1. NikkieTutorials

    NikkieTutorials3 months ago


  2. Juliette Martinez

    Juliette Martinez2 days ago

    NikkieTutorials I only like green cause I have hazel eyes I look good in green

  3. Tina Madzule

    Tina Madzule5 days ago

    NikkieTutorials LATVIA

  4. Chelsea Wyatt

    Chelsea Wyatt8 days ago

    NikkieTutorials absolutely beautiful, like always 💜

  5. Delaney Crawford

    Delaney Crawford8 days ago

    NikkieTutorials a

  6. Emily Beards

    Emily Beards10 days ago

    NikkieTutorials omg Shane might make a eye shadow palette with Jeffry star

  7. Inara Asaad

    Inara Asaad4 hours ago

    I loove green because of my boyy @jacksepticeye

  8. lana

    lana7 hours ago

    nikkie= michelle visage

  9. Julia Boxer

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  10. YRA IY

    YRA IYDay ago

    the way you put on your foundation is so satisfying i sweeeeear !!!!

  11. jvlia be

    jvlia beDay ago

    You look soooooooooo good with green 🥒 😂❤️

  12. jvlia be

    jvlia beDay ago

    Where are you from??

  13. Ted Akiyaan

    Ted Akiyaan2 days ago

    I'm infatuated with green. Green make up is the best. I buy gads of it, seldom use as it's hard to work with. The more olive, lime, mossy, the better.

  14. Maddison Graham

    Maddison Graham2 days ago

    Why you look so good no matter what

  15. Mallorie Gaughran

    Mallorie Gaughran2 days ago

    This turned out really beautiful!

  16. payaswini bansal

    payaswini bansal2 days ago

    I love it when makeup artists use green and blue and bold colours like these and create a look. I love colours.

  17. Marissa Natalia

    Marissa Natalia3 days ago

    green is my fave color tho omg X''D

  18. LauraNib

    LauraNib3 days ago

    HOW old is this video? XD ESC was a few MONTHS back xD

  19. Toothless Turtle

    Toothless Turtle3 days ago

    Least fav: Yellow Fav: Orange

  20. Ники Георгиева

    Ники Георгиева4 days ago

    I'm from 🇧🇬 bulgaria

  21. Salted Princess

    Salted Princess4 days ago

    green is my least favorite color too. I hate it

  22. Smol MarkiePooh

    Smol MarkiePooh5 days ago

    Atleast u were very brave on doing a green makeup tutorial ^^ ♡^▽^♡. We love a brave sisterr

  23. Patrick Kim

    Patrick Kim5 days ago

    your eyes are green

  24. Sidiq Maroof

    Sidiq Maroof5 days ago

    Ur eyes are green You hate them ?

  25. Anna Fischer

    Anna Fischer6 days ago

    She looks like a seaweed goddess!!! 8)

  26. Emma Giles

    Emma Giles6 days ago

    Frogs are *SHOOK*

  27. Abigail Sandoval

    Abigail Sandoval6 days ago

    u look like a pretty witch no offence

  28. Joseph Rosario

    Joseph Rosario6 days ago

    Does someone know the color of all the green shadows?

  29. RL Cornish

    RL Cornish6 days ago

    SUPER haute! Love it. You rock it just as you do so many other colors but this was an awesome departure from what we've seen! Great job!

  30. Shanicka Adams

    Shanicka Adams6 days ago

    Lovvvvvveeeeee iiiiiiittttt

  31. Funda Dikbaş

    Funda Dikbaş7 days ago

    İthink this colour look super perfect on you ❤️😍

  32. Ellie Ivy

    Ellie Ivy7 days ago

    My dog name is ivy and green is my favorite color!! What r the odds!!😮😮

  33. julia oneal

    julia oneal7 days ago

    OMGosh what if she went all out and found green foundation and all that stuff She would be an alien😂😂😂BTW Nikki to me you look beautiful even without makeup

