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The Internet - Come Over (Official Video)


  1. Mekel D

    Mekel DHour ago

    Steve and his white boys

  2. Keegan Poggenpoel

    Keegan PoggenpoelDay ago

    300k? Now that’s a joke

  3. Oloo Abel

    Oloo Abel3 days ago


  4. Paintmelae

    Paintmelae3 days ago

    steve gay?

  5. Christina Her

    Christina Her4 days ago

    Such a cute song😍

  6. fobio klaustro

    fobio klaustro4 days ago

    that sucks....

  7. emoniq13

    emoniq134 days ago


  8. Wesley Leigh

    Wesley Leigh4 days ago

    great song but that snare honestly sounds like what haemorrhoids feels like

  9. R. ES

    R. ES5 days ago

    Giving me idea for my new home

  10. Nathan Salinas

    Nathan Salinas5 days ago

    At 2:44 what’s that rainbow circle thing on the wall called??

  11. Wendell Ingram

    Wendell Ingram6 days ago

    Didn’t even know that Steve lacy was in this band

  12. PhoneyMikey

    PhoneyMikey4 days ago


  13. Psy Avi

    Psy Avi6 days ago

    Steve solo though😍🤤

  14. Snipes Movie

    Snipes Movie6 days ago

    Probably the best song ever

  15. Brianna Cruz

    Brianna Cruz6 days ago

    I'm diggin the fact that they are wearing chakra colors. I think that's pretty dope.

  16. babi pan

    babi pan6 days ago

    Wow, I had not noticed, how cool.

  17. Audrey Hendershot

    Audrey Hendershot6 days ago

    This makes me want a gf

  18. Gypsy Bosarge

    Gypsy BosargeDay ago

    ikr lol

  19. Rasheeda Exx

    Rasheeda Exx7 days ago

    Just realized “Steve” is STEVE LACY WTFFFFF 💙😩

  20. Tubb of Lardd

    Tubb of Lardd7 days ago

    3:25 Had me WEEAAKKKK

  21. Honeydip4life

    Honeydip4life7 days ago

    Syd, my 1st girl crush, and i haue to hear this song at least twice a day :-)

  22. Trinity Oneal

    Trinity Oneal7 days ago

    Syd is just fine as fuck for no reason like why

  23. Chloe Nicole

    Chloe Nicole9 days ago

    Idk who they are or where they came from but I love this

  24. Taneisha Kersey

    Taneisha Kersey10 days ago

    This video is so cute! I'm just now seeing this.. Steve be making love to my ears with that guitar.. Never gets old. I love their vibe

  25. johnwin

    johnwin11 days ago

    syd is just so finee

  26. Slump.stokeley

    Slump.stokeley11 days ago

    Steve’s shirt>>>>

  27. hippiecheezburger

    hippiecheezburger11 days ago

    I love modern soul music

  28. Shara Adams

    Shara Adams12 days ago

    This song is so sexy

  29. Prison Breakx

    Prison Breakx14 days ago

    I love this

  30. markmarvelous1980

    markmarvelous198014 days ago

    On the real, little dude Steve is nice with his craft, but i cant listen to his music the same, after that interview confessing he's Bi-sexual.After seeing this vid Im like ,go head lil dude-do yo thing, but damn.....

  31. aiko

    aiko15 days ago

    i have a crush on syd AND steve 🙈

  32. bruh

    bruh15 days ago

    the solo hurted

  33. fluid unstabile

    fluid unstabile15 days ago

    yo this is a wholesome video damn, everyone lookin so sweet and beautiful

  34. ASH LOEY

    ASH LOEY16 days ago

    *why i just found this band? WHY ?* masterpiece, and her voice is 😭❤✨

  35. Jon Robinson

    Jon Robinson9 days ago

    Welcome my child..

  36. Breanna V

    Breanna V16 days ago

    2:54 read the poster ;) if you know you know

  37. babi pan

    babi pan12 days ago


  38. shadowj 11

    shadowj 1117 days ago

    Piercing ass solos fucking up the whole vibe😂😂😂😂

  39. n.a.v gang

    n.a.v gang17 days ago

    I'm just going to take some time out to appreciate the band!

  40. Joy Mechell

    Joy Mechell17 days ago

    Syd 😩😍 marry me sis

  41. King Sharif

    King Sharif17 days ago

    Lowkey I thought it was Bruno for like 3 min

  42. La'Vonya Special M.

    La'Vonya Special M.18 days ago


  43. The happy hood hippie

    The happy hood hippie18 days ago

    Lol I’m Qulisha

  44. Ken Jefe

    Ken Jefe18 days ago

    Came for Syd and left without my girlfriend

  45. Seetiyan

    Seetiyan18 days ago

    Lol at "piercing-ass solos."

  46. James Williams

    James Williams19 days ago

    Video is straight garbage

  47. zanies

    zanies19 days ago

    steve so fucking fine fuck

  48. DerpyWeavilePlays

    DerpyWeavilePlays20 days ago

    These bitches want diamond rings...

  49. cece !

    cece !20 days ago

    syd in that crop top omg

  50. Junko Okada

    Junko Okada21 day ago

    Ok but where can i get steves shirt

  51. Jay Smith

    Jay Smith21 day ago

    fucking love Syd

  52. Mariama Diallo

    Mariama Diallo21 day ago

    Anybody else recognise the girl from the Orange room as the actress in Riverdale??

