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  1. Galip Filozof

    Galip Filozof23 days ago

    I think book is perfect than movie.

  2. Cristal Brus

    Cristal BrusMonth ago

    The truth is that I was looking forward to a new movie and a different plot to the best known (such as #LosJuegosdelHambre, #MazeRunner or #Divergente). And even though it has a similar plot (such as the fact that they show the history of the chosen one or the one that has the cure for an entire unbreakable system), great details such as the cast, the soapbox, the plot and the message are things that differentiate it , and I think that this is not in the shadow of any. I think that at all times the movie maintains a good level, it will keep you basnate engaged with the story and eager to know how the chaos will end. The fact that the protagonist passes different things (such as celebrating a victory, feeling joy with adrenaline, or a large void due to his actions), makes me as a spectator get me much more into the movie, and that is affected in each scene. Which seems a pretty necessary detail! That's why I think it's a good movie, and a good start for a great story. . If you liked my review I invite you to follow me on Instagram: Movies_Latinoamerica

  3. Kamil Göktaş

    Kamil Göktaş2 months ago

    Devamı gelecek mi

  4. Chris Paez

    Chris Paez2 months ago

    I like how in almost every TV show or movie about people with powers it shows them as helpless and living in a society where humans dominate them. Pathetic.

  5. Jamie Oliver

    Jamie Oliver3 months ago

    I love this movie

  6. Chao Mugho

    Chao Mugho4 months ago

    You guys are making such a big deal out of it. The movies amazing. Who freaking cares that it was changed to gold or he's black or was supposed to be blue like Bish don't judge a book by it's cover😠😒

  7. CJMSC Production

    CJMSC Production4 months ago

    She is the orange girl

  8. badonkadonky badonkadonk

    badonkadonky badonkadonk5 months ago

    Wasnt Zu bald in the first book?

  9. XÍtzJørdânX

    XÍtzJørdânX5 months ago

    I wonder if this turns into a reality 😅

  10. Abi G

    Abi G5 months ago

    I just like that they aren’t even bothered by the fact that they are calling yellows golds and chubs is a green. What the heck! What happened to making movies as close to the book as possible?!

  11. Jrjffj Didjd

    Jrjffj Didjd5 months ago

    I want to watch the movie agin i want to watch it right now😞

  12. Awesome Animes

    Awesome Animes4 months ago

    Jrjffj Didjd Me to. 😔

  13. Warrior Cat lover AKA Lost Daughter Of Lemony

    Warrior Cat lover AKA Lost Daughter Of Lemony5 months ago

    0:00 Ruby? Is that you?

  14. En Aedin

    En Aedin5 months ago


  15. En Aedin

    En Aedin5 months ago


  16. [YT]OpRage27

    [YT]OpRage275 months ago

    Blues the best

  17. Eliza Doles

    Eliza Doles6 months ago

    I am so pissed off rn, Golds? (wtf), Chubs is a green (ew), where is liams southern accent, RUBY DOESNT FIND OUT SHE DOESNT HAVE TO TOUCH PEOPLE TO DO MIND CONTROL UNTIL THE SECOND BOOK, and I REALLY HAVE NO FREAKING IDEA WHY THE HELL THEIR EYES GLOW (what the hell is this?)

  18. brooklyn firdee

    brooklyn firdee6 months ago

    Is there is the darkest minds 2 ?

  19. lola garrix

    lola garrix6 months ago

    Have part 2????

  20. kiah reid

    kiah reid6 months ago

    Go watch it it's great and read the books there amazing

  21. Tobi Marie Delgado

    Tobi Marie Delgado6 months ago

    chubs as green? He is a blue!

  22. White Phoenix of the Crown

    White Phoenix of the Crown6 months ago

    This is one good movie, junior X-men. But what i dont get is how pyrokinesis is more dangerous thab telekinesis. Cos it's fire? 1-Telepathy 2-Telekinesis

  23. Dane Nene

    Dane Nene6 months ago

    Can people just stop talk about the book and just focus on the movie it's so annoying every comment talking about the book is bla bla bla just stop it already!!


    QUEEN OFSHEEBA6 months ago

    I'm here

  25. emilyy lauren

    emilyy lauren6 months ago

    the order is green, blue, yellow , orange, red, not green blue yellow red orange tf

  26. Chou Yang

    Chou Yang6 months ago

    Yall say this is similar to the hunger games. Ummm how? Oh wait you guys just think they are similar because it shows trees in the trailer and there's tree in the hunger games 😂😂

  27. overtherainbowD

    overtherainbowD6 months ago

    I watch this like at 3:30pm so why do I want to watch this again

  28. Ya nigga jorge

    Ya nigga jorge6 months ago

    I like reds and oranges

  29. Rachel Simon

    Rachel Simon6 months ago

    When is the next movie coming?

  30. Maisie Owen

    Maisie Owen6 months ago

    Blue's where are you?

