The Cast Of "Black Panther" Plays Would You Rather


  1. Aja Reid

    Aja Reid11 hours ago

    I would have Thor hammer for legs

  2. Aja Reid

    Aja Reid11 hours ago

    Think that I would have Thor hammer for legs

  3. Brian Faltar

    Brian Faltar2 days ago

    Some of those options don’t even match

  4. Lucy Gu

    Lucy Gu2 days ago

    If it's the nanobot Iron Man suit, I would beg otherwise lol. But at the time this is released, totally going with black panther suit too.

  5. Author Genie D. Queen

    Author Genie D. Queen3 days ago

    “Black women will find you” lol so true

  6. Jennie Yolan

    Jennie Yolan4 days ago

    Super human strength bc I don’t wanna be around for too long lmao

  7. Ivy_ Queen__

    Ivy_ Queen__7 days ago

    Danai gurira has the same dress on when she was in the fear box video with Chadwick Boseman did anyone notice that?!

  8. Woman of faith Smith

    Woman of faith Smith8 days ago

    I love them all but I'm kind of disappointed Chadwick Bozeman wasn't on here.

  9. Rigby

    Rigby8 days ago


  10. Jirie Ringu

    Jirie Ringu11 days ago

    Wkabi has blanket 😆

  11. wierd தமிழன்

    wierd தமிழன்11 days ago

    W'kabi or t'challa? Whoever is willing 🤷

  12. Jaz Castellanos

    Jaz Castellanos12 days ago

    Martin Freeman is pretty attractive

  13. Samson Ansah

    Samson Ansah12 days ago

    “This pizza sure is wet 😂”

  14. juani

    juani13 days ago

    i love Martin Freeman and i love black panther but i didn’t even knew that he appeared on the movie ;-;

  15. Maxpein Zin Enrile del Valle Moon

    Maxpein Zin Enrile del Valle Moon14 days ago

    Gosh Martin 😍 so sassy my love 😘

  16. T stone To the bone

    T stone To the bone14 days ago

    Yo they are funny asl, them 3 had me dyin. “Answer the Question Young Lady” lmao

  17. Xeno Bauz

    Xeno Bauz16 days ago

    if my legs were thor hammers, it would be failed zoom challenges whenever me and thor in the same area

  18. Olívia Fernandes

    Olívia Fernandes17 days ago

    Answer the question YOUNG LADY

  19. Aleesha Yasin

    Aleesha Yasin17 days ago

    Pizza? You mean an open sandwich, right Daniel?

  20. A Guy Do Pen Tap

    A Guy Do Pen Tap18 days ago

    4:44 what was he saying

  21. A Guy Do Pen Tap

    A Guy Do Pen Tap9 days ago

    Serenity113 ight thx

  22. Serenity113

    Serenity1139 days ago

    "I can handle them(the Avengers). Black women is stress."

  23. Nicketa Wooten

    Nicketa Wooten20 days ago

    I'm really feeling Michael B Jordan's thickness right now. I like him so much since he became kill munger

  24. L. AC

    L. AC22 days ago

    Rewatching this because iconic


    AUGUSTINE24 days ago

    The dora milajè is merciless the Avengers would at least give you time to live


    AUGUSTINE24 days ago

    How did Shuri not think of making a phone case out of Vibranium it could charge your phone every time you dropped it and it would be indestructible

  27. Sinikiwe Simpamba

    Sinikiwe Simpamba25 days ago

    l love them.

  28. rat kn

    rat kn26 days ago

    i just love martin

  29. applehead

    applehead26 days ago

    We must protect Daniel at all costs He's so precious

  30. Vision

    Vision27 days ago

    “Super human strength, I don’t want to be around for too long” 😭😂 same

  31. ii*Gaya*ii

    ii*Gaya*iiMonth ago

    *i LiKe LoOkInG aT tHeM.*

  32. The trash can

    The trash canMonth ago

    Doctor Watson back at it again


    MAME KONTEMonth ago

    I loved the movie black panther and I loved the video

  34. Anuj Kondhalkar

    Anuj KondhalkarMonth ago

    0:15 leady snoop Dogg.

