The Elder Scrolls VI - Official Announcement Teaser


  1. 恩 恩

    恩 恩38 minutes ago

    kid: he''s naked!!

  2. PeachPT

    PeachPTHour ago

    It wasn't much but boy I feel like crying... I'm so happy and and anxious

  3. Mr. VARAN

    Mr. VARANHour ago

    Просто нет слов, игру которую все ждут!!!

  4. Awkweird

    AwkweirdHour ago

    I swear, every time the music kicks in and Elder Scrolls 6 appears I get chills

  5. Victor Velediaz

    Victor Velediaz2 hours ago

    I've never seen anything quite like that

  6. Victor Velediaz

    Victor Velediaz2 hours ago

    Skyrim 2

  7. Raichu Dakota

    Raichu Dakota2 hours ago


  8. Jan Brüggemann

    Jan Brüggemann5 hours ago

    Wait! I know you.....

  9. Why you so salty

    Why you so salty5 hours ago

    What's Eldor Scrolls? Sounds like a shit game. GIVE ME SKYRIM 2 BABY!!!

  10. Death Slayer

    Death Slayer5 hours ago

    last time an elder scrolls came out i was still in high school

  11. Death Slayer

    Death Slayer5 hours ago

    whew! almost forgot to watch it today

  12. Zach Vogt

    Zach Vogt6 hours ago

    The terrain looks like it could be set in Hammerfell. On a side note, I've always wanted the Bethesda team to make a TES game in Akavir.

  13. a hecking walnut

    a hecking walnut9 hours ago

    Hype 100

  14. Ian Chesney

    Ian Chesney9 hours ago

    looks like the land of the green people, HAMMERFELL!!

  15. Jeremy Whitaker

    Jeremy Whitaker10 hours ago


  16. Oof :3

    Oof :311 hours ago

    That doesn't look like Valenwood.

  17. zap R

    zap R12 hours ago

    I interrupted my jerking session when i got this video notification

  18. Death Slayer

    Death Slayer5 hours ago


  19. Basketball FanForLife

    Basketball FanForLife14 hours ago

    Once that music kicked in my whole body just got this infusion of fucking energy!! I can't be the only one!!

  20. •Kat•

    •Kat•15 hours ago

    Holy fuck I'm so excited

  21. Wise Guy

    Wise Guy15 hours ago

    I’m still gonna start in captivity

  22. The RoGus

    The RoGus16 hours ago

    Part two of the announcement: *¡The Elder Scrolls: Cave 76!* Experience the stunning experience of experiencing mastodontic online multiplayer gameplay! Conquer Elsweyr as a Orc together with people you have never met in real life, but known them longer than your non-gender-specific partner you have bonded your soul with in a non religious manner years ago! The fantastic sensation when trying to kill a rampaging Nix-Hound when you share the glitching server with 275 000 spanish speaking pre-puberty non-gender-specific, non-age-bound children, as they yapper like crazy about fortnite and social media terms you have never cared a Winking Skeever's ass about - it will be a new revolution in gaming! Just as every bit based piece of draughr dropping claims pre-release! For a reasonable sum of 99.99$ you will get the base game on any console (apart from Nintendo, as those sickly squinted-eye perverted fucks will gladly pay 35000¥ for a half hour with a latex-clothed fat lady with oral fungus, as she is reciting the holy book of pigshit Koran, but chicken out on content in games if it contains violence that mildly surpasses the standard of a Bud Spencer/Terrence Hill movie)!!! To join the conquest of Tamriel online will require the overly glorified, non reasonable and by no means justifiable, but allways claimed to be "cheap", monthly fee of 17.99$!!!! And upcoming DLC:s are astonishing! Carpenter Pack: Build your own axe to cut down lumber or hack up your neighbor, and buy argonian slaves to carry the lumber to your choosen settlement! Amor Pack: New exiting archery equipment! Re-live the glory of the legendary Sheath Covered Darts-Guild, build your own sheath, or cover your darts with the Sheath Of Legends! Find the lost Crossbow of Puzzles-that requires a solved sudoku before firing! Mystery Pack Be ready for a surprice! For 30$ you will be amazed by how mysterious this pack is! Mystery Pack includes a pre-programmed, context sensitive software bug that turns the TES experience upside down, as it wrecks the cpu of your console of choise as it pleases! Eco Pac Build a survivalist fort out of matchsticks and spill your seed on the fields as you harvest nutritious Catarr-Fruit and herd Giant Grasshoppers imported to Tamriel by courier! Catnip Pack Take over the drug market as a classy Skooma dealer and poison the groundwater with Moon Sand! Piracy Pack Steal a ship from the jetty and head out to the Sea of Ghosts-Before your navigator passes out on Sujamma and you ram the peaceful coastal towns of Summerset Isles, killing nautical pedestrians, settlers and skindipping argonians before you are faced with the task to start an orphenage for the childen of the victims! All this and more if you order now-and you recieve the Puddle Prince Proper Prostate Pre-Order Pack, and you will get a complimentary Colovian Fur Helm! And for those who dislike multiplayer games - we have a #saveplayer1 policy, scamming you to think we give a fuck - and present you with the fabulous possibility to play TES VI in offline mode- giving you the possibility of viewing the in-game map while paused!!!! The Elder Scrolls - I am scared shitless in fear of how badly Bethesda might fuck up yet another of my all-time favourite series!!!

