The Fluffiest Pancakes You'll Ever Eat


  1. Electro Dragon

    Electro Dragon56 minutes ago

    1:23 How do you know how aluminium foil tastes like?

  2. lol

    lol3 hours ago

    fucking hate her voice, idk why

  3. Ziora Ajeroh

    Ziora Ajeroh4 hours ago

    we *LOVE* a thicc pancake in this house

  4. amyourpapi23

    amyourpapi236 hours ago

    All of this and its going to lunch time by the time you finish or be up by 3am to have them ready by 7am for the family

  5. Tim Rymer

    Tim Rymer7 hours ago

    You know, I tried this, it was awful, you couldn’t have made it any easier? This was a waste of time and was not worth it, trust me when I say, do NOT try and waste your time of this crap.

  6. moonlight kayla

    moonlight kayla7 hours ago

    i tried this anddd ew.

  7. RafapazGamer TM

    RafapazGamer TM7 hours ago

    B U T T E R

  8. Tomas Mačiulis

    Tomas Mačiulis9 hours ago

    The lack of expression in metric units is really ignorant of you

  9. Danibles 1

    Danibles 110 hours ago

    Once tastes like soap, one tastes like aluminum foil... lets use them both XD lol jkjk

  10. EliudGarcia18

    EliudGarcia1812 hours ago

    I think I will just stick with store bought pancake mix

  11. Dudley Stow

    Dudley Stow13 hours ago

    That's a lot of work for just pancakes...

  12. George Ryan

    George Ryan13 hours ago

    PS The recipe is awesome!

  13. George Ryan

    George Ryan13 hours ago

    Good God people. If you don't want to make the pancakes, then don't make them. It's not hard to do on a weekend morning. You mean I have to wait?! Too funny. Some of you are incredibly lazy and coddled. Grow up snowflakes and try living a little.

  14. Dahlia Aylesworth

    Dahlia Aylesworth14 hours ago

    Mine tasted like vinegar and eggs

  15. brock.lesnar .memes

    brock.lesnar .memes15 hours ago

    dumb fucking Americans and your autistic unit of measurement

  16. Camila Mua

    Camila Mua15 hours ago


  17. Josh Kim

    Josh Kim17 hours ago

    I just made these pancakes this morning. And boy were they good 🤤

  18. Katie McSpadden

    Katie McSpadden18 hours ago

    I just tried this and it was a fail. The pancakes didn’t even rise...they are super thin and just taste like I’m eating butter. I’m gonna stick to my usually recipe from now on

  19. Y Es

    Y Es20 hours ago


  20. ItsZukei

    ItsZukei22 hours ago


  21. SycheRyder

    SycheRyder23 hours ago

    lol no thanks not gonna listen to 6 mins of vocal fry

  22. Shekeal Hagenaars

    Shekeal HagenaarsDay ago

    For the one that is dutch Buttermilk is just karnemelk

  23. Сергей Мельников

    Сергей МельниковDay ago


  24. PhonicsMan

    PhonicsManDay ago

    P pancake /p/ Yummmmm

  25. Ultrawarrior 1

    Ultrawarrior 1Day ago

    this cant be more unhealthy

  26. Håiłø Cłåirø

    Håiłø CłåirøDay ago

    Lies I’ve see Fluffier Like the Japanese pancakes

  27. Jåne// •

    Jåne// •Day ago

    hate to break it to you but *there is fluffier*

  28. tazrin ahmed

    tazrin ahmedDay ago

    Lol she said some lumps

  29. hmm

    hmmDay ago

    This is just the same thing that all those others who say they have the best pancakes A lie

  30. Tim Mooney

    Tim MooneyDay ago

    I like that you pronounce "syrup" the way I do, as in "sear-rup". It bugs me when people say "surp".

  31. Sea Doggo

    Sea DoggoDay ago

    *T H I C C*

  32. MrMarilynMe

    MrMarilynMeDay ago

    Wtf leaving flour lumps???

