1. Alex the goat Rangel

    Alex the goat RangelHour ago

    Did he actually get arrested is all of this like real

  2. WestHamUnited!

    WestHamUnited!Hour ago


  3. Jude Collins

    Jude Collins4 hours ago


  4. typical slow

    typical slow6 hours ago


  5. Tiger Fame

    Tiger Fame6 hours ago

    Hood morning

  6. Peggy Sietos

    Peggy Sietos16 hours ago

    u are really mean because you can’t be a little bit less rude

  7. lil Milk

    lil Milk18 hours ago

    This Henry

  8. Toxic_angel13

    Toxic_angel1321 hour ago

    Most annoying kid in school..... the person with 0.0000001% IQ of being a vegetable

  9. Nightdog 12

    Nightdog 12Day ago

    I’m going to keep saying good morning at every class I walk into now

  10. Cakbearuk

    CakbearukDay ago

    Lol that's me

  11. Gaff Gamer

    Gaff GamerDay ago

    is this true

  12. Vangie Pham

    Vangie PhamDay ago

    Don’t watch 2:52 and 2:56 if ur 13 or older If u watched it I WARNED YA

  13. Ian An

    Ian AnDay ago

    Is it real

  14. Zip Doodles

    Zip DoodlesDay ago

    This is just like my *"*friend*"* Ha- wait I shouldn't say his real name... Robert then.

  15. Jules Sakalausky

    Jules SakalauskyDay ago

    He's so funny oh my f**king God

  16. UniquePythonJC

    UniquePythonJC2 days ago

    0:00-0:11 getting ready for a fortnite tournament be like...

  17. Tuana Yuksel

    Tuana Yuksel2 days ago


  18. Angelo Castillo

    Angelo Castillo2 days ago

    More of this please :)

  19. Hilario Arreguin

    Hilario Arreguin2 days ago

    My first grade teacher last name was Levy and it's spelled the same

  20. Abdu11ah_Sharrocks

    Abdu11ah_Sharrocks3 days ago

    I'm the most dumbest kid at my school

  21. TheGamerBoi '

    TheGamerBoi '3 days ago

    He sounds robotic in the middle

  22. 宝石TheForgottenOne

    宝石TheForgottenOne3 days ago


  23. Landon Streamz

    Landon Streamz3 days ago

    2:56 look closely and you will see Keith trying not to laugh

  24. Will Kelley

    Will Kelley3 days ago

    Quagmire high school. Hey peter

  25. Lava Doggo

    Lava Doggo3 days ago

    Did I trick you Read More

  26. Blue Picklez

    Blue Picklez4 days ago

    0:33 I have that hoodie

  27. Mr comment troll

    Mr comment troll4 days ago

    Whats a pedophile's favourite type of shoes? White Vans lol

  28. Love_Loved Mia

    Love_Loved Mia4 days ago

    Dis bois name is jordan black

  29. Rose Vampire

    Rose Vampire4 days ago

    He coulda made a jabooti joke.

  30. Random Guy

    Random Guy4 days ago

    Michael Scott from the Office in highschool

  31. Noah Dyer

    Noah Dyer4 days ago

    Racheal became the newer class clown because of this moment 0:38 for revenge

  32. Paige Sin

    Paige Sin4 days ago

    This seems like reality, because of the backgrounds and like each of their "respective" like... Whats the word??? Hm....... I cant think of the word....... Huh. Oof. Wait... Sorry guys. I forgot the words.

  33. MaxwellPlayz

    MaxwellPlayz5 days ago

    4:47 Queen*

  34. Subscribe to me for no reason

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  35. Jack Johnston

    Jack Johnston5 days ago

    “ aaaaaagggggghhhhhh”

  36. Denisse Caraveo

    Denisse Caraveo5 days ago

    Your stupid i watched this in the morning

  37. Artsy universe

    Artsy universe5 days ago

    I have one the most annoying kids in my school in pe,science, social studies, English, and very rarely math he is so annoying

  38. Hannah Dugan

    Hannah Dugan5 days ago

    It is funny that "the annoying kid" has the same last name as Jeff from the goldbergs on hulu... and shayne sorry I can't spell his name,shayne plays a actor in goldbergs 😁😁😂😂

  39. Darkgamer 51

    Darkgamer 516 days ago

    Ha that’s hilarious I’m watching this at 2:30 pm

  40. coopbilly hybrib

    coopbilly hybrib6 days ago

    See this funny kid funny kid

  41. Expo the white board care Alexa

    Expo the white board care Alexa6 days ago


  42. Manihangza In

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  43. Picolas Cage

    Picolas Cage6 days ago

    Lol look at the paragraph about him on the newspaper 😂😂

  44. Emma Hearton

    Emma Hearton7 days ago

    Who else finds him hilarious 😂

  45. sean sweeney

    sean sweeney7 days ago

    6:07 music?

  46. Marvel Sachio

    Marvel Sachio7 days ago

    He got the newspaper.

