The Mystical Villa Montezuma Mansion


  1. Ryan Bergara

    Ryan Bergara5 months ago

    Hey everybody, just wanna say thanks for continuing to watch and support the series. It was a fun season, and can't wait to see you all again soon!

  2. Sharath Shay

    Sharath Shay27 days ago

    Go back to the Goatman's bridge.... I mean Shane and Ryan's bridge

  3. Helen Bonilla

    Helen BonillaMonth ago

    What spirit box are you using?

  4. Valentino Mays

    Valentino MaysMonth ago

    I love you guys. When does the new season come out?

  5. Jay fromthebx

    Jay fromthebx3 months ago


  6. Sofia Almeida

    Sofia Almeida3 months ago

    do delphine lalaurie and her chamber of horrors please please please

  7. Naunia Chase

    Naunia Chase4 hours ago

    You could hear the piano in the ghost box

  8. Angies Toki

    Angies Toki4 hours ago

    Is no one going to talk about the fact that Shane shoved a whole avocado PIT in his mouth and he could've died if he sneezed? L M A O

  9. Hannah Chantelois

    Hannah Chantelois6 hours ago

    The laughter tho hahahahaha made me laugh too that’s great

  10. Esme Rojas

    Esme Rojas18 hours ago

    Avocado LMAOOOOO

  11. Porter Axolotl

    Porter AxolotlDay ago

    yes thank you for mentioning The Others

  12. Emmy Bee

    Emmy BeeDay ago

    “I don’t know if it would be that good. Beychella was supposed to be pretty damn good” LMFAOOOO

  13. Neha Karmakar

    Neha KarmakarDay ago

    sevan room there is shadow figure behind shane

  14. Hope Slayz

    Hope SlayzDay ago

    Is it just me or is everything always unsolved. Am I right..? I belived ghost are real from experience but now I don't really

  15. LzzieDuzVidz

    LzzieDuzVidz2 days ago

    How are you getting in to these places!?!?!?!?!?????

  16. BlueFire2712

    BlueFire27122 days ago

    I swear I saw a ghost at 6:17

  17. David Dunlap

    David Dunlap3 days ago

    Looks like a house that was built "haunted house " style. --Shane

  18. Jordan Lawrence

    Jordan Lawrence3 days ago

    I just be love the unsolved series! Not only do I love the stories, but I learn so much and it is so interesting to watch! I've almost watched all over them!!! I just love Shane and Ryan! I have a lot of supernatural phenomenons that I encounter and can relate to it!

  19. Kitty Kent

    Kitty Kent4 days ago

    Shane and Ryan, you talk too much during the spirit box. It's hard to hear with both of y'all talking. Takes away from the investigation.

  20. Ender Squish

    Ender Squish4 days ago

    Every single "ghost" that people find is what I call 'The power of suggestion' They make this one room or place with a sad or creepy backstory and then get all spooked at every creak in the house.

  21. Casey Ewing

    Casey Ewing5 days ago

    You guys should research the Villisca Axe Murders, and possibly go to the place they occurred, very interesting case.

  22. forever mayah

    forever mayah6 days ago


  23. floret munoz

    floret munoz6 days ago

    I hope y’all were off an edible between 4:20 to 4:50

  24. Josh Lewis

    Josh Lewis6 days ago

    Good laugh

  25. Ariana Perea

    Ariana Perea7 days ago

    Y'all laughing for so long had me dead (pun intended) 😂😂😂

  26. Blythe Graywood

    Blythe Graywood7 days ago

    I'm love with these boys... But boy one of these days they're going to get possessed, just for once don't just don't.. please.

  27. Kismet Singh

    Kismet Singh7 days ago

    Shane and Ryan are genuinely hilarious

  28. Mr. Legend

    Mr. Legend7 days ago

    We could be in purgatory never know

  29. max PJ

    max PJ8 days ago

    "and if you don't want to talk, you can swing that chandelier into shane's head and concuss him." ",,,you could."

