The Hopscotch Experiment | Dirty Data | Cut


  1. Wahono Gusty

    Wahono Gusty3 days ago

    orang luar juga banyak yang gabut juga rupanya

  2. Will Be Happy

    Will Be Happy8 days ago

    I ever play like this when childhood it's very fun 😅

  3. Jona Orange

    Jona Orange10 days ago

    lol 1:50 i like the enthusiasm he added spins and everything.

  4. Jess Osier

    Jess Osier10 days ago

    This is a good prank! No one was hurt, no one was forced to partake in the prank and all the people who did it enjoyed it. I wish this was the prank trend and not the garbage we normally see.

  5. Daniel Portisia

    Daniel Portisia10 days ago

    None of you know how to hopscotch correctly do you ... No one in this video has played the game ... They just jumped on the squares... That's like rolling a die and claiming you played monopoly

  6. factory gamer

    factory gamer11 days ago

    his jumping in the flor

  7. factory gamer

    factory gamer11 days ago

    im sad im no friends

  8. Satsuki A

    Satsuki A13 days ago

    Smiled and laughed the whole way through. It's such a simple game that you play when you're little but I always remember how much fun I had.

  9. Jammie Casher

    Jammie Casher15 days ago

    that is so sweet and fun at the same time, can you do something like this again?

  10. chiggy Louis

    chiggy Louis19 days ago


  11. TomekXDD PL

    TomekXDD PL21 day ago

    My diamonds dancing hopscoootch they holding hands

  12. wino0000006

    wino0000006Month ago

    129 actors were paid.

  13. LukisNysa

    LukisNysaMonth ago

    u make 129 ppl happy and have them a good day :)

  14. Readme .txt

    Readme .txtMonth ago

    10% of cool people in th World - that would prove my own experience.

  15. Pedetelucido si

    Pedetelucido siMonth ago

    track id ?

  16. John Blackman

    John BlackmanMonth ago

    Play as a child, with your whole heart, everyday.

  17. Gabby Gray

    Gabby GrayMonth ago

    Imagine..seeing hopscotch and then NOT playing it.

  18. Crestfallen Mortal

    Crestfallen MortalMonth ago

    Those 129 people are the ones who find the fun in life.

  19. Haley

    HaleyMonth ago

    this is so cute aw

  20. molly kate

    molly kateMonth ago

    2:37-2:48 goals

  21. Amelie Brito

    Amelie BritoMonth ago

    The lady that stopped, took a pic and then kept walking... Lol

  22. ttaylor70ify

    ttaylor70ifyMonth ago

    Why would people see a hopscotch and not do it. They must have horrible lives

  23. Ninja Faringer

    Ninja Faringer2 months ago

    This is so funny to me and I don't know why.

  24. J hope and Jimin are yoongi Side chicks

    J hope and Jimin are yoongi Side chicks2 months ago

    I would do it But if I didn't do it, it would bother me for the whole day lol

  25. Brandon Feathers

    Brandon Feathers2 months ago

    That was fun

  26. Amber O.

    Amber O.2 months ago

    this is the cutest experiment

  27. sahil novetzke

    sahil novetzke2 months ago

    the cut is frickin bomb

  28. Nick Zoumis

    Nick Zoumis2 months ago

    Come to Australia.....!!!!!

  29. Sacha&Alice

    Sacha&Alice2 months ago

    I actually started dancing to this and I don’t know why

  30. Karrington Xo

    Karrington Xo2 months ago

    This made me so happy

  31. Steven Foster

    Steven Foster2 months ago

    Put this on a college campus and you'd have a line of people waiting to play *hurry up with your turn I have to get to class*

  32. sarah

    sarah2 months ago

    The dirtiest data

  33. Alex Le Quesne

    Alex Le Quesne2 months ago

    If me and my friends see a hopscotch, we race over to do it

  34. Sarahamina R

    Sarahamina R2 months ago

    I love it so I did a game and I don’t one. But not the same

  35. SelfishFoodGamer

    SelfishFoodGamer2 months ago

    1058 ppl had no childhood

  36. Joshua Barrios

    Joshua Barrios2 months ago

    *I thought it was gonna be worse. A 10% is pretty solid considering the world we live in today...* Being honest i wouldn't even notice it.

