The Day Ronaldo Turned Football Game into the Circus


  1. phamvan phong

    phamvan phong5 days ago

    thích nhất lúc CR7 còn ở MU

  2. 100.000 subscribers without a single video

    100.000 subscribers without a single video6 days ago

    Ronaldinho was doing it through whole his carrier

  3. kenploin

    kenploin15 days ago

    Im crying , I miss this ronaldo

  4. REEMO 77

    REEMO 7715 days ago

    كفو كريستيانو I love you ❤

  5. Mr Li

    Mr Li18 days ago

    Cristiano Ronaldo was the most talent, skills and most beautiful Entertainer Football player at Manchester United and he became the best Goal Scorer at Real Madrid 👍👍👏

  6. Muchlis Rozi

    Muchlis Rozi21 day ago

    Watching this cristiano is a joy

  7. GaMiNg WiTh FaRhAN

    GaMiNg WiTh FaRhAN24 days ago


  8. Silva Jorge da Silva

    Silva Jorge da Silva26 days ago

    Cristiano Ronaldo don't usou em camp like in circus why racism now or may be all portuguese because I criei a knew section to save thousands of dollar per year and I got lay off because of such

  9. Rohan rob

    Rohan robMonth ago


  10. Bethbirai Raigadas velazquez

    Bethbirai Raigadas velazquezMonth ago

    Puto portero se pasa de verdura en los goles👀😂😂

  11. Danijel Butkovic

    Danijel ButkovicMonth ago

    His level of energy is out of this world .GOAT

  12. طـارق

    طـارقMonth ago

    in the end we win 3-2 and miss a palnte

  13. Cherry Lili

    Cherry LiliMonth ago

    4:05 this tackle is so wild, that's really dangerous wtf

  14. Just do it

    Just do itMonth ago

    What a good quality for 2008 video

  15. Magical Malayali

    Magical MalayaliMonth ago

    Bring Jao felix in man utd... on this transfer u can see a new cr7 juniour

  16. Magical Malayali

    Magical MalayaliMonth ago

    Haters makes him unstoppable 😍👍 so keep hating...

  17. fernando urey

    fernando ureyMonth ago

    Una bestia del futbol

  18. مجهول مجهول

    مجهول مجهولMonth ago

    سحب في محمد نور راعي المنشطات 😂

  19. Jeffy Mathew

    Jeffy MathewMonth ago

    Cristiano Ronaldo was 👑 King in Manchester United. 👑 GOD in Real Madrid. 👑 Master in Juventus.

  20. Matuidicharo

    MatuidicharoMonth ago

    Ronaldo > ............. Cantona ask Ferguson who is the best?

  21. thomas simpson

    thomas simpsonMonth ago

    Only 1 king at old Trafford ..cantona!!!

  22. Elena_

    Elena_2 months ago

    This is sickkk❤️❤️🔥

  23. muath Alzhrani

    muath Alzhrani2 months ago

    Ronaldo didn't do anything at this match . Also , the blue team won 4-2 . These skills useless if you don't win or don't score . I like goals Ronaldo more than his skills . Great players who scores and benefits his team . Alot of players have skills but infamous because they just making skills more than scoring.

  24. علي اليامي911

    علي اليامي9112 months ago

    Alhilal win 3-2😂💙

  25. Keima Tainaka

    Keima Tainaka2 months ago

    This is friendly match mu vs alhilal :) I don't care about score

  26. علي اليامي911

    علي اليامي9112 months ago

    Keima Tainaka ??

  27. Keima Tainaka

    Keima Tainaka2 months ago

    friendly lol

  28. Haroon Rasheed

    Haroon Rasheed2 months ago

    that passion ..........

  29. Abdullah Al-zhrani

    Abdullah Al-zhrani2 months ago

    bro al-hilal won the game

  30. Sultan Abdullah

    Sultan Abdullah2 months ago

    شخلهم شخل 😂🔥.

  31. LUKE 7

    LUKE 72 months ago

    Date of the match?

  32. Jesse 1437

    Jesse 14373 months ago

    Circus? All the mega skilled players should fun around like this each match. Damn the haters and kickers! Entertain us!

  33. rubina trindade

    rubina trindade3 months ago

    I love this pure CR7 😍😍😍😍

  34. Mirac Kayaoglu

    Mirac Kayaoglu3 months ago

    04:17 at this Moment the keeper Knew he fucked up

  35. Minty Maltesers

    Minty Maltesers3 months ago

    Oh dear nany 🤦‍♂️

  36. Michi S

    Michi S3 months ago

    Dat boi got talent he be a good player one day, remember my wordz

  37. _______

    _______Month ago


  38. sr Lucero

    sr Lucero3 months ago

    When ronaldo smiles football smiles

  39. Doug Bairead

    Doug Bairead3 months ago

    His pace with the ball was unreal back then

  40. neil menezes

    neil menezes3 months ago

    I miss Tevez 😭

  41. chino cano

    chino cano3 months ago

    Running & Scoring Ronaldo is more fun to watch than Purely Scoring Ronaldo.

  42. Mr. Carba

    Mr. Carba4 months ago

    When manchester united was a good team. Cr7💪🏼

  43. David Better

    David Better4 months ago

    0:14 this is why i love you CR7 pur passion!! 😎❤️👍

  44. Xpl0dingLee 2k

    Xpl0dingLee 2k4 months ago

    Before he turned into a goal machine.

  45. Brendan Hourican

    Brendan Hourican4 months ago

    To everyone saying that he’s skills were pointless, he was doing them this game to entertain the fans

  46. Tetuko Chandrosa Primananda

    Tetuko Chandrosa Primananda5 months ago

    6:55 wow

  47. Football& Hoops

    Football& Hoops5 months ago

    This Ronaldo is the owner of Soccer.

  48. J Lowery

    J Lowery5 months ago

    Keep in mind this was a preseason friendly on their tour of Asia where the goal was fitness and entertainment.

  49. The Whiz Kid

    The Whiz Kid5 months ago

    Literally lol. Ole, Ole, Ole

  50. #Nerves of steel

    #Nerves of steel5 months ago

    Unnecessary tricks.....7:41 was were it was actually needed.

  51. Theo Nicolas

    Theo Nicolas6 months ago

    The score bored said 2-1then 2-2 and back to 2-1 6:37 6:44

  52. legendBR7

    legendBR76 months ago

    يا عمي جلدناهم بس والله الدون لعب فينا 😅 we played good (alhilal)

  53. AwesomeGuy

    AwesomeGuy6 months ago

    United so sharp old days compare to now

  54. BloodyHD!

    BloodyHD!7 months ago

    He lost that match tho xD

  55. Jamil Awad

    Jamil Awad7 months ago

    CR7 the best players of the the world

  56. Minakshi Dighe

    Minakshi Dighe7 months ago

    Lol man u lost that game . Skills are useless if u can't use them to score goals or make assists and that's why Messi is better than ronaldo. Also his majority goals are tap ins whereas Messi cuts right through the defence to score or assist.