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  1. Jasmin Derian Nataly

    Jasmin Derian Nataly42 minutes ago

    1:07 that’s when the actual action started

  2. Sister vs brothers Spears

    Sister vs brothers Spears45 minutes ago

    I 😢 cryed

  3. Sister vs brothers Spears

    Sister vs brothers Spears46 minutes ago

    Why they named him seven what is his middle name eight

  4. Arnell Long

    Arnell LongHour ago

    Yep, it was definitely the guys fault. I've never been in trouble with the Law but I'd never reach back into my vehicle AFTER the officer gave me orders. Doesn't matter what Race you are, it was a dumb move on the guy's part.

  5. Beach! Bitch?

    Beach! Bitch?Hour ago

    2:02 speak for yourself, find your voice... Every time i hear something like this i start thinking about our president Kim Namjoon!😭😍💜

  6. THV Movies

    THV Movies2 hours ago

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  7. rosewoods fashion house

    rosewoods fashion house4 hours ago

    this movie was so good, i feel pity for the victims. such a sad reality

  8. Webin Merga

    Webin Merga4 hours ago

    This movie is my best fever in 2018 and it's so so so best

  9. PrettyPuppygirl22

    PrettyPuppygirl225 hours ago

    when i heard "Same story diffrent name" I just paused the vid and pondered, BTW MY TEACHER IS READING THIS BOOK AND SHE REALLY LIKES IT SO GOOD JOB

  10. Poppy Hazzariana

    Poppy Hazzariana6 hours ago

    I love it

  11. Lila Rmf

    Lila Rmf7 hours ago

    What's the song at 1:48 please ?

  12. Jamaal Tone

    Jamaal Tone8 hours ago

    Men don't cry, I'm a man but please this movie broke me down.. Powerful movie well balanced

  13. Harshika

    Harshika9 hours ago

    Read the book, kinda super heartbreaking

  14. No cow level

    No cow level10 hours ago

    1:06 wow i love you. o_O

  15. 김해수

    김해수11 hours ago

    Omg I’m almost crying from that shooting scene just from the trailer

  16. Alexia Quinn

    Alexia Quinn12 hours ago

    I cried four times watching this movie tonight; it’s one of those rare films I could watch over and over again and never get tired of.

  17. vanessa ramdini

    vanessa ramdini12 hours ago

    OMG i already watch this, and this movie make me cry so hard. I'm asian btw, and the story so good 💕

  18. Aveyizeh Elasuv

    Aveyizeh Elasuv13 hours ago

    _I am a Caucasian. I hope you dumb Americans know what it means?! White! But, I hate white people. Specially snow-white ones. I would have kill them all. Do you want racism and kill black people? Here, a white girl loves BLACKS, hate whites and polices. I have met many black people. They have pure hearts, souls and good personalities. Stop killing them. You are jealous of them. Of their white teeth with beautiful smiles, nice characters, magnificent dark skins, healthy and fit bodies, talents etc. I mean look at them. So energetic, so alive. And you whites and polices don't let them stay alive! I just hate you._

  19. Josh

    Josh14 hours ago

    Do they show the ending too? Smh

  20. Burnt Vodka

    Burnt Vodka14 hours ago

    I JUST finished watching this about an hour ago It's Tuesday, Nov 20th (2018) 9.24 pm This made me cry when I was in this theatres

  21. Carla Chacon

    Carla Chacon15 hours ago

    I just watched this movie and I have never cried so much watching movies its one of my favorites now

  22. Jacquelin Moreno

    Jacquelin Moreno16 hours ago

    Bruh I saw this movie it was hella good

  23. Fatima Ramirez

    Fatima Ramirez17 hours ago

    This movie is amazing. It so touching. The part that surprised the heck out of me was were the little boy came out with the gun. I love this movie. It is my most favorite one.

  24. Lauryn Engler

    Lauryn Engler19 hours ago

    I think we should all be equal but it’s the guys fault he got shot. Was the cop just supposed to risk his his life if that was a gun he should not have been so stupid and watched the news and saw that cops are being harsher to black people so u rly should not mess around. If he was white the cop would still shoot him think about that.

  25. Ligma

    Ligma20 hours ago

    Anyways this movie is kind of stupid. A dumb black kid decides to defy authority and then gets shot. The officer wasn't wrong to shoot. Don't reach for anything when an officer is near you.

  26. Ligma

    Ligma20 hours ago

    "What did you do" Lol tf you think he did?

  27. Thelifeof Leon

    Thelifeof Leon21 hour ago

    I love this movie !

  28. Rama Elboshra

    Rama Elboshra22 hours ago

    He fineeee lol♥️♥️♥️

  29. James Pearson

    James Pearson23 hours ago

    Phenomenal film. Everyone should see this movie. Brilliant filmmaking. Movie of the year hands down.

  30. Pet Ty

    Pet Ty23 hours ago

    Sorry to be that person but how do you pronounce khalil I’m reading the book and don’t wanna watch the movie till I’ve finished it lmao

  31. Olivia

    OliviaDay ago

    The hate u have would’ve been more fitting

  32. Beatrice Elena

    Beatrice ElenaDay ago

    song ..........0:58

  33. ACDC

    ACDCDay ago

    Kian Lawley left the chat

  34. Abhishek Gautam

    Abhishek GautamDay ago

    I wonder when will Indians make movies like these to support depressed and lower cast , they don't have balls to face their bitter realty in their own society !!

