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    I once went to a restaurant with my boyfriend (I had my birthday that day) and then suddenly the lights went out and my boyfriend got up and the kitchenchef brought me a very big cake. The restaurant was full and everyone was staring at me...then my boyfriend said: GUYS! If you knew how much I love this girl! she is the most wonderful person in the world and look, look how beautiful she is! sweetheart I love you more than you know! When I saw you for the first time, I immediately fell in love with you! Darling.. Happy Birthday! i love you.❤️ I actually think I found my Liam. (Love, from Switzerland and so sorry for my bad english)

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  4. liam tiphox

    liam tiphox4 months ago

    Una de mis mejores peliculas

  5. Safura Abdulai

    Safura Abdulai4 months ago

    I don't like the ending every love birds needs to be together at the end of the movie please we need the movie 2

  6. a Corbanese

    a Corbanese4 months ago

    You and me inevitable ... 💋😱

  7. Ainsley Forrest

    Ainsley Forrest4 months ago

    Well, Rue has certainly grown up.

  8. Josi Neu

    Josi Neu5 months ago

    I love this movie 😍

  9. Triple A Ajigoku

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    For the ones who want to know, this music is "no retreat no surrender" by Audiomachine

  10. Little Hamster

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    Aww they’re so cuteeee ❤️I ship them!!!!

  11. Nectere S

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    Does anyone know the song in this video?

  12. Triple A Ajigoku

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    It's "no retreat no surrender" by Audimachine

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  14. Joh Joh X Solve

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    Trash movie

  15. Amy’s Creation

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    Now I've got a new obsession ughhhh😂 I've read the book and their movie portrayed their love so good!

  16. Mkynna Martinez

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    Honestly.. I loved this movie too much 😩😍. And why is no one talking about it!??!

  17. Lilou

    Lilou6 months ago

    omg the socks scene my fav of the first book i'm in tears rn

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  19. designed by daisy

    designed by daisy6 months ago

    I've watched the movie but in my opinion a lot of parts were very vague. *spoiler* For example, they didn't really explain what the league was and did. Or why that disease(that killed 90% of the children) appeared anyway. Or what was going to happen after they've separated.

  20. Lilah Harrington

    Lilah Harrington6 months ago

    um.. you mean 98% xd

  21. I ‘ M T R A S H Y

    I ‘ M T R A S H Y6 months ago

    There Definitely Making A Second Movie Right?!! OMG THEY HAVE TOO! My heart. The ship must Continue.

  22. Kara Dorow

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    I ‘ M T R A S H Y there are books

  23. madsamess

    madsamess6 months ago

    The whole thing with them at the end of the movie made me cry.

  24. Captainch

    Captainch6 months ago

    The orange paint is at the end

  25. Sprinkle Kate

    Sprinkle Kate6 months ago

    Me and my friend almost cried in the movie theatre cuz of the ending 😢

  26. Chania Akers

    Chania Akers6 months ago

    I hope they make another movie for this because it was really great! Charles was hilarious! I enjoyed that! Zhou is mysterious but good! Ruby and Liam are inevitable! They need to make another movie because they left us off with a cliff hanger. Now I have to know what happens next. Especially with Ruby and Liam.

  27. Ebbz Smitty

    Ebbz Smitty6 months ago

    I saw the movie late on Friday after work. The next morning I went to my local bookstore and bought all 4 books. I've already finished the first and about to start on the second. I HOPE Liam manages to remember her somehow...

  28. kennedy hoyt

    kennedy hoyt6 months ago

    what is the song when ruby and liam are at the camp but i think it’s before they slow dance

  29. Thomas O’Brien

    Thomas O’Brien6 months ago

    Just came back from the movie, and OH MY GOD it’s amazing! You definitely should go

  30. Aubrey Tillett

    Aubrey Tillett6 months ago

    I'm seeing it tmr, I pray that it's good! I already know the Riam is good tho😉💙🧡

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  32. KernelSandersonz

    KernelSandersonz6 months ago

    lol hey all of you spoiler alert liam gets his memory wiped at the end in order for him to be let go free from the league so he wont remember ruby

  33. Gabrielle Seunagal

    Gabrielle Seunagal6 months ago

    EPIC PRODUCTIONS Yeah but in the trilogy book series, he eventually remembers Ruby ....and they end up together

  34. Adsterisk _

    Adsterisk _6 months ago

    I just saw the movie..."I'll finish the story for you" 😭😭😭

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  37. Unknown

    Unknown6 months ago

    The eyes blazing and turning into the color which they were categorized is a big no-no for me. Are the greens' eyes always lit because their intelligence is always on use? How can an orange use his power without the people around him/her knowing if everyone can see that he/she is using it? But i'll still watch the movie anyway...

