The Elder Scrolls VI - Official Announcement Teaser


  1. Mojo Gaming 2004

    Mojo Gaming 200433 minutes ago

    Am I the only one that thinks es6 will come out next year or even 2020 at the latest?

  2. Kevin Fuk

    Kevin Fuk2 hours ago

    Customize your own character and becoming a omnicompetent renaissance man, instead of having a lame ass job class system.

  3. Speedytyperman Answers

    Speedytyperman Answers5 hours ago

    I wish Harry Partridge would make a new video for this.

  4. Michael Tezare

    Michael Tezare7 hours ago

    Elder Scrolls 666: Oblivion 2

  5. Jordan Duncan

    Jordan Duncan10 hours ago

    Who remembers the good Ole days of Morrowind

  6. Jordan Duncan

    Jordan Duncan8 hours ago

    +Queek lmao ik right

  7. Queek

    Queek8 hours ago

    with a decent weapon and spell variety!

  8. Queek

    Queek11 hours ago

    Will there be Pirats?

  9. Daggerfall Morrowind

    Daggerfall Morrowind12 hours ago

    Make rpg not stupid action fps please.

  10. Joshua Griffith

    Joshua Griffith12 hours ago

    You see that mountain? You can climb it.

  11. Diwakar Mishra

    Diwakar Mishra13 hours ago

    I use to wait for the next trailer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee!

  12. roverbudy

    roverbudy14 hours ago

    JAJAJAJA I do not think it is possible to make a game better than skirym, and also sure that it requires playing online.

  13. Taggy

    Taggy10 hours ago

    roverbudy The fuck? No

  14. Lucas Correa

    Lucas Correa16 hours ago


  15. Satoro San

    Satoro San19 hours ago

    The Elder Scrolls VI - Skyrim 2

  16. Bob Extra bob

    Bob Extra bob21 hour ago

    It’s only been six years

  17. username 101

    username 10122 hours ago

    I'm exited for the game I'm going to buy it and I love skyrim

  18. Paulo

    PauloDay ago


  19. Sarah Gregory

    Sarah GregoryDay ago

    *excited incoherent gorilla noises* 😤👌🙏👏👏👏👏 FOR 47 LONG YEARS IVE WAITED!!!

  20. Ryan Webb

    Ryan WebbDay ago


  21. Damien Whale

    Damien WhaleDay ago

    I wanna kill some dinasour

  22. Savina Huang

    Savina HuangDay ago

    Is this game rated M for MATURE?

  23. Guadalajara Cartel

    Guadalajara CartelDay ago

    waited so fucking long for this shit

  24. Hrysiekk

    HrysiekkDay ago

    High Rocks?

  25. CoolSkeleton95

    CoolSkeleton95Day ago

    Give me my nuts

  26. WoahItsCooper

    WoahItsCooperDay ago

    Here’s a Good One. Would You Take Todd Howard’s Dick 10 Times For Elders Scrolls 6 Many Years Before it Comes Out?

  27. Paradox 5908

    Paradox 5908Day ago

    Redfall....In hammerfell.....that is this......I can’t wait!!!

  28. Owain Dark

    Owain DarkDay ago

    Everyone says this'll be in Hammerfell or Highrock, but what if this is actually a part of Elsweyr? Maybe we have to save M'aiq from execution this time lol

  29. Jhon Morti

    Jhon MortiDay ago

    Я тут че один русский ?! 😠

  30. Gabriel Quinto-D'angelo

    Gabriel Quinto-D'angeloDay ago

    I bet this game will be released Before M&B Bannerlord.

  31. Spooky boi

    Spooky boi2 days ago

    "I work for belethor ath the general goods store"

  32. That Guy

    That Guy2 days ago

    Isn’t that the Dragonborn theme?

  33. That Guy

    That Guy2 days ago

    grumpychris hmm makes sense

  34. grumpychris

    grumpychris2 days ago

    It's a remix of Dragonborn, which is a remix of Reign of the Septims, which is a remix of Nerevar Rising. It's basically just the main motif for the Elder Scrolls series since Morrowind.

  35. Ikiyo Ukito

    Ikiyo Ukito2 days ago

    Looks like it could either be Summerset, Valenwood or Elsweyr

  36. Double Yell

    Double Yell2 days ago

    How am I just hearing of this?

