1. NikkieTutorials

    NikkieTutorials11 days ago


  2. Sophie Leibl

    Sophie LeiblHour ago

    NikkieTutorials damn! I love your foundation 😍

  3. Qureshi Heena

    Qureshi Heena10 hours ago

    Ofcourse Yes. You're The Queen 👸🏻

  4. Th3lite

    Th3lite2 days ago

    Green is my favorite color. I’m surprised you concealed because your foundation covered it all.

  5. Oy Vey Thats Pretty Gay

    Oy Vey Thats Pretty Gay3 days ago

    Green thumbs up

  6. Sean M

    Sean M19 minutes ago

    You must not like plants / Mother Nature.

  7. Romancelovemii

    Romancelovemii26 minutes ago

    first biggest youtuber ive ever heard talking about eurovision haha.

  8. Janine Marie

    Janine Marie35 minutes ago

    This is bomb😍🔥

  9. Erica B

    Erica B36 minutes ago

    Nikki, you murdered it. I love that you stepped out of your comfort zone to create a look like this!! i just noticed as well that you are almost to 10MILLION SUBS!!! chick you are killing it:) much love from Austin, Tx

  10. Student Hudson

    Student HudsonHour ago

    my fave color is GREEN! but next time do green makeup as in good for the environment

  11. Lieke Markhorst

    Lieke MarkhorstHour ago

    Leuke video en ook origineel dat je als thema groen doet leukkkk🍀💚💚😊

  12. someoneStolemycat

    someoneStolemycat2 hours ago

    hmmm still not digging the green color but you slayed this!

  13. Mishh Quiz

    Mishh Quiz2 hours ago

    Can you do the voilet challenge

  14. Mishh Quiz

    Mishh Quiz2 hours ago

    This is my first time at your channel

  15. Abby Williamson

    Abby Williamson3 hours ago

    Okay am I the only one that was like "how is this a challenge?" It's just green eyeshadow and green lipstsick.

  16. Kit-tea Kat

    Kit-tea Kat3 hours ago

    netta/israel won eurovision

  17. foxesandclouds

    foxesandclouds3 hours ago

    if it wasn't a green challenge, i would have paired that eye with a red lip since they're complimentary colours ❤💚❤💚

  18. elinannaregina

    elinannaregina4 hours ago

    Green is my favorite colour and this look is basically what dreams are made of

  19. elinannaregina

    elinannaregina4 hours ago

    Maybe a different lip though 😏

  20. Meghan Williams

    Meghan Williams5 hours ago

    did someone say princess fiona

  21. Femmy

    Femmy6 hours ago

    Green suits you

  22. Delia Dede

    Delia Dede7 hours ago

    Totally green is my life💚💚💚

  23. Anu Bhutani

    Anu Bhutani7 hours ago

    U have green eyed

  24. caktuslps

    caktuslps8 hours ago

    omg nickieeeeee immmmm froommmm lithuania

  25. Elsa-Lee Treasure

    Elsa-Lee Treasure9 hours ago

    Gurl! You did an AMAZZZZING JOB! You look absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! I don’t like green AT ALL & you nailed this look! 2nd time watching this!!!! Xo PLEASE try to list where you buy the pieces of jewelry you wear during these tutorials:)

  26. Lionhearted626

    Lionhearted62613 hours ago

    You’re so entertaining.

  27. Ncris

    Ncris13 hours ago

    Can you do a bridal makeup look

  28. PurpleNinjas4eva

    PurpleNinjas4eva13 hours ago

    Omg she talks through her nose and all I can hear is a tiny snort when she says certain things

  29. tea

    tea15 hours ago

    *GeT oUt Of My SwAmP*

  30. tea

    tea15 hours ago

    shrek is shookkkkk

  31. Kalyn Palleria

    Kalyn Palleria16 hours ago

    I love this look on you so much 🤤

  32. Varinia Ginyard

    Varinia Ginyard16 hours ago

    Green is my go to

  33. Kearstin Schiaffo

    Kearstin Schiaffo16 hours ago

    *Green is not a creative color...*

  34. Virginia Rodriguez

    Virginia Rodriguez16 hours ago

    Love it💚💚

  35. KayGurlMarie

    KayGurlMarie17 hours ago

    Can we please talk about that barely any green fallout? Like girl yes my dream for no fallout.

