The Mystical Villa Montezuma Mansion


  1. Ryan Bergara

    Ryan Bergara3 months ago

    Hey everybody, just wanna say thanks for continuing to watch and support the series. It was a fun season, and can't wait to see you all again soon!

  2. Jay fromthebx

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  3. izzy and sof

    izzy and sofMonth ago

    do delphine lalaurie and her chamber of horrors please please please

  4. Aryan Sreshta

    Aryan SreshtaMonth ago



    MJF BUILDS2 months ago


  6. Joaquín Castillo

    Joaquín Castillo3 months ago

    Thanks for this great series! I've been binge watching it these last two weeks. This is great content. Please, keep doing True Crime Unsolved and Supernatural

  7. cloudburstlia456

    cloudburstlia456Hour ago

    Ryan seems much braver then in earlier seasons, I miss scared Ryan lol

  8. DownChange

    DownChange7 hours ago

    Hey have you guys ever thought of doing a video on Skinwalker Ranch?

  9. Clonetrooper87

    Clonetrooper877 hours ago

    Huh. I used to walk past this house everyday back when I lived in San Diego...

  10. GaidenDS10

    GaidenDS1011 hours ago

    06:00 Ya know even if the ghost did scared these two guys I guess the two will laugh it out anyways XD, the ghost must be entertained..

  11. Rosanna Holod

    Rosanna Holod16 hours ago

    Food must be the new 666 😂

  12. mynameis bob

    mynameis bob16 hours ago

    I always like the cuts to Shane shaking his head when Ryan says they're investigating whether ghosts are real.

  13. Edgar Gomez

    Edgar Gomez18 hours ago

    Make more plz

  14. Friday Evergreen

    Friday Evergreen19 hours ago

    You guys should go to Lewis Flats School, Kay's Hollow, or any haunted hospital.

  15. Soroush Nouri

    Soroush Nouri22 hours ago

    Do one of the cases from the warren files

  16. Danielle Emond

    Danielle EmondDay ago

    eyyyy shout out to my girl sappho at 1:45 !

  17. Sydney Boothe

    Sydney BootheDay ago

    Love this series, I love that Shane low key believes in ghosts and Ryan is less scared

  18. Delmir Zavala

    Delmir ZavalaDay ago

    You guys should investigate Skinwalker Ranch

  19. No U

    No UDay ago

    Y’all should go to the Tower of London

  20. Michel Melendez

    Michel MelendezDay ago

    Investigate The Pantry Ghost.

  21. Laura Gonzalez

    Laura Gonzalez2 days ago

    Do the Winchester mystery mansion !!!

  22. Juan Pedro

    Juan Pedro2 days ago

    You should do skinwalkers stories

  23. Vegan Cupcake

    Vegan Cupcake2 days ago

    it makes me so happy to see them belly-laugh and cry from laughter lol

  24. Anneke van Swieten

    Anneke van Swieten2 days ago

    Do the Vancouver hotel aka the girl in the red dress

  25. Alayna Flores

    Alayna Flores2 days ago

    they should go to the Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena. it's supposedly haunted by people who jumped off since it's been built

  26. Dion Williams

    Dion Williams2 days ago

    Not much evidence this season

  27. Ryleigh White

    Ryleigh White2 days ago

    Jesse? More like Monika That was a bad joke

  28. LIL x

    LIL x2 days ago

    is there coming a new season and if so when

  29. Cecania cc

    Cecania cc2 days ago


  30. Cecania cc

    Cecania cc2 days ago

    Shane joking around is one of my religion😂😂😂

  31. Corpse Pixie

    Corpse Pixie2 days ago

    That two tone singing is called polyphonic overtone singing. I learned about it in my vocal performance class, its a very difficult thing to master but VERY impressive when done correctly.

  32. John King'ori

    John King'ori2 days ago

    Walk into a burning house saying this is a blast!

  33. Kiko Bang

    Kiko Bang2 days ago

    Why do they say "definitively" so much?

  34. im dtssmallz

    im dtssmallz2 days ago

    Ghosts back then:please leave me alone Ghosts 2018:BEGONE THOT!

  35. Elimojo

    Elimojo2 days ago

    Shane's avocado story is a work of fucking art and Ryan's reaction is priceless

  36. Demon man

    Demon man3 days ago

    Somet imes i wish they d get attack for real. So they wouldn't forge t it's real.

  37. Michael J. Caboose

    Michael J. Caboose3 days ago

    Do the Chicago World Fair!!!!

  38. kgame h

    kgame h4 days ago

    6:18 I think after the light i saw an spirit moving

  39. Ana Clara

    Ana Clara4 days ago

    10:36 i almost pissed my pants when i looked at the fuckin wall

  40. Jade Howell

    Jade Howell4 days ago

    This looks the the house from AHS murder house

  41. shikon vue

    shikon vue4 days ago

    Need more season plz.

