The Elder Scrolls VI - Official E3 Announcement Teaser


  1. Irvine Rovi

    Irvine Rovi25 minutes ago

    SkYrim 2 baybe!!!!

  2. WiggaMachiavelli

    WiggaMachiavelli33 minutes ago

    In terms of terrain, climate and vegetation, it looks like it could plausibly be any one of High Rock, Hammerfell and Elsewyr (ignoring anything out of left-field). Chances are Bethesda haven't even decided on the province yet.

  3. Dank Buds

    Dank BudsHour ago

    When your game is such a BAMF.. You don't need anything in the trailer but seconds of the title with a epic backdrop............ TES

  4. Manuel Vitalerio

    Manuel VitalerioHour ago

    Imagine have the possibility to build your own city like the settlements in fallout 4

  5. i wish memes had shorter lifespans

    i wish memes had shorter lifespansHour ago

    Here's what I'm thinking: if the logo of oblivion was made out of rocks from Bolivian gates and skyrim was made from steel, that this one being a brass metal might have some sort of significant effect.

  6. Dymorphadon

    DymorphadonHour ago

    This is how you tease a game.

  7. Kezantrix

    Kezantrix2 hours ago

    The music is not as epic as it is in Skyrim. I have to admit that, even if im excited.

  8. grohiik vb

    grohiik vb3 hours ago

    yes yes yes yes yes

  9. hdjsksmvcf 69

    hdjsksmvcf 693 hours ago

    Я от одной музыки уже кончил.......

  10. Mikołaj Horbacz

    Mikołaj Horbacz3 hours ago


  11. adam guseinoow

    adam guseinoow3 hours ago

    Я один русский

  12. snroop drog

    snroop drog4 hours ago

    ура новая игра от r.g механики !

  13. Laura Dal Pozzo

    Laura Dal Pozzo4 hours ago

    For me, Bethesda guys are the acclaimed developers of MORROWIND and OBLIVION, if you understand what I mean. Thick and intriguing plot, weird and unforgettable npg, some sparks of humour, wonderful landscapes to wander into (all by myself). I know that Todd won't disappoint me.

  14. bob murphy

    bob murphy4 hours ago

    Bring it on, I'm ready :-)))

  15. Vive Moi 05

    Vive Moi 055 hours ago

    Trailer désespérant. ZERO. C'est mal barré cette histoire. Si comme pour Fallout 76, c'est du multi, ca sera sans moi.

  16. [ Subday ]

    [ Subday ]5 hours ago

    This is ridiculous. They haven't even started working on the game

  17. Supreme Splash

    Supreme Splash5 hours ago

    Rip x

  18. Ryan Houlihan

    Ryan Houlihan5 hours ago

    Wait, I know you...

  19. Will Kingston

    Will Kingston5 hours ago

    Here's my two cents - Build the map down, not outwards. Think interconnectable dungeons, mines, cave systems and labyrinths. Giant chasms that scar the land that you can venture into, or across, via rickety bridges, with increasingly freaky monsters the further down you go. Just a thought. (Yes I took this from mine of moria, and also the Stormlight Archive book's chasms.)

  20. Some Random

    Some Random6 hours ago

    *I used to be waiting for the next elder scrolls, than i took time at my knee.*

  21. You0nlyLiveonce

    You0nlyLiveonce6 hours ago

    6 million views for a teaser. You think Bethesda would realize the demand for elder scrolls content outside of the ESO garbage.

  22. burny6666

    burny66667 hours ago

    I'm still waiting for Skyrim 2

  23. MoronicAcid1

    MoronicAcid17 hours ago

    Looks like High Rock to me.

  24. non attorney spokesperson

    non attorney spokesperson7 hours ago

    Really hoping they reintroduce some of the art direction/weirdness that was Marrowind for IV. That kind of atmosphere for this gen. graphics would be phenomenal

  25. Nocturnal

    Nocturnal8 hours ago

    I can't wait!!!!!

  26. Kreus

    Kreus8 hours ago

    Wow amazing graphics but my pc won't run this game.

  27. Chính tkt

    Chính tkt9 hours ago

    War never changes oh wait wrong trailer

  28. Pickleijm 43

    Pickleijm 439 hours ago

    KIM YOU BROKE THE INTERNET...oh never mind Bethesda broke the internet and E3 2018

  29. one random guy

    one random guy9 hours ago

    Friend: what's your plan for 2020 Me: tes6

  30. Jay Massey

    Jay Massey9 hours ago

    I used to watch this teaser on repeat, then I took an arrow to the knee

  31. Brave Reprove

    Brave Reprove9 hours ago

    I hope it is like Mass Effect transfer save data.

