The Infinadeck Omnidirectional Treadmill - Smarter Every Day 192 (VR Series)


  1. lgaming live

    lgaming live2 hours ago

    5:32 what is that cat doing

  2. FunMajorVids

    FunMajorVids2 hours ago

    We have those feeling pads now we have the treadmill guys were getting close to ready player one

  3. Safir

    Safir7 hours ago

    If we can connect a cable to our brains, can we make this completely brain processed?

  4. pointlesseternity

    pointlesseternity7 hours ago

    Headset needs wireless, independent batter in the backpack form. Then a hamster ball will do.

  5. Fightfire76767

    Fightfire767679 hours ago

    the future

  6. Denracer

    Denracer10 hours ago

    Vrchat is getting interesting

  7. Telum Atramenti

    Telum Atramenti11 hours ago

    Do you have intent? That's a big question you know... ))) First you would have to answer who is this "you", then what is "intent", really? And only then you would have to reason whether or not this "you" entity is real or illusory and can or cannot possess something like an intent. Your brain hasn't evolved to deal with all 3 answers at the same time, it has trouble with even just answering the first question to which many a philosopher modern and ancient will attest. For example, one could answer it with something like this: "personhood is a way in which the human brain tricks itself into believing that it has some single centre that controls everything, and, that this centre has absolute, objective continuity, separate from even the brain and body, some kind of ultimate "puppet master" if you will, an illusion perpetuated by the networking effort between different colonies of neurons. However, if this is one's best shot at a scientifically literate guess, then intent looks either like progressive continuation of the same self-reinforced "you illusion", or, as something which occurs at a much more basic level, one not always directly amenable or even detectable by the conscious mind, - part of the brain which typically has the job of creating a language-based abstraction, as well as rationalizing and justifying actions after they have already "occurred" to one. Maybe better way to tackle it would probably be to say that "we have the experience of having an intent" which we can corroborate, whether or not "we" actually "have" an "intent". In any case, I thought those of you who wanted to do some novel reading on the subject, somewhat challenging but endlessly fascinating, - try Daniel Dennett's "Consciousness Explained" (Pay close attention to the chapter with "Shakey" robot).

  8. gogogabe9000

    gogogabe900013 hours ago

    The fun part is trying to make this affordable. Even if it never gets to the point of home use, even if you say, went to a VR arcade or something similar, this is still going to put a very large dent in the budget of any company wanting to put one of these in their businesses. Not to mention, the creators of this treadmill are going to have to simplify it, so that it would be easy enough for it to be be produced in factories. It is going to be an uphill battle to convince manufacturers that the cost of equipment and materials to produce these treadmills is going to make enough money to produce in the first place. And we haven’t even talked about how the software needed to make it work is going to be implemented. This looks like a majority of the treadmill is the software and processors that make it work.

  9. I Whisper

    I Whisper15 hours ago

    Y’all being like woah this is cool when I’m like what happened to the cat at 5:28

  10. Jake Price

    Jake Price17 hours ago

    5:32 look at dat cat

  11. Grey Hamilton

    Grey Hamilton18 hours ago

    5:33 the cat tryna steal

  12. SourNipples Jr.

    SourNipples Jr.19 hours ago

    If this guy make a great finished product for sale he could be millionaire

  13. D. M.

    D. M.21 hour ago

    Anybody else feel nauseated watching this?

  14. Michael Miller

    Michael MillerDay ago

    5:32 the cat in the background lol

  15. Nate Harcus

    Nate HarcusDay ago

    5:30 who else was just watching the cat

  16. Oh No No

    Oh No NoDay ago

    3:40 *OkAY ThAt Is So RaD*

  17. Oh No No

    Oh No NoDay ago

    1950:we will have virtual worlds in the future 2019: oh... looks like we will

  18. Rog MC

    Rog MCDay ago

    What if they would add suspension wires, like in Ready Player One when they are in the van been pursuit, to help with the inercia when you stop moving or change direction? Maybe its not an elegant idea but Its worth to consider something different that the ring...and would make the user feel more secure.

  19. Quinten Kamphuis

    Quinten KamphuisDay ago

    Make the circle huge?

  20. Mike Ritchey

    Mike RitcheyDay ago

    Is this thing still being created? I looked on their website and trying to find new information on it and can't seem to find anything new as of February 2019.

