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The Best of Jim - The Office US


  1. Bangtan_Boys

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  2. Bangtan_Boys

    Bangtan_Boys9 hours ago

    5:33 HA

  3. Bangtan_Boys

    Bangtan_Boys9 hours ago

    1:22 LOL

  4. Zachary Maneja

    Zachary Maneja10 hours ago

    You see, they all can say the same words as Jim but others would have walked away after her question.

  5. aaronsprouse01

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  6. Uh Huh

    Uh Huh11 hours ago

    1:57 way to real. Ouch

  7. Crazy Jadey

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  8. hurricanetren1

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  9. Hannah King

    Hannah King15 hours ago

    Big Tuna!!

  10. fyefranco 10

    fyefranco 1015 hours ago

    Who’s Jim I only know a man named Bill Buttliker

  11. thebluesteth

    thebluestethDay ago

    I got it one week after we started dating......awwww........

  12. Kieran Oberhansli

    Kieran OberhansliDay ago

    When he gets told he's going to be a dad. Makes me cry everytime.

  13. KERTEX

    KERTEXDay ago

    Jim look like shaggy from scooby doo

  14. Dank Matters Third Cousin

    Dank Matters Third Cousin2 days ago

    *How dare you*

  15. Stellar Skies

    Stellar Skies2 days ago

    *makes eye contact with the camera*

  16. Mateo Montilla

    Mateo Montilla4 days ago

    I'm in love with you.... What?, What are you doing...

  17. David Reyes

    David Reyes5 days ago

    Put the captions on at 4:18

  18. Harley Wernimont

    Harley Wernimont5 days ago

    Jim is the best

  19. Haja Lesi

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  20. Santana Grady

    Santana Grady6 days ago

    1:30 hes so cute

  21. Jody Lee

    Jody Lee7 days ago

    Jim is a sociopath

  22. Alexander Goossens

    Alexander Goossens7 days ago

    Suggestion urge offer ride busy journey end sauce fact one tradition.

  23. huerta25264

    huerta252647 days ago

    common why is his old picture in black and white? he's not THAT old LOL

  24. Fox Mations

    Fox Mations8 days ago

    This should be trending, not KSI V LOGAN PAUL

  25. steakandcake

    steakandcake9 days ago

    10 minutes too short. 30 minutes at least. *AT LEAST*

  26. silverGabeNeyes

    silverGabeNeyes9 days ago

    this is my shit

  27. Eric Huffman

    Eric Huffman9 days ago

    Should've had Classy Jim in there as well

  28. ManBirdCat

    ManBirdCat9 days ago

    South Park but they're co-worker Barfing

  29. Kaley Elizabeth Hutter

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  30. Derpy Dino

    Derpy Dino9 days ago

    3:02 MEH BABY BOI

  31. project big head

    project big head9 days ago

    Honestly Jim is one my least favorite characters in the office

  32. seto kaiba

    seto kaiba8 days ago

    Probably because you can't take a joke and call him an asshole for making fun of dwight even though dwight deserves it most of the time

  33. Dayleen Zaragoza

    Dayleen Zaragoza10 days ago

    2:14 ❤️

  34. Esther Stowers

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  35. Sarah Giron

    Sarah Giron10 days ago

    Aww he was crying.😢

  36. Lash Wynter

    Lash Wynter10 days ago

    Anyone else come here after binge watching Jack Ryan ? Jim and Pam forever !!! 😍

  37. Julia Chartier

    Julia Chartier11 days ago

    And this is why we need a season 10

  38. Easybake oven was just a phase

    Easybake oven was just a phase11 days ago

    Slytherins are not the bad guys people just think that because there are a lot of bad people in Slytherin. Heck I’m in Slytherin and I’m the nicest person in my class. So how’s that for calling Slytherins bad when you are offending one right now. Not you youtube you are amazing but Dwight is the offending one.

  39. AJHC78

    AJHC7811 days ago

    I'm very dissapointed that Dwight didn't know the Buttlickers built this country.

  40. Tab Adab

    Tab Adab12 days ago

    What’s it like to have someone be happy when you tell them you’re pregnant?


    TheFREDRIQUE12 days ago

    John Krasinski is such a great actor ... just 9:15 is proof enough... (the emotion in the eyes)!!!! GAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. abmon24

    abmon2413 days ago

    Ah, Jim Buttlicker, he will always be the best.

  43. Kionna Crawford

    Kionna Crawford13 days ago

    I love jim and pam

  44. Heheheh

    Heheheh13 days ago

    7:46 Dwight got so excited

  45. Napdragon

    Napdragon14 days ago

    I live for the moments when Jim looks into the camera lmao

  46. customer care

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  47. User 0

    User 015 days ago

    I'm only watching this right now because I went too long looking at a scary reddit post.

  48. Alec Pratt

    Alec Pratt15 days ago

    Who else is sick of the same freaking annoying state farms ads. Key to financial well being is learning. Holy shit change the damn thing. Great office video though. The office is the best

  49. ZenDieMono

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  50. TheFireFight Maximus

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  51. Y Tho

    Y Tho15 days ago

    I will never not cry at the scene Jim and pam find out they're having a baby.

  52. Born2neverdie

    Born2neverdie15 days ago

    anyon else thinks this guy is hot??

