The Cast Of "Black Panther" Plays Would You Rather


  1. Donald Banks

    Donald Banks20 hours ago

    SO DAMN CUTE.!!!!!

  2. Donald Banks

    Donald Banks20 hours ago


  3. Lance Williams

    Lance Williams3 days ago

    I don’t get why Michael B. Jordan was in Black Panther. He’s a sellout and the movie is supposed to represent black pride!

  4. Mo mmslooney

    Mo mmslooney5 days ago

    Wkabi had a blanket lol

  5. Theresa Mangel

    Theresa Mangel6 days ago

    He said I like my hands but in the movie he had only ONE hand XD

  6. A.

    A.7 days ago

    I'm shook that 3 of them chose immortality over superstrengh, I wasn't expecting not even one. Don't know if I'm living completely wrong but I wouldn't take immortality for free, let alone having superstrengh as an option.

  7. Paul Obrzud

    Paul Obrzud9 days ago

    It's a poncho Michael

  8. Jaedynn Otero

    Jaedynn Otero9 days ago

    Am I the only one that realizes that w’kabi is from get out and Mbaku is in us

  9. Jason Snowder

    Jason Snowder11 days ago

    Avengers wanted list. They might show mercy.

  10. Aliza M

    Aliza M13 days ago

    Immortality is bad because, u have to see all ur friends and family pass

  11. l e

    l e14 days ago

    I *_need_* more videos with Winston, Danai, and Daniel together

  12. Beatriz

    Beatriz16 days ago

    They’re so funny I can’t HFHDHH

  13. Tamia Hawkins

    Tamia Hawkins16 days ago

    I’m sorry but his eyes make me feel sorry for some reasons

  14. Chris Brown

    Chris Brown18 days ago

    U choose the hammer for legs and then your not worthy...

  15. Sven

    Sven19 days ago

    For the last question if your a avenger you will have to fight thanos.

  16. Vortex Plays

    Vortex Plays20 days ago

    I watched this while watching black panther on tv

  17. Antwaun Mcdowell

    Antwaun Mcdowell21 day ago


  18. Rose Petal Gacha

    Rose Petal Gacha21 day ago

    Only problem with Thor's hammer for legs is that only Captain America, Thor and Hella can wield the hammer so you wouldn't be able to move unless one of them picked you up

  19. Adi

    Adi23 days ago

    Theoretically, if you had thors hammer for legs would you be able to walk? To lift your legs and walk?

  20. Echø¿

    Echø¿24 days ago

    Fun fact: That W'kabi Is The Guy Who Played "Get out" A horror movie.

  21. SaiyanLegend101

    SaiyanLegend10122 days ago

    Echø¿ yea ik I saw the movie and I immediately recognized him

  22. Isabella Francine

    Isabella Francine25 days ago

    Why you guys are so damn hot?

  23. Becky Arteest 2004

    Becky Arteest 200429 days ago

    “Panther.” “Why?” “Because I MADE IT.”

  24. Zita Csikós

    Zita Csikós29 days ago

    wtf did Daniel Kaluuya smoke

  25. Andria Wang

    Andria Wang29 days ago

    If you have Thor’s hammer as legs, don’t you have to be worthy just to walk?

  26. Gisele

    GiseleMonth ago

    cast precioso ♥

  27. Chaleyáh Maria

    Chaleyáh MariaMonth ago

    Where my guys t’challa??

  28. Chaleyáh Maria

    Chaleyáh MariaMonth ago

    Where my guys t’challa??

  29. Savage_sunflower :3

    Savage_sunflower :3Month ago

    Omg Daniel killed me man! 😂😂🤣😅

  30. Harper Miller

    Harper MillerMonth ago

    This is so funny

  31. Turtle and avengers Lover_plays YT

    Turtle and avengers Lover_plays YTMonth ago

    Who is your favourite female and male character? Mine:Shuri & T’challa

  32. Emmie Estiller

    Emmie EstillerMonth ago

    i hate michel b. jordan he's an half crazy bread and ass

  33. curt wall

    curt wallMonth ago

    Wonder with xmen coming into mcu does this mean storm and black panther romance happen she become queen

  34. Annabelle Koetting

    Annabelle KoettingMonth ago

    0:15 “duh”😂💀

  35. Ashleigh Holzkamper

    Ashleigh HolzkamperMonth ago

    Shuri: I think strom it will be a good fight Me: you have to fight him you can't fight your self

  36. HAHAofiin Q

    HAHAofiin QMonth ago

    T'Chella and I can have babies :333 :>>>> HE SO FINE WAKANDA FOREVER!!

  37. Renée Potter

    Renée PotterMonth ago

    daniel is so relatable

  38. Muhsina Safi

    Muhsina SafiMonth ago

    Why do most of the a actors have a British accent

  39. PokeMarioPlush

    PokeMarioPlushMonth ago

    But would you be able to lift your legs if they were both Thor's hammer?

  40. Pearl D'souza

    Pearl D'souzaMonth ago

    4:14 my mood 24/7

  41. suweyda Dualeh

    suweyda DualehMonth ago

    Just to clarify, you will not be able to walk with Thor’s hammer because you are not worthy

  42. DestroyerZ564

    DestroyerZ564Month ago

    2:02 The start of the Everpanther ship. ;D

  43. Farisa Smith

    Farisa SmithMonth ago

    M' baku as an Uber driver, "Your ride is done. No. I will not help you get out! "

  44. Khai

    KhaiMonth ago

    Daniel Kaluuya is British?

  45. Meadow Rie

    Meadow RieMonth ago

    With the Thor hammer leg you wouldn't be able to walk lol

  46. Stacey Capilos

    Stacey CapilosMonth ago

    "Cause I made it."

  47. Senai Habte

    Senai HabteMonth ago

    Andy Serkis: Gollum Martin Freeman: Bilbo Baggins Both were in the Hobbit


    POLAR SOLARMonth ago

    the man on red looks like Big Shaq

  49. AlFa 113

    AlFa 113Month ago

    Hhhmmmm...Andy and Martin's responses regarding immortality, where I have I heard something like that before?

  50. JuniMotion Games

    JuniMotion GamesMonth ago


  51. yayadrew

    yayadrew2 months ago

    💘 Danai.