The First iPhone Is Making a Comeback!


  1. April May

    April May8 days ago

    Red bubble is my favourite website. Keep up the good work Philip!!! Love the vids

  2. mccoy lichauco

    mccoy lichauco17 days ago

    iPhone 12gXs

  3. Retro Avenger

    Retro Avenger18 days ago

    Wouldn’t it be cool if Apple made a anniversary iPhone 2G

  4. GreyRobin 257502

    GreyRobin 25750222 days ago

    WOW I got a Samsung A8+ ad before video started LOL

  5. WafflCone

    WafflCone22 days ago

    I wish I had a iPhone 😢.

  6. Vanessativa

    Vanessativa25 days ago

    So did you ever get your blonde girlfriend??

  7. 420Akillese

    420Akillese28 days ago

    I still have the original. Still works. Glad I kept it and good to see the look coming back even if it's not as good as the original. Apple trying hard to keep sales up. They need to bring quality back for the price. Good video.

  8. Davian Perry

    Davian Perry29 days ago

    The iPhone 2G is making a comeback comeback comeback.

  9. Jimmy4164 //AVGNAddict

    Jimmy4164 //AVGNAddictMonth ago

    I still want the iPhone X

  10. Kent Michael

    Kent MichaelMonth ago

    Jimmy4164 //AVGNAddict you gonna get if you are interested

  11. Zimr Multimedia

    Zimr MultimediaMonth ago

    I want those case for my S9 Plus

  12. Micah Bernard

    Micah BernardMonth ago

    Who wants to downgrade their phone lmao it looks 10 times better with nothing

  13. Mohammed Abdullah

    Mohammed AbdullahMonth ago

    Can ay have a iphon x pleas

  14. Khb 888

    Khb 888Month ago

    To be honest, the scratched version looks better, it looks like marble

  15. Rondal Ballard

    Rondal BallardMonth ago

    You know it works on any iphone

  16. Mikai Mitchell

    Mikai MitchellMonth ago

    Uhh it is the bigger newer iphonr

  17. KETCH

    KETCHMonth ago


  18. Nestor Llerena

    Nestor LlerenaMonth ago

    can you do a giveaway with the i phone 8g pls

  19. Nestor Llerena

    Nestor LlerenaMonth ago

    2g not 8g

  20. scdsdfsdf sdfsdfsdf

    scdsdfsdf sdfsdfsdfMonth ago

    the first iphone come to the world back in 2007

  21. The Restoration of Dr Who

    The Restoration of Dr WhoMonth ago

    Bit of a click bait title really. “First iPhone is coming back!”. Yeah, nah. People are just literally adding that black bar on the back because of the design of the first iPhone.

  22. Jack Evans

    Jack EvansMonth ago

    1:52 Yeah There’s a lot of flavours

  23. xXLouisProGamingXx

    xXLouisProGamingXxMonth ago

    How much iPhone x's do u have?

  24. Saur

    SaurMonth ago

    The first one had the borders, the chinese ones didn't. The problem with the first one is that not only it's white instead of metal in the top part (so are those chinese, the pseudo-scratched version didn't impress me either), but also gray instead of black on the bottom part (this is where chinese ones got it right). Still, it has the borders, and chinese ones don't, so it looks better to me because of that.

  25. It's Easy

    It's EasyMonth ago

    You could see his broken iPad at the left. 😂

  26. Snappy Chappy

    Snappy ChappyMonth ago

    My favorite is the iPhone 4s. So cute n chunky with the glass feel to it

  27. Anunandh Ps

    Anunandh PsMonth ago

    can you give me a i phone x...please

  28. Games with Alexa

    Games with AlexaMonth ago

    You have like 4 iPhone X my mom barely has a 5

  29. CKNatallia

    CKNatalliaMonth ago

    nice brunette hair colour.Who would let the leak?

