The Cast Of "Thor: Ragnarok" Plays Superhero Would You Rather


  1. Borno •

    Borno •Day ago

    I’d rather be with Loki •-•

  2. noobmaster69

    noobmaster692 days ago


  3. Go AND Eat

    Go AND Eat5 days ago

    Tom looks like oldest man here. he has not aged well .

  4. little red head gurl

    little red head gurl7 days ago

    no i just wanna hug korg XD

  5. Austin Chase

    Austin Chase9 days ago

    Heal can use the bi-frost

  6. kgoldfish :D

    kgoldfish :D11 days ago

    This is kinda random but I find taika waititi rly adorable

  7. Sherry Muthiga

    Sherry Muthiga11 days ago

    I saw the thumbnail and thought this was for Men in Black: International 😂💓

  8. Lilla Tz.

    Lilla Tz.11 days ago

    1.Loki 2. Loki 3.Loki! The answer will always be "Loki" -Would you rather die from drowning or a stab wound Me:Loki! 😂

  9. kgoldfish :D

    kgoldfish :D11 days ago

    I would voluntarily put myself on an island with Loki

  10. Charlie Morrison

    Charlie Morrison11 days ago

    Doctor strange was a doctor

  11. Maggie Hydeck

    Maggie Hydeck12 days ago

    Turning on the video, I could not recognize Tom Hiddleston. I’m used to seeing him with NOT a beard.

  12. 李兆通

    李兆通14 days ago

    Hulk’s head is actully not that big

  13. Quentin Dickerson

    Quentin Dickerson16 days ago

    I would be on a planet with loki

  14. It me Oof

    It me Oof17 days ago

    Bro wouldn’t hulk literally tear their partner in- I

  15. Jaime Manchik

    Jaime Manchik18 days ago

    2:52 is the best part. 😂. Them trying to describe hulk

  16. ZHAO JINGLU S4-03

    ZHAO JINGLU S4-0319 days ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue Tissue tissue I hardly know you

  17. The Star Wars Fangirl 77

    The Star Wars Fangirl 7720 days ago

    Taika and Chris are children trapped in adult bodies.

  18. Lady Amazing

    Lady Amazing21 day ago

    Lol “Chris keeps his hammer in his bathroom” 😂😂😂

  19. tam amin

    tam amin22 days ago

    “i wouldnt trust anyone called dr strange! that’s like saying dr. butterfingers??? like, look at my doctor: dr. shaky hands!” “y-yeah thats right, surgeon uhh... bad cuts.” I DIED HES SO BAD AT THIS

  20. Alba

    Alba23 days ago

    Hella?! Loki all day, everyday. Why were 90% of the questions about Hulk?

  21. Asma Khairul Azman

    Asma Khairul Azman23 days ago

    They paired these people up perfectly.

  22. Kristine Siscar

    Kristine Siscar26 days ago

    "You trickster" he ain't called God of Mischief for nothing.

  23. Gracie Trembley

    Gracie Trembley26 days ago

    you know WHat

  24. N I K

    N I K29 days ago

    hey, BuzzFeed! i'm still waiting for Tom Hiddleston's thirst tweets!

  25. Angi Xx

    Angi XxMonth ago

    I love toms voice so much 😍

  26. Loki & Stark

    Loki & StarkMonth ago


  27. Teal Fox

    Teal FoxMonth ago

    Mark: "The thought of thor's hammer hammering away at my muscles-" Fan fic makers: TAKE NOTES

  28. Anastasia Marinopoulos

    Anastasia MarinopoulosMonth ago

    Lol, doctor strange was literally a surgeon.

  29. Alexandra Perchanidou

    Alexandra PerchanidouMonth ago

    Loki in a deserted island definitely!

  30. Shirri Buchanan

    Shirri BuchananMonth ago

    I would definitely choose loki :)

  31. Carol Klempel

    Carol KlempelMonth ago

    Shit its buzzfeed mum I have failed

  32. ItzGenesis

    ItzGenesisMonth ago

    Is no one gonna talk about Tessa wearing a bubble wrap dress? 😂😂😂

  33. SijaaSivakumar 9

    SijaaSivakumar 9Month ago

    0:21 *LOTS OF LLAMAS* This is why Taika is my favorite director

  34. Paw In Snow

    Paw In SnowMonth ago

    I see that none of them remember that Doctor Strange's hands are shaking

  35. JC Ward

    JC WardMonth ago

    the thing people don’t understand is that when banner is having sex and he turns into hulk his dick gets bigger too so it’ll make her pussy rip

  36. Larry Qwert

    Larry QwertMonth ago

    "he's just an oversised 3 year old."😂😂

  37. Annisa Friska Safa

    Annisa Friska SafaMonth ago

    Love Korg and Thor ❤️

  38. Logan Ross

    Logan RossMonth ago

    1:48 Toms confused/concerned and Jeff is WAY too excited about that honeymoon, WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THAT

  39. Plum Berry

    Plum BerryMonth ago

    “the thing is, hulk can’t find a person to you know what with, that’s why he’s so angry” BAHAHAHAHAHA

  40. Cee Jay

    Cee JayMonth ago


  41. Eve Jaramillo

    Eve JaramilloMonth ago

    Mark Ruffalo es tan amable!

  42. jess

    jessMonth ago

    Why did none of them except Jeff wanted to be on a deserted island with Loki

  43. Manuel Túñez

    Manuel TúñezMonth ago

    Why does everyone choose hela for the desert planet? Are they stupid? Lmao

  44. Mario

    MarioMonth ago

    So happy they got Taiti there

  45. Залізний кулак

    Залізний кулакMonth ago

    Hela of course, so I can get that Blanchet pussy

  46. TheFlamingCookie

    TheFlamingCookieMonth ago

    He called me a dickhead again Now listen here NoobMaster69 Noobmaster69-OH FU-K

  47. The_Unnamed

    The_UnnamedMonth ago

    I came to see Cate. Where is Cate (Hela)

  48. Iron Vlogger

    Iron VloggerMonth ago

    Give me Loki on a deserted planet so we may repopulate the planet with our beautiful children

  49. MW SN

    MW SNMonth ago

    It's Thor's hammer because it doesn't exist after endgame. Cap gave it back.

  50. Lisa Reisen

    Lisa ReisenMonth ago

    I'd be on a deserted planet with Loki and just go back with the bifrost