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  2. jay fesu

    jay fesu9 hours ago

    that scream before he walks into the classroom

  3. Lawl Person

    Lawl Person9 hours ago

    There's a kid in my honors class that IDK HOW HE'S IN THERE IF HE IS SO DUMB! He trys to be so funny but IT'S JUST CRINGE. I'm so tired of hearing "_________ is trash!"

  4. Nathan Plays

    Nathan Plays11 hours ago

    Jokes are so bad their funny

  5. Jhonny Gonzalez

    Jhonny Gonzalez15 hours ago

    1:43 I thought he was going to say a racist joke

  6. life with a plush

    life with a plush16 hours ago


  7. Adahir & Victor

    Adahir & Victor17 hours ago

    Go to 2:58 and you see Kenny or some other name. But he’s laughing

  8. Alex Jordan

    Alex Jordan18 hours ago

    There are 13 fucking years in school

  9. Martyn Turner

    Martyn Turner18 hours ago

    This is me in school did you copy me??

  10. InserTroll

    InserTrollDay ago

    2:55 Keith smiled so shane is considered funny

  11. Pie Rat

    Pie RatDay ago

    At 2:56 you can see Keith laughing

  12. Brayden Emory

    Brayden EmoryDay ago

    The most annoying kid in school is always the teachers pet, or the kid that acts like he is cool but everyone and I mean everyone knows he is just a loser trying to be cool, and even he knows he is a loser and that’s why he is trying to be cool

  13. aleksandra szymura

    aleksandra szymuraDay ago

    00:48 when she tells she's not pregnant



    My whole class is like that I hate it so much!!!!!

  15. Giovanni Monsanto

    Giovanni Monsanto2 days ago

    Ja booty 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Giovanni Monsanto

    Giovanni Monsanto2 days ago

    Oh. The dic pic guy again

  17. Seblas Gaming

    Seblas Gaming2 days ago

    Hood morning or hood afternoon

  18. løne wølf99

    løne wølf992 days ago

    Shayne reminded me of michael scott

  19. lastL Mstands

    lastL Mstands3 days ago

    6:29 that smile when you break something what belongs to mom

  20. Dylan Ryan @ Mohamad Dylan Bin Mohd Daniel -

    Dylan Ryan @ Mohamad Dylan Bin Mohd Daniel -3 days ago

    I feel bad for the guy on this vid :( He was just trying to be funny and nice but people turned on him. I would feel down in the dumps if i were in his situation.

  21. Joaquim Fuertes

    Joaquim Fuertes3 days ago

    Is that true you really went to prison

  22. Alex Lieber

    Alex Lieber3 days ago

    It’s disappointing that I memorize these videos be heart

  23. Aaliyah Harvey

    Aaliyah Harvey3 days ago


  24. Jane DeGuire

    Jane DeGuire3 days ago

    “Why be the class clown, WhEn yOu CaN bE tHe CiTy cLoWn?”

  25. ClassicBoy133

    ClassicBoy1334 days ago

    I found this inspiring, What?

  26. Cameryn Scott

    Cameryn Scott4 days ago

    Lol he’s so dumb

  27. Ku Kei

    Ku Kei4 days ago

    Do you guys remember SHUT UP! At the intro?

  28. Arshpreet Sidhu

    Arshpreet Sidhu4 days ago

    Ian looks like an actual teacher/worker

  29. Jaser Ahmed

    Jaser Ahmed4 days ago

    The sad thing is he interpreted the 'funny' in the news paper as 'hilarious' and not 'strange'.


    SILAS BOLDT5 days ago

    I liked songs better when their was 2 of u

  31. Burritopaste354

    Burritopaste3545 days ago

    He is a senior and in geometry

  32. Madelyn Evans

    Madelyn Evans5 days ago

    Noah’s hot

  33. Rom Gik

    Rom Gik5 days ago


  34. Toy maniac 22

    Toy maniac 226 days ago

    Jabutty he should have said on you butt

  35. XelloZCrazY Gaming Channel

    XelloZCrazY Gaming Channel6 days ago

    jailous got me so hard LOOOOOOOOOOOL

  36. Zach Adlam

    Zach Adlam6 days ago


  37. Aiden Fraser

    Aiden Fraser6 days ago

    2.56 Keith breaking character

  38. Welch's Fruit Snacks

    Welch's Fruit Snacks6 days ago

    *Wee woo wee woo wee woo FIREEE wee woo wee woo wee woo HURRYYY*

  39. Damien PlayZ and more

    Damien PlayZ and more7 days ago

    4:25 i wish that was my teacher he always say hey sit down and listen

  40. Zelder

    Zelder7 days ago


  41. Mathew Franso

    Mathew Franso8 days ago

    stooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooopp piz

  42. Blue Tiger gaming

    Blue Tiger gaming8 days ago

    Omg sooooo annoying Most funniest person in school: no Most annoying person in school: yes


    PUSHYA SAIE AE9 days ago

    He has a really GOOD Sense of humour, girls will really like him



    Nice video!!

  45. Janne

    Janne10 days ago

    😀 👕 👖

  46. star wars nerd

    star wars nerd11 days ago

    So basically...Michael Scott

  47. Spirit Playz

    Spirit Playz11 days ago

    "How do you make a Kleenex dance" I heard that a lot

  48. Natsu Dragneel

    Natsu Dragneel11 days ago

    The only thing funny “Jordan” Said is woah mike is hung

  49. Kongkea Chhath

    Kongkea Chhath11 days ago

    I remember a student at my class who takes being funny to a WHOLE new level and he goes from completely funny to just ruining our class

  50. Doggy Lion

    Doggy Lion12 days ago

    2:56 - Look at Olivia and Keith's face.

  51. Rising Embers Gaming

    Rising Embers Gaming12 days ago

    Matt Bradley!

