The Deadliest Being on Planet Earth - The Bacteriophage


  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell5 months ago

    You like our art and want to put it on your wall? Look no further:

  2. Mostafa kamel

    Mostafa kamel24 days ago

    do phages kill good bacteria

  3. I drink bleach

    I drink bleach25 days ago

    Can they kill immune cells?

  4. Tim 74

    Tim 7429 days ago

    What if the fages become a danger to our cells?

  5. Maskone

    MaskoneMonth ago

    Well it doesn't have any power to kill cancer but I'm glad it exists to kill those other bad diseases.

  6. Vincent Agustin

    Vincent AgustinMonth ago

    Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell . Can phages defeat cancer ?

  7. Oakazz

    Oakazz13 minutes ago

    this great, I can't swallow pills so i can have these injected soon in a couple years if I'm sick

  8. Yung and Hung

    Yung and HungHour ago

    bacteriophage look like they were created by aliens, and are a secret microbot controlling our planet.

  9. NoFriction -Fortnite

    NoFriction -Fortnite3 hours ago

    Im 11 in 2018 so id only live up 43? :(

  10. W.D Barial

    W.D Barial3 hours ago

    *Dr. H.M. Phage will see you now. (Anyone who gets this reference is amazing)

  11. Chris Eade

    Chris Eade3 hours ago

    I almost cried don't no why?

  12. Joshua Verches

    Joshua Verches3 hours ago

    Can't they kill good bacteria too?

  13. Michael Tran

    Michael Tran4 hours ago

    What if phases evolve to kill us

  14. Diamon Dragon

    Diamon Dragon5 hours ago

    ⓣⓗⓔ ⓒⓐⓚⓔ ⓘⓢ ⓝⓞⓣ ⓐ ⓛⓘⓔ !!

  15. Long Trần Bảo

    Long Trần Bảo12 hours ago

    Good video

  16. ✨ kat✨

    ✨ kat✨13 hours ago

    it's almost halloween and this is the spookiest thing i've watched so far hahaha

  17. MADOG

    MADOG16 hours ago

    We pumped phages in our body because we were getting desperate we screwed up

  18. Steve Tate

    Steve Tate19 hours ago

    We screwed up everyone

  19. tottalynotmagpie

    tottalynotmagpie19 hours ago

    when i grow up i wanna be a bacteriophage!

  20. Harshit Ms

    Harshit MsDay ago

    Can someone say where can I get that background score @2:39

  21. Flawed

    FlawedDay ago

    So basically bacteriophages rape their enemies to death on a scale that's incomprehensible?

  22. Harshit Ms

    Harshit MsDay ago

    2.39 music was really good

  23. Plush and more

    Plush and moreDay ago

    Would a phage be able to kill cancer?

  24. Pleasure Tek

    Pleasure TekDay ago

    All hail the viral overlords of the vacuum. Blessed be the mutations they may bring to your inhabitants.

  25. Taehyung's Smile

    Taehyung's SmileDay ago

    Do you think Phages could cure Ebola?

  26. Toasted machine

    Toasted machineDay ago

    I remember these from Jimmy neutron

  27. Dark Emperor

    Dark EmperorDay ago

    5:14 war time !!!

  28. wow im trash

    wow im trashDay ago

    hey its those things from steven universe

  29. Nihal Ar

    Nihal ArDay ago

    But wouldn't phage evolve to attack humans?

  30. Марк Штаркман

    Марк ШтаркманDay ago

    Woooow, a natural 20 at bacteria destruction! (you see, the top of a phage looks like a d20)

  31. Johann Inong

    Johann InongDay ago

    Antibiotics are made of good bacteria. Am i right?

  32. Władca Wymiaru

    Władca WymiaruDay ago

    Oh man, wish out immune system was able to produce antibodies-phages! P.S. OH SHIT! We put bacterias in cross-fire!

  33. Just James

    Just JamesDay ago

    Ey boi that's just a microcreeper...

  34. peganoske

    peganoskeDay ago

    I'm at easy now: because our cells evolves way too slower than bacteria it means at some point it will be easier for bacteriophages to evolve methods to attack our cells than to win against mutated bacteria. And finally there will be the New Black Death. And then, maybe, the New Renaissance. Yep. It's good.

  35. Thegamingavatar 10000

    Thegamingavatar 10000Day ago


  36. Crazywaffle5150

    Crazywaffle5150Day ago

    Viruses are not predators. They don't "seek" out hosts. They just "fall into them by random". They are not alive. They also have no means of moving around. They bounce around randomly like dust.

  37. [Gōdłÿ] Źâç

    [Gōdłÿ] ŹâçDay ago

    “Micro war”

  38. David Hargrave

    David HargraveDay ago

    Awesome name for a band!

  39. Kuckoo

    KuckooDay ago

    The most difficult part about telling people about phages is changing their perceptions. Most automatically think "bad" or "evil" whenever they hear the word "virus". When, in fact, as with bacteria, there are good ones as well as bad ones. Education is key.

