The Forbidden iPhone SE 2


  1. PairaGamers

    PairaGamers7 hours ago

    Payed $50 for my New SE with 2yr agreement around 3yrs ago. Still using it. You know why, because it’s a small phone. I also work and get dirty so I don’t have to worry about a cracked screen and it easily fits in my side carpenter jean pocket. It can be carried with me while working and doesn’t get in the way a larger phone would. No case, just a glass screen protector. I hope they release another iPhone 5 series for people like me because we’ll hold onto what we have until we’re forced to upgrade if you (Apple) don’t offer something else.

  2. Dovebird 89

    Dovebird 8920 hours ago

    I was thinking about getting the iPhone SE because my iPod touch 5 is slow and it only has iOS 9 but if this iPhone SE 2 is coming out then I REALLY WANT that instead!

  3. ryandontlikeyou

    ryandontlikeyouDay ago

    looks more like the 4/4s than the 8



    What is the name of your red chair

  5. Emma 99

    Emma 99Day ago

    How much will it cost cuz my bday is in september and my mum said i could get an iPhone soon if it doesnt cost much and i could get the iphone SE2 for my bday

  6. Emma 99

    Emma 99Day ago

    Not really friends with glass though

  7. Ever Green

    Ever GreenDay ago

    soo cute😊

  8. Volkan Saltik

    Volkan Saltik2 days ago

    Fuck you bitch 🖕🖕


    GRANTFROM GOOLWA2 days ago

    Honestly who gives a shit it a friggen phone. Pathetic.

  10. Yasin Çakır

    Yasin Çakır2 days ago

    my phone is a se

  11. Samuel Hernandez

    Samuel Hernandez2 days ago

    iPhone se 2018 2 0 1 8 2

  12. Leah Robb

    Leah Robb2 days ago

    Shouldn't it be called the iPhone se x

  13. Swaggyb

    Swaggyb3 days ago


  14. Gaurav S Rao

    Gaurav S Rao3 days ago

    That iPhone shell looks like the shell of a 4S

  15. Ayush Patel

    Ayush Patel4 days ago

    budget phone with notch and iPhone x like screen? no way it will be high paid phone

  16. Mike Vogelius

    Mike Vogelius4 days ago

    Now they just need to fix the notch

  17. SugarHoneyIcedTea

    SugarHoneyIcedTea4 days ago

    It better have a home button and headphone jack or I’m going to android

  18. shamim13333

    shamim133334 days ago

    ughhh thats way too bad

  19. Taro Beann

    Taro Beann5 days ago

    Its not in June. I am watching this in the middle of June

  20. Kaye Zulawski

    Kaye Zulawski5 days ago

    Hi nice i phone se i hope they make that phone soon its looks cool everyone might buy it and it will be sold out and they might make more they god good i phones every year good video 😎👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏☺😁😎😁😎😁🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱

  21. marie april ofrasio

    marie april ofrasio5 days ago

    Im thinking of buying an iPhone 8 this june or july. Should I go for it or wait for the SE 2 in september

  22. Abdulla Vallikkadan

    Abdulla Vallikkadan5 days ago

    Can you please post the iPhone X plus

  23. Genaral Vamshi

    Genaral Vamshi5 days ago

    Please please please iphone se should have headphone jack

  24. Paltry Writer16

    Paltry Writer165 days ago

    Noo why is apple keeping the notch on the se 2 😠

  25. Fernando Olivares

    Fernando Olivares5 days ago

    Why glass what if I drop it

  26. gamingwithmark 213

    gamingwithmark 2135 days ago

    So the iphone sex hahahahhaha

  27. Ricky’s Channel

    Ricky’s Channel5 days ago

    I have it

  28. Bryan Bruch

    Bryan Bruch6 days ago

    Why do people want a small old phone

  29. Random randomness

    Random randomness5 days ago

    Because the SE was perfectly sized .... I hate mini tablet sized phones ...

  30. Ajay Prakash

    Ajay Prakash6 days ago

    i am planning to buy iphone se . should i have to wait for se 2?

  31. Kevin Ye

    Kevin Ye6 days ago

    The SE was never regarded as a "cheap" version. It had generally the same specs as the leading iPhone (the 6S at the time). Also, many people I know who bought the SE, and are even buying it now, are buying it because of the size, not the price. Some people just like smaller phones, and the SE allows those people to stick to iPhone as all phone manufacturers are just making bigger and bigger phones, Apple included.

