The decline of Hong Kong's iconic neon glow


  1. Vox

    Vox2 months ago

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  2. Xuelder

    XuelderMonth ago

    I loved this video, but I have a "weird" question: what was the font used at the beginning to spell Hong Kong? I would love to use it in my projects.

  3. Mr. Salimi

    Mr. Salimi2 months ago

    Wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu senpai

  4. Hudson Bernard

    Hudson Bernard2 months ago

    Vox The production quality is always well executed using facts.

  5. Mike T

    Mike T2 months ago

    Vox 羊毛フェルト作り方初心者

  6. Hovan Ng

    Hovan Ng2 months ago

    I am from from Hong Kong and you accidentally took a picture of Hong Kong’s burial home!!!!!!!

  7. A Shizuoka

    A Shizuoka3 days ago

    This series is alright, but I hate the walking and talking shots. Where is he even supposed to be going?? What are you in such a hurry for???

  8. OrionSentry

    OrionSentry7 days ago

    Hong Kong would be a great city , if it weren't for those Super Rude Hong Kong People. Ching Chong Ling Long Ting Tong

  9. Howell Wang

    Howell Wang7 days ago


  10. treeman Michael Jacksonn

    treeman Michael Jacksonn8 days ago

    Neon light is the 🐐 -TMMJ

  11. Thomas TubeHD

    Thomas TubeHD9 days ago

    Am I the only one who can understand Cantonese

  12. Sophia Castano

    Sophia Castano10 days ago

    There is a definite rise in neon lights in Austin, TX, especially on SOCO. I just love them.

  13. Sean Pan

    Sean Pan11 days ago

    He is no fan of China or Hong Kong.

  14. Funky173

    Funky17312 days ago

    The edit is awesome! I love this video so much I may learn something of the transition.

  15. Hong Kong

    Hong Kong15 days ago


  16. Heidi Huang

    Heidi Huang16 days ago

    I remember seeing this when I went back to China last year..... in Chinese and when I went to China everywhere there are neon lights but the ones in Hong Kong are definently the most beautiful

  17. TheShadowParliament

    TheShadowParliament17 days ago

    Everything that has even a smudge of unique beautiful individuality is slowly being replaced with soulless mass produced rubbish.

  18. T.M. Squirrel

    T.M. Squirrel18 days ago

    stumbled across this channel. glad I did. Great presentations, great presentor/narrator, please make more!

  19. Alex

    Alex19 days ago

    vox in 10 years "The re-rise of Hong knogs iconic neon glow."

  20. GunmetalGaming

    GunmetalGaming20 days ago

    Neon almost always looks cooler lol. Thankfully in Philadelphia where I go to school A LOT of new highrises are built with neon lights integrated into their exterior walls, very cool and futuristic.

  21. Scott Free

    Scott Free21 day ago

    Cant beat neon, Only the remarkable signs should be saved.

  22. Maria Ramirez

    Maria Ramirez21 day ago

    I always thought Japan was known for it's neon lights Anyways i like the neon lights better

  23. ben smith

    ben smith24 days ago

    Led sucks!

  24. marxist liberal

    marxist liberal24 days ago

    Oh the chinese commies r making LEDs to take down poor innocent neon lights of hong kong.. 😂🤣 this dude is a capitalist stooge and is only propping up capitalist propaganda against socialists

  25. marxist liberal

    marxist liberal24 days ago

    Literally in every video he narrates!!

  26. BigDannyK

    BigDannyK24 days ago

    Hong Kong - the city that inspired Cyberpunk

  27. Firstname Lastname

    Firstname Lastname25 days ago

    Why is Vox rooting for neon lights so much? Is it a fetish they have?

  28. Aryan Dey

    Aryan Dey25 days ago

    Neon is a colour less gas you know.


    BANANA BANANA25 days ago

    4:50 here's the song, been looking for too long lol

  30. Synalla

    Synalla26 days ago

    The music you keep using for the Borders series is not only painful to hear in its composition, but also ridiculous in volume compared to the dialogue--the part that is IMPORTANT and NECESSARY. Your taste in indie music may be too distracting and painful, and that's your choice, but the volume levels need to emphasize the voices and make them heard. Otherwise, I have no incentive to watch your crap if I can't hear what you want to tell me. Borders isn't the only perpetrator of this terrible volume dynamic, but it is the worst. Please stop this. Believe it or not, I came to these videos for what you have to say, not for ear-grating crap that I didn't consent to or expect from the title or thumbnail.

  31. niel Gt

    niel Gt29 days ago

    Why is the music so loud and distracting? 🤨

  32. WhetZaddy

    WhetZaddyMonth ago

    What's that outro song??

  33. Lunatic Lunala

    Lunatic LunalaMonth ago

    warning:comment section contains neon jokes.

