The Hopscotch Experiment | Dirty Data | Cut


  1. z3nd3r

    z3nd3rDay ago

    1:39 fuck you

  2. Anika Davie

    Anika Davie2 days ago

    so pointless yet so pure

  3. SketchingWithSketch

    SketchingWithSketch2 days ago

    Well I mean who wouldn't fuckin play minus the people who didn't? I mean it's there might as well play :>

  4. Márk B.

    Márk B.3 days ago

    the music is on point!

  5. kero kero

    kero kero5 days ago


  6. why me

    why me7 days ago

    i feel like that’s illegal

  7. Too School For Cool

    Too School For Cool8 days ago


  8. GIGS 1986

    GIGS 19869 days ago

    very nice

  9. GachaMoon 가차 문

    GachaMoon 가차 문9 days ago

    I remember I would do tricks when im playing hopscotch

  10. DeeAnn DP

    DeeAnn DP9 days ago

    Too many people grow up and forget how to play!!

  11. ちゃちゃゼロ

    ちゃちゃゼロ10 days ago

    It's a very interesting experiment.

  12. RoundWound

    RoundWound10 days ago

    I was surprised to know that foreign play also has this game. In Japan, we call it [ken ken pa].

  13. Fernanda G.

    Fernanda G.11 days ago


  14. Fernanda G.

    Fernanda G.11 days ago

    This is one of my favorite videos ever

  15. Fernanda G.

    Fernanda G.11 days ago


  16. Zanaa Salih

    Zanaa Salih13 days ago

    The point is...

  17. J M

    J M13 days ago

    Lol as dumb as it sounds I actually have a fear of hopscotch so I would probably cross the street... - When I was a kid I was playing it and then some big big big kid run into me and made me go flying I was knocked unconscious for 1 week and suffered a broken jaw, wrist and ankle soo ever since then I’ve actually been super scared when around one... Other people playing doesn’t affect me but when I’m there near one I start to have a panic attack and yeah

  18. My name My last name

    My name My last name14 days ago

    I would screw all my plans for the day and just play all day 😂

  19. Alex Van

    Alex Van14 days ago

    Cute but are you allowed to film them lol

  20. Courtney Life

    Courtney Life15 days ago

    Whomever had to go through this data and record it.... I give you mad props

  21. Pedro Rodrigues

    Pedro Rodrigues17 days ago

    This is the most wholesome thing ive ever seen

  22. DiegoTheGamerTV

    DiegoTheGamerTV19 days ago

    Anyone else come to watch this after seeing it on reddit?

  23. xEmpty.Abyssx

    xEmpty.Abyssx19 days ago

    2:46 cute 😭

  24. sapphiregurl

    sapphiregurl19 days ago

    Who else came here from reddit

  25. Yves

    Yves19 days ago

    Adults are really just children with responsibilities and trauma, really.

  26. NemesisKismet

    NemesisKismet19 days ago

    And those 129 people had THE BEST DAY after

  27. dr doctor Andrews

    dr doctor Andrews23 days ago

    Fake their feet were paid actors ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  28. jojo 2281

    jojo 228128 days ago

    129 awesome people....

  29. PikaGMS

    PikaGMSMonth ago

    That's so wholesome

  30. Trytoxania

    TrytoxaniaMonth ago

    Oh shit I know where this is

  31. DeathHimselfR

    DeathHimselfRMonth ago


  32. Aksel 99

    Aksel 99Month ago

    1:29 Looks like she maybe should have done it more than once...

  33. Sax And relax

    Sax And relaxMonth ago

    11.87% of people played hopscotch

  34. G Goulart

    G GoulartMonth ago

    Hopscotch ! Where i am from we call this "amarelinha", it means "little yellow".

