The Day Ronaldo Turned Football Game into the Circus


  1. Brendan Hourican

    Brendan Hourican2 days ago

    To everyone saying that he’s skills were pointless, he was doing them this game to entertain the fans

  2. Tetuko Chandrosa Primananda

    Tetuko Chandrosa Primananda4 days ago

    6:55 wow

  3. Football& Hoops

    Football& Hoops7 days ago

    This Ronaldo is the owner of Soccer.

  4. J Lowery

    J Lowery11 days ago

    Keep in mind this was a preseason friendly on their tour of Asia where the goal was fitness and entertainment.

  5. The Whiz Kid

    The Whiz Kid13 days ago

    Literally lol. Ole, Ole, Ole

  6. #Nerves of steel

    #Nerves of steelMonth ago

    Unnecessary tricks.....7:41 was were it was actually needed.

  7. Theo Nicolas

    Theo NicolasMonth ago

    The score bored said 2-1then 2-2 and back to 2-1 6:37 6:44

  8. Legend_bader

    Legend_baderMonth ago

    يا عمي جلدناهم بس والله الدون لعب فينا 😅 we played good (alhilal)

  9. PARIS_ SAINT _GERMAIN Indoor supreme

    PARIS_ SAINT _GERMAIN Indoor supreme2 months ago

    A show from a magcian🥇🏆

  10. AwesomeGuy

    AwesomeGuy2 months ago

    United so sharp old days compare to now

  11. BloodyHD!

    BloodyHD!2 months ago

    He lost that match tho xD

  12. Jamil Awad

    Jamil Awad2 months ago

    CR7 the best players of the the world

  13. Minakshi Dighe

    Minakshi Dighe2 months ago

    Lol man u lost that game . Skills are useless if u can't use them to score goals or make assists and that's why Messi is better than ronaldo. Also his majority goals are tap ins whereas Messi cuts right through the defence to score or assist.

  14. FiFA MonsteR

    FiFA MonsteR2 months ago

    خرط 😂

  15. mohammed shabab

    mohammed shabab2 months ago

    This was an exhibition match... So he should have felt the freedom of unleashing all of his skills, even if it went uneffective... CR7 for u... And moreover, back then ronaldo was more of a midfielder... U can see how many players he is drawing towards him by those skills, making space for his strikers

  16. Deep Biswas

    Deep Biswas2 months ago

    He had a different flair in Manu with that speed and agility was absolutely raw sensation.

  17. Ano Nim

    Ano Nim2 months ago

    In 2005 i heard that he is one season wonder :D This season is so long

  18. RACE

    RACE2 months ago

    I love the fact that you upload these videos in such great quality God bless you


    CRAZYCROAT2 months ago

    Back in the days Ronaldo had fun while playing. He was laughing all match long. Nowdays to much pressure. Must have bin frustrated for ronaldo to play with a bunch of lumberjacks. 😂🤣

  20. Alhajras Algdairy

    Alhajras Algdairy2 months ago Look at this link, this guy made CR7 looks silly

  21. I Beamy

    I Beamy2 months ago

    Ronaldo is very good at skills, but I’ve seen people comparing him to Ronaldinho, of course Ronaldinho will win at skills Ronaldo is known for his footwork, I’ve not seen a faster footwork than Ronaldo’s

  22. Malek Belaid

    Malek Belaid2 months ago

    Actually number 14 of Alhilal team is the one who turned this game into a circus he is Libyan player named Tareq altayeb and if you don't believe go check Tariq Al-Taib VS C.Ronaldo & P.Evra video

  23. Otavio Kim Hoeser

    Otavio Kim Hoeser2 months ago

    He was a kid back then. Nowdays he is not trickster, he is a objective man in field.

  24. mowarngam Nula

    mowarngam Nula2 months ago

    Who is makimg this videos...we don't need the lyrics mf

  25. Vikas Joshi

    Vikas Joshi2 months ago

    That Utd days CR7 was non catchable. Rooney, CR7 and Tevez were the best trio. Who do you rather have Tevez or Aguero??

  26. ilo shaker

    ilo shaker2 months ago

    CR7 🐐🙌🙌🙌

  27. tis tre

    tis tre2 months ago

    1:38 best commentary talking about tv director like that. i remember the camera man zoom in ronaldo tricks while the game is still on

  28. Denny Aryan Setyawan

    Denny Aryan Setyawan2 months ago

    United change this carier

  29. *OPTImystix* #21

    *OPTImystix* #213 months ago

    Ppl are saying his moves are useless . Ok , I can see he's doing that only for entertainment , but it's not useless though , he's clearly passing the ball , and his backheel pass is very essential ,doing his job as a midfielder , and standing in between the pitch , which shows that he's not scared of opponents , he could have just took ball from sideways and ran ahead , he's got that speed too , but instead he plays passing and I'm glad to know CR7 is one today's players who knows about Old Trafford beautiful passing game . Today's players rarely know about that football . And we clearly see him being dominant and effective in the game , his teammates trust him , always pass to him ,he can dribble players , move ahead , sprint , and even shoot in the target , and yes I'm talking about this game , while you can see other players ,like Nani , were struggling to get past 2 defenders , their passes were being blocked , and when they moved ahead the defenders could easily stop them and even block their shots . Then we saw him scoring a goal . He is truly the biggest legend at Man Utd .

