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  1. Issa Romani

    Issa Romani38 seconds ago

    I’m so disappointed that they couldn’t get an actual darkskin girl to play the role in a movie about the struggles of a darkskin girl

  2. Ivan Ortiz

    Ivan Ortiz17 minutes ago

    She's mad white

  3. Zandi Pienaar

    Zandi Pienaar2 hours ago


  4. J_Jammer

    J_Jammer2 hours ago

    Ugh. Not interested. Because the crime that worse than this is the shootings that happen that no one talks about. I'm not about to see a film that glorifies .05% of shootings to make people angry. No thanks.

  5. Ananda Farah

    Ananda Farah3 hours ago

    So this is where Sam Wilson went after he turn into dust, well ok.

  6. memphis0

    memphis07 hours ago

    get ready.

  7. Colt R

    Colt R9 hours ago

    If he really reached in his car like he did, then that's his fault. He should of known better. A cop doesn't know if it's a gun or not. A lot of people ignore signs like this which just makes you ignorant. Hell, a person still reaches for a gun today and it's still the cops fault. SMH

  8. Donovan B

    Donovan B12 hours ago

    I don’t wanna see no white People in the movie theater

  9. Wizard Dude

    Wizard Dude12 hours ago

    cops aren’t gonna care what your race is, they will shoot you if they think you have a weapon. this movie just wants to promote cop hate and racism and I would not recommend seeing this.

  10. oyinbo peppe

    oyinbo peppe13 hours ago

    Did you know that if Black People left America crime would drop by half.

  11. karucci

    karucci13 hours ago

    “i didn’t name you Starr for a reason.” bruh, too real. i’m really anticipating this movie aghHHHH

  12. Sparx _

    Sparx _14 hours ago

    Wish he didn't reach for the hairbrush! Why would they change that?

  13. Jayme Lee

    Jayme Lee15 hours ago

    Bish this better be real! I looooved the book, I read it in like a week and I never read

  14. ૮. ʍѳ૨αl૯ઽ

    ૮. ʍѳ૨αl૯ઽ15 hours ago

    my psychology teacher made us read this book in 1 week because the movie's out next month. it's hella exciting though! i didn't regret reading it :)

  15. Karlos Colon

    Karlos Colon15 hours ago

    Can someone tell me the name of the first beat on the trailer please 🙏🏼

  16. Jeff Black

    Jeff Black16 hours ago

    Black person shoots white man= okay White person shoots black=riots and destruction of property throughout cities. I thought racism was over

  17. Nya hop

    Nya hop18 hours ago

    Bruhhh I read this two summers ago and it was hella good so now that there’s a movie I’m geeked

  18. Snchhskfjjdbbshcj Xudksjsbsjjicjsbuxjdidkkij

    Snchhskfjjdbbshcj Xudksjsbsjjicjsbuxjdidkkij18 hours ago

    Omg I need to see this

  19. Richard Andrews

    Richard Andrews22 hours ago

    She be named "The Hate U Get"

  20. Alyana vlogz

    Alyana vlogz23 hours ago

    This looks so good I have the book and the book is good so far

  21. Samdango

    SamdangoDay ago

    Notice not based on a true story

  22. Artem Chikrin

    Artem ChikrinDay ago

    Blacks killed by whites 2% Blacks killed by police 1% Blacks killed by blacks 97% Yet nobody cares, keep pushing your fake agenda

  23. TastyPopcorns

    TastyPopcornsDay ago

    Reading all those comments where people are saying that "we are once again victimizing" black people. (Said a black person, apparently) Or saying that the cop was right, that Khalil shouldn't have made a move... WORST, that the cop was scared and its NORMAL. No. It's not normal that he'll be scared at the point of killing a kid with 3 shots. 3 shots. Was it the only way he could of 'defend' himself? If he was that scared of "living a dangerous life" always in the center of crime he should have chosen to work in a kindergarten. Khalil got shot because of the preconcieved ideas of the cop. Because if he was black, he was 'probably' a gangster. He was 'probably' a dealer. He was 'probably' armed... even when he didn't found any guns on him. So it didn't matter. His life didn't matter. But the cop didn't know anything about him. He didn't even knew is name. He just presumed, he just took those assumptions to excuse the murder he later commited. But you know what? Black lives matter. Khalil life mattered.

