The Most Underrated Game Ever


  1. Zaul Garnica

    Zaul Garnica2 seconds ago

    2:35 ;-;

  2. Pikachu - Gaming, Vlogs, and More!

    Pikachu - Gaming, Vlogs, and More!4 minutes ago

    0:40: I haven’t heard anything about it since and I’m surprised that I was even able to scrounge around and dig up that old dusty memory. The animation: Jaiden: *BUYS FOSSIL FIGHTERS GAME* Me: 😳

  3. I don't have a hairline

    I don't have a hairline5 minutes ago

    Her content sucks

  4. Teresita Branom

    Teresita Branom6 minutes ago

    Rosie: That guy stole my Dino medals also there’s nothing be trash here Jaiden: HEY { Hits him with big boi dino } ( 3:35 ) -------------------------- Jaiden: (Shakes hips) I’m shaking my hips so hard for you to Duna oh my god you don’t know even know- [ Duna comes back to life ]

  5. little mexican boi

    little mexican boi8 minutes ago

    Technically pokemon

  6. Rubageda Hunter

    Rubageda Hunter8 minutes ago

    Underrated? This is top 3 as far as fighting pet games go.

  7. Aesthetic. Dove

    Aesthetic. Dove12 minutes ago

    MReporter: no WiFi My first option: *tap the “try again” button until it works.* My second option: 3:36

  8. Leah Potatomoon :D

    Leah Potatomoon :D14 minutes ago

    *those hips don’t lie*

  9. Tamar Kenworthy

    Tamar Kenworthy16 minutes ago

    Duna just gets crushed by a meteor. Jaiden: OH SHI-!

  10. Sam Rakhlis

    Sam Rakhlis17 minutes ago

    You brought back so many memories about this game for me! The animations as well as comic relief are golden, 11/10, I wish we grew up as friends 😂. Keep rockin them fossils...or de rocking lol.

  11. Bekah 2.0

    Bekah 2.017 minutes ago

    It's *dinosaur gamer time*

  12. fadgfwergwegewga

    fadgfwergwegewga18 minutes ago

    Big hugs love ur content

  13. potato game A.

    potato game A.20 minutes ago

    guys Ari is a jojo reference

  14. Ashton Gan

    Ashton Gan24 minutes ago

    At 415

  15. Ashton Gan

    Ashton Gan24 minutes ago

    She said f word

  16. Fdhryk Gaming

    Fdhryk Gaming26 minutes ago

    Jaden should change her MReporter icon thing to her avatar in fossil fighters

  17. LAV3NDER 65

    LAV3NDER 6533 minutes ago

    Let’s all get an F in the chat for Rosie F

  18. Jackson Animation

    Jackson Animation29 minutes ago

    LAV3NDER 65 Do you also watch other animation channels?

  19. Yoshikage Kira

    Yoshikage Kira37 minutes ago


  20. Jackson Animation

    Jackson Animation29 minutes ago

    Yoshikage Kira What other animators do you like?

  21. LAV3NDER 65

    LAV3NDER 6543 minutes ago

    I just got an ad on FlipaClip for your merch BEST AD EVERR :)

  22. RaindropDreamer

    RaindropDreamer48 minutes ago

    I actually think one of my friends had this game in elementary school, and EVERYONE wanted to play it

  23. Jackson Animation

    Jackson Animation28 minutes ago

    RaindropDreamer Really. That's pretty cool. And what other animation channels do you like?

  24. Aya Alturas

    Aya Alturas49 minutes ago

    if your friends don't violently hip shake at your stone body to revive you what is even the point

  25. Jackson Animation

    Jackson Animation22 minutes ago

    Aya Alturas Cool. Would you be willing to check out my animation channel? Thanks.

  26. Aya Alturas

    Aya Alturas26 minutes ago

    @Jackson Animation why yes, yes I do.

  27. Jackson Animation

    Jackson Animation28 minutes ago

    Aya Alturas Agreed. And do you also watch other animation channels?

  28. Mr. Woomy

    Mr. Woomy58 minutes ago

    I was using headphones 2:35

  29. Jackson Animation

    Jackson Animation27 minutes ago

    Mr. Woomy That got me too. Are there other animation channels that you also like?

  30. PoisedDragon 266

    PoisedDragon 266Hour ago

    *fossil fighters came when I was born*

  31. Linda Turcotte

    Linda TurcotteHour ago

    The game came out 1 day before I was born

  32. Riley McCulloch

    Riley McCullochHour ago

    Hey... Jaiden... I can relate to you a lot... and I know that this sounds weird, but from the photo’s I’ve seen of you, I also know you’re a really cute girl that deserves a loving guy... Idk anything about your dating/love life, but I just wanted to say that. I personally think I am a very very average (in my opinion ugly) looking guy that is pretty introverted... So I just wanted to tell you that I think you are so very beautiful on the inside and on the outside... I mean I’m sure that there are soooooo many people out there that think about you the same way, but I just wanted to personally tell you that... I love your videos and I can relate to them so much on so many levels, so thank you for doing what you do...

