The Cast Of "Black Panther" Plays Would You Rather


  1. Broken Blade

    Broken Blade9 hours ago

    Iron-Man's Bleeding Edge suit can morph into whatever he wants

  2. MysticHyperr

    MysticHyperr9 hours ago

    Am I not WAKANDAN

  3. IcyPaw Mc

    IcyPaw McDay ago

    MARTIN FREEMAN !!!!!! God I love him!

  4. phAnt0mgh0st7018

    phAnt0mgh0st7018Day ago

    "Kinda relieved, but kinda hurt ... It is so confusing!" HAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHA 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  5. kqndall wilsen

    kqndall wilsenDay ago

    answer de question yung lady;))) IM WHEEZING

  6. DogDayZ

    DogDayZDay ago

    2:22 it depends is the car a Tesla

  7. Erin Francis

    Erin Francis2 days ago

    The heading is BLACK PANTHER but i see no black panther

  8. MadlexaTheWolf

    MadlexaTheWolf4 days ago

    2:06 The way he says T'challa after THAT specific question...I feel uncomfortable now 😣

  9. Lilia Pearson

    Lilia Pearson6 days ago

    Answer the question young lady

  10. Liza The Gryffindore

    Liza The Gryffindore6 days ago

    While I was watching this my lil sis put on Thor Ragnorok and the black panther trailer came on talk about a coincidence 😆

  11. Kiya L.

    Kiya L.8 days ago

    I just want to hang out with Danai and Daniel 😂

  12. Jaisa Freeman

    Jaisa Freeman9 days ago

    My last name is freeman lol

  13. Jaisa Freeman

    Jaisa Freeman9 days ago

    And I didn’t change me name for the people who think that 🙄

  14. Ferny Llamas

    Ferny Llamas9 days ago

    Answer the question young lady

  15. Mario Dorsey

    Mario Dorsey10 days ago

    Winston duke has to be atm from 2k18 😂😂😂

  16. CIYC Hloe

    CIYC Hloe10 days ago

    Okay now Daniel but when my mother strikes you on the ass for that pizza, *vine playing* WHAT YOU GON DO?!?

  17. Waffle Waffle

    Waffle Waffle11 days ago

    In Black Panther I ship Shuri and Everett

  18. Aichi Toshiki

    Aichi Toshiki11 days ago

    I laughed so hard at the answers to the last question😂😂😂😆CHEEKS HURTING SO MUCH


    SILVΞRDЯΛGØИ13 days ago

    *2:22* *Would you rather have an indestructible car made out of vibranium or an indestructible cell phone made out of vibranium?* *Answer The Question When Replying To This Comment!*

  20. WhiteTiger Gaming

    WhiteTiger Gaming15 days ago

    2:07 just his answer 🤣😂 4:45 guy in red shirt 🤣😂

  21. Kraizeepheenai

    Kraizeepheenai15 days ago

    Where is chadwick?

  22. Anon Soon

    Anon Soon17 days ago

    *”That’s the question young lady”*

  23. Phoenix Python

    Phoenix Python17 days ago

    If u chose strength ur stupid because if u have immortality u get strength manually

  24. Dann Bellator

    Dann Bellator17 days ago

    Michael is so freaking hot... Biggest crush on MCU

  25. W.D Gaster

    W.D Gaster18 days ago

    Letitia’s biceps are well built Either that or she’s just skinny.

  26. Aysha Ryer

    Aysha Ryer18 days ago

    The one white person who stands out in the crown

  27. Daisy Da duck

    Daisy Da duck22 days ago

    RIP Headphone users ;-;

  28. Melody Xu

    Melody Xu23 days ago

    lol you could kill somebody with a vibranium phone

  29. piama ritter

    piama ritter24 days ago

    Daniel is so funny 😂😂😂 love him

  30. Purple Tomato22

    Purple Tomato2225 days ago


  31. Luchianna Medley

    Luchianna Medley26 days ago

    baecuase i made it haha lmao

  32. Odoyefe

    Odoyefe26 days ago

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  33. Joseph Marks

    Joseph Marks27 days ago

    Rip iron mans purpose on being smart

  34. Isha M

    Isha M28 days ago

    wHERE IS T'CHALLA .... oh right. infinity war -_-

  35. Cricket Coop

    Cricket Coop28 days ago

    immortality would suck, you would watch all your family and friends die, and you will be alone drifting in darkness forever.

  36. Bianca Giarola

    Bianca Giarola29 days ago

    LETITIA AND MARTIIIIIN❤ ugh I love them

  37. mianne sciacqua

    mianne sciacquaMonth ago

    Is anyone going talk about Storm? I say this because in the comics, T'challa, is married ton her.