  24. Dee Art Music Videos

    Dee Art Music VideosDay ago

    So she got this and darkest minds coming out in the same year

  25. Bianca Tamondong

    Bianca TamondongDay ago

    bruh i didn’t even know that was kj spa and when someone put the time i was like where is he OH THE GUY WITH BLACK HAIR

  26. Black Empress

    Black EmpressDay ago

    Amandla pretty wow

  27. Oscar B

    Oscar BDay ago

    Omg the anticipation is killing me!

  28. Kitt3n : 3

    Kitt3n : 3Day ago

    Oh look! More disingenuous, race hustling, divisive (((propoganda))) to purposely piss black people off even more; not that that's hard already.

  29. Boozer

    Boozer15 hours ago

    Kitt3n : 3 it’s based off a book

  30. Shanika TheLonerStoner

    Shanika TheLonerStonerDay ago

    We need to end racism

  31. Quishanty Coffy

    Quishanty CoffyDay ago


  32. Trip Hendrix

    Trip HendrixDay ago

    What Kanye West Song Is That In The Beginning?

  33. Sam Cypress

    Sam CypressDay ago

    I'm so ready for this, shiii😂

  34. Merj Lane

    Merj LaneDay ago

    I think it would be way better if the characters looked as they were described in the book. Starr was supposed to be dark skinned with an afro and Khalil was supposed to be light skin with green eyes. I read this book like last year so I think i remember it saying seven had dreads. None of the characters look as described in the book except for hailey and the parents I think. It just feels weird with these actors playing the roles. It kind of feels watered down to me for some reason

  35. WintesnowmanAJ PW

    WintesnowmanAJ PWDay ago

    I’m reading the book in my class

  36. Just Alexander

    Just AlexanderDay ago

    Bruh this is why I hate white people

  37. Brothers Karafuchov

    Brothers KarafuchovDay ago

    More hate against the police. Disgusting.

  38. Dezariyah Dent

    Dezariyah DentDay ago

    I'm reading the book

  39. Vivian Ma

    Vivian MaDay ago

    okay minor detail, but why did he grab that hairbrush?

  40. Crawford Flaherty III gaming

    Crawford Flaherty III gamingDay ago

    What is the last songs name

  41. Uchechiklein Onwuzulike

    Uchechiklein OnwuzulikeDay ago

    Amanda, kj APA and sabrina what what else could I ask for

  42. Clemmie Pinkerton

    Clemmie Pinkerton2 days ago

    This is hands down my favourite book of all time and I hope the movie lives up to it

  43. Aadam

    Aadam2 days ago

    Wow he only got a comb out wtf

  44. Life with Hope

    Life with Hope2 days ago

    i really wanna see this movie , even tho i do not support “Black lives matter” . I believe all lives matter , why pick out a specific race , yes black peoples get targeted a lot but what about the Mexicans ? all the other races ? but i really do wanna see this movie !

  45. allie massey

    allie masseyDay ago

    We say "Black Lives Matter" because , as the movie portrays, in this moment it's black lives that are targeted. Of course all lives matter, but that phrase was specifically created to belittle the BLM movement. I encourage you to watch the movie and read the book, maybe it will help you understand <3

  46. Aya Wael

    Aya Wael2 days ago

    0:22 song??

  47. Rae Jones

    Rae Jones2 days ago

    I went to a screening. A really great movie!

  48. Glitz Garcia

    Glitz Garcia2 days ago

    Starr & Chris!!!

  49. Matthew

    Matthew2 days ago

    Is my man J.I.D in the background music

  50. Tammy Lewis

    Tammy Lewis2 days ago

    I think Amandla is perfect for the role of Starr as she describes herself as a mix between her light skinned mother and dark skinned father.

  51. Stephen Monclova

    Stephen Monclova2 days ago

    What song is that at 0:23 I can’t remember for the life of me

  52. Valery Martin

    Valery Martin2 days ago

    the book made me cry

  53. Madi

    Madi3 days ago

    Regina, algee, and Amandla my favvvvvvssss

  54. S.A

    S.A3 days ago

    I'm so excited!!!!!!! This film screams real talk

  55. Nkeiruka-Jennifer Ezirim

    Nkeiruka-Jennifer Ezirim3 days ago

    I read dis book. AMAZING

  56. Safwah K

    Safwah K3 days ago

    I need this book!!!

