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  1. To Ni

    To Ni2 months ago

    💕😍 Amandla is so beautiful. She's cut above the rest.

  2. JustFunnyKate

    JustFunnyKate5 months ago

    This movie is the best! It is my favourite. "The darkest minds" is so special because there are so many emotional moments. It is more about people, friendship, first love, losing... There are a few special effects, fights. It is so natural. Actors are not so famous but they are so talented. Jennifer Yuh Nelson did a wonderful work! Please, do the sequel!!!

  3. night

    night5 months ago


  4. Amy Wolf

    Amy Wolf5 months ago

    Love this movie so bad I'm obsessed

  5. Putvik channel

    Putvik channel6 months ago

    This is the one of my favourite movie eveerrr❤❤

  6. Juliette Andrian

    Juliette Andrian6 months ago


  7. The Duy Tran

    The Duy Tran6 months ago

    Anyone know the song in the final scene of this movie when ruby erased liam's memory

  8. Joh Joh X Solve

    Joh Joh X Solve6 months ago

    Crap too much clichés!

  9. papasouce

    papasouce6 months ago

    The movie what 10 out of 10 great movie

  10. singularitae

    singularitae6 months ago

    apparently this movie is bad, but i actually loved it... i came in thinking it was gonna be a x-men wannabe movie, but it was actually pretty good.

  11. HeLlO hOw aRe ya

    HeLlO hOw aRe ya6 months ago

    I hate the ending no hate but I think they should make a part 2 and I think they should teach her how to get memories back so she can do it to the boy with the blue powers

  12. Jamie Matney

    Jamie Matney6 months ago

    Wonderfully fantastic book, this movie was way too rushed. The movie is beautiful tbh, but the actual story in the movie is too rushed. I think there should have been two movies on this book. Movie could have been so much more.

  13. Toàn Nguyễn

    Toàn Nguyễn6 months ago

    I really hope that the movie will be continue with next part! Movie was so amazing!

  14. M Alc

    M Alc6 months ago

    Surprise surprise, this movie bombed. Diversity and inclusion is a good thing for society (talking about the black female lead here). But filmmakers need to understand that most people don't relate to a black female. Sad but true. Just look at A Wrinkle in Time, which also bombed. I feel we're not gonna see a blockbuster with a black girl as the lead in a while.

  15. M Alc

    M Alc6 months ago

    Kaiser Marrero being black in a leading role isn't the problem. However, being a black *female* is. Society just isn't ready for it. You can disagree with me but this is one of those statements that can only be proven as time goes on.

  16. Cream Delight

    Cream Delight6 months ago

    Cliche millennial movie.

  17. Ballsack Jack

    Ballsack Jack6 months ago

    Incredible fuckin' movie

  18. Dcnight fury

    Dcnight fury6 months ago

    the ending was trash

  19. Xiomara Santos

    Xiomara Santos6 months ago

    Omg i just saw the movie its so good

  20. BeastGamer 15

    BeastGamer 156 months ago


  21. влад зданский

    влад зданский6 months ago

    I went to this movie today this is divine. Will there be 2 part?

  22. LayaP xoxo3

    LayaP xoxo36 months ago


  23. Hamsters do handsprings !

    Hamsters do handsprings !6 months ago

    What Age rating is it?

  24. Ella Reitmeier

    Ella Reitmeier6 months ago

    I want to see this movie so bad it is kind of depressing.

  25. Arthas Menethil

    Arthas Menethil6 months ago

    the music is giving me chills

  26. NoBLe BEATS

    NoBLe BEATS6 months ago

    Bipolar powers Activate!!!

  27. Firman

    Firman6 months ago

    We want dark Phoenix trailer

  28. Karla Isabel

    Karla Isabel6 months ago

    Just watched the movie!!!!!!!!!! It is awesome !!!!!!

  29. MikasaFan

    MikasaFan6 months ago

    Karla Isabel IKR

  30. Gabriel 0.1

    Gabriel 0.16 months ago

    é amanhã ebaaaaaaaa

  31. Reilly L

    Reilly L6 months ago

    What’s the song?

  32. Lissa FaO

    Lissa FaO6 months ago


  33. RoseBookFan#7

    RoseBookFan#76 months ago

    So Excited 4 this!!!😁

  34. Robert George

    Robert George6 months ago

    i'm so hyped for tomorrow!

  35. Tessa Liliana

    Tessa Liliana6 months ago

    *The Darkest Mind 2018 film **#NOW** Available :*

  36. sunny days

    sunny days6 months ago

    Yesss! She has the red dress!!!

  37. Daniel keyworth

    Daniel keyworth6 months ago

    Hell yeah dystopian thrillers that represents our own possible future are the best can't wait to see 👍👌🙌✌👏

  38. JazzyRozie Tay-Evariste

    JazzyRozie Tay-Evariste6 months ago

    Yyyaaay I’m so excited. Already finished the book! I can’t wait to see this movie!

  39. Tatiana Blackthorn

    Tatiana Blackthorn6 months ago

    Never Fade and In The Afterlight better happen man! If they make in the Afterlight two parts, they should include Beyond The Nights to add more to that finally movie. PLEASE let us be so lucky.

  40. akash Mydur

    akash Mydur6 months ago

    Wt is that background song name?...super music

  41. compte desactiver

    compte desactiver6 months ago

    akash Mydur No ont stands alone / Epick Rock

  42. Ameme Garcia

    Ameme Garcia6 months ago

    Tired of seeing these ads EVERYWHERE I go and the movie looks so bland and like a cliche “resistance/rebellion” type movie.

