The Cast Of "Thor: Ragnarok" Plays Superhero Would You Rather


  1. Just Izzy

    Just Izzy2 hours ago

    Jeff goldblum is just the fucking best

  2. MEDStudios

    MEDStudios5 hours ago

    Tessa looks like she has bubble wrap on for clothes that was coloured blue

  3. AlphaIkaros

    AlphaIkarosDay ago

    I will never unsee the Grandmaster on Jeff Goldblum... or I will never unsee the Jeff Goldblum on the Grandmaster.??

  4. Cosmic and ørbit

    Cosmic and ørbit3 days ago

    I see tom. I click.

  5. Hila Azia

    Hila Azia4 days ago

    It's... Jeff... GOLDBLOOM!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. xd IamZythar

    xd IamZythar4 days ago

    Imagine pre-serum steve rogers being thor

  7. Zachary Matteson

    Zachary Matteson5 days ago

    Why is valkyrie wearing bubble wrap

  8. Daeryn Drd

    Daeryn Drd6 days ago

    Put the captions and watch the video from the beginning.😑

  9. Projekt Kobra

    Projekt Kobra8 days ago

    Thompson is a gross dyke....hard to like the film when you find that out.

  10. Pinkcheetah101

    Pinkcheetah1018 days ago

    0:33 how about loki.. At least I'll have something to eat.

  11. King Majora Grimborn

    King Majora Grimborn9 days ago

    I choose loki

  12. xxxjacob

    xxxjacob10 days ago


  13. Aldrich Ivanputra Siemarga

    Aldrich Ivanputra Siemarga11 days ago

    Ian Malcolm?

  14. Hello People

    Hello People11 days ago

    Oh my god! I love Taika Waititi’s voice!!

  15. Luka B

    Luka B12 days ago

    2:57 "look it's not a competition" LMAO

  16. Justinhulk

    Justinhulk15 days ago

    Jeff goldbloom and Tom Hiddleston is what I live for

  17. Anais Guzman

    Anais Guzman15 days ago

    Hiddlesblum is my fave bromance everrrr 🤣😍😍😍😍😍😍 sorry Chris.

  18. Shinsuuu

    Shinsuuu15 days ago

    If only I'd have Tom on my right side and Jeff on my left side in my bed.

  19. Shadow Timeless

    Shadow Timeless15 days ago

    "You know gwhat"

  20. Ron The Rat

    Ron The Rat16 days ago

    0:57 is sooo Jeff

  21. Skyla Thorpe

    Skyla Thorpe17 days ago

    Chris hemsworth need thirst tweets and puppy interviews

  22. Solangelo For life

    Solangelo For life17 days ago

    Whenever mark smiles it looks like he’s in severe pain....

  23. Happy Person

    Happy Person17 days ago

    Taika looks lovely!!!!

  24. Eilonwy

    Eilonwy17 days ago

    Jeff and Tom act exactly like they did together as Loki and the Grandmaster.

  25. Memelord Deegan

    Memelord Deegan17 days ago

    These are hella desperate questions

  26. Tearsa Bryan

    Tearsa Bryan18 days ago

    Why did like everybody but Jeff choose to be on an island with Hella instead of Loki!? I would choose Loki in a heartbeat, Hella is way worse

  27. Tearsa Bryan

    Tearsa Bryan18 days ago

    Jeff is all of us, so intrigued by Tom’s beautiful accent lol

  28. Galaxy Emperor

    Galaxy Emperor18 days ago


  29. Chris Langford

    Chris Langford20 days ago

    they're so cute!!

  30. Kirsten 446

    Kirsten 44621 day ago

    I love Korg 😁😁

  31. Ava Gran

    Ava Gran22 days ago

    Can I get an hour long video of Tom saying things and Jeff being absolutely fascinated with it?

  32. Rob Taylor

    Rob Taylor25 days ago

    best missed line in avengers infinity war: aboard the guardians ship - Thor has a realization he needs a weapon and holds up his spoon subconsciously Thor: I need a hammer Starlord: I need a.. spoon.

