The Mystical Villa Montezuma Mansion


  1. Ryan Bergara

    Ryan Bergara8 months ago

    Hey everybody, just wanna say thanks for continuing to watch and support the series. It was a fun season, and can't wait to see you all again soon!

  2. Olivia VanOrden

    Olivia VanOrden21 day ago

    Ryan Bergara You should go to Pocatello high school in Idaho

  3. BearryHungry

    BearryHungry22 days ago

    Make it funny again

  4. Hanna Wroblewska

    Hanna WroblewskaMonth ago

    Wow Mom ....I don't know why I said that.

  5. Curly_Queen_Bee CC

    Curly_Queen_Bee CCMonth ago

    I really wish they would have stopped talking so I could hear the spirit speak. He was clearly trying to speak and they would not shut up long enough. I think they cared more about introducing themselves than listening to a spirit speak.

  6. TheofficialTBW

    TheofficialTBWMonth ago

    Can you guys do the tragic death of rapper XXXTENTACION

  7. Kiing Gaming

    Kiing GamingHour ago

    Moctezuma thank you very much( I am referring to the actual Aztec Emperor)

  8. Excess Label

    Excess Label14 hours ago


  9. Genevieve McCalla

    Genevieve McCalla2 days ago

    Ryan and Shane: **crying laughing** "it's so disrespectful I'm sorry" House: **literally has a statue of a naked lady in the background**

  10. Adela Garcia

    Adela Garcia2 days ago


  11. timeboi1

    timeboi12 days ago

    wait maybe jesse was just able to sing in polyphonic overtone, which is often described as singing with "two voices"

  12. timeboi1

    timeboi12 days ago

    omfg shane was *crying* he was laughing so hard

  13. Celina H.E.S

    Celina H.E.S3 days ago

    I don't wanna be so unrespectful to both of you,but i have to say the true and in what i thinking:being so unrespectful with ghost could be so dangerous.both of you should stop playing with the dead.both of you doesn't know what are you deal within.laughing like that just looks like so pathetic!

  14. Gabriel Mojica

    Gabriel Mojica3 days ago

    The paper was on the chair than it’s on the ground

  15. Utsav Sengupta

    Utsav Sengupta3 days ago

    Just waste of time and data

  16. John King'ori

    John King'ori3 days ago

    it was built by two high bros

  17. Julia Cook

    Julia Cook4 days ago

    If Jesse died in LA how did he get back to the house? My guess is ghost train or astral plane...

  18. CloudySkies_Land of Storms Kingdom of Storms

    CloudySkies_Land of Storms Kingdom of Storms4 days ago

    I love watching two grown men yelling to ghosts🌬

  19. Madara Aire

    Madara Aire5 days ago

    Cowabunga, as in Teenage mutant ninja turtles?

  20. Mekiah Vollmin

    Mekiah Vollmin5 days ago

    just wanna say what if the tweets are just a dilution too so you maybe dead, this may be a dilution to me, or if you see this a dilution to you

  21. Sharp_ Work_Samurai

    Sharp_ Work_Samurai5 days ago

    Who the f*ck unliked this video

  22. Christina Joy

    Christina Joy5 days ago

    Anyone else notice the paper in the last room go from the chair to the ground??

  23. Yukinao Aethanne

    Yukinao Aethanne5 days ago

    I can't stop laughing when they burst laughing into tears 😂😂😂😂 especially when Shane said "wow, this performance is very Avant Garde" 😂😂 Kudos to the cameraman as well for not being scared and laughing on their jokes 😂😂

  24. Madeline Troisfontaines

    Madeline Troisfontaines6 days ago

    "avant garde"!! 😂😂 P.s pls use the spirit box more often!! Xx

  25. Owen Feye

    Owen Feye8 days ago

    The singing in two voices thing... have y’all never heard of “overtones”?

