The Forbidden iPhone SE 2


  1. taylor harris

    taylor harris8 hours ago

    I want it's so bad

  2. TheNoob OnYoutube

    TheNoob OnYoutube13 hours ago

    U know when he said the se or a lcd low budget phone THE GOD DAMN 10R



    when the SE2 iPhone will come to Europe I can buy one when it's launched

  4. Tomáš Palaj

    Tomáš PalajDay ago

    Posli mi ho ihned lebo tam nabehnem

  5. Tomáš Palaj

    Tomáš PalajDay ago

    Z kade to mas😢 aj ja chcem

  6. Tyler

    TylerDay ago

    I feel like the XR is the SE 2

  7. Evan Minton

    Evan MintonDay ago

    If apple is going to make new way of releasing phones it should be like the plus versions as the normal iphones and the x as the plus models. And also with the larger bessels there should DEFFENTLY be face id on both models. Does anyone know why there wasnt on the 8's... But thats just my opinion .. Eh😵😂 Also I think this i 100000% pointless if apple is planning on releasing this tbh

  8. sunshine gamer

    sunshine gamer3 days ago

    I wish it’s true

  9. Reuben Rman

    Reuben Rman4 days ago

    Why did it not come

  10. Damian Santiago

    Damian Santiago6 days ago

    Hey everything apple pro can you do a review about the LG V40 they say it haves five cameras

  11. DuckyDoesGaming

    DuckyDoesGaming6 days ago

    I bet it would be called the iphone SES!

  12. James Markham

    James Markham7 days ago

    where to buy this?

  13. 666

    6667 days ago

    Where did you order the shell from? Where can I buy one?

  14. Spazza42

    Spazza427 days ago

    The XR should’ve been an SE 2 replacement. 4.7” LCD with the internals of the X, and glass back. A lineup of 4.7”/5.8”/6.5” makes WAY more sense than 5.8”/6.1”/6.5”..

  15. Keeley SaysWhat

    Keeley SaysWhat7 days ago

    *I’m watching on an iPhone SE (rose gold) what about you. what are you watching on*

  16. LIAMM

    LIAMM8 days ago

    They should make an X in an 8/8Plus

  17. Christopher Quinonez

    Christopher Quinonez10 days ago

    No SE2 more like an X-r

  18. Linka Love

    Linka Love11 days ago

    Английская дичь!

  19. Harmeet Bansal

    Harmeet Bansal11 days ago

    It said @Onleeaks

  20. Derek2k

    Derek2k12 days ago

    Still not here yet and no rumors

  21. Rahul Mahalle

    Rahul Mahalle12 days ago

    Apple not going ahead than iphone 8 for SE its much nearear to 8

  22. Mahasin Alam

    Mahasin Alam14 days ago

    What is price....

  23. Ronald Williams

    Ronald Williams14 days ago

    welp we all know

  24. Жекич Горюн

    Жекич Горюн14 days ago

    It' fake

  25. ??? B r u h A boss???

    ??? B r u h A boss???15 days ago

    Just wow....

  26. Fellipe4037 Habbozeiro

    Fellipe4037 Habbozeiro15 days ago

    I loved this cellphone 💙💙

  27. It’s Hailey

    It’s Hailey15 days ago

    I am watching this in October and it in not here

  28. Sheryl Baltzer

    Sheryl Baltzer15 days ago

    The notch would bug me. Would prefer without but count me in on a quality 4 inch phone! Love the SE💜

  29. JustStuff NThings

    JustStuff NThings15 days ago

    se2 was replaced with the Xr Xs Max And Xs

  30. Juan Hernandez

    Juan Hernandez15 days ago

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  31. Ann _HOD_

    Ann _HOD_16 days ago

    Я одна здесь русская?

  32. roco z

    roco z16 days ago

    I hope they bring the small factor back at some point

  33. civil services on moon

    civil services on moon16 days ago

    Super design

  34. luissm4l

    luissm4l17 days ago

    it’s the iPhone Xr

  35. luissm4l

    luissm4l7 days ago

    Alisha Creaney shut the fuck up lil girl no one was talking to u

  36. Alisha Creaney

    Alisha Creaney14 days ago

    luissm4l no it’s not look it up dumb ass

  37. erica bergan

    erica bergan17 days ago

    Who thinks he should make a phone company and sell phones (like if you agree. 😊)

  38. Sleepy Lanery

    Sleepy Lanery17 days ago

    were can I buy that shell?

