    What is this background song.....i like it

  8. Pedro Alves Reis

    Pedro Alves Reis2 months ago

    0:16 - 0:20 what does that Guy say?

  9. Joseph Makowski

    Joseph Makowski2 months ago

    One thing I’m not looking forward to is how there saying that the Predators will invade and conquer earth when they aren’t the kind to do that. Earth is one of their prized hunting grounds, it they take it over then they lose the opportunity to find suitable game to hunt

  10. Rodimus Prime

    Rodimus Prime2 months ago

    nobody throws baby on the car like that!

  11. Pedro Alves Reis

    Pedro Alves Reis2 months ago

    You sure this spot is suitable for tv? I mean , even if the movie s an R you gotta make general audiences tv spots right?

  12. Bakhradin Yerezhepov

    Bakhradin Yerezhepov2 months ago

    Жду не дождусь

  13. Douglas Snyder

    Douglas Snyder2 months ago

    I think that this is gonna be good. Can't wait to see it soon.

  14. Thomas Tips

    Thomas Tips3 months ago

    You have to admit, the music does kick things off in the ad pretty well

  15. Some random person

    Some random person3 months ago


  16. RageTale

    RageTale3 months ago

    What’s is the song

  17. Hollywood Universe

    Hollywood Universe3 months ago

    Tamil Release

  18. Aleksander Vladimirovich Krinkov

    Aleksander Vladimirovich Krinkov3 months ago

    dis iz crapp!!

  19. Ben Wasserman

    Ben Wasserman3 months ago

    So Luther the Anger Translator is fighting a Predator? Yeah, I'll watch that

  20. Black Skip Bayless

    Black Skip Bayless3 months ago

    I’m definitely going to go see this movie I’m a big predator fan

  21. Domenico Grillo

    Domenico Grillo3 months ago

    and they fucked it up.

  22. Dru N

    Dru N3 months ago

    Honestly... This looks like JUNK.

  23. Kosh Naranek

    Kosh Naranek3 months ago


  24. DjArmedWolf

    DjArmedWolf3 months ago

    Tom Morello " rabbit's revenge" ft bass nectar big boi and killer mike

  25. Clout Cloud

    Clout Cloud3 months ago

    We need another AVP movie

  26. Sergeant Kek

    Sergeant Kek3 months ago

    That's really sad tbh.

  27. Alex the viper

    Alex the viper3 months ago

    I think they should called it the Apex predator instead of the ultimate predator It sound much better.

  28. Foxsake

    Foxsake3 months ago

    The heat vision is alot better

  29. Ninja Master

    Ninja Master3 months ago

    Hip-hop music. So childish.

  30. Rain Riley

    Rain Riley3 months ago

    Trailer 3 Please!

  31. Blister Monde

    Blister Monde3 months ago

    "The ultimate Predator" - Yeah, pretty ultimate. Big like a house, makes noise like a tank, so that camo makes no sense. Can't hide in bushed or trees and is a giant target for aircrafts and tanks. Yeah, "The Ultimate Predator".

  32. Adrian Cębrzyński

    Adrian Cębrzyński3 months ago

    Theme ?

  33. The True Gamer

    The True Gamer3 months ago

    Why did they have to make it funny ish why not scary creepy and dangerous trailer like predator 1 and predator 2 and predators, I think this movie is going to flop

  34. dalleX88

    dalleX883 months ago

    a shame we wont get anymore predator movies after disney takes over.

  35. Dino Boy27

    Dino Boy272 months ago

    I hope the predator strikes big in the box office but not to the extent that disney will buy it

  36. Ninja Star

    Ninja Star3 months ago

    Meh.. Looks like a movie

  37. Mr mittens 123

    Mr mittens 1233 months ago


  38. assassin guy

    assassin guy3 months ago

    Song is Tom Morello rabbits revenge

  39. Karanvir Kooner

    Karanvir Kooner3 months ago

    I'm definitely going out of my way to see this

  40. jxa66

    jxa663 months ago

    YOOOO the ultimate doesn't need the mask to see in infrared 😮

  41. Mcoractual Customs

    Mcoractual Customs3 months ago

    The "upgrade" looks weird, even for a Predator. It's face is really dopey looking. Like it has downs syndrome or something...? It doesn't look...right. I can't put my finger on it.

  42. Edgard Lucana Gallegos

    Edgard Lucana Gallegos3 months ago

    Great!!!! Its Amazing-...

  43. nallamala kiran

    nallamala kiran3 months ago

    For the first time..100% comments are Postive.

