The Mystical Villa Montezuma Mansion


  1. Ryan Bergara

    Ryan Bergara16 days ago

    Hey everybody, just wanna say thanks for continuing to watch and support the series. It was a fun season, and can't wait to see you all again soon!

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  3. Joaquín Castillo

    Joaquín Castillo6 days ago

    Thanks for this great series! I've been binge watching it these last two weeks. This is great content. Please, keep doing True Crime Unsolved and Supernatural

  4. mackenzie bennett

    mackenzie bennett11 days ago

    ryan ur a skinny legend

  5. Brody James

    Brody James11 days ago

    i just wanna sat this show and true crime really make my week better. you and shane along with everyone that works on the episodes i just wanna say thank you for the hard work to put these out like you guys do.

  6. Bigmacmeyers

    Bigmacmeyers11 days ago

    but ghost aint got no vocal chords

  7. Valeria Solorzano

    Valeria Solorzano9 minutes ago

    When is the new episode gonna come out?!

  8. Zet

    Zet26 minutes ago

    i would like them to talk to Psychic medium John Edward and get his opinion on what they are doing, and maybe bring him to a ghost hunt.

  9. Batcavesales Batman

    Batcavesales Batman51 minute ago

    Great hosts and great story

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  11. Mr.Unknown

    Mr.UnknownHour ago

    0:19 no he would say "this is lit" since the building is on fire

  12. Sam Christina

    Sam ChristinaHour ago

    Best channel on MReporter it would be so bad if the broke up or stopped making videos. Like if you agree

  13. Shok Tolibov

    Shok TolibovHour ago

    Why can’t you use the thermal camera? Please use it!

  14. G Cat

    G Cat2 hours ago

    It’s funny how they try to talk to the ghost, without the spirit box.

  15. Gabi Fuller

    Gabi Fuller3 hours ago

    I think you should do an investigation on the Murder in the Stacks. (Penn State Campus)

  16. Morgan Markus

    Morgan Markus6 hours ago

    Please check out the old Missouri State Penitentiary in Jefferson City! My husband and I went there a few years back, and I swear to God, the hairs stood up on my neck when we went down into the basement where Solitary was located. You can sit in the chair they used for executions in the gas chamber. Time Magazine called it “the bloodiest 47 acres in America” in a 1967 article. It's freaky AF.

  17. darkyccn

    darkyccn6 hours ago

    in 18:23 you can see the paper on the chair, but on 18:4 1 ITS on the floor.....!

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  20. Ri-ann C.

    Ri-ann C.7 hours ago

    Wish you could investigate the Diplomat Hotel in Baguio, Philippines. There tons of ghost there! Some even have goes in people's pictures.

  21. strawberry whore

    strawberry whore8 hours ago

    if you guys leave buzzfeed im unsubscribing

  22. Cyber Cutiee

    Cyber Cutiee9 hours ago

    Paris catacombs

  23. Tiffany Yep

    Tiffany Yep10 hours ago

    Please go to Aokigahara the Suicide Forest in Japan is you possibly can/do a video on it...PLEASE

  24. Girl Gamers finders

    Girl Gamers finders10 hours ago

    Don't say this has turned into the anime Black Butler.

  25. Mr.Hazel

    Mr.Hazel11 hours ago

    you should go investigate camp Wolfeboro its said to be really haunted, my brother just went last week and him and my dad said they felt something, they also have a lot of stories they told me

  26. Jenna Wentz

    Jenna Wentz11 hours ago

    Man, he's really letting it sizzle.

  27. wizardingjedi

    wizardingjedi12 hours ago

    For true crime they should make a video on Peg Entwistle, the woman who jumped off the H of the Hollywood Sign

  28. RedKresnik11

    RedKresnik1112 hours ago

    Martin Freeman is also afraid of choking on avocados. So there you go.

  29. Emma Grader

    Emma Grader12 hours ago

    Thank you for sharing this information.

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  31. Cory Shields

    Cory Shields13 hours ago

    Thank you for making me think I’m going to see an old man in my chair in the corner of my room at night. Thank you SO MUCH

  32. Cristal

    Cristal13 hours ago

    Shane laughing so hard at his own joke while crying is my everyday mood

  33. Nic Young

    Nic Young13 hours ago

    You should do an unsolved about the City of “Z(ed)” and the explorer Percy Fawcett!!! I just recently watched the movie “The Lost City of Z” and I think you guys would find it interesting!