  37. Thank you

    Thank you2 months ago

    i feel bad for the guy who had to look at all ten hours of this to count the number of people who did play hopscotch

  38. artificial silence

    artificial silence2 months ago

    This made my day idk why it made me so happy

  39. yaials

    yaials2 months ago

    this makes me really happy

  40. Camila Galvao

    Camila Galvao2 months ago

    124 people accidentally missed the like button

  41. FrostyRPGT

    FrostyRPGT2 months ago

    1:40 Parents: "You spend way too much on your phone"

  42. Oh c: Shucks

    Oh c: Shucks2 months ago

    That is so freakin cute this makes me so happy

  43. Alyx L.

    Alyx L.2 months ago

    2:23 Adorable!!

  44. I‘m Shkody

    I‘m Shkody2 months ago

    You schould do that experiment around the world😄

  45. Uhohhotdog Gaming

    Uhohhotdog Gaming2 months ago

    I don't even know how lol

  46. lil ami 8ø4

    lil ami 8ø42 months ago

    Haven't played tho in YEARS, omg I loved this😂

  47. Nada

    Nada2 months ago

    This vid really made my day. All I think is that if I got to pass it I'd gladly play. But probably all the problems I had inside of my head would not let me notice the hopscotch in the first place.

  48. Zion Albright

    Zion Albright2 months ago

    I can after the remake video to check this out!

  49. Keisha Webber

    Keisha Webber2 months ago

    Bless the soul who edited this.

  50. John Avitable

    John Avitable2 months ago

    Yo, what song is this though?

  51. Flourish Ojemen

    Flourish Ojemen2 months ago

    How do you play though? Never played in my life. We have something similar to this in my country though.

  52. PrincessQueen Aisha

    PrincessQueen Aisha2 months ago

    I'll be like IS THAT HOPSCOTCH I SEE? ME FirST

  53. Cordale Smith

    Cordale Smith2 months ago

    They know they wanted to play, they just didn't want to look childish in public

  54. Apostolia Γκολφινοπουλου

    Apostolia Γκολφινοπουλου2 months ago

    Sorry to be a bummer but I would hate to be recorded on a bad day I mean imagine walking with your sweatpants when you're really not feeling it and then seeing yourself on yt like fuuck

  55. Kaitlin Dresen

    Kaitlin Dresen3 months ago

    2:11 he tried his best, I'm proud of him

  56. Alaa Nageeb

    Alaa Nageeb3 months ago

    It should have million like

  57. Lana Durut

    Lana Durut3 months ago

    Idk but watching this makes me feel happy😅

  58. MikeyEND

    MikeyEND3 months ago

    These people who jumped are our future. Love to see the world in such good hands

  59. Kal

    Kal3 months ago

    I smile every time I watch this video.

  60. ruby

    ruby3 months ago

    *such a simple way of making someone’s day a bit better and I love it so much*

  61. sowhat ifyouknowme

    sowhat ifyouknowme3 months ago

    I'll play it btw

  62. Mytty Dohun

    Mytty Dohun3 months ago

    Lady with the purse at the beginning really wanted to

  63. Korne127

    Korne1273 months ago

    I would have done the exact same thing as 1:43. We didn’t have this at our elementary schools, maybe it’s just an American thing…

  64. z3nd3r

    z3nd3r3 months ago

    1:39 fuck you

  65. Anika Davie

    Anika Davie3 months ago

    so pointless yet so pure

  66. SketchingWithSketch

    SketchingWithSketch3 months ago

    Well I mean who wouldn't fuckin play minus the people who didn't? I mean it's there might as well play :>

  67. Márk B.

    Márk B.3 months ago

    the music is on point!

