The Forbidden iPhone SE 2


  1. RapKnoHow Iz Beezk

    RapKnoHow Iz Beezk16 hours ago

    put the headphone jack back in and watch sells explode


    DC4PRIMALDay ago

    Where can I buy the shell?

  3. Kell Vizzotto

    Kell Vizzotto2 days ago

    Amigo queria saber se você tem algum iphone que não use, meu sonho e ter um e se tiver eu queria comprar de você .

  4. Francine Frizbee

    Francine Frizbee2 days ago

    I'm probably getting this phone cause i've always wanted a IPhone X but people r telling me that u shouldn't buy the IPhone X for reasons and i have the IPhone SE so i think this phone is perfect for me

  5. My Sam

    My Sam2 days ago

    I want your iphone 5s give me can or not

  6. JotkutPeliVideot

    JotkutPeliVideot2 days ago

    I hope it never happens because i like the se and that looks like a big piece of shit

  7. Anand Narjinary

    Anand Narjinary2 days ago

    I like u iphone sE 2

  8. Anand Narjinary

    Anand Narjinary2 days ago


  9. Ceira Campbell

    Ceira Campbell3 days ago

    It looks like the 8 just thicker honestly i want the SE but i dont get why apple keeps making iphone they keep getting worse and worse

  10. Mario Pineda

    Mario Pineda3 days ago

    hello, i have always had the crappiest phones. my last one was a prepaid lg stylo phone, which had a broken screen. i wanted something cheap and reliable and decided to buy an iphone se at atnt which was 50dlls plus 50 for prepaid. i just wanna say as a guy who used to hate on iphones and phones in general, i am loving the se all the way and looking forward with this release. hope it happens.

  11. Škate Kidd18

    Škate Kidd183 days ago

    I have iOS 12 on my 6. I regret downloading it 😢

  12. Rupam Teron

    Rupam Teron3 days ago

    se2 full display phne 😍😍😍😍😘

  13. NB_0121

    NB_01214 days ago

    Got the SE in gold...... if they officially release it. I’d consider buying. 🤔

  14. waajugi

    waajugi4 days ago

    Will that happend in 2018-2019 because my mom said that she can buy me SE for birthday present?

  15. learn SOMETHING NEw

    learn SOMETHING NEw4 days ago

    se 2 release date... tell me

  16. Jai Joshi

    Jai Joshi4 days ago

    This phone reminds me of the iPhone 4

  17. Jai Joshi

    Jai Joshi4 days ago

    Who’s going to buy the phone?

  18. shridhar raj

    shridhar raj5 days ago

    Dear.. Apple i realy like ur user interface as ios is smoothest platform.. Software is bestest.. Bt pleas apple make phones valyu for money.. Other wise Apple will blow up by Samsung and other companies...

  19. MinkReaperGaming

    MinkReaperGaming7 days ago

    Is this phone still happening or did they cancel it?

  20. Eddy Kardash

    Eddy Kardash7 days ago

    The Forbidden iPhone SE 2 I have an se work phone, why would anyone buy that in 2018? It sucks really really bad

  21. Iyanna McLeod

    Iyanna McLeod8 days ago

    It looks like a cross between the 8/X and a SE LMAOOO

  22. Rezo G4mer

    Rezo G4mer8 days ago

    Ok I was wondering about the Samsung note 9 not the se 2

  23. bishan thapa

    bishan thapa8 days ago

    Love my old se,waiting to get one with no bezel like x.

  24. Lol Lol

    Lol Lol9 days ago

    If there even is a leak than when is it coming out and shouldn't it be called SE X

  25. rosexx30

    rosexx309 days ago

    if they put they headphone jack in it then I’d buy it but I’m cool with the 8 ig

  26. wixikify

    wixikify9 days ago

    FFS PLS PUT THE FULL ON DISPLAY ON IT APPLE !!!!! dont make me angry and buy a S9 :D

  27. Ayub Khan

    Ayub Khan10 days ago

    Plz release date

  28. Rathna kumar Krishnan

    Rathna kumar Krishnan10 days ago

    *you're thinking a lot than apple does*

  29. Super Saiyan 3

    Super Saiyan 310 days ago

    what a bullshit fake news/ clickbait video. there isnt gonna be an SE 2. "leaked shell:" ??? are you kidding me. it's the exact fucking same SE shell.

  30. iSe _cUbe

    iSe _cUbe10 days ago

    I need

  31. Red 234

    Red 23410 days ago

    Reminds me of an iPhone 4.