  38. Ibzy

    IbzyMonth ago


  39. Fanofmanythings

    FanofmanythingsMonth ago

    "I'm kinda relieved but kinda hurt." XD

  40. Madkat101

    Madkat101Month ago

    Shuri because if I fought Storm T'challa might kill me for fighting his wife (Comic books of course)

  41. alanaq

    alanaqMonth ago

    'Answer the question young lady' SKFJDSFJKD

  42. Gamer_ Tag

    Gamer_ TagMonth ago

    is cumberbatch natrating???

  43. Mario Pie

    Mario PieMonth ago

    My question is.... *WHERE TF IS T'CHALLA*

  44. Slime Miracle

    Slime MiracleMonth ago

    *AnSwEr ThE qUeStIoN yOuNg LaDy*

  45. Cool Dude gaming

    Cool Dude gamingMonth ago

    look its tamago

  46. Robot Productions

    Robot ProductionsMonth ago

    Omg I love this cast and movie

  47. Tardersauce35

    Tardersauce35Month ago

    Answer the question young lady

  48. Skilled Gaming #SG

    Skilled Gaming #SGMonth ago

    1:35 and 00:15 Lol😂😂😂

  49. Farah Indy

    Farah IndyMonth ago

    I love the Daniel , Winston , and Danai trio !! They're so funny and iconic !!

  50. Vienna Law

    Vienna LawMonth ago

    My answers: Would you rather have to wear Black Panther’s suit every time you left your house or Iron Man’s? - Black Panther, because it’s so much easier to move in. I mean, I’m not flexible, but i can kick. Would you rather have Nakia’s ring blades for hands or Thor’s hammer for legs? - Thor’s hammer for legs because i suck at running anyway. And how am i supposed to draw and write with ring blades for hands? Would you rather have to fight for the last slice of pizza against Shuri or X-Men mutant Storm? - Shuri, because i don’t want to be struck by lightning over some pizza and i can just throw something at Shuri, probably miss, grab the box and run. I can’t run, but I can try. Besides, it would be cool to meet Shuri. Would you rather be big-spooned by T’Challa or W’Kabi after a night of Netflix and chillin’? - neither because i don’t do Netflix and chill (I’m too young for that ish) and i don’t have an attraction to either. They wouldn’t be attracted to me, either. This is what i do because I’m way too single. Would you rather have an indestructible care made out of vibranium or an indestructible cell phone made out of vibranium? - cell phone because i can’t drive, anyway. Besides, i get a new phone. Mine sucks so much and it’s so old that they don’t even sell a phone case for it, now. Would you rather find out your Uber driver is M’Baku or an angry Hulk? - M’Baku because i don’t want to die and i can talk smack to M’Baku all i want. He’ll just say ‘are you done?’. I don’t even use Uber because my mother refuses to let me. Would you rather consume a heart-shaped herb that give you superhuman strength or immortality? - superhuman strength. I may be young, but I’ve been around long enough to know how much torture immortality would be. Besides, then no man would dare fight me. Would you rather find out you’re on the Dora Milaje’s wanted list or the Avengers’? - Dora Milaje, because i could literally just hide at school. And, if they did catch me, they would take me to Wakanda for a trial, right? Right?!

  51. Deer Man Of Dark Woods

    Deer Man Of Dark WoodsMonth ago

    4:02 who tf laughed loud af? Lmao

  52. Neifert Cornejo

    Neifert CornejoMonth ago

    4:41 is the best part of this. "BLACK WOMEN WILL FIND YOU AND THEY WILL BRING YOU DOWN!"

  53. BangtanSugaKookies

    BangtanSugaKookiesMonth ago

    I love this cast so much. I can't wait until Black Panther 2. 😊

  54. thegamingboy 13

    thegamingboy 13Month ago

    Why isnt chadwick boseman in this he is the main character

  55. Chihuahua Dogluver

    Chihuahua DogluverMonth ago

    why no tachalla

  56. amiaunicorn yt

    amiaunicorn ytMonth ago


  57. Perfect Angels

    Perfect AngelsMonth ago

    Because I made it 😂🤪

  58. Jennifer Misera

    Jennifer MiseraMonth ago

    Winston and Daniel MAKE this interview. Also, Michael's super cute. VERY different from Killmonger

  59. Trinity Caldwell

    Trinity CaldwellMonth ago

    I have the same birthday as DANIEL KALUUYA. May 8.

  60. oko oko

    oko okoMonth ago

    I would just ask shuri to mix iron mans and black Panthers suit together

  61. Random J - ?J

    Random J - ?JMonth ago

    1:34 The way Daniel completely shaded Storm's powers. I was so done.

