The Infinadeck Omnidirectional Treadmill - Smarter Every Day 192 (VR Series)


  1. Logatron_01

    Logatron_015 hours ago

    THAT is cool.

  2. Lucas Blaney

    Lucas Blaney6 hours ago

    They should have the "center point" be variable or a larger circle so when they reach a general area it stops and is comfortable rather than trying to find a perfect center point every time.

  3. MauritsTV

    MauritsTV9 hours ago

    A treadmill that just rolls with 0 friction and has a very rough surface would work perfectly

  4. Karl Taylor

    Karl Taylor16 hours ago

    you dont need all this.. you can use a standard tread mill and vr and swipe left or right with index to turn. but keep walking on tread mill straight in reality yes tread mill will need to be programmed on certain games but lets say you just did a game like sonic the hedge hog racer and you was either sonic or tales and had to run in middle left or right to collect rings .. and thats it a standard re used tread mill and game and vr set and pressure pads in trainers that the faster impact the faster you run.. like button bashing on old pads lol.. easy i got more .ideas for the circle ..think engine hoist at front of tread mill with clikbing gear to click on waise and groin to support you if u lose footing.. feed the vr wire and power source along that so all wires and head set. all neat and tidy ..the head set has hud and clear screen if you flip it up do not dark an flip either left or right eye to see.. use your index finger or hand to swipe left or right to turn no need for omni direction waste of time . that could be used elesewhere ..this could be aimed at health living and use current tech.. if u bought a official tread mill that played more advanced games and that could except updates .. i may be over reaching here but belive you need input such as mine for this to work

  5. Mr. Tex

    Mr. Tex19 hours ago

    why not you move the treadmil. and that translates to the vr?

  6. LosingLuke

    LosingLuke21 hour ago

    now wait for millennial to make a fortnite default skin avatar and attempt to do the dances in VR chat

  7. Sambhav Datta

    Sambhav DattaDay ago

    what if they do it on a sphere.. that moves in all directions. all they need to figure out is how to place that instead of a treadmill. :)

  8. Victoria DeLaO

    Victoria DeLaODay ago


  9. Crisis #3318

    Crisis #3318Day ago

    Ive always wanted this to be a thing

  10. Drew Bonjour

    Drew BonjourDay ago

    What I would do to own 1 for a ps4 hurry up come out I wanna tesst drive 1

  11. Kristoff Balatbat

    Kristoff BalatbatDay ago

    The real life Ready Player One is happening just wait until 2020 and lots of people are already using it

  12. CrzyConnor

    CrzyConnorDay ago

    At like 2:10 when he said what he thought it was the old guy looked into the distance like “dude... just shut up” 😂

  13. StevieMasters

    StevieMastersDay ago

    That thing is so loud I would never consider it.

  14. Markas Antonius

    Markas AntoniusDay ago

    A VR bit of kit that 99% of VR users will never use. This will only be used in arcades, no good for the home user.

  15. Wet Paint

    Wet Paint2 days ago

    Another problem is that it makes quite a bit of sound. I kind of noticed that as well.

  16. Huzaifah Yasin

    Huzaifah Yasin3 days ago

    Chutiya Sali Randi Ka bacha

  17. Jonathan Hernandez

    Jonathan Hernandez3 days ago

    You got to make movements of treadmills come to you in vr aspect from all angles #swagsoserious🃏 #enjoytheshow🎬

  18. Jonathan Hernandez

    Jonathan Hernandez3 days ago


  19. pig pen

    pig pen3 days ago

    Just make a big ball that has enough space in it to walk there.

  20. bison marketing

    bison marketing3 days ago

    The quickest way to cut the reaction time of the infinadeck would be to add sensors to the users thighs/legs that react to the impulses in the muscle . you would calibrate for stop n go for each user.

  21. Sunil Narine

    Sunil Narine3 days ago

    If this gets ready then all the couch potato gamers will become Athletes........ lol

  22. Creative Producers

    Creative Producers3 days ago

    The key solution to this problem is scale. At the moment the treadmill is too small and you would need to have at least something 15 square meters in size to accommodate for this.

  23. jazk 3435

    jazk 34354 days ago

    I want one

  24. DoubleDJ 93

    DoubleDJ 934 days ago

    But it potentially could read your mind. If they acquire the license to integrate the software they use for controlling prosthetic limbs. It would respond almost seamlessly to your movement.

  25. GLOREH 5000

    GLOREH 50004 days ago


  26. RIP ADIC

    RIP ADIC4 days ago

    make it free moving use some kind of harness to keep you in the center

  27. Farshad Mohammadpour

    Farshad Mohammadpour4 days ago

    Hello.Hatton video is very interesting. I enjoy them so much.I am from Iran and I can not speak English.I'm sorry if I wrote a wrong sentence.I am very happy. For the first time, I speak a foreign language.I need your help. Why should I contact George? Please help me.

