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  1. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth18 hours ago

    All this could have been avoided if he didn't reach for the brush

  2. boo boo bitch

    boo boo bitchDay ago

    Listen to me guys, we don't got any time. Our time is limited.

  3. Dana May

    Dana May2 days ago

    The hate people give is usually because of the hate they have received.

  4. boricua2814

    boricua28143 days ago

    This hole movie is about rasisim

  5. Strawberry Wolfie

    Strawberry Wolfie3 days ago

    Little Rue ❤️ She’s changed so much

  6. Rich N.

    Rich N.4 days ago

    Great movie. I felt like I knew what to expect but I'm glad I finally got around to watch it. Its heavy.

  7. #Moin gg

    #Moin gg4 days ago

    Schaut sich auch wer den Film mit der Schule an? Der gibt ein Like! Does anyone watch the movie with the school? He gives a like

  8. Tyrone Miles

    Tyrone Miles5 days ago

    I watched this movie and I give it 2 out of 5 stars Too much race baiting minus 1 star The interracial dating propaganda minus another star Issa rae minus another star The only good thing about this movie is that they had a masculine father and husband in the movie and not promote the single strong independent black mother bullcrap

  9. Martin Kalimukwa

    Martin Kalimukwa5 days ago

    I wanted to like this movie cause it was well filmed but I can't, to me its just spreading more hate.

  10. Masen Gromer

    Masen Gromer6 days ago

    Who here to hear Jids song in the trailer?

  11. ahwoofe

    ahwoofe6 days ago

    This movie is completely retarded I just watched it and the movie wasn't bad it's just that the whole thing they were protesting about was justified what the police officer did if the guy was arguing for no reason and asked to not move if u see him reach into the car and pull something about if that really was a gun the police officer doesn't have time to thing its me or him.

  12. 18 youngT

    18 youngT6 days ago

    I’ve watched this movie... *N* ow I’ve learned things from it too *O* ne thing, maybe more. *R* eally great things... *A* of the things about racism,hate,love much more. *C* ool right :/ So hope you did too. *I* t’s funny how some people are still racist. *S* eems like they just don’t get it. *M* yfriends are in this *no racism* thing too *A* nyway, I loved this 2 hour movie 😊 *L* ove the protest... that Starr gave.. “It’s not how he died, it’s how Kalihal lived!” *L* ove the trueness in it too *O* n the Title, “The Hate U Give” spells out thug! I love it. *W* ell, that’s what I think about the movie.. *E* veryone’s lives matter and are *allowed* to live *D* o the right thing. Hope you see what I see from what I wrote. ✊🏽❤️❤️ *sorry for spelling mistakes, just wanted you to get a message 😊😊😊*

  13. Miah O'Sullivan

    Miah O'Sullivan6 days ago

    If u don’t hear u feel... I don’t agree that the officer should’ve shot him but then again it’s also on him because he should’ve listened soooo 🤷🏽‍♀️

  14. Prince Menson

    Prince Menson7 days ago

    Starr is a star

  15. pro slother

    pro slother7 days ago

    But it will never changes that's the reality we are living in 😒

  16. pro slother

    pro slother7 days ago

    And it's still real today forks 😒

  17. Meep 2.5

    Meep 2.58 days ago

    I remember reading the book sometime in October 2017... book is better tbh, but that's my opinion, love both movie and book

  18. Kaelyn Marshall

    Kaelyn Marshall9 days ago

    “When your ready to talk, talk. Don’t let anyone ever make you be quiet” that hit hard 😪

  19. Laila Vaden

    Laila Vaden5 days ago

    Same , my daddy always tells me that

  20. Sophia gviz

    Sophia gviz9 days ago

    who else read the book first

  21. Lemel Covington

    Lemel Covington10 days ago

    She is so cringe as an actress. And I can tell she isn't "ghetto" in real life at all. I don't know if she's just a bad actress or what

  22. Drancoexperience

    Drancoexperience10 days ago

    Before you get a opinion on the movie you should watch it first and if you still confused read the book then watch again dat answer all your questions *@* me to

  23. Fez

    Fez10 days ago

    hey, lets make a movie about blaming white people for black peoples own misfortunes

  24. Payton Kate

    Payton Kate10 days ago

    My best friend who is WHITE was shot by a black police officer. Does that mean that the cop shot him because he was white? No that never once crossed my mind and still doesn’t. Not all cops are racist. Just because they shoot somebody who was a different race doesn’t make them a racist.

  25. Josh Miller

    Josh Miller10 days ago

    It's crazy how true the message of this movie continues to be.