  30. Latha Rajendra Menon

    Latha Rajendra MenonMonth ago

    Try using silver skin on a cover....😋😋😋

  31. Spookish

    SpookishMonth ago

    Pls explain glowing orange apple logo pls ty

  32. 천다민

    천다민Month ago

    iPhone 2G가 왜이렇게 많나요? 목각폰인가요?

  33. Raedi Nurfanto

    Raedi NurfantoMonth ago

    I want one iphone x

  34. T&D Studios

    T&D StudiosMonth ago

    You need to mod a original

  35. LovingAtlanta

    LovingAtlantaMonth ago

    🧐😲That torso thingy was freaking me out. I was so glad when the camera shot changed & it was no longer included in the frame. 😁

  36. LovingAtlanta

    LovingAtlantaMonth ago

    👍Cool cases 😁

  37. HighWayStudios

    HighWayStudiosMonth ago

    Why is their a mannequin with a penis in the background

  38. ShaunaaSmh

    ShaunaaSmhMonth ago

    my dad still has his first iphone (THE IPHONE 2) from 5 years ago

  39. thekx85rider 85

    thekx85rider 85Month ago

    3:38 why is the apple logo lighting up

  40. Shalini Tripathi

    Shalini TripathiMonth ago

    I want a i phone x... Can you give me i phone x

  41. Ciprian Nanescu

    Ciprian NanescuMonth ago

    Can you make an iPhoneX winning ??? Please

  42. Cody Wang

    Cody WangMonth ago

    The mannequin that has a penis buldge

  43. Someone .-.

    Someone .-.Month ago

    when apple came out, my parents kept getting the “newest” ones

  44. Inkie

    InkieMonth ago


  45. Slogfan879Official YT

    Slogfan879Official YTMonth ago

    I subbed and liked 😋😋

  46. Sravan Bro vlogs

    Sravan Bro vlogsMonth ago

    Can you give me an iphone x for me. please.

  47. meme studio

    meme studioMonth ago

    4 iphone x

  48. H E R S E N P A i

    H E R S E N P A iMonth ago

    Moral of the story, not everything is perfect.

  49. Noah Miller

    Noah MillerMonth ago

    Can I have a iPhone in the. Mall

  50. K-9 Kloud

    K-9 KloudMonth ago

    Hey, do you think you could put a clear phone case or a bumper case on a skin?

  51. doge doge army for da win

    doge doge army for da winMonth ago


  52. doge doge army for da win

    doge doge army for da winMonth ago

    When u said there's a couple of flavors u can get this case in I was like which case?

  53. Ryan_Dah_ Savage

    Ryan_Dah_ SavageMonth ago

    How many fucking iphone do you have

  54. Eddie Ortiz

    Eddie OrtizMonth ago

    you have 3 iPhone x hou can giveaway one or two

  55. Eddie Ortiz

    Eddie OrtizMonth ago

    you have 3 iPhone x hoy can giveaway one or two

  56. Xavier Christian

    Xavier ChristianMonth ago

    This was on my bday

  57. The Mechanical Maniac

    The Mechanical ManiacMonth ago

    A 2g? There is no iPhone 2

  58. Jason King

    Jason KingMonth ago

    I want to see a return of Windows phones.....

  59. Nabranes TwistyPuzzler

    Nabranes TwistyPuzzlerMonth ago

    This reminds me of the ZanChi 2017, except for it’s not a fail.

  60. everythingwithiphonex

    everythingwithiphonexMonth ago

    Great video!

  61. His Monster's Voice

    His Monster's VoiceMonth ago

    What an absolute load of old twallop.

  62. Gabriel J

    Gabriel JMonth ago

    What is that doll in the back round 0:20

  63. fluffinix plays

    fluffinix playsMonth ago

    A couple different f l a v o r s

  64. Duan Anne

    Duan AnneMonth ago

  65. Themasterpro1235

    Themasterpro1235Month ago

    Hey you a bulgarian everythinkapplepro

  66. Dat bird Wit 6 wings

    Dat bird Wit 6 wingsMonth ago

    I want an iPhone 2g :( I have iOS 11.2.6 but I can’t jailbreak it and I don’t think a jailbreak is coming for it.

