The Elder Scrolls VI - Official Announcement Teaser


  1. The Highland cow

    The Highland cow7 hours ago


  2. SHoOk QuOkE

    SHoOk QuOkE8 hours ago

    If this game flops Bethesda is done. I want a game with the freedom of Daggerfall, next gen graphics, INFLUENCEAL DECISIONS. Let the player be the villain, we dont always want to be the hero. Let us ignore the main story if we will - dont thrust us into this overdone “Chosen One” scenario Skyrim did. Let us start as a normal dude. Freedom of actions, more complex decisions, dungeons, characters, and plots.

  3. Monsieur Dupond

    Monsieur Dupond9 hours ago

    DAY #100 : Dear logbook, and here we are. A 3-digit number ! I can't believe it's already been 100 days. Congrats to those that follow me, you're brave ahah !

  4. Ow

    Ow8 hours ago

    Salute comrad 😎

  5. Kent

    Kent9 hours ago

    Какой-то из сотрудников беседки сделал за день до Е3 и пропихнул незаметно на выставку. Сто пудов. Ну а так как уже показали, то и сделать придётся игру. В общем как-то неловко вышло.

  6. Felipe

    Felipe9 hours ago

    quizas por fin podre saber quien decia la verdad, sobre esa mision donde podemos ayudar o entregar a la negra que estaba en la yegua abanderada

  7. Vinicius Santos

    Vinicius Santos12 hours ago

    Finally a masterpiece

  8. Ivan Weishaar

    Ivan Weishaar13 hours ago

    When do you people think this will come out?

  9. xtremebigg 13

    xtremebigg 1319 hours ago

    They just made the morrowind theme more epic

  10. Max O'Faolain

    Max O'Faolain23 hours ago

    We want this game so much Bethesda please

  11. HelloSatan

    HelloSatan23 hours ago

    It better be skyrim

  12. Wolf Lightning

    Wolf LightningDay ago


  13. Jean-marc Bottaro

    Jean-marc BottaroDay ago

    Guys did you know ESO existed? its an incredible game, huge with gazillions of things to do even without eso plus. time will fly if you wait for ES6 wile playing ESO. you juuust might fall in love with eso so hard that you wouldnt care about ES6 anymore.... idk just saying

  14. Nando D5

    Nando D5Day ago

    I used to be an adventurer like you, then i come back to this trailer cuz no shit on e3

  15. Arab world العالم العربي

    Arab world العالم العربيDay ago

    2190: Hello everyone. My name is Todd Howard the 5th and I am here to announce the release of the elder scrolls 7! It’s an open world game which your ancestors used to play. It jus twerks.

  16. David Butterfield

    David ButterfieldDay ago

    It’d be really cool if this takes place in akavir with a whole slew of new races to play as.

  17. Monsieur Dupond

    Monsieur DupondDay ago

    DAY #99 : Dear logbook, one day left before the 100th one ! Next week will be our final exams for us, 18 years old french students, before leaving... Highschool ? I think that's "Highschool" in english. A chapter ends, another begin !

  18. James4 Games

    James4 Games18 hours ago

    i leave the best of luck to you

  19. Prashant Anand

    Prashant Anand23 hours ago

    all the very best for those then

  20. CrimsonNerd

    CrimsonNerdDay ago

    At least we know it’s happening.

  21. Alex Perelló Gumbau

    Alex Perelló GumbauDay ago


  22. Nick B

    Nick BDay ago

    Please don't be High Rock. You could cover that lil province in 2.5 seconds. Hammerfell sounds okay... but its still a little too dry and crusty for me. I was hoping for the Summerset isles.

  23. Inga Jorn

    Inga Jorn2 days ago

    I am sixty-two years old... Will I live to see the release...

  24. Monsieur Dupond

    Monsieur Dupond2 days ago

    DAY #98 : Dear logbook, the next months are going to be calm.

  25. Monsieur Dupond

    Monsieur DupondDay ago

    @Lucas Sangalli Dude. I will not forget about you, mark my words ahah !

  26. Lucas Sangalli

    Lucas SangalliDay ago

    Dude I challenge you to continue the logbook until es6 release. If you succeed I will give the game to you as a payment for your brave service.

  27. Djox Jovich

    Djox Jovich2 days ago

    GTA fan:I'm waiting for new GTA six fuckin years TES fan:Oh really!