  33. The angles and the diamonds

    The angles and the diamonds26 days ago

    Lokie hella evil thor kind I think he is adopted

  34. Hidden Light

    Hidden Light26 days ago

    taika is a god

  35. Jan Šinkovec

    Jan Šinkovec26 days ago

    doctor "shaky hands" Opden! He was lousy with a scalpel and even worse with a saw, but he knew his apothecary! Explains the shaky hands if you ask me

  36. Janan Aleja

    Janan Aleja27 days ago

    Chris imitating Korg is the best thing i’ve seen

  37. subwei

    subwei27 days ago

    tessa and mark is so CUUUUUUTE 😍😍😍😍

  38. Norah Hartsock

    Norah Hartsock28 days ago

    The doctors danger the doctor in the new

  39. Raptor

    Raptor28 days ago

    bless my lil beans

  40. Hello People

    Hello People28 days ago

    Haha “surgeon BadCuts”

  41. Hello People

    Hello People28 days ago

    I think Koro is the best character in the whole movie. My friends agree. Also, my friend think, quote on quote, that “you are a blonde female version of Loki”

  42. Diamond Snow

    Diamond Snow29 days ago

    “Travel Sweet”....omg so British and cute....😳

  43. Gianna Acevedo

    Gianna AcevedoMonth ago


  44. Unicorn Dragon

    Unicorn DragonMonth ago

    im starting to feel like im the only one in the world with a hulk fetish

  45. luigi

    luigiMonth ago

    I am damn sad for supporting BuzzFeed

  46. Angel Politis

    Angel PolitisMonth ago

    Hemsworth's Laugh at 3:49. Epic!

  47. ARealFakeIdentity

    ARealFakeIdentityMonth ago

    hulks head is human sized

  48. Bella Bonjour

    Bella BonjourMonth ago

    Jeff is real life tryna bone Tom lol

  49. Nida Ariena Mohd Ariff

    Nida Ariena Mohd AriffMonth ago

    I actually work with a Kiwi who sound exactly like Korg. I recently re-watched Thor:Ragnarok and now every time i hear my colleague I giggle. LOL (he knows why)

  50. MY SANA

    MY SANAMonth ago

    Where hela... I miss hela :v

  51. Rachel Chih

    Rachel ChihMonth ago

    you know HWAT

  52. RandoCommando

    RandoCommandoMonth ago

    I just imagined Chris Hemsworth with a hulk sized body and his human sized head and it's kind of funny

  53. Stryker Eureka

    Stryker EurekaMonth ago

    Wait so the grandmaster is Jeff Goldblum

  54. KingRn7 King

    KingRn7 KingMonth ago

    CH : these are wildly sexual 😂😂

  55. Lennon & Friends

    Lennon & FriendsMonth ago

    Hulks head doesn’t get bigger

  56. Lennon & Friends

    Lennon & FriendsMonth ago

    Sorry banner but I like dr strange

  57. Sarah Finger

    Sarah FingerMonth ago

    Jeff and Tom is the greatest thing ever

  58. TheMix

    TheMixMonth ago

    *Grand Master & Loki being all cute with each other - YES PLEASE.*

  59. OmqCourtney

    OmqCourtneyMonth ago


  60. Mattdude gamer

    Mattdude gamerMonth ago

    is she wearing bubble rap? that sounds awesome

  61. nells _summer

    nells _summerMonth ago

    “Dr. Shakey hands” “Surgeon Bad cuts”

  62. Ben Noort

    Ben NoortMonth ago

    Everyone will make fun if you had hulks head. No1 will dare to make fun of you if you have hulks body

  63. Magnets & magic

    Magnets & magicMonth ago

    1:31 that was eminem’s joke!

  64. Feng Lan

    Feng LanMonth ago

    Hulk Smash! *Now kiss me.*

  65. Mindy Sioux

    Mindy SiouxMonth ago

    Yeah Jeff has it bad for Tom

  66. Akumu Nightmare

    Akumu NightmareMonth ago

    Taika and Chris being paired together is the best thing about this

  67. Queen Alexandra The Great

    Queen Alexandra The GreatMonth ago

    Where's HeLa?

