The Cast Of "Black Panther" Plays Would You Rather


  1. Jenny Adkins

    Jenny Adkins6 hours ago

    1:26 that evil laugh tho...

  2. Makaelah M.

    Makaelah M.7 hours ago

    They're funny af

  3. Ann T

    Ann TDay ago

    I luv Shuri 😭❤️❤️

  4. I stole jimins jams;-;

    I stole jimins jams;-;Day ago


  5. _Divine Egharevba

    _Divine Egharevba2 days ago

    Am I nOt WaKaNdAn? 0:54


    LIAM SORIANO3 days ago

    W’ kabi’s answer for storm 😂

  7. JCFG

    JCFG3 days ago

    This movie is incredibly indiverse

  8. Kamohelo Pholoana

    Kamohelo Pholoana4 days ago

    Can i just say that the blanket wakbi wears is a sesotho blanket and i am sotho AKA south African

  9. Grace Ebo

    Grace Ebo6 days ago

    4:00 Same W'kabi.. same

  10. Tybee Parish-Letteer

    Tybee Parish-Letteer6 days ago

    An indestructible cellphone cause then you can throw it at people!

  11. Manal Rabih

    Manal Rabih7 days ago

    My friends name is Jamari and we call him Jabari after the wakanda tribe

  12. Peace4Leisure91

    Peace4Leisure918 days ago

    1:38 “This pizza sure is wet!” 😂😂😂😂😂 I can’t

  13. Squiggle Mint

    Squiggle Mint8 days ago

    Black parther is the only marvel movie I have ever watched... I know! It's crazy!

  14. Myles Powicki

    Myles Powicki9 days ago

    The Avengers would be too busy partying to track me down...

  15. Melissa Wambugu

    Melissa Wambugu9 days ago

    Ati black women are stress😂😂😂

  16. Alaina Kennard

    Alaina Kennard10 days ago

    Michael hot af 😍

  17. Princess Binns

    Princess Binns11 days ago

    Where is the ACUALL black panther?

  18. yaasmeen ayebale

    yaasmeen ayebale11 days ago

    Daniel 😍😍😍 n his so funny😂😂😂

  19. Fatima Saeed

    Fatima Saeed12 days ago

    Awww i loveeee Kaluuya😭😭💔

  20. Paris France

    Paris France13 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😘😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣 Black woman will find you and hunt you down !

  21. Eraldine Cyrl

    Eraldine Cyrl14 days ago

    "I dont want to be around for too long." Mopd

  22. Jens Lyhne

    Jens Lyhne14 days ago

    "You can run on walls with Black Panther suit" *IRON MAN CAN FLY*

  23. Sarah Brooks

    Sarah Brooks15 days ago

    michal b jordan is so hot

  24. Marsha Q

    Marsha Q16 days ago

    1. Sorry dude but you're an idiot if you think that Storm can only cause rain. 2. Props for the Death Becomes Her reference loved that movie

  25. Gaming With Miles

    Gaming With Miles16 days ago

    T challa

  26. Gaming With Miles

    Gaming With Miles16 days ago


  27. Gaming With Miles

    Gaming With Miles16 days ago

    Panther suit

  28. A D

    A D17 days ago

    4:15 when i realise i have too many assignments to finish I am Mmm'baku

  29. Ninja Boy0625

    Ninja Boy062517 days ago

    Cell phone because I’m just 8

  30. Porsha Love

    Porsha Love17 days ago

    "W'Kabi has a blanket.." Ahh! I love it lol

  31. Animal Lover 5everlife

    Animal Lover 5everlife19 days ago

    I’d pick strength over immortality because then I’d have to watch everyone I cared for leave me

  32. Bisharo Ail

    Bisharo Ail20 days ago

    Omg this is funny 😂

  33. Mark Moore

    Mark Moore21 day ago

    Iron man suit, duh, black panther can't fly

  34. Sophia Killian

    Sophia Killian22 days ago


  35. Sherry Meng

    Sherry Meng22 days ago

    Imagine having a phone case made out of vibranium, no cracks on your phone for the rest of your life