  23. Strongfire

    Strongfire16 hours ago

    i tell you , i tell you The Elder Scrolls VI Comes

  24. YeaRIce 109

    YeaRIce 10918 hours ago

    Me : ELDER SCROLLS 6!!! My friend :elder what? Me :Skyrim 2... My friend :Oh yes!

  25. fick wick

    fick wick19 hours ago


  26. IceWolff _

    IceWolff _19 hours ago

    Plot twist... the wereboars return... the Thalmor declare another war on the empire for continuing to worship talos... there are no more arrow to the knee lines, only in Easter eggs... and Nazeem was burnt on the cross and he has arrows shot at his head

  27. FormigaBlox

    FormigaBlox19 hours ago

    let me guess, they stole your sweet bread.

  28. Sone

    Sone19 hours ago

    When will be released cant wait will the The Elder Scrolls Blades also be on Pc ?

  29. Kevin McLarty

    Kevin McLarty21 hour ago

    Goosebumps every time I watch this

  30. Stanaford

    Stanaford21 hour ago

    The Elder Scrolls VI: Skyrim II

  31. Vollzeitgöttin SukiiLu

    Vollzeitgöttin SukiiLu22 hours ago


  32. Jalal Bin Falah

    Jalal Bin Falah22 hours ago

    I think I just exploded.

  33. Монолитовец 251

    Монолитовец 251Day ago


  34. Abdul Wahid

    Abdul WahidDay ago

    It has no NPCs it's 100% online only and there's a battle royel

  35. Piers Spicer

    Piers SpicerDay ago

    *O H M Y G O D*

  36. KZ11

    KZ11Day ago

    When you think of it, why isn't used the original music theme "ta ta taaaaaaaaa ta ta taaaaaa...." but instead it's only the part of the music used for Skyrim? "tatata tatata tatatatatataaaa tatata tatata tatatatatataaaaaa"


    MY BIG BURGERDay ago

    I cum 30 times

  38. Lizzzard

    LizzzardDay ago


  39. Schatten2712

    Schatten2712Day ago

    oh jeez! **11-11-11 flash backs**

  40. Peks S

    Peks SDay ago


  41. Equility_

    Equility_Day ago

    The real question is can you eat all the cheese?

  42. P40xm1Nity

    P40xm1NityDay ago

    Sick theme.

  43. P40xm1Nity

    P40xm1NityDay ago


  44. Williss360 The Dovahkiin

    Williss360 The DovahkiinDay ago

    Only 7 million views !!! This needs to be at 100 MILLION

  45. Dark Knight

    Dark KnightDay ago

    Will probably be playing this game in 2023 latest

  46. Jake Morris

    Jake MorrisDay ago


  47. The Fire Owl

    The Fire OwlDay ago

    They told me my remains would be shipped back to High Rock. Seems I won't have to wait that long.

  48. TheEnabledDisabled

    TheEnabledDisabledDay ago


  49. Phoenix Note

    Phoenix NoteDay ago

    Is it still called Skyrim?

  50. The Very shiny Galaxy Slime

    The Very shiny Galaxy SlimeDay ago

    i want to give you my life savings

  51. Levsque

    LevsqueDay ago

    How to win e3

  52. denvose r

    denvose r2 days ago


  53. Dragon Sojourn

    Dragon Sojourn2 days ago

    I feel they have violated the law by skipping ps4 and xboxone, Im offended by this move. As a player,

  54. matt penisington

    matt penisington2 days ago

    No more fucking hold guard jokes you aren't a hardcore fan for knowing memes!

  55. Velika

    Velika2 days ago

    Oooooh! Is it high rock? Looks like it. Especially the layout.

  56. Sanzho LeBron

    Sanzho LeBron2 days ago

    Kadjit is waiting me to make some crime)))😂

  57. Bashful

    Bashful2 days ago

    Please no online. ESO was okay, but was nothing compared to the single player games. If you do, at least make it separate.

  58. syree vlogging

    syree vlogging2 days ago

    I waited for this trailer for a long time

  59. Jesse Huffman

    Jesse Huffman2 days ago

    Holy shit it's gonna be the best I'm pumped the balls out

  60. Misty M.P.

    Misty M.P.2 days ago

    Hope they improve the combat mechanics by adding counter-block, counter-attack, some kind of special attack, some form of swift pocket dagger attack and so on...Also I would love to see more weapons like throwing stuff, unarmed weapons, spears, claws, etc.