  32. Random randomness

    Random randomness5 days ago

    Exactly .... The SE was the premier phone in the compact package ..... The cheap iPhone was the 5c ..... Those were junk all the way through ...

  33. Stardasha Thomas

    Stardasha Thomas6 days ago

    I think its ugly to me i rather stay with the oringnal se

  34. vhira

    vhira6 days ago

    This sucks, why couldn’t they make the phone thin like the iPhone 6, 7 and 8 models to make it more ergonomically comfortable....I mean cmon this shape has been around since 2012 when the iPhone 5 came out. If it’s due to the battery size then make the phone slightly bigger then the iPhone SE/5s and make it thinner then the iPhone SE/5s.

  35. itzkay forever

    itzkay forever6 days ago

    Roses are red violets are blue I liked my own comment because no one will do😂😂😂

  36. Py Rex

    Py Rex6 days ago

    But the iPhone has a headphone jack

  37. David Hammer

    David Hammer6 days ago

    Do you put screen protectors on your devices? I find the ip8plus screen pretty scratchy...

  38. Bladimir Estrella

    Bladimir Estrella7 days ago

    You have beautiful teeth bud.

  39. sami labidi

    sami labidi7 days ago

    you realize that the iphone se came out 4 years after the 5s

  40. FK97

    FK977 days ago

    im a fan of everythingapplepro, but this is the thing i mostly hate about him. so many people dont get that thoses stupid rumors are not true! in the presentation of 2018, absolutely no one said "se 2"!

  41. angel fish

    angel fish7 days ago

    People just want se 2 cuz the price it’s shit ok.*my opinion

  42. Cockpit cock

    Cockpit cock7 days ago

    waiting for iphone se 2

  43. Saul Garcia

    Saul Garcia7 days ago

    He looks like he just woke up and started filming

  44. Geml2010

    Geml20107 days ago

    nuuuuuuuu it was june when i posted this comment D:

  45. Dribble Boy

    Dribble Boy7 days ago

    Ohh yea new trap phone for mee 🤟🏽👏🏽☄️🏚

  46. - Patstar54 -

    - Patstar54 -7 days ago

    Watching this on an se xD

  47. Evil Morty

    Evil Morty7 days ago

    If anyone cares I have an iPhone se

  48. KittyCinnamon

    KittyCinnamon7 days ago

    I have the iPhone se! :3 Not the 2

  49. jahn hendrix

    jahn hendrix7 days ago

    i want an iPhone

  50. Sky Anthro

    Sky Anthro7 days ago

    I don't like apple but honestly that is the best looking design they ever made

  51. Olive Loves Everything

    Olive Loves Everything8 days ago

    *Watches video on iPhone SE*

  52. Amanda Kulp

    Amanda Kulp8 days ago

    Why would I want a glass back? That’s two spots on the phone to crack easier.

  53. BUdUm. BUdUm.

    BUdUm. BUdUm.8 days ago


  54. X An AseVen

    X An AseVen8 days ago

  55. Josh 3204

    Josh 32048 days ago


  56. Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler8 days ago

    here i am watching this w my slightly bent iphone 6

  57. FTR0225 [Kw4]

    FTR0225 [Kw4]8 days ago

    i actually believe the iphone se 2 is called the iphone x, it was an anniversary device, just like the iphone x

  58. pokemo oon

    pokemo oon9 days ago

    i hve iphone 7plus 256gp.. the best phone ever still not in my hand in my pent ;p

  59. UNcommonG8m!ng

    UNcommonG8m!ng9 days ago

    More like ses

  60. Chris Kibodeaux

    Chris Kibodeaux9 days ago

    Se never sold to begin with ur stupid if u think there’s a new version of it!!!

  61. Subu 2003

    Subu 20039 days ago

    it is better if it has black display

  62. Emma Lin

    Emma Lin9 days ago

    I just wish they made the screen a bit bigger, it’s a bit hard to type with a screen that small.

  63. Katie M

    Katie M9 days ago

    I love my iPhone se 16 gigabyte so much

  64. Here I'm

    Here I'm9 days ago

    *i P H O N E S E X Y*

  65. The Gamers Minecraft and More!

    The Gamers Minecraft and More!9 days ago

    I don’t really think the iPhone SE design with the iPhone X screen matches very well.

  66. Zach Nichols

    Zach Nichols9 days ago


  67. Samdosegaming

    Samdosegaming9 days ago

    I’m on an iPhone se listening to this and I keep thinking Siri is listening and thinking that bastard is gonna replace me 😂

  68. RayraysAzombie !

    RayraysAzombie !9 days ago

    I want the iPhone x screen on the se 2

  69. CBIgaming

    CBIgaming9 days ago


  70. Maddie Ravioli

    Maddie Ravioli10 days ago

    I really hope Apple comes out with the iPhone SE 2. However, I really want there to be a home button. It's the signature Apple look, and I already don't like the iPhone X design.