  26. Madison Knight

    Madison Knight8 days ago

    The avocado story has me dying

  27. ryah

    ryah9 days ago

    That avocado story really moved me

  28. Brandon Cadd

    Brandon Cadd9 days ago

    Disrespectful? If I died like that, hell WHEN I die I want people to look back at my death and laugh, whether their making jokes about it or not.

  29. sugar sedative

    sugar sedative9 days ago

    Ryan: i could be dead.. I did get in a car accident.... Shane: *i sucked an avocado pit one time*

  30. Hanna Iversen

    Hanna Iversen10 days ago

    I can't let this go ooon! The spirit box searches through different radiostations to create white noise, so most of the "voices" you hear are just pieces of a radio signal. SO - the only way you can really know if it is a ghost or spirit reaching out to you is if you get a whole sentence, or a direct answer to what you are asking. my head is exploding over this

  31. aubrey michon

    aubrey michon11 days ago

    Am I the only one who cringed every time Ryan said hanged instead of hung? Just me being my English teacher? ok

  32. Kali Cat Lady

    Kali Cat Lady11 days ago

    I have seen ghosts in my house

  33. Kali Cat Lady

    Kali Cat Lady11 days ago

    You should sleep here but sleep in different rooms from each other

  34. Vakidis Vaselidis

    Vakidis Vaselidis11 days ago

    They never get footage of ghosts. Maybe because they're the most honest paranormal investigators.

  35. Konrad Gajewski

    Konrad Gajewski12 days ago

    Yes, they are.

  36. --

    --12 days ago


  37. Rebecca Castillo Molina

    Rebecca Castillo Molina12 days ago

    I live so close to there

  38. Ella Ward

    Ella Ward13 days ago

    Honestly, I will never get used to the sound effects

  39. 任雪霭

    任雪霭13 days ago

    i accidentally heard "the goosebump next door" alright thanks

  40. K K

    K K13 days ago

    Shane: ghosts aren’t real and I’m not scared of anything Also Shane: I am now afraid of avocados because I could have sneezed and died this one time

  41. brinkley millsap

    brinkley millsap13 days ago

    is nobody going to talk about shane’s avocado story?

  42. Undead Waffles

    Undead Waffles13 days ago

    Old Ryan:*would never want to get locked in a room alone* New Ryan: kAwABunGa It iS

  43. Winnie Euzu

    Winnie Euzu13 days ago

    Them crying in tears for being insensitive haahah im ded

  44. off the farm

    off the farm14 days ago

    I know it's disrespectful but I was laughing too at the beginning. I honesty thought it was funny. I'm horrible, I know.

  45. Sahara Nasher

    Sahara Nasher14 days ago

    14:22 to 14:48 had me dead lmao

  46. Myrin

    Myrin15 days ago

    **very quietly** you think he pooped himself?

  47. XDRyanB 123

    XDRyanB 12315 days ago


  48. Bam Buh

    Bam Buh16 days ago

    7:01 SHANE'S EYES OMG IS HE A ...

  49. Helen Sandoval

    Helen Sandoval16 days ago

    I was born and I live in San Diego

  50. pixeldonkey101

    pixeldonkey10116 days ago

    watch in like year 3019 some kids will be investigating shanes house and they will just hear shane scream.

  51. kaylee M

    kaylee M16 days ago

    I live 20 minutes from this house I went on a tour inside on Halloween I think 5 years ago and it was soooo scary

  52. Ham Some

    Ham Some16 days ago

    Why say hanged, isnt it hung?

  53. Arz Hoteit

    Arz Hoteit16 days ago

    I was rewatching this and when u said mrs.montgomery I remembered my music teacher she had the same name

  54. Nick Gasparovic

    Nick Gasparovic17 days ago

    i wonder what the camera does to stay silent?

