The Goblin - JACK & DEAN


  1. Alexander James

    Alexander James8 days ago

    3:20 *the jack and Dean shippers have entered the chat*

  2. Moloko888

    Moloko88820 days ago

    Anyone else getting deja vu from kids in the hall

  3. Jesus Christ Himself

    Jesus Christ Himself23 days ago

    Subtitles at 4:31

  4. zubayn sandhu

    zubayn sandhu24 days ago

    I don't trust goblins after watching goblin slayer

  5. Pufferfish Art

    Pufferfish Art27 days ago


  6. Higen Colquitt

    Higen ColquittMonth ago

    Mans lookin like the queen of hearts from Alice in wonderland

  7. ArualBlack

    ArualBlackMonth ago

    Dean is soo good!!! He nailed this role!!!

  8. Gellan Sterfetu

    Gellan SterfetuMonth ago

    You know you're good at flirting when goblin Dean uses the same approach

  9. DubSquish

    DubSquishMonth ago

    The goblin is me

  10. Laurie Amber

    Laurie AmberMonth ago

    Ok What the fuck But I love it

  11. Eleanor Tobin

    Eleanor TobinMonth ago

    Please bring the Goblin back, this is the best XD "GIMME DA BABY"

  12. Daniel Hearn

    Daniel HearnMonth ago


  13. Matilda Muller

    Matilda MullerMonth ago

    Did I just witness Goblin porn?

  14. Renegade Fox Fire

    Renegade Fox FireMonth ago

    This is when you call the Goblin Slayer.

  15. Cassidy Mc'Doogs

    Cassidy Mc'DoogsMonth ago

    moar goblin videos pls

  16. PixelsArtAndColoring

    PixelsArtAndColoringMonth ago


  17. DucksEverywhere

    DucksEverywhereMonth ago

    4:30, subtitles on

  18. Matilda Muller

    Matilda MullerMonth ago

    "Leaving out food or gold?" "Don't act likes that's a stupid thing to say, there's a goblin in the cupboard." LOGIC

  19. Kateri Rosengren

    Kateri RosengrenMonth ago

    Is this what happens when Harry Potter stays under the stairs for too long?

  20. Salvador Barnett

    Salvador BarnettMonth ago


  21. Ali-Kat Bell

    Ali-Kat BellMonth ago

    no matter how many times i watch this, it always KILLS me i mean LIPSSSSS FITTIE PRETTY BOYY I'm not kissing him GiMmEeThE BaBy

  22. Alexander Walker

    Alexander WalkerMonth ago

    *Insert Goblin Slayer Meme*

  23. dogehkiin dogeborn

    dogehkiin dogebornMonth ago

    Goblin Slayer created 203 accounts to dislike this video.

  24. Savvie Abbie

    Savvie AbbieMonth ago

    I legit just snorted

  25. Alexis Hagan

    Alexis HaganMonth ago

    1:22 that subtle hand movement of Jack's tho...

  26. MsPurpleStuff

    MsPurpleStuffMonth ago

    this was ... vile.

  27. ryan fire

    ryan fireMonth ago

    oh mygo sh

  28. Chad Flew Away

    Chad Flew AwayMonth ago

    Lmao I think this might be my favorite skit on this channel. And I've been here since the Biscuit Tin days.

  29. IncrediBelleJessi

    IncrediBelleJessiMonth ago

    Coming back here after watching Dean showering in the latest video *FROM NIPS TO LIPS* 🤣🤣🤣

  30. Monkey

    MonkeyMonth ago

    *L I P S*

  31. shaghayegh mnf

    shaghayegh mnfMonth ago

    1:43 is the reason I can maintain my mental health

  32. Turtle_Tortoise :D

    Turtle_Tortoise :D2 months ago

    what the fuck just happened

  33. Krypton Steelix

    Krypton Steelix2 months ago

    I really hope you upload the outtakes to this sketch if any.

  34. God of Evil

    God of Evil2 months ago

    This was dark and disgusting and disturbing as fuck. And I love every second of it.