  62. Chanel Bufanda

    Chanel BufandaMonth ago

    My mom says she wants to marry killmonger

  63. elizabethhh

    elizabethhhMonth ago

    4:00 THATS A BIGG MOOODDD *i don't wanna be around too long* ☠️☠️

  64. Sophia Scorpion

    Sophia ScorpionMonth ago

    Ross,john and billbu lol 😂

  65. MaximumCord

    MaximumCordMonth ago

    Bro, Daniel is funny af

  66. Calista Siobhan Francia San Diego

    Calista Siobhan Francia San DiegoMonth ago

    why isn’t t’challa himself not here

  67. Aaliyah Starr

    Aaliyah StarrMonth ago

    I've watched this so much

  68. W street

    W streetMonth ago

    Vibranium phone = anything thats not iphone

  69. Jasmine Duncan

    Jasmine DuncanMonth ago

    M'Baku thhhhiiiicccc

  70. kynkris Park

    kynkris ParkMonth ago

    But wat if they weren't worthy enough 4 Thor's hammers on their feet

  71. Diana Thewolf

    Diana ThewolfMonth ago

    Omg I love you guys Black panther is my favorite avenger

  72. Emily Calhoun

    Emily CalhounMonth ago

    1:23 that laugh though 😂

  73. Stahim s

    Stahim sMonth ago

    The black pidgeon's actor is too good for the mcu

  74. TinyTat 20

    TinyTat 20Month ago


  75. Julia Day

    Julia DayMonth ago

    2:09 "I'm relieved but kinda hurt!"

  76. hashirama

    hashiramaMonth ago


  77. ChibiProtectorHana

    ChibiProtectorHanaMonth ago

    Oh come on they’re called chakrams XD The ring blades I mean

  78. bettinayeehaw

    bettinayeehawMonth ago

    0:45 WORHTY LEGS

  79. golden blue

    golden blueMonth ago

    0:16 Benedict's voice

  80. Beckham

    BeckhamMonth ago

    Isn’t Michael B Jordan in the new fantastic four?

  81. R1ESE'S TV

    R1ESE'S TVMonth ago

    if you get Thors hammer for legs you cant move because only the chosen on gets to move it

  82. Bookgirl333

    Bookgirl333Month ago

    "Who cares about a cell phone?" Me: T_T

  83. Tomiwa Morris

    Tomiwa MorrisMonth ago

    "WHO CARES ABOUT A PHONE! ?", *coughs and splitters in the background* Just kidding ma dudes i don't have a social life anyway

  84. Sasuke Uchiha

    Sasuke UchihaMonth ago


  85. Folayimika Jeje

    Folayimika JejeMonth ago

    A black woman will find u

  86. chubby bears123

    chubby bears123Month ago

    4:39 daniel is sooo funny, love him❤❤

  87. Razor Tom

    Razor TomMonth ago

    african interview in a nutshell

  88. Fop Dumpling

    Fop DumplingMonth ago

    "W'kabi has a blanket" HAHAHAHA practical cause he can keep you warm

  89. Tyler Kim

    Tyler KimMonth ago

    I love Shuri’s laugh it is cute

  90. Cardi Official

    Cardi OfficialMonth ago

    Y’all so funny in the movie and real life

  91. FZ B6

    FZ B6Month ago

    2:10 lol!

  92. Po The Panda

    Po The PandaMonth ago

    “Black woman is stress”

  93. Hey Hey

    Hey HeyMonth ago

    0:06 NO MARTIN UR BILBO DON'T BETRAY ME DON'T DO THIS (I mean I still luv this movie tho)

  94. Dhere. Go. So !

    Dhere. Go. So !Month ago

    "I think with Hulk, it would be a really short ride and I'll die!"

  95. Jermaine Shaw

    Jermaine ShawMonth ago

    Where is black panther

  96. Nouri Lombonga

    Nouri LombongaMonth ago

    They so lit and so funny😂😂😅🔥😍

  97. Coolzies takes Ls

    Coolzies takes LsMonth ago

    mbaku takes up half the car, hulk cant fit in the car

  98. Squid Animations

    Squid AnimationsMonth ago

    You guys forgot something... If you are not worthy you can't lift you're feets. LOL

  99. Khanysha C

    Khanysha CMonth ago

    “Black women are stress” 😂😂 facts

  100. Anonymous Potato

    Anonymous Potato2 months ago

    If you had thor's hammer legs could you even walk? Because most of us are unworthy

  101. The Shyest Ant

    The Shyest Ant2 months ago

    Why isn’t Chadwick Boseman here he is black panther