"THE NBA" - A Bad Lip Reading


  1. Black Star

    Black Star5 hours ago

    Snow snow I lick snow 😂😂

  2. Othusitse Ditlhogo

    Othusitse Ditlhogo11 hours ago

    That Jimmy part killed me " I mean.... Y'all ready thought this but.... My hair looks good!" Too accurate. 😂😂😂😂

  3. TheKingMarkus

    TheKingMarkus17 hours ago

    Yooooooooooooooo Fergie ahahahahahahaahahaha got me weaaaaaaak😂😂😚

  4. TheKingMarkus

    TheKingMarkus17 hours ago


  5. Hasan Mustafa

    Hasan Mustafa17 hours ago

    “Like Woman” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Basketball Is Life

    Basketball Is Life18 hours ago

    I like women lmao

  7. Xavier A

    Xavier A19 hours ago

    yo yo yo , Drago! Apple Jacks and white chocolate. You hear me Khal Drago ? Steven: Bro wat r u onnnn???? Paul:Pickel cause my friend Andrew

  8. ghost

    ghost2 days ago

    i sold our steam boat

  9. BTS

    BTS2 days ago

    Me when I don’t drink water for a day 😂4:20

  10. Lilac Wren

    Lilac Wren2 days ago


  11. toasty lemons

    toasty lemons2 days ago

    We steady rollin through this kmart mmm mm mmmm

  12. Ian Thomas

    Ian Thomas2 days ago

    Took it to far with the National Anthem


    STR8OUTTASARAH3 days ago


  14. Ayyocurleh Mustache

    Ayyocurleh Mustache3 days ago

    4:10 lmfaao. Got me dying

  15. megan marie

    megan marie3 days ago

    “Be quiet fake dog”

  16. Rediet Abayneh

    Rediet Abayneh3 days ago

    "you drank my tea "

  17. DCfreakshow

    DCfreakshow4 days ago

    He’s so cuuuuuuute! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. Asher Fox

    Asher Fox4 days ago

    nobody wants my... bread?

  19. Amy Poage

    Amy Poage5 days ago

    0:15 James Harden had me deeead. Lmao

  20. Jordan Mapfumo

    Jordan Mapfumo5 days ago

    oh Roberta 😂

  21. The Gaming Doge

    The Gaming Doge8 days ago

    What if some of these were what they actually said

  22. Ridzky Hasan

    Ridzky Hasan8 days ago

    Fuck you shake my stomache lol

  23. Katyusha Degurechaff

    Katyusha Degurechaff8 days ago

    Porzingis having a voice of a white man is so accurate.

  24. Ervin Verano

    Ervin Verano8 days ago

    LIKE WOMAN -Steven Adams

  25. Natalie Jones

    Natalie Jones8 days ago

    " Like woman" " I went to basketball camp" "Don't post that photo on my fb you're not my friend" 🤣🤣🤣

  26. JDawg 24

    JDawg 248 days ago

    That’s our potion!!

  27. James Roberts

    James Roberts8 days ago


  28. Angel FG

    Angel FG8 days ago

    2:14 Minecraft Arguments

  29. E

    E9 days ago

    Me like WOMAN!

  30. mixalis gnafos

    mixalis gnafos9 days ago


  31. Liam

    Liam9 days ago

    The last one was actually adorable.

  32. High Vibe FreQz Show

    High Vibe FreQz Show9 days ago

    Damn Fergie singing has really changed a lot. She’s sounds much better now.

  33. JanXtreme YT

    JanXtreme YT9 days ago

    HE'S ILLUMINATI! -Rondo2018

  34. Bosshawg 18

    Bosshawg 189 days ago

    Somebody copied off you mind blowing sports on Instagram

  35. Chris James

    Chris James9 days ago

    "Piggy bank! Awww roberta!"

  36. SweetRain TV

    SweetRain TV10 days ago

    PRt 2

  37. Ricky Houdini

    Ricky Houdini10 days ago

    2:05 Bushes of love playing lol

  38. Dwayne Jones

    Dwayne Jones10 days ago

    "I lick snow! It's totally normal!" - Robin Lopez 2017/18

  39. Todd Moss

    Todd Moss10 days ago

    We steady rolling through this K-Mart.

  40. Ballista

    Ballista10 days ago

    fergie in this is better than the real one

  41. Archle

    Archle10 days ago


  42. sandile mabaso

    sandile mabaso11 days ago

    BLR you guys are the best..!

  43. Patti Lenkov

    Patti Lenkov11 days ago

    It’s impossible not to laugh 😂

  44. Bollo .G

    Bollo .G11 days ago

    We all love snow!!!

  45. DS 1

    DS 111 days ago

    "Another flying plate?! Come on, son, that's a poltergeist! Automatic! That's what I say." (I just now discovered the Subtitles button, thanks to this video.)

  46. lol lol

    lol lol11 days ago

    Do I sound as white as I look?

  47. Noah_Corbett _

    Noah_Corbett _12 days ago


  48. Lauren Darbouze

    Lauren Darbouze12 days ago


  49. CheesyWafflez

    CheesyWafflez12 days ago

    How is it so exact

  50. Anthony Perez

    Anthony Perez13 days ago

    I think they actually improved upon the Fergie anthem

  51. MrIce grey

    MrIce grey13 days ago

    They did fregie wrong

  52. Mass Debater

    Mass Debater13 days ago

    brilliant this is the good stuff not all that movie or politics bullshit

  53. Lucas Gratão

    Lucas Gratão13 days ago

    this is the best MReporter channel ever!

