1. Bddubd Bduddbsi

    Bddubd Bduddbsi4 hours ago

    4:22 why does he sound like robot

  2. Firefox gaming O

    Firefox gaming O11 hours ago

    I thought he wasn’t funny 2:58

  3. Amazing-or not-Animations

    Amazing-or not-Animations14 hours ago

    Major Michael Scotts vibes goin on rn

  4. cody mathis

    cody mathis18 hours ago

    Yeah mathis

  5. Ariana Grande

    Ariana Grande18 hours ago

    This video aka my life

  6. Conner Wilkes

    Conner Wilkes21 hour ago

    Funny kid

  7. Lacie Clark

    Lacie ClarkDay ago

    I'm pretty funny but I don't think as myself as the class clown. I still make people laugh though. Also a story because why not but I have this kid named named Adam in my seventh period and he acts so stupid and yells out stuff In the middle of class but everyone laughs he's pretty funny.

  8. Cj Sanchez

    Cj SanchezDay ago

    Want to know a secret of being class king Be yourself


    CHEESEBURGER [CBH]2 days ago

    Their is 2 kids in my school and whatever they do they’ll get in trouble and will make the whole class laugh and they have been doing this for like 3 years and they still make the class laugh

  10. CGaming63 - Gaming Videos

    CGaming63 - Gaming Videos2 days ago


  11. Icy YT

    Icy YT2 days ago

    I've never seen a comedic performance with the comedian in the audience... Weird.

  12. Atomic

    Atomic2 days ago

    No more overdone catch-phrases please

  13. Kurby

    Kurby2 days ago

    Think he won class tryhard.

  14. trsshgain

    trsshgain3 days ago

    "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!" *her period?*

  15. Brandon Mcknight

    Brandon Mcknight3 days ago

    I swear I’m exactly like this at school

  16. Matthew Quinn

    Matthew Quinn3 days ago

    so there's this one prick in my third period named Tarvard, and this little punk literally tries to roast me about EVERYTHING! I'll say one thing, like just asking a teacher something, and he will try to make me look bad about it. the best part is, a lot of my friends are in that class(the teacher included) and whenever he says something, the whole class will get really quiet, and we'll all just stare at him. the moral of the story, don't be tarvard.

  17. Unknown

    Unknown4 days ago

    This is like the Kardashian’s gone teenager but a better version

  18. Megan Ly

    Megan Ly4 days ago

    Not meeee

  19. Jeff Schwartz

    Jeff Schwartz4 days ago

    My last name is also schwartz!

  20. luckyfam06

    luckyfam064 days ago

    6:11 is literally me

  21. Can of Pepsi

    Can of Pepsi4 days ago

    "And I got expelled... *and arrested."*

  22. Falcon games

    Falcon games5 days ago


  23. Jx-X

    Jx-X5 days ago

    I wish classes were that small in school

  24. MrShayCollins

    MrShayCollins5 days ago

    who recognises the dude from awe me

  25. Sunrisen

    Sunrisen5 days ago

    *i imagine he is just like Logan Paul was on school* 😂

  26. Blakey Space

    Blakey Space5 days ago

    There is always one of them

  27. Ashlee Gallager

    Ashlee Gallager5 days ago

    i love this

  28. Spider-man Homecoming

    Spider-man Homecoming5 days ago

    For jordan

  29. Backinlol

    Backinlol6 days ago

    My mans was trying. So A for Effort.

  30. Diet Dr Pepper

    Diet Dr Pepper6 days ago

    Keith trying to hold it in at 2:58

  31. Andre Machado

    Andre Machado6 days ago


  32. WrenchDuBled

    WrenchDuBled6 days ago

    im glad that's not real

  33. Master of puns

    Master of puns6 days ago

    6:03 Shayne: **turns around** I know I've been replaced.... Announcement: RACHEL!!! 6:05 Shayne: Hello darkness my old friend, I've come to talk to you again....

  34. Spider-man Homecoming

    Spider-man Homecoming6 days ago

    aw I feel bad

  35. [insert good name]

    [insert good name]6 days ago

    Hello darkness my old friend 5:57


    SOFIA ORTIZ6 days ago

    ian hex

  37. Super Simon 346

    Super Simon 3467 days ago

    It’s Scary how much I related to Jordan

  38. Tips Tricks - GAME

    Tips Tricks - GAME7 days ago

    i watch my self😟

  39. Peter Lassen

    Peter Lassen7 days ago

    He have same hood every day

  40. scottpilgrim920

    scottpilgrim9207 days ago

    Wow! Season 3 of American Vandal looks good!!

  41. Patricia Gandara

    Patricia Gandara7 days ago

    Old school smosh

  42. Anna DONALDSON

    Anna DONALDSON8 days ago

    "you might think this orange is a circle, but really its a square" 6:31 I love what ian says right before shayne walkes in

  43. BananaRhino12

    BananaRhino128 days ago

    2:40 my last name is Mathis and my sister is Rachel

  44. I’m Matthew

    I’m Matthew8 days ago

    2:57 look at the right Keith is laughing so hard inside

  45. RandomVidz*123

    RandomVidz*1239 days ago

    Wait 7:28 didn't you go to blandview high?

  46. It's yaboi Nick

    It's yaboi Nick9 days ago

    2:56-3:00 killed me

  47. It's yaboi Nick

    It's yaboi Nick9 days ago

    2:56 killed me

  48. Jay Plays

    Jay Plays9 days ago

    KING of school? She is a girl

  49. iiCookiezz

    iiCookiezz9 days ago

    Expresses my life

  50. B

    B9 days ago

    Shayne: “Rachel Mathis slaying the roo-“ Me: No no no no no no no. This is the 21st century honey, no one talks like that.