  36. Sarah FreeHugsRubin

    Sarah FreeHugsRubin19 hours ago

    Im living for this look

  37. Highlight Queen

    Highlight Queen20 hours ago

    “ I’m gonna grab the colored green by it’s balls........ and make it work “ best line ever 😂😂😂😂😂💚💚💚💚💚💚 You did an amazing job , it was like a Mother Nature look which is stunning 🍃🌱🌺

  38. TessenX

    TessenX21 hour ago

    I actually really like the fact that you worked out of your comfort zone and still managed to make a very nice green hued look, it looks great :D Perhaps you can do every colour in the rainbow (Yellow makeup challenge, Red, etc)

  39. Мария Славова

    Мария Славова22 hours ago

    💚🐸🐊🐢🐍🐲🐉🌱🌲🌳🌴🌵🌾🌿🍀🍈🍏🍐🗾🏕🏞🌄🚊🚞🚋🛣🛤🎄🎋🎍⛳🎮📗💴💵💶💷💸📜💉🔚➗🆙🈯Greeeeeeen! 🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬

  40. Fatma Albannay

    Fatma Albannay22 hours ago

    green is my fav color

  41. official leoni

    official leoni22 hours ago

    Can you do a Red Makeup? ❤️❤️

  42. Kelly Chen

    Kelly Chen22 hours ago

    if you added a dark green wig it would make the look so good for halloween


    THE JOJO SHOW22 hours ago

    My fav color is green!!!

  44. yασιvкσσкωιfєυ fυנσѕнι gιяl

    yασιvкσσкωιfєυ fυנσѕнι gιяl22 hours ago

    awww bulgaria👀👀

  45. Nikki Hurley - Cheyne MS (1494)

    Nikki Hurley - Cheyne MS (1494)22 hours ago

    U look like hulks AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL WIFE!💚💚💚💚💚

  46. Isabella Blake

    Isabella Blake23 hours ago

    10 MIL NIKKIE!!!!

  47. Emma Olsson Thorell

    Emma Olsson Thorell23 hours ago

    I'm thinking more Poison Ivy rather than Hulk. I like it!

  48. Iman OUIDAD

    Iman OUIDAD23 hours ago

    Les français vous etes ou ????

  49. Princess Star

    Princess StarDay ago

    Can you please do a blue makeup

  50. Loki

    LokiDay ago

    She must hate St Patrick's day 😂😂😂🍀

  51. Sheep Mania

    Sheep ManiaDay ago

    For the erovision, dont u think that england had an unfair chance because of the guy


    MY-CHELLEDay ago

    wow looking delicious 🌹👍🏾

  53. Nadya Atanasova

    Nadya AtanasovaDay ago


  54. Aida Musa

    Aida MusaDay ago

    Im very proud of you you rock ANY look I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH

  55. Eurovision Fan

    Eurovision FanDay ago

    Im a BIG fan of Eurovision!! Im from Norway, but i an woting for Israel and Sweden

  56. Eurovision Fan

    Eurovision FanDay ago

    I mean am not an😂

  57. Amber Davison

    Amber DavisonDay ago

    can you do the blue make up challenge ?

  58. Ariel Weinstein

    Ariel WeinsteinDay ago

    I was routing for Netta Barzilai the whole way!!!!! I'm so proud of her! But I am even MORE proud that you made it through for this challenge!!

  59. _Ciara. Smyth_

    _Ciara. Smyth_Day ago

    Unm how u do dose brows guurrll

  60. Khunt Phucker

    Khunt PhuckerDay ago

    ...need more makeup, can still see your face...

  61. Emma Baxevani

    Emma BaxevaniDay ago

    Nikki talking about Cyprus and me being Greek...

  62. Allie V

    Allie VDay ago

    Idk why but I am getting some serious Bratz Doll vibes from this look

  63. amanda noah

    amanda noahDay ago

    Top top top lindo lindo lindo amei

  64. Sevval Ayyildiz

    Sevval AyyildizDay ago

    Ay bide bunu çıkarması var

  65. Daria Staneva

    Daria StanevaDay ago

    I am from Bulgaria 🇧🇬 and I love the singer who sang the song in Eurovision

  66. Kate Laurenciano

    Kate LaurencianoDay ago

    I actually hate green HAHAHA

  67. cloviss jade

    cloviss jadeDay ago

    it looks great tho

  68. Fashion life style

    Fashion life styleDay ago

    do you even math bro?

  69. Elina

    ElinaDay ago

    I love Eurovision! I voted Denmark! That viking theme was amazing!

  70. LillyBear42

    LillyBear42Day ago

    but youve worn green before? i dont get why you dont like it..looks good on you.

  71. Nurul Wardani

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  72. Lilou Victoria Kruijmer

    Lilou Victoria KruijmerDay ago

    Pls Nederland video pls

  73. Demi Meerbeek

    Demi MeerbeekDay ago

    Omgggg Nikki je hebt bijna 10m subsssss 😱😱💕

  74. ltlklr girl

    ltlklr girlDay ago

    Did you notice that she didn’t show us how she does her eyebrows.

  75. Elizzybeth

    ElizzybethDay ago

    You should do this with other colours

  76. Theodosia Goodman

    Theodosia GoodmanDay ago

    The color green is what I need in my wallet lol but now it’s blue 😂😂😂