  33. Jessica Mayrides

    Jessica MayridesHour ago


  34. The Great Boi Man

    The Great Boi ManHour ago


  35. white nova

    white novaHour ago

    I have the new one

  36. Oliver Baltazar

    Oliver BaltazarHour ago

    There are 3 games un Fossil fighters

  37. Oh Boy Gaming

    Oh Boy GamingHour ago

    got new epic Ari backpack so ePPIC now I can put my honey in it YESSS QUEEn



    As they say, hips don’t lie.

  39. Dragonsteel _77

    Dragonsteel _77Hour ago

    I had this game when I was younger and I absolutely loved it

  40. Dayna Leong

    Dayna LeongHour ago

    Fossil Fighters~ JAIDEN : Oh you’re saying that I can’t get a dino with LEGS?! I’ll revive them with legs! THEY’LL KICK YOUR ASS

  41. Anamonl big M

    Anamonl big M2 hours ago

    Ahhh *smokes cigar* I have heard of this in a long time.

  42. Linda Petelo

    Linda Petelo2 hours ago

    Air Earth Fire Ground :/ just realized

  43. Mr. Rat

    Mr. Rat2 hours ago

    4:12 First time i have heard her actually cuss XD

  44. ÒwÓ Roshii

    ÒwÓ Roshii2 hours ago

    When you played The Nintendo ds, Have you ever encountered the Harvest moon game? Harvest moon was my childhood game and so is GTA China Town

  45. just me looking for fun -v-

    just me looking for fun -v-2 hours ago

    Let me revive THESE LEGS THEY'LL KICK YOUR AS- me: we have a case of Bakugo

  46. Karlina Jurado

    Karlina Jurado2 hours ago

    Me encantan tus vídeos. :3


    Theodd1soutfan SPOOPYSCARYSKELETONS2 hours ago

    Can I get a rip for my ears 2:40

  48. It’sSawyer [Operation SSR]

    It’sSawyer [Operation SSR]2 hours ago

    Your voice has come a long way since the first video

  49. Tokito Muichiro

    Tokito Muichiro2 hours ago


  50. Angy Cuanetl

    Angy Cuanetl2 hours ago


  51. Lucy Delgado

    Lucy Delgado2 hours ago

    oh my god i have al the jerry seinfeld disk

  52. R3TR0_ BR0S

    R3TR0_ BR0S2 hours ago

    pls do more already

  53. rosa_ reaper

    rosa_ reaper2 hours ago

    XD sounds so much like pokemon!!!

  54. Herbalteaa

    Herbalteaa2 hours ago


  55. Chris Jackson

    Chris Jackson3 hours ago


  56. Jose Gamer

    Jose Gamer3 hours ago

    9:33 THAT LIP SMAK

  57. Luna Medel

    Luna Medel3 hours ago

    Yayyy now I want to play this

  58. peachkey2

    peachkey23 hours ago

    Did anyone play the My Sims franchise? This game graphics looks just like it but with different character styles. There is even a mini game in My Sims Party that uses the same exact fossil graphic.... Looks like the company who made these games just cheaply recycled a lot.

  59. Shadowy Figure

    Shadowy Figure2 hours ago

    This game is entirely different than any form of sims

  60. WhiteDragonCM

    WhiteDragonCM3 hours ago

    The way I always remember that sort of elemental combo is just thinking of how those things interact (roughly. XP) fire scorches earth, earth blocks wind, wind freezes water, water quenches fire. XP not perfect per say, but it helps remembering. :3

  61. Odalis Pérez

    Odalis Pérez3 hours ago

    Do a fire red/leaf green nuzlock PLZZZ I loved your ruby nuzlock or any Pokémon game I just want another nuzlock

  62. dark 87

    dark 873 hours ago

    Ammmmmmmmmm....... Essssspañisssssss

  63. Viktoria Grzegolec

    Viktoria Grzegolec3 hours ago

    11:03 those are the best credits I've ever read

  64. KingBacca0812

    KingBacca08123 hours ago

    Remember The Perfect Bite (trademarked)? Yeah, I do that too lol 😂.

  65. APRILfoolsCATO

    APRILfoolsCATO3 hours ago

    Game: Play Alone? Me: Old games are straight forward

  66. Joshua Marquez

    Joshua Marquez4 hours ago

    Yessss such a fun game

  67. Corey Mann

    Corey Mann4 hours ago

    Phoenix Wright Was the best DS game ever CHANGE MY MIND

  68. Fangirl TMurphy

    Fangirl TMurphy4 hours ago

    **THE ALMIGHTY LEVEL 6!!!!!**