The Hopscotch Experiment | Dirty Data | Cut


  1. Tory Sama

    Tory SamaDay ago

    So sad to see so many avoiding fun on purpose!!

  2. OzVegan

    OzVegan5 days ago

    This is so cool that I'm going to try and get my company to put some around the office in the main thoroughfares and see what happens.

  3. Common Cool Channel

    Common Cool Channel5 days ago

    Let's do this in different cities! PS: I think this is San Francisco. Can anybody verify? If, so, then 129/1056 people played it in San Francisco.

  4. φουφουτος το αυγό

    φουφουτος το αυγό7 days ago

    I wanna play too 😁😁😁😁

  5. φουφουτος το αυγό

    φουφουτος το αυγό7 days ago

    Aww childhood... The days that phones didn't destroy our lives

  6. liquidrock2u

    liquidrock2u8 days ago

    japan numbers be like 8 yes and 74589 no

  7. Leah Grace

    Leah Grace8 days ago

    The construction workers always made me laugh :)

  8. Wittzzz

    Wittzzz9 days ago

    Yay, people know what hop scotch is!

  9. NinaTheCat

    NinaTheCat9 days ago


  10. hg10090258

    hg1009025810 days ago

    1:20 what the hell was that?

  11. Rezzlik CZ

    Rezzlik CZ11 days ago

    We want more dirty data

  12. fxlling

    fxlling11 days ago

    i’d gladly play hopscotch with that pideon tho-

  13. xxChocoChipCookie

    xxChocoChipCookie11 days ago

    This made me smile

  14. Lil BabyWolf

    Lil BabyWolf11 days ago

    Lol I would love that you gotta have fun sometimes

  15. CeresOrbit

    CeresOrbit12 days ago

    it was really interesting to see how many construction workers did it :0 go them!

  16. hipnhappenin

    hipnhappenin12 days ago

    I would if I were with someone. But not if I were alone. Funny how you can get away with things if you’re with another person. But it’ll make you look kooky if you were just by yourself.

  17. ya boi hazell

    ya boi hazell13 days ago

    Now i wanna play hopscotch

  18. mathilde gaillard

    mathilde gaillard13 days ago

    Should have been one made for the people coming from the other way of the road but still fun to watch !

  19. Almighty Zeus

    Almighty Zeus13 days ago

    1:11 I would really like to see her in her childhood years. Must have been enjoyed her youth.

  20. Lia Tafarella

    Lia Tafarella13 days ago

    i feel bad for whoever had to count all the ppl

  21. Lizziee Kaori

    Lizziee Kaori14 days ago

    1:50 that guy got super excited I love him

  22. Phil's Quiff

    Phil's Quiff14 days ago

    i feel like they shouldve blurred the faces sdfkjsdkfj

  23. lollyspipoca

    lollyspipoca17 days ago

    anyone who walked normally OVER it has something chemically wrong w them 🙌🏻😂

  24. Minah Gilosss

    Minah Gilosss18 days ago

    There's something like hopscotch (but not hopscotch) in front of a special kids classroom. I would play it when i'm otw to my classroom after recess 😆 it's just UNRESISTABLE !! Hahaha.. .so much fun!

  25. barea eraqi

    barea eraqi19 days ago

    Seattle 💔

  26. Matthew Shapiro

    Matthew Shapiro21 day ago

    I understand for the old and overweight people but... when did hopscotch become something you need to hold on to somebody else to play? Great video anyways :)

  27. Zellie

    Zellie22 days ago

    I would do it in a heartbeat

  28. canadiankazz

    canadiankazz22 days ago

    The older people and the construction workers are my favourites.

  29. MadE

    MadE24 days ago

    Why does shit like this make me tear up?? Also the couple in all-black near the end was real cute

  30. TheGlassWolf320

    TheGlassWolf32024 days ago

    I got hungry while watching this video..?

  31. Flamingo Tony

    Flamingo Tony24 days ago

    Rip the peoplr who counted the people 10 hours..

  32. Sandhya Rampersad

    Sandhya Rampersad25 days ago

    For the first few seconds, when no one was doing it, I was loosing faith in humanity. But then they started and I had a huge smile of content.