  61. KK Gaming

    KK Gaming2 days ago


  62. Rvndow

    Rvndow2 days ago

    I dont wana wait for few years

  63. KK Gaming

    KK Gaming2 days ago


  64. amoto ghy

    amoto ghy2 days ago

    Hmm.. smells like the start of a new social life for me.

  65. NORYB

    NORYB2 days ago


  66. NORYB

    NORYB2 days ago


  67. NORYB

    NORYB2 days ago


  68. Diamond's chow

    Diamond's chow2 days ago


  69. BAINOM Ueah

    BAINOM Ueah2 days ago

    Hell yeah !!!!!

  70. Just Hmm

    Just Hmm2 days ago

    OMG Morriwind 4!

  71. Sssaga Benches

    Sssaga Benches2 days ago

    Watched it in 4K on Pentium D. A day well spent!

  72. Natalie Mendelsohn

    Natalie Mendelsohn2 days ago

    was that it?

  73. UNDERSWAP123

    UNDERSWAP1232 days ago

    Elder scrolls 6? Na fam, gimmi that Skyrim 2 BAYBY

  74. Scriz

    Scriz2 days ago

    holy fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

  75. Nicolò Borrelli

    Nicolò Borrelli2 days ago


  76. Nicolò Borrelli

    Nicolò Borrelli2 days ago


  77. BMinkia Gamer

    BMinkia Gamer3 days ago


  78. Docter Ollie

    Docter Ollie3 days ago

    I can't wait for this to come out, I'm going to buy whatever console this comes out on. I know this wont come out on any of the xbox one variants though.

  79. dʒeɪms

    dʒeɪms3 days ago

    whats the bet high rock will be about 10% breton at this point

  80. C'est trebien

    C'est trebien3 days ago

    Never should come here..

  81. Ciark

    Ciark3 days ago

    I put the loop this vido since E3, and i can't stop!

  82. Big Papa

    Big Papa3 days ago

    I really wonder if Alduin has really died. What if he appears in TES 6? I'm so fucking excited.

  83. Liam Kuchta

    Liam Kuchta3 days ago

    how does this only have 7 mil?

  84. Drew Lane

    Drew Lane3 days ago

    By the nines lets hope this game isnt riddled with bugs at launch. If so I will be so pissed.

  85. FledglingBeard20 FledglingBeard20

    FledglingBeard20 FledglingBeard203 days ago

    Hope you guys fix the repetitive issue of short campaign stories with your elder scroll games. Mirrorwind, Oblivion and Skyrim.... all of them had very few hours of main story gameplay. Make this one as long as the Witcher 3. Work more on the main plot and make it longer, and work less on the side quests. Good luck.

  86. Narelle Bullock

    Narelle Bullock3 days ago

    Wait so is this blades or a console and pc game?

  87. Russell Valdez

    Russell Valdez3 days ago

    Elder Scrolls 6....Will the Dragonborn be there?

  88. Lewis Banks

    Lewis Banks3 days ago

    My cousin’s off fighting dragons and what do I get? Guard duty.

  89. Stan Brady

    Stan Brady3 days ago

    Looks like the bretones land

  90. Mark Ovton

    Mark Ovton3 days ago

    Please don't ruin it by restricting Mods to your stupid new creation club. Unless you make it totally free, no microtransactions.

  91. Bruh Yuh

    Bruh Yuh3 days ago

    I used to be an adventurer like you...

  92. MadManTV

    MadManTV3 days ago

    Thank talos bruh

  93. Flopyier xd

    Flopyier xd3 days ago

    I hope this game will be the same good as witcher 3(my the best game)

  94. Kairan Taiko

    Kairan Taiko3 days ago

    is that high rock or hammerfell??

  95. Philip

    Philip3 days ago

    just enrich it... elder scrolls needs much better and diverse attacks... for every character... magicians, should be able to stomp their wands (to wear on the back like a bow) into the ground or draw a sphere with it... there should be much more unique and amazIng stuff to find only for thIef... archery needs new skills like shootIng three arrows at once and much more unique bows ...there should be absolutely no skill that is annoying as fuck and doesnt merge into naturally fun gameplay like blacksmithing

  96. AliClash Han

    AliClash Han3 days ago


  97. 1212 12

    1212 124 days ago


  98. Alexander Gabriel Alqueza

    Alexander Gabriel Alqueza4 days ago

    Hype, exciting, butterfly in ones

  99. Phaire Couchpotato

    Phaire Couchpotato4 days ago

    We must establish a potato community!

  100. Phaire Couchpotato

    Phaire Couchpotato4 days ago

    I came a little bit

  101. Marco Terzi

    Marco Terzi4 days ago

    Will we ever see “The Evil Within 3”?

  102. Rasper Jilius

    Rasper Jilius4 days ago

    Yes only 4 years away can't wait

  103. Grizzly

    Grizzly3 days ago

    where did you get that from you honestly think that they can finish TES6 in 4 years?. First they need to finish that new Fallout game than Starfield and when thats finaly done they start working on TES6... Gonna be WAY more than 4 years