  34. malia lula

    malia lula14 hours ago

    Okay y’all need to dial down on the buzzfeed “supernatural” show some more love to buzzfeed “true crime”

  35. Dog- Charlie-dog

    Dog- Charlie-dog15 hours ago

    What a way to die choking on a avocado pit

  36. Lucas Krantz

    Lucas Krantz15 hours ago

    I would like to see you do Sachs Bridge in Gettysburg Pa.

  37. Trevor Hiner

    Trevor Hiner16 hours ago

    You should investigate the crescent hotel in eureka springs arkansas.

  38. Qrystal Meth

    Qrystal Meth16 hours ago

    4:26 mooooooodddddd 😂😭

  39. Daniel Plum

    Daniel Plum17 hours ago

    Ryan: "Ok, ghosts. I'm turning my light off. This is your time to show me you're there. Ghost: *makes little noise* Ryan: "OH MY GOD!!! Why did that happen?!"

  40. melissa saint

    melissa saint17 hours ago

    It's kind of a weird technique to switch so rapidly between good cop and bad cop, lol. "We're good guys" *"we'll take your treasure!"* "We're understanding...we just want to listen" *"this is your last chance!!"*

  41. Eric Jaramillo

    Eric Jaramillo17 hours ago

    I wish you guys could’ve done the U.S.S Lexington !!

  42. webb slebb

    webb slebb17 hours ago

    Have they been to salem yet? I wanna meet them :)

  43. Luis Ochoa

    Luis Ochoa17 hours ago

    Pls do Xxxtentacion

  44. Alli Ross

    Alli Ross17 hours ago

    still waiting for an episode on Kurt Cobain but it’s cool ;)

  45. Mason Dixon

    Mason Dixon17 hours ago

    unsolved: true crime is where it's at lads

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  47. Valerie W

    Valerie W18 hours ago

    Love your channel so much! Guys please do the Madeline McCann case on Unsolved...thanks so much xx

  48. anais a

    anais a18 hours ago

    mrs. montgomery like from american horror story????

  49. Katelyn Roper

    Katelyn Roper18 hours ago

    Why don’t you guys ever go into a house with the lights on?

  50. Beverly Marsh

    Beverly Marsh19 hours ago

    15:37 the chandelier moves

  51. Beverly Marsh

    Beverly Marsh19 hours ago

    “Killed by an avocado” documentary coming 2019

  52. Beverly Marsh

    Beverly Marsh19 hours ago

    You’d go into a burning house be like “this is a blast”

  53. Arshbir Gaming

    Arshbir Gaming19 hours ago

    Im a Shane-a-Gara

  54. Mariamalia Angulo

    Mariamalia Angulo19 hours ago

    GO TO THE ADMITYVILLE HOUSE sorry if i spelt it incorrectly

  55. yayii aka merarey

    yayii aka merarey20 hours ago

    Alcatraz in San Francisco when

  56. Stuadh

    Stuadh21 hour ago

    Have you guys done the grafton monster?

  57. Dutchess of Diamonds

    Dutchess of Diamonds21 hour ago

    Can you do "The Curse of the Crying Boy"? It's so interesting. Like if you want to see it too.

  58. oldfartsyee XD

    oldfartsyee XD22 hours ago

    One buzzed unsolved I want to see is the mysterious double murder and suicide of Chris beniot watch video proof Chris beniot is innocent

  59. Allyson Floyd

    Allyson Floyd22 hours ago

    Everytime they ask for a spirits name I'm just waiting for it to say "APPLE TATER" or some other type of food.

  60. Hop3less

    Hop3less23 hours ago

    "those sneaks are weak, *dawg.* "

  61. Eric REB Harris

    Eric REB Harris23 hours ago

    i feel like the cameraman regrets his life everytime they make a new supernatural episode

  62. Charmynox

    Charmynox23 hours ago

    If Shane went into a house that was on fire, he wouldn't' say "this is a blast". He'd obviously say "this is lit" instead.

  63. Redwolf 8235

    Redwolf 8235Day ago

    I was laughing and choking my head off during 3:35 through 4:45

  64. Lara 006

    Lara 006Day ago

    Ok ik im late but can shane switch roles with ryan??? I would love that

  65. Peachy Imperfections

    Peachy ImperfectionsDay ago

    Am I the only one thinking that Jesse was a really cool guy?

  66. Nourah Otaibi

    Nourah OtaibiDay ago

    Do you know what would make a good unsolved mystery the story of the changeling movie . Just saying

  67. The NerdyDude

    The NerdyDudeDay ago

    I hope there are more murders next season. I’m getting worn out from all the ghosts

  68. shannon canter

    shannon canterDay ago

    "he's letting it sizzle. oh he - he's really letting it sizzle. ok this is maybe too much sizzle." my cheeks are actually sore from laughing. i cannot express how happy it makes me to see Ryan and Shane laugh.