  44. Bali baliku otomotif

    Bali baliku otomotif3 months ago

    cannt wait this movie

  45. MrQuiche Productions

    MrQuiche Productions3 months ago

    Everything feels like an normal action-movie with shitty jokes,shitty soundtrack and lastly bad action scenes. This doesn't fit the Predator trailer requirements

  46. Cobra Explorations

    Cobra Explorations3 months ago

    Can't Wait for this new movie ! :D This look awesome ! :D

  47. Trendy Tamil

    Trendy Tamil3 months ago

    Waiting eagerly... plz tamil trailer

  48. GHOST

    GHOST3 months ago

    I’m watching this

  49. xx x

    xx x3 months ago

    Name of soundtrack please

  50. Major_lazer 1

    Major_lazer 13 months ago

    The predator movies used to be so gritty and scary at some points. This one is more comedy based I'm still intrigued to find out how it turns out

  51. E.3.C PICTURES

    E.3.C PICTURES3 months ago

  52. Chris Monvel

    Chris Monvel3 months ago

    This is gonna be awesome

  53. Another dude

    Another dude3 months ago

    This looks great! One question: what did Sterling K Brown's character say at 0:18? I didn't hear it clearly.

  54. blitz 84

    blitz 843 months ago

    Is best the jungle :(

  55. Raul Baez

    Raul Baez3 months ago

    The ultimate predator badass

  56. Riot

    Riot3 months ago

    0:07-0:08 best part for me

  57. Gordon K.

    Gordon K.3 months ago

    It looks so crappy...

  58. Angel eyes 6598

    Angel eyes 65983 months ago

    Will it be rated r

  59. JWC art

    JWC art3 months ago

    Yes. The gore! Looking forward to this more and more with every trailer and tv spot.

  60. The IgnitedBlade199

    The IgnitedBlade1993 months ago

    Predators don't conquer planets...

  61. Ted Pow

    Ted Pow3 months ago

    let's hope Predator MOVES like a Predator this time..

  62. Joseph Makowski

    Joseph Makowski2 months ago

    Ted Pow ?

  63. Derrick Mun

    Derrick Mun3 months ago

    It's really strange, becuase the two previous trailers were both getting hate comments, and the tv commercials are getting like comments.

  64. David :D

    David :D3 months ago

    Awesome !!!

  65. Jerry Arnett

    Jerry Arnett3 months ago

    I was hoping that some team would try and take these things on. If Arnold Schwarzenegger could do it. There's hope! I just want to see a good action flic with the humans coming out on top! Humanities greatest hope should be the next one

  66. Anthony Simmons

    Anthony Simmons3 months ago

    This looks so fuckin' cool!


    ULTRAWIDE3 months ago

    Stop putting shitty casual modern music with trailers! They always make trailers look and sound like dogshit. Whatever happened to using the score from the film?! Or any orchestral score for that matter?

  68. Emion Bonifacio

    Emion Bonifacio3 months ago


  69. Lalo Báez Carreño

    Lalo Báez Carreño3 months ago

    What's the name of this song on that Predator TV Spot?

  70. Avetor UAC

    Avetor UAC3 months ago

    WO WO WO very nice))feal rage)) hanter)) need go haunt)) A+

  71. Ciobanu Marian

    Ciobanu Marian3 months ago

    I am wondering who was the imbecile who decided to cut James Eward Olmos from the movie,boooooooooooooo!!!!

  72. Blood Sucker

    Blood Sucker3 months ago

    Super action

  73. Balthazar Brat

    Balthazar Brat3 months ago

    It looks like it's going to be a fun popcorn movie. Anybody hoping to get the original predator tone and feel are going to be disappointed

  74. Starwalker666

    Starwalker6663 months ago

    Cant Wait.Looks Great.

  75. Health Plan

    Health Plan3 months ago

    The predators body has shrunk but the head remains the same size.

  76. Falangist

    Falangist3 months ago

    No Arnold no care.

  77. BlooPrintBoy :

    BlooPrintBoy :3 months ago

    Why'd you get rid of AvP Evolution?

  78. imperator maxim furiosa

    imperator maxim furiosa3 months ago

    Is this a continuation or a completely different franchise starter

  79. Pedro Alves Reis

    Pedro Alves Reis2 months ago

    Consider It a Reboot... That takes SEVERAL references from the previous movies. Like Age of Extinction for Transformers.

  80. Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo

    Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo3 months ago

    I can't wait.

  81. Tapetenscnueffler

    Tapetenscnueffler3 months ago

    0:13 They added even more blood in when the guy gets punched in the face!

  82. Tom Liu

    Tom Liu3 months ago

    Yeah! Ultimate predator! Kill them all!

  83. Stephen Gomez

    Stephen Gomez3 months ago


  84. blixx66

    blixx663 months ago

    Hollywood is really pushing this lowlife trash "music" down our throats these days. I understand most like it, but rap within the science fiction genre is just bizarre.

  85. paulo cesar

    paulo cesar3 months ago

    voces tem esse filme ai gostei muito

  86. Tomherbs

    Tomherbs3 months ago

    Since 1987 humans have moved way on with technology, but the predators are still using the same tech with no upgrades?

  87. Martin VR

    Martin VR3 months ago

    Tomherbs Oh they pretty much improve and upgrade the technology as we do, in predator 2 and predators have upgraded and improved tech compared from the first predator of the first film, also they equip different weapons and gears depending on what they hunting, and I don't think hunting humans requires all their technology and toys for that.

