The Goblin - JACK & DEAN


  1. Arkham son & Krjedi

    Arkham son & Krjedi22 hours ago

    Damn dean u could do this professionally

  2. TheDarkestGamer100

    TheDarkestGamer1004 days ago


  3. Jerald Collins

    Jerald Collins8 days ago

    SO creepy and weird. I LOVE it! Best video since Nazi Bar.

  4. Rachael Chinnery

    Rachael Chinnery10 days ago

    Wtf did I just watch 😂 that was my favourite yet OMFG yes 😂😂

  5. Eddie burrill

    Eddie burrill11 days ago

    2:41 the best part 😂

  6. Chunk Vader

    Chunk Vader11 days ago

    Please do more sketches like these

  7. Colin Tye

    Colin Tye11 days ago

    Is no one caring that dean and jack kissed

  8. AIRSOFTgeek 101

    AIRSOFTgeek 10112 days ago

    " *BaSiL* "

  9. Eduardo Ruiz

    Eduardo Ruiz13 days ago

    Give Jub Jub a kiss

  10. Uploadedllama

    Uploadedllama14 days ago

    They should make their own merch that just has L I P S written on it

  11. Dezza2241

    Dezza224115 days ago

    Wow they named a planet after this sketch, that's amazing!

  12. Olivia Denholm

    Olivia Denholm15 days ago

    Dean's voice must have been so sore after this.

  13. jared dibarra

    jared dibarra15 days ago

    Bit weird with the subtitle at the end

  14. Joshua Tyler

    Joshua Tyler16 days ago


  15. Mitten Kitten Mocha

    Mitten Kitten Mocha16 days ago

    *“Fittiiie”* *“YoU’rE FuCkInG NiCe!*

  16. Patch & Blindy

    Patch & Blindy18 days ago

    What does “fittie” mean?

  17. Jerald Collins

    Jerald Collins8 days ago

    Good question - I am not a Brit and don't know either.

  18. Fiddle

    Fiddle18 days ago

    That goblin is so sweet!

  19. Niamh Fallon

    Niamh Fallon18 days ago

    “gimmie a kiss, fittieeeeee”

  20. Alyssa Jaeger

    Alyssa Jaeger18 days ago

    4:30 Subtitles.

  21. Alyssa Jaeger

    Alyssa Jaeger18 days ago

    3:22 The subs say "oof"

  22. Alyssa Jaeger

    Alyssa Jaeger18 days ago

    2:47 Jack's a pretty boy

  23. Qwerty

    Qwerty18 days ago

    *_L I P S_*

  24. AlexanderGames

    AlexanderGames18 days ago

    I have seen this video more than 6 times..... Don't judge me...

  25. Rea inapod

    Rea inapod18 days ago

    I quote this all the time

  26. SvemirZeka

    SvemirZeka18 days ago

    This is such a good video

  27. Alex Georgiou

    Alex Georgiou18 days ago

    I feel like this was just an excuse for them to kiss...

  28. Rose Williams

    Rose Williams29 days ago

    I need the bloopers for this. It was brilliant 😂

  29. Foltbolt POW!

    Foltbolt POW!29 days ago

    Pous at 4:30 and put on subtitles

  30. Melody Cutie Cupcakes

    Melody Cutie CupcakesMonth ago

    God, I love this. Amazingly written boys! 2:44 Fittie, you're f*cking nice, pretty boy, pretty! 😂😂😂

  31. SuspectTwo

    SuspectTwoMonth ago

    I love this remake of Harry Potter.

  32. Han Xoxo

    Han XoxoMonth ago


  33. paige Tubes

    paige TubesMonth ago

    I loved this. I keep watching it, it's so funny. My parents thought something was wrong with me because I kept laughing to the point I couldn't breathe. Good job guys.

  34. PixelsArtAndColoring

    PixelsArtAndColoringMonth ago

    Gimme the baby!

