The Forbidden iPhone SE 2


  1. johnmonk66

    johnmonk66Day ago

    For a phone company that spent years LOSING business because it told us 4 inches was big enough, to now refuse to make the SE with a full screen is retarded. The size of the SE is perfect, make it edge to edge and a little wider and it is a 5 inch phone, which is the perfect size for a phone. Half the phone users in the world are sick and tired of 6 inch and 7 inch phones.

  2. Richard Davies

    Richard Davies2 days ago

    Where did you get the housing from

  3. Nexus 6

    Nexus 63 days ago

    My God, I can't take your voice. You just keep going on, and on, and on... Dude, dry up or be more concise with your description.

  4. RoMeow 儸密貓

    RoMeow 儸密貓3 days ago

    Iphone SE 2 cancel?

  5. OMGRedbox

    OMGRedbox6 days ago

    I just bought an iPhone SE, jailbroke the sucka on iOS 12.1

  6. Ivan Louis Perater

    Ivan Louis Perater8 days ago

    If it is possible? teach me how hehe thanks :)

  7. Ivan Louis Perater

    Ivan Louis Perater8 days ago

    This is a silly question but I'll give it a try is it possible all the parts from Iphone 5c can be fit to the iphone 5s or iphone SE's house casing or metal case rather? :-P

  8. ZanyVic

    ZanyVic12 days ago

    It has a SE model And a X screen I phone SE X Lmao

  9. Adam Rafiel Juanil

    Adam Rafiel Juanil26 days ago

    So is the SE 2018 turned out to be the XR?

  10. Maria Aparecida

    Maria AparecidaMonth ago

    Você tem cara de brasileiro.

  11. Uros Ivkovic

    Uros IvkovicMonth ago

    With an iPhone SE2 planned, Apple has seemingly revealed its plans for a flip iPhone design which will shock fans. But look closely and, under the surface, it makes a lot of sense…  Picked up by specialist site Patently Apple, Apple has filed trademarks with the US Patent & Trademark Office showing a clamshell/flip iPhone. Yes, this is real and no, it isn’t an acquired patent. The listed inventors include Apple’s Product Design Engineer Kevin Robinson and Senior Product Design Engineer, Houtan Farahani. So are we going to get a low-cost budget iPhone for emerging markets? No. This is where you need to look closely. What Apple filed is not a design patent, it’s a patent covering flexible, lightweight structural materials (for example, bonding titanium and magnesium layers with olyethylene terephthalate, polyvinylchorlide and polyisocyanurate foams) which Apple is hiding behind the illustration of a basic flip phone. Why a flip phone? Consider what is today’s cutting-edge equivalent: phones with folding displays like the Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold. A form factor Apple has shown great interest in, right down to details like self-heating flexible glass when rivals are currently limited to plastic displays And while Apple is rarely interested in first-mover advantage, the fact rival devices are about to hit the market does mean Apple wants to be prepared. With sales stagnating, Apple also needs a clear differentiator to reinvigorate the iPhone range, especially with bezel-less designs making all premium smartphones look alike. As with any patent, the timing of a commercial product is impossible to place but the evidence is mounting research into a so-called ‘iPhone Fold’ is well underway. And with Apple’s upcoming iPhones falling out the ugly tree (for a catch-up feature no less), the time is ticking for a new iPhone with Wow factor to blow us away.

  12. Radhakant Tiwadi

    Radhakant TiwadiMonth ago

    I am using iPhone se 32gb......and it is just 1month old😂😂

  13. Dave's Tik Toks

    Dave's Tik ToksMonth ago

    What online shop u bought the case pls answer

  14. Angelica StoryTeller

    Angelica StoryTellerMonth ago

    😔😞 i miss se 2, please come soon

  15. ItsMeSadness One

    ItsMeSadness OneMonth ago

    i ordered iphone 6 yesterdays i am so excited btw yesterday was my birthday!

  16. S Nagar

    S NagarMonth ago


  17. Shawn Fike

    Shawn Fike2 months ago

    My goal was to make your Friday morning ❤️🙏🏼 thank you for the advanced progress and progression of modern technology

  18. Shawn Fike

    Shawn Fike2 months ago


  19. Brownie B

    Brownie B2 months ago

    13 years old almost fourteen and mom/dad won’t buy me a phone

  20. Guillermo Esponda

    Guillermo EspondaMonth ago

    Brownie B you don’t need a phone kid, focus on school

  21. คลิปกะโหลก กะลา

    คลิปกะโหลก กะลา2 months ago

    no se2

  22. Fzuper

    Fzuper2 months ago

    Oh hei. 5s User there.

  23. Chloe Michael

    Chloe Michael2 months ago

    I will never happen ok 👌!!!!!

  24. erick martin

    erick martin2 months ago

    Se is like god


    GÖKHAN SARI2 months ago

    ürün linki ?