  35. Erin Cummins

    Erin CumminsMonth ago

    i keep replaying @1:56 because it's crack up

  36. kristina lulgjuraj

    kristina lulgjurajMonth ago

    the avengers wouldn’t even fide you, they’d be too busy fighting each other

  37. Kaanoyo Shimada

    Kaanoyo ShimadaMonth ago

    “Super human strength, I don’t want to be alive for too long” I feel you

  38. Sabrina Johnson

    Sabrina JohnsonMonth ago


  39. Zaja Hassan

    Zaja HassanMonth ago

    “Am I not wakandan?”

  40. Toad Gatter

    Toad GatterMonth ago

    Thor hammer legs is gonna be hard if you’re unworthy

  41. Beats.

    Beats.Month ago

    Letitia makes me so proud to have an English accent now I know why people love British accents! 🤪

  42. Nam Tran

    Nam TranMonth ago

    Angry hulk, I am getting pretty angry right no- HULK SMASH

  43. Muhammed Ozturk

    Muhammed OzturkMonth ago

    4:40 hahahahahaha 😂😂😂

  44. Musical Haze

    Musical HazeMonth ago

    "Answer the question, young lady" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  45. Matthew Williams

    Matthew WilliamsMonth ago

    I'd. Like. Both. Made. Of. Vibranium. Because. I. Don't. Want. My. Phone. To. Brace.

  46. Cheetah

    CheetahMonth ago

    Irons man's suit can fly..... how was that debatable?

  47. guiltriple

    guiltripleMonth ago

    Oh my gosh, I don't know these actors' names but the actor who plays Okoye, I love her hair pattern design SO much

  48. Clio DJ

    Clio DJMonth ago

    I’d rather have the avengers after me because they’ll be too busy arguing to get me 😂😂😂

  49. Makenna C

    Makenna CMonth ago


  50. leda basile

    leda basileMonth ago

    If we don't get at least another two Black Panther movies I will riot

  51. Loki The fabulous

    Loki The fabulousMonth ago

    Why was it so easy for me to imagine someone with Thor hammer legs???😂😂😂



    De cluws

  53. Rui Chen

    Rui ChenMonth ago

    I like how its almost everyone except T challa (the actual black panther)

  54. Honey Mo

    Honey MoMonth ago

    "All I do is this all day" 😂😂😂

  55. Samira Kaur-Riyait

    Samira Kaur-RiyaitMonth ago

    # are you done?

  56. Alexandra Gayle

    Alexandra GayleMonth ago

    I just get the pizza while its raining

  57. wilb6657

    wilb6657Month ago

    Holy Moly. Agent Ross is BRITISH in real life?!

  58. Latosha Bryant

    Latosha BryantMonth ago

    I love Michael B Jordan 🤵👰

  59. Mishael Willo

    Mishael WilloMonth ago

    so cringy c:.

  60. C.Chib

    C.ChibMonth ago

    lol.. my little sisters name is letitia

  61. Najmina Anadia

    Najmina AnadiaMonth ago


  62. Najmina Anadia

    Najmina AnadiaMonth ago

    I can watch letitia and martin talking all day

  63. Roberto Gotta Chill! Wika fan also Im a Wika Fan

    Roberto Gotta Chill! Wika fan also Im a Wika FanMonth ago

    But you won't be able to move because you can't pick up this hammer😂

  64. ThaTha Vlogs

    ThaTha VlogsMonth ago

    i support shuri with agent ross

  65. msconcreterose93

    msconcreterose93Month ago

    M’Baku’s real voice is so high

  66. Regina Serran05

    Regina Serran05Month ago

    I love Letitia 😍😍😍

  67. Erik

    ErikMonth ago

    Add me on snapchat, we can play would you rather & never have I ever, I wanna meet new people and disturb them w my questions 😀 ( erikdelrey2 )

  68. CC Davis

    CC DavisMonth ago

    “I got a new phone... and cracked it the same day and felt some type of way” I WAS DEAD 💀😂‼️



    How would you walk with Thor’s hammer for legs (forgot how to spell the name)

  70. ag7dragonfly

    ag7dragonflyMonth ago

    It's so cool to see Klaue and Killmonger just hanging out, feel like they did that a lot.