  34. Jamie The Gymnast

    Jamie The Gymnast7 days ago

    💚🐸🐊🐢🐍🐲🌿🍏🍐🍈🎮💵🎬🔲 lol

  35. sophie

    sophie7 days ago

    Killed it is would have looked like a leaf

  36. Işıl Acar

    Işıl Acar7 days ago

    Loki liked

  37. PandaBear •

    PandaBear •7 days ago

    I am from lithuania

  38. Lulu Xx

    Lulu Xx7 days ago

    Your skin is sooo flawless ❤️❤️

  39. lilys world

    lilys world7 days ago

    I watch the euro vision

  40. Iben Nielsen

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  41. Pola Baxter

    Pola Baxter7 days ago

    'I hate green'(wearing green jacket)

  42. Meena1303

    Meena13037 days ago

    Please please please tell me what bronzer brush that is?? Anyone?

  43. Eunji Park

    Eunji Park7 days ago

    Does anybody know what lash glue she uses?

  44. Erin Walshe

    Erin Walshe7 days ago

    I’m roughting for Ireland!!!

  45. jessica thomas-langdon

    jessica thomas-langdon7 days ago

    I really liked the way it came out. They eyes especially

  46. Kendra Smith

    Kendra Smith7 days ago

    Please do yellow next!!

  47. Iva Kimmell

    Iva Kimmell7 days ago

    Love it. Just halo the lip and you are good to go.

  48. Stars

    Stars8 days ago

    I love this video so much💚💚

  49. Raya Xx

    Raya Xx8 days ago

    I’m so glad someone else hates green like I do. I can’t really explain it and when I try, I just sound crazy. Lmao.

  50. Tee Turtle

    Tee Turtle8 days ago

    I don’t like red it’s to tense for me

  51. It's Jessica 12345

    It's Jessica 123458 days ago

    Green is my fav colour

  52. CeridwenN333

    CeridwenN3338 days ago

    This looks sooooooo good on you!!!

  53. Edina Tica

    Edina Tica8 days ago

    I watch eurovision.

  54. Caitlin Maree

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  55. SavageMsRaya 444

    SavageMsRaya 4448 days ago

    When she slapped her face towards the beginning💀💀💀💀❗️❗️❗️

  56. Emily Hawkins

    Emily Hawkins8 days ago

    Reminds me of Wicked

  57. Ayo Dymphna

    Ayo Dymphna9 days ago

    Michelle visage is shaking

  58. Petite Mai

    Petite Mai9 days ago

    Most of my makeup looks use green lmao

  59. ಠ_ಠ / ಠ_ಠ MËMÊŻ

    ಠ_ಠ / ಠ_ಠ MËMÊŻ9 days ago

    Where she from

  60. Prasinophobia

    Prasinophobia9 days ago

    This is the first video I've seen by you. And i love the color green. Is god trying to tell me something?

  61. La Pasgo

    La Pasgo9 days ago

    "I hate green"-nikki Me-"looks at green walls, green school bag, green towels and green bed sheets."

  62. La Pasgo

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  63. La Pasgo

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  64. cocainecringefest

    cocainecringefest9 days ago

    Green is my favourite colour!! 😁

  65. Amazatastic

    Amazatastic9 days ago

    would've been funny if you used those products that are green in the bottle but pink when you apply them you know ?? Like for your blush

  66. Amazatastic

    Amazatastic9 days ago

    I LOVE Eurovision!!!

  67. unibatchu

    unibatchu9 days ago

    She slayed the look!!!!

  68. Scarlett Louvin

    Scarlett Louvin9 days ago

    Green, gold, and black are my fav colors. I hold NOTHING against u tho

  69. Annabella Barfoot

    Annabella Barfoot9 days ago

    4:17 eyebrows not done 4:26 eyebrows done!?!?😑

  70. Makeup Jamiee

    Makeup Jamiee10 days ago

    I watched Eurovision and my fave was cheze republic with no lies

  71. Cathy Daniel

    Cathy Daniel10 days ago

    You know you're a great makeup artist when you can pull off this look!

