1. NikkieTutorials

    NikkieTutorials8 months ago


  2. Ella Hartin

    Ella Hartin10 days ago

    I have the same beauty blender as you (Except it's orange) It works so well!

  3. Halle Conlon-Oates

    Halle Conlon-Oates15 days ago





  5. lavanya Murugan

    lavanya Murugan21 day ago

    I'm proud of so much...good job😂

  6. Maryam Zafar

    Maryam Zafar27 days ago

    NikkieTutorials you don't look good with this kind of hair

  7. Laura Adriana

    Laura AdrianaHour ago

    Green is my favorite 😁😁😁😍😍😍😍

  8. Elisavet Marakaki

    Elisavet MarakakiHour ago

    Eleni is from Greece. One of my favs!!

  9. Monika Lasecka

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  10. Kemberleigh Purvis

    Kemberleigh Purvis11 hours ago

    Nikkie's hatred for green is the same as my hatred for yellow. I just despise the color yellow and I have no idea why. Literally every shade of yellow makes me want to vomit.

  11. ayşe ersarı

    ayşe ersarıDay ago

    You lot of cute

  12. David Garner

    David Garner2 days ago

    Wicked green.

  13. Amelinka N

    Amelinka N2 days ago

    She have polish pallet!!! Everybody from polish comments!

  14. Alice B

    Alice B4 days ago

    If did I did this I would probably pick red makeup. I don't like red.

  15. Mirna&Iva&Nera YT

    Mirna&Iva&Nera YT4 days ago

    pickles are quaking

  16. Lil.Diddies

    Lil.Diddies4 days ago

    i love love love the eyes

  17. Floor Lorier

    Floor Lorier5 days ago

    When did you do you eyebrows??

  18. Yitong Bai

    Yitong Bai6 days ago

    “The best primer of 2018” LOL 2019 NOW LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!

  19. Yitong Bai

    Yitong Bai6 days ago

    Damn! The grinch is SHOOKETH! And so am I, seriously. I can’t even match the shade of foundation to my face...

  20. Victoria O'Rourke

    Victoria O'Rourke6 days ago

    You should do a challenge where you buy ur makeup blindfolded from Safiya

  21. Payden Stdenis

    Payden Stdenis6 days ago

    Slytherin whooo

  22. Angelika Abela

    Angelika Abela8 days ago

    Did u like Malta

  23. Angelika Abela

    Angelika Abela8 days ago

    Have u heard the Maltese singer

  24. Bianca Luca

    Bianca Luca9 days ago

    Am i the only one who loves the colour green?

  25. SuperDiDi lafertin

    SuperDiDi lafertin10 days ago

    hoi miep dit kan je lezen hihihi

  26. SuperDiDi lafertin

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  27. How to me Cutie Loulie

    How to me Cutie Loulie10 days ago

    How many make up do you have

  28. Blackpink Is the Revolution

    Blackpink Is the Revolution11 days ago

    I always saw that nars mirror everytime u doing ur tutorial

  29. Alwayscreative1

    Alwayscreative111 days ago

    I'm not gonna lie I might do this look for my Poison Ivy Cosplay :)

  30. Riri ur

    Riri ur12 days ago

    It's looking very good!!

  31. Liszandra Echavarria

    Liszandra Echavarria12 days ago

    I may end up doing this eye look for my babyshower😍

  32. Eia Casanova

    Eia Casanova12 days ago

    Rain Drop Drop Top Get this comment now to the top top!😂🙏

  33. Saima Bhuiyan

    Saima Bhuiyan12 days ago

    8:24 her bronzer is my face powder

  34. Scree Scree

    Scree Scree12 days ago

    CHEZ RUPUBLICK! (I hope that i spelled that right😂)

  35. Karina Ceplaite

    Karina Ceplaite12 days ago

    Hi I am a fan of you and I'm from Lithuania🇱🇹. Sorry if there's mistakes in this comment. But you probably don't care

  36. malaika jeralle

    malaika jeralle13 days ago

    i still cant believe shes 6ft 2

  37. jayla valdivia

    jayla valdivia13 days ago

    The noise she made at 9:57

  38. Daniela _Daniela

    Daniela _Daniela13 days ago

    You look so good when you were green why do you hate it?

  39. Marieke Schuiling

    Marieke Schuiling13 days ago

    omdat je 'De Mol' bent?!

  40. Wessel Top

    Wessel Top12 days ago

    dat is waar

  41. Just me Mili

    Just me Mili13 days ago

    I am from Bulgaria andd.....I love uuu❤️❤️😻🤪🤞🏻

  42. Sofia Hassan burns

    Sofia Hassan burns13 days ago

    I’m not a fan of green

  43. Sofia Hassan burns

    Sofia Hassan burns13 days ago


  44. Lianne Elings

    Lianne Elings14 days ago

    Is dit een wie is de mol hint? 💁‍♀️💚

  45. Tylor Olivier

    Tylor Olivier14 days ago

    Are you kidding me green looks good on you

  46. cara

    cara14 days ago

    I love the colour green it makes me think of a big forest with the sun shining through the trees. Not hulk lmao

  47. BrookeDudleyy

    BrookeDudleyy14 days ago

    green is my fav color

  48. Dawn Cerise

    Dawn Cerise14 days ago

    Gorgeous, as always, but green lips are also ALWAYS a no ;)

  49. Yatayoki

    Yatayoki14 days ago

    Green is my all time favorite color lol

  50. ☆☆Mandy☆☆

    ☆☆Mandy☆☆14 days ago

    Obsessed with this green!!!!

