The Cast Of "Thor: Ragnarok" Plays Superhero Would You Rather


  1. Beatriz Oliveira

    Beatriz OliveiraDay ago

    0:37 loki loki loki of course!!

  2. Cade Grimm

    Cade GrimmDay ago

    I could listen to Jeff Goldblum and Tom Hiddleston all day. Their combined sense of humor and wit make their interactions priceless.

  3. Anne-Lise Dahl

    Anne-Lise Dahl5 days ago

    Taika dresses, has the same personality and looks a lot like a friend of mine But my friend is 13

  4. Rose Sweasey

    Rose Sweasey6 days ago

    ‘tis u I hardly know you

  5. Hugo Stiglitz

    Hugo Stiglitz7 days ago

    Korg is one of the best marvel characters ever because of taikas hilarious voice acting

  6. Richard Groenewoud

    Richard Groenewoud9 days ago

    Why does the girl wear a bubble rap outfit

  7. cindy liu

    cindy liu9 days ago

    I’ve lost arm wrestled against Thor repeatedly HAHAHAHA

  8. Darkness Siren

    Darkness Siren10 days ago


  9. Edie Crown

    Edie Crown10 days ago

    Sister scientist😂😂😂

  10. Kara McLeay

    Kara McLeay11 days ago

    Anyone who thinks New Zealanders sound like Australians listen to this pls

  11. Kaoru Hitachiin

    Kaoru Hitachiin13 days ago

    Anyone else fascinated with Tessa Thompson's beautiful muscled arms? Like DAMN GIRL!

  12. Kavadag

    Kavadag13 days ago

    Hela. She's evil but...... *hot. I know you wanted to say hot guys.

  13. Jalapeno Bizzn3ss

    Jalapeno Bizzn3ss13 days ago

    No offense but actually In would rather have Dr. Strange as my doctor because he was a surgeon before his car accidentLike if you agree

  14. muffin wizzard

    muffin wizzard14 days ago

    Tissue I hardly know you I laughed so hard at that

  15. Wumbo Wumbology

    Wumbo Wumbology15 days ago

    Do the people here actually read the comics?

  16. rilhol

    rilhol16 days ago

    I'd gladly be stuck on a planet with Loki...

  17. Cherry Frost

    Cherry Frost17 days ago

    Chris: U know what people change Me: uhm.. Loki changed..

  18. rat kn

    rat kn17 days ago

    tom's glasses are too small for his face

  19. rat kn

    rat kn17 days ago

    god i love taika

  20. Prachi Sharma

    Prachi Sharma19 days ago

    Awww Hiddleston is so adorable...!

  21. Harley Quinn

    Harley Quinn21 day ago

    i don't know why, but i am in the mood for a threesome with Mark Ruffalo and Tessa Thompson.

  22. GeaiHerbe

    GeaiHerbe22 days ago

    Surgeon bad-cuts

  23. Kendall Noelle Lambert

    Kendall Noelle Lambert23 days ago


  24. Camila FariasTorres

    Camila FariasTorres23 days ago

    If Thor puts the hammer on you it wil kil you (if you are not woardi)

  25. Karine Deschamps

    Karine Deschamps24 days ago

    Ses qui lacteur a coter de thor

  26. Twenty øne Beebo’s At the Discø

    Twenty øne Beebo’s At the Discø25 days ago

    love how they paired them up tho

  27. Noreen Hussain

    Noreen Hussain27 days ago

    If you had to say hulk smash every time you used the bathroom? Doesn't that mean you can never poop your pants

  28. Xanthe

    XantheMonth ago

    Love it how they paired the New Zealander and Australian together

  29. Penny Chisholm

    Penny ChisholmMonth ago

    Where's the actor of hela?

  30. i love 'dak'

    i love 'dak'Month ago

    Jeff Goldblum interested in the British pronunciation and accents because of Tom Hiddleston is a mood.