  55. Marianna V

    Marianna V17 days ago

    Shane literally made himself cry from laughing

  56. Matt Christopher

    Matt Christopher17 days ago

    The Ridges Insane Asylum Athens, Ohio

  57. Paige crawford

    Paige crawford17 days ago

    I think I hate the spirit box almost as much as Shane lmao

  58. Erin gemini

    Erin gemini17 days ago

    Orb manifests from behind Shane best at .25 speed at 10:48, seems to be coming out of door behind him. Another orb shoots out the door at 11:53 when Shane shuts Ryan in Bathroom. Tip for R & S, invest in an E.M. pump to give the spirits energy to do things....its all about energy.

  59. josebatxu32

    josebatxu3218 days ago

    Shane: ...depending on what you ate Ryan: *undesciferable demon summoning noises*

  60. Vinn Balor

    Vinn Balor19 days ago

    Just came here to see Shane shake his head in dissapprovement every time ryan says "are ghost real"

  61. Zoe Washburne

    Zoe Washburne19 days ago

    Ryan seems so calm in this one. He's usually freaking out!

  62. superNB 1334

    superNB 133419 days ago

    I love this series!

  63. katie f

    katie f19 days ago

    ryan:"i got in a pretty bad car accident that one time, it was a close call." shane: "sO i WaS cUttiNg An aVoCaDo…"

  64. Brendon! at the disco

    Brendon! at the disco19 days ago

    Shane and Ryan: *both crying laughing uncontrollably* Ghosts: These fuckin idiots

  65. dumpster fire

    dumpster fire19 days ago

    What if Shane hates it cause he's a ghost?....spoopy

  66. Daniela Caldera

    Daniela Caldera19 days ago

    Hey Ryan & Shane (Ryane?) You guys should do the Stanley hotel!

  67. Elizabeth Stage

    Elizabeth Stage20 days ago

    Found my new band name *Beethoven and The Classics*

  68. MidnightCanvas

    MidnightCanvas21 day ago

    Jesse probably understood how to use the spirit box better as well since he understands frequencies and wavelengths much better as a musician

  69. AM 04:11

    AM 04:1119 days ago

    Yea, they should have used longer spirit box in this one

  70. SerenaDaSilva

    SerenaDaSilva22 days ago

    He wouldn't say this is a blast he would say this is lit

  71. MaxamillionSubs

    MaxamillionSubs22 days ago

    i just want to see shane pretend to be possessed and chase ryan around

  72. Savannah Biller

    Savannah Biller23 days ago

    I was watching this while eating a chocolate Santa. And as I grabbed the wrapper to put the rest back I started violently shaking because I heard the foil. Turns out, it was just me accidentally rubbing it against my sweatshirt! XDDDDDDD

  73. Filomena Spencer

    Filomena Spencer23 days ago

    3:30 to 4:50 Lmao

  74. shifa fasial

    shifa fasial23 days ago


  75. grandeurlies

    grandeurlies23 days ago

    this episode is SOOOOO FVCKING boring....

  76. A is for America

    A is for America24 days ago

    Hi, can we stop using the spirit box and use the voice box that says words instead?

  77. J S

    J S24 days ago

    Anyone see the orb fly acrossed at 11:52

  78. Kwazy Kid TV

    Kwazy Kid TV24 days ago

    i think i saw a arm

  79. Victoria Medcalf

    Victoria Medcalf24 days ago

    sooo freakin' funny!! disrespectful.... but funny!

  80. beatthecrowd001

    beatthecrowd00125 days ago

    that place is beautiful. never heard of it till now.

