1. Unijack

    Unijack3 hours ago

    I hate this class clown more than I hate my class clown

  2. Jenna Dooley

    Jenna Dooley6 hours ago

    Its like Jordan from the Bachelorette

  3. CryBaby JamesT

    CryBaby JamesT15 hours ago

    Lmao *why are you doing this*

  4. Brody Hickman

    Brody Hickman18 hours ago

    Theres a kid at my school who had made almost all of those jokes

  5. Jessica Lynn

    Jessica Lynn19 hours ago

    Definitely one of Smosh's best videos in a while.

  6. John Adams

    John Adams21 hour ago

    The most annoying students in my class were Isaiah Landon Brice Clara Cameron Shayla Shayla and clara are the worst.

  7. Froyo Draws

    Froyo Draws18 hours ago

    John Adams I had a annoying kid in my class. Named Isaiah and London too omg

  8. Nasty

    Nasty23 hours ago

    This is me, sorry to say.

  9. NOVA GH

    NOVA GHDay ago

    People dont get good jokes nowadays

  10. Way eww Wee awesome

    Way eww Wee awesomeDay ago

    That sad

  11. Natasha Zerby

    Natasha ZerbyDay ago

    I laughed so hard

  12. Hatice Harput

    Hatice HarputDay ago

    This is a bit like me in class but my jokes are actually funny and everyone calls me the class clown

  13. The Noob Gamer

    The Noob GamerDay ago

    What kind of school is this Poor or special or super secret agents or fbi or kings man it has only 4 or 5 students

  14. The Noob Gamer

    The Noob GamerDay ago

    Anyone else miss anthony or its just me

  15. Schwarz Animations

    Schwarz Animations2 days ago

    what a coincidence (my name) heheh

  16. L

    L2 days ago

    "And for funniest Rachel Mathis" *Pumped up kicks starts playing*

  17. Rachel Scott

    Rachel Scott2 days ago

    OMG my name is Rachel not Rachael! Close

  18. Sefri

    Sefri2 days ago


  19. Pascalle Jannink

    Pascalle Jannink2 days ago

    Im e vrind of you red

  20. Nabila  Ghozali

    Nabila Ghozali2 days ago

    he reminds of this channel

  21. Sonic Dasher

    Sonic Dasher2 days ago

    Shayne I am mad so annoying

  22. Adotei22

    Adotei223 days ago


  23. Skyfox99 - 605_gobiln -geometry dash/roblox

    Skyfox99 - 605_gobiln -geometry dash/roblox3 days ago

    I thought he was ganna say a joke about jabooty

  24. Reinhard Gaming LV

    Reinhard Gaming LV3 days ago

    he looks like a inmate when he gets interviewd

  25. scoobydoobydoodle

    scoobydoobydoodle3 days ago

    This is sad

  26. Random Videoca

    Random Videoca3 days ago

    Rachel the worst joke maker

  27. michelle irvine

    michelle irvine4 days ago

    good after noon or should I say hood after noon

  28. Tony Romo8882

    Tony Romo88824 days ago

    2012 dislikes

  29. RK ader

    RK ader4 days ago

    When he said his dad was the funniest in the office I was hoping he was the son of Michael scott

  30. christophe chattou

    christophe chattou4 days ago

    Lol, keith tries to hard not to laugh because of anything with pens,

  31. XYZScorpion

    XYZScorpion4 days ago

    Shayne is my God

  32. PatataGamer :v

    PatataGamer :v4 days ago


  33. Joi Dennie

    Joi Dennie5 days ago

    My Best friends last name is Donahue

  34. Unknown

    Unknown5 days ago

    PART 2!!!!!!! PLEASE

  35. houssam Ahead

    houssam Ahead5 days ago


  36. Kevin Hixson

    Kevin Hixson5 days ago

    Feels like this skit could have been better with anthony in it it still works but realy smosh is missing something

  37. Octavio Cisternas

    Octavio Cisternas5 days ago

    Is this a Joker origin story?

  38. ALEX BOI

    ALEX BOI5 days ago

    I actually feel really bad.

  39. tuuushl

    tuuushl5 days ago

    "Funny kid"

  40. Reaper 724

    Reaper 7245 days ago

    I can relate but I’m still the class clown

  41. I love PHAN

    I love PHAN5 days ago

    So goooood

  42. Captain SpinePoker

    Captain SpinePoker5 days ago

    This is every boy in middle school

  43. Splat Man

    Splat Man5 days ago

    I thought the most annoying person was Eyon slade

  44. Annabella Grafton

    Annabella Grafton6 days ago

    Why was "Rachael" me in school.

  45. Vincent Shafi

    Vincent Shafi6 days ago

    One of my favorite vids by SMOSH

  46. Potato On Poibte

    Potato On Poibte6 days ago

    Now that I think about it... I *am* this person...