  35. Alice Angel

    Alice Angel2 months ago

    *GiMmIe ThE yUmMy LiPz*

  36. Slimeustas The Slime King

    Slimeustas The Slime King2 months ago


  37. john kelly

    john kelly2 months ago

    Wazzaou. Lips

  38. IotaEpsilon

    IotaEpsilon2 months ago

    How the hell was this recommended to me while I was browsing through Goblin Slayer's vids lol

  39. Lord of weapons

    Lord of weapons3 months ago

    Your a goblin harry

  40. Lord of weapons

    Lord of weapons3 months ago

    That is what reminds me of

  41. Peter Taylor

    Peter Taylor3 months ago

    harry potter thats infected

  42. Arkham son

    Arkham son3 months ago

    Damn dean u could do this professionally

  43. TheDarkestGamer100

    TheDarkestGamer1003 months ago


  44. Jerald Collins

    Jerald Collins3 months ago

    SO creepy and weird. I LOVE it! Best video since Nazi Bar.

  45. Rachael Chinnery

    Rachael Chinnery3 months ago

    Wtf did I just watch 😂 that was my favourite yet OMFG yes 😂😂

  46. Eddie burrill

    Eddie burrill3 months ago

    2:41 the best part 😂

  47. Chunk Vader

    Chunk Vader3 months ago

    Please do more sketches like these

  48. Makenzie Is Trash

    Makenzie Is Trash3 months ago

    Does no one care that dean and jack kissed

  49. Jerald Collins

    Jerald Collins3 months ago

    I care a little more that Dean is green.

  50. AIRSOFTgeek 101

    AIRSOFTgeek 1013 months ago

    " *BaSiL* "

  51. Eduardo Ruiz

    Eduardo Ruiz3 months ago

    Give Jub Jub a kiss

  52. Uploadedllama

    Uploadedllama3 months ago

    They should make their own merch that just has L I P S written on it

  53. Dezza2241

    Dezza22413 months ago

    Wow they named a planet after this sketch, that's amazing!

  54. Olivia Denholm

    Olivia Denholm3 months ago

    Dean's voice must have been so sore after this.

  55. jared dibarra

    jared dibarra3 months ago

    Bit weird with the subtitle at the end

  56. Joshua Tyler

    Joshua Tyler3 months ago


  57. Random Fandom Thot

    Random Fandom Thot3 months ago

    *“Fittiiie”* *“YoU’rE FuCkInG NiCe!*

  58. wearethegaygods

    wearethegaygods3 months ago

    What does “fittie” mean?

  59. Jerald Collins

    Jerald Collins3 months ago

    Good question - I am not a Brit and don't know either.

  60. Fiddlaarium

    Fiddlaarium3 months ago

    That goblin is so sweet!

  61. Niamh Fallon

    Niamh Fallon3 months ago

    “gimmie a kiss, fittieeeeee”

  62. Alyssa Jaeger

    Alyssa Jaeger3 months ago

    4:30 Subtitles.

  63. Alyssa Jaeger

    Alyssa Jaeger3 months ago

    3:22 The subs say "oof"

  64. Alyssa Jaeger

    Alyssa Jaeger3 months ago

    2:47 Jack's a pretty boy

  65. Qwerty

    Qwerty3 months ago

    *_L I P S_*

  66. AlexanderGames

    AlexanderGames3 months ago

    I have seen this video more than 6 times..... Don't judge me...

  67. Chris Marris

    Chris Marris3 months ago

    I quote this all the time

  68. SvemirZeka

    SvemirZeka3 months ago

    This is such a good video

  69. Alex Georgiou

    Alex Georgiou3 months ago

    I feel like this was just an excuse for them to kiss...

  70. Rose Williams

    Rose Williams4 months ago

    I need the bloopers for this. It was brilliant 😂

  71. Foltbolt POW!

    Foltbolt POW!4 months ago

    Pous at 4:30 and put on subtitles

  72. Melody Cutie Cupcakes

    Melody Cutie Cupcakes4 months ago

    God, I love this. Amazingly written boys! 2:44 Fittie, you're f*cking nice, pretty boy, pretty! 😂😂😂

  73. SuspectTwo

    SuspectTwo4 months ago

    I love this remake of Harry Potter.

