The David Beckham Statue Prank


  1. The Late Late Show with James Corden

    The Late Late Show with James Corden8 days ago

    Who could ever forget Dave Beckham's incredible career with Man City. What a legend.

  2. cabete19jo

    cabete19jo7 hours ago

    The Ronaldos face statue reveal was funny too but you never showed up james

  3. Lil Shawn

    Lil Shawn9 hours ago

    U should get the rock next

  4. Simba Boerboel

    Simba Boerboel15 hours ago

    Lol he is bigger than man city

  5. Pete Savoy

    Pete SavoyDay ago

    They're using you for their attention seeking disorder as you have a show. Like they hang around Prince William at charity events hoping for a Knighthood and sending son to same photography school as Madonna's son

  6. Pete Savoy

    Pete SavoyDay ago

    England will never win anything until they get away from his influence of caring more about being a celeb with his talentless wife and selling children into celeb industry, than winning anything

  7. hariz bayu

    hariz bayuHour ago

    Best prank ever. Please make more like this

  8. Senara Tuiatua

    Senara TuiatuaHour ago

    This is priceless 不不不

  9. Kevin Titus

    Kevin TitusHour ago

    The best prank in years!不不不

  10. victoriya violet

    victoriya violetHour ago

    i really love his expression....

  11. Thomas Kaarup

    Thomas Kaarup2 hours ago

    Slap a suit on it and sell it to Jay Leno

  12. Din Nyy

    Din Nyy2 hours ago

    David is so cute不不不

  13. zi the z

    zi the z2 hours ago

    Buu's evil twin jaw from DBz looooooool

  14. Big Dreams

    Big Dreams4 hours ago

    Daive ...

  15. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder4 hours ago

    Such an over-rated, overly posh soccer player. Sickening.

  16. charles anthony

    charles anthony4 hours ago

    Beckham has a great & sweet personality

  17. dan danny

    dan danny4 hours ago

    Beckham's face is just so done with everything hahahahahaha

  18. CheezeFluff MnC

    CheezeFluff MnC4 hours ago


  19. Keith Joshua

    Keith Joshua4 hours ago

    What's the title of the song in the end?

  20. Idris Sayyed

    Idris Sayyed4 hours ago

    What d fuvk.... Hahaha

  21. Ruaidhri O'Shea

    Ruaidhri O'Shea5 hours ago

    Publicity Stunt...

  22. Tekni Kaal

    Tekni Kaal5 hours ago

    Rich people doing stupid things

  23. Onur K繹se

    Onur K繹se5 hours ago

    looks like thanos

  24. makhabane masama

    makhabane masama7 hours ago

    david he is a man, always calm woow.

  25. muldvarp

    muldvarp7 hours ago

    Priceless prank

  26. Sorin Vasile Bogdan

    Sorin Vasile Bogdan7 hours ago

    They keep punkin this man who is the nicest guy you'll ever meet... one day the dude's gonna snap

  27. Basyar Al Addar

    Basyar Al Addar8 hours ago

    wait thats a chin? I thought that was a beard.

  28. JonZ

    JonZ9 hours ago

    That was epic lol

  29. uhuh

    uhuh9 hours ago

    I searched for overrated soccer players that are famous for nothing and this is the first result that came up

  30. nadia luna

    nadia luna9 hours ago

    Hahaha David is so humble and patient hahahah am sure if it was someone else they were going to shout lol

  31. 鉊鉊鉊鉊 鉊徇腹鉊菽鉊﹤鉊鉊晤

    鉊鉊鉊鉊 鉊徇腹鉊菽鉊﹤鉊鉊晤9 hours ago

    Hey fat

  32. Keith Kalfas

    Keith Kalfas9 hours ago

    David Beckham is the boss!

  33. Likith Liki

    Likith Liki9 hours ago

    Is that Harry Kane?

  34. Timo Kivist繹

    Timo Kivist繹9 hours ago

    Becky takes himself a bit too seriosly

  35. Delarius Simpson

    Delarius Simpson9 hours ago

    The statue looks like American Idol winner, Trent Harmon.