  35. Josie Myers

    Josie MyersMonth ago

    Me and my colleague have just started says "LIPS" to each other at work.. everyone thinks we're strange

  36. tasty carrot

    tasty carrotMonth ago

    tbh i'm kinda happy for the goblin family

  37. Movie Paradoxical

    Movie ParadoxicalMonth ago

    When he says “basil” he literally sounds exactly like Gollum 😂

  38. Admiral Ackbar

    Admiral AckbarMonth ago

    Slimesicle hill tree

  39. Lucy Taylor

    Lucy TaylorMonth ago

    This was fkin scary ngl. I’ll have Jack with my next house fItTiE

  40. Daisy Glasper

    Daisy GlasperMonth ago

    I really need another video with goblin Dean

  41. It's Nana Bear

    It's Nana BearMonth ago

    Is anyone else fangirling/fanboying about how Jack and Dean kissed or just me

  42. Jace-Fish Spones

    Jace-Fish SponesMonth ago

    L I P S

  43. Crystal Clear Imaginations

    Crystal Clear ImaginationsMonth ago

    This is so dumb. I fucking love it.

  44. boiler house

    boiler house ago

    Я думал, что когда они откроют дверь оттуда вылезет Пучков и скажет: *Я вас категорически приветствую!*

  45. silverbullet2008bb

    silverbullet2008bbMonth ago

    I never knew goblins liked lips so much

  46. Eilidh C

    Eilidh CMonth ago

    R.i.p Sav’s blue hair

  47. Vladimir Makarov

    Vladimir MakarovMonth ago

    2:46 gimme a Fukin kiss

  48. Jager Andres

    Jager AndresMonth ago


  49. SuicideBunny6

    SuicideBunny6Month ago

    The subtitles at the end 😂😂 "Unending silence in place of an end theme, reminding you that in the grand scheme of the universe, you are nothing more than an insignificant speck in the center of a limitless void"

  50. Victoria VanEtten

    Victoria VanEttenMonth ago

    Y'all are f*ckin weird

  51. Smol Bean

    Smol BeanMonth ago

    "LIPS!!" "Did you just say lips?..." *picks up a bag of lips* "lips"

  52. Inukirasmussen

    InukirasmussenMonth ago

    That was creepy

  53. Mama Jinxx

    Mama Jinxx2 months ago

    L i p s

  54. Eleanor Chapman

    Eleanor Chapman2 months ago

    Honestly how does this masterpiece not have 1mil views

  55. } Flemingo {

    } Flemingo {2 months ago

    Is the goblin with the red hat Bertie Gilbert?

  56. Joey Attwell

    Joey Attwell2 months ago

    Jack and dean do not get enough credit for how talented and incredible they are I love them x

  57. Anime Lover

    Anime Lover2 months ago

    I know this is meant to be funny (i think) but it actually scared me lol I’m a whimp

  58. kalli kuta

    kalli kuta2 months ago

    Don't mind me just having nightmares for some reason now

  59. Cheesoid

    Cheesoid2 months ago

    "Give me a kiss, fitty! You're fuckin nice..."

  60. Hiding Behind A Camera

    Hiding Behind A Camera2 months ago

    This is my absolute favourite Jack and Dean sketch. Every time I watch it I laugh hysterically.

  61. r3main_ _name1ess.m4p

    r3main_ _name1ess.m4p2 months ago


  62. Gaile brook

    Gaile brook2 months ago

    i could not stop laughing at give me the baby, BEST one so far

  63. super Spartan games

    super Spartan games2 months ago

    It's the Lord of the Rings all over again

  64. Oliver J

    Oliver J2 months ago

    “Gimme a kiss you fuckin’ fittie Nice you pretty boy pretty.....”