  39. Pubg Gaming

    Pubg Gaming17 days ago

    Kkkkk cada coisa kkk slk

  40. Switch

    Switch17 days ago


  41. Helpmecomeupwithagoodusername

    Helpmecomeupwithagoodusername17 days ago

    Is there a red glass back for my SE?

  42. Laurence Hesukateouy

    Laurence Hesukateouy18 days ago

    Can you give me iphone please?

  43. Sanjay Rathore

    Sanjay Rathore18 days ago

    How many iPhone u have

  44. Eko Doang

    Eko Doang18 days ago


  45. renessa craig

    renessa craig18 days ago

    Who else here and September practically finish or finished

  46. Dj Ryan Janolino

    Dj Ryan Janolino18 days ago

    it would be great if the the new iphone se will be look like iphone x in the front but having the se appearance and maybe bigger a bit

  47. Phao Câu

    Phao Câu18 days ago

    you know .. . . . you know . .... . i mean . ! you know ...imean

  48. Ogfruity

    Ogfruity18 days ago

    I’ll buy a phone like that

  49. Mateo Montaña

    Mateo Montaña18 days ago

    iPhone SE 2 didn't happen tho

  50. sonic The hedgehog

    sonic The hedgehogDay ago

    Mateo Montaña It is a good phone

  51. KiD 504#

    KiD 504#7 days ago

    It will

  52. John Randolph

    John Randolph14 days ago

    Mateo Montaña we don’t know if it will

  53. oai nguyễn

    oai nguyễn18 days ago

    Óc chó nói chả ra cái lol gì ngu hết phần

  54. राहुल माल गुर्जर

    राहुल माल गुर्जर19 days ago

    The new iPhone will be XE??

  55. satheesh

    satheesh19 days ago

    iPhone se2 is launch or not launch

  56. Suman Macha

    Suman Macha19 days ago

    Release date please I want I phone se2

  57. Sk Sk

    Sk Sk19 days ago


  58. Sk Sk

    Sk Sk19 days ago


  59. FinalSlayer

    FinalSlayer19 days ago

    But what phone would the SE remaster? The first did the 5S, so would the second be the 4 or something?

  60. Onyx gaming /FG/CG.

    Onyx gaming /FG/CG.19 days ago

    I like the bulkier ones

  61. *しょボンヌ

    *しょボンヌ19 days ago

    ( 」´0`)」Oh nooo!!!!!!

  62. Bờ Lách ít

    Bờ Lách ít19 days ago


  63. ميار منير

    ميار منير19 days ago


  64. Subash Chandra Hikaka

    Subash Chandra Hikaka19 days ago

    i want this iphone

  65. Adriaan S

    Adriaan S19 days ago

    and now september is over almost

  66. suraj thanait

    suraj thanait20 days ago

    I love this

  67. AJ Alvarez

    AJ Alvarez20 days ago

    Hey where can I get that kit I want to MOD my phone se

  68. GhostWorldNL

    GhostWorldNL21 day ago

    Iphone 4 2.0

  69. Potato Sauce

    Potato Sauce21 day ago



    CANELA RUSSA21 day ago

    Esse não e o se 2

  71. Thunder Kunt

    Thunder Kunt22 days ago

    Fuckwits @ Apple's got 2 ruin everything.

  72. Niraj Gosalia

    Niraj Gosalia22 days ago

    So what do you have to say now? Is it still going to come? Very disappointed still no iPhone SE2 ....

  73. Niqbal

    Niqbal23 days ago

    The design at the end of the video is one of the sleekest I've ever seen. Hopefully the price point won't be as high

  74. FlxAce

    FlxAce23 days ago

    the iPhone SE 2 never happen as of 2018 or maybe the iPhone SE 2 turned into the iPhone XR

  75. Alpha the Omega

    Alpha the Omega24 days ago

    No headphone jack 😒

  76. Farhan Khan

    Farhan Khan26 days ago

    When is coming in India

  77. Gaming And Music paradise

    Gaming And Music paradise27 days ago

    Is it iphone Xr?