  33. love meh

    love meh25 days ago

    I would play hopscotch. fuck 1,056 those people that didnt play it.

  34. LilyIsNotCool

    LilyIsNotCool26 days ago

    It would drive me nuts if I walked past it and didn't play haha

  35. zolilly

    zolilly27 days ago

    This made me smile so much wow people can be so pure sometimes

  36. nightmare sleuth

    nightmare sleuth28 days ago

    who do i love more... the guy who did a lil spin as he finished his off, or the guy who after finishing it, turned around to complete it two more times

  37. Parker Taylor

    Parker Taylor29 days ago

    This would be fun to watch live

  38. jessica smith

    jessica smith29 days ago

    We are the future

  39. elliot wright

    elliot wright29 days ago

    Why did this make me so emotional

  40. CamoThecat Nik

    CamoThecat NikMonth ago

    WHO TF TAKES A PICTURE OF HOPSCOTCH like are you THAT into your phone you don't even play and take pictures. I bet she posted on Facebook "LOOK AT THIS ANCIENT WRITING I FOUND ON THE SIDE WALK....WHAT IF ALEINS DID IT?!?!?" Like c'mon put your camera down and do it!

  41. Rachel E

    Rachel EMonth ago

    This makes me cry for some reason

  42. JustJazzy03

    JustJazzy03Month ago

    You people all pretend to be mature adults, but no. We know your dirty dirty secret, all 129 of you. You all have a little childhood inside of you, just like us.

  43. Romi Fuchs

    Romi FuchsMonth ago

    Reminds me school

  44. Queenofwheels

    QueenofwheelsMonth ago

    I just realized that hopscotch is another thing I missed out on being disabled.

  45. thAt SPeCiaL snoWFLAkE

    thAt SPeCiaL snoWFLAkEMonth ago

    Wow people really just walking over it

  46. Frank Tiemens

    Frank TiemensMonth ago

    Sometimes I forget how cute people can be

  47. Madalyn Paige

    Madalyn PaigeMonth ago

    1,185 people either participated or didn’t

  48. Manda Seg

    Manda SegMonth ago

    Loved this

  49. Nicholle Howard

    Nicholle HowardMonth ago

    The guy at 2:12.. absolutely adorable

  50. Manon S

    Manon SMonth ago

    This was a very cool experiment. 😊

  51. Charles Daniels

    Charles DanielsMonth ago

    @geauxgang bjftbloodbrothers-hop

  52. Kaisa Norma

    Kaisa NormaMonth ago

    2:11 lmao me

  53. Dogg O

    Dogg OMonth ago

    How do u play hopscotch

  54. Esen Kiratli

    Esen KiratliMonth ago

    We have hopscotchs in some streets, too! It makes my walk to bus stop fun.

  55. Magazine Kirby

    Magazine KirbyMonth ago

    Going through 10 hours of footage sounds so painful

  56. Zakiya Whyles

    Zakiya WhylesMonth ago

    All we've learnt is that some people don't know how to play hopscotch

  57. Hamdi449 231073hamdi

    Hamdi449 231073hamdiMonth ago

    💯 would defo do it have u no heart it’s a game that u have to play and the plus side is that it’s colourful and yes I’m british so I spell it colourful not colorful

  58. Random Person

    Random PersonMonth ago

    1:18 that woman went to help someone with directions

  59. Christine Alipis

    Christine AlipisMonth ago

    I will definitely play it.

  60. Bozo The Clam

    Bozo The ClamMonth ago

    Only 130/1000 played it? That’s so sad Alexa play Despacito

  61. • Adri •

    • Adri •Month ago

    How did so many people resist the urge to play???

  62. Nyoom Nyoom

    Nyoom NyoomMonth ago

    1:03 squad goallls :)

  63. Salty Snails

    Salty SnailsMonth ago

    Why was I so happy watching people play?😂

  64. Bob Didlboc

    Bob DidlbocMonth ago

    Imagine seeing hopscotch on the sidewalk and *not* skipping through it. Wild

  65. Meow Meow

    Meow MeowMonth ago

    I loved all the grown ass men having the time of there lives doing it

  66. wintermelon 96

    wintermelon 96Month ago

    2:36 find someone who's willing to do crazy stuffs with you

  67. Dania Ortiz

    Dania OrtizMonth ago

    Why did this make me so happy

  68. Gazelle Tanglao

    Gazelle TanglaoMonth ago

    If i see this i will play this over and over again

  69. Riya S

    Riya SMonth ago


  70. Caroline Park

    Caroline ParkMonth ago

    wait this is so cute and i love the diversity skjdls i didn't get bored at all

  71. HardcoreGamer X500

    HardcoreGamer X500Month ago

    Faith in humanity has been restored even though it’s just people having fun!