  34. AomiN

    AomiNMonth ago

    yeah, because the growing population living in cages is really worried about old, inefficient lamps being replaced with LEDs 😒

  35. nerdygal

    nerdygalMonth ago

    I love this. Love the way Johnny creates his videos. The filming, the narrating style, the atmosphere he creates, it's just amazing. Vox Borders is undoubtly my favourite series in the entire channel. Keep up the awesome work!

  36. sandy

    sandyMonth ago

    kudos to the video editor... the transitions in the beginning + the music was so good

  37. sonal narvekar

    sonal narvekarMonth ago

    The score from 1.12- 1.26. Amazing

  38. João Amorim

    João AmorimMonth ago

    Amazing editing!!!

  39. What Alien?

    What Alien?Month ago

    What does health have to do with removing neon lights??

  40. David Arango Bermùdez

    David Arango BermùdezMonth ago

    What's that beat at the end? Anyone please?

  41. Semerah Delima

    Semerah DelimaMonth ago

    i love this series!

  42. smiling_chestnut

    smiling_chestnutMonth ago

    This video really popped off

  43. Daniel K

    Daniel KMonth ago

    Guys have a look at the neon museum in Warsaw Poland - really awesome!

  44. Elizabeth T

    Elizabeth TMonth ago

    now i wanna go to Hong Kong to take pictures of the aesthetics

  45. lawrence

    lawrenceMonth ago

    Why not use LED in a tube with a diffuse filter? Kinda like those lightsabers theyve been making recently

  46. Literally Felicity

    Literally FelicityMonth ago

    Neon lights are very pretty imo.

  47. lawrence

    lawrenceMonth ago

    Wow that hipster vlogger whip editing was god awful. Please stop

  48. peter tuann

    peter tuannMonth ago

    I approve, the streets are less cluttered, saving electricity,

  49. Saša Stajić

    Saša StajićMonth ago

    I find Neon light better for many reasons. It's just iconic

  50. Grace W

    Grace WMonth ago

    Does anyone know the name of the song at the end? The outtro ?

  51. AstroNeón Sideral

    AstroNeón SideralMonth ago

    El neon jamás tendrá rival

  52. Oh no it's marshie

    Oh no it's marshieMonth ago

    I actually feel bad for the people who lives in the building or across where all the neon lights or led lights are hung. Good luck having a dark enough environment to sleep in with all those lights shining through.

  53. Billy Bachiashvili

    Billy BachiashviliMonth ago

    That intro and the music in satisfying!! I love your work Vox!

  54. drew t

    drew tMonth ago

    There's nothing more amazing than a really beautiful neon sign.

  55. Aaron Keane

    Aaron KeaneMonth ago

    Music in this series is really nice!

  56. Cancer Alert

    Cancer AlertMonth ago

    Why not just use handcrafted tools out of stone again, because it's more of a "craft"?

  57. YamiSpirit

    YamiSpiritMonth ago

    Anyone know the song 3:00?

  58. Nikola Prolić

    Nikola ProlićMonth ago

    0:12 nice combination of future bass and neon theme! Love it 👍

  59. YO B

    YO BMonth ago

    i was doing that for almost a year in Ethiopia. i used to be a neon Bender. old memory! now am a scrolling LED expert. as much as i hate to say this, eventually we have to move on and adapt the future.

  60. Dmitri Spiegel

    Dmitri SpiegelMonth ago

    Wow, I think those LEDs are really disgusting? I prefer the Neon!

  61. Dr. K

    Dr. KMonth ago

    China's most iconic aspect? Mmhh.. No id say it's the smog of sky pollution

  62. The Solar Wolf

    The Solar WolfMonth ago

    The future is not painted in just the glow of neon lights anymore, but in the simmer twinkles of the LED and flashes of a computer screen along with the nostalgic neon glow.

  63. VariTimo

    VariTimoMonth ago

    It’s not cool to change a movies aspect ratio from its original to 16:9. Not even for a political format.

  64. Solomon Tsai

    Solomon TsaiMonth ago

    0:22 you literally filmed a funeral home. smh.

  65. Camille Lee

    Camille LeeMonth ago

    Ughhh the LEDs doesnt have that soft glow when it lights up. Hopefully neon lights will thrive back into the spotlight.

  66. The Legend

    The LegendMonth ago

    Part of me will always be nostalgic for neon, but it's the past and It belongs there along with VHS players.

  67. ElineOpje

    ElineOpjeMonth ago

    what song is it around 3:10?

  68. XM

    XMMonth ago

    Tokyo is more mouse for neon lights, they literally call it Neo Tokyo in manga

  69. Rodney Jones

    Rodney JonesMonth ago

    It's going to be a very sad day the day that neon signs disappear for good and all we will have left are cyberpunk movies and games and city pop music to remember this amazingly beautiful *AESTHETIC* . The nostalgia is will kill so many people. 😭😭😭

  70. 05candyman

    05candymanMonth ago

    LEDs are brighter, cheaper, more efficient, more versatile, and with a wider range of colours.

  71. 05candyman

    05candymanMonth ago

    +Countess' Slave I actually like LED alot. Especially gorgeous bright OLED TVs and cellphones.

