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The Internet - Come Over (Official Video)


  1. Cheyanne Atwood

    Cheyanne AtwoodDay ago

    Was that... Quinta?

  2. Trésor Destiny604180798jjj

    Trésor Destiny604180798jjjDay ago

    The signe has be given long time ago☺But you did not meet the shwo coming around...😉

  3. Hakuna MaPasta

    Hakuna MaPastaDay ago

    fuckin up da whole vibrations

  4. Derek Stones

    Derek StonesDay ago

    Thank God for this song

  5. Corina Hill

    Corina HillDay ago

    "Fucking up the whole vibration and shit!" Hilarious!! 😂😂😂

  6. Lu Ash

    Lu Ash2 days ago

    The frustration when I have to keep coming back to re-like this video 😠😠😠

  7. Alexis Joyner

    Alexis Joyner2 days ago

    That piercing ass solo 😂😂

  8. Jeremy Malcom

    Jeremy Malcom2 days ago

    why isn't this promoted????? This is actually amazing

  9. Abyan Dary

    Abyan Dary2 days ago

    go check it

  10. Deanna M.B.

    Deanna M.B.3 days ago

    I think Syd is handsome....hihi.... ;);)

  11. Michelle Provencher

    Michelle Provencher3 days ago


  12. Michelle Provencher

    Michelle Provencher3 days ago

    I can relate to Quinta in this video

  13. brandi a

    brandi a4 days ago

    3:26 tho! Turn that stupid ass shit down! You see Kolisha upstairs tryna goddamn meditate. You playing these piercing ass solos and shit! Fucking up the whole vibrations! *silence* 😂😂😂

  14. Willow Walker

    Willow Walker4 days ago

    Lmao 3:26

  15. Shaheera James

    Shaheera James4 days ago

    My nigga was that QUINTA?!?

  16. Sofi Gomez

    Sofi Gomez4 days ago

    Danny, if u reading this, i luv u sm

  17. Our Mother's Way

    Our Mother's Way5 days ago

    omg when he opened the door i nearly died lmaoooo

  18. monica johnson

    monica johnson5 days ago

    Love the video, my stomach hurts!! Awesome ass video!!

  19. Diamond Hill

    Diamond Hill5 days ago

    4:40 she's cute😍

  20. Caleb Jones

    Caleb Jones6 days ago

    goooddd asssss vibesssss

  21. II Killmonger II

    II Killmonger II6 days ago

    Can we take a moment to appreciate the black queens in this video tho

  22. Aristhetic

    Aristhetic6 days ago

    *THANK YOU.*

  23. Flora Nogales

    Flora Nogales6 days ago

    i'm straight as hell but that crop top had me questioning my sexual orientation.

  24. hope dean

    hope dean6 days ago

    I want Syd's jeans WHERE DO I GET THEM

  25. ElTioRic

    ElTioRic7 days ago

    My thing is I want a whole movie based around this premise, al la Boyz in the Hood, I’d love to see Sid in this primary role n a film genre that doesn’t have a huge LGBT fan base.

  26. Susie thee Blacc Unicorn

    Susie thee Blacc Unicorn7 days ago

    Syddddd so finee

  27. Cartier Aikens

    Cartier Aikens8 days ago

    why did i think all the light skin jawns was the same person? lol

  28. anne chidebemoba

    anne chidebemoba8 days ago

    butch vibes anyone

  29. Jermal The Black Dog

    Jermal The Black Dog9 days ago

    I can feel the Aaliyah vibe in this

  30. valen miller

    valen miller9 days ago

    Check this remix tho

  31. JinjiPeach

    JinjiPeach9 days ago

    I want Steve so bad

  32. gabi lavender

    gabi lavender9 days ago

    Every body in this video is so damn fine. And I already have a daughter.. but my ovaries.. now I want like 5 more. Lordy.

  33. zeb g

    zeb g10 days ago

    That crop top though

  34. Christina Cahill

    Christina Cahill11 days ago

    all my love to this band

  35. Donice Chappell

    Donice Chappell11 days ago

    guy on the guitar.. is hot lol

  36. Erica Shepard

    Erica Shepard11 days ago

    Is that jayden smith

  37. Thamsanqa Biyela

    Thamsanqa Biyela11 days ago

    Steve gay?