  38. Violet

    Violet6 months ago

    Okay the bed scene was just too much for me, how can she not be in love with him if I fell for him just looking at the screen

  39. Sarah Weasley

    Sarah Weasley3 months ago

    Violet No stop! She is in love... she loves him very, very, very much! Read the books❤️

  40. KPOP Corner

    KPOP Corner6 months ago

    Violet Im pretty sure she is in love with him.

  41. Fumi Rose

    Fumi Rose6 months ago

    I want to read the book❤️

  42. Sarah Weasley

    Sarah Weasley3 months ago

    Fumi Rose do it! It‘s amazing

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  44. ACourtofSlytherinBooks

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    Just like the book I'm screaming

  45. Merf M

    Merf M6 months ago

    she erases all the memories he has of her

  46. Jimmy L

    Jimmy L6 months ago

    I’m not ready for the scene where she puts her hand on his face 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  47. funny boi gaming and more

    funny boi gaming and more6 months ago

    Everything everything now darkest minds just become boyfriend and girlfriend in real life

  48. Umm hey there person

    Umm hey there person6 months ago

    Black Betty isn’t even black

  49. Lady Denson

    Lady Denson6 months ago

    Im in love

  50. Sandra O

    Sandra O6 months ago

    Liam is so cute omg

  51. Joshler

    Joshler6 months ago

    I want me a liam! Sadly I’m stuck with 7th grade Jake and Logan Pauls...

  52. A Sponges Anatomy

    A Sponges Anatomy6 months ago

    Almost positive I’ve seen every and all the darkest minds trailers and interviews even on instagram .....followed

  53. Melanie Brown

    Melanie Brown6 months ago

    Gosh the book is great can’t wait for the movie

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  55. Indiana 896

    Indiana 8966 months ago

    Omg I’m gonna cry

  56. Nσvα Kísh

    Nσvα Kísh6 months ago

    *_My heart is going to IMPLODE._*

  57. what you doing in the club on a thursday?

    what you doing in the club on a thursday?7 months ago

    Lol i like how half the people who like TDM didn't read the books yet No offense btw

  58. Learning science

    Learning science5 months ago

    Is the book worth reading ?

  59. Rashell E.G.

    Rashell E.G.6 months ago

    Destiny&Anna Vargas I have and can't wait to see if they're going to make all the books a movie. Especially the 3rd book!!!!

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  61. The Purple Sky

    The Purple Sky7 months ago

    I think I'm crying

  62. Savanna Adkins

    Savanna Adkins7 months ago

    I'm so excited for this because at least based on the commercials it seems to closely follow the actual book which is 10/10

  63. Fatima Sue

    Fatima Sue7 months ago

    You and Me, inevitable.

  64. YV

    YV7 months ago

    Oh my gawd I haven't been so excited since Zac Efron and Zendaya

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  66. Kawaii Potato

    Kawaii Potato6 months ago

    luzpimpntell yeah I know saw the movie

  67. luzpimpntell

    luzpimpntell6 months ago

    Sadly. No pink gloves.

  68. Rashell E.G.

    Rashell E.G.6 months ago

    Kawaii Potato Enjoy the book!! It's awesome, but personally, I love the 3rd one the best.

  69. Kawaii Potato

    Kawaii Potato6 months ago

    Rashell E.G. I'm on the second book and I'm getting the other books soon.

  70. What would dump do

    What would dump do7 months ago

    I hope they stay true to the book

  71. What would dump do

    What would dump do6 months ago

    +rycbar123 true

  72. rycbar123

    rycbar1236 months ago

    It had always been "yellow" in the books though (just saying). ✌️I don't mind the change. I just didn't like how they changed Chubs to green just to represent all the colors in the Black Betty crew. This was the only change I can't agree on. The author tried to fight for this one but those in charge of the movie were adamant about this one.

  73. What would dump do

    What would dump do6 months ago

    +rycbar123 I think gold and yellow are the same, because yellow wasn’t on the ranking poster

  74. rycbar123

    rycbar1236 months ago

    They already changed Chubs into green, unfortunately. Also, I think they changed Zu's color to Gold not yellow. This is what I heard from others.

  75. Rashell E.G.

    Rashell E.G.6 months ago

    Kelly Doyle Especially the 3rd book. I want to see the "Do you want to build shelves with me?" scene with Chubs, Vida, Liam, and Ruby. lol

  76. Creeper 15

    Creeper 157 months ago

    AGH. It can’t come soon enough 😩😩

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  78. A Sponges Anatomy

    A Sponges Anatomy7 months ago

    ssm13 yesssss!!!!!!!

  79. Natsu Dragneel

    Natsu Dragneel7 months ago

    I'm so hyped for these two ❤❤

  80. Katabatics

    Katabatics7 months ago

    Is ruby the girl from the first movie of the hunger game series?

