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The Best of Jim - The Office US


  1. Coco 6578

    Coco 65785 hours ago

    Dwight: Slytherin’s are the bad guys Jim. *tRiGgErReD*

  2. Random Person

    Random Person5 hours ago


    TURBO-MAAN PSN7 hours ago

    Jim and Pam were the worst

  4. Jay M

    Jay M9 hours ago

    5:36 this sketch is too fuckin' much! I'm lmao all over the place! xD

  5. Murcia Is better

    Murcia Is better9 hours ago

    Go Jim

  6. alex malena

    alex malena12 hours ago

    I love jim aw

  7. MisterFootballz

    MisterFootballz13 hours ago

    3:16 When she say‘s „I can‘t“... Oh my god, my heart

  8. MisterFootballz

    MisterFootballz13 hours ago

    How sweet, when Jim was preparing the Santa‘s present for Pam 😍

  9. A Loser's Attempt At A Channel

    A Loser's Attempt At A Channel14 hours ago


  10. T EA

    T EA22 hours ago

    Jim is that guy that no matter what he do u gotta love him bruh 💯

  11. AmScrubMerker 671

    AmScrubMerker 67122 hours ago

    Question: How does Jim feel about the Eagles winning Super Bowl LII?

  12. Jonathan Stevens

    Jonathan Stevens22 hours ago

    Roses are red, Shrek is an ogre, *BUTTLICKER OUR PRICES HAVE NEVER BEEN LOWER*

  13. Jonathan Stevens

    Jonathan Stevens22 hours ago

    Jim was the best character

  14. officeaddict33

    officeaddict33Day ago

  15. Phoenix Ferret

    Phoenix FerretDay ago

    I like that this video got 1 mill views in one week

  16. Maayan Zilbershtein

    Maayan ZilbershteinDay ago

    Roses red, Kevin thick Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?

  17. Luis D. Mancilla

    Luis D. MancillaDay ago

    This video was an emotional rollercoaster

  18. Zom Bee Nature

    Zom Bee NatureDay ago

    But can you do the Best of Woods in the Forest?

  19. gleekyandiknowit14

    gleekyandiknowit14Day ago

    4:24 Who did the captions for this video?? 😂😂

  20. The Awkward Kid

    The Awkward Kid2 days ago


  21. Chase Stimmel

    Chase Stimmel2 days ago

    Pam and Jim are actually a pretty good couple, they both gave up their gfs/bfs to be together (and their exes married later on quit whining) they truly loved each other and when they had to get counseling they actually we like "hey we love each other and we've been through so much so let's keep going!" And let's face facts they only did the counseling thing to add some "reality" to the show

  22. Ngoc Nguyen

    Ngoc Nguyen2 days ago

    At 4:25 if you put it in sub when Jim says “let’s do it” the subs says [thats what she says!]

  23. Nathan Luke

    Nathan Luke2 days ago

    8:30 episode?

  24. Austin Reeves

    Austin Reeves2 days ago

    One of my favorite Jim moments was when Ryan was trying to undermine him while he was manager and he gave him an office in the closet between the bathrooms!

  25. Tom Stamos

    Tom Stamos2 days ago

    Jimothy is so lame.

  26. Thats what she said

    Thats what she said2 days ago

    "Love me ' love me ' say that you love me , fool me fool me , go on an fool me" 😂

  27. Big L Rest In Peace '1974/1999

    Big L Rest In Peace '1974/19993 days ago

    Jim is a Bully/ manipulative asshole

  28. metaMarcy (Marcy Currier)

    metaMarcy (Marcy Currier)3 days ago

    When he cut off his tie to save the wedding...

  29. JMoney Hubbard

    JMoney Hubbard3 days ago

    I think John Kraskinski looks like Zachary Levi!!!!!!!

  30. JMoney Hubbard

    JMoney Hubbard3 days ago

    Asian Jim> Actual Jim

  31. Stop Motion

    Stop Motion3 days ago

    how much pot did you smoke?

  32. CharlieV Productions

    CharlieV Productions3 days ago

    5:32 my favorite moment ever

  33. Mollie McMullan

    Mollie McMullan3 days ago

    Jim is so sweet with Pam. I want that ❤️

  34. Rage Sogers

    Rage Sogers3 days ago

    “...I got it a week after we started dating.”

  35. M Baker

    M Baker3 days ago

    Dwight: *Fact. I am older, I am wiser. Do not mess with me.* Jim: Okay, sounds good.

  36. M Baker

    M Baker3 days ago

    Michael: ~ask him his name Dwight: What is your name, sir? Jim: *I am Bill Buttlicker* Dwight: Really? That's your real name? Jim: How DARE you?

  37. sukrem tehnisi

    sukrem tehnisi3 days ago


  38. Donovan Bailey

    Donovan Bailey3 days ago

    5:36 Yes! The best scene xD

  39. Ari Berri

    Ari Berri3 days ago

    I want to see the clip of Jim biting his lip over and over until he damn near has to go to anger management because of his damn lip

  40. Izzy the Pooh

    Izzy the Pooh3 days ago

    Sometimes I don't know who I ship more John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, or Jim and Pam.