  37. youtube account

    youtube account2 days ago

    thanks to this trailer, my depression ended

  38. Abucket Offriedchicken

    Abucket Offriedchicken2 days ago

    By Thé Ñïńé Dívįńė

  39. Exiled Jinx

    Exiled Jinx2 days ago


  40. Daniel Agami

    Daniel Agami2 days ago

    We waited 7 YEARS for a 30 seconds trailer? , BEST THING EVER

  41. Occipital Leech

    Occipital Leech2 days ago

    Okay, but do we get an optional 2-4 player co-op experience?

  42. Computer Assisted Biologically Augmented Lifeform

    Computer Assisted Biologically Augmented LifeformDay ago


  43. Lolli xd

    Lolli xd2 days ago

    ,,I once was Adventurer too, but then i took a arrow to the knew!" ,,PRAISE TALOS"

  44. Wolf of the Mountain

    Wolf of the Mountain2 days ago

    You'll make a fine rug, cat!

  45. KingpinPasta

    KingpinPasta2 days ago

    What I love most about the trailer is that it doesn’t even say what platforms it’s coming to leading me to believe it won’t come till the next generation

  46. Miraak

    Miraak2 days ago

    The Elder Scrolls VI, i'm ready to wait for another 1000 years, Hermaeus Mora is laughing at us, you know.

  47. Stavve Mavve

    Stavve Mavve2 days ago

    This is like a reason not to suicide, you wont be able to play the game if you're dead

  48. Stavve Mavve

    Stavve Mavve2 days ago

    I bet bethesda googled: "how to win game of the year"

  49. rafik larson

    rafik larson2 days ago

    *orgasm intensifies*

  50. Fudall

    Fudall2 days ago

    You see that Mountain? *You can climb that.*

  51. rafik larson

    rafik larson2 days ago

    It just work

  52. Sink0P8

    Sink0P83 days ago


  53. Olympus Knight

    Olympus Knight3 days ago

    Victory is yours I submit.

  54. Jiuberto Joubartos

    Jiuberto Joubartos3 days ago

    you shouldn't have come here

  55. Ad Victoriam

    Ad Victoriam3 days ago

    No Lollygagging.


    DJ KRAL ERCIK3 days ago

    That's it

  57. ANGST

    ANGST3 days ago

    Imagine this cinematic graphic with VR in 50 years shortly before this planet is a gasball full of shit

  58. The lazy Katana

    The lazy Katana3 days ago

    I don’t think it’s healthy too watch a vid this many times (20000th time)

  59. ElderScrolls-Devil

    ElderScrolls-DevilDay ago

    I've watch it a lot as well so much I've lost count

  60. Rtdslayer

    Rtdslayer3 days ago

    My predictions Fallout 76 obviously in 2018 Starfield in late 2019 or early 2020 Elder scrolls 6 in early or late 2021

  61. Drytoxiccube

    Drytoxiccube3 days ago

    All these people still commenting.... Todd, please, we're counting on you

  62. Ed.z34

    Ed.z343 days ago

    Obviously coming out for next gen consoles. Current gen is already old lol, id say just start saving up for that 4K tv because gaming is about to look really beautiful in the next 4-6 years

  63. Computer Assisted Biologically Augmented Lifeform

    Computer Assisted Biologically Augmented Lifeform3 days ago

    Current gen isn't old.

  64. Black Swordsman

    Black Swordsman3 days ago

    WTH are the characters? Looks like Google Maps. What a joke!

  65. J c

    J c3 days ago

    I want this to be on Summerset Isle, and the main quest is about the high elves finally getting what they deserve

  66. Олег моисеев

    Олег моисеев3 days ago

    В поисках русского коммента

  67. Durmuş Aydın

    Durmuş Aydın3 days ago


  68. Grandfather Wilkens

    Grandfather Wilkens3 days ago

    This trailer is better than the entire God of War game. Longer too.

  69. No

    No3 days ago

    Nice!! We will have it in 2025 or later. Are you ready?