  47. Brandon Locke

    Brandon Locke6 days ago

    I typed funniest person in smosh and this video showed up

  48. GlaDOS 470

    GlaDOS 4706 days ago

    Jopotty why not her booty. Boom that’s how you make a joke

  49. Alfredo Avalos

    Alfredo Avalos6 days ago

    Why did you put the pencil in the skeleton

  50. Unislave

    Unislave6 days ago

    I wouldve broken that bitch’s knees with a lead pipe

  51. Creeperpig Gaming

    Creeperpig Gaming6 days ago

    UNDER 10 minuets oh my goooooooooooooooood

  52. savage god x

    savage god x6 days ago

    Lol the teacher had yeezys

  53. Joe Manchip

    Joe Manchip7 days ago

    John wick

  54. Joe Manchip

    Joe Manchip7 days ago

    Hood bye

  55. Mr. Eugene Krabs

    Mr. Eugene Krabs7 days ago

    Queen not King

  56. Athenna Lynn

    Athenna Lynn7 days ago

    This is the jokers real backstory

  57. Rob Channer

    Rob Channer7 days ago

    I miss the old smosh like 5 to 6 7 8 9 years ago *im the most annoying kid in class haha SHUT UP*

  58. Asiya Ahmed

    Asiya Ahmed7 days ago

    Hey I’m from djouti yassss

  59. Just stop

    Just stop7 days ago

    A paper burnt down the whole school

  60. waakes atom

    waakes atom7 days ago

    I’m a class clown I don’t want to be a class clown cuz I hate clowns I say class comedian

  61. Chicken Does

    Chicken Does7 days ago

    when they were in the office with his dad did anyone notice he was looking at porn?

  62. Daphne Hawkins

    Daphne Hawkins8 days ago


  63. alez27 playsgames

    alez27 playsgames8 days ago

    It’s the boss from the office

  64. Liliya Smirnova

    Liliya Smirnova8 days ago


  65. christian 15

    christian 158 days ago

    Great inspiration

  66. Vidigya Chauhan

    Vidigya Chauhan8 days ago

    Is this actually an original video. Shiet

  67. Steven Crockett

    Steven Crockett8 days ago

    I'm the class clown ._.

  68. Frightwalker

    Frightwalker9 days ago

    If I was the teacher I say sit the fuck down before he even says a word

  69. Medibird

    Medibird9 days ago

    “She’s the *KING* of the school”

  70. Tyler Jasper

    Tyler Jasper9 days ago

    I can relate to this

  71. Kyosaga TV

    Kyosaga TV9 days ago

    This is so cringie xD

  72. Kicks PlayZ

    Kicks PlayZ9 days ago


  73. edgy kid

    edgy kid9 days ago

    Why did I cry to this

  74. DuBBs

    DuBBs9 days ago

    Hope i don't have one of these people in my class in my first middle school this year

  75. DuBBs

    DuBBs23 hours ago



    RONALD FLORENDO9 days ago

    DuBBs wanna sub to sub?

  77. JackStez Savage

    JackStez Savage9 days ago

    Jordan, stahp it get some help

  78. Natalie Rosales

    Natalie Rosales10 days ago

    "You think this may be a circle, but it's actually a square" 😂😂 I can't

  79. Meelad Naderpoor

    Meelad Naderpoor10 days ago

    Rachol as a ugly joke

  80. Random Videos

    Random Videos10 days ago


  81. thagalini karunamoorthy

    thagalini karunamoorthy10 days ago

    Ummmmm for our class clowns,they are totally opposite to what Jordan is. And everyone loves how funny they are unless the people are the class innocents. Well they are the people that have the most girls around them and are the central drama people..... At least they aren’t as emotional as that guy and go to jail. Although sometimes they can be annoying but those are the people who get expelled for the most random reasons..... Who has someone like that in their class ?

  82. Random Otaku

    Random Otaku10 days ago

    How did he know that it was HOOD AFTERNOON

  83. CrazyFiFi

    CrazyFiFi10 days ago

    “funny kid”

  84. Ryu Wiraatmadja

    Ryu Wiraatmadja10 days ago

    this is why shane is the best good job

  85. Scott Eells

    Scott Eells11 days ago

    Uhhh I hate him

  86. mia schafer

    mia schafer11 days ago

    rachael fucking MATHIS

  87. Dorien Foroutani

    Dorien Foroutani11 days ago

    Is it sad that 80% of the boys in my school do this?

  88. Insert Name Here

    Insert Name Here11 days ago

    ... shaynes me.

  89. Sherie U

    Sherie U11 days ago

    hood nite

  90. ItsNotArt ItsAnimeBish

    ItsNotArt ItsAnimeBish11 days ago

    This genuinely made me sad.

  91. Issac Aguilar

    Issac Aguilar11 days ago

    Do not be sad you are the faney ist hoy ever

  92. Jordan Unicorn

    Jordan Unicorn11 days ago


  93. Zatch

    Zatch11 days ago

    Do this again pleaseeeeeee!!!!

  94. Cereniti Pfleuger

    Cereniti Pfleuger11 days ago

    I like shanes eyes

  95. Partygames

    Partygames12 days ago

    I love it because in the paper funniest is in quotations which means not really

  96. dj figs

    dj figs12 days ago

    Again most funny

  97. Zay Zay

    Zay Zay12 days ago

    I am the same

  98. Dora Larson

    Dora Larson12 days ago

    I did a poster on Djibouti for social studies

  99. Jeremy Benway

    Jeremy Benway12 days ago

    I miss Anthony

  100. Mcplayz Games

    Mcplayz Games12 days ago

    Hold on he was holding an orange says you may think that this is a circle but it’s actually a sqaure

  101. Aimee At

    Aimee At12 days ago

    i cant be the only one to actually feel bad for him..

  102. Anthony Berloco

    Anthony Berloco12 days ago

    Pretty much everyone in my class is like this. There r some kids who do this and everyone finds it funny, and other kids who do it and everyone complains. I don’t do this stuff, but if I did, I bet everyone would hate it.

  103. Jaelynn Green

    Jaelynn Green12 days ago

    Dang talk about inspiration