  72. Countess' Slave

    Countess' SlaveMonth ago

    05candyman and extremely unpleasant and unsatisfying to look at

  73. 05candyman

    05candymanMonth ago

    I like LED better

  74. DJ Danger

    DJ DangerMonth ago

    The music is dope.

  75. Matthew Reeves

    Matthew ReevesMonth ago

    Enjoyed the video, but especially wanted to thank you for the larger subtitles. As a visually impaired viewer, that was super helpful!

  76. sapphirexwind

    sapphirexwindMonth ago

    I had taken some glass classes at a museums glass workshop, they offer a Neon making class, I want to try it. Let's preserve craftsmanship!

  77. sexy korean girl

    sexy korean girlMonth ago

    hong kong is a third rate city now. like all the kong girls

  78. Delfim Álvaro

    Delfim ÁlvaroMonth ago

    Damn, Vox. This series is fireeee!

  79. Archer V.

    Archer V.Month ago

    for money....

  80. The TNTsheep

    The TNTsheepMonth ago

    Neon lights were great, but we shouldn't linger in the past; instead we should embrace the new.

  81. Bruce Chang-Gu

    Bruce Chang-GuMonth ago

    not enough is being said about the extraordinary videography. stunning

  82. Dj3ndo

    Dj3ndoMonth ago

    Amazing series!

  83. Ben Cooper

    Ben CooperMonth ago

    I want a wall of neon signs from hong kong if someone can help me out.

  84. penguins forall

    penguins forallMonth ago

    Keep in mind a big part of why LEDs are cheap and bright is due to phosphors. Pretty much all the LEDs you can buy use phosphors. Neon lights could similarly use phosphors and make them nearly an order of magnitude more efficiency similar to CFL lamps.

  85. loversandlies

    loversandliesMonth ago


  86. DmofukinLee

    DmofukinLeeMonth ago

    using a few of the same shots from last episode RREEEEEEEEE

  87. That Girl

    That GirlMonth ago

    I love neon lights but they’re kinda expensive

  88. stjigpaf

    stjigpafMonth ago

    what is the intro song?

  89. Mari

    MariMonth ago

    The editing is amazing

  90. juni0rRC xD

    juni0rRC xDMonth ago

    neon lights? dats racist!

  91. John Kevin Brosnan

    John Kevin BrosnanMonth ago

    You should visit northern ireland and touch their history

  92. xMizunderstoodx

    xMizunderstoodxMonth ago

    What a shame. I will always remember how these neon signs light up the Hong Kong night and skyline.

  93. Chris

    ChrisMonth ago

    What’s up with all these HK videos lately ?

  94. Countess' Slave

    Countess' SlaveMonth ago

    Chris it’s their new series

  95. MrHan

    MrHanMonth ago

    Same reason we don't see Model Ts still running around. They're romantic yes, but we can relegate them to the enthusiasts and hobbyists. There is a place for preservation and conservation but society as a whole needs to move forward.

  96. justin chan

    justin chanMonth ago

    0:30 I’ve been there just yesterday when this comment was made. It is one of the streets in Mong Kok with all the small night shops. I am pretty sure.

  97. Ashen One From China

    Ashen One From ChinaMonth ago

    I think LED can also be made into the forms of traditional Chinese characters, but it will cost a little more money.

  98. Billy The-Kid

    Billy The-KidMonth ago

    LEDs lightings are more suitable for in house lighting. NEON lights are still more aesthetically pleasing and dramatic for Signages.

  99. Derelect

    DerelectMonth ago

    I want to see a story done on Catalonia in Spain, I think that would be really cool to see.

  100. Rick White

    Rick WhiteMonth ago

    2:45 Neon gas give _YELLOW_ color, just as shown in the video. Not red as stated.

  101. Lone

    LoneMonth ago

    rip aesthetic vibes

  102. Shelby Brown

    Shelby BrownMonth ago

    The editing in the beginning of this video reminds me of 2015-2016 One Direction Vine edits... in a good way.

  103. gamekiller999

    gamekiller999Month ago

    I live in HK and even thought neon lights are beautiful they are some time annoying cuz the light is very bright and hurt the eye

  104. Silvia cabaco

    Silvia cabacoMonth ago

    Still prefer neons

  105. Just Cuz

    Just CuzMonth ago

    If only I could find someone to love me the way Master Wu loves Neon! 😍😍

  106. Handi Cui

    Handi CuiMonth ago

    lol the lofi eastern asian influenced music couldn't be more fitting

  107. rajshetty611

    rajshetty611Month ago

    Why vox is focusing more on hong kong

  108. Dystropy Ko

    Dystropy KoMonth ago

    DId vox run out of budget? It says its a series about borders but there is literally nothing about borders and hes stayed in the same city for 4 episodes. The first season was way better and more informational.

  109. ED L

    ED LMonth ago

    what is the name of master wu’s shop?