  51. xPrOgameRXD SRB

    xPrOgameRXD SRB10 days ago

    says *im so funny* next class *hood morning* *still no one laughs*

  52. Dee Holmboe

    Dee Holmboe10 days ago

    *its the desk fault*

  53. Tädi Pille

    Tädi Pille10 days ago

    All called I'm meme boy cause I'm funniest in class

  54. Aiden Yamessou

    Aiden Yamessou10 days ago

    cri cri cri

  55. Chanaka cool

    Chanaka cool10 days ago

    Quagmire high school 11 LOL

  56. TheKittyLord

    TheKittyLord10 days ago

    Thats like me im trying to be funny but I'm getting bullied at school for it

  57. Castle Rowe

    Castle Rowe10 days ago

    Yo I’m scared this is me because my name be Jordan

  58. GoddestVerse

    GoddestVerse11 days ago


  59. Isla_da_smila

    Isla_da_smila11 days ago

    I actually enjoyed an admired the class nuisance

  60. Official Kim Pun

    Official Kim Pun11 days ago

    0:07 😂😂😂😂

  61. Julie Hipp

    Julie Hipp11 days ago

    Poor Jordan

  62. sourav thakur

    sourav thakur12 days ago

    This is actually pretty sad.

  63. J Dazzle

    J Dazzle12 days ago

    Funny kid😂😂😂😂

  64. Suicidal Thoughts

    Suicidal Thoughts13 days ago

    2:57 I love how Keith is acc just laughing because Shane is a funny guy

  65. Cat85 Lol

    Cat85 Lol13 days ago

    I had the same life as.............. the funny kid or as they put it in the interview school clown

  66. Julie Rueckert

    Julie Rueckert13 days ago

    I literally have this exact person in my class x3 of them. I sit by one of them and I literally die everyone he opens his mouth.😂😂

  67. Ashlynn Brusten

    Ashlynn Brusten13 days ago

    Funny kid burns down school

  68. Arturo Loredo

    Arturo Loredo13 days ago

    Hey does anyone know the name of the plant on the desk?

  69. Lola Pug life

    Lola Pug life14 days ago

    Shane is the most annoying person in the group

  70. Cullen Clarke

    Cullen Clarke14 days ago

    If we voted for class clown it will either be me or my friend trey

  71. xTeo

    xTeo15 days ago


  72. Nirvair Sodhi2

    Nirvair Sodhi215 days ago

    Lmao! I laughed so hard when Shayne said “red leather yellow leather”

  73. Plastic Bacteria

    Plastic Bacteria15 days ago

    Lol. This reminds me of how in class people always roast each other. I try to stay out of it, but whenever I say something everyone goes "OOOOOOOOOH" the people who ALWAYS roast or make jokes don't get as big of a reaction though.

  74. Owens Channel

    Owens Channel15 days ago

    You can see Keith laughing in 2:56

  75. Hunter Gage

    Hunter Gage15 days ago

    I love the jokes

  76. Dan Benelisha

    Dan Benelisha15 days ago

    Me, ya really

  77. Swa Ine Kim

    Swa Ine Kim15 days ago

    Shayne at 6:04 is literally me in every situation.

  78. Noot Ur Kaboot

    Noot Ur Kaboot15 days ago


  79. xXK3ndrickXx

    xXK3ndrickXx16 days ago

    ITS ian

  80. Many Manu

    Many Manu16 days ago

    2:58 bloober if you notice

  81. Greg Greg

    Greg Greg16 days ago


  82. mariarojas0604

    mariarojas060416 days ago


  83. xXSloth_NinjaXx

    xXSloth_NinjaXx17 days ago

    he coping geoff from goldbergs

  84. lil_kit

    lil_kit17 days ago

    Hahaha they have “funny kid” sarcastically

  85. Angela Bermudez

    Angela Bermudez17 days ago

    Its like in try not to laugh where Courtney does Shane’s reversed pizza joke

  86. Al Dusty

    Al Dusty18 days ago

    How'd you get this footage of Logan paul in school?

  87. TakemiLeg

    TakemiLeg18 days ago

    only jailous got me lmao nice vid

  88. Noah Casement

    Noah Casement19 days ago

    Wait, why would he need to mention that he wouldn't be aloud to walk at graduation, or graduate when he was already expelled?

  89. Bernard Michael Baluyut

    Bernard Michael Baluyut19 days ago

    what if jordan say Good Morning Class Or Should i Say Hood Afternoon

  90. Makayla Beasley

    Makayla Beasley19 days ago

    this is so funny

  91. John Newman

    John Newman19 days ago

    I started to think Shane was annoying, but at the end they were assholes

  92. Warlock K.

    Warlock K.19 days ago

    He's the Joker

  93. Kelly Hall

    Kelly Hall20 days ago

    This is pretty much me and my friend but we make vine and meme jokes

  94. Terrified Cat

    Terrified Cat20 days ago

    When we were talking about how Edgar Allen Poe’s family died Josh: “His mom and dad died from tuberculosis, so as his brother and wife.” Me: “And then the world died from tuberculosis.” Everyone: “haAaAaaaAaAaaAA Ck”

  95. the mouse voive

    the mouse voive20 days ago

    My second name is schwarz

  96. Expert Gamer

    Expert Gamer21 day ago

    If you are in grade 12 then you have been in 13 years of school. Kindergarten 1st etc

  97. likeyeahwhatever

    likeyeahwhatever21 day ago

    Cole Hersch wrote this lol

  98. Dorilene Conceição

    Dorilene Conceição21 day ago

    Anthony Padilla saudades

  99. French_ baguette

    French_ baguette21 day ago

    Jordan acts like Jake Paul

  100. Kan_edgy

    Kan_edgy21 day ago

    this is the kid in my class