The Black Dot of Death Crashes iPhones! Beware


  1. RabidCoyotesFan

    RabidCoyotesFan2 days ago


  2. prismstudios001

    prismstudios0014 days ago

    Just hoping iOS 12 has addressed this. Fortunately none of the assholes I know are tech savvy enough to do this to me.

  3. Isaac Reyes

    Isaac Reyes6 days ago


  4. Carlo

    Carlo9 days ago

  5. Alisha Creaney

    Alisha Creaney13 days ago


  6. Xavier Neal

    Xavier Neal17 days ago

    Can someone send me the link on social media? Ig: _Xavier_neal_ Snap: xavierneal

  7. Plug Plugger

    Plug Plugger17 days ago

    Does it still work

  8. Cotton Candy Reina

    Cotton Candy Reina18 days ago

    👈 -3-

  9. Cotton Candy Reina

    Cotton Candy Reina18 days ago

  10. Cesar Moran

    Cesar Moran20 days ago


  11. Rainbowsalt2017 ROBLOX

    Rainbowsalt2017 ROBLOX22 days ago


  12. Scxr X

    Scxr X23 days ago

    Can someone tell me if this still happens?

  13. Purple Rose

    Purple Rose23 days ago

    effective. Power لُلُصّبُلُلصّبُررً ॣ ॣh ॣ ॣ 冗

  14. Blue Gemi

    Blue Gemi24 days ago

    I think this works on android

  15. Johan F.

    Johan F.28 days ago

    Android : press on Homebutton Apple : i don't know.

  16. dindog22

    dindog2229 days ago

    that's not funny

  17. Aldous- The Contractor

    Aldous- The ContractorMonth ago

    I need that can I get that black dot to crash someone's iPhone and I'm angry with that person

  18. GREENラムネ

    GREENラムネMonth ago

  19. GREENラムネ

    GREENラムネMonth ago


  20. Ks-man24

    Ks-man24Month ago

    Does this work on messager

  21. co8222

    co8222Month ago

    dont send it guys it’s dangerous

  22. Bartłomiej Kacprzak

    Bartłomiej KacprzakMonth ago

    MReporter fixed this now touching the comments you comment to this person

  23. தமிழ் பிக்சர்ஸ்

    தமிழ் பிக்சர்ஸ்Month ago

    How to crash iphone

  24. ShafiqPlayz BattleRoyale&More

    ShafiqPlayz BattleRoyale&MoreMonth ago

  25. Dannymakeouthill official

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  26. Uncle Shane

    Uncle ShaneMonth ago


  27. dupuychile

    dupuychile2 months ago

    What if you open it with your Apple Watch?

  28. kody gregory

    kody gregory2 months ago

    is this problem still active on iOS 11.4.1????

  29. Destroyer 2222

    Destroyer 22222 months ago

    < ⚫️>👈

  30. ابو حسين الشامي

    ابو حسين الشامي2 months ago

    👈🖕👉 😂😆

  31. Alex31YTB

    Alex31YTB2 months ago

    Theh blc dotto o' def

  32. Devin Anderson

    Devin Anderson2 months ago

    ios 12 is not effected

  33. Krispy Karim

    Krispy Karim2 months ago


  34. Taulant D

    Taulant D2 months ago

    < ⚫️> 👈

  35. Gp tamil tech

    Gp tamil tech2 months ago

    your password is always 00000 right

  36. shigwooomy yes, shigwooomy

    shigwooomy yes, shigwooomy2 months ago

  37. Brokeboyken

    Brokeboyken2 months ago

  38. Brokeboyken

    Brokeboyken2 months ago

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  40. Soldier G

    Soldier G2 months ago

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  43. Aidan Ward

    Aidan Ward2 months ago

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  47. Lil M3m3 G0D

    Lil M3m3 G0D2 months ago

    try this one 👈

  48. Lil M3m3 G0D

    Lil M3m3 G0D2 months ago

    try this one <⚫>👈

  49. B.U.P

    B.U.P2 months ago


  50. MSP Britt

    MSP Britt2 months ago

    Someone sended a black dot to me on whatsapp (I don't have a iPhone) and it lags my phone HOWWWWW it is always faaakeee

  51. XD Synical

    XD Synical2 months ago

    iPhOnE iS tHe SuPeRiOr PhOnE

  52. DANY-CAT- 9000

    DANY-CAT- 90002 months ago


  53. RiskyPhoenix

    RiskyPhoenix2 months ago

    StOp hAcKiNg aPpLe pRo

  54. Cristian Babencu

    Cristian Babencu2 months ago

  55. alex crouch

    alex crouch2 months ago


  56. you again ?

    you again ?2 months ago


  57. Artzadi AJ

    Artzadi AJ2 months ago

    I did this to my friend and she cried

  58. Oceana Joy MSP

    Oceana Joy MSP2 months ago


  59. Oceana Joy MSP

    Oceana Joy MSP2 months ago


  60. ᴡᴇɪʀᴅᴏ ʙᴏʏ.