  35. Kayla Schneider

    Kayla SchneiderMonth ago

    I would've fucking destroyed that hopscotch with my skill

  36. IVY DUH

    IVY DUHMonth ago

    2:11 actually me

  37. V1 Gibby

    V1 GibbyMonth ago

    Teaches people how to dance

  38. Angela Chojnacka

    Angela ChojnackaMonth ago

    At 2:32 it shows that no one is ever to old to play hopscotch 😃😃

  39. Am Msk

    Am MskMonth ago

    I wish someday I could cross with one like this hahaha, I would probably be smiling and waving at all directions wondering where's the camera 😂

  40. TessellatedGuy

    TessellatedGuyMonth ago

    This is the most wholesome random humans will seem to me.

  41. Jordan Wilson

    Jordan Wilson2 months ago

    Why did this restore my faith in humanity so much?

  42. Midnight Flower

    Midnight Flower2 months ago

    ID DO IT!!!!


    KJ JEWELRY2 months ago


  44. Tifanny Ramdayal

    Tifanny Ramdayal2 months ago

    Tried to find the music and I ended up just converting the vid to mp3

  45. Bema Joy

    Bema Joy2 months ago

    its so amzing how a simple thing could make someones day

  46. Alexis Kraus

    Alexis Kraus2 months ago

    I'm pretty sure I would have!

  47. Emily

    Emily2 months ago

    I’m sorry but you can’t not do hopscotch.

  48. Samuel The Ham Lamb Celske

    Samuel The Ham Lamb Celske2 months ago

    One does not simply pass up hopscotch.

  49. Tory Sama

    Tory Sama2 months ago

    So sad to see so many avoiding fun on purpose!!

  50. OzVegan

    OzVegan3 months ago

    This is so cool that I'm going to try and get my company to put some around the office in the main thoroughfares and see what happens.

  51. Common Cool Channel

    Common Cool Channel3 months ago

    Let's do this in different cities! PS: I think this is San Francisco. Can anybody verify? If, so, then 129/1185 people played it in San Francisco.

  52. Common Cool Channel

    Common Cool Channel14 days ago

    +Sam Verma Ah! I've never been to Seattle (I live in the UK), so that's probably why. But still, let's keep a counter (if you can, like the video or preferably edited version). 129/1185 in Seattle.

  53. Sam Verma

    Sam Verma18 days ago

    It's Seattle

  54. greek holo sexual

    greek holo sexual3 months ago

    I wanna play too 😁😁😁😁

  55. greek holo sexual

    greek holo sexual3 months ago

    Aww childhood... The days that phones didn't destroy our lives

  56. liquidrock2u

    liquidrock2u3 months ago

    japan numbers be like 8 yes and 74589 no

  57. Leah Grace

    Leah Grace3 months ago

    The construction workers always made me laugh :)

  58. Wittzzz

    Wittzzz3 months ago

    Yay, people know what hop scotch is!

  59. NinaTheCat

    NinaTheCat3 months ago


  60. hg10090258

    hg100902583 months ago

    1:20 what the hell was that?

  61. Rezzlik CZ

    Rezzlik CZ3 months ago

    We want more dirty data

  62. sad nonbinary

    sad nonbinary3 months ago

    i’d gladly play hopscotch with that pideon tho-

  63. xxChocoChipCookie

    xxChocoChipCookie3 months ago

    This made me smile

  64. Cutie Panda

    Cutie Panda3 months ago

    Lol I would love that you gotta have fun sometimes

  65. CeresOrbit

    CeresOrbit3 months ago

    it was really interesting to see how many construction workers did it :0 go them!

  66. hipnhappenin

    hipnhappenin3 months ago

    I would if I were with someone. But not if I were alone. Funny how you can get away with things if you’re with another person. But it’ll make you look kooky if you were just by yourself.

  67. hazell herdman

    hazell herdman3 months ago

    Now i wanna play hopscotch

  68. mathilde gaillard

    mathilde gaillard3 months ago

    Should have been one made for the people coming from the other way of the road but still fun to watch !

  69. Almighty Zeus

    Almighty Zeus3 months ago

    1:11 I would really like to see her in her childhood years. Must have been enjoyed her youth.