  65. wolveswithtea

    wolveswithtea2 months ago

    Well as my introduction to this channel...I’m impressed haha. However I jumped a mile at that ending 😂

  66. YoshimiArtz

    YoshimiArtz2 months ago

    *_l i p s_*

  67. Carolyn Rupp

    Carolyn Rupp2 months ago

    I’m fucking screaming Jesus this was spectacular

  68. SociallyIneptFangirl

    SociallyIneptFangirl2 months ago

    i didn’t realise dean was the goblin until my second watch

  69. Amanda Hart

    Amanda Hart2 months ago

    honestly iconic

  70. hotscottrulz

    hotscottrulz2 months ago


  71. Henry Hicks

    Henry Hicks2 months ago

    I've called my phone Bag Of Lips in honor of this video.

  72. thirstygoth_

    thirstygoth_2 months ago

    i shipped it

  73. Avery Chatfield

    Avery Chatfield2 months ago

    For some reason “oh he’s got basil in there” killed me lol

  74. N E D A M A Y

    N E D A M A Y2 months ago

    the captioned 'oof', when they kiss, made my day xD

  75. Matilda Muller

    Matilda Muller2 months ago

    Gee thanks for the depressing subtitles at the ends guys lol

  76. sarahslovely08

    sarahslovely083 months ago

    Genius lol 👄

  77. Actual Trash

    Actual Trash3 months ago


  78. Annisa Rachmadiyanti

    Annisa Rachmadiyanti3 months ago

    ohmygid this is so bizzare, funny but gimme some typa way

  79. Riley Carpe

    Riley Carpe3 months ago

    It’s official. Jack and Dean are Gay. I shall call it Jean. Or possibly Dack. Help me out here people.

  80. Rant

    Rant3 months ago

    Bert and Sav!!! ❤️

  81. James Smith

    James Smith3 months ago

    what does Dean say at the start

  82. chelsea bacci

    chelsea bacci3 months ago


  83. drapple4evah

    drapple4evah3 months ago

    ohmygod it's Clive from borderline haha :D I hadn't seen it when I saw this earlier.

  84. kaia.grassyee

    kaia.grassyee3 months ago

    *L I P S*

  85. Ania Kuriata

    Ania Kuriata3 months ago

    I had the "Gimme the baby" line stuck in my head throughout my chemistry final. There I was, trying to take a final that determines my gpa, which in turn determines whether I keep my scholarship, and all I could think was "GIMME THE BABY". So thanks for that.....

  86. Jerald Collins

    Jerald Collins7 days ago

    Life can be very strange.

  87. Anna-May Moon

    Anna-May Moon3 months ago

    I have been thinking about this all week and it's genuinely disturbing.

  88. faithofalltrades

    faithofalltrades3 months ago

    Its genuinely horrifying. I love it.

  89. Fairly. Queer.

    Fairly. Queer.3 months ago

    "He's got some basil in there"

  90. Marlynne Struwig

    Marlynne Struwig3 months ago


  91. quinn aitkenhead

    quinn aitkenhead3 months ago

    ok but did anyone notice that the goblin font on the thumbnail is the same font Tyler, the Creator used for his album Goblin 🤔🤔

  92. Abigale Merralls

    Abigale Merralls3 months ago


  93. Freya Taylor

    Freya Taylor3 months ago


  94. mia.nxlson

    mia.nxlson3 months ago

    Sav and Bertie goblins OMG

  95. Kate Amazing

    Kate Amazing3 months ago

    Completely thought they were going to adopt the goblin

  96. dragon master

    dragon master3 months ago

    Pretty boy pretty lmao

  97. ʎɯǝɹ

    ʎɯǝɹ3 months ago

    I'm still processing what I just watched

  98. Georgia Burrows

    Georgia Burrows3 months ago

    I think my favorite thing about this video is that I've seen it about 10 times and I only just noticed the woman at the start is talking about the amount of plug sockets.

  99. Natori S

    Natori S3 months ago


  100. Amy Wilmer

    Amy Wilmer3 months ago

    This is my favourite so far

  101. Dan Addison

    Dan Addison3 months ago

    *F I T T Y*

  102. K1tachi

    K1tachi3 months ago

    this was bloody brilliant