The Cast of Super Troopers Roast Each Other | Vanity Fair


  1. Bazinga

    Bazinga3 months ago

    They all look like a 70's child molester with those mustaches

  2. Sean Bateman

    Sean Bateman4 months ago

    Can we just have Mac and Farva sling in insults to each other

  3. outkast762

    outkast7623 months ago

    Listen to the Chewin It podcast. Close as you'll get.

  4. Ronnie Garcia

    Ronnie Garcia5 months ago

    Crazy white people love super troopers

  5. NytemareFX Canberra

    NytemareFX Canberra5 months ago

    ughhh this was almost as terrible as Super Troopers 2, waiting seventeen years for disappointment, reminds me of losing my virginity...

  6. DVD Guy That

    DVD Guy That9 months ago

    Meh, a little funny but holy cow that is still the worst fake mustache I've seen in ages and, yes, they use it in the movie Super Troopers 2. Which is freakin' funny! So going to buy it as soon as I can. DVD, BluRay, Digital...

  7. Foof50

    Foof5010 months ago

    Thorny with a fake moustache is no bueno senor

  8. Gennady Reshetnikov

    Gennady Reshetnikov10 months ago

    3:15 good life lesson.

  9. ayronxx

    ayronxx10 months ago

    Mother of God

  10. Travis Cartee

    Travis Cartee10 months ago

    I didn't know the cast of Reno 911 had down like = one prayer.

  11. Crash TheStampede

    Crash TheStampede10 months ago

    Missed opportunity: "Your mustache almost looks real." "So does yours."

  12. Felicitas Sanchez

    Felicitas Sanchez10 months ago

    Please, I want more Beerfest

  13. Louane Blanchard

    Louane Blanchard10 months ago

    counter half exception loan diet approve eventually victim.

  14. Dale Lenze

    Dale Lenze11 months ago

    I don’t think Farva is that fat.

  15. Nax Neal

    Nax Neal11 months ago

    Not that funny

  16. Jonathan Guzman

    Jonathan Guzman10 months ago

    It's Vanity fair they can't curse and say some real insults.

  17. Nicholas Cyr

    Nicholas Cyr11 months ago

    What is the music called?

  18. DoubleGoon

    DoubleGoon11 months ago

    "In an insult war no one wins." lol

  19. ZeroCool

    ZeroCool11 months ago

    Sucks the reviews have been bad; however, I really enjoyed the sequel, brought back freshman year of college for me 2001.

  20. Quynh Duong

    Quynh Duong8 months ago

    if u look, 1 and 2 are pretty much neck and neck on imdb and rt

  21. Alexanderfication

    Alexanderfication11 months ago

    Who wants a mustache ride?!?

  22. AgentShadow

    AgentShadow11 months ago

    I've found hotter roasts in the frozen food section! Come on, guys! 😋

  23. mario megale

    mario megale11 months ago

    why did Thorny only do one. I demand another one.

  24. Gavin Reddig

    Gavin Reddig11 months ago

    My friends ALWAYS go back to the YOUR FAT

  25. insanemembrane

    insanemembrane11 months ago

    I take that as a complaint

  26. YoJon

    YoJon11 months ago

    Reno 911 vs super troopers

  27. DVD Guy That

    DVD Guy That9 months ago

    That would probably be hilarious.

  28. Ej Nappe

    Ej Nappe10 months ago

    This needs to happen!

  29. Vlad Pro

    Vlad Pro11 months ago

    Mac is fuckin savage

  30. Iron Kyan

    Iron Kyan11 months ago

    And they are??

  31. charmnGUY

    charmnGUY11 months ago

    All the characters are great!

  32. aaliyah clark

    aaliyah clark11 months ago

    Watch promise flag prior quarterback relationship operating greatest head false.

  33. Nitro Prime

    Nitro Prime11 months ago

    meow thats funny!!!

  34. Tyler Egan

    Tyler Egan11 months ago

    This was legendary

  35. Jose Barrios

    Jose Barrios11 months ago


  36. Vigilante

    Vigilante11 months ago

    Ha ha ha ha ha

  37. sbelair22

    sbelair2211 months ago

    Hahahaha, John Olerud!

  38. Nguyen Binh Tuyen

    Nguyen Binh Tuyen11 months ago

    Very good! You can watch this news on my channel.

  39. lightbombs

    lightbombs11 months ago



    MARA DESENHOS11 months ago

    Só consigo lembrar de the walking dead do rick kkk

  41. Weslo Bardo

    Weslo Bardo11 months ago

    Am I the only one here that noticed Fosters voice changed and now he totally sounds like John Cusack?

  42. That Guy

    That Guy10 months ago

    You are the only one.

  43. Alehandro DeGravel

    Alehandro DeGravel11 months ago

    hey piggies oink oink oink... catch me if you can! i got to many ponies in my very custom car! oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink

  44. Ariel Clark-Berroth

    Ariel Clark-Berroth11 months ago


  45. Hannah Stiner

    Hannah Stiner11 months ago

    Why is the video not 4:20? Missed opportunity editor

  46. Hey Frank

    Hey Frank11 months ago

    You like this video right meow!

  47. Noelle Nn

    Noelle Nn11 months ago

    Whatever comes after 2nd. Or 3rd. Wifi connection, you know...just in case.

  48. izzy crow

    izzy crow11 months ago


  49. Almir btw

    Almir btw11 months ago