  36. carolina

    carolina23 days ago

    "super-human strenght, i don't wanna be around for too long" LMAOOO

  37. Artist God

    Artist God23 days ago

    Michael B. Jordan is cute bro

  38. Shante Robertson

    Shante Robertson23 days ago

    Very funny

  39. Lungam Bangyang

    Lungam Bangyang25 days ago

    I was just feeling bad for the others that they didn't get to had fun like the trio😂

  40. Flaming Paradox

    Flaming Paradox27 days ago

    you could kick the haters with Thor’s hammer for legs 😂

  41. Selena Jones

    Selena Jones27 days ago

    They do have a point a black woman will find you in 2seconds all she needs is a name

  42. Victoria Zheng

    Victoria ZhengMonth ago

    I thought Martin was American (am I racist?)

  43. BriBri981000

    BriBri981000Month ago

    "Black women will find you and bring you down." 😂😂😂 This so true.. lol

  44. Nailah Mason

    Nailah MasonMonth ago

    This pizza shuris wet

  45. ankle breaker yeet

    ankle breaker yeetMonth ago

    Wakanda forever

  46. Ezra Kiven

    Ezra KivenMonth ago

    I'm a fan of you guy's!!!

  47. David Marshall

    David MarshallMonth ago

    No one said Iron Man's that's rigged No one thought that they could fly in Iron Man's suit...

  48. Speaking Jacksonese

    Speaking JacksoneseMonth ago

    4:24-4:56 Is the best part. I was cracking up. Especially them 3.😁

  49. Maria Clara

    Maria ClaraMonth ago

    they are cool af

  50. Tameka Nicole

    Tameka NicoleMonth ago

    its really crazy how much I love Daniel Kaluuya

  51. Broji _king

    Broji _kingMonth ago

    I would be on the dora milajae's list cause thanos snapped em away

  52. Miss Danie

    Miss DanieMonth ago

    Micheal be looking like a snack 😻🔥😹

  53. Cameil Ramouche

    Cameil RamoucheMonth ago

    That was fun to

  54. ØP_Ray

    ØP_RayMonth ago

    Chadwick boseman????

  55. Ilma Ilma

    Ilma IlmaMonth ago

    andy smeagol😂


    DYLAN EARLEMonth ago

    Only here for Michael B Jordan

  57. Yolobaconswag FTW

    Yolobaconswag FTWMonth ago

    The blackest video ever

  58. KaDeT JO

    KaDeT JOMonth ago

    Where is tchalla

  59. JMtheSmartAlec

    JMtheSmartAlecMonth ago

    Honestly while I like the Black Panther suit more than the Iron Man suit. I would wear Iron Man suit so I can fly to places. And I wouldn’t be like Tony who likes to push the suit’s to their limits so they get damage

  60. Svetlana Gadaeva

    Svetlana GadaevaMonth ago

    Black panther freezed which is why we cant see him throughout the video.

  61. Prabu Dalimi

    Prabu DalimiMonth ago

    If you choose thor hammer for legs you need to be worthy to lift it up

  62. Lesile Thompson

    Lesile ThompsonMonth ago

    M Baku was and daniel and all of them was my favorite 😍😍

  63. Adam de Vries

    Adam de VriesMonth ago

    Where is chadwick

  64. Collin

    CollinMonth ago

    we already have indestructible cell phones though

  65. kshamwhizzle

    kshamwhizzleMonth ago

    "W'Kabi has a blanket..."

  66. Warriorwhale20

    Warriorwhale20Month ago

    They picked Thor hammer legs, but do they realize none of them can even lift the hammer?