  31. Hassan Imam

    Hassan ImamMonth ago

    hulk smash hulk smash oh oh hulk smash down the hall and take a left

  32. xXCutertyz Xx

    xXCutertyz XxMonth ago

    Dr malcolm

  33. NyanAnimates

    NyanAnimatesMonth ago

    The ships are real

  34. Loki The fabulous

    Loki The fabulousMonth ago

    I took immediate offense when people chose Hela over Loki 😂😂😂😂! I love taika Waititi waaaaaayyy too much! Legit everyone In this cast is such a beautiful human I can’t rn

  35. 치킨아이스크림

    치킨아이스크림Month ago

    진짜 좋아. 롸그나롴

  36. DOT COM

    DOT COMMonth ago

    1:09 Valkyrie arm damn!

  37. Izzat Sootaga

    Izzat SootagaMonth ago

    1st question i said to myself loki might have tricked u and he is actually not there at all

  38. Pablo Hurtado

    Pablo HurtadoMonth ago

    I would say hulk smash before I kiss someone because I'm too ugly to ever kiss anyone

  39. Youdon'tneedtoknow

    Youdon'tneedtoknowMonth ago

    Why did I decide to eat when watching this video?

  40. Kawaii Meow

    Kawaii MeowMonth ago

    I love how they paired them up perfectly XD

  41. Royelle Gacha ツ

    Royelle Gacha ツMonth ago

    “Dr. Shaky hands “ I feel offended for strange

  42. pibgeon

    pibgeonMonth ago

    tHey're sO adOrable *how do i not notice that*

  43. Gabe Jones

    Gabe JonesMonth ago


  44. Colin Lange

    Colin LangeMonth ago

    "LOL Lots of llllllllllllama's"

  45. Black Holo Witch

    Black Holo WitchMonth ago

    Ohhhhh myyyyy gooooood!!!!!!! Tom Hiddleston on buzzfeed... I wish I could be this video producer

  46. Carla McCallum

    Carla McCallumMonth ago

    Was watching and looked at the Ragnarok Funko pop on my desk

  47. mezzogal

    mezzogalMonth ago

    I was smiling from the start but "You know hwhat" pushed me over. Laughing uncontrollably now. These guys are amazing!

  48. Rebecca Semple

    Rebecca SempleMonth ago

    ha on the topic of funko pops i just got a loki one XD

  49. maya summers

    maya summersMonth ago

    Jeff is so interested in Tom's accent. Too cute.

  50. jed

    jedMonth ago


  51. Bitoy Skii

    Bitoy SkiiMonth ago

    Welcome to Buzzfeed:Lots Of Legends

  52. Bethany Smith

    Bethany SmithMonth ago

    Lots of llamas

  53. Just Izzy

    Just IzzyMonth ago

    Jeff goldblum is just the fucking best

  54. MEDStudios

    MEDStudiosMonth ago

    Tessa looks like she has bubble wrap on for clothes that was coloured blue

  55. AlphaIkaros

    AlphaIkaros2 months ago

    I will never unsee the Grandmaster on Jeff Goldblum... or I will never unsee the Jeff Goldblum on the Grandmaster.??

  56. Uranic_Percy

    Uranic_Percy2 months ago

    I see tom. I click.

  57. Hila Azia

    Hila Azia2 months ago

    It's... Jeff... GOLDBLOOM!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. xd IamZythar

    xd IamZythar2 months ago

    Imagine pre-serum steve rogers being thor

  59. Zachary Matteson

    Zachary Matteson2 months ago

    Why is valkyrie wearing bubble wrap

  60. Daeryn Drd

    Daeryn Drd2 months ago

    Put the captions and watch the video from the beginning.😑

  61. Pinkcheetah101

    Pinkcheetah1012 months ago

    0:33 how about loki.. At least I'll have something to eat.

  62. King Majora Grimborn

    King Majora Grimborn2 months ago

    I choose loki

  63. xxxjacob

    xxxjacob2 months ago


  64. Aldrich Ivanputra Siemarga

    Aldrich Ivanputra Siemarga2 months ago

    Ian Malcolm?

  65. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker2 months ago

    Oh my god! I love Taika Waititi’s voice!!

  66. Luka B

    Luka B2 months ago

    2:57 "look it's not a competition" LMAO

  67. Justinhulk

    Justinhulk2 months ago

    Jeff goldbloom and Tom Hiddleston is what I live for

  68. Anais Guzman

    Anais Guzman2 months ago

    Hiddlesblum is my fave bromance everrrr 🤣😍😍😍😍😍😍 sorry Chris.