  71. roblox.Production 123456keean1 [JUSTINW.]

    roblox.Production 123456keean1 [JUSTINW.]Month ago

    Nokia Wont me happy about this

  72. Shirley Gonzalez

    Shirley GonzalezMonth ago


  73. Shirley Gonzalez

    Shirley GonzalezMonth ago


  74. Shirley Gonzalez

    Shirley GonzalezMonth ago

    M buka

  75. Shirley Gonzalez

    Shirley GonzalezMonth ago

    Cell phone

  76. Shirley Gonzalez

    Shirley GonzalezMonth ago


  77. Shirley Gonzalez

    Shirley GonzalezMonth ago


  78. Shirley Gonzalez

    Shirley GonzalezMonth ago


  79. Shirley Gonzalez

    Shirley GonzalezMonth ago

    Iron mans

  80. Baldomero Trevino

    Baldomero TrevinoMonth ago

    Uber = Angry Hulk all the way

  81. Henny God

    Henny God2 months ago

    UK actors are really taking over hollywood.

  82. Jungkook Bts

    Jungkook Bts2 months ago

    I just noticed that Martin Freeman was in the Hobbit

  83. P.J. Davis

    P.J. Davis2 months ago

    Avengers will give u a chance to surrender. Dora Milage will throw a spear at your neck while shouting WAKANDA FOREVER

  84. Marcus Wong

    Marcus Wong2 months ago

    I have to go with iron man Cause it’s just nanobots

  85. Broken Blade

    Broken Blade2 months ago

    Iron-Man's Bleeding Edge suit can morph into whatever he wants

  86. MysticHyperr

    MysticHyperr2 months ago

    Am I not WAKANDAN

  87. IcyPaw Mc

    IcyPaw Mc2 months ago

    MARTIN FREEMAN !!!!!! God I love him!

  88. phAnt0mgh0st7018

    phAnt0mgh0st70182 months ago

    "Kinda relieved, but kinda hurt ... It is so confusing!" HAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHA 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  89. kqndall wilsen

    kqndall wilsen2 months ago

    answer de question yung lady;))) IM WHEEZING

  90. DogDayZ

    DogDayZ2 months ago

    2:22 it depends is the car a Tesla

  91. Erin Francis

    Erin Francis2 months ago

    The heading is BLACK PANTHER but i see no black panther

  92. MadlexaTheWolf

    MadlexaTheWolf2 months ago

    2:06 The way he says T'challa after THAT specific question...I feel uncomfortable now 😣

  93. Lilia Pearson

    Lilia Pearson2 months ago

    Answer the question young lady

  94. Its Liza

    Its Liza2 months ago

    While I was watching this my lil sis put on Thor Ragnorok and the black panther trailer came on talk about a coincidence 😆

  95. Kiya L.

    Kiya L.2 months ago

    I just want to hang out with Danai and Daniel 😂

  96. Jaisa Freeman

    Jaisa Freeman2 months ago

    My last name is freeman lol

  97. Jaisa Freeman

    Jaisa Freeman2 months ago

    And I didn’t change me name for the people who think that 🙄

  98. Ferny Llamas

    Ferny Llamas2 months ago

    Answer the question young lady

  99. Mario Dorsey

    Mario Dorsey2 months ago

    Winston duke has to be atm from 2k18 😂😂😂

  100. Rosie Subliminals

    Rosie Subliminals2 months ago

    Okay now Daniel but when my mother strikes you on the ass for that pizza, *vine playing* WHAT YOU GON DO?!?

  101. Waffle Waffle

    Waffle Waffle2 months ago

    In Black Panther I ship Shuri and Everett

  102. Aichi Toshiki

    Aichi Toshiki2 months ago

    I laughed so hard at the answers to the last question😂😂😂😆CHEEKS HURTING SO MUCH


    SILVΞRDЯΛGØИ2 months ago

    *2:22* *Would you rather have an indestructible car made out of vibranium or an indestructible cell phone made out of vibranium?* *Answer The Question When Replying To This Comment!*