  81. A Sponges Anatomy

    A Sponges Anatomy7 months ago

    Katabatics yes, I loved rue, ruby is next

  82. kanaidraw

    kanaidraw7 months ago

    The sock scene exists... YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS...... I'm kinda scared that liam won't be the adorable, dorky guy he is 😕.... Hopefully I'm wrong tho

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    Nataly Zuniga Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu whyyyyyyyyyyy 😩😩😩😩💔💔💔💔

  85. Nataly Zuniga

    Nataly Zuniga6 months ago

    kanaidraw he was so short tempered :c

  86. 蔡海

    蔡海7 months ago

    It looks really dark literally

  87. Newbie Youtuber

    Newbie Youtuber7 months ago

    We all need a Liam in our lives. 😢 ❤️

  88. Sarah Weasley

    Sarah Weasley3 months ago

    Newbie MReporterr I found mine❤️❤️

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  90. UltimateFireCracker

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    Newbie MReporterr where did he go at the end of the movie and where did the chinese girl went to the group separated why?

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    donkeygospel6 I can arrange that

  93. Галия Оразалиева

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    H-hm-m!New mutants of 20th CENTURY FOX in new X men is accotiated with MARVEL ENTERTAINMENT?

  94. Stella J.-R.

    Stella J.-R.7 months ago

    What happened to Liam’s southern accent?

  95. Alena nela

    Alena nela6 months ago

    Rashell E.G. Plus they missed out the "hey darlin'" but the movie wasn't bad I have to say

  96. Rashell E.G.

    Rashell E.G.6 months ago

    EXACTLY!!!!! Betty isn't black. And Chubs is a Green. -_-

  97. Kelly Doyle

    Kelly Doyle7 months ago

    Stella J.-R. Right?! Southern accent, blonde hair? Got none of that. Like the whole premise was his "southern charm" and it's gone :(

  98. Ashley G.

    Ashley G.7 months ago

    Highkey over the fact that everytime Hollywood casts a black girls she’s always mixed and also kinda over the fact that Amandla is apparently the only black girl in the industry but I’ll still watch because it looks cool.

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    Harvey Dent what does page 45 say?

  101. Sarahlovaable

    Sarahlovaable6 months ago

    Cleverly relatable Username they know that dark skinned girls exist. They just feel it necessary to continue to push the same tight knitted box of what people should like. Its eithet a mixed black girl or no form of diversity. I'm over wanting hollywood to do better. They arent stupid they know dark skinned girls exist, Asians, Hispanics, indians etc. We need more people like us taking charge and lead to create that level of representation. Truth is a white man should not be given the right to create roles for other backgrounds and cultures, they don't understand.

  102. Marina Jolie

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  103. Taliyah Lewis

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    Cleverly relatable Username what’s wrong with being Mixed from my reading there is still Racism towards both Races But oh well your opinion not mine to judge.

  104. Sarah Spearing

    Sarah Spearing7 months ago

    Oh god I ship them so much!! AHHHHH!!!!

  105. ElBrio 200

    ElBrio 2007 months ago

    Dbs Broly

  106. BerriesandFair -_-

    BerriesandFair -_-7 months ago

    They keep killing me with the trailers

  107. LaTavia Williams

    LaTavia Williams7 months ago

    Ruby & Liam=Riam

  108. Joshler

    Joshler6 months ago

    Katherine Dinkelman I read that and my dirty mind immediately kicked in...

  109. Nσvα Kísh

    Nσvα Kísh6 months ago

    Katherine Dinkelman My exact thoughts.

  110. Katherine Dinkelman

    Katherine Dinkelman7 months ago

    LaTavia Williams or Luby. Actually no Riam sounds better😂😂

  111. Katherine Dinkelman

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  112. JRA Tu Amigo

    JRA Tu Amigo7 months ago

    You and Me Inevitable

  113. Vd448

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    Wow It looks really cool

  114. Sarah Weasley

    Sarah Weasley3 months ago

    Its amazing

  115. Stella Hodgson

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  117. Valentina Rose

    Valentina Rose7 months ago

    Aww the hotel and sock scene is so cute. One of my all time fave love story so sad on how it ends in the book😭 I'm gonna choke on love soon from just watching this movie and maybe I'll find my one love story?🤔😏

  118. Carley Russell

    Carley RussellMonth ago

    I am reading the that k have seen these comments I am a little nervous as to what I'm going to read😂😂😊

  119. Valentina Rose

    Valentina Rose6 months ago

    I know right. just why? why did it have to end like that? but it doesn't end like that at the very end thank god

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  122. Alecia Odin

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    *The Darkest Mind 2018 film **#NOW** Available :*

  123. Fantasiy Books

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    Love them and I love the music score too

  124. RoseBookFan#7

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    These two are so 😻🧡💙🧦👁✋🏼

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    vladlen plutov hi

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