  81. Isabella B-C

    Isabella B-C26 days ago

    They should investigate The Devil's Tramping Grounds in North Carolina

  82. hailey_nicole

    hailey_nicole27 days ago

    Oh my HECC I had a dream about this house mansion thing! Basically me and my family snuck in at night (inside it was a hotel and noone was allowed inside) there was another black family who also got in and I pulled the fire alarm so try would leave but something or someone killed the entire family. That's all I remember, if I think of anything else I will add it

  83. Pusheen Lover

    Pusheen Lover28 days ago

    I wish you best of luck, I know people are curious ones, but please don't disturb you know most of the ghost only speaks "Latin" (or maybe only in my country), maybe that's why some of the ghost saying is not understandable My point is let them be, not only humans who live here

  84. Karina Sanchez

    Karina Sanchez28 days ago

    ORBS min. 10:18 and 10:46

  85. Worry BX

    Worry BX28 days ago

    Shoulda brought a chia pet to see if it grows haha

  86. Superdork3k

    Superdork3k28 days ago

    They should go to parts of Chernobyl

  87. Morgan H

    Morgan H29 days ago

    I’ve lived in San Diego all 21 years of my life and have never heard of this place????? I know all the haunted spots in SD and I’ve literally never heard of anyone knowing about this🤔

  88. Max3rn

    Max3rn29 days ago

    Shane: Gets thrown around, scratched etc Shane: Man the wind is- Ryan: Wheeze

  89. Annelise & Emily

    Annelise & Emily29 days ago

    Is no one gonna talk about the naked statue in the background of them talking how he died while playing the piano

  90. Matt Anderson

    Matt AndersonMonth ago

    Motecuhzoma was the real Native name.

  91. Lisett Kat Olivares

    Lisett Kat OlivaresMonth ago

    I love you guys. Too funny yet informative

  92. Redhood DragonSlayer

    Redhood DragonSlayerMonth ago

    I would love to play on a haunted piano...fur elise...or Paganini caprice 24/ devil's trills sonata

  93. Eliza Vlogsandgaming

    Eliza VlogsandgamingMonth ago

    Why did you forget to mention Mrs. Yeager???

  94. Eliza Vlogsandgaming

    Eliza VlogsandgamingMonth ago

    Omg I’ve been here !!! 😀😀😀

  95. Carly Griffin

    Carly GriffinMonth ago

    Ryan: *gets dragged across the room viciously* Shane: Ryan u good? It’s windy as hell in here

  96. Hanna Wroblewska

    Hanna WroblewskaMonth ago

    Being polish ain't easy when everyone thinks your racist so im just asking if you could investigate....I think it was like a railroad or something but my point is no one has any idea why it was built.....that's all my dad told me

  97. Gayovanni Roma

    Gayovanni RomaMonth ago

    Ghosts check their closets for Shane at night

  98. MimiMaiga

    MimiMaigaMonth ago

    19:47 these two will make a conversation out of anything, like literally. Goals!

  99. Kaitlyn M

    Kaitlyn MMonth ago

    r "You could go into a building that's on fire and be like 'this is a blast'." s "I would not say that." Yeah, Ryan, he would say that it was lit, not that it was a blast. duh.

  100. FatherOfHumanity

    FatherOfHumanityMonth ago

    Straight up orb coming out right as he said oh I hate this at 11:48

  101. FatherOfHumanity

    FatherOfHumanityMonth ago

    If Shane is so sturdy on his belief the paranormal is not real, it’s interesting that he has this job. I kinda think on the inside he’s not sure.

  102. Curly_Queen_Bee CC

    Curly_Queen_Bee CCMonth ago

    I really wish they would have stopped talking so I could hear the spirit speak. He was clearly trying to speak and they would not shut up long enough. What was the point of the video then.

  103. xXMadjXx

    xXMadjXxMonth ago

    shane: its 2018 ghost: excuse me

  104. Carrey Goeckner

    Carrey GoecknerMonth ago

    I think Shane is the problem. Ryan should go to one of these A. L. O. N. E.

  105. Marley Benoist

    Marley BenoistMonth ago

    Honestly, if ghosthunters in the future still exist and are trying to find the ghosts of today's generation, they simple need to say "We got new memes" and I'm pretty sure the entire house'll become super active.

  106. Kayla&Kacie Johnson

    Kayla&Kacie JohnsonMonth ago

    The paper is of the chair