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The Best of Jim - The Office US


  1. Emily Hernandez

    Emily HernandezHour ago

    Jim:....LOUDER SON!!!!!! Dwight: BUTTLICKER ARE PRICES HAVE NEVER BEEN LOWER!!!!! Michael: dwight never yell at the costumer don’t do that

  2. Evil Warrior9078

    Evil Warrior90785 hours ago


  3. Mmm 333

    Mmm 33315 hours ago

    This was lame as fuck, you choose the worst ones moron.



    Ah fame gets to every-one's head. Thats why I tortured myself in public. I knew the moment I saw a picture of Cara. That she's just a beautiful little princess. Who hates attention. So I decided to awaken all my eyes. So I can't miss. Love you Cara. I. Have. Never. Slept. With a single woman in all my 20 years. I tease dolls for entertainment. I was always hunting. For my midnight butterfly. Thanks for waiting. Lil cutie

  5. Malachi Baucom

    Malachi BaucomDay ago

    Only 90s kids will remember Pam and Roy

  6. error 404

    error 4042 days ago

    But not when jim proposed??????

  7. Ali Bauma

    Ali Bauma2 days ago

    So proud of the Buttlicker families for building this country!

  8. Charlotte Ashley

    Charlotte Ashley2 days ago

    I’m dead

  9. Blok Vader

    Blok Vader3 days ago

    Why isn't this video 3 hours long?

  10. Unicorn Sparkle1225

    Unicorn Sparkle12254 days ago

    I skipped through the part where Jim confesses to Pam. If I watched it, I’d start crying my eyeballs out! Oh, and my new favorite word is “microgement”

  11. Areeb Rashid

    Areeb Rashid4 days ago


  12. Lucas Pospeshil

    Lucas Pospeshil5 days ago

    7:05 BUTTLICKER!

  13. The_Dolphin

    The_Dolphin5 days ago

    5:33 I chant

  14. Joann Oriol

    Joann Oriol5 days ago

    I do not like Jim as a person. He is a very poor worker, spending most of his time flirting with Pam or busting dwights chops. Yeh I think him and Pam are cute together. But he is. Goof off, he lies a lot. He ally acts innocent when he isn't. He sets people up to make fun of them.he is a user. Yeah, I really don't like Jim. 🌻

  15. James Stiltner

    James Stiltner5 days ago

    Turn on captions

  16. I’m Jay Schif

    I’m Jay Schif6 days ago

    Face it u #1 Jim Fans Jim is only good when it comes too pranks and Pam No offense Jim is a great character but really the only time we love him as a character is when he’s doing something for Christmas Pam and when he’s pranking the Bill Buttlicker out of Dwight

  17. I’m Jay Schif

    I’m Jay Schif6 days ago

    What’s John Krasinski’s Favorite type of milk Jim Milk Get it

  18. Pigeon on Blitz

    Pigeon on Blitz6 days ago


  19. Emma Langmaid

    Emma Langmaid7 days ago

    just casually throws the saddest moment in television history in a funny moments compilation

  20. Wi11iam 32

    Wi11iam 327 days ago

    11:36 gets me every time

  21. The Official channel of the wolfpack bike club

    The Official channel of the wolfpack bike club8 days ago


  22. Abigail Gomez

    Abigail Gomez8 days ago

    I dont understand how this is 10 mins. It should be infenetly long.

  23. Fishingman1346

    Fishingman13469 days ago

    6:17 What is your name sir I’m bill buttlicker 2 minutes later 7:34 this Michel Scott well this is William M buttlicker or maybe it was on purpose which is im so confused

  24. mermaidona

    mermaidona9 days ago


  25. son.o.saturn

    son.o.saturn9 days ago


  26. Łëmøņ Ţëå

    Łëmøņ Ţëå10 days ago

    I appreciate Jim. Team Voldemort.

  27. The Aether

    The Aether10 days ago

    Jim is so wholesome

  28. Smoke_ Devil

    Smoke_ Devil11 days ago


  29. kinnley Lingmann

    kinnley Lingmann11 days ago

    It’s a little blurry 👓 that’s better

  30. Braden Ziemski

    Braden Ziemski12 days ago

    What episode did Jim find out Pam was pregnant? I can't remember

  31. Ytterbium

    Ytterbium12 days ago

    Jim is the only man to make it out of the friend zone, props.

  32. Sunil Limaye

    Sunil Limaye13 days ago

    Was there any need to put the funny parts after the romantic ones...SMH ...