  54. the tiniest bean

    the tiniest bean13 days ago

    *You have beans within the mouth*

  55. Saitama

    Saitama13 days ago


  56. RogelinaI Lopez

    RogelinaI Lopez13 days ago

    🎶 “We steady rolling through this Kmart “ 🎶 killed me 😂

  57. Jason Minton

    Jason Minton13 days ago

    Any white cunt that likes monkey dick is truly deranged trash..

  58. Jason Minton

    Jason Minton13 days ago

    What what?? Please comment..

  59. Jason Minton

    Jason Minton13 days ago

    Stupid monkeys being themselves..

  60. Lois Warner

    Lois Warner13 days ago


  61. Davisnotducan YT

    Davisnotducan YT13 days ago

    4:36 " Uh huh, uh huh, uhhuhuhuhuhuhhuhuhj'u,rtihno6,efmrktjoimr, uh *smiles at the camera*"

  62. Davisnotducan YT

    Davisnotducan YT13 days ago


  63. C.johnson13

    C.johnson1313 days ago


  64. Jenna Leigh's Beauty Slam

    Jenna Leigh's Beauty Slam13 days ago

    Its ok Steph Curry... i too think about handwriting, goats, and ferrets. Clearly we are meant to be together. 😂😂😂😂💙💛💙💛


    CREEPERDUDE65014 days ago

    Like woman!

  66. Kurt Caspi

    Kurt Caspi14 days ago

    0:15 LMAO

  67. synysterjazmyngates

    synysterjazmyngates14 days ago

    “Piggybank. Oh, ROBERTA!”

  68. Pointer Ryan

    Pointer Ryan14 days ago

    Haha lopez and snow

  69. P. Mac.

    P. Mac.14 days ago

    3:49 😂😂😂 “drink me tea?”

  70. Beth Michael

    Beth Michael14 days ago

    Omg!! Fergi killed me. Lol🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣

  71. Darklordlyness

    Darklordlyness14 days ago

    “I SAID NOD, NEXT TIME DONT TAKE SO LONG” im mf crying 😂

  72. Lazyboi 88

    Lazyboi 8814 days ago

    Fergies singing is getting better.! ☺

  73. Don't touch me I'm sterile

    Don't touch me I'm sterile15 days ago


  74. AwesomeDudes

    AwesomeDudes15 days ago

    5:03 oh... *nice*

  75. Simire Foulks

    Simire Foulks15 days ago

    This shit is pure gold lmao

  76. W. H.

    W. H.15 days ago

    Oh roberta lmaoooooo

  77. DeepSp4ce23

    DeepSp4ce2315 days ago

    My two favorite: Uh, Ferrets, they’re nice. That potion is ours!

  78. ¡Arabella L!

    ¡Arabella L!15 days ago

    *i lick snow it’s totally normal it’s not harmful hey y’all don’t know snow like I do I’m like a snow lover*

  79. ¡Arabella L!

    ¡Arabella L!15 days ago

    *piggybank OH ROBERTA*

  80. What’s good Man

    What’s good Man15 days ago

    Do I still have shirt I thought I did

  81. Rosewtr_

    Rosewtr_15 days ago

    Lmfao! OmG!!!

  82. Dexter Johnson

    Dexter Johnson15 days ago

    and also a big 100% big BASKETBALL Crazy Maniac about NBA it's true personally from Dex

  83. big boaayy quan

    big boaayy quan16 days ago

    Another flying plate ? Cmon son that’s a poltergeist... automatically

  84. Brandon Townsend

    Brandon Townsend16 days ago

    “Last night, I pooped out glass.”

  85. Rottidog

    Rottidog16 days ago

    3:40 I just can't stop laughing. "Like Woman!"

  86. Chrislien B

    Chrislien B16 days ago

    All Night Ive Been Waiting to tell u ths I Sold our Steam Boat

  87. Chrislien B

    Chrislien B16 days ago

    This Is Emotion Im Mad Take Tht Back

  88. Miketar2424

    Miketar242416 days ago

    3:40 too funny

  89. DaYoshiGamer YT

    DaYoshiGamer YT16 days ago

    Nobody wants my *BREAD*

  90. glory fam manman

    glory fam manman17 days ago


  91. Mitchell Nave

    Mitchell Nave17 days ago

    Make an NHL one

  92. Mollly Jo Babynothing

    Mollly Jo Babynothing17 days ago

    He's the illuminati!

  93. andhika adjie

    andhika adjie17 days ago

    talkback later, jump to 343

  94. Christian Lassiter

    Christian Lassiter17 days ago

    "Do i look as white as i sound?"

  95. Christopher O'Neil

    Christopher O'Neil17 days ago

    I love how "Bushes Of Love" is playin in the background at 2:10 lol !

  96. Christopher O'Neil

    Christopher O'Neil17 days ago


  97. Apple Abston

    Apple Abston17 days ago

    i cannnnt @3:40

  98. Enzo Cabrera

    Enzo Cabrera17 days ago

    "He´s illuminati"

  99. Adrian Baggio

    Adrian Baggio17 days ago

    L I K E W O M A N

  100. Nitin Rock

    Nitin Rock17 days ago

    Westbrook is most funny...dont post it on my fb your not my frnd

  101. Wuffers Wuffs

    Wuffers Wuffs17 days ago

    "I think- im you," "Im your clone" I like that