  52. Faiyaaz Abraar

    Faiyaaz Abraar12 days ago

    I felt kinda bad in the end..

  53. Skull _2317

    Skull _231713 days ago

    If that was real life that actually would have been cyber bullying and he could have killed himself

  54. Christian Berrio

    Christian Berrio13 days ago

    I hate the kids at my school like this

  55. ibrahim ansari

    ibrahim ansari13 days ago

    You can't force people to laugh at your joke

  56. DAN MKM

    DAN MKM14 days ago

    ba ba ba anoying

  57. Bassie Torres

    Bassie Torres14 days ago

    Did anyone else notice the door changes at the beginning of the video

  58. -.- llama

    -.- llama14 days ago

    *Micheal Scott in high school*

  59. Alexander Hamilton

    Alexander Hamilton14 days ago

    I really like this please do more like it

  60. Beau Ashworth-Brown

    Beau Ashworth-Brown14 days ago

    4:16 his voice goes into a robot for a sec

  61. Adam Edge Copeland

    Adam Edge Copeland14 days ago

    Still better than "Keeping up with Kardashians"

  62. Shark _yt

    Shark _yt14 days ago

    Where that part 2

  63. Maria Cecilia Ballesteros Gonzales

    Maria Cecilia Ballesteros Gonzales15 days ago

    That last part reminded me of Paddington2: Hugh grant's character finding his audience in jail... still, it really made me laugh

  64. Brenden Taylor

    Brenden Taylor15 days ago

    I live in America and I really like your videos I forgot your MReporter channel name

  65. Susan Peterson

    Susan Peterson15 days ago

    I feel bad for this guy

  66. Dans .H

    Dans .H15 days ago


  67. Mirit Skeen

    Mirit Skeen16 days ago

    the high school series of jordan is easily my favorite

  68. Flash Gordon

    Flash Gordon16 days ago

    The office

  69. Loofie

    Loofie16 days ago

    I feel his pain, because it happens to me, fkin damn people stealin my creds

  70. Nai Pie

    Nai Pie17 days ago

    She's the king of the school? Don't you mean queen

  71. DBZGoten420

    DBZGoten42017 days ago

    4:24 it should actually be you dont get warnings when you make us sit through your overtold jokes. not "we dont get warnings when we sit through your overtold jokes".

  72. ViveOf Bucharest

    ViveOf Bucharest17 days ago

    Dude acts like he really doesnt realize

  73. That_Diamond

    That_Diamond17 days ago

    I'm amazed this video has 90k+ likes

  74. CPU Virtualization

    CPU Virtualization17 days ago

    How come I got a Spanish advertisement

  75. KeiserAnimates

    KeiserAnimates18 days ago

    It’s funny how Keith tried not to laugh

  76. Corvus Glaive

    Corvus Glaive18 days ago

    Who judges best kiss?🤔

  77. Stupid Dweller

    Stupid Dweller18 days ago

    Where's the shut up intro

  78. Foxy Plays

    Foxy Plays18 days ago

    I actually laughed Especially the skeleton joke......

  79. DJ at the Disco Gaming

    DJ at the Disco Gaming18 days ago

    I thought he said " I am definantly going for *funnies* "

  80. Josef Vallestero

    Josef Vallestero18 days ago

    I haven’t even watched this video but I hope there is that one person who thinks he/she is better than you but ends up proving himself/herself wrong

  81. Rusty2FTW

    Rusty2FTW18 days ago

    ...& 6 months later, Sunny, Joe & Sarah are not in Smosh anymore =p

  82. Akemi Ujihara

    Akemi Ujihara18 days ago

    he wasn't even that funny but sometimes he made me laugh...

  83. Mika40001

    Mika4000119 days ago

    but wait thats me

  84. PlaystationStar7

    PlaystationStar719 days ago

    6:59 Ian turned into Chris Jericho

  85. shemeka williams

    shemeka williams19 days ago

    This is irritating me

  86. Damien Blurton

    Damien Blurton19 days ago

    0:10-0:15 the door changes

  87. ThomasKingGaming - TF2 and Stuff

    ThomasKingGaming - TF2 and Stuff19 days ago

    I am literally Jordan. :(

  88. saket kulkarni

    saket kulkarni20 days ago

    I feel sorry for that red hoddie guy

  89. Monkey On The Car Monkey On The Car F*uck Off

    Monkey On The Car Monkey On The Car F*uck Off20 days ago

    My Strange Addiction:Being Annoying

  90. chameleonpaint want to die.

    chameleonpaint want to die.20 days ago


  91. Mighty Eggroll 3077

    Mighty Eggroll 307720 days ago

    4:35 don’t you notice Shayne kinda sounds like a robot

  92. vannara morm

    vannara morm20 days ago

    I want kill that white guy so badly name Jordan so bad😡😡😡

  93. sethabelo lukhele

    sethabelo lukhele20 days ago

    I respect the funny kid.

  94. sethabelo lukhele

    sethabelo lukhele20 days ago

    The peanuts part is so funny.

  95. sethabelo lukhele

    sethabelo lukhele20 days ago

    Is that story real.

  96. Weeeby McDanald

    Weeeby McDanald20 days ago

    It kinda sucks though because there is actual funny people out there for example Smosh, but people nowadays just try to insult you and everyone laughs.

  97. Omar Lozano

    Omar Lozano20 days ago

    At 2:56 keith is laughing

  98. Riley Madden

    Riley Madden20 days ago

    The dad is literally Michael Scott

  99. BlueFlamingo

    BlueFlamingo20 days ago

    Lol I’m always staring at people in my class and randomly put a piece of paper in my mouth

  100. Oliver Zhao

    Oliver Zhao20 days ago

    you know, I thought that the baseball was only getting bigger, but then it hit me