  28. lionnel murimi

    lionnel murimi4 days ago

    @smartereveryday. If you slip on this does it apply a counter acceleration to minimise your chance of falling

  29. lionnel murimi

    lionnel murimi4 days ago

    Please take my money. A kidney probably too...

  30. Shawn Skinner

    Shawn Skinner5 days ago

    Should use technology of a computer mouse to walk on duhh


    JONOVID5 days ago

    your Omnidirectional Treadmill has too much mass, ditch the system of conveyor belts and use an air bed with neodymium magnets in your boots to switch on thousands of air switchable jets in a floor air bed. the boots hover like a hovercraft, no power or motors needed in the boots. so the footwear is a passive hovercraft. all the air jet systems are in the floor. this is how you get a working back to the future hoverboard. the floor is an air bed, the key is the use of thousands of switchable air jets. that only let air jet up, if in a magnetic field under the boots. or hoverboard. the key is thousands of part brass part iron micro butterfly valves in side thousands of air jets in the floor. the butterfly valves inside vertical tubes flip open when under the boots. the number of jets per inch or cm is set by the size and mass of the load. a active matrix of thousands of Hall effect sensors feed you foot data to your VR game. all the best with the new design. send me 1% of millions you will make from this design. and subscribe to my youtube channel. you do know what a butterfly valve is! . your need a 3D printer to test jet cell designs for your floor.

  32. King Amira-David

    King Amira-David5 days ago

    So if the brain does all the computing is there a way to have the machine communicate with the brain to solve this? Essentially, what I'm asking is is it possible to use the brains computing power to compensate for variables the machine can't accurately account for.

  33. gxwild5

    gxwild55 days ago

    5:32 the cat pulled something off the shelf :)

  34. Mouful's Second Channel

    Mouful's Second Channel5 days ago

    5:33 lol the cat in the back..

  35. - Keyleet

    - Keyleet5 days ago

    Cool vid man. Can't wait for those guys to get this thing market ready

  36. Nigel Adams

    Nigel Adams5 days ago

    This seems kind of super over-engineered.

  37. kmquint510

    kmquint5105 days ago

    Increased deck size and larger allowed axis shift without adjustment. Make the adjustment of center of gravity relative to deck happen gradually over each next movement rather than adjusting after each movement ends. Doesn’t solve problem but could help mask it more than being thrown around after walking.

  38. nipi tiri

    nipi tiri5 days ago

    And there will be companies that take people out to a section of desert thats cleared of major obstacles. Strap the person into VR gear and leave them out there alone for however long they paid for. Mark my words people shall pay to be left in the middle of a desert :P It would be better if the real world obstacles are integrated into the VR. Perhaps the games even intentionally bringing the player to prearranged obstacles, ect. Lets call these augmented reality games. When people get lost in the woods they they tend to walk in circles. And surely we can come up with algorithms that slightly alter the VR to make us walk in even smaller circles without noticing it. I mean close your eyes and try walking in a straight line - same principle. And then someone gets bit by a rattle snake or something.

  39. Nemesis T-Type

    Nemesis T-Type6 days ago

    So why don't they put you in a harness so you don't move back when stop walking on the treadmill?

  40. J O

    J O6 days ago

    I actually thought up this system years ago, would be really exited to try it out

  41. Robert Weekes

    Robert Weekes6 days ago

    The feet sliding in bowl method seems much easier

  42. gopherchucks

    gopherchucks6 days ago

    yep i leave my floor bounds on in high paced combat games like Pavlov and onward , it just reminds me that there is an end i can't see.

  43. Pigeon Boyo

    Pigeon Boyo6 days ago

    Omg the voltron shirt 😍

  44. Hrvoje Lončar

    Hrvoje Lončar6 days ago

  45. Liam Gibbons

    Liam Gibbons6 days ago

    Now this is where it becomes concerning. Cyber bullying has never been able to physically hurt you before. This kind of technology could potentially be exploited to KILL you. All it takes is one faulty download and a heaping spoonful of bad intention to cause someone to break their neck without even seeing it coming.

  46. ZOOdude

    ZOOdude6 days ago

    why not use a ball to walk on like a PC mouse ball works, and instead of vr stick to hold why not make buttons for the fingers leading to a back hand glove that keeps track of where you move your hand?

  47. gineepiggo107 Jonathon Bednar

    gineepiggo107 Jonathon Bednar6 days ago

    Playing CS:VR would be amazing on this treadmill because you can sprint at someone with a knife

  48. Javier Mayo

    Javier Mayo6 days ago

    "We need to save the oasis"

  49. enderpus

    enderpus7 days ago

    Shut Up And Take My Money

  50. Björn Elwhagen

    Björn Elwhagen7 days ago

    06:40 I'm really curious about what's blurred out...