  40. Awesomefoodz Gaming

    Awesomefoodz GamingDay ago

    I guess killer beings such as us and bactiophage get along...

  41. The one who sucks

    The one who sucksDay ago

    If we inject them into us and they kill all the bacteria, wouldn’t they try to evolve and find ways to kill our cells?

  42. John Wu

    John Wu2 days ago

    Phages look like microscopic Protoss units

  43. InfiniteBlue

    InfiniteBlue2 days ago

    This makes me smile knowing these little diamond heads will save us lol

  44. Charles Phipp

    Charles Phipp2 days ago

    I mean 30

  45. Charles Phipp

    Charles Phipp2 days ago

    I was don’t want to know I will die in 60 years

  46. Charles Phipp

    Charles Phipp2 days ago

    I thought this was for chlildren

  47. Nadiel101 :3

    Nadiel101 :32 days ago

    I just got this random thing in my head when I saw this 5:08 I think it should be a game called phage vs super bacteria

  48. Vojta Jozek

    Vojta Jozek2 days ago

    This is very good series better than others

  49. Esteban Gonzalez

    Esteban Gonzalez2 days ago

    What happens If the virus mutates an begins to infect us Lol ☠️💀

  50. Kanikorn Pongsates

    Kanikorn Pongsates2 days ago

    so is good or bed?

  51. Box Girl

    Box Girl2 days ago

    "We still might be able to win" "INGECT MORE"

  52. m i n e

    m i n e2 days ago

    I believe in 2050, we will be about ten times stronger than phages

  53. chinnu bannu

    chinnu bannu2 days ago

    They are not harming US they kill harmful

  54. David Steel

    David Steel2 days ago

    A big problem is that pharmaceutical companies would find it more difficult to profit from these because intellectual property around infection-specific phages is not as straight-forward as antibiotics. I'm not sure if this would therefore be the right place for government-funded development instead.

  55. dragoknight 0508

    dragoknight 05082 days ago

    Oh yes so very good i shall call the army of phages HAIL HYDRA!!!!!!!

  56. Tobi /Obito Uchiha

    Tobi /Obito Uchiha2 days ago

    *world war cells*

  57. Cat Courageous

    Cat Courageous2 days ago

    I bet my friend is like, OMG SHES WATCHING A VIDEO ABOUT ME

  58. MeMeLord

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  59. Atomas's Galaxy

    Atomas's Galaxy2 days ago


  60. FrostyTheDark

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  61. SUN Family

    SUN Family2 days ago


  62. Nightamations

    Nightamations2 days ago

    holy shit. what if bacteria phages were about the size of dogs. they can terrafuck us all to our fuckin' graves

  63. daoisa

    daoisa2 days ago

    5:58 they can even survive an alcoholic handjob

  64. Shatugi - Sama

    Shatugi - Sama2 days ago

    This is world war 2. The bacteria is the nazis and the antibodies, Bacteriophages, and humans were the allies

  65. Alvi Haque

    Alvi Haque2 days ago

    biggest save ever i thought we dead for sure from superbugs

  66. PUBGM Man

    PUBGM Man2 days ago

    it’s basically the White Blood Cell Of Our Outside Body?

  67. StCreed

    StCreed2 days ago

    "we used antibiotics more and more..." - no, agriculture used it more and more on cattle to increase their growth rate. This is where most of the cases of resistant bacteria in Holland come from. Another source are populations with ready access to antibiotics without a doctor's prescription. A lot of countries including the USA and the countries in southern Europe are in this range. They create their own problems. Russia creates even worse problems for itself by having prison populations that are both overcrowded, get *some* medication but not enough. Resistant tuberculosis is a real risk inside Russian prisons. Don't get me started on South America. And the fools that think "oh, it's just prisoners..." - well, they do get out at some point and then infect the general population. Having good healthcare was created by people who didn't like dying from poor people's plagues. Apparently, that lesson is forgotten. And pharma has no reason to reminds us of it, as the antibiotics sold to agriculture and humans alike create massive profits. But IMO, they should be reserved for cases where a test confirms a bacterial infection, and nothing else.