  67. harpreet bedi

    harpreet bediMonth ago

    Iron man's suit is better

  68. Sai anime guy

    Sai anime guyMonth ago

    Thor- "But you are not worthy to lift the hammer" Vision- "say agean i can lift my legs with eas even if they have the hammer on them" XD what am i doing with my life oh an i wanna ide already so heat shaped earb cause it would make me suffer if i was immortal

  69. TemporaryFind

    TemporaryFindMonth ago

    What a great cast tbh

  70. Anna Gray

    Anna GrayMonth ago


  71. Loser life gaming and stop motions

    Loser life gaming and stop motionsMonth ago

    Every kid who uses tik tok: I care about phones 😡😡 (like if you hate tik tok)

  72. United Assassin Revolution

    United Assassin RevolutionMonth ago

    I love Black People 😂

  73. UniKittyCorn

    UniKittyCornMonth ago

    If there were such thing as immortality i would give it to RDJ because no one can replace him.

  74. Aki Leaf

    Aki LeafMonth ago

    I mean amazing interview and everything, but ... why is the background music for the superhuman strength vs immortality questing Tschaikovski’s swan lake? I mean it’s incredibly beautiful, but the protagonists of the swan lake die in the end and no character has superhuman strength... just wondering, though.


    SHAGiN STUDiOZMonth ago

    Hawkeye - Clint Barton

  76. Family Gomez-Torres

    Family Gomez-TorresMonth ago

    2:06 the way mbj said it. Omg i love him

  77. Anna 16

    Anna 16Month ago

    The should've put Bilbo and Smeagol together😂😁

  78. Anthony Muscat

    Anthony MuscatMonth ago

    As awesome as immortality is, it is a very taking away thing because if you get attached to anyone you'll have to see them fade away over and over agin because you would never die and it ends up being torture

  79. Adeleke Adewoyin

    Adeleke AdewoyinMonth ago

    Mbaku chose mbaku he is you

  80. Adeleke Adewoyin

    Adeleke AdewoyinMonth ago

    Michael Jordan should have chosen storm since he is golden jaguar

  81. Begone Normies.

    Begone Normies.Month ago

    Finally, a good buzzfeed video.

  82. Precious Adesina

    Precious AdesinaMonth ago

    “I don’t wanna be around for too long”😂😂

  83. Precious Adesina

    Precious AdesinaMonth ago

    “And at the end he goes ARE YOU DONE?!”😂😂😂😂 I laughed when he said that in the movie as well

  84. Powen

    PowenMonth ago

    Would you rather be dead or alive

  85. NekoWhiteStar

    NekoWhiteStarMonth ago

    I need more Letitia and Martin :D both give me life...and diabetes but a good diabetes

  86. Donyetta Roberts

    Donyetta RobertsMonth ago


  87. Emmanuel Charway

    Emmanuel CharwayMonth ago

    My cousin is there

  88. no name

    no nameMonth ago

    I can only see Martin as a hobbit and Andy as gollum😂😂

  89. Ghastly Eon

    Ghastly EonMonth ago

    3:37 Did Everret Ross watch Get Out

  90. katelyn woods

    katelyn woodsMonth ago

    2:06 is literally everyone looking at T’Challa

  91. Magicc Gam3r

    Magicc Gam3rMonth ago

    *”Answer the question young lady.”*

  92. Laicy Bing

    Laicy BingMonth ago

    Loving them but tbh! Between Strength or Immortality, strength ftw. I am never going to appreciate the thought of not dying. Seeing people die. Falling in love and then seeing them die. Wars, losing people and possibly family. I am just not able to live with that.

  93. Skyla Thorpe

    Skyla ThorpeMonth ago

    "I'm Relieved but kinda hurt” lmao

  94. Silkysmooth420

    Silkysmooth420Month ago

    4:39 Black woman is STRESSS looooooool

  95. Irvine Kamal

    Irvine KamalMonth ago

    Where's Chad ?

  96. MiisuHaa

    MiisuHaaMonth ago

    Okay but what if you're not worthy of the hammer and they are your legs??

  97. Jorge A. Carrazana García

    Jorge A. Carrazana GarcíaMonth ago

    0:07 Watson 😂

  98. adainis b

    adainis bMonth ago

    Andy serkis: I'm easy either wayXD

  99. Shogun

    ShogunMonth ago


  100. Mr. DooDoo

    Mr. DooDooMonth ago

    Where’s tchalla