  51. Hailey Larsen

    Hailey Larsen14 days ago

    I love how Nikkie is shocked everytime she puts highlighter on like she doesnt know its gonna look amazing 😂

  52. Madeline Boyd

    Madeline Boyd14 days ago

    Please tell me what blush brush you are using it looks so soft

  53. Madeline Boyd

    Madeline Boyd14 days ago

    I agree

  54. Emmy Becker

    Emmy Becker14 days ago

    dude, i know you don't really like Green, bug i think it is the color that suits you the most! xx

  55. Evi & Bente

    Evi & Bente15 days ago

    In vind het zooo leuk dat me meedoet aan wie is de mol😋

  56. Britney Mcmullen

    Britney Mcmullen15 days ago

    I hate green to

  57. Tiana Franken

    Tiana Franken15 days ago

    Hang on when did you do your eyebrows

  58. Meike Ligthart

    Meike Ligthart16 days ago

    This looks so much like Ariana's green look🖤

  59. Liepa Liepukas

    Liepa Liepukas16 days ago

    Did you say Lithuania😱 ooo mm ggg Lithuania is one of my favorite too and it's my country

  60. Elija Gustainytė

    Elija Gustainytė17 days ago

    Did i hear that right?? Lithuania?? nobody ever mentions us!

  61. Rania Kotsifa

    Rania Kotsifa17 days ago

    Yayyyyyy I am greek!

  62. Melanie zamotoe

    Melanie zamotoe17 days ago

    To be honest if she does like almost any color I think she will slay

  63. fly girl

    fly girl17 days ago

    Why your eyebrows not green

  64. Pineapple Squad

    Pineapple Squad17 days ago

    It’s kinda weird cause green is my favorite color...

  65. Lamma Girl 234

    Lamma Girl 23418 days ago

    niki needs to do a new eyebrow tourial

  66. Abigail Martin

    Abigail Martin18 days ago

    That’s a really cute palette

  67. Megan gibson

    Megan gibson19 days ago

    You're wearing a green top

  68. Lithuania Ball

    Lithuania Ball19 days ago

    You talking about green is like me talking about *pink,* yes i said pink, and i'm a girl.

  69. El mundo de Milena Y

    El mundo de Milena Y19 days ago

    You are beautiful

  70. Devyn Rockey

    Devyn Rockey19 days ago

    Lucky girlfriend I have been doing good time with you honey love ya

  71. Dianax

    Dianax20 days ago

    From where the highlighter????

  72. Ge3K G1rl

    Ge3K G1rl20 days ago

    I personally love the green look on you Probably because I love the colour green

  73. FionnaTheHedgehogYT

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  74. BuggerIt90

    BuggerIt9020 days ago

    You're so adorable, love ya so much xoxox 💕❤️😍😘

  75. Marija Maksimovic

    Marija Maksimovic20 days ago

    love you for loving cyprus on eurovision! she was amazing! i liked moldova as well! all their songs are so happy each year

  76. Kris Weideman

    Kris Weideman20 days ago

    I love your eyes.

  77. Sister Grande

    Sister Grande21 day ago

    wig? Snatched

  78. Klance 123

    Klance 12322 days ago

    💚👽green is the best👽💚

  79. Stob It S T O P I T

    Stob It S T O P I T22 days ago

    Nikkie would literally barf if she saw my closet...its full of army green things

  80. Julie Steels

    Julie Steels22 days ago

    You look beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

  81. melissa bucklee

    melissa bucklee23 days ago

    I hate sertan greens but I love the color green blue black and white

  82. Azgin goz Imii

    Azgin goz Imii23 days ago

    😚😚😇😇 I like it it's soooooo prty 😎😎

  83. Sultana Tamimi

    Sultana Tamimi25 days ago

    Stunning 💚💚💚💚

  84. me my friends and I

    me my friends and I25 days ago

    She didnt list her eye brows

  85. Jc Scott

    Jc Scott25 days ago

    💚I loved this challenge!!💚

  86. Olivia Blake

    Olivia Blake25 days ago

    Green is ma favorite color lmao

  87. Kate Bossler

    Kate Bossler26 days ago

    The color green looks so good on her though!!

  88. a gay man

    a gay man26 days ago

    This is my fav look shes ever done

  89. Katerina Mikaelson

    Katerina Mikaelson27 days ago

    I love green😂

  90. Phem Dang

    Phem Dang27 days ago

    My brothers favorite color is green don’t show him this video

  91. oXRomyXo

    oXRomyXo27 days ago

    Hey guys, it's me, *hulkie* hello

  92. Bareerah Hossain

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  93. Nocturne

    NocturneMonth ago

    ya girl's ready for St Patrick's day!

  94. Chloe- yoyo6

    Chloe- yoyo6Month ago

    Plz do a all pink

  95. Fatoş Maniler

    Fatoş ManilerMonth ago

    İam from cyprus❤️

  96. Athena Harter

    Athena HarterMonth ago

    Love but hate

  97. Orla

    OrlaMonth ago

    “I hate green” *Is literally wearing green*

  98. White Rose

    White RoseMonth ago

    I know this was done months ago but think it's ironic as I decided to do green today & this came up in my feed. I don't do apple greens though I do more minty greens. Yet love all greens but agree you have to be particular with it in make-up. Love it though!

  99. amuna amuna

    amuna amunaMonth ago

    Yeeeeeee you mentiod Lithuaniaaaa 😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😙😗😚

  100. can we get 10k subs plz

    can we get 10k subs plzMonth ago

    Love from Lithuania

  101. Morgan Rust

    Morgan RustMonth ago

    I guess you could say the color green makes you a Grinch

  102. Kim Miller

    Kim MillerMonth ago

    I love green

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  106. princesaguerrera5119

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    Idk but I looove green lol. Love this look

  107. Amani Amori

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  108. Dylli Skweep

    Dylli SkweepMonth ago

    Hey Nikki ik had jou in een reclame gezien!!! ❤️