  28. Redox MLG

    Redox MLG2 days ago

    Is it hammerfell or high rock

  29. Federico Di Mascio

    Federico Di Mascio2 days ago

    No multiplayer No micro transactions Please 🙌🏻

  30. Drake Alexander

    Drake Alexander3 days ago

    Todd, you better not mess this up man

  31. Júlio Lemos

    Júlio Lemos3 days ago


  32. Leon Dessertines

    Leon Dessertines2 days ago

    There's Elder Scrolls Online, yet.

  33. Monsieur Dupond

    Monsieur Dupond3 days ago

    DAY #97 : Dear logbook, today is a sad day for me. But life goes on and so do I.

  34. Monsieur Dupond

    Monsieur DupondDay ago

    ​@Orions The Gamer Some shit that happen to too old dogs.

  35. Orions The Gamer

    Orions The Gamer2 days ago

    What happened?

  36. Girou Dirou

    Girou Dirou3 days ago

    I am a big fan of Skyrim, But here are some things I am hopping will appear in Elder Scroll 6: -bigger towns -better combat -interactions with the emperor -more weapon TYPES (eg. Throwing daggers or ability to throw ordinary daggers)

  37. †ΚΔΚIIYΖ†

    †ΚΔΚIIYΖ†3 days ago

    I'Am The One, Who Laugh Like A Tank?..)

  38. malalalalala

    malalalalala3 days ago

    Nice bait Bethesda, nice bait.

  39. zeef _sa

    zeef _sa3 days ago

    Pls ar sub

  40. Владислав Собчук

    Владислав Собчук3 days ago

    Год прошел, а кроме этого тизера новостей нет

  41. ReY - YT

    ReY - YT3 days ago

    Да вообще пиздец

  42. mr. lowacase

    mr. lowacase3 days ago

    will glitches abound?

  43. SkizeCraft

    SkizeCraft4 days ago

    6 years later So uh, Elder Scrolls 6 at e3? (I'm actually predicting they will show more either E3 2020 or 2021, Starfield should be releasing by 2021, ES6 by 2023/2024)

  44. Kyogon

    Kyogon3 days ago

    Starfield will release at the end of 2020, elder scrolls early to mid 2021

  45. Alvo Sonata

    Alvo Sonata4 days ago

    Take another two years to do it if necessary, but don't screw this up... I mean... Really... Don't fuck this up... Please?

  46. Monsieur Dupond

    Monsieur Dupond4 days ago

    DAY #96 : Dear logbook, one more to the count !

  47. Flamesthatburn331

    Flamesthatburn3312 hours ago


  48. Arkspawn

    Arkspawn4 days ago

    I bet they'll screw it up to be honest

  49. Mayhem Pictures

    Mayhem Pictures4 days ago

    Bethesda, players do know that the real income is made from micro transactions and stuff, but believe me, im saying this on behalf of all players in the world. You make a good, old school RPG with nowadays technology, 100 % singleplayer game, not multi, or at least make it co-op friendly, and you cant imagine how big will be the income when people around the globe realize what a masterpiece you released. Im convinced that even torrenters would buy this game. Unless you blow it somehow, again...

  50. Unknow Unknow

    Unknow Unknow4 days ago

    without the 6 DLC on your phone

  51. Jericho Smith

    Jericho Smith4 days ago

    Please make this a single player I myself don't have internet access at my house so please give us an offline experience

  52. Samuel DeWitt

    Samuel DeWitt5 days ago

    lliac bay?

  53. Travelo Sucebite

    Travelo Sucebite5 days ago


  54. Monsieur Dupond

    Monsieur Dupond5 days ago

    DAY #95 : Dear logbook, if my calculus are right, there are still more than a thousands comments that separate me from TES VI.

  55. Kyogon

    Kyogon4 days ago

    Actually a good 700-800 is more realistic

  56. Samuel DeWitt

    Samuel DeWitt5 days ago

    A true inspiration

  57. Warchief Titan

    Warchief Titan5 days ago

    Been waiting for those 36 sec that show nothing but a map for along time....Oh boy oh boy!!! Am i the only one who thinks this trailer was just made during some dudes lunch break.

  58. mhunter225

    mhunter2255 days ago

    cant wait for skyrim 2

  59. 24 years old kid

    24 years old kid5 days ago

    its been 1 year,that was fast holy shit

  60. Holland1994D

    Holland1994D5 days ago

    Don't pre order this after Fallout 76. Don't buy this game unless the player and professional reviews are good.

  61. Kyogon

    Kyogon4 days ago

    Fallout 76 and the the elder scrolls developers are 2 complete different groups, todd had nothing to do with 76 because his team is making starfield and tes6

  62. Ni Co

    Ni Co5 days ago

    Am I the only one thinking this is an after effect kid beginner's video?

