The Cast Of "Thor: Ragnarok" Plays Superhero Would You Rather


  1. Andy Roid

    Andy RoidDay ago

    01:39 Yeah...

  2. Samantha Shenkman

    Samantha ShenkmanDay ago

    Hulk smash just got an entirely new meaning Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

  3. Mandy Derbyshire

    Mandy Derbyshire6 days ago

    Docter strange is still qualifyed

  4. Zaya Moone

    Zaya Moone7 days ago

    Here's my answers lmao: Obviously Loki because he is the best and also because he's not unconditionally evil Hulk's bare hands because Thor's hammer is literally made of impossibly strong metal Uhhhhh... Neither I'd rather be alone for the rest of my days than be humiliated in any way Doctor Strange because he is... A doctor... Need any further explanation? Good because I've got none Ant-man because he can actually talk and he wouldn't be smashing everything during that Avengers Infinity War watching Plus the Hulk would not be chill at all Bathroom so I can whisper it as walking to the bathroom inatead of in someone's face Hulk sized body with a normal sized head because it'd be hard to balance with a giant head Korg because why not

  5. Ost & Soundtrack

    Ost & Soundtrack7 days ago

    Best part is become hulk in wedding or honeymoom (when doing thats... 😂 ) iam imagine MF/BB do that...poor hulk wife 😅

  6. Blue

    Blue9 days ago

    *Hulk Smooch*

  7. burger land

    burger land9 days ago

    L: lots O: of L: llamas

  8. Antonio Luković

    Antonio Luković9 days ago

    Look at all these talented actors (and one actress). I wonder what Jeff Goldblum is doing there? Did he get lost?

  9. Nameless and Shameless

    Nameless and Shameless10 days ago

    Isn't this game supposed to be challenging?

  10. faceache!

    faceache!12 days ago

    idk how, but when all of them said they’d rather be stuck on a deserted island with hela i got pissed like hO W

  11. Bre Francis

    Bre Francis12 days ago

    *lubricate my reactors*

  12. Hayley Jones-Yates

    Hayley Jones-Yates13 days ago

    Love this cast

  13. Llama Guy501

    Llama Guy50113 days ago

    If you became hulk doing you know what, wouldn’t you know what become insanely large and just completely rip the you know what

  14. easty Francium

    easty Francium14 days ago

    Y so many hulk related questions?

  15. Neha Nain

    Neha Nain15 days ago

    Personally, I would rather be stuck on an island with Loki because he can just teleport us out of there.

  16. squishy mochi

    squishy mochi16 days ago

    What is she wearing

  17. MoHsin Ali Media

    MoHsin Ali Media17 days ago

    Tessa is So Hot😍😍

  18. Srihitha Akula

    Srihitha Akula19 days ago

    3:49 that laugh tho 😂😂

  19. May04bwu

    May04bwu21 day ago

    Jeff is out of this world

  20. Haunted by Kpop

    Haunted by Kpop23 days ago

    "Lozenge!!" haven't heard this word since ages!! I forgot that I used to call hard candies, Lozenge, when I was 5! I need to bring my British self back.

  21. Angie Babasa

    Angie Babasa23 days ago

    lol lots of llamas

  22. Dalia Saravia

    Dalia Saravia24 days ago

    2:23 "They are not general practitians" god i love that man

  23. YAZZY

    YAZZY26 days ago


  24. Alolan Empoleon

    Alolan Empoleon26 days ago

    *Jeff Goldblum*

  25. Reaction Guy

    Reaction Guy27 days ago

    4:11 R U Mario?

  26. Batmansteel 77

    Batmansteel 7727 days ago

    I'm just here for Hemsworth.

  27. Katie Miller

    Katie Miller28 days ago

    I want an hour long video of just Jeff Goldblum and Tom Hiddleston in a room together.

  28. Katie Miller

    Katie Miller28 days ago

    WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU NOT LIVE WITH LOKI?!? What are the upsides of Hela, and what are the downsides of Loki?