  21. haxhxm

    haxhxmDay ago

    This some next level avatar stuff

  22. solidgoldsniper

    solidgoldsniperDay ago

    I want one

  23. matt donnelly

    matt donnellyDay ago

    Wow thats a bad idea. The worst idea i have seen in vr space in awhile.

  24. Etzerdlas Gaudistuben

    Etzerdlas GaudistubenDay ago

    this is 1 very interesting video, thanks m8!

  25. Stephen Juliano

    Stephen JulianoDay ago

    Maybe with shoulder sensors you could better guess the "intent" of where they will be walking, and when they stop.

  26. Juan SumChninezeFue

    Juan SumChninezeFue2 days ago

    Such an easy solution. Make the platform larger, and give the "center" a buffer zone.

  27. NotLandyn

    NotLandyn2 days ago

    Fun kitty mischief 5:30

  28. GWFriends

    GWFriends2 days ago

    Wanted to invest but it’s a private company:(

  29. J Gillego

    J Gillego2 days ago

    In the virtual world, I’m gonna take the plane, you can walk.😂

  30. Blood Sweat And Tears Forever learning

    Blood Sweat And Tears Forever learning2 days ago

    You can use a bunch of balls instead of the tracks, with lazers like a computer mouse use to work, connect all the lazers to one mouse, you might have to upgrade the power source to accommodate for the extra lazers with friction bearings so there's resistance when you walk so it doesn't slip around like you are walking on ice like the other guy said, even though the one you tried I don't think had that effect due to the reverse direction movement function


    ACE SPADE2 days ago

    Is this ready player one treadmill ?😂😂

  32. Kenzo Norori

    Kenzo Norori2 days ago

    This is called ready player one

  33. R0bNrolla

    R0bNrolla2 days ago

    What about AI to predict what you are going to do according to your foot position and make everything smoother ?

  34. shaqill malakhy

    shaqill malakhy2 days ago

    Vrchat is low budget oasis

  35. Bill Kong

    Bill Kong2 days ago

    Just put the guy in a big ball right? That seems like it'd work.

  36. Springfield 197

    Springfield 1972 days ago

    What about adding a learning AI to help

  37. Jerome Beaule

    Jerome Beaule2 days ago

    Now to silence the contraption because the noise will kill any boner you might have playing your game.

  38. Lelov 257

    Lelov 2573 days ago

    5:30 his cat

  39. Creative Space

    Creative Space3 days ago

    Now I can run on a treadmill in VR.

  40. WorthlessDeadEnd

    WorthlessDeadEnd3 days ago

    So it'll be some time before people can play a virtual football game, won't it?

  41. Josh Quiggle

    Josh Quiggle3 days ago

    Terrible idea.

  42. CrackZero

    CrackZero3 days ago

    On our way to using ODM gear to combat titans.

  43. Tommy Symington

    Tommy Symington3 days ago

    Tpose for dominance

  44. Doomsdeal -

    Doomsdeal -3 days ago

    I thought they have a better one that look like a ball where that dude playing Skyrim have. You guys just making it hard on yourself.

  45. sam winchester

    sam winchester4 days ago

    Why not strap to the ring so you move the deck and track the decks movement instead of tracking you? Seems logical honestly...

  46. C.0 Scifi

    C.0 Scifi4 days ago

    8:57 a man who has just givin up

  47. Leonardo Da-Sminchi

    Leonardo Da-Sminchi4 days ago

    Could they not try and use the body trackers to help predict the possible movement of the user? The Infinadeck will only move in proportion to the waist tracker but with the other trackers movements, speed and direction could be worked out without relying on the back tracker. I dont know much about vr but just an idea i guess.

  48. Mike Wu

    Mike Wu4 days ago

    Why does this omni-directional treadmill need to be electronic? Can't you have a treadmill that is well oiled and simply be stationary until you exert force so you're using the force you exert to move yourself on the treadmill? Think those roller conveyor belts where you push the product across manually but goes omni-directional, would solve all the problems that arose from the electronic version.

  49. Squidward Testicles

    Squidward Testicles4 days ago

    Ready Player One is becoming reality.