  67. Lisa

    LisaMonth ago

    Are u fucking kidding, the first iPhone was FUGLY as shit

  68. Brandon Heflin

    Brandon HeflinMonth ago

    The scuff reminds me of white marble. Dope case.

  69. Jace'sFunkyFace

    Jace'sFunkyFaceMonth ago

    Can you give me a new iPhone x screen? Mine fell :c

  70. Johnnatan Vasquez

    Johnnatan VasquezMonth ago

    Why was it orange at the end (apple logo on phone)

  71. Rijschool Arjan

    Rijschool ArjanMonth ago

    Where did you get the case?

  72. Marie Claes

    Marie ClaesMonth ago

    Endure available faint wyxpby competition starter civilian cop ok colleague trial help.

  73. Mike Fish

    Mike FishMonth ago

    Why does your maniquin got balls

  74. Jaelynn Reynolds

    Jaelynn ReynoldsMonth ago

    anyone have a link to the wallpaper at 3:15?

  75. Slippy

    SlippyMonth ago


  76. life talks

    life talksMonth ago

    How much money u spend

  77. Umbreon 1103

    Umbreon 1103Month ago

    How many iPhones do you have?!?!?!?!?!

  78. Charlie Tran

    Charlie TranMonth ago

    And I thought Apple made a special event for the original IPhone...


    TECH ELECTRICMonth ago

    Your background is funny

  80. Hisham mahmud

    Hisham mahmudMonth ago

    Can i please have one Oringinal Iphone i want a working one pleas

  81. ananda maulana

    ananda maulanaMonth ago

    the way he treats was so rude

  82. probro gaming

    probro gamingMonth ago

    Can I get an iphone 2g I got a LG been wanting one for a while

  83. Dogelover 21

    Dogelover 21Month ago

    Apple should do a version of this on the iPhone X

  84. Peter Pfleger

    Peter PflegerMonth ago

    i hate this design


    THE ZNW LOGERSMonth ago

    Can you do a giveaway

  86. kevin sester

    kevin sesterMonth ago

    will you get ride of one of the 2gs

  87. Osvaldo Trujillo

    Osvaldo TrujilloMonth ago

    Can i have a x signed? You have a few leftovers 🖖🏻🖖🏻

  88. research with ibrahim qureshi qureshi

    research with ibrahim qureshi qureshiMonth ago


  89. Chau

    ChauMonth ago

    sub here

  90. Bleach

    BleachMonth ago

    *my life is a lie*

  91. 2sweet2handle

    2sweet2handleMonth ago

    original anyday

  92. Carmen Thiry Apablaza

    Carmen Thiry ApablazaMonth ago

    The old You tube is so ugly

  93. jug head

    jug headMonth ago

    Omg how many I phones do u have

  94. Yung Fysalis

    Yung Fysalis2 months ago

    2:00 What I expect from China...

  95. Brad Hill

    Brad Hill2 months ago

    To bad you can't get the original 2G OSi. Do you remember how good everything looked?

  96. Duhhissa.fye1 King

    Duhhissa.fye1 King2 months ago

    Fon i come to ur house tto g3t some of those iphones x my i phone 8 plus red edition aint doing it no more

  97. Maisy Valdes

    Maisy Valdes2 months ago

    Omgg what are they tying these with... I give up😒 😂

  98. Dear me Anything

    Dear me Anything2 months ago

    Can I have an iPhone X

  99. tt stuff

    tt stuff2 months ago

    Please give me iPhone 2g

  100. Roger Peralta

    Roger Peralta2 months ago

    You could just put electrical tape and put it on the back and I just told you a cheap thill

  101. Only Sly

    Only Sly2 months ago

    At the " shop apple pro " section why is the ipad 0 Dollars???

  102. GizliMan

    GizliMan2 months ago

    Can u sell me original first iPhone