  32. Senile Hushpuppy

    Senile Hushpuppy9 hours ago

    Can't wait to install mods on this to fix the countless bugs that will make it unplayable

  33. Gray fox

    Gray fox10 hours ago

    Add capes this time

  34. Ninja22588

    Ninja2258810 hours ago

    I NEED the full version of the song so bad!!!

  35. poorly drawn porg

    poorly drawn porg10 hours ago

    Skyrim 2 looks awesome

  36. Smokey McJoint

    Smokey McJoint10 hours ago

    See you in 5 years.

  37. Julian Checa

    Julian Checa11 hours ago

    Pls get out for xbox 360,Pls get out for xbox 360,Pls get out for xbox 360,Pls get out for xbox 360

  38. Alexpredator GB

    Alexpredator GB11 hours ago


  39. Gustavo Larrain

    Gustavo Larrain11 hours ago

    Porque no hacen un remastered de the elder scrolls morrowind?

  40. Alarra

    Alarra11 hours ago

    Demasiado trabajo, prefieren usar ese trabajo para juegos nuevos.

  41. Bip Bop

    Bip Bop12 hours ago

    You won't believe me but I heard in Hammerfell they have curved swords! CURVED. SWORDS.

  42. Bhrisk

    Bhrisk12 hours ago

    I used to be hyped for this game... until I took and arrow to the knee

  43. rayan nazariga

    rayan nazariga13 hours ago

    BRING IT ON!!!

  44. SideWinder130x

    SideWinder130x13 hours ago

    And then comes the idiots saying this theme is better than Skyrim, scrubs saying "this was just created to everyone shut up" and ass-fucked saying about graphics This is the only reason that pisses me off

  45. SideWinder130x

    SideWinder130x13 hours ago

    Alarra Yeah, i remember the day he said this

  46. Alarra

    Alarra13 hours ago

    Well, I mean it’s pretty clear it *was* created to shut everyone up - like Todd said in the presentation they’ve not previously announced games this early (since they said the game isn’t actually in development and from what they’ve said about how they do things, it won’t be til Starfield’s almost done), and all the constant overwhelmingly negative comments must have been even more annoying to them than to us fellow fans. That’s not a bad thing, though: it’s an actual real teaser that we can watch! And it gives us plenty to speculate about and discuss!

  47. steel 205

    steel 20513 hours ago

    Where is my elder scrolls 6 very special edition

  48. Alarra

    Alarra13 hours ago

    Skyrim Very Special Edition is in fact a very real thing on Amazon Alexa! (If you don’t have an Echo or whatever device, but do have a smartphone, you can use Alexa in the Amazon Shopping app.)

  49. gandir42343

    gandir4234313 hours ago

    Does it have battle royale mode

  50. SergioGabriel

    SergioGabriel14 hours ago

    O musica epica

  51. Максим Филиппов

    Максим Филиппов14 hours ago

    Это один из самых тупорылых тизеров. Это каким импотентом надо быть, чтобы вот такую хрень показать как "Тизер"...?

  52. MustacheMan23

    MustacheMan2314 hours ago


  53. Henrique Secatti

    Henrique Secatti14 hours ago

    Mds do céu !!!!!♥️♥️♥️ Finalmente ♥️♥️♥️ desde 2012 esperando

  54. Jack Wright

    Jack Wright14 hours ago


  55. Francesco renes

    Francesco renes14 hours ago

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG When does it come out?!!!!!!!!

  56. Alfred Jones

    Alfred Jones14 hours ago

    they came out with this fairly quickly

  57. Alarra

    Alarra13 hours ago

    Well, it’s just a teaser to let people know that they’ve not forgotten about it (since 90% of the comments on everything they posted were negative ones about it not being announced yet) - the game itself is still a long way off: They haven’t started development, and won’t until Starfield is toward the end of its own development (which it sounds like it’s still in early alpha), so I wouldn’t expect it till 2021 at the absolute minimum, possibly not until even 2025.

  58. Khan Ko

    Khan Ko14 hours ago

    Anyone else got goosebumps when they first saw it?