    ᴡᴇɪʀᴅᴏ ʙᴏʏ.2 months ago

    Shut up lol

  61. emo kid1515

    emo kid15152 months ago

    When I had LG someone did it to me but nothing happened I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 plus now idk if I wanna try. XD

  62. Yiannis Gaming

    Yiannis Gaming2 months ago

    $1000 emoji machine. iphones suck

  63. Mauritanian KID

    Mauritanian KID2 months ago

    Who else blocked half of his friends ? 😂

  64. Ben Plays

    Ben Plays2 months ago

  65. Sunny Memesicle

    Sunny Memesicle2 months ago

    ¿ i s t h i s l o s s ?

  66. banana pugster 3very day

    banana pugster 3very day2 months ago

    What about Samsung

  67. flaviu XD

    flaviu XD2 months ago

    ❕ ❕

  68. flaviu XD

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  70. Steven Hammond

    Steven Hammond2 months ago

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  71. Justin Y.

    Justin Y.2 months ago

    See fake

  72. Justin Y.

    Justin Y.2 months ago


  73. Molly Mc

    Molly Mc2 months ago

    Thanks man!

  74. Blumo

    Blumo2 months ago

    "Hi!" *iPhone crashes*

  75. endrea fluffi and skyirm

    endrea fluffi and skyirm2 months ago

    999 dislikes

  76. BrotLP

    BrotLP2 months ago

  77. endrea fluffi and skyirm

    endrea fluffi and skyirm2 months ago

    BrotLP *phone breaks* (JKJK)

  78. John Sksjsnn

    John Sksjsnn2 months ago

    What if you don’t have 3D touch

  79. endrea fluffi and skyirm

    endrea fluffi and skyirm2 months ago

    John Sksjsnn then u done for

  80. [GD] Levizu

    [GD] Levizu2 months ago

    We have almost same here finland but it crashes the app not full phone

  81. ηlgαмεяηl

    ηlgαмεяηl2 months ago

    It crashed my WhatsApp only...

  82. 1000 subscribers with no videos challenge ?

    1000 subscribers with no videos challenge ?2 months ago


  83. dick head

    dick head2 months ago

    My ex said hey and I said blackdot

  84. Mahamad Mashol

    Mahamad Mashol2 months ago

    I have an iPhone 6s!!! How did my phone open messages with that HUGE message and beat an iPhone 10 wow I sent it to my self but my cover kinda was moldable cuz so hot

  85. Magma

    Magma2 months ago


  86. the Pro Gamer Eli Villarreal

    the Pro Gamer Eli Villarreal2 months ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)︻̷┻̿═━一-

  87. the Pro Gamer Eli Villarreal

    the Pro Gamer Eli Villarreal2 months ago

    (✒️+🍍)+(🍎+✒️)=PPAP (

  88. 🍜Katie plays Roblox🎭

    🍜Katie plays Roblox🎭2 months ago

    *send to enemy’s*

  89. SandboxColouringTL

    SandboxColouringTL2 months ago


  90. Anthony Mejia

    Anthony Mejia2 months ago


  91. Contet deleted

    Contet deleted2 months ago


  92. CY64

    CY642 months ago

    Actually I sent a blank message with the repeated string of chars and my sister's Android softlocked. 🤣

  93. RandomGuyThatPlaysGames Don’tSubscribeImVerySucky

    RandomGuyThatPlaysGames Don’tSubscribeImVerySucky2 months ago


  94. ScrAtcH,exe

    ScrAtcH,exe2 months ago

    I get that it’s a joke but what the fucks wrong with you everythingapplepro. I can’t believe you show people how to ruin people’s phones by putting a link in the description to destroy people’s phones. Your a dick. You show a fox but what if people don’t know what to do when they get the message. Fuck you man

  95. WhisperingIsSad D

    WhisperingIsSad D2 months ago

    Wtf does it work on iPhone SE

  96. Synai

    Synai2 months ago

    Wth that’s weird

  97. bran gamer21

    bran gamer212 months ago


  98. Slappy Bappy

    Slappy Bappy2 months ago

    \_/ \_/

  99. Epic_ Gamer M

    Epic_ Gamer M2 months ago


  100. The Emerald

    The Emerald2 months ago

    Doesnt work

  101. The Emerald

    The Emerald2 months ago

    t-touch it

  102. The Emerald

    The Emerald2 months ago

    Let me try im using android

  103. Ice Studios

    Ice Studios2 months ago

    6:52 he said 1hour later and it was only 1 minute look at top left on iPhone x

  104. Umar is a Stupid fat idiot

    Umar is a Stupid fat idiot2 months ago


  105. Xpertthief THUG LIFE

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