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  2. cupcake shadow

    cupcake shadow7 days ago

    NikkieTutorials I live in Lithuania

  3. Red Leopard vlogs

    Red Leopard vlogs12 days ago

    Yep! Well done Nikki!

  4. Cylie Aiken

    Cylie Aiken14 days ago

    I'm proud💚💚💚💚

  5. Crystal Waters

    Crystal Waters20 days ago

    NikkieTutorials Hello Niki

  6. laura barua

    laura barua28 days ago

    What you said in the end make me laugh ( I love Marvel Movies) I liked it!! Even though you said you don’t like green, it really looks good on you 🌿

  7. Joy 2006

    Joy 200614 hours ago

    Ur makeup is on point ✅

  8. Scarlett Karma

    Scarlett Karma14 hours ago

    Drinking game. Take a shot every time she says green.

  9. Mar Mar

    Mar Mar17 hours ago

    Thanks for being the inspiration for my poison ivy cosplay makeup. I appreciate it 💚

  10. Agatha Silva

    Agatha Silva2 days ago

    Thumbs Op id

  11. Priyanka Ghosh

    Priyanka Ghosh2 days ago

    I'm in slytherin. I *SHOULD* love green! Btw, i like dark greens.🐍

  12. Chelsey Robinson

    Chelsey Robinson2 days ago

    Love the green!!!

  13. Brooklyn Sterling

    Brooklyn Sterling3 days ago

    She is wearing a green jacket lol

  14. Altijd Jet

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    I love the color green🐸🌴🌵🌱🎋🎍🌾🍀☘️🌿🍃💚 ✅

  15. Ella Nagy

    Ella Nagy3 days ago

    i think u should do super villain make like poison ivy, harly quinn, joker, two face and others

  16. Dominic Ibarra

    Dominic Ibarra3 days ago

    You’re greens least favorite person😒

  17. Lauren Hyde

    Lauren Hyde3 days ago

    Love it and love you xxxx

  18. kkimberly2004

    kkimberly20044 days ago

    Love it, love ie better with a nude or more wearable lippie, but it's good for pics.

  19. Aky Aslan

    Aky Aslan4 days ago

    Cyprus squad where u at 🇨🇾🇨🇾🇨🇾

  20. Isabella Chia Reyes

    Isabella Chia Reyes4 days ago

    green suits you girl!

  21. Jillian Griggs

    Jillian Griggs4 days ago

    I am proud

  22. Katy Hynd

    Katy Hynd5 days ago

    try to do a eye staring contest against the part of the video when its the eyeshadow haha

  23. Teagan Marie

    Teagan Marie5 days ago

    9:57 That's all I have to say

  24. Annabelle Hodson

    Annabelle Hodson6 days ago

    I looove green, but the lips so should of been crocodile tears by Jeffree star! 😍

  25. Creutzfeldt Jakob

    Creutzfeldt Jakob6 days ago

    Its my first time watching her but why do i feel that she is better than jeffrey starr? Make up enthusiasts enlighten me

  26. Lenardt Uhlmann

    Lenardt Uhlmann7 days ago

    Colourresist (If this is correct written...)

  27. Holly Livingston

    Holly Livingston8 days ago

    Can you do a black makeup challenge

  28. frenchy

    frenchy8 days ago

    Is it just me or are Nikki’s lips beautiful and have such and a amazing natural red to them? ♥️

  29. A Channel All About Shoes

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    i need that lipstick

  30. A Channel All About Shoes

    A Channel All About Shoes8 days ago

    green pay the bills girl!

  31. A Channel All About Shoes

    A Channel All About Shoes8 days ago

    lol girl why you hating on green so much 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  32. Veleria Medellin

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  33. D A-h

    D A-h10 days ago

    How come she can literally use only green, but she still looks FRICKIN’ AMAZING!!! I would just look like an apple! Love you Nikki 💚

  34. Kalina Petkova

    Kalina Petkova11 days ago

    My favourite song was fuego too. And I'm Bulgarian. 😊😊😊

  35. Θωμαη Στυλιανου

    Θωμαη Στυλιανου11 days ago

    Im from greece so i like fuego

  36. brittanybeauty

    brittanybeauty12 days ago

    I love green You look incredible with green eyeshadow! Makes your eyes pop!