  63. Vũ Mai Quang

    Vũ Mai Quang5 days ago

    This trailer has been released for the whole year and I didn’t know it :()

  64. Murlock

    Murlock6 days ago

    This better be 100% multiplayer, you hear me Bethesda? Don't you dare waste time and resources on any bs single player component

  65. Сталкер Сергей

    Сталкер Сергей6 days ago

    Дааааа блять дааааааа дождались сукаааааа

  66. ReY - YT

    ReY - YT3 days ago

    Это только тизер( уже год прошёл, а новостей всё нет и нет

  67. Bob Marley

    Bob Marley6 days ago

    When it’s coming ? and I hope it’s not an online game like fallout 76

  68. CoderShare

    CoderShare6 days ago

    My nipples are so erect right now.

  69. Brett Williamson

    Brett Williamson6 days ago

    Salt in my wounds

  70. alucardfu2

    alucardfu26 days ago

    I feel like I just got both Overwhelmed and Trolled at the same time

  71. Monsieur Dupond

    Monsieur Dupond6 days ago

    DAY #94 : Dear logbook, and here we are for another day, another writing.

  72. dasmarkuus

    dasmarkuus6 days ago

    Its so weird how connected i feel to you wtf just like a best friend i never met Just because you post every day a comment here and i have only read like 10 in the last few minutes Dude this is so fucking weird

  73. Vexxus Prism

    Vexxus Prism6 days ago

    1 year later and we havent heard more

  74. SouthParkMordy

    SouthParkMordy6 days ago

    Todd Howard: Makes game singleplayer with great story Me: Devines Bless your kind heart

  75. Luke Humphrey

    Luke Humphrey6 days ago

    This entire trailer is the video definition of when you gonna have sex but your partner says they have a headache and then your left going in the bathroom again and in this process you think of seeing other people but you know it will happen eventually. But in this case it take EIGHT FUCKING YEARS!

  76. Dark Father

    Dark Father6 days ago

    Еще лет 5, как минимум

  77. Zak Brookin

    Zak Brookin6 days ago

    I was 11 when Skyrim came out. I’m gonna have a wife and 3 kids graduating from college by the time this one comes out

  78. Marta

    Marta4 days ago

    Same here

  79. Igvhg Vfyuh

    Igvhg Vfyuh6 days ago

    Ебать, как я много нового узнал

  80. ReY - YT

    ReY - YT3 days ago

    Да вообще дохуя нового

  81. Dark Father

    Dark Father6 days ago


  82. Not Telling

    Not Telling6 days ago

    why e3

  83. Flavio Rossi

    Flavio Rossi6 days ago

    Everyone:in the 2019 E3 Bethesda will show an tes 6's trailer! Bethesda:I'm bout to end this mans' whole carreers.

  84. Dawson Nagel

    Dawson Nagel6 days ago

    Coming back to this after E3 to say this is actually a good standing point for ES fans. Bethesda’s reputation has been tanking lately and depending on how starfield is taken in by the fans, I think they might have no choice but to really pay attention to detail and make elder scrolls HIGH ROCK the best fing game we’ve seen yet. Everything is set up perfectly for this game. They know what we want and how to do it. Aka quest lines with depth, better looking graphics, IMMERSION, DIFFICULTY. All on a larger scale than we’ve seen before. This 36 second trailer of music and a little bit of mountains has 10 million people waiting in anticipation for this game and they know this, or they should! I’m just saying that they need this as much as we do and I feel like they’re gonna pull through. Can not wait for this game, It’s gonna blow our minds!

  85. eatpenguinshitanddie

    eatpenguinshitanddie6 days ago

    This came out a year ago. Still no new info on ES6. Sad! It probably won't be out till 2021.

  86. eatpenguinshitanddie

    eatpenguinshitanddie5 days ago

    @godzillavkk I hope you are right.

  87. godzillavkk

    godzillavkk5 days ago

    Perhaps their giving it extra attention to avoid 76's reaction.

  88. Aaron Steer

    Aaron Steer7 days ago

    Bro I’ve been waiting almost 9 years for this game to come out😭😭😭😭😭😭

  89. Craig Wortham

    Craig Wortham7 days ago

    Hopefully they hire more and better voice actors for this one. The accents in Skyrim were sloppy and everyone sounded the same with emotionless delivery. Shit really killed the immersion for me.

