The Infinadeck Omnidirectional Treadmill - Smarter Every Day 192 (VR Series)


  1. Mark vonGermeten

    Mark vonGermeten4 hours ago

    I think I can solve the problem.

  2. Ammon Moshe

    Ammon Moshe13 hours ago

    they about to enslave the whole world with this mess...You will be at work but at home at the same time and won't know it....They can trick your mind and your body will be decreased...Think brain in a glass with a virtual some point you won't know the difference

  3. Gizmo Cat

    Gizmo Cat16 hours ago

    5:27 look at the cat in the background.

  4. Ryan DeClue

    Ryan DeClueDay ago

    Cannot imagine why they simply wouldn’t have made what equates to a giant mouse ball. The mouse on your computer is Omni directional, and would be a perfect solution for this problem. The treadmillception design is way over complex.

  5. none of your business

    none of your businessDay ago

    Couldn't they track the direction your feet are moving and have the machine do some calculations to account for that? It may not be able to read your mind or even your intent, but it should be able to read your body motions and come up with a semi-decent estimation of what you are going to do.

  6. Pin Dan

    Pin DanDay ago

    This guy talks like Captain Obviously. Luv it.

  7. Jordan Stroud

    Jordan Stroud2 days ago

    They should get rid of ring and use over the head suspension system so you can kick and belly crawl to an so when you set in a car the suspension system will support you when you set in vehicle in vr world.

  8. Bluntski

    Bluntski2 days ago

    Clean your room.

  9. [SkRuB] Danny

    [SkRuB] Danny2 days ago

    Why do this when you can just put roller scates on and tape your self to a pole

  10. Liam Catterall

    Liam Catterall2 days ago

    The other problem is when this is complete... we all know the average Joe wont be able to afford this.

  11. コルコラクスの音楽

    コルコラクスの音楽2 days ago

    HaptiX glove + this: *anime fans unite - let’s make SAO real*

  12. simon ellsberg

    simon ellsberg4 days ago

    isnt that problem there having easy to fix?... the circle is to big is whats the problem have u ever seen one of those trampolines that put u in a Body suit thing strapped to the "ceiling" why not remove the circle around it and put a suit around urself thats attached to the ceiling holding u in Place in the middle so when u stop moveing u stop moveing u dont have to wait until u get to the ceiling it wont be perfect but it will be way better and faster stopping

  13. TuBFMagier

    TuBFMagier4 days ago

    But when u could connect the brianwaves to the system for example with a neural network it should work way much better. Every body-operation is runnig second befor the action gets implemented in reality. So a neural Network could be teached with that brian data and learn when to react and starting the motors to move at the right time.

  14. Jared Flowers

    Jared Flowers4 days ago

    The problem with this is who can afford it. Much less the actual VR goggles.

  15. triggerer

    triggerer5 days ago

    this is too complex and costly. virtusphere is a much better concept. simpler in design and doesn't preload movements like the infinadeck. Sadly, i think they're trying too hard to appeal to military and gov use. for everyone saying a hamsterball would be better, check out the virtusphere.

  16. Supprre

    Supprre6 days ago

    I think the sensor on feet and treadmill should be sync. If you stop moving, the treadmill will stop also.

  17. Drew Sullivan

    Drew Sullivan6 days ago

    Just saying the model for the robot was copied from riptide renegade.

  18. ALEX

    ALEX6 days ago

    The tread mill should start moving to cancel out the distance of one foot moving from the resting position to the next landing point. .Keeping both feet at starting position.

  19. The Entire State of Minnesota

    The Entire State of Minnesota6 days ago

    *gives infinideck intent* *becomes killer treadmill*

  20. Fish

    Fish7 days ago

    Not perfect idea: You could control the treadmill by a joystick on the vive/oculus and walk with it.

  21. Ride Along with Panah

    Ride Along with Panah7 days ago

    Anyone else find this after seeing the new Johnny English movie?