  32. Sophie Thomas

    Sophie Thomas11 days ago

    I only have the SE 😆

  33. InsaneXDude227

    InsaneXDude22711 days ago

    The HOME BOTTON!!!!!!

  34. Joyce Indriani

    Joyce Indriani11 days ago

    Do A Water 🚿Test In The Shower 🚿 Please?

  35. Mystery Man

    Mystery Man11 days ago

    Too bad they cancel the project

  36. Inkie

    Inkie11 days ago

    It’s the SE X

  37. Integra DIY

    Integra DIY12 days ago

    I don't want the SE 2.. I want SE X

  38. Kitty Cat

    Kitty Cat12 days ago

    The iPhone se shell looks like bigger version of an iPhone 4

  39. reviewer that doesn't even review

    reviewer that doesn't even review13 days ago

    SE 2 SE 3 SE 4 SE 5 SE 6 SE 7 SE 8 SE X O.o

  40. King Wolfe

    King Wolfe13 days ago

    12 algo

  41. King Wolfe

    King Wolfe13 days ago

    That was liggitneth



    Slightly bigger screen and upgraded specs I’ll buy it 👍🏻

  43. Rahul Patel

    Rahul Patel14 days ago

    *#SE2** is a MYSTERY*

  44. Nae smooth

    Nae smooth15 days ago

    How do people be getting this stuff

  45. cutetracy G

    cutetracy G15 days ago


  46. mike hunt

    mike hunt16 days ago

    It def won’t have a notch and it will have a home button

  47. Savannah Stein

    Savannah Stein16 days ago

    *thats not real*


    KYNGNARI17 days ago

    Try asking

  49. Ayesha Mehar

    Ayesha Mehar18 days ago

    If SE 2 doesn't have headphone jack and the home button I am so not buying it. I love small phones though

  50. Nola-scratcher-master

    Nola-scratcher-master18 days ago

    Se2 plus

  51. lily

    lily19 days ago

    THE forbidden snack

  52. cris handsome

    cris handsome19 days ago


  53. The stuffed characters

    The stuffed characters19 days ago

    I have the iPhone SE

  54. Kaitlyn

    Kaitlyn19 days ago

    I just notice se means s5 bc the 5th letter of the alphabet is e. Am I the only one who didn’t know or what?

  55. Yusuf Maulana Efendi

    Yusuf Maulana Efendi20 days ago

    This phone re-open the true essential of phone.. Compact and not giant screen phone or anything

  56. Szymon Gadżety TV

    Szymon Gadżety TV20 days ago

    I want iPhone SE 2

  57. Slayy Daidontkno

    Slayy Daidontkno20 days ago


  58. jonathan sarson

    jonathan sarson20 days ago

    I really want the SE2 to be made, I love my SE and dream of an SE2.

  59. Samuel Sepulveda

    Samuel Sepulveda22 days ago

    Have the SE....amazing phone....

  60. phật tổ đẹp zai

    phật tổ đẹp zai22 days ago


  61. James French

    James French24 days ago

    I always wanted to see this, I've always wanted to see an iPhone 5/5s/se in an XL version something a little more bigger but with the same housing the smaller one provides as it feels a lot more firmer in the hand and pocket

  62. Zeeangelofdeath

    Zeeangelofdeath25 days ago

    They should call it iPhone legacy

  63. Charles M Rinehart

    Charles M Rinehart25 days ago

    If Apple does an SE2, I hope it’s larger. 4” is just way too small.

  64. Bruna Strohschoen

    Bruna Strohschoen25 days ago

    Alguém entende oque ele ou eu está falando?akjshhxjdudhehgehsksjhdgdgdg

  65. Alexsandro Soaris

    Alexsandro Soaris10 days ago

    Bruna Strohschoen. Sim.

  66. Bruna Strohschoen

    Bruna Strohschoen25 days ago

    Brasileiros aquiii?