  72. BirdsGoFly

    BirdsGoFlyMonth ago

    Lmao they counted the baby as not playing at the end. Wtf, you expect him/her to jump out and do some crazy acrobatics on that chalk drawing?

  73. faith dizon

    faith dizonMonth ago

    this was the cutest thing i’ve ever seen

  74. ChillingLikeANarnian InNarnia

    ChillingLikeANarnian InNarniaMonth ago

    The people who played while walking by themselves look the happiest

  75. sooz lecter

    sooz lecterMonth ago

    I can never not play it lol

  76. soccer mom a

    soccer mom aMonth ago

    seeing everyone’s little hops made me so happy

  77. ケラーサム

    ケラーサムMonth ago

    This made me so happy. What the back 😂

  78. Irelivent Girl666

    Irelivent Girl666Month ago

    My friends used to play a game where you did a cartwheel and whatever number you landed on was how many year 4 kids (who were huge to us at the time) you had to say hi to randomly.

  79. Liv Lee

    Liv LeeMonth ago

    This is honestly just so wholesome and pure !!

  80. stillthesamealex bee

    stillthesamealex beeMonth ago

    I wanna do it

  81. egjw1234

    egjw1234Month ago

    The Asians ruined it

  82. CJ Simmer

    CJ SimmerMonth ago

    how can you go over a hopscotch without playing?!

  83. leech

    leechMonth ago

    this makes me so happy lol

  84. M1dn1ght Tenshi

    M1dn1ght TenshiMonth ago

    This made my day for the people who plays :-)

  85. Kiddie Squad Productions

    Kiddie Squad ProductionsMonth ago

    I Would Do The Hopscotch

  86. Kelsey Lee

    Kelsey LeeMonth ago

    We’re all still kids at heart

  87. Braxton

    BraxtonMonth ago

    *kudos to the person who had to count 10 hours of hopscotch footage.*

  88. Genius Luna

    Genius LunaMonth ago

    I would keep hoping like forever 😂😂😂

  89. Jamila Munaf

    Jamila MunafMonth ago

    I’m happy for those 129 people.

  90. Jamila Munaf

    Jamila MunafMonth ago

    I’m happy for those 129 people.

  91. insensitive flapjack

    insensitive flapjackMonth ago

    i love how some more capable people walked by/over it casually and then people with luggage and shit tried so hard

  92. maryam siddiqui

    maryam siddiquiMonth ago

    That one couple in the end

  93. maryam siddiqui

    maryam siddiquiMonth ago

    The sad part would be that I would be to scared to do this. With the mindset that im too old to play this especially in public

  94. -Becuz I’m a lønely lønely lønely whale-

    -Becuz I’m a lønely lønely lønely whale-Month ago

    Don’t tell me I’m the only Asian bitch who used to play Hopscotch with my siblings using a slipper. I promise I’m not a weirdo. *Start sweating*

  95. AndreiaMRLM200 XD

    AndreiaMRLM200 XDMonth ago

    There's still a kid inside of them this makes me smile so much

  96. Aniarataak McRae

    Aniarataak McRaeMonth ago

    I would have played hopscotch 929 times just so it would be a tie😂☹️

  97. Michelle Pure

    Michelle PureMonth ago

    Seeing the people play hopscotch made me smile. I don’t know why😊

  98. Sidne Pitre

    Sidne PitreMonth ago

    Poeple gotta learn to have more fun, lifes hard so have a joly old time on your way to wherever!!

  99. Taesticles

    TaesticlesMonth ago

    I know they wanna do it but they’re too shy in front of people

  100. The Rat

    The RatMonth ago

    "*DIRTY*" DATA