The Lion King Official Trailer


  1. Cdr 971 Vbc

    Cdr 971 Vbc13 minutes ago

    Woow it s look like the King Lyon when I was à kid 😲😲😍😍😍

  2. Ola Ford G.

    Ola Ford G.16 minutes ago

    I can't fucking wait !!!! 🤣

  3. Wauge

    Wauge17 minutes ago

    Disney, this is a reinvention... Wow... Im going to the cinemas again. Beautiful.

  4. Guilherme Zanetti

    Guilherme Zanetti37 minutes ago

    Argh, those childhood chills..

  5. Lee Seymour

    Lee Seymour55 minutes ago

    Looks like shit.

  6. pat gorden

    pat gorden21 minute ago

    You must have seen yourself lol

  7. Zia B

    Zia B57 minutes ago

    Okay off the bat I prefer Jeremy Irons as SCAR ..... this scars voice over is meh 😏🙈 otherwise looks promising😉

  8. Sabrina Tjelle

    Sabrina Tjelle58 minutes ago

    Once again my childhood is ruined.

  9. Froxzen

    FroxzenHour ago

    Animation in 1994 - OG Animation in 2019 - Real

  10. Paea Hufanga

    Paea HufangaHour ago


  11. Alternative Universe Cuts

    Alternative Universe CutsHour ago

    "One small step in 3D animation. One giant misstep for the Disney company."

  12. Elmann khyllep

    Elmann khyllepHour ago

    those who dislike this are bunch of dumbfucks😂

  13. Melissa seychell

    Melissa seychell2 hours ago

    i just love this film

  14. Eric Harmon

    Eric Harmon2 hours ago

    What's the deal with Disney making all their old movies live action?

  15. Tahir Ahmed

    Tahir Ahmed2 hours ago

    Run away Simba and never return...WOW..what a classic voice with a new animation and story...will make rule our hearts for next 50 years...waiting for its release.Lion King....

  16. Tim Tjun Wong

    Tim Tjun Wong2 hours ago

    Sits down. Watches this trailer. Tries not to cry. Cries a lot. Watches as many 2019 Lion King videos as possible. Still not nostalgia crying. (Crying a lot!!)

  17. Tim Tjun Wong

    Tim Tjun Wong2 hours ago

    I'm not crying! You're crying!! *goes to calm down in a corner*

  18. Bharath Narasimhan

    Bharath Narasimhan2 hours ago

    Alright who else has goosebumps?

  19. Cruisin

    Cruisin2 hours ago

    wow disney very realistic expressions, very cool

  20. Kasa Rubi

    Kasa Rubi2 hours ago

    I hope I'm not cry watching this

  21. Sachin Maingade

    Sachin Maingade2 hours ago

    One of the best cartoons i had ever seen.. I love the simba stood up to take revenge against sher khan.. Simba and his co. Let simba to become king of the jungle.. Now Its been so long time now i couldn't remember properly every episodes.. But i miss those days i wish I could reverse that again.. Love u the lion king..

  22. Bhakto ka baap Bhakto ki maa ka yaar

    Bhakto ka baap Bhakto ki maa ka yaar3 hours ago

    I'm so excited

  23. Schwifty Pineapple

    Schwifty Pineapple3 hours ago

    If they don’t have the circle of life for the intro to the movie I’m gonna be pissed

  24. ardas

    ardas3 hours ago


  25. Christina Bedolla

    Christina Bedolla4 hours ago

    I remember i was like 4 or 5 and watched The Loin King on the daily basis it was my favorite movie since i was little still is. Can't wait till it comes out

  26. shehan wijetunga

    shehan wijetunga4 hours ago


  27. Alish poorf

    Alish poorf4 hours ago

    Lion king just 1994

  28. Mitch The Good Witch

    Mitch The Good Witch4 hours ago

    I like how they put from the directors of jungle book as if anyone cares

  29. brandon levarity

    brandon levarity4 hours ago

    #LEONATION ✊✊✊

  30. Perri Mitchell

    Perri Mitchell4 hours ago

    cant wait

  31. cris sanchez

    cris sanchez5 hours ago

    did they took off the word sex this is bs n brain watch don't take your kids to watch this movie

  32. C Lene97

    C Lene975 hours ago

    Amen!! I love the Lion King forever!!

  33. martien buizer

    martien buizer6 hours ago

    mooie film nu is het met echte dieren gaaf.

  34. Celest Vee

    Celest Vee6 hours ago

    Maaahhh chiiillllddddhoooooddd

  35. Namroz Khan

    Namroz Khan6 hours ago

    I lik it bro

  36. Sangita Chaubey

    Sangita Chaubey6 hours ago

    Old Lion King voices were the best.

  37. Shadow BlackJinouga

    Shadow BlackJinouga6 hours ago

    OW my Childhood, they fucked up Jungle Book now they do the same to The Lion King

  38. MusicHarmony74

    MusicHarmony746 hours ago

    I was already traumatized when Mufasa died. :(

  39. jeane hasibuan

    jeane hasibuan6 hours ago

    kocheeng orenn😁

  40. Katia Sousa

    Katia Sousa7 hours ago

    Maravigold Brazillll

  41. LuminescentReign

    LuminescentReign7 hours ago

    Okay but WHY isn't Jeremy Irons voicing Scar?!

  42. ketan mhatre

    ketan mhatre7 hours ago

    Legend is weting for simbha entry Ultra legend weting for temon and pumba a coolnabatata😂 yes this is my pronouncetio of my childhood 😂

  43. frisianmouve

    frisianmouve7 hours ago

    So it's an exact retelling of the original, that's not very original

  44. Сафина Исмагамбетова

    Сафина Исмагамбетова8 hours ago


  45. Shah Rom

    Shah Rom8 hours ago

    I want to watch this at cinemas on Friday 19.7 .2019 because that day is my birthday

  46. Goobert Froobert

    Goobert Froobert8 hours ago

    Timon should have been voiced by Jon Tron.

  47. jaisonline

    jaisonline8 hours ago

    Wow..The BGM kills😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍🦁🦁🦁

  48. irum habib

    irum habib8 hours ago

    finally lion is not a villain now😁

  49. Rpg Gamer

    Rpg Gamer8 hours ago

    Aaand another copy and paste film that sheep audience will throw money at because LIVE ACTION of same mooovvviiieeee.

  50. sreerag Nair

    sreerag Nair9 hours ago

    കടുവയോളികൾക്ക് ഇതൊക്കെ സ്വപനം മാത്രം സിംഹം ഫാൻസ്‌ റിപ്പോർട്ടിങ് 💪💪💪💪

  51. SMO_x_KING9

    SMO_x_KING99 hours ago

    well i saw lion king in 3d at theatre and now this...let's see😎