  68. Ashe Lily Wright

    Ashe Lily WrightMonth ago

    Chris and Taika on that question about Doctor Strange tho hahahahahahahhahahah

  69. HopPlayz

    HopPlayzMonth ago

    Does thor believe in God?

  70. qualerti

    qualertiMonth ago

    4:42 LOKI'D

  71. ꧁Jade Today ꧁

    ꧁Jade Today ꧁Month ago

    Lots of Llamas

  72. Melissa Okeke

    Melissa OkekeMonth ago

    Surgeon Bad Cuts 😂😂

  73. Nmurray1278

    Nmurray1278Month ago

    Jeff got really excited at that wedding or honeymoon question and he answered hella quickly, I'm dying😂😂😂

  74. Void Rebellion

    Void RebellionMonth ago

    Jeff and Tom are so adorable! 😆😆😆

  75. Alexis Cabral

    Alexis CabralMonth ago

    "Look at those guns!"

  76. bee c

    bee cMonth ago

    highlights: - chris doing the korg voice - jeff hitting on tom whenever tom tried to speak - taika fantasising about hulk dick - jeff casually feeling up toms arm

  77. Taylor Swift19

    Taylor Swift19Month ago

    I would have doctor strange

  78. Elvis Koutoufides

    Elvis KoutoufidesMonth ago

    Aww i think thor and director ot kotg are so fuuny and go good together liek bff

  79. The Ultimate User

    The Ultimate UserMonth ago

    I love this cast

  80. Alex Salty

    Alex SaltyMonth ago

    This is my new favorite thing omfg

  81. Emily Elizabeth

    Emily ElizabethMonth ago

    Tessa and Mark so freakin pure omg

  82. HevonLeka 666

    HevonLeka 666Month ago

    Mark Ruffalo And Tessa Thompson are so cute together!

  83. Sophia Scorpion

    Sophia ScorpionMonth ago

    I would choose docter strange because he is so good at it and my new super hero is you know the one and only DOCTER STRANGE

  84. Caroline Peterson

    Caroline PetersonMonth ago

    pause the video at 0:20

  85. Xaria Du Bruyn

    Xaria Du BruynMonth ago

    Taika and Chris are such children

  86. Hila Azia

    Hila AziaMonth ago

    A message from blue: it's... jeff... goldbluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. jinny jin jin

    jinny jin jinMonth ago

    "Tis you! I hardly know you!"

  88. AkWolfByteGaming

    AkWolfByteGamingMonth ago

    is no one going to notice what she is wearing?...

  89. myjunghoseok

    myjunghoseokMonth ago

    every single marvel cast is so cute and humble. they did an amazing job choosing them

  90. Creakyjupiter 75

    Creakyjupiter 75Month ago

    0:18 "lots of love......llamas" easily the best part

  91. Kaleigh Yats!!!!!!

    Kaleigh Yats!!!!!!Month ago

    him turning into the hulk makes his bleep bigger so THATS BIG DICK ENERGYY

  92. J C-EXOmunchkin

    J C-EXOmunchkinMonth ago

    Jeff being fascinated by Tom’s accent gives me life ~

  93. Sina hss

    Sina hssMonth ago

    Tom ily

  94. Turoa Walker

    Turoa WalkerMonth ago

    Kiaora taika

  95. Lotus Child

    Lotus ChildMonth ago

    Taika is soooo precious ♡

  96. N. Bierwirth

    N. BierwirthMonth ago

    Is she wearing bubble wrap?

  97. RikkiTikkiTavi

    RikkiTikkiTaviMonth ago

    human sized body with hulks head would look exactly like that giant head cheat in Goldeneye N64

  98. Abantika Dey

    Abantika DeyMonth ago

    I just love Tom Hiddleston's english accent, who else do? 😍❤

  99. joe white

    joe whiteMonth ago

    I want Tom and Jeff to read me a bed time story..... Is that weird surely not

  100. Kara Frierson

    Kara FriersonMonth ago

    i love tom so much