  67. Adriano Devon

    Adriano Devon26 days ago

    you are extremely handsone

  68. DJ Tupolev

    DJ Tupolev26 days ago

    Ever been scammed? *Read More*

  69. Cionne Richardson

    Cionne Richardson27 days ago

    No the ten got the most leaks that's why there are clones and fake one😾🙀🙉🙊

  70. Usat Fadjri

    Usat Fadjri27 days ago


  71. SHM

    SHM28 days ago

    where i can buy this case pls say it

  72. Ali

    Ali29 days ago

    LLL i have an iphone SE but i hate it

  73. The Boss!

    The Boss!29 days ago

    If Steve Jobs was alive this would have been the standard iPhone X and the plus model would be 4.7

  74. Harshit Gupta

    Harshit Gupta29 days ago

    Please gift me this phone

  75. Gaylord Focker

    Gaylord FockerMonth ago

    If that is the real SE 2 design, I will replace my android phones and coming back to iPhone again for this one. I switched to android since iPhone 5.......

  76. MegaBricktv

    MegaBricktvMonth ago

    Dumb video

  77. DrHaganPlays -Gaming

    DrHaganPlays -GamingMonth ago

    Looks like the iPhone 4 after puberty hit

  78. The guy who is using smg meta

    The guy who is using smg meta8 days ago

    DrHaganPlays -Gaming Its a fuckin phone

  79. Aisaranuwat Cus

    Aisaranuwat CusMonth ago


  80. Thot Walk

    Thot WalkMonth ago

    The notch sucks. Screen gestures suck. Please Apple, just make it the traditional design with minor adjustments. I will definitely buy the same phone I own with updated specs. I don’t want a mini iPhone X. I do not like the iPhone X. It failed compared to the iPhone 8

  81. Rajveer राणा

    Rajveer राणाMonth ago

    नमस्ते Sir,, क्या आप एक iphone X उपहार स्वरूप दे सकते है, आपसे विनम्रतापूर्वक निवेदन करते भाई जी ,,,, 🙏🙏 please please please please please,, call me @ +91 8294141111

  82. Beast Gaming

    Beast GamingMonth ago

    *Can You play Fortnite on it?*

  83. Real Big

    Real Big12 days ago

    Beast Gaming Hold this L ur fukn fukn lame

  84. Friendly Nibba

    Friendly Nibba19 days ago


  85. Garrett Willis

    Garrett WillisMonth ago

    do a giveaway

  86. JoJoke Central

    JoJoke CentralMonth ago

    My friend is pretty stuck in thinking the SE2 will just be an X the size of a 5.

  87. Yadvendra Yadav

    Yadvendra YadavMonth ago

    I like this

  88. Iqbal Syed

    Iqbal SyedMonth ago


  89. Andreana Price

    Andreana PriceMonth ago

    I really want this phone

  90. Turkish Gamer

    Turkish GamerMonth ago

    Where can i get the se 2 shell?!

  91. Em Paz

    Em PazMonth ago

    Face Id alternative is a must.i don't want face id

  92. Αγόρι Πεταλίδα

    Αγόρι ΠεταλίδαMonth ago

    Can't wait for Samsung S10.. :)

  93. Madison Hudson

    Madison HudsonMonth ago

    You know a fucking iPhone SE is after the iPhone 6s right

  94. Emosss 074

    Emosss 074Month ago

    Some say that they cancelled it. Is it true?

  95. Emosss 074

    Emosss 074Month ago

    Yeah... It would be great for me. need a new phone that is not too Pricey

  96. Aj2002

    Aj2002Month ago

    Emosss 074 I hope it will come out

  97. 88lundy

    88lundyMonth ago

    where did you get your seat? :)

  98. kanyon morales

    kanyon moralesMonth ago

    I'm so excited, the iPhone 5 was always my favorite design but as screens got bigger the 5 just started to pale in comparison. With the full screen design it's a modernized version and I think it's going to be their best design yet.

  99. Justine Goor Aguiar

    Justine Goor AguiarMonth ago

    iPhone SE-X xD

  100. Jose Moreno

    Jose MorenoMonth ago

    I want it love it I have an se because of the display I like it

  101. Queen Wood

    Queen WoodMonth ago

    Soooo u want the x ??

  102. ติ่ง GOT7 ชอบมาร์คกะแบมๆ

    ติ่ง GOT7 ชอบมาร์คกะแบมๆMonth ago


  103. Ishaan Mohapatra

    Ishaan MohapatraMonth ago

    where did you get it

  104. David Schaffner

    David SchaffnerMonth ago

    Cheap i ment

  105. David Schaffner

    David SchaffnerMonth ago

    Want a good chwap iphone choose the iphone 5 or iphone 3 se

  106. Raynardd_ gaming

    Raynardd_ gamingMonth ago

    it just look like a bigger iphone 4s with new color and touch ID

  107. TryHardGamer

    TryHardGamerMonth ago