  69. Struudelis

    Struudelis2 months ago

    If only I'd have Tom on my right side and Jeff on my left side in my bed.

  70. Shadow Timeless

    Shadow Timeless2 months ago

    "You know gwhat"

  71. Ron The Rat

    Ron The Rat2 months ago

    0:57 is sooo Jeff

  72. Skyla Thorpe

    Skyla Thorpe2 months ago

    Chris hemsworth need thirst tweets and puppy interviews

  73. Brendon Uries Sevenhead

    Brendon Uries Sevenhead2 months ago

    Whenever mark smiles it looks like he’s in severe pain....

  74. Happy Person

    Happy Person2 months ago

    Taika looks lovely!!!!

  75. Eilonwy

    Eilonwy2 months ago

    Jeff and Tom act exactly like they did together as Loki and the Grandmaster.

  76. Memelord Deegan

    Memelord Deegan2 months ago

    These are hella desperate questions

  77. Tearsa Bryan

    Tearsa Bryan2 months ago

    Why did like everybody but Jeff choose to be on an island with Hella instead of Loki!? I would choose Loki in a heartbeat, Hella is way worse

  78. Tearsa Bryan

    Tearsa Bryan2 months ago

    Jeff is all of us, so intrigued by Tom’s beautiful accent lol

  79. Galaxy Emperor

    Galaxy Emperor2 months ago


  80. Chris Langford

    Chris Langford2 months ago

    they're so cute!!

  81. Kirsten 446

    Kirsten 4462 months ago

    I love Korg 😁😁

  82. Ava Mari27

    Ava Mari272 months ago

    Can I get an hour long video of Tom saying things and Jeff being absolutely fascinated with it?

  83. Rob Taylor

    Rob Taylor2 months ago

    best missed line in avengers infinity war: aboard the guardians ship - Thor has a realization he needs a weapon and holds up his spoon subconsciously Thor: I need a hammer Starlord: I need a.. spoon.

  84. Bella_ diamond

    Bella_ diamond2 months ago

    Lokie hella evil thor kind I think he is adopted

  85. Hidden Light

    Hidden Light2 months ago

    taika is a god

  86. Jan Šinkovec

    Jan Šinkovec2 months ago

    doctor "shaky hands" Opden! He was lousy with a scalpel and even worse with a saw, but he knew his apothecary! Explains the shaky hands if you ask me

  87. Janan Aleja

    Janan Aleja2 months ago

    Chris imitating Korg is the best thing i’ve seen

  88. subwei

    subwei2 months ago

    tessa and mark is so CUUUUUUTE 😍😍😍😍

  89. Norah Hartsock

    Norah Hartsock2 months ago

    The doctors danger the doctor in the new

  90. Raptor

    Raptor2 months ago

    bless my lil beans

  91. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker2 months ago

    Haha “surgeon BadCuts”

  92. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker2 months ago

    I think Koro is the best character in the whole movie. My friends agree. Also, my friend think, quote on quote, that “you are a blonde female version of Loki”

  93. Diamond Snow

    Diamond Snow2 months ago

    “Travel Sweet”....omg so British and cute....😳

  94. Gianna Acevedo

    Gianna Acevedo3 months ago


  95. Unicorn Dragon

    Unicorn Dragon3 months ago

    im starting to feel like im the only one in the world with a hulk fetish

  96. luigi

    luigi3 months ago

    I am damn sad for supporting BuzzFeed

  97. Angel Politis

    Angel Politis3 months ago

    Hemsworth's Laugh at 3:49. Epic!

  98. ARealFakeIdentity

    ARealFakeIdentity3 months ago

    hulks head is human sized

  99. Bella Bonjour

    Bella Bonjour3 months ago

    Jeff is real life tryna bone Tom lol

  100. Nida Ariena Mohd Ariff

    Nida Ariena Mohd Ariff3 months ago

    I actually work with a Kiwi who sound exactly like Korg. I recently re-watched Thor:Ragnarok and now every time i hear my colleague I giggle. LOL (he knows why)