  50. i am something

    i am something4 days ago

    Oasis here we come😀 but really if that happens it would be amazing i would be on it everyday

  51. IJCT

    IJCT4 days ago

    Man let the guy who created it speak for himself dude

  52. James Huffaker

    James Huffaker5 days ago

    I think the better solution to this might be the shoes that slide the opposite direction to your feet's movements. Basically turning you into a 'moonwalker.' But they will have the same issues as this treadmill. Maybe more complicated, maybe less, not sure.

  53. Zulisian

    Zulisian5 days ago

    5:31 your cat is being, well, a cat!

  54. KyuzoMugenUndPanzer

    KyuzoMugenUndPanzer5 days ago

    5:28 Cat doing what a cat does.

  55. live and let live

    live and let live5 days ago

    Uh simple solution is a bigger rink so the computer has a longer reaction time!

  56. Parrott Gaming

    Parrott Gaming5 days ago

    5:29 I love your cat!

  57. Melanie Ortiz

    Melanie Ortiz5 days ago

    The beginning of the holodeck

  58. Abe McEwan

    Abe McEwan5 days ago

    Give this thing to Elon Musk he will finish it.

  59. Jibreel Utley

    Jibreel Utley5 days ago

    just have a device to read your limbs like a prosthetic

  60. ComputerNoises

    ComputerNoises5 days ago

    5:30 lol cats are silly

  61. Efficiency

    Efficiency5 days ago

    Wow, modded Minecraft has gotten super realistic...

  62. Finleyyy

    Finleyyy4 days ago


  63. Thud Thud

    Thud Thud5 days ago

    I think there's a solution: The VR computer should track the user's feet a little more closely. If it notices the user slow his or her walking, it should slow the movement of the treadmill. Something that definitely needs to be taken into account is that people don't stop on a dime. If our feet were to stop their motion in an instant when walking (or especially if we're running) we are going to topple over.

  64. PUPPY Bacon

    PUPPY Bacon5 days ago

    Soon Artemis soon

  65. albara gamer

    albara gamer6 days ago

    That's it first VR chat and now this ready player one is becoming a true I am going to be tracer from now

  66. JokesOnYou95 Animations

    JokesOnYou95 Animations6 days ago

    5:33 is that a bug or a fly? or bed mites??

  67. JokesOnYou95 Animations

    JokesOnYou95 Animations6 days ago

    5:27 Cat on The Background/Backround

  68. JokesOnYou95 Animations

    JokesOnYou95 Animations6 days ago

    I Wish that VR's Are FREE.... And the Setup too.........

  69. Justin time

    Justin time6 days ago

    Lock your hips in and use old "ball mouse" method of 2D movement in a 3D world. Treadmills are way too... mechanical... which would inevitable be a ton of maintenance. May take like 200 balls, but it beats 150 belts.

  70. Alpha Brian

    Alpha Brian6 days ago

    T pose

  71. specter 397

    specter 3976 days ago

    Ready player one is becoming real!

  72. Kayla Stradling

    Kayla Stradling6 days ago

    They should make something that records the Ballance of a person kinda like how our ears have a liquid inside them to tell us where we are and how to stay on our feet. This technology already exists it's in our phones and devices so when you flip the phone, the screen flips too. I think this would help them creat this technology better, they could put it on the sides of the straps of the headset. The Oasis feels so close where almost there, even when there's people starving all over the world and so much happening outside we only care about our video games. Lol.

  73. RaZoR

    RaZoR6 days ago

    One step closer to making the Oasis

  74. Tabish Rahman

    Tabish Rahman6 days ago

    That's smart

  75. 40jonah

    40jonah6 days ago

    I thought of this years ago, tell them to use balls, and make it a baby harness to support the person. the balls can be in a square tray or a round shape. please tell them.

  76. Justin Triplett

    Justin Triplett6 days ago

    With neurolink development the latency issues the brain experiences will pretty much disappear, no?

  77. SwordTune

    SwordTune6 days ago

    Everyone has had this idea, so it's nice that someone decided they could do it.

  78. Kevin Vance

    Kevin Vance7 days ago

    Would it be easier just to make shoes with treadmills on them?

  79. Ravonies Ravenshir

    Ravonies Ravenshir7 days ago

    Why not use a ball?

  80. jasonthephoneboy

    jasonthephoneboy7 days ago

    Two ways to potentially solve this problem. 1) Make the deck larger. This allows the deck the ability to understand the direction of momentum. 2) Add weight triggers into the system/coding(?) This would be capable of measuring the amount of force from a push off, allowing it to speed up in anticipation of a jump or push off for running vs walking. It's pretty cool though.