  31. ricardo ebbers

    ricardo ebbers6 months ago

    this is my fav movie saw it yesterday

  32. Created Account

    Created Account6 months ago

    Personally I think the list should be green,yellow/gold, blue, red, orange I think the yellow/ or gold people should be below the blue is because they can only control electricity through touch but with how prevalent technology is now that is a very dangerous power

  33. Emily Valerio

    Emily Valerio6 months ago

    And adding to my comment... I hope that they get Jude, Vida, Cole, and Nico right in the movie in like the book...!?!?

  34. Emily Valerio

    Emily Valerio6 months ago

    WTF?!?!! FIRST OFF...CHUBS WAS A BLUE IN THE BOOK SERIES AND SECOND... THE YELLOWS ARE YELLOWS NOT FREAKING GOLDS!!!!?!?! And isn't Liam supposed to have a southern accent/lilt...😑😵😔smh...can they please just get even the simplest things right in the second and third movie from the series?

  35. Anime Lover

    Anime Lover6 months ago

    The ending was so sad I was crying

  36. Chhivtong Cheak

    Chhivtong Cheak6 months ago

    I love Liam blue

  37. John von Shepard

    John von Shepard6 months ago

    look so bad

  38. Fiona Zhou

    Fiona Zhou6 months ago

    is she the only one with mind control

  39. Cory Major

    Cory Major6 months ago

    I seen it Friday

  40. Gie Ono

    Gie Ono6 months ago

    🔴 *The Darkest Minds* FiIm available here: Film incroyable! Fortement recommandé de l'essayer!

  41. Juggs Burger

    Juggs Burger6 months ago

    This movie is literally AMAZING.Cant wait for the other ones💙🧡💚💛❤️

  42. Showtime

    Showtime6 months ago

    They should of added another star to be RED(Fire)to Zu,Liam,Chubs and Ruby Group that would've been badass!

  43. Rocio tlatelpa

    Rocio tlatelpa6 months ago

    I was a survivor I would be yellow =manipulate electricity

  44. HeartyDripz Chocolatechips

    HeartyDripz Chocolatechips6 months ago

    Dang I watched it it was too good

  45. Free Landholder

    Free Landholder6 months ago

    Wow..i really appreciate this movie

  46. Adrian Hernandez

    Adrian Hernandez6 months ago

    Man I wish I was a orange

  47. Riri Pari

    Riri Pari6 months ago

    I just can't believe that the blues didn't try to rally together in the earlier stages and rebel. In the book it said the camps got rid of the red, orange, and yellow kids as they were the most threatening and kept the greens and blues. Blues have telekinesis and can move stuff with their minds. How is that not a powerful and threatening ability? With all those blues hold up together for some many years watching the little groups of y, o, and r kids causing little bursts of chaos they never once thought to try and group together and bring the camp down? There were a lot more of them then the reds, oranges, and yellows so they had a higher chance of breaking out. Seriously that image of just one blue kid knocking down a large gate on his own. That's just one blue on his own what about any army?

  48. Cody YT

    Cody YT6 months ago

    I just find Telikinieses SOO interesting

  49. Süha Can

    Süha Can6 months ago

    The only ones that can help us are us

  50. Leah

    Leah6 months ago

    I havent read the book so i cant say much, but all i gotta say is that sometimes, changing the film to be significantly different to the book is acc better because as a fan you get to explore different possible story lines. Also, there is no real reason to make a film a carbon copy of the book because u can just read the book and visualize it yourself meanwhile having an altered story line means that you read and watch the film back to back and still not feel as if your read or watched the book or film (respectively) twice in a row. I think that they made Chubs green to have more of a variety of powers but if what ive read in the comments are right, then i dont think they should have done that since his natural intelligence is a core part of his character. just some thoughts

  51. Jimmy Jenkins

    Jimmy Jenkins6 months ago

    Then I wonder which color stands for controlling Water, Earth, Ice, Energy and Magnetism

  52. Sasha Moonlight

    Sasha Moonlight6 months ago

    I can't wait to see this!!!

  53. koh jing yuan the gothly witch

    koh jing yuan the gothly witch6 months ago

    i watched the full one on 3 july

  54. Chris Tiu

    Chris Tiu6 months ago

    Bahahahaha all the cliché powers in one movie.

  55. MissionMode Yan-Chan

    MissionMode Yan-Chan6 months ago

    imma watch this today

  56. GalacticKat

    GalacticKat6 months ago

    i really want powet like if pink was a color i choose pink cause it healing but if i had to choose from these i choose orange or red

  57. Dani Babia

    Dani Babia6 months ago

    Can't the blues telekinetically control flames and electricity too? I think they they should be higher than the reds.

  58. Claudia Ivy

    Claudia Ivy6 months ago

    Isn’t she Rue?