  37. Lindsey No

    Lindsey No12 days ago

    What makeup pallet is that? I wear a Cobalt green uniform shirt to work everyday and I have been trying to find a makeup palette with green that will match.

  38. SkInNy LeGeNd

    SkInNy LeGeNd13 days ago

    I feel like this is a lady Loki makeup from Thor 🤷🏽‍♀️💕

  39. Avo DiAwesome

    Avo DiAwesome13 days ago

    Hi. Me like Valdez.

  40. Ivan Petrovic

    Ivan Petrovic13 days ago

    The color green is my life I love it so much

  41. Demi S1606

    Demi S160613 days ago

    My ex mother-in-law gave me used green eyeshadow & green mascara. Enough said.

  42. Amber Gray

    Amber Gray14 days ago

    Greg green by its balls and make it work😂😂

  43. Hi how are ya?

    Hi how are ya?14 days ago

    Ooooh,thank you for liking the bulgarian song for Eurovision!!❤

  44. Kristi Boes

    Kristi Boes15 days ago

    Green is the best color

  45. Olivia Costa

    Olivia Costa15 days ago

    LOVE YOU!!!!!!! Thumbs up if you agree

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  47. Mandy Murphy

    Mandy Murphy15 days ago

    Where it for St Patrick's day Plz

  48. Sigrún Rúnarsdóttir

    Sigrún Rúnarsdóttir15 days ago

    Green is just ok but blue is better😁😁

  49. melanie kazlauskaite

    melanie kazlauskaite16 days ago

    omg Niki thank u I am from Lithuania love u xx

  50. Holly Fearn

    Holly Fearn16 days ago

    But then again I love green

  51. Holly Fearn

    Holly Fearn16 days ago

    She totally rocked that green makeup look


    KAYA PEDERSEN16 days ago

    Such an iguana moment

  53. nafisa haque

    nafisa haque16 days ago

    Sooo burger 🍔 I

  54. nafisa haque

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  55. katie andrews

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    H He Hey Hey a Hey an Hey any Hey anyo Hey anyon Hey anyone Hey anyone w Hey anyone wa Hey anyone wat Hey anyone watc Hey anyone watch Hey anyone watchi Hey anyone watchin Hey anyone watching Hey anyone watching i Hey anyone watching in Hey anyone watching in 2 Hey anyone watching in 20 Hey anyone watching in 201 Hey anyone watching in 2018 Hey anyone watching in 201 Hey anyone watching in 20 Hey anyone watching in 2 Hey anyone watching in Hey anyone watching i Hey anyone watching Hey anyone watchin Hey anyone watchi Hey anyone watch Hey anyone watc Hey anyone wat Hey anyone wa Hey anyone w Hey anyone Hey anyon Hey anyo Hey any Hey an Hey a Hey He H This took forever I now need to change it to 2019

  56. katie andrews

    katie andrews17 days ago

    Cristine was correct NIKI HOW DO YOU DO YOUR EYEBROWS!!! NIKI WHAT SPONGE DO YOU USE!! NIKI WHY THE NAILS!!! I watch to much MReporter...

  57. jacob choa

    jacob choa17 days ago

    I thought you were gonna say " imma grab the color green's balls.. And shove it in my face"... Hahahah

  58. Gia Bellino

    Gia Bellino17 days ago

    *pickles are SHOOK and their wigs got SNATCHED.*

  59. Mya Brown

    Mya Brown18 days ago

    You look good in anything

  60. Fotini Tek

    Fotini Tek18 days ago

    I'm telling you if she does a "black makeup challenge" she will still slay it😂

  61. Madeleine Schollar

    Madeleine Schollar18 days ago

    My favrioht color is green

  62. Robert Cielma

    Robert Cielma18 days ago

    lol the antonio garza edit

  63. Meudal Justine

    Meudal Justine19 days ago

    you look gorgeous with green 💚

  64. Sleepy Sire

    Sleepy Sire19 days ago

    Those brushes does not look soft

  65. Kylie Mazric

    Kylie Mazric19 days ago

    Does anyone notice she always skips how she did her eyebrows

  66. Violet Black

    Violet Black19 days ago

    I hate pink, seeing pink make me mad and moody

  67. forever Apathetic

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    I like green💚💚💚

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    Green looks good on you.