  81. ShitJitsu

    ShitJitsu7 days ago

    I,m having visions of a holodeck....soon

  82. N3uroManc3r2600 O'Cornáin

    N3uroManc3r2600 O'Cornáin7 days ago

    I can see myself flying off that thing at 100 mph right out that window

  83. Rotten pizza24

    Rotten pizza247 days ago

    Minecraft would be tiresome

  84. Helge Nodland

    Helge Nodland7 days ago

    If you cant read the mind of the person, read the force on the shoes and you can predict the acceleration. when position error is measurable it is already too late for compensation.

  85. ares cheetor

    ares cheetor7 days ago

    "Сант read ur mind" BUT it CAN read ur legs motion duuuude

  86. [ELC] Offensive

    [ELC] Offensive7 days ago

    Who else got lost into looking at the cute cat in the background 5:28

  87. antiproanti

    antiproanti8 days ago

    Could they do a hybrid deck+controller control system? You could have the deck synchronize with your normal movement method on the controller, which would give you extra control over your physical walking plane...I wouldn't mind that at all since I'm already so used to controller movement

  88. gnamp

    gnamp8 days ago

    They could close the gap (further) by programming a means to read cues that indicate intent- eg. a turn of the head toward a particular direction, an anticipatory lean, movement of limbs that show intended movement- eye movement, even facial expressions. All with refence to a person's goals, typical behaviours, items of interest in the scene etc. Fighters use these cues all the time to tell them when and where they are likely to get biffed. An exaggerated version would be when a cartoon character is about to run off somewhere. We always know when and in the what direction. That's based on real cues (only in cartoons, it's hyper-exaggerated to a ridiculous extent for comedic effect). Also there could be pressure sensors used all round the ring and floor that could be utilised for split-second indicators of intended movement which would show a person's intention to move in a particular direction far sooner than them having actually moved in that direction...

  89. Fishum

    Fishum8 days ago

    "George fully gets it, he understands what I'm saying" Well yes, he did make it. He's not going to be clueless about something he's been working on for so long.

  90. Pegg

    Pegg8 days ago

    I wonder when people can start working on augmented reality

  91. god boot

    god boot8 days ago

    That thumbnail was photo shopped

  92. CrippledMerc

    CrippledMerc8 days ago

    I would also recommend another book written by Ernest Cline, who wrote Ready Player One, it’s called Armada. It’s similar to Ender’s Game and kinda feels like The Last Starfighter, with similar elements from RPO. It’s a pretty solid read or listen!

  93. Durratul Ain bt Jamal

    Durratul Ain bt Jamal8 days ago


  94. Hunter Nelson

    Hunter Nelson8 days ago

    Upgraded this+ one of those vr input suits+ vr guns= best game ever.

  95. Gyranos

    Gyranos9 days ago

    Man, if this gets on the markets there'd probably be 60% less obese

  96. Minicen

    Minicen9 days ago

    it's a cool design, but I would have done it with separate platforms for both your feet with VR sensors built in. so there's no problem with inertia, speed, or displacement. the VR sensors in the platforms make it so they lock into place whenever you climb something.

  97. MaxMRO

    MaxMRO9 days ago

    Imagine using all of the tech at the same time after you finish looking at all of it individually

  98. Snowy_bear

    Snowy_bear9 days ago

    5:28 bookshelf cat

  99. #Banana#Republic#USA.

    #Banana#Republic#USA.9 days ago

    The music or sound at the end sounded like my dogs feet on the hard wood floor, I kept looking back to see my dog, who was not there. 🤪

  100. Steel Cowboy

    Steel Cowboy9 days ago

    That's cool, maybe more sensors throughout the x, y, and z planes of the body could actually prove more useful. Same idea as the brain using the entire body to keep equilibrium. The more information you plug in to the computer the more accurate it can be in adjusting your equilibrium in VR.

  101. MrCoInSanity

    MrCoInSanity9 days ago

    Why are they making it so difficault and big? I could design a better way of doing this. Just make a indent in the ground with some type of slippy surface along with leg tracking.

  102. MrCoInSanity

    MrCoInSanity2 days ago

    +Ghost 502 send me 4k and i can make a prototype.