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The Internet - Come Over (Official Video)


  1. kiid skylark

    kiid skylark2 hours ago

    Someone bless me with the purple girl @

  2. Adrian HURTADO

    Adrian HURTADO3 hours ago


  3. Jay Andrews

    Jay Andrews3 hours ago

    3:40 I'm gunna hit these buttons, they look nice

  4. WEB Collections

    WEB Collections5 hours ago

    Yesss!! The Internet Rulez !! see my chanel, it's all about the web !!

  5. Nadia Divine

    Nadia Divine5 hours ago

    lmao poor steve

  6. hwoarangs

    hwoarangs7 hours ago

    Great vibrationssss

  7. Winfred Forrest

    Winfred Forrest7 hours ago


  8. imani wilson

    imani wilson7 hours ago

    Does anyone else see the UTERUS/ female reproductive system picture on the wall in Steve's room.

  9. Liberamente

    Liberamente8 hours ago

    Release the album 4 weeks early please

  10. zack nonya

    zack nonya8 hours ago

    what a dike

  11. saucyk

    saucyk9 hours ago

    love love loveeee them.

  12. Hibo Ebrahim

    Hibo Ebrahim9 hours ago

    Hello Steve

  13. kimberly washington

    kimberly washington9 hours ago

    Yep, pretty sure I still like women..

  14. iuliaca

    iuliaca9 hours ago

    This totally reminded me of The boy is mine video. Nice!

  15. Rich JR

    Rich JR10 hours ago

    I wish Syd was on top of me, what is she going to do with the other butch scissor?

  16. Lilian Childs

    Lilian Childs10 hours ago


  17. Saliah Dior

    Saliah Dior10 hours ago

    This song puts me in such a vibe omg ❤️✨👍🏾😍

  18. Virginia Njeri

    Virginia Njeri11 hours ago

    Happy feels 1:53 @ the keyboard

  19. rhea

    rhea11 hours ago

    why is syd so damn fine what the fuck

  20. Lil Nini

    Lil Nini11 hours ago


  21. Poliana Peres

    Poliana Peres11 hours ago

    HOJE variassss vezes axo q umas 350, boazinnha essa musca ! em casa dia todo estudando .. 21.06.18 _________________________________________ 22:27 hs . q sacoela o dragão .. vamo lá!

  22. Malena Cardenas

    Malena Cardenas12 hours ago

    is that quinta from buzzfeed

  23. Mairead D

    Mairead D12 hours ago

    Steve has painted nails😍

  24. Envyy M

    Envyy M13 hours ago

    Who's the girl in the orange clothes??? She look hella familiar

  25. Thereandbackagain

    Thereandbackagain7 hours ago

    Envyy M She played Valerie from the Pussycats in Riverdale.

  26. Capricorn Pisces

    Capricorn Pisces14 hours ago

    Quinta is cute

  27. Erica Jasmine

    Erica Jasmine15 hours ago

    I have a crush on everyone in this video.

  28. Gupie_101

    Gupie_10115 hours ago

    This is one of them songs we can say our children dont know nun about 😂😂

  29. franky rivera

    franky rivera15 hours ago

    Song was perfect until it got interrupted for no reason lol Not sure why music videos want to do that. Literally makes it so its not the video I save since I want to jam to the song with no interruption.

  30. Not Good

    Not Good16 hours ago

    I am glad someone recommended this band to me.

  31. Sadie Larios

    Sadie Larios16 hours ago

    whose the girl in the purple in the purple room?

  32. Lari costa

    Lari costa16 hours ago


  33. Henny andTea

    Henny andTea16 hours ago

    The internet makes me miss Cali vibes so bad

  34. Yoko Tamada

    Yoko Tamada18 hours ago

    I love Syd

  35. Gee Dee

    Gee Dee19 hours ago

    This entire video 💕😍

  36. Jennie Pandian

    Jennie Pandian20 hours ago

    I spy with my lil eye, Quintaaaa

  37. Big Curls Popping

    Big Curls Popping20 hours ago

    Quintas nosey ass lollllll

  38. QueenFuckin Bee

    QueenFuckin Bee20 hours ago

    "Pick that 🎸 STEVE"!!!🔥🔥🔥

  39. B Gill

    B Gill21 hour ago

    I’ve just discovered the internet music 2 months ago. I’ve been buying everything internet since then. I hope they get more exposure I love their music... Love this song can’t wait to purchase new music.

  40. Le Afrique

    Le Afrique21 hour ago

    Okay, come thru Syd! Issa vybe! 🔥🔥🔥

  41. Dani Jr

    Dani Jr22 hours ago

    Isn’t the girl in orange pants when they were all on the couch at the end from riverdale?

  42. Dsplita

    Dsplita22 hours ago

    Digging the vibe let's collaborate Real Music for Real People

  43. Nozipho Moyo

    Nozipho Moyo22 hours ago

    i get say my name vibes from this i loooveeee

  44. Julianna Jacoby

    Julianna Jacoby23 hours ago

    shut up my girls tryna meditate !! XD cute

  45. John Smith

    John SmithDay ago

    "Garçon turn that shit down"

  46. M jack

    M jackDay ago


  47. Tuaha Badar

    Tuaha BadarDay ago

    4:02 - Solange from video (dont touch my hair). I thought she made a cameo, but not the case. Sigh

  48. London Posso

    London PossoDay ago

    The Vibe this morning on the way to work!💞😍💯🌻🌻🌻

  49. Dragonosis

    DragonosisDay ago

    that dog does not give a single shit 1:35

  50. Red Raven

    Red RavenDay ago

    Syd is so beautiful

  51. Sour Lemon

    Sour LemonDay ago

    Isn’t one of the girls from river dale I can’t for the life of me remember her name

  52. Chloe

    ChloeDay ago

    *tHe ViBrAtIoNs*

  53. Kerisha Boston

    Kerisha BostonDay ago

    Everyone's texting their significant other and towards the end each member has one in their room. Steve has a guy with him and I'm not bothered but it's actually cute. I like how open he is

  54. McGenge

    McGengeDay ago

    how can anyone downvote this?