  47. Abby Hill

    Abby Hill7 days ago

    I can't stop watching this video,i watch it every day

  48. Pikachu

    Pikachu7 days ago

    I think noah is the most funny in Smosh Family

  49. Nova Gaming

    Nova Gaming7 days ago

    Wait is he shayne or Jordan

  50. Cat Potter

    Cat Potter6 days ago

    Shayne is an actor Jordan is the character he plays

  51. 905Racer

    905Racer7 days ago

    🍊 you may think this is a circle but it’s actually a square

  52. lissette pineda

    lissette pineda7 days ago


  53. Marina Navidad

    Marina Navidad7 days ago


  54. lissette pineda

    lissette pineda7 days ago

    4:42 i LAUGHEd ver hard

  55. Jack Lister

    Jack Lister7 days ago

    Is this real or false

  56. Caleb Z

    Caleb Z8 days ago

    I’m a class clown

  57. Carter Mason

    Carter Mason9 days ago


  58. Cricket Vs football

    Cricket Vs football9 days ago

    Fudge Rachel

  59. Oh Yeah Yeah

    Oh Yeah Yeah9 days ago

    I wish my class clown was annoying for others, he is extremely annoying for me...

  60. Daireen Ignacio

    Daireen Ignacio9 days ago

    That's why you never force laughs

  61. kaely time

    kaely time9 days ago


  62. Nikola Stoimenović

    Nikola Stoimenović9 days ago

    F that blond girl

  63. delia

    delia9 days ago

    The most annoying kid in my class is named Jordan 😂

  64. Midna Animates

    Midna Animates10 days ago

    8:05 Me : click the box in the bottom

  65. Midna Animates

    Midna Animates10 days ago

    The Paul brothers in school

  66. Hi I'm JOE!

    Hi I'm JOE!10 days ago

    This reminds me of Chris lily

  67. Darth Humis

    Darth Humis10 days ago

    This is legitimately every single reality show I've ever seen

  68. nosypolerbear23

    nosypolerbear2310 days ago

    I have pretty great teeth 6:31 ya like jazz

  69. Anthony Garcia

    Anthony Garcia10 days ago

    Oh no I click both vids sooooo .that mean I'm super dumd and Extra dumb

  70. Mario Rodriguez

    Mario Rodriguez10 days ago

    American vandel

  71. Mr Wavy Inflatable Man

    Mr Wavy Inflatable Man10 days ago

    Why is the school named quagmire high? Edit: you can see this on the newspaper in the prison scene

  72. Pa Reh

    Pa Reh10 days ago


  73. Little square Face

    Little square Face10 days ago

    Your IQ is ___________ | \/

  74. loic vanham

    loic vanham9 days ago


  75. Lettuceman games

    Lettuceman games11 days ago


  76. Lettuceman games

    Lettuceman games11 days ago

    2:56 Keith is trying so hard not to laugh

  77. Gibson Christianson

    Gibson Christianson11 days ago

    *just scroll down don't mind me*

  78. Ninthusias

    Ninthusias11 days ago

    i wonder why you guys changed the names?

  79. Ninthusias

    Ninthusias11 days ago

    WOW i learned a lot about shane

  80. Fallout Dude gaming

    Fallout Dude gaming11 days ago

    I swear I have one these in my class I hate him

  81. Brayden Taylor

    Brayden Taylor11 days ago

    These videos are Soo funny! Keep it up

  82. Pumpkin_kingwolf Spririt

    Pumpkin_kingwolf Spririt11 days ago

    2:58 he was Laughing

  83. Robert Maher

    Robert Maher11 days ago

    Is this story real????

  84. Midnight Club L.A Fan

    Midnight Club L.A Fan11 days ago

    Robert Maher no -_-

  85. 1000 Subscribers with 3 videos

    1000 Subscribers with 3 videos11 days ago

    No one gonna talk about how Ian said "does anyone know where the African country jabooti is?" And Keith (the black guy) put his hand up straight away?

  86. Gavin Gavin

    Gavin Gavin12 days ago

    I love this 😄😄

  87. Katanna Girl

    Katanna Girl12 days ago

    This is hilarious it’s set up like a fucking reality show. And you can tell when Shayne ate paper he was trying not to laugh

  88. Adria Meadvin

    Adria Meadvin13 days ago

    2:32 JORDAN! 😂😂😂 idk why but that made me laugh a lot

  89. Scared Scarecrow

    Scared Scarecrow13 days ago

    I bet he got depression after that

  90. Scared Scarecrow

    Scared Scarecrow13 days ago

    This is really sad tho lol

  91. This meme is DEAD

    This meme is DEAD13 days ago

    i feel so bad for bob

  92. 0 0

    0 013 days ago

    That newspaper is contraband

  93. ItZz Sushi

    ItZz Sushi13 days ago

    Shayne was actually funny

  94. ODYZZA -fortnite

    ODYZZA -fortnite14 days ago

    Shawn is in the goldbergs

  95. Mr.savage 2019

    Mr.savage 201914 days ago

    First in one year

  96. Elizabeth Clifford

    Elizabeth Clifford14 days ago

    You should do more of these! I think there hilarious!

  97. miniNasty T.v.

    miniNasty T.v.14 days ago

    Isn't he also in the Goldbergs

  98. Justin Y

    Justin Y14 days ago

    And then suddenly she’s the king of the school Well ...... shit

  99. Toasty Studios

    Toasty Studios14 days ago

    1:00 didnt that kid go missing in canada?

  100. Games

    Games14 days ago

    WTH did I realize it was smash when the video end

  101. Rob Renielle Dela Cruz

    Rob Renielle Dela Cruz14 days ago

    I feel bad and cried

  102. Ninja

    Ninja14 days ago



    TTV DA SQUARE15 days ago

    6:53 that photoshop tho