  30. hamza cr7

    hamza cr73 months ago




    I think.he was better in Manchester ...not in hala Madrid...😂😂 in Juventus..🤣🤣

  32. Ahmad Masood Alikozai

    Ahmad Masood Alikozai3 months ago

    and for the Record ManUtd Lost the Match to Arabs. LOL!

  33. vawa-ID

    vawa-ID3 months ago

    good old day, every kid moves like Ronaldo.

  34. frans freitas

    frans freitas3 months ago

    06:25 That First Touch Tho👏👏👏 Only Football Player Can Feel That😁

  35. Aneesh Cr7

    Aneesh Cr73 months ago

    🌟💕🌟⚽️💪CR7💪 🌏👆💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  36. elvis 7/12/95

    elvis 7/12/953 months ago


  37. hari krishna

    hari krishna3 months ago

    Ronaldo ur amazing

  38. Ruslan Nabiev

    Ruslan Nabiev3 months ago

    Incredible player, but this is an Mbappe, Mbappe and Ronaldo are identical almost, Sanchez is in the same category. The best players and I really mean this from my heart, are players like Ben Arfa, Hazard, Iniesta, Bergkamp, Quaresma even players like that, skillful but intuitive, Ronaldo's suggestive game is horrible, the second he's out of any team, the game flows like wine, he left Real Madrid and they're becoming smoother and smoother, when he got subbed off in the Portugal game, they played better.

  39. 박성아

    박성아3 months ago

    진행하는 아나운서 목소리가 누군가요?

  40. cristofer muñoz

    cristofer muñoz3 months ago

    Ya estamos en 2018 y no veo un jugador que tenga las mismas habilidades con el balón

  41. Khaled Almheiri

    Khaled Almheiri4 months ago

    5 Ballon Dor

  42. Daniele Cacca

    Daniele Cacca4 months ago

    He was so speed my god

  43. Daniele Cacca

    Daniele Cacca4 months ago

    Cr7 was fantastic in Manchester United .. in the real Madrid he has lost his agility..Messi has never lost his agility ..but ronaldinho is the king hahahhaha

  44. Geralt z Fucking Rivie

    Geralt z Fucking Rivie4 months ago

    Manchester United!

  45. Muhammad Arul

    Muhammad Arul5 months ago

    Danny simpson leicester player?

  46. iTube22100

    iTube221005 months ago

    The coaches stop Cristiano to play this way, now he is more essential.

  47. Aashish Karki

    Aashish Karki5 months ago

    Middle East love CR7

  48. Reyan Bisati

    Reyan Bisati5 months ago

    I miss the old ronaldo


    SAJEER MAYYIL5 months ago

    This was the best man utd team ever..

  50. Tttt Y

    Tttt Y5 months ago

    2:15 , messi would turn it to a dribble + shot, at least. truth is always sorry.

  51. Tttt Y

    Tttt Y5 months ago

    trick -> trick -> trick ... -> then a safe easy pass back ! every pro can do, they don't do it! never really dribble surpass opponent, unlike messi.

  52. alejandro martin huamani zurichaqui

    alejandro martin huamani zurichaqui6 months ago

    5:27 what a good foot dance!


    IGGY IGGY6 months ago

    Si solo se dedicara a arrancar sin hacer tantas payasadas fuera aun mejor...esos truquitos de circo estan demas....los usa solo para bailar si los hiciera para pasar jugadores estaria perfecto pero la mayoria de las veces muchas bicicletas y truquitos y no pasa a nadie mas bien se burla a el mismo

  54. Abdulaziz Alabdulwahab

    Abdulaziz Alabdulwahab6 months ago

    Deer Commentator, Those fans where there for Sami & Al Hilal club. whether CR attended or not

  55. Abdul Rahim

    Abdul Rahim6 months ago

    Cristiano the great

  56. A Alwadi

    A Alwadi6 months ago

    he has turned football into circus way long time before this match

  57. Miguel Perez

    Miguel Perez6 months ago

    He was wearing the most beautiful boots I´ve ever seen. CR7 is amazing!

  58. Quentin Rennard

    Quentin Rennard7 months ago

    On million silly tricks, zero successful dribble. Circus indeed.