  36. Dhirtiman Khati

    Dhirtiman Khati10 hours ago

    Ant and DEC : we're the best. Celeb prankers James : hold my beer.

  37. Soi Tapere

    Soi Tapere10 hours ago

    at 5:17-5:19 see where his eyes are switching to and from? hahahahahahaha!!!!

  38. Sangsangi Pachuau

    Sangsangi Pachuau10 hours ago

    Best prank ever....

  39. psychoticbastard

    psychoticbastard10 hours ago

    Looks like Harry Kane even tho they went to the same school

  40. Samir Sharaf

    Samir Sharaf11 hours ago

    That is giroud

  41. Sky Fall

    Sky Fall11 hours ago

    what is the big deal about this guy? all he's done is kick a ball around and he's rich and famous from that?

  42. Vemai Esli

    Vemai Esli12 hours ago

    That's too cruel! He's a gentleman and that's what you gets in retuen?

  43. Adicolin Jyrwa

    Adicolin Jyrwa12 hours ago

    I literally love every bit of it!!!不不 Hats off James

  44. Salome

    Salome13 hours ago

    You should have done this prank on Zlatan.


    PELAZGIAN ILYRIAN13 hours ago

    a loooooserrr

  46. mselectricalstorm1

    mselectricalstorm114 hours ago

    "But look how long my arms are...I honestly look like Stretch Armstrong" hahaha!!!! Love you, David!

  47. Carlos Danger

    Carlos Danger14 hours ago

    When you constantly have to remind yourself that there's cameras in your face.... Lmao

  48. Steve Carnevale

    Steve Carnevale14 hours ago

    2:56 its the guy from idiot test

  49. Sue Nouanlahongsy

    Sue Nouanlahongsy15 hours ago

    you that chin tho


    ZIKRI NAZIM15 hours ago

    Omg...he is so so polite...good for him

  51. Chris Pauler

    Chris Pauler15 hours ago

    This world is so frigging evil!!!

  52. Chris Pauler

    Chris Pauler15 hours ago

    And the only way to save you is JESUS CHRIST the only SON OF GOD!!!!!!!

  53. Zusan Jacome

    Zusan Jacome16 hours ago

    No existe hombre m獺s guapo y encantador que David 弘

  54. HMat

    HMat16 hours ago

    When I grow up I want to be as polite and calm as David Beckham. Class act all the way

  55. Duane's Domain

    Duane's Domain16 hours ago

    OMG the eyes!!!!

  56. TECH DEX

    TECH DEX16 hours ago

    he obviously knew the whole time, it was so bait

  57. bruce lee

    bruce lee16 hours ago

    you probably done me a favor there LOL he meant that

  58. andrew connolly

    andrew connolly16 hours ago

    HUMBLE?so humble he wants a statue of himself erected----------------------------people are so stupid

  59. Andre 15

    Andre 1517 hours ago

    This prank is amazing!

  60. Rachel Rae

    Rachel Rae17 hours ago

    I am screeaaaammmiiinnnnggg 唐唐

  61. J Vega

    J Vega17 hours ago

    omg this was soooooooo funny

  62. Robert Wells

    Robert Wells17 hours ago

    The chin

  63. coolfieboy

    coolfieboy17 hours ago

    It low key looks like Harry Kane

  64. Dylan Guest

    Dylan Guest17 hours ago

    To think that David Beckham gave me chocolate buttons once

  65. STOP and SHIT

    STOP and SHIT18 hours ago

    Should have punched corden anyway

  66. Turhan Burhan

    Turhan Burhan18 hours ago

    I laughed so much to the clip they played for Beckham, instead of goals, freekicks they show his red cards

  67. mados123

    mados12318 hours ago

    Looks like a cross between Will Ferrell and Kristaps Porzingis!

  68. Matt Alberts

    Matt Alberts18 hours ago


  69. Broodje Kebab

    Broodje Kebab18 hours ago

    Tbh the lowlights part seemed funnier xd

  70. stunningarrayof

    stunningarrayof18 hours ago

    Thank you USA for removing Corden and Beckham from the UK, please keep them.