  71. SpencerMC Gaming

    SpencerMC Gaming10 days ago

    I have an iPhone SE and I like the fact that it’s a “classic” apple design. The SE 2 would be really cool if it had the bug display like the iPhone X!

  72. Mhar Pedriňa

    Mhar Pedriňa10 days ago

    Too much talking just reveal what it looks like. SMH

  73. internet is cool

    internet is cool10 days ago

    I still have an iPhone se 😂

  74. Gym Liv

    Gym Liv10 days ago

    You look like Maciej Musiał from Poland 😆❤

  75. Pedro Garcia

    Pedro Garcia10 days ago

    I love your red chair

  76. phalgun rao

    phalgun rao10 days ago

    If I get this beautiful phone this time I won’t be putting a big phone cover.

  77. scout silver

    scout silver10 days ago

    I use the rose gold SE

  78. ok no

    ok no10 days ago

    I believe I heard Craig Federichi say in a podcast that Apple wont release any more phones with Touch ID and that Face ID is the new standard. So read into that what you will

  79. Livi_PlayzGamez

    Livi_PlayzGamez10 days ago

    Please. Explain. How. Do. You. Get. SOOO. Much. Phones.

  80. RXYTHW

    RXYTHW10 days ago

    SE body, iPhone X display (bezel-less full display notched, no home button), and improvements in performances, ill go for it and throw aways my 5S lol.

  81. RXYTHW

    RXYTHW10 days ago

    cz actually iPhone 5/SE body is the most appealing for me so far. its clean and simple :ok_sign:

  82. camilizer Arianator

    camilizer Arianator10 days ago

    since there is an iphone x what happened to the iphone a, b, c, d etc

  83. 1chanccxx 5

    1chanccxx 511 days ago

    Can I get a iPhone

  84. humanmadetech humanmade

    humanmadetech humanmade11 days ago

    Maybe just lower the price of the iPhone X and name it iPhone SEX

  85. Αχιλλεας Σακκας

    Αχιλλεας Σακκας11 days ago

    the first iphone se is better

  86. xxxavier

    xxxavier11 days ago

    iphone se 2 announced to have battle royale mode

  87. fortnite Friday's

    fortnite Friday's11 days ago

    I think it looks a lot like my gold iPhone 7 but more boxy

  88. THE UMIX SHOW lc

    THE UMIX SHOW lc11 days ago

    I'll buy it if it keeps the 3.5mm jack

  89. Syntactical

    Syntactical12 days ago

    The forbidden Jutsu 👀

  90. musicMaster 2002

    musicMaster 200212 days ago

    I honestly think the SE two won’t have a Face ID

  91. Samuel Lahtinen

    Samuel Lahtinen12 days ago

    glove strange suit profile argue fair employee effectively

  92. DJT10

    DJT1012 days ago

    when is it coming out and where can you buy the cases for ur iphone se to look like the se 2?

  93. Madi Sukofa

    Madi Sukofa12 days ago


  94. Galaxy Tuber

    Galaxy Tuber12 days ago

    If the screen looks like the iPhone X then ima hate Apple XD

  95. joseph depth

    joseph depth12 days ago

    another click bait

  96. Tiberiu Minyo

    Tiberiu Minyo12 days ago

    using the word "cheap" in an iphone video lmao

  97. Red Stream0 Productions

    Red Stream0 Productions12 days ago

    I like how he shows off the phones in the background

  98. Keyara Griffin

    Keyara Griffin12 days ago

    Can I have that phone

  99. Manpreet Kaur

    Manpreet Kaur12 days ago

    Where did you get the shell from bro ??

  100. Compulsive Media

    Compulsive Media13 days ago

    Apple is really playing all of us, and we’re falling for it like dummies 😂😂🤦‍♂️

  101. Jash Chaudhary

    Jash Chaudhary13 days ago

    Bro you are a cool guy

  102. Tonghav Heng

    Tonghav Heng13 days ago

    iPhone5C 2

  103. Mini Hayabusa

    Mini Hayabusa13 days ago

    I saw an add u know what is it.....? Its samsung

  104. Natalie Rosas

    Natalie Rosas13 days ago

    So basically a small version of an iPhone X mixed with the iPhone se