  30. Roberto Seijas

    Roberto Seijas8 days ago

    When the song so good you die

  31. HayItsMeYan

    HayItsMeYan9 days ago

    Shane: I thing we’ll have fun Ryan: you could go in a building on fire and still have a blast... (Shane’s head): hmmm....indeed... My face expression: Ó-Ò

  32. Louise Hollis

    Louise Hollis9 days ago

    I’m Shane when it comes to serious situations #shaniack

  33. Flynn Harris

    Flynn Harris9 days ago

    You ever get the feeling that Ryan wants Shane to die?

  34. Isaac 230813

    Isaac 2308139 days ago

    0:43 intervestigation??

  35. Hallie Sweeter

    Hallie Sweeter10 days ago

    17:00 I lidget thought Ryan was a statue somehow. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  36. EvaTherese 1

    EvaTherese 110 days ago

    The highlight of the video... Both Ryan and shane laughing till they have tears in the beginning ❤❤😂

  37. Sarah McCreary

    Sarah McCreary10 days ago

    When they’re investigating the old man, the paper in the chair moves to the floor after the lights are off.

  38. Minny Moka

    Minny Moka10 days ago

    “I’m just trying to spook ‘em”

  39. Rdmisme

    Rdmisme10 days ago

    Does Ryan know that hanged is not proper English? Every time he says hanged a tiny fraction of me dies. It's hung, my guy.

  40. Lightning

    Lightning10 days ago

    The statue in the background XDXD

  41. skyxliqhtsss

    skyxliqhtsss10 days ago

    Ryan + Shane are friendship goals tbh

  42. Bazooka Games

    Bazooka Games11 days ago

    Can we get more of true crime

  43. Naynay

    Naynay12 days ago

    Can someone recommend good fanfic about Shane and Ryan? Nothing xrated

  44. Hyunjin's Clothing

    Hyunjin's Clothing12 days ago

    I,Honestly am Jealous of the people who lived in the Villa Montezuma Mansion (HONESTLY)...Its cause like would'nt it be cool if you lived in a Big and amazing looking mansion??I've always wondered what it would be like to live in a mansion...Am I the only person here with that thought??

  45. Hyunjin's Clothing

    Hyunjin's Clothing12 days ago

    You should go to Asian Countries/Continents cause HONESTLY (as a asian) I think Asian ghost stories are more scary...Its just my opinion...(You could go to like...Japan,Philippines,Korea,and maybe China...)

  46. Eric Palahniuk

    Eric Palahniuk13 days ago

    Lmao this is a funny episode

  47. Holland

    Holland14 days ago

    Oh. I always thought it was pronounced vih-la.

  48. KingCeasar131

    KingCeasar13115 days ago

    Ryan: *arm gets clawed off by demon* Shane: These fuggin’ cats🐈

  49. better than you

    better than you15 days ago

    oh my god ryan and shane laughing until they started crying is wholesome

  50. andrewchen425

    andrewchen42515 days ago

    I think you guys need to go to japan next. Asian ghosts seem so much scarier

  51. Tennessee Fairfield

    Tennessee Fairfield15 days ago

    glad to see the old Shaneiac back, because I love the funny Shane vs the respectful Shane because it makes it so much more enjoyable, helps Ryan to not be so serious, and the experience less hokey Thanks Shane!



    Avacodas are the scariest fruit.

  53. S0lstice

    S0lstice15 days ago

    Shane isn't afraid of demons, but he's afraid of avocados.

  54. Janisha Patel

    Janisha Patel15 days ago

    only in america. they should go to some other country

  55. Kellin Brake

    Kellin Brake15 days ago

    I kind of want the Worth It guys to switch places with these guys. For one video, one night. Just for fun.