  72. DizzyIzzy 6

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  73. Maggie P

    Maggie P10 days ago

    Why but green is my fav colour....I love green so much! and btw your make up is bomb😍😍

  74. Anastasia Zerva

    Anastasia Zerva10 days ago

    For some reason I've never seen this before. Despite the Hulk references, I'll recreate this look to pay tribute to the memory of my beloved maniac: Loki, the god of mischief. It's so glam, he would have liked it personally.

  75. Greta Vaitulevicius

    Greta Vaitulevicius10 days ago

    This reminds me of poison ivy (the character)

  76. sara dever

    sara dever10 days ago

    I’m Australian so I was going for Australia

  77. Static Rainbow

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    *Shrek is quaking*

  78. Ms. Miya

    Ms. Miya10 days ago

    Broccoli never looked better☺️

  79. Ms. Miya

    Ms. Miya10 days ago

    Mercy was nice ( by France )

  80. Ms. Miya

    Ms. Miya10 days ago

    I loveeeeeee the Eurovision. Fuego was awesome. I was rooting for Cyprus and France.

  81. Gianna Walla

    Gianna Walla10 days ago

    My class color is green so thanks love

  82. troll 420

    troll 42010 days ago

    I really hate green to

  83. Lizzie

    Lizzie10 days ago

    Tom Holland, yo me 2 ur fine.

  84. galdranorn vikingsdottir

    galdranorn vikingsdottir10 days ago

    the iconic slytherin look.

  85. LivvipooYA YAY

    LivvipooYA YAY10 days ago

    i - i dont feel so good only certain people will get this

  86. The Spirit Of YEET

    The Spirit Of YEET10 days ago

    Green is my favorite color and i honestly love this look. I think it makes your eyes pop

  87. Elizabeth Cabral

    Elizabeth Cabral11 days ago

    Green is my favourite colour! 💚

  88. Meghan Rose

    Meghan Rose11 days ago

    Hulk's girlfriend 😍

  89. Beez_Bizz

    Beez_Bizz11 days ago

    I just dont like green because i ate a bunch of pickles once and threw up for hours so now when i look at green i feel sick

  90. Keon._.

    Keon._.11 days ago

    Me watching this in my room witch is entirely green

  91. what.

    what.11 days ago

    K think she would look great with bangs

  92. Reagan Lok

    Reagan Lok11 days ago

    First... To DISLIKE my own comment!

  93. Ashley Burnside

    Ashley Burnside11 days ago

    Infinity War Glam series please and thank you!!!

  94. Paige Savage

    Paige Savage11 days ago

    Do a full face of makeup with the worst products you have

  95. Irina Joykillingston

    Irina Joykillingston11 days ago

    Green is my favourit colour :(

  96. ExoticVibes MSP

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  97. Poto Saget

    Poto Saget11 days ago

    4:08 looks like me trying to understand what the hell im doing with my life

  98. handyvideos0lol

    handyvideos0lol11 days ago

    I don't know why, but that song in the background made me hungry o.O

  99. Isabela Campos

    Isabela Campos11 days ago

    When you say " i hate green color " I remember Michelle Visage

  100. Btizzlebitch

    Btizzlebitch11 days ago

    calm down Michelle Visage

  101. Petra lol

    Petra lol11 days ago

    You talking about green sounds like me talking about yellow. I hate yellow so much for some reason 😂

  102. erikleen honeys

    erikleen honeys3 days ago

    yellow is my favorite!!

  103. Toothless Turtle

    Toothless Turtle3 days ago

    Same man

  104. Aranya Apsara

    Aranya Apsara11 days ago

    Blue makeup challenge!!!!!!

  105. Julie C

    Julie C11 days ago

    you so pretty and cool nikki! this inspired me to try colors i've never let my face touch lol! btw i love green so this just pushed me on another level lol.. thanks!

  106. Frédérique Klijnsma

    Frédérique Klijnsma11 days ago

    Shrek called. Fiona wants her makeup back. 💚

  107. ESC Norway

    ESC Norway11 days ago

    I LOOOOOOVE EUROVISION!!! im a big eurovision fan! My favoritte songs was «Dance you off»from Sweden and «La forza» from Estonia. Im from Norway tho, and i think it was much better songs than «That’s How You Whrite A Song»😶