  42. Shaina Scolnick

    Shaina Scolnick4 days ago

    I just fuckin love them

  43. NecklessWhale:3

    NecklessWhale:34 days ago

    What do you use for your recording stand thing for your phone?

  44. Dhruv Kapur

    Dhruv Kapur4 days ago

    The only reason I'm able to watch this series is because of Shane. Love your humor mate! 😂

  45. viridi girl

    viridi girl5 days ago

    They are so brave and funny at the same time that I have a crush on them xD

  46. Ralph Anus

    Ralph Anus5 days ago

    @buzzfeedblue please use the spirit box for longer sessions. Thank you

  47. kiki

    kiki5 days ago

    when shane said he stuck the pit to eat the “meat”(of the avocado) i thought he meant like actual meat like his flesh, i was imagining him accidentally cutting like some part of his finger and just deciding to eat it

  48. K Currence

    K Currence6 days ago

    hey question did anyone notice the paper that was on the chair just randomly end up on the floor when they started talking to the "old man" ghosts'

  49. Itsbombskull gaming

    Itsbombskull gaming6 days ago

    I think u should visit *ST. ABBEY CATHEDRAL*

  50. Mournclaw

    Mournclaw6 days ago

    Man I want to be a troll ghost when I die all like, "I'm not the ghost, *you're* the ghost!"

  51. Mournclaw

    Mournclaw6 days ago

    8:53 "What year?" "Year? It's 2018." "I believe." It sounds like he says "I believe" pretty clearly when you pump up the volume a bit and play it at half speed

  52. Opal Animations _LM

    Opal Animations _LM6 days ago

    Random person :hey Shane what’s ur worst fear Shane: avocados 🥑 Random person: walks away*

  53. call7me

    call7me6 days ago

    Poltergeist of enfield should be covered!!!!!!!!

  54. call7me

    call7me6 days ago

    Enfield poltergeist

  55. call7me

    call7me6 days ago

    Do the enfield poltergeist

  56. Anthony M

    Anthony M6 days ago

    Also Ryan is so adorable. I hella am crushing on him.

  57. sahaniz

    sahaniz6 days ago

    ryan being quite calm this episode, we love a character development

  58. KyoKurumi

    KyoKurumi7 days ago

    Go to Nonna's pizza in magna Utah please. Ghost hunters visited but they feel so fake and nothing even happens. I would probably feel better about that place after seeing Shane make fun of it XD. I believe in ghosts, but seeing Shane just make fun of it just makes it way less scary for me.

  59. Marina Gonzales

    Marina Gonzales7 days ago

    I laughed harder than I should have

  60. Alicia Haycock

    Alicia Haycock7 days ago

    I legit watched the part when they both were crying from laughter so many times. Still cracks me up

  61. TheWordyWarlock

    TheWordyWarlock7 days ago

    "We can't go up there because it's condemned" Very convenient excuse- the same one that led to you not fully exploring the weed house 🤔

  62. James Rhoten

    James Rhoten7 days ago

    Dyatlov pass, ourang medan, or the Philadelphia experiment

  63. Ninguém

    Ninguém7 days ago

    THIS, my friends, is what i call FRIENDSHIP GOALS

  64. Kareem S

    Kareem S7 days ago

    I can see glaring eyes beyond the door on the right 6:19 - 6:22

  65. Madelyn Harts

    Madelyn Harts7 days ago

    When you guys went to go see where people claim to see and old man in a chair. Someone was sitting in it. It is very faint but I could see the legs of something. It could just be my imagination but I’m very sure it’s not my imagination. When I was younger I was able to hear ghost and I think I still can and I don’t think that was my imagination because every time I heard something I would just act like it’s nothing. Until I realized that I heard something witch is not there I would be kinda scared. Well I thank you guys for reading this and if you what to see what I’m talking about where you can kinda see the legs it’s at 19:32-19:45

  66. Evolve Piscean to Queen Of Swords 1111

    Evolve Piscean to Queen Of Swords 11117 days ago

    Question is why would ghost show themselves to shane... I mean that would be an insult to their existence. If im a ghost, why would i prove myself to him i mean i dont thinm he can be of any help to cross over... Id go to Ryan 😁

  67. C.o.R

    C.o.R8 days ago

    There's a ghost in my house. His name..... Is fred. He's nice, he fixes the wifi for me so I don't need to get out of bed :)

  68. Joel Writer

    Joel Writer8 days ago

    Maybe Shane don’t like the sound because he’s a demon?

  69. Cha'Tara Shackelford

    Cha'Tara Shackelford8 days ago

    Looks like an orb at the top middle left-ish at 11:53. It could've been a dust particle, but I call orb.

  70. Mehvish Asif

    Mehvish Asif8 days ago

    what if jesse was trying to connect to the future shane and ryan, trying to attract them with meatballs and then he hears the name ryan...and shane like a connection between the past and future, and every ones oblivious of it. ok idk where this is going just me and my brain working.......