  56. AngryGay TM

    AngryGay TM16 days ago


  57. AngryGay TM

    AngryGay TM16 days ago

    Im fuckin wheezing too like tbh Ryan has really chilled from telling Shane to stop talking to demons to dying of laughter to a dead man possibly shitting himself playing piano while confused audience members clap confused

  58. Bill Potter

    Bill Potter16 days ago

    My daughter and I have been binge watching this series this week. Love it!

  59. Himeyuki Matsumoto

    Himeyuki Matsumoto17 days ago

    During this video I had not touched my volume on my phone but it kept changing of volume whenever those two were saying disrespectful/not funny things ... again I was not touching the volume of my phone it just gone from up and down at least 4 good times I had to stop the video to make sure I wasn’t dreaming

  60. Morgan McCall

    Morgan McCall17 days ago

    Haha laughing at someone’s unexpected and sudden death in front of a group of people who were probably scared and confused is so funny

  61. Unka Boy

    Unka Boy17 days ago

    Go to amity ville

  62. Kidedaion Symoti

    Kidedaion Symoti18 days ago

    7:00 how creepy does Shane look saying "voice of two angels"?

  63. Mallory Buskohl

    Mallory Buskohl18 days ago


  64. Koi Screamer

    Koi Screamer18 days ago

    How about.. you contact ZOZO .. :)

  65. Thomas Luczak

    Thomas Luczak18 days ago

    im 56. i love these videos ! you guys are great together.

  66. QueenShireen

    QueenShireen18 days ago

    '' What if we were dead ..... and all the other ghosts hated us '' .. xD

  67. Liv Taylor

    Liv Taylor18 days ago

    Please tell me I’m not the only one thinking AHS Murder House? Dark wooden walls, bright strain glass windows... MRS MONTGOMERY???

  68. Exotic Potato Artist

    Exotic Potato Artist19 days ago

    This is why I wish TV detectives existed irl.

  69. Sairento Kage

    Sairento Kage19 days ago

    I assume the girl had the lights on in the house when she heard the piano. Ghosts need energy and a lamp can give that energy. Candles are also a good source of energy because of the heat it radiates People who lived there probably had a lot of lamps on in the house when they heard something but when people are looking for ghosts it looks like they hunt them or something. I think you just have to act normal to find a ghost faster.

  70. Serratia Roopnarian

    Serratia Roopnarian19 days ago

    I think they rather use the spirit box more often because ghosts don’t really has the ability to speak just like that. With the spirit box there’s more chance of a conversation 🤗☺️

  71. Kenna Jackson

    Kenna Jackson19 days ago

    “Yeah but ever since I’ve kinda been scared of avocados” 😂😂😂😂

  72. V N

    V N19 days ago

    Do the Lizzie Borden House

  73. Stuff N stuff

    Stuff N stuff19 days ago

    8:40 it sound like it said Shane for Ryan

  74. Zack Sydes

    Zack Sydes20 days ago

    The fact that anyone takes the spirit box seriously is hilarious when it's obviously just spurting out bits of radio stations and the human mind does the rest. Anyone who works with the hard of hearing knows how hard the human mind works to invent words where it thinks it should have heard them. They've got plenty of stuff that could make a shaniac like me think twice, but deffinitely not that spirit box haha anyway I adore this series

  75. YourDailyDoseOfNews Dan

    YourDailyDoseOfNews Dan20 days ago

    Start spending a weekend at these places you investigate. 4 or 8 hours you guys are there seems short to catch a ghost lol


    DANK M8BRUH20 days ago

    Do the BARBARNT KILLERS or the mystery of PETER BERGMAN

  77. Sofia Nunciatta

    Sofia Nunciatta20 days ago

    Isn't that just polyphonic singing??????

  78. Asutosh Padhy

    Asutosh Padhy20 days ago

    Please go to the Amityville house!

  79. Alex Shvartz

    Alex Shvartz20 days ago

    Ok at 6:19 what is that goes across the screen

  80. YourDailyDoseOfNews Dan

    YourDailyDoseOfNews Dan21 day ago

    Please go back to the Bellaire house and spend a weekend or more there or investigate Hotel Belvedere!