  68. HYEOL

    HYEOL2 days ago

    5:12 *Wilhelms Scream* . Get out xD

  69. erotic gamer22

    erotic gamer223 days ago

    Bacteria Hitler

  70. Oliver Perrin

    Oliver Perrin3 days ago

    So phages, in some extreme cases, can be (theoretically) destroy cancer cells, etc

  71. Bijay Kumar Sharma

    Bijay Kumar Sharma3 days ago

    Bacteriophage are great

  72. Littly Shippy

    Littly Shippy3 days ago

    So ww1 happened billions of years ago when Bacteriophages were deadlier than humans

  73. Adonan the Stoic

    Adonan the Stoic3 days ago

    5:11 Bacterihelm scream

  74. Jeremiah Taala

    Jeremiah Taala3 days ago

    If it is called the deadest being on earth then why does it save people’s life instead of killing them

  75. Jeremiah Taala

    Jeremiah Taala3 days ago

    This video helped me learn

  76. Lodi petmalu Tutong

    Lodi petmalu Tutong3 days ago

    I think in Philippines had no bacteria we know to wash our hands with out soap

  77. Bunnyshooter 223

    Bunnyshooter 2232 days ago


  78. Blissfully Ignorant

    Blissfully Ignorant3 days ago

    Antibiotic are use mostly for food production, cattle,pigs,and chicken that's the problem

  79. datTweenlife

    datTweenlife3 days ago

    Jim get the phage nuke ready,were killing Ebola

  80. Josh Petschke

    Josh PetschkeDay ago

    datTweenlife, Ebola is a virus, not a bacterium

  81. Ian B

    Ian B3 days ago

    I’m allergic to antibiotics 🙁🙁🙁 If I take one I go to the hospital for a month

  82. User Library76

    User Library763 days ago

    Why did I laugh so hard when he said *while they do commit genocide for breakfast...*

  83. Johnathan short

    Johnathan short3 days ago

    So puting the most deadleast thing in use won't harm use and it will save us? 😰😰😰

  84. 10,000 subs without any vids?

    10,000 subs without any vids?3 days ago

    It's a hard knock life for bacteria

  85. Travelers

    Travelers3 days ago

    Nice worms reference. :P

  86. Hyper Squrle3

    Hyper Squrle34 days ago

    Some forward this to the president ASAP

  87. BARTYB 2000

    BARTYB 20004 days ago

    Can bacteriophage defeat gonnorhea

  88. me like tea

    me like tea4 days ago

    ty phages 💕

  89. Dante Rombouts

    Dante Rombouts4 days ago

    1:12 genocide for breakfast

  90. InTo ReKa

    InTo ReKa4 days ago


  91. Alduin Hearth

    Alduin Hearth4 days ago

    WORMS 3D reference right there, the game that made me love parabolas.

  92. Aang An

    Aang An4 days ago

    But what if in the process phages will evolve to kill good bacteria? Cuz it won't have evolved protection against phages? Or, what if phages will evolve to invade human body cells? Then what?

  93. Jason Yau

    Jason Yau4 days ago

    Hope this is able to kill diseases like AIDS

  94. Zekaia

    Zekaia4 days ago

    But how is phages is the deadliest in earth? I mean how did the y become deadliest when they save lives?

  95. Jacob Luvisi

    Jacob Luvisi2 days ago

    Zekaia they don’t kill humans

  96. VeRsaCEoN ThEflOOR

    VeRsaCEoN ThEflOOR4 days ago

    No problem human cells are not affected by bacteriophage so it might good to use as a medicine and help many people.

  97. Carl floor

    Carl floor4 days ago

    MMM, genocide for breakfast.

  98. Matt Lawrence Marquez

    Matt Lawrence Marquez4 days ago

    2:16 In the final step they produce Pacman boiii

  99. MC hacker

    MC hacker4 days ago

    Why did anyone even think about dislikeing this?? 1 they think kurzgesagt are lieing 2 they are paranoid 3 they are haters

  100. tottalynotmagpie

    tottalynotmagpie19 hours ago

    dislikeing lieing

  101. Slimy Demon

    Slimy Demon4 days ago

    So, they're kinda like rambos taking out giant monsters

  102. Fire Power701

    Fire Power7013 days ago

    Slimy Demon Why not. Aren't you Asian.... Oh wait

  103. Slimy Demon

    Slimy Demon3 days ago

    +Fire Power701 okay, never gonna use it then

  104. Fire Power701

    Fire Power7013 days ago

    Slimy Demon They must be genetically modified to kill the weeb inside people and then maybe it will be in full scale use

  105. Arturo Malapit

    Arturo Malapit4 days ago

    5:03 thats some nice transformation animation

  106. Samuel R Kruse

    Samuel R Kruse4 days ago


  107. Agent gaming Official

    Agent gaming Official4 days ago

    There were like no birds in the vid

  108. Bear_the_ Wolf_

    Bear_the_ Wolf_4 days ago

    Sadly enough I can’t even have penicillin because I’m allergic

  109. De Wae

    De Wae4 days ago

    steven universe reference?

  110. EddieWFR

    EddieWFR5 days ago

    Haven't russia been doing this for the last 50 years? Where we chose anti-bac, russia chose to focus more on phage's?

  111. PeterWasHere

    PeterWasHere5 days ago

    The bacteriapahges are like thanks snapping his fingers

  112. x Adiquite

    x Adiquite5 days ago

    Wait if we have an immunity to the deadliest being on the planet doesn’t that make *us* the deadliest being on the planet