  57. Ernie Brown

    Ernie Brown3 days ago

    LMAO you whites hate when we make these movies because you know were ready for war.

  58. Timothy Winburn

    Timothy Winburn3 days ago

    Cop shoots a black all hell breaks lose, blacks shoots a black.......i didn't see anything, cop shoots a white doesn't even make the news, white shoots a white 60 yrs for manslaughter......just saying

  59. Ernie Brown

    Ernie Brown3 days ago

    Black on black crime is one of the most talked about crimes stfu.

  60. Alexandra Salcedo

    Alexandra Salcedo3 days ago

    This book is sooo good I hope I like the movie✊

  61. Deaira Moore

    Deaira Moore3 days ago

    Currently reading this book💙💙💙

  62. John White

    John White3 days ago

    More crybaby bullshit from the black community and the left. It seems blacks think they are in some kind of civil rights movement, lol. I hate to break it to you by saying you are not. The problem for the black community is black people. As a general rule, your race is lazy, and you act mentally with a third world mentality. You are easily manipulated by the democratic party, all they have to do is tell you that you are victims and promise you free stuff, at the expense of others. The biggest threat facing a black person isn't the cops, it's being shot by another black person but instead acknowledging the truth you prefer to kneel to the Democratic party and play the victim of the evil white man. The same white man that fought and died for the freedoms you enjoy today. If you are black you are not a victim, nobody owes you anything. Grow up, man up and work. Strive, fail and succeed by your own doing.

  63. John White

    John White2 days ago

    Of course, why would you pay attention to it? Why would you pay attention to the slaughter that black people are facing in cities across America, why would you pay attention to the number of abortions black women are having? Why would you pay attention to the number of fatherless children among black kids? I get it, paying attention to those things you won't be able to be the victim of the white man.

  64. Ernie Brown

    Ernie Brown3 days ago

    I replied to this to just tell my ppl in the comments to not pay attention to this.

  65. Lorna Hamilton

    Lorna Hamilton3 days ago

    If you guys haven’t already go get the book it’s so good

  66. Bbg. Raimely

    Bbg. Raimely3 days ago

    I’m reading the book rn is really good

  67. FalloutJay

    FalloutJay3 days ago

    He was about to stab the cop lol that’s why he got shot

  68. musically sounds

    musically sounds3 days ago

    I love the story and can't wait for the movie. I'm just mad that they made the color of the hoodie Starr wore red, its suppose to be blue like in the book

  69. Madalyn B

    Madalyn B3 days ago

    gets me emotional every time

  70. Adena M

    Adena M3 days ago

    This movie looks great, has an important message.

  71. Mario Centeio

    Mario Centeio3 days ago

    All the people who disliked this🖕🏽

  72. Nathan Warnecke

    Nathan Warnecke4 days ago

    🔴 *The Hate U Give* fiIm available here: Unglaublicher film! Sehr zu empfehlen, es auszuprobieren!

  73. Zarina Asghari

    Zarina Asghari4 days ago

    O m g

  74. tamzin mcghee

    tamzin mcghee4 days ago

    this looks amazing

  75. Nana Abena Darkowaah

    Nana Abena Darkowaah4 days ago

    Goosebumps throughout the whole trailer.

  76. Moyo Gaming

    Moyo Gaming4 days ago

    Love seeing the whole "why is there a light skin actor playing a black character". Man, I love seing "progressives" shoot themselves in the foot by making these slightly racist comments.

  77. Moyo Gaming

    Moyo Gaming4 days ago

    I believe you should never judge a book by its cover, so I'll watch the film, see what its trying to say, and judge it souley on the content of the film and not just the trailers. If I can get a new perspective of the entire debate, then I'll start judging, but until that, all i I have to say is it looks like they really picked some good actors for these roles and the tone of the trailers at least held my attention and left me wanting to see more.

  78. Imane Jhr

    Imane Jhr4 days ago

    this. is so heavy. YES.