  29. ZI SA

    ZI SA28 days ago

    Lots of legends huh 😂😂😂 More like league of legends 😎😎😎

  30. Justin Dai - Darcel Avenue Sr PS (1104)

    Justin Dai - Darcel Avenue Sr PS (1104)Month ago

    I like how Tessa says you know ”What”

  31. Portgas.D Jay

    Portgas.D JayMonth ago

    Chris Hemsworth NZ accent sounds great hahahaha

  32. pishtalo the 23rd

    pishtalo the 23rdMonth ago

    where is hela

  33. Ari Beck

    Ari BeckMonth ago

    So what’s Netflix and chill

  34. starky

    starkyMonth ago

    “welcoME TO BUZZFEED LOTS OF legends”

  35. Trinity Quinto

    Trinity QuintoMonth ago

    2:47 He’s honestly, he has a point🤣🤣🤣

  36. Adeeba Ruhul

    Adeeba RuhulMonth ago

    jeff being fascinated by tom is the funniest thing ever

  37. Miss Laufeyson

    Miss LaufeysonMonth ago

    Tom tom tom tom! Dear Buzzfeed, please do more videos with Tom! Pleaseeee!

  38. Florence didi

    Florence didiMonth ago

    I love everyone in the cast tbh, they’re all iconic

  39. Hannah Gentry

    Hannah GentryMonth ago

    I need a 7 hour long video of Jeff fangirling over Tom's accent because that was the best part of this whole video... That and Chris and Taika acting like small children 😂😂

  40. Alex Imig

    Alex ImigMonth ago

    wouldn't a permanently shrunk Ant-Man be non-existent? Or would he be Tiny-Man?

  41. Alex Imig

    Alex ImigMonth ago

    I would arm wrestle with Korg. he probably woudn't kill me.

  42. JaT

    JaTMonth ago

    Jeff is the dude who plays that Ian dude in Jurrasic Park right? If I’m wrong please tell me.

  43. Colin Schmidt

    Colin SchmidtMonth ago

    Where was Cate Blanchet? and the guy who plays Dr Strange

  44. Kaashif Ahmed

    Kaashif AhmedMonth ago

    Surgeon Bad cuts :)))) That was actually funny

  45. Vera Groeneveld

    Vera GroeneveldMonth ago

    Would you rather be stuck on a deserted island with lo... Me: Loki Loki! I choose Loki!

  46. GratedCheese

    GratedCheeseMonth ago


  47. LordBaneThePlayer

    LordBaneThePlayerMonth ago

    Strange is a surgeon thom

  48. I like Boku no Pico

    I like Boku no PicoMonth ago

    4:38 I like this part😂

  49. lizy cocoa

    lizy cocoaMonth ago

    Love you tom

  50. Linda Scoon

    Linda ScoonMonth ago

    I was solving calculus and somehow I ended up here.

  51. Aubrie Hanes

    Aubrie HanesMonth ago

    3:48 is it bad that i was thinking the same thing

  52. Julie Lino

    Julie LinoMonth ago

    Jefd Goldblum calling Tom Hiddleston a trickster is solid gold

  53. Kawaii Llama

    Kawaii LlamaMonth ago

    Who else is just here to see Chris hemsworth 🙋‍♀️

  54. Ritwik Rai

    Ritwik RaiMonth ago

    2:56 he wants to smash you😂😂😂 👌

  55. hellokittyboyslover

    hellokittyboysloverMonth ago

    I just realized that she is wearing a bubble wrap dress

  56. Ibrahim Hussam

    Ibrahim HussamMonth ago

    What is you know what?

  57. Joshua Nicor

    Joshua NicorMonth ago

    I thought Bruce banner is a bio eng.

  58. Black Wolf

    Black WolfMonth ago

    does anyone know what watch chris was wearing in this video

  59. Yoongi

    YoongiMonth ago

    *S I S T E R S C I E N T I S T*

  60. PurpleLover10

    PurpleLover10Month ago

    It was over too quickly, I need more

  61. Alana Wheeler

    Alana WheelerMonth ago

    Netflix and chill = you know hwhat

  62. Necro Boomer

    Necro BoomerMonth ago

    Yay I see goldblum here

  63. Yves Younes

    Yves YounesMonth ago

    Tessa Thomson pussy tastes like strawberries 😍

  64. ɪ ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ ғᴇᴇʟ sᴏ ɢᴏᴏᴅ is the new dust

    ɪ ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ ғᴇᴇʟ sᴏ ɢᴏᴏᴅ is the new dustMonth ago

    Thank you, Jeff

  65. okay !