  59. Draco wolf

    Draco wolf6 months ago

    Now all we need is a power for purple and we'll have a rainbow

  60. The Shadow

    The Shadow6 months ago

    I can't wait to see it

  61. Potatoe Person :3

    Potatoe Person :36 months ago

    I honestly think that have powers are cool :3

  62. jess

    jess6 months ago

    are all 3 books gonna be in one movie lol

  63. No Name

    No Name6 months ago

    why is telekines less dangerous than manipulating electricity?

  64. 8-bit Alpha

    8-bit Alpha6 months ago

    I’m So excited to see this movie!!

  65. Pika Chu

    Pika Chu6 months ago

    Wait wait wait... is Chubs now green?

  66. leJINdary Puns

    leJINdary Puns6 months ago

    The southern accent?

  67. 101 101

    101 1016 months ago

    I seriously was planning on going to this movie ,but after all the ads they displayed I'm not going, enough is enough

  68. TitanPlay's 17

    TitanPlay's 176 months ago

    This looks good can't wait to watch it in December

  69. Bo Moore

    Bo Moore6 months ago

    Yes Levy and Levine, I would do want to be blue, telekinesis, eleeevveeennn

  70. reb skata

    reb skata6 months ago


  71. Ajok Akoi

    Ajok Akoi6 months ago

    I can’t wait to see this

  72. Pa Yun

    Pa Yun6 months ago

    How come there were no red or orange dress in the part where the children where lining up in the prison?

  73. RahRah T

    RahRah T6 months ago

    Yeah I have to watch this

  74. 83233165 62

    83233165 626 months ago


  75. 에밀리Emily

    에밀리Emily6 months ago

    It would have been better if they made really rare people with all of the powers and she was one of like the only one still alive.

  76. ShyLucky

    ShyLucky6 months ago

    I can not wait for this to come out

  77. Łucïd Mëlødy

    Łucïd Mëlødy6 months ago

    I wanna go see this so bad 😭💙💞

  78. Corine Williams

    Corine Williams6 months ago

  79. I Am Tiara

    I Am Tiara6 months ago

    I got to see this ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  80. yannelidobre1 godinezmarlucdarcy

    yannelidobre1 godinezmarlucdarcy6 months ago

    How do you get powers I'm ganna be be strongest one of all the one that has to be damaged you kids need to escape the the secret dragon there is no way you can defeat it well I can I'm the rainbow one I have a special power you guys don't have it's one that defeats the dragon and it's flame charge blast you will never see me on the movie but I'm ganna be watching you all not at the house in the movie my special power takes over my energy you all will not spot me I will be there

  81. tsk

    tsk6 months ago

    coming out on the day my schools open house. cool.

  82. Nikita G

    Nikita G6 months ago

    Is that the girl who played Ru in the hunger games?

  83. Stephanie Ross

    Stephanie Ross6 months ago

    I'm so excited for this movie so I can see how accurate it is

  84. Ava Cheung

    Ava Cheung6 months ago

    I need to watch this movie

  85. Lucy stinson

    Lucy stinson6 months ago

    The wench is still badass

  86. Hiba Chahdi

    Hiba Chahdi6 months ago

    Can’t wait to see this

  87. Katie Hubbard

    Katie Hubbard6 months ago


  88. Abk dancerz

    Abk dancerz6 months ago

    60•/• of comments complaining that the book and the movie is different 20•/• of the comments yellows not golds 20•/• of the comments chubs is a green not a blue 1•/• of the comments is the comment that you are reading

  89. Help me get 100 Subs with no vids

    Help me get 100 Subs with no vids6 months ago

    I want powers ughh

  90. Gacha Sakura

    Gacha Sakura6 months ago

    Where is eleven/Jane then?

  91. Mariah Figueroa

    Mariah Figueroa6 months ago

    I wanna see that movie sooooo bad

  92. Lilipad uwu

    Lilipad uwu6 months ago

    The dankest minds XD I'm sorry

  93. cami rants

    cami rants6 months ago

    I deadass thought it said “the dirtiest minds”

  94. Erica Gonzalez

    Erica Gonzalez6 months ago

    This movie is coming out I my birthday😍😍😍

  95. Rainy Day

    Rainy Day6 months ago

    I read the book in two days. It's so good

  96. What_ Sis?

    What_ Sis?6 months ago

    I keep seeing the ad for the movie. It’s pissing me off

  97. Fortnite Dubz

    Fortnite Dubz6 months ago

    AHHHH IM FREAKING OUT!!!! hsjnsnwhehebshebjsnanNhbsjenem

  98. Fortnite Dubz

    Fortnite Dubz6 months ago


  99. Madison Gandy

    Madison Gandy6 months ago

    I’m sorry...but is that Brienne of Tarth?

  100. Lailah Chaisson

    Lailah Chaisson6 months ago

    I really wanna see this!! :3

  101. Toni Ann Hurlock

    Toni Ann Hurlock6 months ago

    This remind me of the movie "Divergent"

  102. SoOoO wut

    SoOoO wut6 months ago

    I want to watch this so bad can't wait until it's out