    RYUKAGE15 hours ago


  60. Ata Ege ALGAN

    Ata Ege ALGAN15 hours ago

    I hope its not skyrim 2

  61. Trent West

    Trent West16 hours ago

    TES VI: Craglorn

  62. Trent West

    Trent West16 hours ago

    Or Akaviir, that'd be nice too, we could be the Nerevarine again, or at least meet them, we already know that they're immortal, and frankly, I'm tired of Tamriel

  63. Kenos Entity

    Kenos Entity16 hours ago


  64. Karloo

    Karloo16 hours ago

    ćpolkdjawlkdjalčdjčsaldjlaksdsadjlaksdjlksajdlas fuck me

  65. Bender Alley

    Bender Alley16 hours ago

    This is the lamest announcement they could have given. They basically announced a game everyone knew was coming, admitted that this game is likely 5 years out from being released, and gave not a single concrete detail about it.

  66. Alarra

    Alarra13 hours ago

    Well, too many people apparently *didn’t* know that it’s coming, complaining about it not being out/announced yet and insisting that Bethesda has forgotten about/dropped TES (despite Bethesda repeatedly saying that they were going to be doing two other games - which we now know to be FO76 and Starfield - first); 90% of comments on anything they posted were negative ones along those lines. It was to the point that for the Q&A livestream about the TES:Legends developer change, despite Pete responding to the chat that the stream was not about ES6 and that they weren’t going to talk about it , so many people flooded the chat with stuff about it that they had to set it to auto-censor and ban for several minutes just so that they could actually see the questions about Legends. The teaser was smart, though: it appeases those people, to an extent, since it confirmed that it is indeed coming eventually, and whereas they could have just showed us the logo on a black screen, this clip gave us something to speculate about and analyze for the next few years. It would be a good idea for them, I think, to do similarly vague stuff each year until its release, so that instead of just sitting and waiting with no news, those folks are reassured that it’s still on the way (because they WILL become restless again), and it would give us something fresh and new to talk about.

  67. Burak Sirakaya

    Burak Sirakaya16 hours ago

    They are making a new game after 11 years later why are you guys so obsessed with 11 number

  68. some body

    some body16 hours ago


  69. Faizan Ahaa

    Faizan Ahaa16 hours ago

    See you in 2022

  70. Icanseeyou Gill NO

    Icanseeyou Gill NO15 hours ago

    Faizan Ahaa more like 2085

  71. Tirion Fordring

    Tirion Fordring16 hours ago

    Can't wait to be over encumbered

  72. TheSquidNinja

    TheSquidNinja17 hours ago

    Some pre rendered terrain and a title. Quit sucking Bethesda's dick, this could have been a fucking banner on their facebook page, but they chose to make it the entirety of their E3 presentation.

  73. TheSquidNinja

    TheSquidNinja8 hours ago

    Let me clarify. Their presentation FOR THIS GAME. Unfounded hype is still unfounded hype. And this whole "speculation" thing you all are into is fucking stupid. All that shit is is you people wondering what the fuck is gonna be in the game because they sure as shit aren't saying. I'll spoil it for you: you will be disappointed in some way

  74. Alarra

    Alarra13 hours ago

    30 seconds at the very end, that wasn’t mentioned or even so much as teased throughout the show, is an odd interpretation of “entirety”. 🤔 Most fans made it the main takeaway, but Bethesda certainly didn’t give it any extra focus than they needed to: just enough to confirm that they’re working on it and vague enough imagery to keep us occupied with speculation.

  75. Mc Orvis

    Mc Orvis17 hours ago

    The Elder Scrolls 6: Tamriel Unlimited 2...

  76. Joshua spector

    Joshua spector17 hours ago

    F U S R O D A H

  77. Carl Dimayuga

    Carl Dimayuga17 hours ago

    It’d be hilarious if this wasnt Tamriel lol

  78. Alarra

    Alarra13 hours ago

    There are plenty that hope that TESVI will take place in AkaVIr ;) (Although that would be a cool gimmick with the roman numeral, I do hope we see all of the rest of Tamriel before heading elsewhere.)

  79. metal head

    metal head17 hours ago

    Yes daddy I'm ready give me the d.....ragon born

  80. lil sage

    lil sage17 hours ago

    BUzzing but please give a release date aaa

  81. Hhh Ggg

    Hhh Ggg18 hours ago

    Саундтрек до мурашек,пздц

  82. ich Bankraub

    ich Bankraub18 hours ago

    i Can't wait for Loverslab!