  88. steven[]seagull

    steven[]seagull3 months ago

    Why do they have to put rap on everything,so unfitting.hope they didnt put rap in the movie.

  89. Ferenc Herceg

    Ferenc Herceg3 months ago

    based on the first trailer, and the things we learned about the plot, i'm positive it's gonna be bad, but at least they're making it look cool now:DD if i didn't know any better, i'd be hyped lol

  90. Sam Rodrigues

    Sam Rodrigues3 months ago


  91. Pickle Rick

    Pickle Rick3 months ago

    Oh yeah. I’m so excited for this movie. #InShaneBlackWeTrust

  92. TITANMAN251

    TITANMAN2513 months ago

    Aliens vs Predator

  93. Sergeant Kek

    Sergeant Kek3 months ago

    which is irrelevant.

  94. Simple Benellian

    Simple Benellian3 months ago

    Not nice, too much commercialization and lack of naturalism. Still my favorites are Predator 1, 2 and AVP 1, 2.

  95. Sweaty Spidey

    Sweaty Spidey3 months ago

    That big Pred is the ultimate ugly motherfucker

  96. Kevin Jay

    Kevin Jay3 months ago

    I bet that's all the action we're gonna see...

  97. naughts'an Kcrosses

    naughts'an Kcrosses3 months ago

    Predator's are a visual species,,,,,,dah!!!!!..........much.

  98. FarCrySis38

    FarCrySis383 months ago


  99. Isra Moldezz

    Isra Moldezz3 months ago

    When Alien vs predator 3

  100. Sergeant Kek

    Sergeant Kek3 months ago

    Literally everytime people make a new Alien or Predator movie, retards will say a 3rd AvP will happen and it still has not happened. A 3rd AvP will *never* happen so quit asking for it.

  101. Kervin Massicott

    Kervin Massicott3 months ago

    Movie look badass

  102. Priyajit Naskar

    Priyajit Naskar3 months ago

    Song name please.

  103. Priyajit Naskar

    Priyajit Naskar3 months ago

    Rogger Rocha but this song don't release right now

  104. Rogger Rocha

    Rogger Rocha3 months ago

    Priyajit Naskar Rabbit’s Revenge (feat. Bassnectar, Big Boi, and Killer Mike)

  105. Subject 8

    Subject 83 months ago

    Looks like they re-designed the ultimate predator

  106. Subject 8

    Subject 83 months ago

    Ah, thanks. Sorry for doubting you. On a sidenote, that's pretty sick and reminds me of Colossus from the X-Men.

  107. Platinum Poop

    Platinum Poop3 months ago

    The Italian TV spot shows the Predator's skin changing. Shane Black also mentions the Predator's organic armor.

  108. Subject 8

    Subject 83 months ago

    *Source. Please*

  109. VAPOR The Wolf

    VAPOR The Wolf3 months ago

    Subject 8 yes because it's is genetically hybridized and it can take a beating.

  110. Subject 8

    Subject 83 months ago

    So it can activate and deactivate it's organic armor? Source please.

  111. Michael Vallejo

    Michael Vallejo3 months ago

    I've kind of noticed that the Predator hybrid's face has changed a bit.

  112. Martin VR

    Martin VR3 months ago

    Btw, the big ultimate predator seems to have changes, I think the skin texture, face and lighting has been changed to it, and actually looks better imo.

  113. Dec

    Dec3 months ago

    Hopefully not some jurassic park hybrid thing.

  114. JWC art

    JWC art3 months ago

    Martin VR true

  115. Platinum Poop

    Platinum Poop3 months ago

    You can see the Predator's skin change in the Italian TV spot.

  116. Edgy Veggie

    Edgy Veggie3 months ago

    It’s skin can camouflage

  117. Martin VR

    Martin VR3 months ago

    0:07 that was sick, as long as the predator kicks some asses and do some badass stuff in this movie, I'm definitely in.

  118. Victor Velasquez

    Victor Velasquez3 months ago

    Martin VR Dude you just mostly said exactly how I felt about this new Predator movie. I’m really hyped for it 🤯🤯🤯🤯

  119. Martin VR

    Martin VR3 months ago

    Josh Wilson Yeah, hope is a good movie too.

  120. Josh Wilson

    Josh Wilson3 months ago

    Martin VR Same I love the predator universe so I'm giving it a chance, hopefully it doesn't let me down like Alien: Covenant

  121. Martin VR

    Martin VR3 months ago

    Josh Wilson Agree bro, I like predator 2, it has some pretty good moments, specially with the predator, I love how it expanded the predator lore more further than the first, just the acting wasn't that good and have some flaws, but it is an enjoyable movie overall, looking forward to this one, I want to know what kind of new toys will the predator use in this movie and how deadly can a upgraded predator be, some people are being so negative about it, but as a big predator fan, I'm giving it a change.

  122. Josh Wilson

    Josh Wilson3 months ago

    Martin VR Yeah, I'm hoping it's good but if it's not I'm at least hoping for some good Predator action - kinda like Predator 2.