  53. NadiaCadavic99

    NadiaCadavic9921 day ago


  54. Sydney Love

    Sydney Love22 days ago

    1:35 the dog is out of it

  55. krishan

    krishan23 days ago

    4:08 rip mac miller

  56. M C

    M C23 days ago

    Is that Jeffrey Wahlberg?

  57. Joaquin Linares

    Joaquin Linares24 days ago

    Lgbtv vid😨

  58. arushofinsanity

    arushofinsanity25 days ago

    These soft gay babes omg 😭😭🤘

  59. hope

    hope26 days ago

    holy shit i'm so bi

  60. Chadajah Robinson

    Chadajah Robinson26 days ago

    I love her voice...

  61. LaPrima Donna

    LaPrima Donna27 days ago

    Black or White moment @ 4:58 :) MJ! LURVES IT!!!

  62. Ahmad Ghazi Lutfi

    Ahmad Ghazi Lutfi27 days ago

    That bass tho


    -MINYOONGAHOLLY-27 days ago

    syd tha kyd fuckin outfit tho- like everything about them is a vibe.

  64. Jalen Seravat

    Jalen Seravat27 days ago

    I covered the guitar solo in this song! Y’all should go see it on my channel

  65. Brittany Green

    Brittany Green27 days ago


  66. Sabvina Cruz

    Sabvina Cruz28 days ago

    If The Internet really did live together. Looks like it’d be a fun place to crash.

  67. stylishjoy

    stylishjoy29 days ago

    The energy Syd gives off... it makes me melttttt. She’s so fine.

  68. Anande

    Anande29 days ago

    He really just disrespected Steve’s life


    LORD GOSPEL29 days ago

    Idc I miss Odd Future man

  70. CrazyCupCake991

    CrazyCupCake99129 days ago

    How am I attracted to all of them

  71. Jasleen Gosal

    Jasleen Gosal29 days ago

    just damn, 11/10.

  72. Amiya Wit Da Timbs

    Amiya Wit Da TimbsMonth ago

    Don’t talk to Steve like dat fam

  73. janay amber

    janay amberMonth ago

    why does steve’s boo look so bored lol

  74. Mayra Briseno

    Mayra BrisenoMonth ago

    this is such a great video wow

  75. Asa Shezi

    Asa SheziMonth ago


  76. Randria Del

    Randria DelMonth ago

    Steve is one of those low key silent cutie killers.....He flies low under the radar with his attractiveness.....until one day...the whole world notices...😲😲😲😲

  77. Roni Anderson

    Roni AndersonMonth ago

    Fucking up the whole vibrationnnnn

  78. Tania Walker

    Tania WalkerMonth ago

    I love "The Internet!" The beauty, the music! LOVELY!!

  79. A Guitar

    A GuitarMonth ago

    Ahh the good ol’ summer of 2018

  80. Tony Fetuccini

    Tony FetucciniMonth ago

    Lmfaoooo that guitar joke 😂



    peep quinta at 1:11

  82. Shakirah Fofana

    Shakirah FofanaMonth ago

    Come to South Africa joburg please have a concert here please

  83. BROTERS707

    BROTERS707Month ago

    0:52 whats the name of the queen

  84. 7Samplez

    7SamplezMonth ago

    Does anyone know what kind of jeans syd had on in the garage the wide ones

  85. oscar p

    oscar pMonth ago


  86. Barb Jacobs

    Barb JacobsMonth ago

    "...fucking up the whole vibrations" 😁 not at all... THAT SOLO WAS SOME VIBRATIONS! 👌😍

  87. jayvilleda

    jayvilledaMonth ago

    piercing ass solo and shit, fucking up the whole vibrations XD XD keep playing that...

  88. lubieber drew

    lubieber drewMonth ago


  89. Deirdre Jackson

    Deirdre JacksonMonth ago

    Here in 2019. Love The Internet!

  90. Evnoiia

    EvnoiiaMonth ago

    Steve lookin fine as hell

  91. Sebastian Ronquillo

    Sebastian RonquilloMonth ago

    does anyone what type of shoes syd was wearing at 0:40?

  92. spoilyagirl2

    spoilyagirl2Month ago

    I'm not gay, but syd could hit!!!😍😍😍😋

  93. Maria Robins

    Maria RobinsMonth ago

    Hey it's Melody c:

  94. Barak Brako Frempong

    Barak Brako FrempongMonth ago

    4:39 me at a friends house, even though they didn't invite me

  95. Santino -

    Santino -Month ago

    The Internet, they make such GREAT MUSIC!!!!!!

  96. agi_ln kht

    agi_ln khtMonth ago

    Syd 💗💗💗

  97. cookie nut

    cookie nutMonth ago

    y’all know where steve shirt is from??

  98. Slinking Bloom

    Slinking BloomMonth ago

    This song makes me think about the relationship I don't have

  99. Jackson Brito

    Jackson BritoMonth ago

    Man, this song brings me back to the golden age of R&B of the 1990s and 2000s. I wish there were more artists producing song like this today.

  100. fabrii meaurio

    fabrii meaurioMonth ago

    meanwhile here i am, single af

  101. laloy demurphy

    laloy demurphyMonth ago


  102. Ig: Kraxy.caleb

    Ig: Kraxy.calebMonth ago

    This music video is excellent

  103. The Vandal

    The VandalMonth ago

    LOL, I keep replaying Steve gettin' cussed out. Dying...

  104. Raven Allen

    Raven Allen21 day ago

    The Vandal that shit is funny asf!!!!

  105. Little Sunshine

    Little SunshineMonth ago


  106. Why 2 you

    Why 2 youMonth ago

    3:01 3:27