  59. cretan lyra lessons

    cretan lyra lessons7 months ago

    i missed where he actually dribbled past anyone? its not a Irish dancing competition

  60. owais dukh

    owais dukh7 months ago

    Cr7 has phenomenal skills

  61. owais dukh

    owais dukh7 months ago

    Cr7 legend

  62. jenisha bhattarai

    jenisha bhattarai7 months ago

    Respect ✊ ❤️

  63. RiotShieldManPK

    RiotShieldManPK8 months ago

    All practice to change him into the player he is today! The GOAT

  64. Big Bang Rasengan

    Big Bang Rasengan8 months ago

    He turns it to a circus and he is the clown himself

  65. Corey Davies

    Corey Davies8 months ago

    He was better at Utd I think

  66. Zain Shah

    Zain Shah8 months ago


  67. Alegsa

    Alegsa8 months ago

    3:00 NANI LMAO

  68. Hissenguinho

    Hissenguinho8 months ago

    the time ronaldo was cocky af

  69. Jon as it is

    Jon as it is8 months ago

    I never understood Fletcher

  70. nabil libre

    nabil libre8 months ago

    No maturity it's like a kid playing.

  71. muhammed muhammed

    muhammed muhammed8 months ago

    Maybe coming back to MTU Cr7 love u

  72. it is your boy Globa

    it is your boy Globa8 months ago

    i support man u and i miss c. ronaldo so much that is why on my first man u shirt it said c.ronaldo and muber 7

  73. Can't TOUCH THIS

    Can't TOUCH THIS8 months ago

    MUnaldo was the best!

  74. stelun56

    stelun568 months ago

    Try taking on several players and scoring like Messi. Dancing feet - beat one player - shoot hard and score - nice but not special. Ronaldo never goes around more than three players to score. Are Ronaldo sycophants blind? FFS Ronaldo's good but not a magician like Messi.

  75. Prakat Thapa

    Prakat Thapa8 months ago


  76. Toma Z

    Toma Z8 months ago

    I really enjoy watching CR7 play, but Ronaldinho was on another level.

  77. The Unknown

    The Unknown8 months ago

    I think neymar is better doing this thing..when ronaldo does it, it looks like nothing..just fancy but wasted..while neymar can make it fancy and progress for attacking..sorry ronaldo fans,its just my opinion..

  78. Pra San

    Pra San8 months ago

    i love him when he become wing player

  79. أيوب عبدالله

    أيوب عبدالله8 months ago

    Alhilal 3- 2 manchester united >>>>> Alhilal was best

  80. iam ovi

    iam ovi8 months ago

    Showboating.. of no use... ( i really respect him as one of the greatest plr)

  81. Osama Bin Laden

    Osama Bin Laden8 months ago

    7:48 yeah big disappointment he got subbed off 2 minutes remaining 😐

  82. Ibanez Ibanez

    Ibanez Ibanez8 months ago


  83. Nick M

    Nick M8 months ago

    Take Messi from 2012 and cr7 from this game and put them on the same team and no team will be able to stop them

  84. adhi shah

    adhi shah8 months ago

    Ronaldo is a god

  85. first day

    first day8 months ago

    And man u lost. Haha.. funny

  86. Daniel Ake

    Daniel Ake8 months ago

    Yeah a circus cuz cr7 is a clown

  87. Douglas Souza

    Douglas Souza8 months ago

    Quem mais jogou ai na minha opinião foi o Fletcher

  88. Isaac Harrell

    Isaac Harrell8 months ago

    well done mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Hei Sann

    Hei Sann8 months ago

    1:10 hahaha

  90. PelycheeaceRA

    PelycheeaceRA8 months ago

    what hes doing is the equivalent of reving up your car engine at a redlight.

  91. Tech Lover

    Tech Lover8 months ago

    Jelous asses can be smelt burning in the commment section. Plz do sub and like and get the fuck off here.

  92. John Jenks

    John Jenks8 months ago

    Half his tricks were dumb step overs and shit when nobody near him no need for it looks a big gay tbh 😂😆😂

  93. LostBlue

    LostBlue8 months ago

    said John Jenks, a frustrated guy who never kissed a beautiful girl and lost time hating on internet

  94. Jgv95

    Jgv958 months ago

    This cristiano is so different than the one we see today !!

  95. Sinayoko Nouhaim

    Sinayoko Nouhaim8 months ago

    Nice vidéo bro

  96. greggo

    greggo8 months ago

    Everyone is talking about Ronaldo but what about these commentators???

  97. firman setiawan

    firman setiawan8 months ago

    i want to meet with cr ronaldo in purwokerto selatan JL samparangin

  98. Dawysson 7

    Dawysson 78 months ago

    Nani querendo imitar Cristiano Ronaldo kkkk

  99. NxTlVL

    NxTlVL8 months ago

    nice dancing

  100. Fluffy Flove

    Fluffy Flove8 months ago

    Prime young ronaldo was amazing

  101. TheBigBoss

    TheBigBoss8 months ago

    All these people saying useless skills don't know shit about football, these tricks lure defenders and open up spaces for his teammates, he was playing around too, i doubt he was serious about dribbling players or scoring 5 goals in a friendly match.