  38. Vegan Hea

    Vegan Hea12 days ago


  39. jonaroxmass 20

    jonaroxmass 2012 days ago

    Ayyyye that girl on the stairs use to go to my highschool. That’s so jiggy

  40. 3KAYOWA

    3KAYOWA13 days ago


  41. Saturday Onafa

    Saturday Onafa13 days ago

    3:26 Garcon turn that stupid ass shit down You see Chloeisha up there trying to goddamn meditate you playing these piercing ass solos and shit fuckin up the whole vibrations Dead! lol


    FLoAtiN PRINCESS13 days ago

    syd makes me wanna question my gender

  43. Isabella Ramirez

    Isabella Ramirez13 days ago

    Wait so is she gay or not?!.. It's a girl singing isn't it?! Is she singing to the curly hair girl.?! I'm confused.. Who is this singer?! Is she gay or its a gay song?! So many questions lol

  44. Isabella Ramirez

    Isabella Ramirez2 days ago

    +Ticking Clocks oh okay never heard of her. Nice!! Thanks

  45. Ticking Clocks

    Ticking Clocks12 days ago

    The lead singer is a lesbian, her name's Syd, and yeah she's singing to the girl. The lyrics are gender neutral tho.

  46. Marvin Noonan

    Marvin Noonan14 days ago

    Love the song and video. Rock on...

  47. Fany_Popany

    Fany_Popany15 days ago

    We just don't deserve this song but... ok

  48. Bi Amore

    Bi Amore15 days ago

    A LARGE?!?!?!

  49. Jenny Valadez

    Jenny Valadez15 days ago

    Steve lacy man🙈💓💞💗👊🏼

  50. Kendra B.

    Kendra B.15 days ago

    Play yo shit Steve!! 😘😘😍😍

  51. Tyeler Brown

    Tyeler Brown15 days ago


  52. Pink Haired Chick

    Pink Haired Chick15 days ago

    "You're playing these piercing ass solos and shit, fucking up the whole vibrations" I'm dead

  53. Khaiah Mann

    Khaiah Mann15 days ago

    "Fucking up the whole vibration!" Lol

  54. louise belcher

    louise belcher15 days ago


  55. ZA S

    ZA S16 days ago

    2:47 박완규

  56. gabriela alonso

    gabriela alonso16 days ago

    Fat Albert vibes idkk

  57. Angel Johnson

    Angel Johnson16 days ago

    Anyone the colorful things are on Matt's wall is called?

  58. Holdup Artist

    Holdup Artist16 days ago

    Steve Lacy: next big producer, the dude is such an inspiration

  59. Funky Panther

    Funky Panther17 days ago

    Song track is tight had no idea this was on some gay stuff

  60. Jose Miguel Macias Vocar

    Jose Miguel Macias Vocar18 days ago

    Steve the next Eddie Hazel

  61. Alison Preston

    Alison Preston18 days ago

    Steve's Mac Miller Poster 2:55

  62. Cicely925

    Cicely92518 days ago


  63. Chriztopfer Pearson

    Chriztopfer Pearson18 days ago

    The girl syd is gettin with is HOTT!!!!!

  64. Devin Tucker

    Devin Tucker19 days ago

    Why doesn't Chloeisha just soundproof her room, so Steve's solo don't fuck up her vibrations?