  83. Alexander Landry

    Alexander Landry18 hours ago


  84. Random things of things

    Random things of things18 hours ago

    ...BRRRRRUUUUUUHHH I love elder scrolls but.... when it finally releases...ITLL BE ALMOST IF NOT AN ENTIRE DECADE SINCE THE LAST ffuuuuuu Bethesda we want to beat our meat (or beat the cat) to more of your nut busting content don't be the biggest tease in the world

  85. MoonShepp

    MoonShepp18 hours ago

    RIP Social Life

  86. WiggaMachiavelli

    WiggaMachiavelli32 minutes ago

    It's okay, you've got at least three more years to enjoy having a social life.

  87. David Chen

    David Chen19 hours ago

    I've never gotten around the lore of skyrim 100percent cause all the boob and butt physics and skimpy armour mods.

  88. R34P3R G4MING

    R34P3R G4MING19 hours ago

    This makes me hard and happy

  89. Vivek Sonawane

    Vivek Sonawane19 hours ago

    i watch this everyday lmao

  90. MGstaR17

    MGstaR1720 hours ago

    Fus ro dah!

  91. TC Gaz

    TC Gaz20 hours ago

    How has this only got 5.6 million views?

  92. Елена Лебедева

    Елена Лебедева20 hours ago

    My husband and I literally celebrated it with wine after the e3 conference.

  93. Steven Evans

    Steven Evans21 hour ago

    I went to E3 once, but then i took an arrow to the knee

  94. Ari39/12

    Ari39/1221 hour ago

    i waited 6 years for a 36 second video and im happy.

  95. Anu bis

    Anu bis20 hours ago

    You´re not alone my friend, yo´re not alone...

  96. Helios _

    Helios _22 hours ago


  97. Mark Kelly

    Mark Kelly22 hours ago

    TAKE MY MONEY, TAKE MY SOCIAL LIFE, TAKE MY LIFE.......We've waited 7 years for those 36 seconds of absolute beauty

  98. Inxound

    Inxound22 hours ago

    this is greaaat. i am making music inspired in skyrim, you can listen more music in my channel if you like


    SG THUNDER FIST22 hours ago

    Skyrim came out on the epic date of 11.11.11 I guess on which epic date will Elder Scrolls 6 release?

  100. Icanseeyou Gill NO

    Icanseeyou Gill NO14 hours ago


  101. Anu bis

    Anu bis20 hours ago

    11.11.2021 Maybe Or maybe 02.02.2022 I hope we don´t have to wait longer than 2022...

  102. Max G

    Max G22 hours ago


  103. Alarra

    Alarra18 hours ago

    Should have been watching their E3 presentation! The internet went NUTS at the announcement.

  104. Orc Warboss73

    Orc Warboss7323 hours ago

    Who needs Half Life 3? We are getting Elder Scrolls VI !!!!!!!

  105. Anton Koen

    Anton Koen23 hours ago

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  106. Icanseeyou Gill NO

    Icanseeyou Gill NO14 hours ago

    Cool Cool

  107. Evans Souchet

    Evans SouchetDay ago

    Now i have to wait to kill myself

  108. Zi Yao Lau

    Zi Yao LauDay ago

    Roses are red violets are blue it's elder scrolls VI not skyrim 2

  109. Evandro

    EvandroDay ago


  110. Pink Ladys

    Pink LadysDay ago

    This will be the greatest game ever made

  111. Olji Boii

    Olji BoiiDay ago

    SKYRIM 2!!!!

  112. Martin Z

    Martin ZDay ago

    almost like Witcher 3 ;]

  113. n a

    n aDay ago

    Stop putting spiders in the game! I'm asking for my little sister and definitely not myself.

  114. A Notlooking

    A NotlookingDay ago

    We don't want to do quests for a reward which you can get anywhere else. The items should be unique and not like much less than your level of gears you already have. You know that feeling...

  115. Swiftless .B

    Swiftless .BDay ago

    Man it's pre production, going to take a few more years before it is out.

  116. Graphite

    GraphiteDay ago

    BEST TEASER xD. This teaser is a joke....

  117. Avenging Demon

    Avenging DemonDay ago

    Can you PLEASE NOT be SLOPPY this time with the models, hair, hands, feet, faces etc etc?