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The highlight of Mojo Rawley's visit to Saudi Arabia


  1. يوسف الشمري

    يوسف الشمري22 days ago


  2. Heath slayer

    Heath slayer22 days ago

    where is my favs canadian super hero kevin and sami 😒😒.wwe u suck

  3. Naseema Lulat

    Naseema Lulat23 days ago

    This melts my heart ❤❤

  4. WWESuperstar512

    WWESuperstar51225 days ago

    Once again Mojo proves how dumb he is by breaking character. And he wonders why no one likes him or why he doesn’t get pushed

  5. YAM24

    YAM2425 days ago

    This video makes me love Mojo and I always already had love for Mark Henry

  6. MOH king

    MOH king25 days ago

    God Bless you this is nice very nice

  7. James 111

    James 11125 days ago

    Mojo is a good guy 💪💪

  8. boreduser12

    boreduser1225 days ago

    They kinda purposely didn't show that he is fluent in Arabic.

  9. kasha sh

    kasha sh26 days ago

    Greatest country of the world Saudi Arabia! Land of Islam and Muslims.

  10. Devrajsingh Balyasra

    Devrajsingh Balyasra26 days ago

    Is mojo is from saudi

  11. Hamodi El-Sheikh

    Hamodi El-Sheikh26 days ago

    This is a huge example of what Muslims/Arabs are like.. caring and loving and not what the media says at all.. all the bombings and the terrorism you guys see on T.V is just a personal act and does not represent us Muslims/Arabs..

  12. Dylan Flaherty

    Dylan Flaherty25 days ago

    It has something to do with your caring and loving comment. Saudi Arabia is in the dark ages at the moment

  13. Hamodi El-Sheikh

    Hamodi El-Sheikh25 days ago

    Dylan Flaherty what does that have to do with terrorism?

  14. Dylan Flaherty

    Dylan Flaherty26 days ago

    Hamodi El-Sheikh Where are the women in this video ?

  15. Rick Bart Riochet

    Rick Bart Riochet26 days ago


  16. Cdo Amigos Kid

    Cdo Amigos Kid26 days ago

    i am 4 hrs away from jeddah but i can't go there because i dont know if the tickets are all sold out

  17. Mohammed Bin ibrahim

    Mohammed Bin ibrahim26 days ago

    Cdo Amigos Kid the tickets are still available. I read that today

  18. Robert Chrisman

    Robert Chrisman26 days ago

    He really did *face* the kids, hey? 🤷‍♂️


    ROMADON BAYO ANGIN26 days ago

    Wwe To Indonesia🇲🇨pliss love you saudi Arabia

  20. rab7771

    rab777126 days ago

    ROMADON BAYO ANGIN Me too ya habibi

  21. the breaking news

    the breaking news26 days ago

    How can you tell Mojo is about to break out there showing him too much he's about to be the next big thing

  22. Tajhae Scott-Walls

    Tajhae Scott-Walls26 days ago

    We stay Hyped with Mojo Rawly

  23. Timothy Torres

    Timothy Torres26 days ago

    What a visit.

  24. سلمان مسملي

    سلمان مسملي26 days ago

    ياجماعه الحدث الي في جده يوم الجمعه ٢٧ ابريل ل WWE في بث مباشر راح يسووه؟ والي يعرف موقع او حساب يبث الفعاليه بث مباشر يقولي والله يجزاكم الف خير جميعا وشكرا لكم.

  25. سلمان مسملي

    سلمان مسملي26 days ago

    RAMI OTIB مشكور يا


    RAMI OTIB26 days ago

    سلمان مسملي منقول ع mbc action وksa sport ياذيبان

  27. Lauren Jones

    Lauren Jones26 days ago

    aww... so cute

  28. Lauren Jones

    Lauren Jones26 days ago

    can you guys come too west sacramento for raw one day please because i want to see jeff hardy,finn balor,ronda rousey, bayley, sasha banks, alexa bliss and `the woken worriers please im bagging you

  29. Rajvir Gaming

    Rajvir Gaming26 days ago

    If Aj Lee was still in wwe I would actually watch devas

  30. Mike Henry

    Mike Henry26 days ago

    A2 Plays hopefully Aj Lee returns

  31. A2 Plays

    A2 Plays26 days ago

    The current women’s division is much better than AJ Lee ever was. BTW, the women are main eventing WM35, it’s confirmed.

  32. Mike Henry

    Mike Henry26 days ago

    Rajvir Gaming true

  33. Vince McMahon

    Vince McMahon26 days ago


  34. asdf asdf

    asdf asdf26 days ago

    مافي احد عربي 🤔 الي عربي لايك خلونا نشوف كم ☺

  35. Arabic wrestling

    Arabic wrestling25 days ago

    asdf asdf هنا

  36. real paige

    real paige26 days ago


  37. Abel BAVDAZ

    Abel BAVDAZ26 days ago

    I"m a fan of Mojo Rawley since he has turned on Zack Ryder, I'm hoping that he'll have a push to have at least a minor championship like the United States or the Intercontinental Championship.

