The Net Gun | Overtime Ep. 4 | Dude Perfect


  1. Zander Koellen

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    I LIVE IN WISCONSIN!!! That's the Milwaukee airport I think.

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    Subbed and shared!

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    I love the videos but, Why don't u guys upload very much?

  4. Micah Hughes

    Micah Hughes2 hours ago

    Ty and garret win in every book ever twins def lose

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  6. Maya Rasulova

    Maya Rasulova2 hours ago

    I Love you

  7. Phillip Richter

    Phillip Richter2 hours ago

    And it was Cory again Best wishes from Germany

  8. Mr beacon Hair

    Mr beacon Hair2 hours ago

    i dont like this channel mr.beast can do better then theses noobs

  9. Chrissy

    Chrissy2 hours ago

    There is no sound in space.

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    I did it

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    O I shared it iv been a sub

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    Oh wow I'll get to see Cory for like 3 seconds

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    Yeah nope. There's no sound in space

  14. Ryan Gardner

    Ryan Gardner2 hours ago

    no sound in space

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    Dude perfect is crazy! Hope my music can reach as many people one day. Much love for anyone willing to give me a chance 😀🗝️

  16. Rhys Williams

    Rhys Williams2 hours ago

    You shouldn’t have let the smoke off with the goat in the room

  17. Dustin Mock

    Dustin Mock2 hours ago

    My boy Ty got scammed

  18. nb Gaming

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  19. Ziga 38

    Ziga 382 hours ago

    Tyler copied Gloria Borger

  20. Kingofthegods

    Kingofthegods2 hours ago

    Actually 5 with one unexpected called goat pees and poops on the floor

  21. Sean Flinders

    Sean Flinders2 hours ago

    Please make #5

  22. Tipsy Channel

    Tipsy Channel2 hours ago

    They need they own TV show ASAP

  23. Micah Hughes

    Micah Hughes2 hours ago

    Those DudePerfect hitches are so lit and cool same as the smoke bomb

  24. xXthe4thXx

    xXthe4thXx2 hours ago

    Dude perfect vs how ridiculous Trick shot competition best out of 5

  25. ItsZesty

    ItsZesty2 hours ago

    Why change the name to Goat Pees on the Desk to The Net Gun???

  26. Drayvin Shoemaker

    Drayvin Shoemaker2 hours ago

    I did the Competition

  27. Mini Marshmellow

    Mini Marshmellow2 hours ago

    I say garret and ty won

  28. Mularage Mayhem

    Mularage Mayhem2 hours ago

    sound dose not travel in a vacume

  29. Danie Washington

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    Dude perfect cool gang

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    DON CORLEONE2 hours ago

    Esperando legenda pra português (BR)

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    CORY! CORY! Cory!


    MIAH PICAZO2 hours ago

    So much weird shit

  35. Kade Sims

    Kade Sims2 hours ago

    Their is no sound in space because the sound waves need a medium to travel through

  36. Kate Michaud

    Kate Michaud2 hours ago

    you guys should have prank wars

  37. Thomas Smithson

    Thomas Smithson2 hours ago

    Space is a vacuum so sound can’t pass through as there is no air

  38. Scooter McRibs

    Scooter McRibs2 hours ago

    The one with the beard has a high voice

  39. johan eriksson

    johan eriksson2 hours ago

    Why is dudeperfect so gay

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    I LOVE these videos man!

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    Why you change the title and thumbnail

  43. Fennekin 333

    Fennekin 3332 hours ago

    DP if someone goes 3 times he picks someone else

  44. My name Bob

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  45. Keka Wic

    Keka Wic2 hours ago

    who will be ned, if tyler gets picked?

  46. foomba doomba

    foomba doomba2 hours ago

    I saw someone try to catch a panda with that but was mauled in the process

  47. This Guy

    This Guy2 hours ago

    We need more over time all the time.

  48. Eitan Fisher

    Eitan Fisher2 hours ago

    Why’d you change the name?

  49. Bcikablam

    Bcikablam2 hours ago

    there isn't very much if any sound in space because there aren't really any particles for sound to bounce pressure waves through.

  50. ike125ike

    ike125ike2 hours ago

    Are all the names cory

  51. mogstar 666

    mogstar 6662 hours ago

    Net gun trick shots please

  52. Martin Mato

    Martin Mato2 hours ago

    King s

  53. asmith.16

    asmith.162 hours ago

    When you guys be updating your game with more levels?!

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  55. Hunter Tauakipulu

    Hunter Tauakipulu2 hours ago

    Net gun trick shots

  56. Amy C

    Amy C2 hours ago

    I love the net gun

  57. Mizuki Kira

    Mizuki Kira2 hours ago

    I really wish i can win

  58. APlus Group

    APlus Group2 hours ago

    They changed the title of the video the original title was: Goat pees on stage (close enough)

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    Please sub to sauce inc. Get me to 100

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    You should have a voice say all the segment names

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    Hope everyone has an AMAZING TUESDAY!!!💜💜💜

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    #1 on trending??? Awesome job guys!

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    there is no sound in space, u need air to transfer the sound waves

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    Love ur vids

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    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(☭ ͜ʖ ☭)(☭ ͜ʖ ☭)

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    that goat though

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    there is no sound in space..... also shared my vid!!!!!

  69. Samuel's Gamings

    Samuel's Gamings2 hours ago

    Wheel Unfortunate Loser: Episode 1 Cody, Episode 2 Cory, Episode 3 Cory, Episode 4 Cory.

  70. David Wenzel

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    Germany 🇩🇪🇩🇪 Love DP

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    Sell the net gun make more

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    Sub on me pls thx I wil do a gifeaway

  73. Logan Langmaid

    Logan Langmaid2 hours ago

    Sound waves can not travel in the vacuum of space. Sound waves are vibrations in the air. Space is a vacuum, meaning it has no air. Which is why only electromagnetic waves can travel in space. In space films you see people maybe busting a hole in a space station. Everything is sucked out. That’s because the air pressure inside is far greater than the Vacuum of space (which has no air, meaning no air pressure) so the pressure pushes everything out into the vacuum as it violently releases pressure.

  74. TVPowd

    TVPowd2 hours ago

    Cody is wrong

  75. Claire Gillespie

    Claire Gillespie2 hours ago

    when will garrett or tyler spin the wheel

  76. Micah Hughes

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    I don’t know if there’s sound in space

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    I've been here since the first vid if same plz subscribe to dude perfect and share .. Or like.

  78. Sonny Crockett

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    The middle guy and middle left guy sound like pinnocchio twins.

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    There’s no sound in space.

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    #1 ON TRENDING *So true*

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    No there is no sound in space

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    They put so much time in there it!😂

  83. Rick Le

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    School and sleepover stereotypes!

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    There is no sound in SPACE

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    you guys think whatever you do people is going to watch? you will fail one day if you keep on giving this lame shit

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    Do truth or dare

  88. Ozan Uzum

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    No there is no sound in space because there is no air for the sound waves to travel

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    I Watch every one of your videos

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    *I ❤️ OVERTIME!!!*

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    he got of the plane and said dallas. I was like WHAT DID I DO

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    Hidy ho I’m mr Hankey the Christmas poo

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    Great vid as always!!! 😀 Do a vid on missing shots

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    can i have 10 likes

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    There's actually no sound in space

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