    okay !Month ago

    “Well it’s not a competition” My favorite director ever

  66. R D

    R DMonth ago


  67. Grace

    GraceMonth ago

    Did Jeff globlum just say sister scientist lmao

  68. Amya Stegall

    Amya StegallMonth ago

    did tom and jeff say “sister scientist”

  69. ezzy

    ezzyMonth ago

    deep tissew masahge

  70. Person People

    Person PeopleMonth ago


  71. van Doren Family

    van Doren FamilyMonth ago

    “Lots of llamas” yesh. a fellow llama person xD

  72. wende

    wendeMonth ago

    *taiki is laughing about every of chris’ jokes hehe*

  73. Prince Howard FTM

    Prince Howard FTMMonth ago

    Tom x Jeff is now. In full motion

  74. Peridot

    PeridotMonth ago

    The Frostmaster fanfics I've read is leaking into my brain help me

  75. diamondcutie92

    diamondcutie92Month ago

    jeff & tom's friendship is my new fave friendship

  76. sunnyx.xmarvel on instagram

    sunnyx.xmarvel on instagramMonth ago

    Jeff being obsessed with the way Tom pronounces words is a whole mood

  77. Gabey_ Boi

    Gabey_ BoiMonth ago

    Where is hela

  78. Jay Wilson

    Jay Wilson2 months ago

    I just came here for Chris tbh

  79. *Christie And celia

    *Christie And celia2 months ago

    Whats more beautiful than tom hiddleston’s exotic accent?❤️❤️❤️ I am in love with his accent

  80. Emily Galaxy

    Emily Galaxy2 months ago

    I'd be stuck on a deserted island/planet with BUCKY BARNES I DONT CARE IF HES NOT AN OPTION

  81. Jr Jackson

    Jr Jackson2 months ago

    Tessa Thompson 👌👌👌😍

  82. Robin Park

    Robin Park2 months ago

    Lots of llamas is my new favorite phrase

  83. MissInformed

    MissInformed2 months ago

    Tessa's so adorable "He can't find anyone to you know hwhat with"

  84. Ryan Jones

    Ryan Jones2 months ago

    Taika waititi and jeff goldbloom are perfect

  85. Liz P

    Liz P2 months ago

    I’d do anything to be on an island with Hela

  86. Kovy Kent

    Kovy Kent2 months ago

    Whosever idea it was to put Tom and Jeff together I just wanna sincerely thank you for your service !

  87. 한수진

    한수진2 months ago

    I just love Tom n Jeff being together at any moment.

  88. Guldthepro Fisk

    Guldthepro Fisk2 months ago

    Its basically the best 6 actors in a movie this

  89. Cloudy Belle

    Cloudy Belle2 months ago

    Jeff Goldblum was fantasizing through the whole time by Tom

  90. L

    L2 months ago

    Jeff flirting with Tom tho 🙈🙈😂

  91. TJ 7

    TJ 72 months ago

    I love how Jeff said honeymoon so many times, so happy about that idea!😂

  92. Niki Jain

    Niki Jain2 months ago

    Jeff's subtle joke went so unappreciated. "'Tis u? I hardly know you."

  93. shamica tendolkar

    shamica tendolkar2 months ago

    I would have a human sized body with a hulk sized head because the hulk has a tiny head.

  94. Brittany Schroeder

    Brittany Schroeder2 months ago

    Hela is evil but, Loki was evil to. Right?

  95. Beatriz Oliveira

    Beatriz Oliveira3 months ago

    0:37 loki loki loki of course!!

  96. Cade Grimm

    Cade Grimm3 months ago

    I could listen to Jeff Goldblum and Tom Hiddleston all day. Their combined sense of humor and wit make their interactions priceless.

  97. Anne-Lise Dahl

    Anne-Lise Dahl3 months ago

    Taika dresses, has the same personality and looks a lot like a friend of mine But my friend is 13

  98. Rose Sweasey

    Rose Sweasey3 months ago

    ‘tis u I hardly know you

  99. Hugo Stiglitz

    Hugo Stiglitz3 months ago

    Korg is one of the best marvel characters ever because of taikas hilarious voice acting

  100. Richard Groenewoud

    Richard Groenewoud3 months ago

    Why does the girl wear a bubble rap outfit

  101. cindy liu

    cindy liu3 months ago

    I’ve lost arm wrestled against Thor repeatedly HAHAHAHA