  51. Max Power

    Max Power7 days ago

    only way to solve the problem is a neural likn

  52. Max Power

    Max Power7 days ago

  53. Enthused Dragon

    Enthused Dragon7 days ago

    Can't this be solved using the Emotiv Epoc EEG headset? Depending on what actions you are performing, your brainwaves change. So implementing a bit of machine learning with the EEG the system should be able to detect early on what you're doing. Edit: Even though it means you'll be wearing two different sets of gear on your head, it could be a step forward. :)

  54. Houston Helicopter Tours Inc.

    Houston Helicopter Tours Inc.7 days ago

    VR is for fat nerds. So, VR mobility scooter when?

  55. TheFirstNobody

    TheFirstNobody8 days ago

    It's cool, but this definitely isn't, any many ways, "reality". You don't have y-axis changes for climbing, you don't have many things that involve sensations, except sight and walking around. It's a start, but not a start where I buy into the gimmick. Instead of building upon something that we can only dream and not profit from as a human race, we could be building to explore the rest of the ocean and explore space to a further degree...

  56. Paul Lavoie

    Paul Lavoie8 days ago

    why wouldn't you just have the devices hooked to your feet so when you move in position (lifting your feet up and down) while pushing the forward button on the hand control to make your avatar move. wouldn't that be easier.

  57. Doctor Mister

    Doctor Mister8 days ago

    Oasis here I come

  58. Rowan Scott

    Rowan Scott8 days ago

    Heres the part where i tell you about the sponsor, a lot of people fastfor.....

  59. Amateur Films

    Amateur Films8 days ago

    I really hope this goes somewhere and that Infinideck keeps the credit and doesn't get forgotten if it does become something in the future.

  60. Harvey Dent

    Harvey Dent8 days ago

    I think I’ve figured out the problem but I’m too stupid to explain .

  61. CrypticDolphin

    CrypticDolphin8 days ago

    My problem with solutions like this is that the surface will always be perfectly flat. There are times when you will need to simulate rocks and hills, or both, in which these could not do. I think the only way to achieve the dream of an "oasis" is with a direct connection to the brain. You could interface with the electric signals in the brain to disable your real limbs and yet still be able to move fake limbs within your head just like when you dream (except of course, youd be concious). Be doing this, you would no longer even have to simulate all the different senses with this bulky gear, it is just manipulation of the electric signals in the brain. This of course has its risks, multiplayer games would be quite scary especially since youd be connected via the net, in which case you could get hacked, and killed for real. I also believe that the "simulation" in this case would be 100% indistinguishable from real life and cause some people to go insane, no knowing what is real and what is not. But I still look forward to direct brain interfacing none the less.

  62. stephenjohnsondigite

    stephenjohnsondigite5 days ago

    What you are talking about sounds more like the beings in Avatar - Your brain controlling a robot or something?

  63. Yeemo Trash

    Yeemo Trash8 days ago


  64. Star Sky Crafts, Farming and More

    Star Sky Crafts, Farming and More8 days ago

    5:27 the cat on the shelf im dying XD

  65. Максим Чёрствый

    Максим Чёрствый8 days ago

    Only two words Virtuix Omni no horrible sound, disorientation, and it's smaller and also you can buy it

  66. Jasper Valino

    Jasper Valino8 days ago

    this is epic.


    SKYHAWK PILOTZAC558 days ago

    ready player one confirmed

  68. RailFanFritz

    RailFanFritz8 days ago

    Why not just a treadmill on a totating platform?

  69. Zen Warfighter

    Zen Warfighter9 days ago

    Just strap person with bungee cord . Stand on regular treadmill the one without a motor. When you point your foot either left or right the VR image will rotate. Than start walking.

  70. DaVidKid1877

    DaVidKid18779 days ago

    Dude looks just like JRock from trailer park boys lol.

  71. Joel

    Joel9 days ago

    Dude when y started talking at the end about audible books I gave you a thumbs down. Sell out!!!

  72. Marek S

    Marek S9 days ago

    y r soo dumb

  73. Ghosty Draws

    Ghosty Draws9 days ago

    I'm disappointed in the lack of gameplay in this video.

  74. deadlyEuphoria420

    deadlyEuphoria4209 days ago

    why not just use thousands of tiny contained ball bearings that have a traditional treadmill felt over it. The tiny balls can move in any direction. Don't know how to address the course correction when u stop or change direction lol

  75. Sarcastamus Raconteur

    Sarcastamus Raconteur9 days ago

    It blows my mind that this guy believes in one of the floating sky gods...but then again it doesn't,the indoctrination that we received as kids(most of us) is total and all encompassing least he is an old earth creationist who accepts evolution...