  69. Yasin Fadumo

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    you talk tooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. RachaelNeverUploads

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    This girl could make a paper bag look glamorous 😍 Much love Nikkie xxx ❤️

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    Any one else sat here with green eyes 😶😂

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  73. mr.ralan

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    i lov your lips

  74. mr.ralan

    mr.ralan21 day ago

    no offence but i do not like your nails(i love you)

  75. Hope Edgar

    Hope Edgar21 day ago

    I think you look really pretty with that look

  76. Lizzy Daniels

    Lizzy Daniels21 day ago

    Did anybody notice that she skipped her brows?

  77. Harry King

    Harry King21 day ago

    She is wearing green?

  78. Lime-green!

    Lime-green!21 day ago

    Green suits you

  79. Korpolity

    Korpolity22 days ago

    Inglot! Polish eyeshadow!

  80. prettyinpink xoxox

    prettyinpink xoxox22 days ago

    aren't her eyes green? 😂

  81. Alanah. Acilio

    Alanah. Acilio22 days ago

    I never would of survived...

  82. Black Holo Witch

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  83. Sam Moore

    Sam Moore22 days ago

    Slytherin is shook💚

  84. ally

    ally22 days ago

    i love how you talk to the people watching like your talking to them irl!

  85. Darija

    Darija23 days ago

    *Who is from Lithuania here* i am..

  86. Don’t_trust_anyone03 Whyte

    Don’t_trust_anyone03 Whyte23 days ago

    I should be angry with you. But I can’t I love you too much. GREEN IS MY FAV COLOUR 💚💚💚💚💚🤑🐸🦖🦎🍀🥝

  87. SUSANA Sá

    SUSANA Sá23 days ago

    O love the eyes but the 👄🤮

  88. Greta Kinderyte

    Greta Kinderyte24 days ago

    Lithuania 🇱🇹 😍 omg 😍😍😍

  89. Asap Art

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    Girl that eye look was STUNNING

  90. Isabella Alvarez

    Isabella Alvarez24 days ago

    Ok work Michelle Visage 💚💚

  91. Jada Toscano

    Jada Toscano24 days ago

    0:02 she has one set of nails on one hand

  92. Kaila Jarvis

    Kaila Jarvis24 days ago

    Even though I hate green I think the eyes came out good but the lips were just too much

  93. Silja Laakso

    Silja Laakso24 days ago

    when nikkie was talking about the eurovision contestants and mentioning her favorites i was just sitting there like ”say finland say finland” and then when she said that she liked finland’s song i got so excited that i accidentally banged my head into my wall😂😂

  94. بنت مهمة

    بنت مهمة25 days ago

    مكياج اليوم الوطني السعودي

  95. Lee Underdown

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    Perfect for Ligi!! Thank you

  96. Milica Kerti

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  97. Fardina Islam

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    I mean I like green

  98. Fardina Islam

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    I do

  99. Roksana Dużalska

    Roksana Dużalska25 days ago

    Inglot is from Poland ❤🇵🇱

  100. Tully Bethune

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    I love ur lips😃❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  101. little prince

    little prince25 days ago

    why do you guys hate green? I love it, its basically everywhere in my room *sadded*

  102. The Awsome Emma

    The Awsome Emma25 days ago

    Nikki: i dont like green Looks at shirt Your wearing a green shirt

  103. Bella Bear

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    I HATE GREEN AHHHHHH ITS GROSSSSSSSSSSSSS 🤢🤮💚🧤👗👒🐸🐍🦎🦖🦖🐢🐛🐊🌵🐲🐉🌱🌴🌳🌲🎄🌿☘️🍀🎍🎋🌾🍃🍏🍈🥝🥦🥒🥑🥗🎾🚛🏚📟🔋🔫📗✅❎🈯️💹❇️✳️♻️🔰

  104. khalid nure

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    شكلي لما احتفل باليوم الوطني

  105. Queen Raven Claw Lovegood

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    I only like the color green on money. 😂