  38. Tally Jenkins

    Tally Jenkins26 days ago

    Mojo look like he special needs as well

  39. Faris the gamer Xd

    Faris the gamer Xd26 days ago

    Tally Jenkins that’s just wrong have some respect

  40. Daniel assassin

    Daniel assassin26 days ago


  41. علي الربعي

    علي الربعي26 days ago

    هلا والله بالنجوم قهر انا من الرياض لو أني في جدة كان من أول الحاضرين 😉 😎

  42. Stephen Dunn

    Stephen Dunn26 days ago

    Great video that was really nice

  43. برق رعد صاعقة مرعبة 100%

    برق رعد صاعقة مرعبة 100%26 days ago

    حياكم الله حياكم الله حياكم الله في المملكة العربية السعودية باكملها 100%

  44. عبدالله الصالحي

    عبدالله الصالحي26 days ago


  45. Cursed Asian / The Mining TNT

    Cursed Asian / The Mining TNT26 days ago

    Out of all superstars Mojo really a heel. Why not a face WWE why. FOR THIS PICK A FACE FOR THE KIDS.But really nice guy their

  46. Kevin Owens

    Kevin Owens26 days ago

    I’ve accomplished more then you Mojo.

  47. Neville WWE

    Neville WWE26 days ago

    mojo is great

  48. سعود قيمز999

    سعود قيمز99926 days ago

    احبك ي السعوديه

  49. Zane Vlogs

    Zane Vlogs26 days ago

    When I'm older me and my friend chase are gunna join wwe and were gunna be a heel tag team but then we will brake up after 3 years

  50. Vitiosus Audustum

    Vitiosus Audustum26 days ago

    Zane Vlogs what year are we talking? Cause if it really does happen I want to remember this day and say to myself this guy actually did it

  51. Elias Reings

    Elias Reings26 days ago

    this is Love GOD is Love 😇 believe in Roman Reigns is GOD oh yeah it's truth Believe 👊

  52. Dude Perfect JR.

    Dude Perfect JR.26 days ago


  53. Seth Freakin Rollins

    Seth Freakin Rollins26 days ago

    Wow. Mojo really is kind outside the ring. You can tell he loves the people in Saudi Arabia. The smile on the kids faces say it all. Respect. ❤.

  54. The Maxin

    The Maxin26 days ago

    Seth Freakin Rollins he's of middle eastern descent

  55. Amar Abidali

    Amar Abidali26 days ago

    good guy Mojo

  56. Happy Rusev Day

    Happy Rusev Day26 days ago


  57. Demore Gains

    Demore Gains26 days ago

    so glad no attention grabbing women were taken to saudi arabia. no self glory for anyone this a true team event just like the old pre-WWE days .

  58. Ash

    Ash25 days ago

    DeMore Gays

  59. Chester McNuggets

    Chester McNuggets26 days ago

    Demore Gains dude wtf female superstars aren’t “attention grabbers” their trying to make a living...

  60. Moonshine Shine

    Moonshine Shine26 days ago


  61. penalidade maxima

    penalidade maxima26 days ago


  62. DorsalStingray Playz

    DorsalStingray Playz26 days ago

    So cute

  63. Arabic wrestling

    Arabic wrestling26 days ago

    Kids always make heel superstars face

  64. thanos o fodão

    thanos o fodão26 days ago

    zack ryder disliked this

  65. Scott Fillingham

    Scott Fillingham25 days ago

    You know it

  66. 2kballer 2k18

    2kballer 2k1826 days ago

    WoooooWoooooWooo he hated it All Radio Yo Delete This Post With Mojo rhymes but foreal though Zack probably collecting toys from Toys R-Rus but foreal when he's going back I like his videos

  67. 2kballer 2k18

    2kballer 2k1826 days ago


  68. The Tess-Shocker

    The Tess-Shocker26 days ago

    lets be honest kids probbaly had no idea who he was

  69. HAMDAN B

    HAMDAN B24 days ago

    They do. all Saudi kids are obsessed with WWE.

  70. hosamo100

    hosamo10024 days ago


  71. Juan Rodriguez

    Juan Rodriguez26 days ago

    Now they Do

  72. Sammy

    Sammy26 days ago

    Not nice.

  73. Andrea Grossi

    Andrea Grossi26 days ago

    WWE Takes Over Saudi Arabia

  74. KairyuRazor 354

    KairyuRazor 35426 days ago

    Why use a jobber to do this? Is this a Push? Can mojo beat brock "crazy boobs" lesnar for the plastic champion? BAWH GAD JAI R

  75. syoma fukasaku

    syoma fukasaku26 days ago

    He is arabic descent so thats why they gave him this journey.

  76. Mahogany Steele

    Mahogany Steele26 days ago

    That was nice of him to do that. Having so much fun

  77. joseph brunet

    joseph brunet26 days ago

    First like 😀

  78. Mrpug 123

    Mrpug 12326 days ago

    The kids looks cute the kids

  79. Khalid Alshehri

    Khalid Alshehri26 days ago


  80. Nevaeh Makayla

    Nevaeh Makayla26 days ago

    Wow I’m early 😭😂

  81. Mikemo Ricaldi

    Mikemo Ricaldi26 days ago

    So now he is a face?

  82. syoma fukasaku

    syoma fukasaku26 days ago

    I think they just gave him this journey in Saudi because he is of Arab Descent.

  83. Jax

    Jax26 days ago


  84. Deathless

    Deathless26 days ago

    Zack Ryder doesn't need you. Woo woo woo. You know it.

  85. Ribery088

    Ribery08826 days ago

    The children have probably more wrestling talent than him

  86. Brian Pugh II

    Brian Pugh II26 days ago