  33. Tyler the glitterboy

    Tyler the glitterboyDay ago

    Did it and it honestly tastes like any other pancake out there. Its like an elaborate version of boxed pancakes

  34. Katie Smith

    Katie SmithDay ago

    English pancakes are the best

  35. ghey mer

    ghey merDay ago

    T H I C C

  36. chardog234

    chardog234Day ago

    oh shit i just used salted butter this might go down hill

  37. KawaiiUnicorn cutie

    KawaiiUnicorn cutieDay ago

    *I think she's a little bit strength*

  38. kazuko kusakari

    kazuko kusakariDay ago

    sorry Tasty - this recipe was a major fail. they were not tasty and not fluffy. there are times when the "if it isn't broke, don't fix it" philosophy applies to cooking and baking,, and this is one of them, if you already have a decent recipe for flavourful, light pancakes, KEEP USING IT - this recipe is NOT a game-changer in the pancake world, despite the 400 some pancakes her colleagues clamoured for (some people will eat anything if it's free and/or they are hungry).

  39. H H

    H HDay ago

    It would be better with half the amount of salt and less buttermilk

  40. YouTube Account

    YouTube AccountDay ago

    Aunt jemima

  41. mikhail fabi

    mikhail fabiDay ago

    0:36 - T H I C C P A N C A K E

  42. YoshiiZ

    YoshiiZDay ago

    better name for a title: How to get lactose intolerance


    FLAWDAWADA8Day ago

    grew up eating pancakes with just plain flour milk or water and its still bomb

  44. Kmdk2471

    Kmdk2471Day ago

    It never said how much milk

  45. Cyber

    CyberDay ago

    These were soooooo amazing

  46. Autumn_ Fox208

    Autumn_ Fox208Day ago

    Too much butter would be horrible

  47. 跃来越好mr

    跃来越好mrDay ago

    what size of cup should I buy?

  48. Jack Spratt

    Jack Spratt2 days ago

    too much work and time. i just got a box of frozen waffle and pancake. awesome

  49. Blah Blah

    Blah Blah2 days ago

    you said something about tasting aluminum foil with one of the may want to read this link: ...good luck.

  50. waje107

    waje1072 days ago

    *Sighs* but I hate butter!!!

  51. Kashaf Zahra

    Kashaf Zahra2 days ago

    Actually, when we fry it, and eat it the lumps go in our mouth, thats what I don't like

  52. Michelle Keagle

    Michelle Keagle2 days ago

    Yes best recipe I’ve ever tried

  53. Dal Dalron

    Dal Dalron2 days ago

    I know Americans aren't that bright (just look at who they voted in to lead them), but the word is "Thick" - an example of this is "People who use 'thicc' are as thick as two two planks held together with Stupid glue!". Any spell-checker would have pointed out the error, but I suppose there's heaps of Stupid glue flowing in 'Murica.

  54. Notorious P.1.G

    Notorious P.1.G2 days ago

    Thick with TWO c’s dam something gonna down

  55. Jesus Aint Coming Home

    Jesus Aint Coming Home2 days ago

    Why does she sound so seductive?.....

  56. Pink

    Pink2 days ago


  57. Amy G

    Amy G2 days ago

    If baking powder is MADE of baking soda, aren’t they already working together? I don’t understand.

  58. Juuzou Suzuya

    Juuzou Suzuya2 days ago

    TICCI Toby would like this vid sooooo much lol

  59. Emma Berman

    Emma Berman2 days ago

    The best pancakes are russian kefir pancakes... there’s no contest

  60. ThatWeirdThingInTheCorner

    ThatWeirdThingInTheCorner2 days ago

    *flashbacks to ze Frank pankegg*

  61. Lily Scout

    Lily Scout2 days ago

    david where are you

  62. kevseb66

    kevseb662 days ago

    Perfect Pancakes = Aunt Jemima Complete & Club Soda.

  63. Warsaw 1047

    Warsaw 10472 days ago

    I like to call pancakes Pwncakes and i dont know why

  64. ItZ Emily! The dog lover

    ItZ Emily! The dog lover2 days ago

    1:32 When you realise how small the bowls are

  65. Eugenio Emanuel Rodriguez

    Eugenio Emanuel Rodriguez2 days ago


  66. Olivia foster

    Olivia foster2 days ago

    I made these and I loved them but my family said they tasted a little too salty, I made them again with half the salt and got better results... Just a tip

  67. Reece C

    Reece C2 days ago


  68. Hugh Jass

    Hugh Jass2 days ago

    I made the mistake of watching this while hungry.