  74. Han Xoxo

    Han Xoxo4 months ago


  75. paige Tubes

    paige Tubes4 months ago

    I loved this. I keep watching it, it's so funny. My parents thought something was wrong with me because I kept laughing to the point I couldn't breathe. Good job guys.

  76. PixelsArtAndColoring

    PixelsArtAndColoring4 months ago

    Gimme the baby!

  77. Josie Myers

    Josie Myers4 months ago

    Me and my colleague have just started says "LIPS" to each other at work.. everyone thinks we're strange

  78. tasty carrot

    tasty carrot4 months ago

    tbh i'm kinda happy for the goblin family

  79. Movie Paradoxical

    Movie Paradoxical4 months ago

    When he says “basil” he literally sounds exactly like Gollum 😂

  80. Admiral Ackbar

    Admiral Ackbar4 months ago

    Slimesicle hill tree

  81. Lucy Taylor

    Lucy Taylor4 months ago

    This was fkin scary ngl. I’ll have Jack with my next house fItTiE

  82. wayward Angel

    wayward Angel4 months ago

    I really need another video with goblin Dean

  83. It's Nana Bear

    It's Nana Bear4 months ago

    Is anyone else fangirling/fanboying about how Jack and Dean kissed or just me

  84. Sarah Studios

    Sarah StudiosMonth ago

    It's Nana Bear yeah I have a feeling the goblin represents us oof

  85. Jace-Fish Spones

    Jace-Fish Spones4 months ago

    L I P S

  86. Crystal Clear Imaginations

    Crystal Clear Imaginations4 months ago

    This is so dumb. I fucking love it.

  87. boiler house

    boiler house months ago

    Я думал, что когда они откроют дверь оттуда вылезет Пучков и скажет: *Я вас категорически приветствую!*

  88. silverbullet2008bb

    silverbullet2008bb4 months ago

    I never knew goblins liked lips so much

  89. Eilidh C

    Eilidh C4 months ago

    R.i.p Sav’s blue hair

  90. Alex mason Vladamir Makarov

    Alex mason Vladamir Makarov4 months ago

    2:46 gimme a Fukin kiss

  91. Jager Andres

    Jager Andres4 months ago


  92. SuicideBunny6

    SuicideBunny64 months ago

    The subtitles at the end 😂😂 "Unending silence in place of an end theme, reminding you that in the grand scheme of the universe, you are nothing more than an insignificant speck in the center of a limitless void"

  93. Victoria VanEtten

    Victoria VanEtten4 months ago

    Y'all are f*ckin weird

  94. ????

    ????5 months ago

    "LIPS!!" "Did you just say lips?..." *picks up a bag of lips* "lips"

  95. Inukirasmussen

    Inukirasmussen5 months ago

    That was creepy

  96. Mama Jinxx

    Mama Jinxx5 months ago

    L i p s

  97. Eleanor Chapman

    Eleanor Chapman5 months ago

    Honestly how does this masterpiece not have 1mil views

  98. } Flemingo {

    } Flemingo {5 months ago

    Is the goblin with the red hat Bertie Gilbert?

  99. Joey Attwell

    Joey Attwell5 months ago

    Jack and dean do not get enough credit for how talented and incredible they are I love them x

  100. Sunny Flower

    Sunny Flower5 months ago

    I know this is meant to be funny (i think) but it actually scared me lol I’m a whimp

  101. Kaili Kirt

    Kaili Kirt5 months ago

    Don't mind me just having nightmares for some reason now

  102. Cheesoid

    Cheesoid5 months ago

    "Give me a kiss, fitty! You're fuckin nice..."

  103. Hiding Behind A Camera

    Hiding Behind A Camera5 months ago

    This is my absolute favourite Jack and Dean sketch. Every time I watch it I laugh hysterically.

  104. Hi-Fi

    Hi-Fi5 months ago