  71. Juniper Fowl

    Juniper Fowl8 days ago

    I just got why the tissue is one the desk

  72. AeriZ024

    AeriZ0248 days ago

    Can u guys do the Countess Bathory: The Blood Countess? Just suggesting.

  73. Sarah Unicorn

    Sarah Unicorn9 days ago

    Guys, you never keep quiet for a long enough to give a spirits a chance to talk, lol

  74. Kandy Kookie

    Kandy Kookie7 days ago

    +Sarah Unicorn they cut our the parts they are quiet because nothing happens and it's boring

  75. Emoly Wot

    Emoly Wot9 days ago

    "we are going to be silent " *hears myself chewing*

  76. MonochromePilots

    MonochromePilots9 days ago

    So Jesse just had a bit of an emo phase...

  77. I Wish For Freedom

    I Wish For Freedom9 days ago

    Why not try living in the house for a few nights. Maybe 1 night and 2 days. Leaving the following afternoon.

  78. kimin

    kimin9 days ago

    why tf am i watching this on 2am

  79. Ome

    Ome9 days ago

    Okay. It's 21:30 and I'm alone in my house, why do I keep doing this to myself?

  80. aspen 326

    aspen 3269 days ago

    3:45 they’re slowly losing their minds and i love it 😂😂

  81. allison Zachery

    allison Zachery9 days ago

    Do the Emily Morgan hotel next!!! In San Antonio Texas!

  82. Grace Smith

    Grace Smith9 days ago

    Did they move the envelope on the chair

  83. bradley

    bradley9 days ago

    ghost ghostfacers

  84. Rachel Maher

    Rachel Maher10 days ago

    Geez if this generation becomes ghosts and people try and contact then to tell them were dead and the response is "wow spoiler allert" "mind....blown"

  85. Rusu Alecss

    Rusu Alecss10 days ago

    please investigate the place where "grave encounters" was filmed!!! they give you tips in the movie "actually they say where are the coordonates of the hospital" please investigate it.. i want to know :))

  86. Mcjiggles16

    Mcjiggles1610 days ago

    Shane: Rick Ryan: Morty Anyone else think that?

  87. kansasgirl73

    kansasgirl7310 days ago

    How about the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, AR.??? Or The Elms in Missouri??

  88. kansasgirl73

    kansasgirl7310 days ago

    When are more videos coming???

  89. cat crazy

    cat crazy10 days ago

    Orb at 11:52

  90. afia rooz

    afia rooz10 days ago

    Sooooo what was that conversation about meetballs about lol😂😂 are we just gonna ignore that

  91. Anna Kistler

    Anna Kistler10 days ago

    I always love watching these and then can’t sleep at night who can relate lol

  92. Sadie Sida-Carrillo

    Sadie Sida-Carrillo10 days ago

    You guys should do the villisca axe murders!

  93. Jimberly dark

    Jimberly dark10 days ago

    I would say its lit...

  94. Reagan Gaming

    Reagan Gaming10 days ago

    Please Talk about bloody Mary or visit

  95. Athira Suresh

    Athira Suresh11 days ago

    hey ryan and shane! this show so amazing that been watching all four seasons again and again. just a suggestion, pls do an episode about the blair witch.

  96. Renxy Baluyot

    Renxy Baluyot11 days ago

    What is that distorted sound thingy that Ryan plays?

  97. Fitz and Sparrow

    Fitz and Sparrow11 days ago

    Imagine if while standing in the bathroom the Phantom of the Opera overture started playing lolol

  98. Rachel Fleming

    Rachel Fleming11 days ago

    The next unsolved u should do is The Bunny Man Bridge in Clifton VA


    UR FAV BEAUTY BLENDER11 days ago

    what if we're all dead right now

  100. moon batchelder

    moon batchelder11 days ago

    Shane: "meatballs?" ghost?: "You would know!"

  101. It’s a Mood Gurl

    It’s a Mood Gurl11 days ago

    They not real hustlers they discussed they money plots in front the ghosts😭

  102. seaxavier

    seaxavier11 days ago

    At 4:28 I can't believe they laugh so hard that their faces got red 😂 Even I'm laughing so hard

  103. Louie Ralph

    Louie Ralph11 days ago

    THIS IS BY FAR THE FUNNIEST EPISODE EVER! I laughed so hard at 4:36!!!

  104. Pinky Pie

    Pinky Pie12 days ago

    Ya'll need to go to japan and check out the suicide forests

  105. queer as dick's hatband

    queer as dick's hatband12 days ago

    This is just a light recommendation, but theres a 2000ft deep lake in Idaho called lake pend oreille that has an island thats a burrial ground where the ground was too solid to dig, so they just hung their dead on the trees. Its considered by locals to be extremely haunted. matthew mcconaughey is supposed to own it now

  106. queer as dick's hatband

    queer as dick's hatband12 days ago heres an article on it

  107. Catherine Marie

    Catherine Marie12 days ago

    Lmao they still don’t know if ghosts are real 4 seasons 😂