  55. Jerry Webber

    Jerry WebberDay ago

    Love this jam, the lead singer is quite handsome as are the other eclectic mixtures in this video. So smooth.

  56. Shan Rahman

    Shan RahmanDay ago

    "Fuckin' up the whole vibrations!" LMAO

  57. Jules Christine

    Jules ChristineDay ago

    Peep Quinta from Buzzfeed tho 😭😍😍

  58. Tuffest Gong

    Tuffest GongDay ago

    3:07 Steve Lacy with the piercing ass solos, that shit was butter!

  59. Jose Miguel Macias Vocar

    Jose Miguel Macias VocarDay ago

    though i love Earl & Tyler, The Internet is the greatest thing that came out of OFWGKTA

  60. mtekonsa

    mtekonsaDay ago

    Steve messing up Chloesha’s vibrations 😂

  61. Star Catcher

    Star CatcherDay ago

    Quinta !!!!!!!


    KWEEN MULAADay ago

    Syd made me feel some type of way 🤤

  63. Dany Dan

    Dany DanDay ago

    In love...

  64. cristina vaz

    cristina vazDay ago


  65. Autumn Hill

    Autumn HillDay ago

    Skrrrrr was that the girl from riverdale?

  66. Victoria J. Holton

    Victoria J. HoltonDay ago

    yes. 😂

  67. Eduardo Giles

    Eduardo GilesDay ago

    I like this

  68. Awesome_Nerd42

    Awesome_Nerd42Day ago

    Ion know who these people are or what they about but this video showed up in my recommended and im glad I watched it.

  69. Awesome_Nerd42

    Awesome_Nerd42Day ago

    I sure will! I love the vibe they give off, so calming.

  70. Victoria J. Holton

    Victoria J. HoltonDay ago

    listen to the rest of their music, love! you won't regret it. trust! 💯

  71. H Fish

    H FishDay ago

    Really never heard of her...I like the groove on this!

  72. dirty rat

    dirty ratDay ago

    everything about this is fuckin perfect

  73. Lucas Diego Magno

    Lucas Diego MagnoDay ago

    Can someone tell me who the boy is with Steve

  74. Robin Jones

    Robin JonesDay ago

    The aesthetic 😍♥️

  75. Jadine Sanchez

    Jadine SanchezDay ago

    The girl from river dale Josie and the pussy cats !! 😂‼️

  76. celeste mayalena

    celeste mayalenaDay ago


  77. GalaxyisallIsee

    GalaxyisallIseeDay ago

    steve lacy is a bi icon

  78. Awesome_36

    Awesome_36Day ago

    I could see this break the internet

  79. JRock TheCoolest

    JRock TheCoolestDay ago

    Love this! Feels like real LOVE!!!

  80. kate

    kateDay ago


  81. Socrates The Philosopher

    Socrates The PhilosopherDay ago

    This is life

  82. Harry 254

    Harry 254Day ago

    albums gonna be liiiit

  83. Jocelyn Johnson

    Jocelyn JohnsonDay ago

    I loved every second of it!

  84. Raimy Koeiman

    Raimy KoeimanDay ago

    2:20 reminds me of an say my name videoclip from destiny's child

  85. Aroy Productions

    Aroy ProductionsDay ago

    aye thats the girl from riverdale lol

  86. Aroy Productions

    Aroy ProductionsDay ago


  87. Ima Inyang

    Ima InyangDay ago

    Quinta with her nosy self

  88. Audio Dream City

    Audio Dream CityDay ago

    Been needing this for a grip

  89. Ginki21 Weiss

    Ginki21 WeissDay ago

    From the first song i loved this band sooo

  90. Cosmicpanda08

    Cosmicpanda08Day ago

    I feel like one of the members are missing 🤔

  91. Victoria J. Holton

    Victoria J. HoltonDay ago

    you're prolly talkin' 'bout kintaro.

  92. Malachi Douglas

    Malachi DouglasDay ago

    The girl with the orange guy looks familiar

  93. Malachi Douglas

    Malachi DouglasDay ago

    3:34 your welcome

  94. Taylor

    Taylor18 hours ago

    Haven’t seen you comment on a video in awhile.

  95. 1UPMuzic

    1UPMuzicDay ago

    "Fuckin up the vibrations" lol instant like

  96. Joselyn V

    Joselyn VDay ago

    I needed this song in my life

  97. KIRKA

    KIRKADay ago


  98. Young Gumball

    Young GumballDay ago

    My boy wearing Tyler’s shoes 2:24

  99. arrion palm

    arrion palm2 days ago

    this makes me wanna create a band

  100. Donald Padilla

    Donald Padilla2 days ago


  101. 4Play

    4Play2 days ago

    Steve lacy really a homo? Smh.

  102. Άννα Χ.

    Άννα Χ.2 days ago

    Welcome to bisexuality

  103. Cortney T.

    Cortney T.2 days ago

    Nice....looks like she’s transitioning

  104. Tayyib Shah

    Tayyib Shah2 days ago


  105. eliise beats

    eliise beats2 days ago

    But why is this video so cute? I literally can’t even

  106. Tamara Adeg

    Tamara Adeg2 days ago

    3:42 LIZZIE!!!