  65. Funkroza

    Funkroza21 day ago

    "piercing-ass solos", fucking love that

  66. PollyRae

    PollyRae21 day ago


  67. falling in pieces

    falling in pieces23 days ago


  68. Regina Plzkillme

    Regina Plzkillme24 days ago

    This is my lesbian anthem

  69. Jennifer Ramirez castaneda

    Jennifer Ramirez castaneda26 days ago

    Id love to have sex to this song

  70. Saje Hocker

    Saje Hocker26 days ago

    You vibin next thing you know he open the door and ruin it

  71. Vanessa Blakney

    Vanessa Blakney26 days ago

    Lyrics ⬇️⬇️ Know you wrong But ‘sho you right Home alone For the night I can turn you on With my dirty mind Say I won’t Worth a try Puppy love Butterflies Made you blush You made me smile What you want Baby you decide Why we grown Wasting time You’re beautiful babe You’re really something Stylin’ I gotta say T-shirt, designer jeans You got me open Filled with emotion Living in ecstacy Just want you next to me I’ll bring the champagne Don’t turn me down babe We can play Simon Says Or watch TV in bed Wake with the sunrise Sleep in it’s alright Ain’t even gotta sex Mmm but, I know what you like Baby Can I come over, come over? You’re wasting your time Baby If you just let me come over babe If you just let me come over babe Know you wrong But ‘sho you right Home alone For the night I can turn you on With my dirty mind Say I won’t Worth a try Puppy love Butterflies Made you blush You made me smile What you want Baby you decide Why we grown Wasting time (Steve) If you just let me come over babe If you just let me come over babe

  72. Sartre Camus

    Sartre Camus26 days ago

    2:26 Damn Syd 😏

  73. * meeseeks

    * meeseeks27 days ago

    The second half of this song is amazing

  74. kai d.

    kai d.27 days ago

    this music video is so beautiful, my gosh. from the color scheme to the cameos made. i love it :((

  75. Zendaya C.

    Zendaya C.27 days ago

    Is that QUINTAAAA

  76. Ginger Blossom

    Ginger Blossom27 days ago


  77. Supashya Roy Chowdhury

    Supashya Roy Chowdhury27 days ago

    So,this how internet looks like.

  78. laya Storm

    laya Storm27 days ago

    Fav band

  79. laya Storm

    laya Storm27 days ago


  80. Kyle J

    Kyle J28 days ago

    So we just ignoring the fact Quinta was walk a dawg

  81. BTS trash Bin

    BTS trash Bin28 days ago

    Damn what a good song. I stan..😷👌🏻

  82. 3000 Wattz

    3000 Wattz28 days ago

    Who is this wonderful thing or band Ive come across

  83. Cal Barrand

    Cal Barrand28 days ago

    Is that Frank? 0:10

  84. Cristina Mercedes

    Cristina Mercedes28 days ago

    Every song they make is amazing

  85. Rodney Hill

    Rodney Hill28 days ago

    That’s the girl from Altered Carbon

  86. goner

    goner28 days ago

    I don’t know why I just listened to but I’m loving it.

  87. Jean Lucas

    Jean Lucas28 days ago

    Alguém mais percebeu a referência do video de"Say my name" das Destinys Child? Quartos com casais, roupas e cores combinando.

  88. Kadijah Kamara

    Kadijah Kamara28 days ago

    Yassss Valerie from Riverdale❤️

  89. justin styles

    justin styles28 days ago

    Who else is so excited for afropunk South Africa 😭😍🔥

  90. Cynthia

    Cynthia28 days ago

    My new fave!!!! Steve sexy asf

  91. MADS YT

    MADS YT28 days ago

    Oml i really missed out

  92. zack phipps

    zack phipps28 days ago

    THIS IS A BOP❤️🔥

  93. valeriaxcx

    valeriaxcx28 days ago

    Steve is gay? Or bi?

  94. babyy fack

    babyy fack29 days ago

    steve is so cute 💘

  95. Brionna Tolbert

    Brionna Tolbert29 days ago

    Syd is so fine 😍

  96. Atasha Bias

    Atasha Bias29 days ago

    Wish I could double like this vid just cause of Steve’s groovy smile shirt

  97. Cameron Fisher

    Cameron Fisher29 days ago

    Is the person a guy or a girl just asking coz first time listening to this

  98. Ticking Clocks

    Ticking Clocks12 days ago


  99. Haley Beard

    Haley Beard29 days ago

    I relate to Matt Martians in this video on every level possible.

  100. Norsyaza Edmiza

    Norsyaza Edmiza29 days ago

    Can i be the girl

  101. Lord OfTheUsername

    Lord OfTheUsernameMonth ago

    Steve fit af

  102. nadya jauregui

    nadya jaureguiMonth ago

    Tf is that Quinta from buzzfeed

  103. Kennedy Guinn

    Kennedy GuinnMonth ago

    Why does he have Justin Bieber's face? (the guy with Steve)