  26. Aaliyah’s World

    Aaliyah’s World2 months ago

    Its March and no iPhone SE 2

  27. Daniel Klotz-Dedora

    Daniel Klotz-Dedora2 months ago

    Dont you mean iPhone XR! The iPhone Xr got released in September

  28. Renato Jr M. Silva

    Renato Jr M. Silva2 months ago

    where to buy those kit and parts

  29. Kiran Chetri

    Kiran Chetri2 months ago

    Where can I buy iphone se now ? Have they completely stopped manufacturing ?

  30. Unicorn Fan

    Unicorn Fan2 months ago

    Kiran Chetri yeah

  31. PUBG Delileri

    PUBG Delileri2 months ago

    Lan bu bildiğin se

  32. Bunny Bee 101

    Bunny Bee 1012 months ago

    Or it can be the iPhone SX

  33. Talia Miller

    Talia Miller2 months ago

    I have a se but not the iphone se 2 i want one NOW!!

  34. Sangam Cresta

    Sangam Cresta2 months ago

    I like its body with iphone x size and then if camera will dual or like iphone 8plus will rock on fone for sure

  35. CanIgeto10kwithoutvideos

    CanIgeto10kwithoutvideos2 months ago

    I still have the se 🤣

  36. Classic Bitch

    Classic Bitch2 months ago

    So is it happening or not?

  37. Fortnite Nooby

    Fortnite Nooby2 months ago

    I’m from the future and I’d like to say it got canceled

  38. ExoticBeast

    ExoticBeast2 months ago

    Watching this on a iphone se

  39. Yup Itsme

    Yup Itsme2 months ago

    I like the se 2

  40. Shawna Marie penney

    Shawna Marie penney2 months ago

    I have the original iPhone se now

  41. Ricky Velazquez

    Ricky Velazquez2 months ago

    Put a iPhone x screen on a se body\frame

  42. xxxtentacion is my everithing

    xxxtentacion is my everithing2 months ago

    I need it 😍

  43. Jas Tube!

    Jas Tube!2 months ago

    But the latest iPhones are way too expensive

  44. Michael Laverinto

    Michael Laverinto2 months ago

    I think apple should slow down a bit and not realease an iphone this year because people aren't gonna buy a new iPhone that quickly if they still have the iPhone xs max or iPhone x or even an iPhone 7 &8 in previous years that apple realeased

  45. Kavin Balaji

    Kavin Balaji2 months ago

    Who is hear before 7 mill subs?


    CRISTDUTTY2 months ago

    Donde lo puedo comprar, contáctame acá wsap +584121507456

  47. michael jackson

    michael jackson3 months ago

    Glass back nooooooo


    TUNTUN CHAUHAN3 months ago

    market me kub aa RHA hai

  49. Georgia Dominguez

    Georgia Dominguez3 months ago

    Is there gonna be a xr 2

  50. Hilary Penfield

    Hilary Penfield3 months ago

    Will have Touch ID?????

  51. Emilie Smith

    Emilie Smith3 months ago

    If apple is watching this, PLEASE if you’re going to release an SE2, don’t give it a notch. It’s an entry level phone, and people prefer traditional designs. A lot of people who use ses are older people who wouldn’t know how to use a evoke without a home button. -a concerned SE user

  52. Faboi

    Faboi3 months ago

    I just want something faster than a 6s Plus with a headphone jack tbh

  53. IWTBF

    IWTBF3 months ago

    Please Apple make this happen. The size of the screen (length) is perfect. From home button to top of the screen is perfect for the thumb without strain. Plus we don’t want bigger screens all the time, please don’t force us to go bigger. We love the SE.

  54. jbr v blogs

    jbr v blogs3 months ago

    Bro plz give me a iPhone 8plus because I am fan for you

  55. Kamal Hossain

    Kamal Hossain3 months ago

    when came here market

  56. Sameer Chauhan

    Sameer Chauhan3 months ago

    Hindi me video daal diya kar

  57. Lextech Lighting

    Lextech Lighting3 months ago

    This was wrong from the start because to be an SE (budget) it couldn't be OLED. LCD displays are 1/10th the price. Second we did get a budget from Apple called the XR. Yes it's pricey, but it's the value version for 2018/19. For Apple to keep it, it has to be epic. They did the same thing with the iPad 2. It was sold for 4 years because it was epic. SE was the same. They didn't TRY to make the iPad 2 or the Se with the idea it would sell for 4 years, it just did because they were epic designs. They aren't going to TRY to make an SE-2. The next Epic phone will have the same 3 to 4 year run over it's lifespan and that's based on whatever name it has, not because it was trying to be one of the other epic Apple products before it.

  58. PR124 Wannabe

    PR124 Wannabe3 months ago

    Maybe iPhone NE would be cool NE means New Edition

  59. BryceBarz

    BryceBarz3 months ago

    apple trolled us good

  60. Kunrez92 Amani

    Kunrez92 Amani3 months ago

    Please create se2 with triple camera.I really love small phone with great camera.please apple.