  53. Olivia Marie

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  54. Josh Leger

    Josh Leger16 days ago

    I feel the same way that Jim does at 2:15 when he tells Pam how he feels about her and I feel the same way towards a friend who I want to be more then just friends with but if I tell her I may lose her. So what do I do? Please reply below with feedback

  55. BMO 5678

    BMO 567816 days ago

    Jim (William M. Buttlicker):You Have To Fire The Salesman That Was Mean To Me. Dwight:Don’t Do It Michael... Michael: *whispers* it’s a million dollar sale... 7:53

  56. bev marsh

    bev marsh16 days ago

    tbh jim could breathe & it could be included in this video

  57. Killswitch Gaming

    Killswitch Gaming16 days ago

    Well this is William M *B U T T L I C K E R*

  58. miraculous tears

    miraculous tears17 days ago

    3:15 most heartbroken I've ever been wow um

  59. ben dover

    ben dover17 days ago

    Can someone PLEASE tell me why the fuck people feel it necessary to quote dialogue that has just been shown a dozen times ???? Maybe I completely forgot what I just watched ????

  60. no mediocre

    no mediocre17 days ago

    it drives me crazy. slap a few lauging emojis at the end of said quotes, and those comments suddenly have 2.4k likes

  61. Broke Boy

    Broke Boy17 days ago

    Lmao 😂 I've been sleeping on this show smh I gotta start watching this it's funny asf 😂

  62. Caio de Castro

    Caio de Castro19 days ago

    4:24 The subtitles have a "That's what she said" joke Loved it!!

  63. Elizabeth Taylor

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  64. Jonathan Thomas

    Jonathan Thomas21 day ago

    Its your lucky day, you mustve found a clover, because *BUTTLICKER, OUR PRICES HAVE NEVER BEEN LOWER*

  65. greg

    greg21 day ago

    This is too short

  66. Kathryn Hamel

    Kathryn Hamel21 day ago


  67. Mr. Oddly Fox

    Mr. Oddly Fox21 day ago

    So many mushy moments, gotta add more of Jim's edge!

  68. JR Drives

    JR Drives22 days ago

    The best show to ever grace a television screen

  69. Frosty

    Frosty22 days ago

    0:42 my most viewed vid is a remake of this. Thank you daddy Jwighm

  70. Yanitsa

    Yanitsa22 days ago

    Those were hardly the best of him

  71. Rassul Soltabay

    Rassul Soltabay23 days ago

    2:08 why the fuck did you include that? I came here to laugh, not to cry

  72. Kaitlin Frasier

    Kaitlin Frasier23 days ago

    8:07-8:11 I say that to my friends now since I'm 20 and will be 21 next year, and they still mess with me and think its funny😂😂😂😂😂

  73. anolani hanohano

    anolani hanohano23 days ago

    “Microjiment” 🤣🤣

  74. no.

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  75. Aariz Aaban

    Aariz Aaban24 days ago

    Anyone know what was written on Pam's tea pot letter.

  76. Sophiag 22

    Sophiag 2224 days ago

    Buttlicker our prices have never been lower!!

  77. Rabr

    Rabr24 days ago

    how is watching in 200011

  78. Ricky Nieves

    Ricky Nieves25 days ago

    1:55 HOW IS THIS A BEST MOMENT MUTHERF***** Edit: 3:57 ok you redeemed yourself... this time.

  79. Rexoplex 68

    Rexoplex 6825 days ago

    This video is basically all of Jim’s pranks

  80. V L Sai Prasad

    V L Sai Prasad26 days ago

    Why did they cancel this? Are they nuts?

  81. Carson Hula

    Carson Hula28 days ago

    I’m IRATE right now

  82. Alyssa Moore

    Alyssa Moore28 days ago

    I love Jim

  83. lilytherainbow

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  84. Francess Sullano

    Francess Sullano29 days ago

    7:31 is just how jim makes fun of micheal and dwight effortless 😂😂😂❤️

  85. bre_125 plays

    bre_125 playsMonth ago

    I feel bad for Jim when he tries to help they always reject him...well sometimes I don't know:/

  86. Spencer Stevens

    Spencer StevensMonth ago

    I love it how Michael covers up the phone when doing the fake sales call! 7:42

  87. ShAKinG iN My bOoTS

    ShAKinG iN My bOoTSMonth ago

    oH My gOd pUT oN a ShErT!!

  88. Nick Lundberg

    Nick LundbergMonth ago


  89. Sailor Moon

    Sailor MoonMonth ago

    What does send in the subs mean? Anyone?

  90. Sailor Moon

    Sailor Moon26 days ago

    i got it! thanks!!

  91. Stefan Wall

    Stefan Wall26 days ago

    If my memory serves me right it's because they were in middle of volleyball game when they took her to the hospital and whether they paused it until they were back I can't remember but the subs would be the substitutes (who were not ideal and therefore most likely lose the game). I hope I'm not way off on this :)

  92. Andire

    AndireMonth ago

    I'm sorry, she's just European.

  93. Bard

    BardMonth ago

    my johnson hangs in the water when I sit on the toilet

  94. MadHatter1337

    MadHatter1337Month ago

    Waiting for Best of Dwight

  95. nick ladeeda

    nick ladeedaMonth ago

    William M Buttlicker 🤣😂😂


    CLIQUE.AS.FRICKMonth ago

    3:45 The start of BIG TUNA

  97. Elisha Rich

    Elisha RichMonth ago

    I thought I might die... On beach day...

  98. Mikaela C.

    Mikaela C.Month ago

    such a dad

  99. joe garcia

    joe garciaMonth ago

    The best of Andy will have to be like 20 minutes

  100. Lorelai Clubb

    Lorelai ClubbMonth ago

    John Krasinski is such a fabulous actor. 😂

  101. Maryjane Patton

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  102. The King Of Norway

    The King Of NorwayMonth ago

    9:16 when my dog does anything

  103. A.R .F

    A.R .FMonth ago

    Love the Harry Potter reference!❤️

  104. Skillful Mess

    Skillful MessMonth ago