  22. Yeet Yeet

    Yeet Yeet7 days ago

    Love your Voltron shirt

  23. Lumibear

    Lumibear7 days ago

    I always felt the simplest solution for stepping around in VR would be a set up much like this set up, but with an adult version of a baby bouncer seat connected to a frame, and slippy socks instead of the treadmill, lol, sort of like a cheap home version, you’d still need a dedicated room tho, really.

  24. FrogBoss

    FrogBoss7 days ago

    Infinadick im sorry someone had to

  25. Josef M.

    Josef M.7 days ago

    another stupid "solution"... Use marbles- -I mean spherical bearings kind of treadmill like a thousand mouse balls

  26. j t

    j t7 days ago

    Need a brain scanner.

  27. xamurai00

    xamurai008 days ago

    Closed off defensive body language of guy in beard

  28. Antonio Peterson

    Antonio Peterson8 days ago

    The best thing is how quiet it is

  29. MrBestguy12

    MrBestguy128 days ago


  30. MrFelixify

    MrFelixify8 days ago

    To loud to big, vr walking can be solved with some kind of shoes

  31. Erdafa Andikri

    Erdafa Andikri9 days ago

    0:12 i was expecting your going to say: is perfect for S L A V E S

  32. mr pasta 444

    mr pasta 4449 days ago

    Blur next to the right guys head? 6:27

  33. FlightFyre21

    FlightFyre219 days ago

    If they use the muscle movement sensors that are starting to be used for prosthetics, they would be able to keep the computer up to speed with the movement of the individual.

  34. R35tl355_M1nd

    R35tl355_M1nd10 days ago

    It`s just an idea but , what if they use an non invasive EEG(electroencefalography) device such as the Epoc Emotive to read user brain waves , so that they could control theadmill`s direction and aceleration properly . I`ve seen such devices(Epoc Emotiv) controling drones and toy cars . I think this would solve the problem of user`s intent .

  35. Shadow God

    Shadow God10 days ago

    In 10-20 years I can't wait to see where this goes

  36. dave walters

    dave walters10 days ago

    the answer to the question is gonna be so simple when they figure it out theyll all slap their foreheads

  37. Freit

    Freit10 days ago

    i think they have to use the foot sensors and add knie sensors for a smoother moving ..

  38. Nichen

    Nichen10 days ago

    Dear Santa....

  39. TheCynicalDouche

    TheCynicalDouche11 days ago

    Moving diagonally seems to need a lot of refining.

  40. Elite Instinct

    Elite Instinct11 days ago

    *If a bigger company takes this idea this will be phenomenal*

  41. Raskidon VEVO

    Raskidon VEVO11 days ago


  42. buzzard472 justin

    buzzard472 justin11 days ago

    It's so loud does anybody remember the bowl shaped sensor

  43. Richard Amiss

    Richard Amiss11 days ago

    As a follow spot operator the trick to determine intent (ie where will a dancer suddenly move to next) is to watch their hips. My thought is that the moment delay between the intent of the feet and the sensor at the small of the back is too far apart. Perhaps they use the feet to predict and anticipate direction?

  44. greg godin

    greg godin11 days ago

    I wonder if they could use galvanic vestibular stimulation to overcome the inertia issue, and wonder what happens if you're strapped to a fixed position.

  45. Daniel K

    Daniel K11 days ago

    :D love your little punk knocking things out of your shelves :) also very interesting content! this + cat = subscribe ;)

  46. Uraz Kıvaner

    Uraz Kıvaner11 days ago

    Why are they trying to re-invent the wheel again while there are couple of smarter and more convenient VR treadmill products out there which are actually ridiculously cheap . Their product is not advancing what the others already achieved even if they solve their huge problems.

  47. Tis'ur"Master'"

    Tis'ur"Master'"12 days ago

    take the differential between the two sensor on the feet to determine the velocity.


    BAGAMES12 days ago

    Or.....just go for a nature walk in reality ... it seems simpler and healthier ... The stupidity will never END

  49. romeoneverdies

    romeoneverdies12 days ago

    so now i know what to do with my free time ... program an oasis :P and buy one of these

  50. hereticxhexen

    hereticxhexen12 days ago

    give it time

  51. Peter Gibbons

    Peter Gibbons12 days ago

    You just have to build one that's much bigger to give you ample time for tracking and processing.