  26. Mandarin Oranges

    Mandarin Oranges11 days ago

    Isn't Falcon suppose to save people? Not tryna trade drugs or something?

  27. André Flores

    André Flores9 days ago

    yeah first falcon got beat by ant man then by a toddler with a gun thats a whole lotta L's

  28. Coco Bo

    Coco Bo11 days ago


  29. Leon Dovahkiin

    Leon Dovahkiin12 days ago

    The movie had a few true points, I have to admit. Sadly they were lost in the racism of the movie itself. It perfectly showed the problem of society just seeing the thing and coming to a wrong conclusion, thus being racist again. Example, the scene where Starr's mother calls the one friend "Just a privileged white girl". The thing she said had nothing to do with the "privilege" she is suppost to have. Thus it is straight up racist but seen as ok because it's against the white. OK movie, good idea but too much racism itself.

  30. Rob Valentino

    Rob Valentino13 days ago

    I don’t even have to watch it .. Same story Everytime, police kill us , we march or riot for few days , but we’ll never come together as a whole to change it & stop them ..

  31. Shahrukh Rind Baloch

    Shahrukh Rind Baloch13 days ago

    awesome movie i love black people my Friend also Black

  32. One Punch Man

    One Punch Man13 days ago

    Those her actual parents right?

  33. Malay_ Jakay904

    Malay_ Jakay90413 days ago

    Best movie ever

  34. Immanuel Kothe-Evans

    Immanuel Kothe-Evans13 days ago

    the book was so much better

  35. Edward Kanja

    Edward Kanja14 days ago

    It was sad when he got shot

  36. Mal Mok

    Mal Mok14 days ago

    This movie is a masterpiece ... It s incrdible that it still happens . James Baldwin was wright ...nothing is going to change. Rise up people ...rise up.

  37. Mademoiselle licorne Berradia

    Mademoiselle licorne Berradia14 days ago

    1:07 what is the son ?

  38. redbaron2448

    redbaron244816 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂True happens everyday in the Getto😂😂😂😂🤗😂😂🤪🤪😎

  39. Josh Anderson

    Josh Anderson16 days ago

    If they don't win an academy award for this they'll cry racism... Pathetic

  40. AJ

    AJ15 days ago

    Josh Anderson No they won’t. If they don’t win they don’t win.

  41. RAGC Justin

    RAGC Justin16 days ago

    This movie is stupidity

  42. AJ

    AJ14 days ago

    RAGC Justin Nah dude you’re ugly stupid and ugly smart 😉

  43. RAGC Justin

    RAGC Justin15 days ago

    AJ Yeah I am pretty stupid that’s why I’m pretty smart

  44. AJ

    AJ15 days ago

    RAGC Justin Just like yourself.

  45. Daria Birtoc

    Daria Birtoc17 days ago

    This trailer is everything

  46. Gaming with brogan Nugget

    Gaming with brogan Nugget17 days ago

    So many black people...... am I the only white person on here

  47. poisoned honey

    poisoned honey19 days ago

    Spoiler: Hailey is a witch

  48. B L U R R E D

    B L U R R E D19 days ago

    DeVante you will be missed along with Nana I was hoping to see y’all

  49. Gary Lococo

    Gary Lococo20 days ago

    This is a really good movie

  50. Gacha-logic Tbc

    Gacha-logic Tbc20 days ago

    I was a little mad that this movie did not when the bet awards did

  51. cody rodes

    cody rodes20 days ago

    God bless the child that can hold his own...Tupac Shakur

  52. Victors Casas

    Victors Casas21 day ago

    Movies tend to give one sided views. This one was almost balanced. What’s sad is that even in the movie, disobey what the officer tells you and reach in a car you will more than likely get shot. Khalil did to himself.

  53. Q'yanna and Anaiah Squad

    Q'yanna and Anaiah Squad21 day ago

    Put this on netflix

  54. * Butterfly *

    * Butterfly *21 day ago

    I remember that we did a lesson on police shootings in social studies and we watched this movie. Let's just say, its a pretty sad movie.

  55. the tingler

    the tingler22 days ago

    I watched this movie like 5 times it's one of the most hilarious movies I've ever seen especially an when she found out her own people are doing it to her hilarious what a comedy keep it up blacks you guys are funny

  56. Justin Swain

    Justin Swain22 days ago

    Such a great movie! Really makes me angry and really opened my eyes. My favorite line was "When you ready to talk, you talk! Dont ever let anyone shut you up"!