  43. Mrs. R.D

    Mrs. R.D6 months ago

    why would you want a dark mind?...just saying.

  44. nam nguyen

    nam nguyen6 months ago

    X men?

  45. Crazy Banana

    Crazy Banana6 months ago

    Can't wait to see this ♡3♡

  46. My Kitten Krafts

    My Kitten Krafts6 months ago

    Love stranger things I hope I like this

  47. My Kitten Krafts

    My Kitten Krafts6 months ago

    I really want to see this

  48. LyricalGenes

    LyricalGenes6 months ago

    *Almost that time!*

  49. Tessa Liliana

    Tessa Liliana6 months ago

    *The Darkest Mind 2018 film **#NOW** Available :*

  50. Ana Villalpando Villalobos

    Ana Villalpando Villalobos6 months ago


  51. compte desactiver

    compte desactiver6 months ago

    No ont stands alone / Epick Rock

  52. Ebuka Enoka

    Ebuka Enoka6 months ago

    Ana Villalpando Villalobos Song - Is trash by Trash

  53. All about u comment

    All about u comment6 months ago

    Love from India

  54. xNakoKittyx Gs

    xNakoKittyx Gs6 months ago

    I really want to see it

  55. JRA Tu Amigo

    JRA Tu Amigo6 months ago

    This Friday

  56. Colin

    Colin6 months ago

    Movie looks good but it's gonna bomb. Going against Christopher Robin was a bad idea! I have yet to hear anybody even mention a thing about this movie.

  57. MG16NCP

    MG16NCP6 months ago

    Colin Froese Disney fanboy alert.

  58. Sydney Catherine

    Sydney Catherine6 months ago

    28th like x

  59. Wartuness

    Wartuness6 months ago

    Im getting Marvel vibes from this

  60. OGMillyMillz

    OGMillyMillz6 months ago

    Fox know that they’re cancelling Dark Phoenix and New Mutants so they made this off brand X men movie for the last time as the owners of the X-men since Disney bought them. Hahahaha

  61. what you doing in the club on a thursday?

    what you doing in the club on a thursday?6 months ago


  62. Nσvα Kísh

    Nσvα Kísh6 months ago

    OGMillyMillz Vs Anybody This comment made me so sad. How can one person be so ignorant?

  63. OGMillyMillz

    OGMillyMillz6 months ago

    Thank you, Tom Cruise. Very cool!

  64. kamal kannan

    kamal kannan6 months ago

    2 nd lik..craze

  65. Irish Spark

    Irish Spark6 months ago

    This movie looks really good. Anyone plan to see it?

  66. RayvinThat's so

    RayvinThat's so6 months ago

    I seen it. it was great 👍🏾

  67. Olivia Allen

    Olivia Allen6 months ago

    Just saw it today!!!! It’s soooooo good!!!!! It also does justice to the book which is great

  68. Derya T

    Derya T6 months ago

    I read the books and yesss i'm so excited to see it

  69. Twan Boreas

    Twan Boreas6 months ago

    Just went and it was awesome

  70. Nσvα Kísh

    Nσvα Kísh6 months ago

    I'm going Saturday when the theaters are less crowded so I can cry freely

  71. Jay Kay

    Jay Kay6 months ago

    Is this a Black Thing?!?? 🤔 It sounds like a Black Thing?!?! 🙄

  72. Tom Cruise

    Tom Cruise6 months ago

    Michael Duncan Clarke- Kingpin (was white in comics) Morgan Freeman- Red (Shawshank Redemption, white in the book) Samuel L. Jackson- Nick Fury (first character was white) Idris Elba- Heimdall (Thor, was white in the comics) Michael B. Jordan- Johnny Storm (white in comics) Tessa Thompson- Valkeryie )Thor, was white in the comics) Brandy- Cinderella (1997 TV movie) Will Smith- Agent J (Men in Black, was white in comics) Pam Grier- Jackie Brown (was white in book) Billy Dee Williams- Harvey Dent (Batman Returns, was white in comics) The entire cast- Wiz (Wizard of oz, had all the main characters black, all were originally white) Lawerence Fishburne- Perry White- (Man of Steel, was white in the comics) These are just a few examples of so many you can find on your own. The biggest guilty party is Comicbooks, instead of writers creating new characters of different races, they rather just swap them in the movie.. Its lazy and is forced Diversity.

  73. StrandedPB

    StrandedPB6 months ago

    ShysterPie I've heard this arguement a lot, but I've never seen any examples of black people being replaced with white people. Also an all white cast doesn't mean something is necessarily racist, especially if thats how it is in the book. I kinda doubt it was for diversity though, they already had a diverse cast without changing the main character

  74. Tom Cruise

    Tom Cruise6 months ago

    ShysterPie I don’t see black source characters getting replaced by any race

  75. Tom Cruise

    Tom Cruise6 months ago

    StrandedPB they did, they describe her as pale skin and light eyes

  76. ShysterPie

    ShysterPie6 months ago

    StrandedPB actually they mention chubs. He was described as tall, skinny with dark skin

  77. Quichenic Elsevijf

    Quichenic Elsevijf6 months ago

    Thuis film is good I Will see IT morrow

  78. Ben Williams

    Ben Williams6 months ago

    Of course form your opinion of a movie but (31% - oof.

  79. Michael THOS

    Michael THOS6 months ago

    First 6 🔥🙋

  80. Thomas Gordon

    Thomas Gordon6 months ago

    First like #11