  33. Joseph Kim

    Joseph Kim13 days ago


  34. Maggie Tube

    Maggie Tube14 days ago

    I couldn’t watch the seen where he said he was in love with Pam but she couldn’t because of Roy... even tho I know how it all turns out 😭😭😭

  35. Pastrami IV

    Pastrami IV15 days ago

    Can I get 1k likes pls

  36. GizmoRazaar

    GizmoRazaar15 days ago

    Funny how he married a Blonde Brit eventually, in regards to the first clip.

  37. Caroline Kridle

    Caroline Kridle15 days ago

    Him makes my heart ... idk hurt and happy at the same time.

  38. Insalted Grain

    Insalted Grain16 days ago


  39. Skyler Martinez

    Skyler Martinez17 days ago


  40. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach18 days ago

    Creed: Guys, who has AIDS? Jim: Guys, the Afghanistananis.

  41. Abbey Teresa

    Abbey Teresa18 days ago

    “ yeah this part of a car is inportant blah blah bla” “Jim slams on break and gets Dwight” I AM DYING

  42. John Cairns

    John Cairns18 days ago

    Jim needs to give some pointers on how he was able to get friend zoned and then still be able to marry pam

  43. Alyssa’s Random Vids

    Alyssa’s Random Vids18 days ago

    “Stop acting like an idiot!!” “Ok”

  44. Comrade Ed

    Comrade Ed19 days ago


  45. Charlotte Fernau

    Charlotte Fernau21 day ago

    i LOVE pam and jim but there is that moment where jim just doesn't say the right thing, like... it is NOT okay for pam to feel guilty for not reciprocating feelings. like i know jim says immediately "it's not your fault" but the camerawork and the look on pam's face is clearly meant to express that she is in the wrong or she feels guilty, and jim should have said, like... SOMETHING else. like... well, i don't know, but something that doesn't make her feel like she's in the wrong

  46. P Is Key 77

    P Is Key 7722 days ago

    How much pot did you smoke

  47. Ariel Troya

    Ariel Troya22 days ago

    Pam is the bbbeeesssttttt

  48. sister snatched

    sister snatched23 days ago

    I will forever have the biggest crush on Jim Halpert

  49. Megan Casey

    Megan Casey23 days ago

    Awwww when he cried

  50. rez maknae

    rez maknae24 days ago

    Voldemort...Voldemort...Voldemort So funny!

  51. William Schnefke

    William Schnefke26 days ago

    Make a part 2 please

  52. Dirt Lettucey

    Dirt Lettucey26 days ago

    I am Mr. Buttlicker. I have created this country

  53. Magpie

    Magpie27 days ago

    g g g

  54. LM10HD FCB

    LM10HD FCB27 days ago

    737 people are all actually roy in their life

  55. Ariana Canales

    Ariana Canales27 days ago

    is someone else SOOO in love with Jim? 😭❤️

  56. TheMysterySinger

    TheMysterySinger28 days ago

    8:36 WHAT EPISODE IS THIS?! Plz tell me!!!!!

  57. Introvert666

    Introvert66629 days ago

    Jim is that one sacred character

  58. Redemption Time

    Redemption Time29 days ago

    Damn when Jim got shot down that was just rough. Ya hate to see it

  59. b2uty2urlight

    b2uty2urlight29 days ago

    Jim and Dwight are definitely my fave characters from the office!💓

  60. Anna r

    Anna r29 days ago

    Oh how I love Mr. James Duncan Halpert 😍

  61. Anna r

    Anna r29 days ago

    That scene where Jim and Pam find out the Pam is pregnant is literally one of my absolute favorite scenes in the entire show

  62. i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i! i!i!

    i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i! i!i!Month ago

    Explain the pencil you coward

  63. cziw

    cziwMonth ago

    Oh yeah yeah cam from Maximilianmus comment section

  64. Natalia Ureña

    Natalia UreñaMonth ago


  65. Steve Heywood

    Steve HeywoodMonth ago

    So glad Jim persevered with Pam..he won out in the long run. Love always finds a way. 👍

  66. Dively Gochnour

    Dively GochnourMonth ago

    I love the casual Harry Potter jokes sprinkled throughout the show

  67. McNulty Corp

    McNulty CorpMonth ago

    From Bill Buttlicker Too William M. Buttlicker

  68. Lizeth Quispe Perez

    Lizeth Quispe PerezMonth ago

    the way he reacted when he discover pam was pregnant.. omg. I just cant, he was just the most precious human being ever. Also... that was good acting. i mean i could see the real john reacting like that

  69. Rylee Worl

    Rylee WorlMonth ago

    How did Jim go from bill to William??