  70. Lia Tafarella

    Lia Tafarella3 months ago

    i feel bad for whoever had to count all the ppl

  71. Lizziee Kaori

    Lizziee Kaori3 months ago

    1:50 that guy got super excited I love him

  72. i am useless and gay

    i am useless and gay3 months ago

    i feel like they shouldve blurred the faces sdfkjsdkfj

  73. lollyspipoca

    lollyspipoca3 months ago

    anyone who walked normally OVER it has something chemically wrong w them 🙌🏻😂

  74. Minah Gilosss

    Minah Gilosss3 months ago

    There's something like hopscotch (but not hopscotch) in front of a special kids classroom. I would play it when i'm otw to my classroom after recess 😆 it's just UNRESISTABLE !! Hahaha.. .so much fun!

  75. barea eraqi

    barea eraqi3 months ago

    Seattle 💔

  76. Matthew Shapiro

    Matthew Shapiro3 months ago

    I understand for the old and overweight people but... when did hopscotch become something you need to hold on to somebody else to play? Great video anyways :)

  77. Zellie

    Zellie3 months ago

    I would do it in a heartbeat

  78. canadiankazz

    canadiankazz3 months ago

    The older people and the construction workers are my favourites.

  79. MadE

    MadE3 months ago

    Why does shit like this make me tear up?? Also the couple in all-black near the end was real cute

  80. TheGlassWolf320

    TheGlassWolf3203 months ago

    I got hungry while watching this video..?

  81. Sandhya Rampersad

    Sandhya Rampersad3 months ago

    For the first few seconds, when no one was doing it, I was loosing faith in humanity. But then they started and I had a huge smile of content.

  82. love meh

    love meh3 months ago

    I would play hopscotch. fuck 1,056 those people that didnt play it.

  83. LilyIsNotCool

    LilyIsNotCool3 months ago

    It would drive me nuts if I walked past it and didn't play haha

  84. zolilly

    zolilly3 months ago

    This made me smile so much wow people can be so pure sometimes

  85. nightmare sleuth

    nightmare sleuth3 months ago

    who do i love more... the guy who did a lil spin as he finished his off, or the guy who after finishing it, turned around to complete it two more times

  86. Parker Taylor

    Parker Taylor3 months ago

    This would be fun to watch live

  87. jessica smith

    jessica smith3 months ago

    We are the future

  88. elliot wright

    elliot wright3 months ago

    Why did this make me so emotional

  89. CamoThecat Nik

    CamoThecat Nik3 months ago

    WHO TF TAKES A PICTURE OF HOPSCOTCH like are you THAT into your phone you don't even play and take pictures. I bet she posted on Facebook "LOOK AT THIS ANCIENT WRITING I FOUND ON THE SIDE WALK....WHAT IF ALEINS DID IT?!?!?" Like c'mon put your camera down and do it!

  90. Rachel E

    Rachel E3 months ago

    This makes me cry for some reason

  91. JustJazzy03

    JustJazzy033 months ago

    You people all pretend to be mature adults, but no. We know your dirty dirty secret, all 129 of you. You all have a little childhood inside of you, just like us.

  92. Romi Fuchs

    Romi Fuchs3 months ago

    Reminds me school

  93. Queenofwheels

    Queenofwheels3 months ago

    I just realized that hopscotch is another thing I missed out on being disabled.

  94. thAt SPeCiaL snoWFLAkE

    thAt SPeCiaL snoWFLAkE3 months ago

    Wow people really just walking over it

  95. Frank Tiemens

    Frank Tiemens3 months ago

    Sometimes I forget how cute people can be

  96. Fun Squad

    Fun Squad3 months ago

    1,185 people either participated or didn’t

  97. Manda Seg

    Manda Seg3 months ago

    Loved this

  98. Nicholle Howard

    Nicholle Howard3 months ago

    The guy at 2:12.. absolutely adorable

  99. Manon S

    Manon S4 months ago

    This was a very cool experiment. 😊

  100. Charles Daniels

    Charles Daniels4 months ago

    @geauxgang bjftbloodbrothers-hop

  101. Kaisa Norma

    Kaisa Norma4 months ago

    2:11 lmao me

  102. AaYyy, DaTs PrEttY

    AaYyy, DaTs PrEttY4 months ago

    How do u play hopscotch