  69. Ubergoose

    Ubergoose2 days ago

    Will this batter keep in the fridge?

  70. Wild Fire Ant

    Wild Fire Ant2 days ago

    her voice is like running a fork down a plate. It is so irritating!

  71. Edward O' Rilley

    Edward O' Rilley2 days ago

    They look raw from the inside or its just me? Would like to try this recipe but wonder if they will be raw from the inside :)

  72. Sarahneedstostop

    Sarahneedstostop2 days ago


  73. cme123tr

    cme123tr2 days ago

    It's not mentioned what type of flour is being used???

  74. Peyton Jarrell

    Peyton Jarrell2 days ago

    Me : *buys a box of eggos*

  75. skitty skittles

    skitty skittles2 days ago

    Tasty: *laughs* who wants to bust out the hand mixer at 7 am Me: um *raises hand* I make breakfast at 4am with a hand mixer.

  76. Simran

    Simran2 days ago


  77. HurricaneHetta

    HurricaneHetta2 days ago

    Looks terriffic! I'm sure they taste wonderful, but I'm not sure I want to go to all this trouble for pancakes. Maybe for a special occasion like Christmas morning or guests. Thumbs up anyway.

  78. へんたい せんぱい

    へんたい せんぱい2 days ago

    I can make pancakes since I have all the ingredients. But I have no syrup....

  79. Viola Devassy

    Viola Devassy2 days ago

    Okay but 3:56 really switched me over from pancakes to chicken dinner. 🍗 👏🏻 😂

  80. Ara Godisan

    Ara Godisan2 days ago

    Sub me, I'll sub you back

  81. RECOIL7777

    RECOIL77772 days ago

    Your voice gave me cancer.

  82. A spoonful of Suga helps the medicine go down

    A spoonful of Suga helps the medicine go down2 days ago

    What’s wrong with a thick pancake amirite

  83. Panther15 ZodiacGods

    Panther15 ZodiacGods2 days ago

    Pancake update: tried combining baking powder with baking soda in the mixture. This seemed to create a greater degree of aeration of the batter than with just baking powder alone. Good advice. Thumbs up.

  84. Gregorius Benjamin

    Gregorius Benjamin2 days ago

    or you can make your own butter

  85. 123Ncar King

    123Ncar King3 days ago

    Went T E R R I B L E for me😯

  86. Jon-Pierre Gentil

    Jon-Pierre Gentil3 days ago

    What kind of professional cooking show measures dry measures by volume??? This is awful. How much do the ingredients weight??

  87. Margaret Diepenbrock

    Margaret Diepenbrock3 days ago

    this girls voice is so fucking annoying

  88. chloe dimond

    chloe dimond3 days ago

    perfect pancake

  89. TheGreatL

    TheGreatL3 days ago

    Okay but I bet they'd taste even more better if they weren't burnt

  90. oh how lovely

    oh how lovely3 days ago

    this is doing the most bruh imma stick to my aunt jemima’s pancake mix

  91. Ryuzaki Potato

    Ryuzaki Potato3 days ago

    I actually tried this recipe and it turned out great. 👌

  92. LIL. Mama

    LIL. Mama3 days ago


  93. Austrian Mapping

    Austrian Mapping3 days ago

    Extra THICC

  94. Ethan Allen

    Ethan Allen3 days ago

    You talk like you voted for Bernie Sanders.

  95. Mady ಠ_ಠ

    Mady ಠ_ಠ3 days ago

    You mean the fattest pancakes you'll ever eat

  96. Antonio Chiappetta

    Antonio Chiappetta3 days ago

    Wip your egg whites the fold them into your batter. Done!

  97. Raul V

    Raul V3 days ago

    I think she likes butter guys

  98. Catawayy

    Catawayy3 days ago

    anyone try these?

  99. Ruby Rathan

    Ruby Rathan3 days ago

    Add butter and yes more butter!

  100. 000euMJ

    000euMJ3 days ago

    I don't know how was she able to undermix the batter without having the "snotty egg". I had to mix much more.