  70. Darren Teo

    Darren TeoMonth ago

    ...a more micro form of management, Jim what is that called? Microgement

  71. The Pretty of the Odd

    The Pretty of the OddMonth ago


  72. *s p i c y*

    *s p i c y*Month ago

    who else cried at Jim's confession and when Pam got pregnant

  73. Leanne Fraley

    Leanne FraleyMonth ago

    I want a jim halpert

  74. Dheeraj Varma

    Dheeraj VarmaMonth ago

    Mr Buttlicker: I will buy 1 million worth of sales from your company but one condition you have to fire the sales man Dwight: Don’t do it Michael.

  75. Harry Potter

    Harry PotterMonth ago

    I don’t reconise him from A Quiet place

  76. bornofmaya92

    bornofmaya92Month ago

    Bears, beets, Battlestar Galictica

  77. Hoople57

    Hoople57Month ago

    Great series on so many levels. Loved the chemistry between Pam and Jim. Breaking the 4th wall all the time. I'm not a mystic but this is a magical show.

  78. Lauren Dixon

    Lauren DixonMonth ago


  79. GLaDOS

    GLaDOSMonth ago

    When Jim was rejected by Pam and he teared up but still acted understandingly; it broke my heart on such a deep level.

  80. Lonzo ball

    Lonzo ballMonth ago

    I love how Michael covers the phone up like it’s a real call

  81. LuigiMakerDeluxe Maker

    LuigiMakerDeluxe MakerMonth ago

    Ok ? Does Anyone do the Jim smirk just randomly?

  82. Grainne Lee

    Grainne LeeMonth ago

    naw lads the uk office is SO much better

  83. Preeti Prasad

    Preeti PrasadMonth ago

    Can someone just take a moment and appreciate Jim halpert for being so damn real at 8:38

  84. Salman Hanifa

    Salman HanifaMonth ago

    0:10 Emily Blunt nude

  85. cenaria.

    cenaria.Month ago

    i cried exactly when jim cried

  86. Billy_OW

    Billy_OWMonth ago


  87. Rachel Kosha

    Rachel KoshaMonth ago

    Idk why really but when jim started crying after telling pam he liked her made my heart sad

  88. Ellie.S Goof

    Ellie.S GoofMonth ago

    Anyone notice how Jim changes his name from Bill Buttlicker to William M. Buttlicker

  89. JustAnotherFangirl 099

    JustAnotherFangirl 099Month ago

    Jim is a cutie

  90. Lorenz Schiller

    Lorenz SchillerMonth ago

    Is Jim ugly or handsome? I can't really tell

  91. JeezeLouise

    JeezeLouiseMonth ago

    Wait he would make a good kristoff from frozen

  92. fluffy_narwhal ;—;

    fluffy_narwhal ;—;Month ago

    When Pam became pregnant I was so happy!!!!!!!

  93. Wandering InTheWoods

    Wandering InTheWoodsMonth ago

    I'd love to be with a guy like Jim.

  94. paullywalnuts 23

    paullywalnuts 23Month ago

    I think Andy might run this channel based on the description

  95. dancerlegs09

    dancerlegs09Month ago

    Can you make a video that’s just a montage of Jim’s best facial expressions and looks at the camera?!? Pleaseeeeeeeeee

  96. Francis Vincent Ong

    Francis Vincent OngMonth ago

    Smart move getting an ordinary/ goofy looking guy (cartoonish big nose) to play Jim. That way he's more realistic and less Hollywood. Gets in the way of the funny too.

  97. PretzelNugget Productions

    PretzelNugget ProductionsMonth ago

    Not sure how I feel about this *Looks Into Camera*

  98. Dwight K. Schrute

    Dwight K. SchruteMonth ago

    +PretzelNugget Productions Jim, James, Jimothy. Can I call you Jim?

  99. PretzelNugget Productions

    PretzelNugget ProductionsMonth ago

    Thats Jimothy to you

  100. Dwight K. Schrute

    Dwight K. SchruteMonth ago

    Nah, nah look at me, I'm Jim Halpert. Looks at Camera. Little comment.

  101. Jamael Graham

    Jamael GrahamMonth ago

    *Buttlicker, our prices have never been lower*

  102. Abi Pine

    Abi PineMonth ago

    T H E B E S T O F B I G T U N A H I M S E L F

  103. Ella Finch

    Ella FinchMonth ago

    That clip when Pam and Jim find out she's pregnant, I literally cried. I think it was the hug that got me. Its so sweet and adorable.