  71. Robinson Hmar

    Robinson Hmar19 hours ago

    This man is True Gentleman...

  72. 6eloved

    6eloved19 hours ago

    This makes you realize David Beckham's one of the nicest people alive.

  73. Brian Shissler

    Brian Shissler19 hours ago

    Dave handled it really well!

  74. googelybear

    googelybear19 hours ago

    This is the first time I heard David Beckham speak. His voice is so.. light? compared to what I imagined him to sound like.

  75. David Low

    David Low19 hours ago

    Looks like Will Ferrell

  76. Vlad Diachuk

    Vlad Diachuk19 hours ago

    ahahhahaha sooo funny

  77. lewis edgerley

    lewis edgerley20 hours ago

    Greatest ever players what does zlatan have to say about this?

  78. SJM's Mixed Chanel

    SJM's Mixed Chanel20 hours ago

    That is a great example of dedication, hard work and a waste of time

  79. Vini B2

    Vini B220 hours ago

    Looks a bit like Will Ferrell.

  80. Unknown

    Unknown20 hours ago

    "You've probably done me a favour there" LMAFO when you realize its fkd up anyways

  81. GameT羹rk

    GameT羹rk20 hours ago


  82. RoyaltyMusic

    RoyaltyMusic20 hours ago


  83. Inas Abdalla

    Inas Abdalla21 hour ago

    He's such a sweetheart 歹 like we need more reasons to love him lol

  84. Hash Tag Nino

    Hash Tag Nino21 hour ago

    Whahahahahahaha You Really got him Good, i will be PISSEDDDDD !!! but he really kept his Cool

  85. anes main

    anes main22 hours ago

    I m crying from loughing so much

  86. Nicholas Ovel

    Nicholas Ovel22 hours ago

    Who is David Beckham?

  87. hidden dream

    hidden dream22 hours ago

    he was so polite though

  88. Chu Qingyan

    Chu Qingyan23 hours ago

    The tension at 5:00

  89. Aufa Syafiq

    Aufa Syafiq23 hours ago

    Omg i was waiting for him to get piss off n punch someone

  90. Polyluchs Shroud

    Polyluchs Shroud23 hours ago

    wow, he is a nice guy!

  91. Game Mobile

    Game MobileDay ago

    Who liked videos like me.

  92. Nguyen Phuong Ngoc

    Nguyen Phuong NgocDay ago

    Even that ball was prettier than that face of the statue

  93. Vivi YanG

    Vivi YanGDay ago

    Im sorry.. but the face looks like gost in "mama" horor movie 2013 lol

  94. Aggie Lou

    Aggie LouDay ago


  95. Liyana Hanum

    Liyana HanumDay ago

    Oh come on whats with the censor! I want to hear him curse in his sexy accent!!

  96. Kazi Shafwan

    Kazi ShafwanDay ago

    Ronaldo after watching this...... - My one is a joke right????

  97. fgjdfgdq gfdgdgdf

    fgjdfgdq gfdgdgdfDay ago

    Looks like harry kane

  98. Van Mose

    Van MoseDay ago

    hahaha! greatest prank everrr!

  99. Lia

    LiaDay ago


  100. Calvin Lam

    Calvin LamDay ago


  101. Sungwon Shin

    Sungwon ShinDay ago


  102. 193001 kiplssd

    193001 kiplssdDay ago

    looks like Ron Pearlman

  103. 9strumental

    9strumentalDay ago

    No joke looks 1:1 like Harry Kane.

  104. 9strumental

    9strumentalDay ago

    Wait...... why did you ruin the statue? it could've been Harry Kane's statue after 10 yrs.

  105. Devina Gozali

    Devina GozaliDay ago

    When something bad happen to my life i wish james cordon.. Pop out and said to me it was a joke.. But he never show

  106. Andrew Cowgill

    Andrew CowgillDay ago

    I used to really like watching James corden. Can't put my finger on y but he now irritates the shit out of me.