The Goblin - JACK AND DEAN


  1. Claire Nicole

    Claire Nicole2 hours ago

    Fucking lost it at ‘gimme a kiss FITTYYY’

  2. ADC20032996

    ADC200329965 hours ago

    So that was odd. Where, Jack, can I find you reviewing films nowadays?

  3. J T

    J T11 hours ago

    That got fucked up

  4. Z lives matter

    Z lives matter13 hours ago

    looks like President Putin

  5. Mandy Latimer

    Mandy Latimer18 hours ago


  6. billie studios

    billie studios19 hours ago


  7. Gaming with red panda

    Gaming with red panda21 hour ago

    Disease disease disease is that basil bashil hes got some basil lmao😅😅😅😅😅

  8. that really annoying nitpicker

    that really annoying nitpickerDay ago

    I don't remember this Harry Potter movie

  9. Babs Stanzl

    Babs StanzlDay ago

    This was the best! Had me laughing all the way through.

  10. Roflsaurus

    RoflsaurusDay ago

    Gimme dem *L I P S*

  11. Darkened Cause

    Darkened CauseDay ago


  12. Samantha

    SamanthaDay ago

    "that is a goblin that lives under the stares" um thats me on a saturday night

  13. Snug

    SnugDay ago

    This was the funnyest think I've seen in years XD

  14. amber kingsbeer

    amber kingsbeerDay ago

    I can’t stop watching honestly

  15. Spoon of Man

    Spoon of ManDay ago


  16. Ed Hart

    Ed HartDay ago

    Behind The Scenes?

  17. Camille Wetherell

    Camille Wetherell2 days ago

    I love the savannah and bertie goblin personas at the end

  18. cool_creeper459

    cool_creeper4592 days ago


  19. Fun times with Nick and Friends

    Fun times with Nick and Friends2 days ago

    Don't tell me the husband in the video didn't look like that guy from The Shining

  20. JiminzLost Jamz

    JiminzLost Jamz2 days ago

    lady:i think it came from under the stairs me:HARRY POTTER?!!????

  21. Mina Meme

    Mina Meme2 days ago

    Why is goblin dean simantanously disturbing and cute..?

  22. Anton Masalev

    Anton Masalev2 days ago


  23. Ethan Walsh

    Ethan Walsh2 days ago


  24. Legit Pro

    Legit Pro2 days ago


  25. Force Senpai

    Force Senpai2 days ago

    I’m not even sure how to react to this...

  26. BaneBerry

    BaneBerry2 days ago

    I saw the thumbnail and this is NOT what I thought this fucking video would be

  27. some scrub

    some scrub2 days ago

    Hey um quick question what the fuck

  28. Amy Leah

    Amy Leah2 days ago


  29. Audrey Young

    Audrey Young3 days ago

    Ahahaha what the fuck

  30. just some random introvert

    just some random introvert3 days ago


  31. Hiya Singhal

    Hiya Singhal3 days ago

    Maybe lips will be your always

  32. Silent Whispers

    Silent Whispers3 days ago

    “Oooh your gonna have kids” They’re worse than the goblin

  33. Samuel Boshier

    Samuel Boshier3 days ago

    If I pause at 3:22, then it can have a happy ending.

  34. Kayleigh Sauyet

    Kayleigh Sauyet3 days ago

    That ended way darker than I expected.

  35. Your Average Otaku

    Your Average Otaku3 days ago


  36. Your Average Otaku

    Your Average Otaku3 days ago

    "You're fookin niiiccee pretty boi"

  37. juliaemxo

    juliaemxo3 days ago

    This needs its own bloopers video please

  38. tesjebesje 123

    tesjebesje 1233 days ago

    harry potter is looking great.

  39. God of Evil

    God of Evil4 days ago

    Follow that cold shiver running down your spine

  40. Gemma Bannan

    Gemma Bannan4 days ago

    if you want some deep shit, turn on captions and skip to 4:30

  41. Guichabanaano

    Guichabanaano4 days ago

    Dean is a natural goblin! This was amazing

  42. HahaHarleen

    HahaHarleen4 days ago

    I was scrolling through the comments after it ended and all I heard was "GiVe Me ThE aMuLeT" and I shat

  43. thenaynaycat

    thenaynaycat4 days ago

    What will they do with Jack tho???