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  70. Virtual Heart

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    Can you guys please do an episode on the jersey devil

  71. Ellie Dreemurr

    Ellie DreemurrDay ago

    Please please do oak island!

  72. Pinstoice

    PinstoiceDay ago

    One episode, I want Shane to trick Ryan by bringing him to a normal building and telling him it’s haunted, just to see how gullible he is.

  73. Raita Amreen Ridita

    Raita Amreen RiditaDay ago

    Hi guys! Since this was the season finale I was hoping you guys would do an episode sort of like a Q/A where you share your personal supernatural experiences and could read aloud some of the experiences of the fans as well. Just an idea.

  74. Banna Boy is Triggerd C:

    Banna Boy is Triggerd C:Day ago

    Q N A question: who is the camera man? hes brave

  75. Banna Boy is Triggerd C:

    Banna Boy is Triggerd C:Day ago

    who is camera man he is brave

  76. Maddox Ikeda

    Maddox IkedaDay ago

    Investigate the winchester house

  77. Nadia

    NadiaDay ago

    This series is the only reason why I’m still subscribed to this channel.

  78. The Scaryjet

    The ScaryjetDay ago

    Do the maud Crawford house

  79. Bee Boo ! In The Disco

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  80. Bee Boo ! In The Disco

    Bee Boo ! In The DiscoDay ago

    Is he dead?

  81. dank dank

    dank dankDay ago

    You guys should do lucid dreaming and document it that would be cool

  82. Amitabh Mallick

    Amitabh MallickDay ago

    Go to bhangard

  83. Lydia-Renee Anderson

    Lydia-Renee AndersonDay ago

    Even though Michael Peterson took a plea bargain, could you cover his wife, Kathleen Peterson’s death? There are so many interesting facts and evidence that makes it such an interesting case, and I’d love to see you cover it in True Crime!

  84. Joshua Cushen

    Joshua CushenDay ago

    the part where Ryan was describing how the man died has me crying 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  85. Mihika N

    Mihika NDay ago

    please do an episode on the Texas chainsaw massacre. A lot of people say it really happened. did it?

  86. Maggie Gies

    Maggie GiesDay ago

    You should go to the amityville horror house in New York

  87. Seungriseyo.

    Seungriseyo.Day ago

    as I’m watching this, a picture frame fell off of my wall. UMMMM??

  88. Vinay Yadav

    Vinay YadavDay ago

    Who the hell is the cameraman

  89. Arusha 11

    Arusha 11Day ago

    Make it quick, unless it will be long and bored weekend :'(

  90. C&A Productions

    C&A ProductionsDay ago

    I feel so sad that there is going to be different host because they are so funny 🤣.

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  92. Princess Espiritu

    Princess EspirituDay ago

    Hi buzzfeed unsolved, where did you get your ending music? I heard the same music in Aircrash Confidential lol.

  93. Min Tran

    Min TranDay ago

    My favorite part was when they just started crying and laughing while apologizing for being disrespectful

  94. Chloe Smith

    Chloe SmithDay ago

    guys Netflix just came out with an "original" called Unsolved about Tupac's death, awfully like this show's episodes and copying the name... bit rude

  95. Rosie RB

    Rosie RBDay ago

    My Principle’s name is Mrs Montgomery holyyy sheeet

  96. Gavin Stoodge

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  97. Cooper Sutherland

    Cooper SutherlandDay ago

    do the story of harold holt

  98. IShipIt

    IShipItDay ago

    Shane and ryan are probably the only paranormal inspectors who can crack poop jokes ABOUT THE VERY GHOST in a haunted mansion and laugh themselves to tears. These guys are awesome XD

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  100. Natalie Dyer

    Natalie DyerDay ago

    Do the Staircase with Kathleen and Michael Peterson

  101. Natalie Dyer

    Natalie DyerDay ago

    Do the Staircase with Kathleen and Michael Peterson

  102. Hailey Romano

    Hailey RomanoDay ago

    You should go to the union cemetery in Easton ct with the white lady



    when true crime comes back,here is a cold case that I personally want to see, I can't speak for anyone else,but can you do an episode on this guy named Harry Oakes,who was murdered

  104. coolguy 233

    coolguy 233Day ago

    is it just me because the paper was in the chair then its on the floor

  105. Little Miss Debbie

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    4:26 LMAOOOO

  106. hobiday

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    shane could go into a burning house and say it's getting lit

  107. girltoshorttt

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    yooo ya'll should go to the Winchester house