  61. Drick Lamar

    Drick Lamar3 months ago

    Wow! Would love to have an iphone 5s size phone with a full screen... Pocketability without sacrificing screen size...

  62. Jorge Decanini

    Jorge Decanini3 months ago

    And then the XR happened lol

  63. Lego Pro

    Lego Pro3 months ago


  64. amit prakash

    amit prakash3 months ago

    When will be launch

  65. Leeboy89

    Leeboy893 months ago

    Sticking to my 2017 sony flagship till it gets no more software updates/support.

  66. Brixwaterr

    Brixwaterr3 months ago

    I’m watching this on a iPhone se

  67. Gabriel Davidson

    Gabriel Davidson3 months ago

    I I need the iPhone SE2

  68. Queen Deajone

    Queen Deajone3 months ago

    Looks like the 8 and Xr/Xs/Xs max

  69. Fahad Naushad

    Fahad Naushad3 months ago

    I want that *NOW*

  70. zact lee

    zact lee3 months ago

    I thought xr is se2

  71. DubStepDude_ MusicMayhem

    DubStepDude_ MusicMayhem3 months ago

    I thought the iPhone xr was iPhone se 2

  72. Fornite 4 life

    Fornite 4 life3 months ago


  73. roco z

    roco z4 months ago

    No SE? No more apple for me. September 2019 after that, Android here I come

  74. bloopsta

    bloopsta2 months ago

    Good choice

  75. Games And More

    Games And More4 months ago

    2019 where are you iPhone se 2

  76. Arshia Asadi

    Arshia Asadi4 months ago

    Will it happen

  77. Sophiana

    Sophiana4 months ago

    it did it was the iphone xr

  78. Diesel6369

    Diesel63694 months ago

    Aka iPhone xr

  79. Syed Mikhail

    Syed Mikhail4 months ago

    Using iphone since iphone 4...stop at se model...if no iphone se 2...then adios apple brand....move to android...

  80. Aldi Renaldi

    Aldi Renaldi4 months ago

    Whear u buy housing se ?

  81. Acoustic Destruction

    Acoustic Destruction4 months ago

    Can you include a link to the site where you bought the housing for this phone? Thanks.

  82. David Alv

    David Alv4 months ago

    they have the technology but not the creativity damn!! is the same shit but with different color

  83. Pallav Raj chouhan

    Pallav Raj chouhan4 months ago

    How did you do these renders and video animations of the concept?

  84. Wendy’s

    Wendy’s4 months ago

    2019 now and it hasn’t happen

  85. MrYkwong

    MrYkwong4 months ago

    This is fake motherfuck

  86. Tiwat Teerawongpairoj

    Tiwat Teerawongpairoj4 months ago


  87. Azamat Mustafaev

    Azamat Mustafaev4 months ago

    Где се пидр фигуру покажи

  88. mija mijica Godnič

    mija mijica Godnič4 months ago

    Welp its 2019 is it here yet??

  89. StinkyPodRacer

    StinkyPodRacer4 months ago

    Bro it 2019 now

  90. Cosmo

    Cosmo4 months ago

    Its almost 2019 lmao

  91. Darkness Farhan 1

    Darkness Farhan 14 months ago

    It`s the end of 2018, but iPhone SE 2 hasn`t releashed. HA HA HA.

  92. spgalve

    spgalve4 months ago

    In 2018 no

  93. a҉n҉t҉ TM

    a҉n҉t҉ TM4 months ago

    December- never happened

  94. Gooffy Yt

    Gooffy Yt4 months ago


  95. Eazy-J Man

    Eazy-J Man4 months ago

    Nope maybe 2019

  96. NoiceMe

    NoiceMe4 months ago

    is it release?

  97. Altaf Hasan

    Altaf Hasan4 months ago

    I want a cheap , quite fat iPhone on a budget price so what iPhone should I get

  98. Nick Harries

    Nick Harries5 months ago

    @everythingapplepro thats a really nice mod, can you tell me where to buy that piece!?

  99. Amaris Juca

    Amaris Juca5 months ago

    It’s DeCeMBeR

  100. Arno Blank

    Arno Blank5 months ago

    Just watching...

  101. CoolDerek100

    CoolDerek1005 months ago

    Expectation: released September 2018 Reality: December 2018...

  102. Sajia Yousufi

    Sajia Yousufi2 months ago

    March 2019 now....


    BTS• NCT• STRAY KIDS5 months ago

    So Apple copied him 🤔🤔🤔

  104. Trey Threw Ice Cream At My Foot And Broke It

    Trey Threw Ice Cream At My Foot And Broke It5 months ago

    Little did he know, the se 2 did happen. The XR!

  105. Prince Rock

    Prince Rock5 months ago

    Its not made

  106. Kin TV

    Kin TV5 months ago

    I would buy se 2 straight away if they launched that

  107. -S i m p l i x f i e d -

    -S i m p l i x f i e d -5 months ago

    I use an iPhone 5S ( I still am saving an iX )