  44. Kareg Claw

    Kareg Claw4 days ago

    this was uploaded on my birthday •o• :3

  45. Prankster kid 1

    Prankster kid 14 days ago

    GiMmE the BabEee

  46. kaden pluto

    kaden pluto4 days ago

    Well I'm not terrified

  47. miriam norby

    miriam norby4 days ago

    Lads your sketches are for real, brilliant! You could easily get onto BBC comedy series. Like a Jack and Dean equivalent of the peep show

  48. Jack and Dean

    Jack and Dean4 days ago

    It’s not as easy as you might think but thank you x

  49. A Giant Potato

    A Giant Potato4 days ago


  50. Just Lilith

    Just Lilith4 days ago


  51. Drew cheshire

    Drew cheshire5 days ago

    2:43 gets me every tiem

  52. Mckenzie crime

    Mckenzie crime5 days ago

    Is it was that this scares the fuck out of me

  53. Jasmine Barker

    Jasmine Barker5 days ago

    um...was the goblins language just distorted japanese because a lot of it sounded like japanese

  54. Jewels Alwayssleepy.

    Jewels Alwayssleepy.5 days ago

    I had to rewatch that sketch several times over the past days. It may very well be my favourite one from anyone ever. It is just so perfect. The portrayal of the goblin is golden and the subtitles are a nice bonus. Love it!

  55. Chloe Nielson

    Chloe Nielson5 days ago

    I can't stop watching this it's so good 😂 Dean makes me die

  56. HannahLucy Blake

    HannahLucy Blake5 days ago

    I fucking love this!

  57. Abbie Casey

    Abbie Casey5 days ago

    Still don't understand why you guys don't have a million subscribers since you've been doing MReporter for years with amazing content mate I don't understand. Also hope I get to meet you two at summer in the city :D I'm going in the 10th so hopefully I'll meet you two after loving the channel for years

  58. Frank_games 454

    Frank_games 4545 days ago

    FITTY YOU FOOKIN NICE is the best part about this video

  59. Laura Matos

    Laura Matos6 days ago

    Loved it! Can we have some bloopers, please? also, Bertie and Sav ♥

  60. Jack and Dean

    Jack and Dean5 days ago

    Check twitter :)

  61. Madn3sshannah

    Madn3sshannah6 days ago

    I don't understand how this has so little views wow

  62. Rhiannon Drake

    Rhiannon Drake6 days ago

    Why is this so funny!?!? 😂😂😂😂

  63. Bryony The Overthinking Pigeon

    Bryony The Overthinking Pigeon6 days ago

    "Unending silence in place of an end theme, reminding you that in the grand scheme of the universe, you are nothing more than an insignificant speck in the centre of a limitless void" Why did I laugh so much at that caption ahaha

  64. RAWBOI27 SURP gay onion

    RAWBOI27 SURP gay onion6 days ago


  65. Kiah Wilkinson

    Kiah Wilkinson6 days ago

    So funny, was actually laughing out loud xD x

  66. Srishti Sinha

    Srishti Sinha6 days ago

    That's it. You're both crazy. I love it

  67. The Author

    The Author6 days ago

    L I P S GIMME THE BHABHIEEE KHISSES KHHHHHIIIIIIISSSSS Dean's delivery in this is absolutely flawless. This has to be my favorite one so far. I love it, guys. Keep it up!

  68. Keichel

    Keichel6 days ago

    That was totally Planet of the Apes.

  69. Chloe Williams

    Chloe Williams6 days ago

    when is the good, the bad, and the just plain sh!t parts of 2017 coming out???

  70. Mark Synth:RealityIzPainful

    Mark Synth:RealityIzPainful5 days ago

    Chloe Williams ...Never!!!

  71. Secretlytwitch

    Secretlytwitch6 days ago

    So. Fucking. Funny. 10/10 I love you guys

  72. X G

    X G6 days ago

    you guys deserve so much

  73. and.rosie

    and.rosie6 days ago

    *This is so intimate*