  70. The BOOp Man

    The BOOp Man3 days ago

    Bruh my shitty laptop can’t handle this I’m so sad

  71. Luka Lončar

    Luka Lončar3 days ago

    I really hope there will be karma and rich with characters. RPG is a must and please no more voice protagonist. I hope that by the poor sales of Fallout 76 you'll realize all the mistakes and come back to the core of the customer base and sell what they want. We don't want multiplayer game, for that we have dozens of other games. Just make the game like Skyrim, Morrowind or Oblivion and it will be a success.

  72. Luka Lončar

    Luka LončarDay ago

    I hope so as well :)

  73. Computer Assisted Biologically Augmented Lifeform

    Computer Assisted Biologically Augmented Lifeform3 days ago

    Just because they are making mmo games doesn't mean they have abandoned single player games and Fallout 76 isn't even out.

  74. The Algerian

    The Algerian3 days ago

    Where will he take the arrow now ?

  75. Dwayz

    Dwayz4 days ago

    time to wait for 10 years for the next game

  76. Ayy its Brogan Loewen

    Ayy its Brogan Loewen4 days ago

    I used to be an adventurer like you, till I took an arrow to the knee

  77. Alexander Evan

    Alexander Evan4 days ago

    Jarl Ballin strikes again!

  78. ZeruVia

    ZeruVia4 days ago

    Each time I watch this trailer I get an erection

  79. The Robin

    The Robin4 days ago


  80. Amandeep Singh

    Amandeep Singh4 days ago

    Those Mountains say and mean a lot!!!

  81. burnt f1ames

    burnt f1ames4 days ago


  82. Анатолий А

    Анатолий А4 days ago

    Я уже выучил распорядок тюрьмы, приучил себя к баланде, и вот появляется шанс - впереди УДО ,я знаю я чувствую меня освободят, только для чего? Чувствую смерть, ...но что это....

  83. Tatsu Nguyen

    Tatsu Nguyen4 days ago

    this trailer still made me goosebumps everyday...!!! OMG

  84. Kyle LeRiche

    Kyle LeRiche4 days ago

    Look fuckers, this is hammerfell and that's a guarantee, but I also think since technology has a come a long way will be both high rock and hammerfell.

  85. Nab

    Nab4 days ago

    Anyone know where it's set

  86. Lagnar Rothbrok

    Lagnar Rothbrok4 days ago

    Question. did anybody nerd in the pants?

  87. Max Elder

    Max Elder4 days ago

    *Ебаааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааать!!!* *Лайк с русского* )))))))

  88. Pax Germanica

    Pax Germanica4 days ago

    What is with an Elder Scrolls playing in Akavir?

  89. God's Friend

    God's Friend5 days ago

    I played Elder Scrolls VI beta already. Takes place on the argonian continent, and there are sea serpents and warships its great but was too short they need to make it longer.

  90. Aqil Holic

    Aqil Holic3 days ago

    you dont know what pre-production means dont you?

  91. JC Denton

    JC Denton5 days ago

    It’s gonna be Black Marsh, I’m calling it

  92. kyren

    kyren5 days ago

    fuck yes. just please, PLEASE Bethesda, you guys are the best in the business at this, please for the love of everything do not make the same mistakes that companies like EA are doing, please do not ruin the game with microtransactions or anything like that. keep it real, keep it oldschool. i trust you guys right now, i've been looking forward to this for so many fucking years now. don't pull a ubisoft on us either, keep it real. so excited

  93. Tactical Aioli

    Tactical Aioli5 days ago

    apaan gitu doang

  94. Snap

    Snap5 days ago

    Oh!, it's *Skyrim 2!* pls don't kill me

  95. Dylan Lanches

    Dylan Lanches5 days ago


  96. Twisted N

    Twisted N5 days ago

    Am I the only one who hopes they add some of the mechanics from Fallout 4 into the next Elder Scrolls game? Such as individual armor pieces and settlement building. Being a very appearance focused person, I always felt there wasnt enough different armor in Skyrim, having the customization available would be cool. And although you could build houses in Skyrim, it was nothing like the personal touch Fallout 4 (as aggravating as it was) added.