  78. popping chick3n

    popping chick3n3 days ago

    Gaming And Music paradise might be

  79. Luca Gerber

    Luca Gerber28 days ago

    How can you buy one of those???

  80. Kory Michaels

    Kory Michaels29 days ago

    According to Apple's 2016 iPhone SE launch, 30 Million People bought a 4-inch phone. Other reports that year said Apple sold 60 Million iPhones, so if that's all true, HALF of the phones sold were 4" phones. So why is the 2018 lineup all GIGANTIC Phones? Those of us who can remember back to 1996 release of the Motorola StarTAC will remember that the small size was a revolutionary improvement over the heavy, "brick" phones that were common at the time. So it's kind of amusing that we've gone back to brick-sized phones at a super premium price.

  81. 64636vlogs _

    64636vlogs _29 days ago

    Lol I’m watching this video on the iPhone SE


    PAUL LIMON29 days ago

    Guess not....

  83. digi100 store

    digi100 storeMonth ago

    لینک خرید این محصول :

  84. mark s

    mark sMonth ago

    I am in awkward position right because of apple. I tried Samsung s8 plus for 2 months eventually hating the android experience all together. I went back to the IPhone 6s Plus because it is last the generation apple did right. Man I would love to get Iphone with the display of Iphone x, aluminum body and a headphone jack; it feels like it's too much to ask. I would be on board for a upgrade but apple rather piss its clients off while leaving their clients without the option to eat for two weeks or more.

  85. Airmail333

    Airmail333Month ago

    Where did you get the housing? Since they didn't release a new phone-sized phone, I just want a new housing.

  86. Kuba. M

    Kuba. MMonth ago


  87. cleverhorse

    cleverhorseMonth ago

    Sadly we didn't get an SE2. Please sign this petition. We need an SE2

  88. Marvin Broeksema

    Marvin BroeksemaMonth ago

    Where can I buy this shell?

  89. Satnam Singh

    Satnam SinghMonth ago

    No only Slim mobile is very gud my cousin

  90. Jim

    JimMonth ago

    okay where can i buy the case ?

  91. ふらいもん

    ふらいもんMonth ago


  92. Dhime

    DhimeMonth ago

    This makes me sad knowing I won’t be able to upgrade.. don’t like large phones but already really invested in the apple ecosystem... what the fuck Apple?

  93. TransitToronto Since2004

    TransitToronto Since2004Month ago

    Collection: IPod touch 5TH 2012 Only 1yr IPhone 5s 2013 2yrs Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime 2yrs IPhone 7 2018

  94. Hariharaprasad Natarajamani

    Hariharaprasad NatarajamaniMonth ago

    @everythingapplepro should i get iphone SE considering SE2 is not coming

  95. Ranjeet Rao

    Ranjeet RaoMonth ago

    Lunching date in india?

  96. stoltobot

    stoltobotMonth ago

    Why would you put the insides of an SE in a bigger phone shell? Kinda defeats the point

  97. stoltobot

    stoltobotMonth ago

    I take it back, that looks alright

  98. I Had To Make This Account

    I Had To Make This AccountMonth ago

    Its crazy that when the iPods were first coming out progression meant smaller and thinner, and now its the opposite and i hate it.

  99. Dzaky Haidar Mashuri

    Dzaky Haidar MashuriMonth ago


  100. Cars and Bikes

    Cars and BikesMonth ago

    No IPhone SE 2. :(

  101. ダンボーラー

    ダンボーラーMonth ago


  102. Ani Ani

    Ani AniMonth ago

    I phone SE2 coming or not coming soon

  103. teo jota

    teo jotaMonth ago

    Giveaway plss😇

  104. powya

    powyaMonth ago

    Can i ask where did you get the housing from? I am thinking of updating my SE!

  105. Trobi

    TrobiMonth ago


  106. Alex huddleston

    Alex huddlestonMonth ago

    I like this i think it's a pretty good idea

  107. Marci - vlogok,gameplayek,tutorialok

    Marci - vlogok,gameplayek,tutorialokMonth ago

    you mean iphone SEX XDDDDDDDDDD

  108. hd7868

    hd7868Month ago

    I would leave android in a heartbeat if the iPhone se2 happens