  68. kero kero

    kero kero3 months ago


  69. why me

    why me3 months ago

    i feel like that’s illegal

  70. Too School For Cool

    Too School For Cool3 months ago


  71. GIGS 1986

    GIGS 19863 months ago

    very nice

  72. GachaMoon 가차 문

    GachaMoon 가차 문3 months ago

    I remember I would do tricks when im playing hopscotch

  73. DeeAnn DP

    DeeAnn DP3 months ago

    Too many people grow up and forget how to play!!

  74. ちゃちゃゼロ

    ちゃちゃゼロ3 months ago

    It's a very interesting experiment.

  75. RoundWound

    RoundWound3 months ago

    I was surprised to know that foreign play also has this game. In Japan, we call it [ken ken pa].

  76. Fernanda G.

    Fernanda G.3 months ago

    This is one of my favorite videos ever

  77. Fernanda G.

    Fernanda G.3 months ago


  78. Zanaa Salih

    Zanaa Salih3 months ago

    The point is...

  79. J M

    J M3 months ago

    Lol as dumb as it sounds I actually have a fear of hopscotch so I would probably cross the street... - When I was a kid I was playing it and then some big big big kid run into me and made me go flying I was knocked unconscious for 1 week and suffered a broken jaw, wrist and ankle soo ever since then I’ve actually been super scared when around one... Other people playing doesn’t affect me but when I’m there near one I start to have a panic attack and yeah

  80. My name My last name

    My name My last name3 months ago

    I would screw all my plans for the day and just play all day 😂

  81. Alex V

    Alex V3 months ago

    Cute but are you allowed to film them lol

  82. Courtney Life

    Courtney Life3 months ago

    Whomever had to go through this data and record it.... I give you mad props

  83. Aleluia

    Aleluia3 months ago

    This is the most wholesome thing ive ever seen

  84. DiegoTheGamerTV

    DiegoTheGamerTV3 months ago

    Anyone else come to watch this after seeing it on reddit?

  85. xEmpty.Abyssx

    xEmpty.Abyssx3 months ago

    2:46 cute 😭

  86. sapphiregurl

    sapphiregurl3 months ago

    Who else came here from reddit

  87. Yves

    Yves3 months ago

    Adults are really just children with responsibilities and trauma, really.

  88. NemesisKismet

    NemesisKismet3 months ago

    And those 129 people had THE BEST DAY after

  89. dr doctor Andrews

    dr doctor Andrews4 months ago

    Fake their feet were paid actors ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  90. jojo 2281

    jojo 22814 months ago

    129 awesome people....

  91. PikaGMS

    PikaGMS4 months ago

    That's so wholesome

  92. Trytoxania

    Trytoxania4 months ago

    Oh shit I know where this is

  93. Rylan Schmitt

    Rylan Schmitt4 months ago


  94. Aksel 99

    Aksel 994 months ago

    1:29 Looks like she maybe should have done it more than once...

  95. Sax And relax

    Sax And relax4 months ago

    11.87% of people played hopscotch

  96. G Goulart

    G Goulart4 months ago

    Hopscotch ! Where i am from we call this "amarelinha", it means "little yellow".

  97. Kayla Schneider

    Kayla Schneider4 months ago

    I would've fucking destroyed that hopscotch with my skill

  98. IVY DUH

    IVY DUH4 months ago

    2:11 actually me

  99. IIRose BloxII

    IIRose BloxII5 months ago

    At 2:32 it shows that no one is ever to old to play hopscotch 😃😃

  100. Amani M.

    Amani M.5 months ago

    I wish someday I could cross with one like this hahaha, I would probably be smiling and waving at all directions wondering where's the camera 😂

  101. TessellatedGuy

    TessellatedGuy5 months ago

    This is the most wholesome random humans will seem to me.