  81. Ella Draws

    Ella Draws21 day ago

    Guys pause your video and look at his face at 7:01...

  82. babar sardar

    babar sardar21 day ago

    Stop laughing it will happen to you too one day

  83. E. E. Lemon

    E. E. Lemon21 day ago


  84. Jan H

    Jan H21 day ago

    He pooped himself. Wow his performance was so avant-garde lol Shane. But its real though, they say you will poop when you die.

  85. paper crown

    paper crown21 day ago

    maybe jesse didn't come out cause they laughed at him at the beginning lmaoooo

  86. Matt McBeth

    Matt McBeth22 days ago

    Shane actually spoke back to the spirit box at 9:06. Is it just me or is this huge?

  87. Evie Ish Fab

    Evie Ish Fab22 days ago

    Shane’s head shake after Ryan says, “are ghosts real” is adorable 😂😂

  88. Zac Sharp

    Zac Sharp22 days ago

    Shane looks so scary at 6:33

  89. Tiara A.

    Tiara A.22 days ago

    he sings in two voices? So he can do overtone?

  90. katarina hutchison

    katarina hutchison22 days ago

    Ryan is the equivalent to Morgan Freeman for Buzzfeed Unsolved

  91. Hakuna Matata

    Hakuna Matata23 days ago

    We can actually sing in two tones at the same time , it is known as overtone singing ! Go check it out

  92. Matt H

    Matt H23 days ago

    Was a believer now im a shaneiac

  93. Anastasia Karmishina

    Anastasia Karmishina23 days ago

    When is season 5 coming out? Pls!!!

  94. Alondra Flores

    Alondra Flores23 days ago

    6:20 eyes

  95. nisa kurnia

    nisa kurnia23 days ago

    I like that this type of video is horror and thriller blogs and then there was a ad about being "calm" 😂

  96. One Two

    One Two23 days ago

    *Shane and Ryan ghost hunting* *wierd noises in the background* Shane-*nice sound effects*

  97. stella owens

    stella owens23 days ago

    The more I watch buzzfeed unsolved The more I give up hope of ghosts existing

  98. Le Sliver Spy

    Le Sliver Spy23 days ago

    Are we all going to ignore the fact that the statue is showing off its goodies?

  99. Wes Hughes

    Wes Hughes23 days ago

    So, you turn off the lights for the ghosts, but you leave on IR light?

  100. Akshay Patnaik

    Akshay Patnaik23 days ago

    The disrespect is amazing

  101. Mary McCartney

    Mary McCartney23 days ago

    Please for the love of god investigate the Rain Man of Stroudsburg. I've grown up in this town since I was four years old and have heard over and over about the Rain Man.

  102. Mary McCartney

    Mary McCartney23 days ago

    Some people have said that he was possessed, others that he was just insane. But there were so many people involved and many interviews done to back up the story. I think it would make an interesting video, but also, personally, just to know more about what actually happened. Almost all of the information is in print about it, and most people who live here know about it but never talk about it. I've heard theories of Native Americans possessing him ( bc a 'rain dance' is something common in Native American history), a demon possessing him, faulty pipe lines, and then other theories that don't make sense bc multiple people witnessed the occurrence,

  103. Hawtgawd-from-Turtle Island

    Hawtgawd-from-Turtle Island23 days ago

    Would ❤ 2 see show about Clinton Rd & the Santa Cruz Witches(lots of conspiracy theories 4 both)

  104. ella orion black

    ella orion black23 days ago

    so, i'm watching this while lying on my bed, and I was really scared. but then Shane started telling the avocado story and I literally died laughing. *wait, died dying....*

  105. Fall Out Girl

    Fall Out Girl24 days ago

    I've been binge watching these for the whole month of October, love these guys

  106. kaja nu'u

    kaja nu'u24 days ago


  107. Sophia Ruberto

    Sophia Ruberto25 days ago

    They should the Monroe house