  35. swirly apple

    swirly appleDay ago

    Watch it...i guarantee you , you wont waste 2 hours of ya life

  36. thesoldier

    thesoldierDay ago

    the strategy is to make people hate police officers, so they can easily convince them that civilians hate you thus won't listen to you, and the only way to stay safe is if the government introduces a police-state where cops are armed like soldiers and filled with hate while (((they))) give orders.

  37. Lala Licious

    Lala LiciousDay ago

    Underestimated it, good watch❤️

  38. Mikey Mike

    Mikey MikeDay ago

    Be like white folks and do exactly what the cop says. That's how we don't get shot.

  39. Taylor Harris

    Taylor HarrisDay ago

    I watched this movie. I cried really hard😩

  40. Khadro Samater

    Khadro SamaterDay ago

    I Just watched this. I never cry during movies, but in this I was a baby. Best movie of 2018 hands down.

  41. yaris bazira

    yaris baziraDay ago

    This is kinda based of a real life accident where a white men shot a black guy for 0 reasons till this day there are some that remember

  42. fandoms forever

    fandoms foreverDay ago

    i did my booktalk on this book in my school. i did the best in my class, i am so glad i got a chance to tell my class about this.

  43. Alina Sostmann

    Alina SostmannDay ago

    Got goosebumps just by the trailer

  44. Alina Sostmann

    Alina SostmannDay ago

    Got goosebumps just by the trailer

  45. Jules vanessa

    Jules vanessaDay ago

    this movie is good I just watch this

  46. Saeed Ranjbari

    Saeed RanjbariDay ago

    When sekani takes his dad's gun and aims on king That moment got me

  47. Luka Vidic

    Luka VidicDay ago

    Blue lives matter!

  48. Livie lops

    Livie lopsDay ago

    I haven't seen this film yet but this story is already so powerful just by watching the trailer. I'm glad that 2018 is full of strong messages like this.

  49. Sarah Keogh

    Sarah KeoghDay ago

    the hate u give little infants fucks everybody it means thug life that needs around of applause

  50. Sarah Keogh

    Sarah KeoghDay ago

    best movie ever

  51. Bitzzz_yt

    Bitzzz_ytDay ago

    “When you ready to talk you talk don’t ever let nobody make you be quiet” FACTS

  52. TMNTlover152 :3 [Timber]

    TMNTlover152 :3 [Timber]Day ago

    Watched the movie today for a field trip. It was worth it watching. Beautiful, just beautiful. Besides all the violence and swears it really shows a good message.

  53. Sebastiano Wiedemer

    Sebastiano WiedemerDay ago

    Want to watch this movie ! someone know song 1:45?

  54. bare_p

    bare_p2 days ago

    In an interview, Tupac said THUG LIFE was actually an acronym standing for 'The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everyone'. ... That came from my family and that's what thug life is. It's a mixture." He added: "When I say 'thug' I mean, not criminal or someone that will beat you over the head, I mean the underdog

  55. Natasha Romanoff

    Natasha Romanoff2 days ago

    Sere mi se vise od ovih crnaca

  56. Taqiyah Jacobs

    Taqiyah Jacobs2 days ago

    This movies was amazing. I cried throughout it 😭

  57. Philippe Beauchamp

    Philippe Beauchamp2 days ago

    The Hate U Give. Or THUG hehe. Just rewatch the last part of the trailer

  58. Ervette Powell

    Ervette Powell2 days ago

    this what happens to black people everyday and y'all don't even care true story this is the message to black people stick up for what u believe in don't let nobody take your culture out or your spirit for your community if y'all don't like this movie then y'all don't we go through this and it really happens u think y'all won but u will see we will rise and y'all will lose the battle between us u

  59. Robert Wheeler

    Robert Wheeler2 days ago

    Awesome movie

  60. Lovely. erika

    Lovely. erika2 days ago

    I walked out the movies with a river.🤧 first time I ever cried over a movie.

  61. patrick powell

    patrick powell2 days ago

    It sad

  62. 2011miles

    2011miles2 days ago

    Who unliked this!!!??

  63. Louise06100

    Louise061002 days ago

    I white and I've never experienced anything in my life that can compare to the black experience in America but I am human as is everyone, DESPITE skin colour. I stand in solidarity with those fighting police brutality and racism.

  64. Grape Koolaid

    Grape KoolaidDay ago

    Louise06100 much respect

  65. Ky Smith

    Ky Smith2 days ago

    Looks good but people say it'll make you cry so I'm good

  66. Joe Doe

    Joe Doe2 days ago

    The hate i give for stupid movies! Is a good name for this movie and yes i watched it.

  67. Joe Doe

    Joe Doe2 days ago

    I wish you people would stop making stupid movies like this!

  68. Nicki Diamond

    Nicki Diamond2 days ago

    7k Dislikes???