  90. Exosition

    Exosition7 days ago

    They better not fuck it up

  91. TheAmericanRedhead

    TheAmericanRedhead7 days ago

    Suicide rate drops to 0%

  92. Skippy Jones

    Skippy Jones7 days ago

    The Gelder Scrolls VI

  93. siup zium ciach

    siup zium ciach7 days ago

    I hope it will be even more epic than Skyrim

  94. Blimkat

    Blimkat7 days ago

    This company is done, the glory days of Elder Scrolls are over. One year later and the didn't show us anything at E3. I look back at this and it looks terrible, that landscape looks boring as fuck, not even worthy of a teaser.

  95. Followz Trouble

    Followz Trouble7 days ago

    You're a dumbfuck. This teaser is nothing more than to let people know that they're working on the game. If you really think this company is "done", you're retarded

  96. Monsieur Dupond

    Monsieur Dupond7 days ago

    DAY #93 : Dear logbook, another day.

  97. Mr. Payne

    Mr. Payne7 days ago

    You better be here tommorow.

  98. Opa Gusto

    Opa Gusto7 days ago

    fortnite is better

  99. BadGuy 99

    BadGuy 997 days ago

    Elder Scrolls 76?

  100. Олексій Кухарський

    Олексій Кухарський7 days ago

    Дааааа , 6 часть о да !!!!!!

  101. Dark Father

    Dark Father6 days ago

    не скоро....

  102. Lawliet

    Lawliet7 days ago

    Bethesda get ur shit together

  103. EternalFaeri

    EternalFaeri7 days ago

    I mean skyrim with way better graphics would be nice

  104. ArigatoDBD

    ArigatoDBD7 days ago

    1 year later, i was hoping for maybe, maybe one more teaser

  105. The Flaming Bunnies

    The Flaming Bunnies7 days ago

    Please no battle royal mode!

  106. MrCrazyfy

    MrCrazyfy7 days ago

    It's exact one year since this Trailer came out... Only 6 years left!

  107. Arab world العالم العربي

    Arab world العالم العربيDay ago

    MrCrazyfy so you’re telling me they’ll take 14 years to make another elder scrolls game? At this rate Todd’s grandson Todd the second will make the elder scrolls 7

  108. JuanRivera

    JuanRivera7 days ago


  109. KubaBooba

    KubaBooba7 days ago

    The soundtracks are better than the actual games.

  110. Some One

    Some One7 days ago

    Why tf is the views so low it should be like 300 mil

  111. Edaix

    Edaix7 days ago

    One year from now

  112. syed mushfiq alam

    syed mushfiq alam7 days ago

    It is E3 2019. Where is the new trailer for TES6?

  113. PA1N`s Workshop

    PA1N`s Workshop7 days ago

    Where TES6 on E3 2019?

  114. Spider Man

    Spider Man7 days ago

    No Summerset, No Valenwood, Maybe High Rock, No Elsweyr, Low chance of Hammerfell. Didn't we already have High Rock in Daggerfall??? Morrowind, Cyrodiil, Skyrim: Done

  115. Kyogon

    Kyogon4 days ago

    It is hammerfell

  116. Davidi Exelrod

    Davidi Exelrod7 days ago


  117. Edaix

    Edaix7 days ago


  118. Salamander Man

    Salamander Man7 days ago

    No es6 update today :(

  119. Snekoo 92

    Snekoo 927 days ago

    "I took an arrow in the elbow" Please let it happen

  120. Baston

    Baston7 days ago

    It's in the knee ^^

  121. Tuấn Nguyễn

    Tuấn Nguyễn7 days ago

    Loverslab brought me here -_-

  122. JackGeorge

    JackGeorge7 days ago

    I can’t wait to loot dead granny’s in 4K

  123. NewDawn301

    NewDawn3017 days ago

    If Sony doesn’t allow external assets I swear to Talos I’m gonna do the big cry

  124. Leader of Bears

    Leader of Bears7 days ago

    After playing a game like rdr2 y’all mothafuckas better make damn sure this shit is in depth

  125. Hyakkigamer

    Hyakkigamer7 days ago

    No Lollygagging

  126. Marz

    Marz7 days ago

    Who's here after e3 2019 disappointed because elder scrolls 6 didnt show up?

  127. J muzzzil512

    J muzzzil5127 days ago

    If this game is bad, there’s really no reason to live tbh

  128. Kai Burnett

    Kai Burnett8 days ago

    Please whatever you do don’t make this shit multiplayer, we’ve waited a long time for your return

  129. The Doggo Flow

    The Doggo Flow8 days ago

    Coming to your nearby steam account in 2099