  52. anarchris

    anarchris12 days ago

    Easier solution that wont be as awesome years down the road ::: Have multiple tethers pulling outward from the center and make the treadmill low friction ao you move it yourself

  53. Erik Adler

    Erik Adler12 days ago

    Just go for a walk outside in the park. No need for all this nonsense. Why try to reinvent the wheel?

  54. gboyjake

    gboyjake12 days ago

    What if I can read your mind

  55. JRs Gaming

    JRs Gaming12 days ago

    Touch panels? Costly but..

  56. LukeTheCanadian

    LukeTheCanadian12 days ago


  57. Mark Screen

    Mark Screen12 days ago

    I am surprised they do not have a harness to help suspend an individual so they can move easier without the potential for a face plant.

  58. Real100Talk

    Real100Talk13 days ago

    VR treadmills are a dead end. Dumber everyday.

  59. Jason Lee KY

    Jason Lee KY13 days ago

    Next step is 3D omnidirectional treadmill

  60. Dolphinboi

    Dolphinboi13 days ago

    I'm sorry, I lost focus whenever I saw your cat.

  61. Joshua Cuellar

    Joshua Cuellar13 days ago

    My immediate reaction was tø put pressure sensors on the bottom of your feet to sort of "read intent" cause you change the weight balance in the different sections of your feet when you start walking but I'm no engineer yet

  62. Moshe Galimidi

    Moshe Galimidi13 days ago

    5:27 CAT

  63. rgerber

    rgerber13 days ago

    the grass is green, the shirt is blue. Standing in a place, it's not glue.

  64. Eco Hype

    Eco Hype13 days ago

    Hello, how can I cantact infinadeck, I think I had solve their problem. I have an idea that I need to share them to make this possible. Its all about the aftershock after walking right? Please let me explain it in private message.

  65. P Roy

    P Roy13 days ago

    Plug it into the brain. Train it to anticipate movement. Tada.

  66. Sullivan For Everyone

    Sullivan For Everyone14 days ago

    The simple solution is to build a motor for the treadmill with an extremely fast reaction and braking time. Then build a Multi sensor belt, or even better a shirt/vest because the more sensors or target points the more accurate the response. Execution is stupendously difficult but concept is simple.

  67. Sullivan For Everyone

    Sullivan For Everyone14 days ago

    A shirt or vest because you can get more accurate readings of CG (center of gravity) because of sensor placement. Shoulders always move first and would give directional cues to computer to prepare for next movement.

  68. 3DayRespawn

    3DayRespawn14 days ago

    It's taking too long for the system to move you. They need extra cameras on the outside and they need to analyze the feet and steps you take, AS soon as you lift your foot up. right now, it's waiting for your body to slightly move, and then makes an adjustment from there, but imagine a system if as soon as you lift your foot in a certain direction, it will already begin to slowly move you, and as soon as you put your foot down, the system finishes moving and stops, and waits for your other foot to move and repeat. By the time you put your foot down, you wouldn't have moved at all since it made the adjustments according to that single step you just took, and didn't wait for your body to move like what it's doing now. imagine every step you took, it stayed you put in the middle of the system immediately, and as soon as you stop, the system wouldn't need to move because it didn't detect another step, and you're already in the middle, therefore eliminating the inertia problem. it's a big math problem of course, but with enough cameras to capture and and model the feet and direction of them, and getting the right angles down, this team looks smart enough to do it.

  69. Kirby Kool

    Kirby Kool14 days ago

    r e a d y p l a y e r o n e

  70. tonnymarrufo123

    tonnymarrufo12314 days ago

    Really cool guys, keep it up!!

  71. elfpimp1

    elfpimp114 days ago

    Imagine if you could interface this with an amputees brain and be able to see if he could initiate walking just by instinctive thought. Sounds science fictioney I know... But just think if that could be translated to prosthetics.

  72. David Michael Smith

    David Michael Smith14 days ago

    This is awesome!!! Please do more tours of cutting edge technology companies like this! They are a hidden gem and years ahead of their time.