  69. Alim Kinte

    Alim Kinte3 days ago

    Hollywood is really trying to use this young lady to sell interracial relationship.


    inchbyinchseries.wordpress.com3 days ago

    Freedom ain't free It requires blood to be sacrificed War is the soldier taking the bullet So the innocent thousand won't have to The enemy spy sniper infiltrated our army

  71. Dirty King

    Dirty King3 days ago

    The whole story is a lie. Khalil is a Muslim name but buried according to Christianity way!!!!??

  72. Dirty King

    Dirty King3 days ago

    According to that trailer the black man tried to hit the officer, he freaked out and was in self defense mode therefore he killed the poor black man. Looks like the policeman is guilty! It's breaching the law or you're racist.


    inchbyinchseries.wordpress.com3 days ago

    Civil Rights was paid with blood where they died and bled by cops you must pay the cop hands with your blood for your rights


    inchbyinchseries.wordpress.com3 days ago

    Nothing changed since the South 1960's police brutality permitted by Southern politicians because your local party politicians you voted for are the same you permitted


    inchbyinchseries.wordpress.com3 days ago

    When people claim 'victim,' and relinquish their power has been shifted to the victor over the victim. Sheep to the slaughter


    inchbyinchseries.wordpress.com3 days ago

    Being a black man is a weapon to the black man himself because we turn the weapon on ourselves as victims which we create the opressor


    inchbyinchseries.wordpress.com3 days ago

    What do white cops and black lives matter have in common? "Hate begets hate; violence begets violence; toughness begets a greater toughness. We must meet the forces of hate with the power of love." -Martin Luther King Jr.

  78. T J

    T J3 days ago

    The most ignorant movie I’ve ever had to endure. Absolutely awful.

  79. kieraparis

    kieraparis3 days ago

    This movie is AMAZING 😍

  80. Alex Macias

    Alex Macias3 days ago

    PACs estate better be getting money off the title

  81. welcometomiaslife

    welcometomiaslife3 days ago

    This movie is amazing I love it’s about a true thing happens hate needs to stop

  82. Maxwhalington

    Maxwhalington3 days ago

    Why do people disobey cops when they tell you to keep your hands up? Just do it.

  83. QoP of Pain

    QoP of Pain3 days ago

    Better not do what the police officer told me and reach for something in the car!

  84. unknown 80083

    unknown 800833 days ago

    1:46 does anyone know the song ??? pls.

  85. Olive Iwegbu

    Olive Iwegbu3 days ago

    I’ve watched it! It was amazing!!! Going to watch it again😭

  86. itz_Shi Shi love

    itz_Shi Shi love3 days ago

    I just watched the movie today and I was in tears all lives matter 😢💖

  87. i am unknown

    i am unknown3 days ago

    This movie is so freakinnnn sad ❤️😭

  88. Nicci Nicci

    Nicci Nicci3 days ago

    I watched this movie and I have never cried so much it really showed me hw life for us people is a lot more harder than we think sometimes

  89. Em #LILSquad

    Em #LILSquad3 days ago

    That family actually sued the cops in real life but I feel so bad for that kid man

  90. Patrick Kelly

    Patrick Kelly3 days ago

    Ohoh star's dress code 100%

  91. wavy head Angèl

    wavy head Angèl4 days ago

    If u haven't watched the movie go and watch it you need to u won't regret it

  92. Erin Lucio

    Erin Lucio4 days ago

    this is a good movie

  93. Treyvon Sinclair

    Treyvon Sinclair4 days ago

    This movie changed my life! The most influential movie I have ever seen!

  94. Zoe Flemate

    Zoe Flemate4 days ago

    Haven't even watched the movie yet and I'm already crying

  95. Judas Iscariot

    Judas Iscariot4 days ago

    Reinforcing anti-police hysteria instead of teaching black youths how to behave responsibly. Nice job, Hollywood.

  96. Francinne Dewanti

    Francinne Dewanti4 days ago

    Ths movue was si good.

  97. Dave Dom

    Dave Dom4 days ago

    WTH is with this "omg he's takin sth out of the car i must shoot before i look" police attitude in US? In EU we don't do that crap. Policemen have to be willing to take a moment to make sure they're pullin the trigger when it's really needed. And yes that moment can be a crucial for your life BUT you knew that once u became a policemen. It's part of the job. Pullin the trigger earlier just cuz u r afraid of your life isn't police. That's a fked up amateur half of a human being. Afraid of your life and aren't willing to risk for it? Then don't become a policemen ffs. I guess US cops have to take example from EU cops when it comes to these issues... cuz this is just beyond terrible... Atleast i hope all these cops that drew their weapon too early are now rotting in jail.

  98. Carlinton Edwards

    Carlinton Edwards4 days ago

    I watched this movie yesterday good king lords went to jail in the movie I feel bad for the girl two of her friends died but she has other friends and family

  99. Rossana Espinola

    Rossana Espinola4 days ago


  100. Buxenwolf

    Buxenwolf4 days ago

    I haven’t seen the movie but what kind of person decides to reach for a hairbrush while being pulled over?

  101. bmounir

    bmounir4 days ago

    Shithole country