  79. silly sophie

    silly sophie4 days ago

    The book was r good for a debut. Still had the same trashy young adult feel to it. Repetitive with a disappointing ending. 3 stars.

  80. Sieana Dinwiddie

    Sieana Dinwiddie4 days ago

    I can't wait til this comes out🙌🙌🙌🙌

  81. Irie2286

    Irie22864 days ago

    Just finished this book. Don't know if I can see the movie cause honestly I still have feelings that I haven't gotten over

  82. Stephanie Willocks

    Stephanie Willocks4 days ago

    Excited to see this because I have so many students reading the book--bought copies last spring and couldn't keep them in the room for someone calling next. I have to say, though, I do not like that the trailer seems to lose some of the most important nuances of the text concerning race. We'll see. This couple of minutes shows changes that don't suit, but maybe the broader context will work.

  83. May floweret

    May floweret4 days ago

    This migth be the best movie yet

  84. RWBY Maidens

    RWBY Maidens4 days ago

    *black panther 2*

  85. TaehyunglovesJiminsJuicyLips 1517

    TaehyunglovesJiminsJuicyLips 15174 days ago

    Currently reading this book for our club called project lit and cannot wait for us to see the movie!!!

  86. Supergirl

    Supergirl4 days ago

    Ruby. Luscious. Sam . Falcon. This is where you faded to

  87. Supergirl

    Supergirl4 days ago

    Lamar. West Oh my gosh

  88. Ellie_zabeth

    Ellie_zabeth4 days ago

    Omg I just finished reading the book and I didn't know there was a movie I'm so excited to see it!!!!

  89. Alyssa And Stuff

    Alyssa And Stuff4 days ago

    I got so many chills. Wow.

  90. Noah Lion

    Noah Lion4 days ago

    I NEED to see this movie if I don’t see I ain’t gonna be happy😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  91. Nick C

    Nick C4 days ago

    Excited for this.

  92. Lauren Moran

    Lauren Moran4 days ago

    wow this trailer gave me literal chills

  93. Daniela13

    Daniela135 days ago

    Loving to see Amanda Stenberg so active!

  94. Micha van der Lee

    Micha van der Lee5 days ago

    can you believe that kian lawley almost had the role that kj appa is playing now?

  95. thatgyaliman

    thatgyaliman5 days ago

    What song is it that starts at 0:23??? Someone pleaseeeee let me know!!!!

  96. Mona moon

    Mona moon5 days ago

    1:07 what is the song?

  97. YFTRD21

    YFTRD215 days ago

    Also not to be rude but could you swap the last song with Zedd's Beautiful now?

  98. Tay Nes

    Tay Nes5 days ago

    Yessss! Finally I've been waiting and now my dream has come true!

  99. Tay Nes

    Tay Nes5 days ago

    I've read the book 3 times.

  100. Cortez Taylor

    Cortez Taylor5 days ago

    I wanna see this movie

  101. Samia Abdulle

    Samia Abdulle5 days ago

    Amandla is in every movie starring a black girl Give someone else a chance boo.

  102. Leslie Pharose

    Leslie Pharose5 days ago

    The book is amazing

  103. warnerg80

    warnerg805 days ago

    Love these make believe movies. You want the truth. Read “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry” by colin flaherty. If you’re too lazy watch his videos. Hell, do yourself a favor and watch the documentary called Spanish Lake. Remember the truth (not the movies or fake news) will set you free.

  104. Dixie Normous

    Dixie Normous5 days ago

    This young man died because he lacked common sense.

  105. Lillian Poundcake

    Lillian Poundcake5 days ago

    Oh gurl, stop. This is promoting ethnic cleansing in our own communities. If you're Black, OWN IT. Stereotyping it to be this classless empire is terrible. I went to one of the worst high schools in America, predominantly Black and I was so proud to be part of it. It's not where you're from its who you are. This film is classist and discriminatory. I'm ending it.

  106. Mr Tiddles

    Mr Tiddles6 days ago

    Great. Another reason for black people to hate police. Genuinely this is just gonna incite more violence and hatred. Good job you retarded liberal movie producers

  107. Rubin van Velthoven

    Rubin van Velthoven6 days ago

    It's his own fault isn't it mate