  73. Ty Allan

    Ty Allan14 days ago

    If the infinideck was slightly parabolic would that help to keep you in the center easier? It may feel like you are walking on a slight incline but may be easier to master.

  74. Deep Fakeu

    Deep Fakeu14 days ago

    I'd rather pay mortgage for this type of lifestyle than to buy a big mansion.

  75. randyx007

    randyx00714 days ago

    I have been looking into other ways of locomotion in VR for my vive... and this just seems farrrr too complex. Cool tech but things like Cybershoes are vastly superior for the actual gaming market.

  76. AnyBodyWannaPeanut

    AnyBodyWannaPeanut15 days ago


  77. No Name

    No Name15 days ago

    5:27 The cat in the back lol

  78. Michael Fretwell

    Michael Fretwell15 days ago

    I've never seen a treadmill made by two fatter dudes.

  79. PK RBLX

    PK RBLX15 days ago

    Minecraft Update 1.69.1

  80. Elessar Telcontar

    Elessar Telcontar15 days ago

    well I have a good idea on how this can be accomplished..not gonna say it cuz I like it.. I feel their approach almost works and it could be better but is too flawed.

  81. Matthew Music

    Matthew Music15 days ago


  82. Handrew Sucks

    Handrew Sucks15 days ago

    tryn to sound smart. its not working

  83. Alcala09 Gaming

    Alcala09 Gaming15 days ago

    3:29 T P O S E

  84. Avelic Nation

    Avelic Nation15 days ago

    3:30 Assertingdominance.png

  85. Regular Noah77

    Regular Noah7715 days ago

    The one problem I think I have a chance to solve is the problem where the sensor has to center when you stop and it goes past the center I’m to lazy to explain but please reply on how to for me

  86. Winson wang

    Winson wang15 days ago

    So....when's sao coming out?

  87. Cryptoniac

    Cryptoniac15 days ago

    If they have the foot trackers track the acceleration and deceleration of the feet you could even use ir trackers does anyone know if theres a problem with this solution

  88. 91useless

    91useless15 days ago

    12:36 Prince Rupert drops (something off the shelf)

  89. Mário Zen

    Mário Zen15 days ago

    Maybe if the point to center you on the treadmill was an avarage of the two sensor on your feet. That way when you start your movement the computer can start the treadmill before your back sensor move and plus your center of mass would cancel the inertia caused by the treadmill.

  90. ronald lazar

    ronald lazar15 days ago

    They need the production team from "Ready Player One" already done it so they just need with the Software

  91. mahdi rafatjah

    mahdi rafatjah15 days ago

    why not to loose treathmill at the begining ?

  92. Christopher Hickie

    Christopher Hickie15 days ago

    Some surface EMG sensor straps over large muscle groups in the back and legs might give you better heads up as to when a user is going to rapidly change direction

  93. Bas Haaksema

    Bas Haaksema15 days ago

    I like the new call of duty

  94. Bas Haaksema

    Bas Haaksema15 days ago

    Maybe if they zip you in the middle and make a shaft on your middle so you can turn and you can run and stuff

  95. zesty sauce

    zesty sauce15 days ago

    why dont they just have a big light bearing that they run on and they have a vest to hold them up no moters tust simple stuf or put bearings on shoes and wear a vest to hold you in place

  96. Loganimations

    Loganimations16 days ago

    5:28 The cat xD

  97. Eto Hige Gamer Culture

    Eto Hige Gamer Culture16 days ago

    for now I think the slick shoe and slick bowl surface version is better and simpler for now, no lag there only your feet moving.

  98. Alex Dubois

    Alex Dubois16 days ago

    They need to hire an AI engineer who probably knows well who to tune LSTM neural network, and then a lot of data.

  99. M. de k.

    M. de k.16 days ago

    12:35 is so relatable

  100. HoldManLT G.P.

    HoldManLT G.P.16 days ago

    add shoes with weight sensors in the rear and front of foot. Hands and foots make gest before moving your body. So good algoritm will help improve the stability

  101. Y2daT420

    Y2daT42016 days ago

    how about making it free moving and tethering the user in the center