  97. Waspinator1998

    Waspinator19985 days ago

    Individual armor pieces would be excellent. That, along with layered clothing, is a step in the correct direction more akin to how Morrowind handled things. I'd want settlements to be scaled back tremendously; perhaps have Hearthfire-style plots where the player can use FO4 building mechanics to make a house. I don't know about you, but I'd rather not have valuable map space that _could_ be used for a dungeon or village with quests to be replaced by wide, open tracts of nothing for player settlement #34,542. In terms of other features from Fallout 4 that I hope will make the jump, I'd have to say the weapon modding system. That one is just a no-brainer. It'd probably end up being similar to Bannerlord's weapon crafting, but that really shouldn't bother anyone. Using your smithing skill to extend the handle of a dagger to make it into a spear would be sweet. Oh, also, _spears._ I want spears. Lots and lots of fucking spears.

  98. Katia Coppens

    Katia Coppens5 days ago

    good landscapes that looks more and more real. Is it again starting as a prisoner ? Why not as wandering kid or traveler?

  99. Destruteka

    Destruteka5 days ago

    where is black swamp ??

  100. هادي ،

    هادي ،5 days ago

    2020 you can buy skyrim6

  101. HiddenEclipse

    HiddenEclipse5 days ago

    *A guard might get nervous if a man approaches with his weapon drawn*

  102. Kells

    Kells5 days ago

    Guys dont be so hyped in advance. According to the recent tendency ( trashy fallout 4 which had no role play elements but only boring shooting and fallout 76 which is nonsense ) this game could be fucked up ...

  103. Sérgio David

    Sérgio David5 days ago

    After i played Skyrim, i started to play RPG's I started to Open my mind and listen and study zodiac, Chinese medicine, plants properties at out own homes, loved animals even more I bought some clothes looking kinda medievel and i went the first time to a medievel event Man.... The Elder Scrolls blew up my mind

  104. michaelstaton1999

    michaelstaton19995 days ago

    Please don't be online only, you've already broken my heart with Fallout 76, and every tes after skyrim, I'm beggin

  105. grumpychris

    grumpychris5 days ago

    It's not going to be online only. It's a mainline Elder Scrolls game, not a spinoff. Bethesda announced they would never make their mainline games multiplayer.

  106. Donald Aird

    Donald Aird6 days ago

    Maybe ES6 Is in both Hammerfell and Highrock like I am theorizing. Redfall being the name being a Call back to Daggerfall while the main focus of the game might be HammerFell while via-DLC or base game having access to the Illiac Bay and parts or all of High Rock simply because I think given the Scope of Skyrim and Oblivion, and what we will expect in the future High Rock is just a tad bit too tiny to make a standalone title ad with no prvinces directly bordering it, it would be awkward to have it bundles in another game Summerset Iles or Elsewere. a DLC? Sure, Combined like the size of Dawnguard/Solstheim but as a standalone title not at all.

  107. BryxnFx

    BryxnFx6 days ago

    Cospiration teorys

  108. MintAndPurple

    MintAndPurple6 days ago

    And then the internet lost it

  109. The mental gimp

    The mental gimp6 days ago

    Console is really holding back the elder scrolls potential

  110. The mental gimp

    The mental gimp3 days ago

    A67 everytime a new console comes out it’s always at least 10 years behind PC PS4 and Xbox one tech was PC tech in 2007 lmao

  111. A67

    A673 days ago

    Its coming out for the ps5,what do you mean?

  112. The mental gimp

    The mental gimp5 days ago

    Computer Assisted Biologically Augmented Lifeform games could be much more vast and better if consoles didn’t exist, when Todd Howard said, “we don’t have the technology” it really means consoles can’t run the game, so we have to weight until the next generation console

  113. Computer Assisted Biologically Augmented Lifeform

    Computer Assisted Biologically Augmented Lifeform6 days ago


  114. Candy Van Man

    Candy Van Man6 days ago

    It’s hard to type with one hand

  115. Korystin

    Korystin6 days ago

    Dio porco quando esce?!? Lo pago anche 200€!!! VI PREGO!!!!

  116. The Speaker

    The Speaker6 days ago

    no lollygagging

  117. Marcel Gladiator

    Marcel Gladiator6 days ago


  118. No Name

    No Name6 days ago

    Imagine in 10 years this game would be still played, and some elitists would cry that Skyrim did it better and was a masterpiece for its time, like they say that about morrowind