  76. Paul Brosam

    Paul Brosam9 days ago

    Why didn’t they just make something like a flat disk, incapsulated by a bladder and slight level of oil. Place tracing spots on the bladder like a ball mouse so that as the bladder slides around the disk, it will pick up on those disk. Oil and rubber lining inside of the bladder are so slick. It’d be like a latex gloves around a wet bar of soap. The outside of the bladder would be dry. Simpler concept.

  77. deadlyEuphoria420

    deadlyEuphoria4209 days ago

    LOL soo cool though man watching the avatar mimic his actions

  78. deadlyEuphoria420

    deadlyEuphoria4209 days ago

    A minute and a half in and im wondering how you run diagonally

  79. Michael Darlak

    Michael Darlak9 days ago


  80. doron tangarorang

    doron tangarorang9 days ago

    I have an idea... calculate the length of the step = the speed of the treadmill...

  81. John G

    John G9 days ago

    +1 for VR, -10 for Peterson

  82. Kronosz14

    Kronosz1410 days ago

    Ok i see the problem here. To fix this, they need to predict the direction and the speed from the body parts position and speed and don't let the head leave the center of the circle. That's not an easy procedure but it can fix the main problem.

  83. Kristian B

    Kristian B10 days ago

    Duuuuuuuude Wonder far we are from "The Oasis" and sword art online or Login Horizon??

  84. Doctor Whooves

    Doctor Whooves10 days ago

    Ready play one

  85. S Reeser

    S Reeser10 days ago

    There is one last severe issue: a key interface method is walking. You (I assume) and I can walk 1/4 mile without getting winded - that alone easily puts us above the 50th percentile of physical fitness in 'Murica, probably higher. A huge chunk of the potential market will be unwilling to buy it because it requires physical effort, and of those who do buy it, many will resell it after they realize using it makes them a little tired. Anyway, it seems like the problem could be partly solved by simply using a much larger treadmill. With a larger region it could afford to let you hang further off-center for a longer time and consequently use less acceleration over a longer time to get you back. You'd need a significantly larger one to accommodate running and jumping anyway.

  86. kpp source

    kpp source10 days ago

    like in the movie ready player one

  87. Chris Clyde

    Chris Clyde10 days ago

    whats on his shirt

  88. Amie the Team Skull Grunt

    Amie the Team Skull Grunt10 days ago

    Is that VRChat? lmaooo

  89. Z LGamer

    Z LGamer10 days ago

    Ready player one intensify's

  90. Mert'in hesabı

    Mert'in hesabı10 days ago

    every texture and 3d model from unity asset stroe that means this game made with unity

  91. Branton LeNeave

    Branton LeNeave10 days ago

    they should make it 10x bigger so you can jump or fall over

  92. NinjaCyCat

    NinjaCyCat10 days ago

    A CAT!

  93. Braian Singh

    Braian Singh10 days ago

    Maybe EMC could help with the threadmill "lag"? Maybe putting an emc sensor on the headband of the visor would anticipate better the movement of the user.

  94. tummuthegamer

    tummuthegamer10 days ago


  95. McRom3

    McRom311 days ago

    man we ate like 100 years Behind, we should of surpassed they small sim, we should be well in holograms and some, using no wires, but they want to keep us ignorant

  96. flaretheunknown

    flaretheunknown11 days ago

    Just wanted to see him play VRChat is all

  97. Grossly Offensive Lizard-Man

    Grossly Offensive Lizard-Man11 days ago

    Can’t wait for Todd Howard to port Skyrim to it.

  98. Sean C

    Sean C11 days ago

    Omni-Directional treadmill. Goes literally 2 directions.

  99. Cavscout5096

    Cavscout509611 days ago

    It's a matter of time folks...... Give it may e 5years, and VR will be common place and MMOs will require it!!!

  100. Aiki Xtal

    Aiki Xtal11 days ago

    Needs some fast PID.

  101. gatheringwithin

    gatheringwithin11 days ago

    to get rid of acceleration you need to install the treadmill as a pendulum. it looks like the center of mass sensor is also a problem. it doeans't accommodate for the hip movement during a walk. Moving it higher on the waste would be better or maybe even on the solarplex or a head. In that way you could read what is the intention of the user ( as he leans in the direction in which he plans to make a move).

  102. Lemon Man Mutch

    Lemon Man Mutch11 days ago

    I thought ready player on would take way longer than from now

  103. Lemon Man Mutch

    Lemon Man Mutch11 days ago

    How is that treadmill not population