  41. Ethan Perreault

    Ethan Perreault3 days ago

    1,000,000th view

  42. 100 Subs With No Videos

    100 Subs With No Videos4 days ago

    Hey Everyone, I was wondering if you can do me a solid and subscribe to me (I don’t post so I won’t show up in your sub box) I’m trying to reach 100 subs without a video. Currently I’m at 36 subscribers. I’ll sub back

  43. Isaiah Barness

    Isaiah Barness4 days ago


  44. Elijah Marnix

    Elijah Marnix4 days ago

    9:40 "goddamn white people"

  45. Bryan Evans

    Bryan Evans4 days ago

    Jim was the reaction guy... His signature move is when he looks at you through the camera


    ATLISZILLA5 days ago

    Jim = Joker J-im J-oker Both start with J's. Both are Jokers.

  47. Karthik Swaminathan

    Karthik Swaminathan5 days ago

    You guys should make a best of "every time something stupid happens and Jim makes that look at the camera"

  48. Raymond Ramdass

    Raymond Ramdass5 days ago


  49. Kevin Malone

    Kevin Malone5 days ago


  50. Emma Bornfleth

    Emma Bornfleth5 days ago

    Omg Jim is one of my favs from the office. Lol

  51. Mike

    Mike5 days ago

    Exactly how much pot did you smoke

  52. Worlds smallest Violin

    Worlds smallest Violin5 days ago

    I just watched him die in a quiet place

  53. Varun Divi

    Varun Divi5 days ago

    Big Tuna came so far

  54. Gia Diarrhea

    Gia Diarrhea5 days ago


  55. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name5 days ago

    Yes! He’s my favorite character and I have been waiting for this for a long time xD

  56. FoRmuLA Clan

    FoRmuLA Clan5 days ago


  57. Vada Wølfingtøn

    Vada Wølfingtøn5 days ago


  58. Psychotic Memetastic

    Psychotic Memetastic5 days ago

    sip sass my ass

  59. Courtney Renfro

    Courtney Renfro5 days ago

    I 💜 Jim .


    YIPPEEKAIYAY5 days ago

    Casino night :( the feels!!!!

  61. I don’t Feel so good

    I don’t Feel so good5 days ago

    Still trending!

  62. Nightshadow

    Nightshadow5 days ago

    I feel like this already existed

  63. Andrew Greenough

    Andrew Greenough5 days ago

    Finally BIG HAIRCUT!

  64. William W

    William W5 days ago

    Everyone wants to be a Jim but let's be honest, there's only 1 Jim

  65. Galaxy R

    Galaxy R6 days ago

    I’m so happy this still makes trending

  66. Amour Afoma

    Amour Afoma6 days ago

    doesnt he look like the white boy noob from fortnite

  67. bigpizzabuffalo Janet

    bigpizzabuffalo Janet6 days ago

    Fuck jim and the office Now who wants to smoke a cig with me

  68. TheRetroGamest

    TheRetroGamest6 days ago

    If it's been 5 years since The Office ended and this video ALONE is trending, it's clear this show needs a season revival. I think we can all agree whether it be an hour long special, they need to do something.

  69. secondmtb PS4

    secondmtb PS46 days ago

    In 2018?

  70. 2M Baby Gender Reveal

    2M Baby Gender Reveal6 days ago

    He's the reason why I watched this show

  71. Angelo Pellicci

    Angelo Pellicci6 days ago

    Congrats on the trending list

  72. Ricky Spanish

    Ricky Spanish6 days ago

    The most amazing feeling on Earth is fucking your best friend's wife. Soon as your balls tighten and you release seed into her pussy you know your friend would understand.

  73. imdalast1alive

    imdalast1alive6 days ago

    Best show ever

  74. Wulver Lore

    Wulver Lore6 days ago

    It took me thirty seconds to try to scroll down to the comment section, stupid MReporter.

  75. Manhattan

    Manhattan6 days ago

    I hate Jim.

  76. St. John Tsuno-Wayne

    St. John Tsuno-Wayne6 days ago

    Still posting The Office clips in 2018

  77. Sean Kratovil-Lavelle

    Sean Kratovil-Lavelle6 days ago

    #43 on trending? Nice

  78. sophie g

    sophie g6 days ago

    please do best of Erin !!

  79. Rafa YouTube

    Rafa YouTube6 days ago

    Thank you MReporter and Netflix for letting me watch the office whenever i want to laugh 😂😂

  80. Rubicon V

    Rubicon V6 days ago

    There are way better scenes than these. Lame.

  81. Nameless Person

    Nameless Person6 days ago

    All of Jim’s moments were the best moments of the show

  82. Lindzee SouperOCD

    Lindzee SouperOCD6 days ago

    I love how the first person he calls when finding out he's going to be a father is Dwight.

  83. DH_Artist

    DH_Artist6 days ago

    What do we want? PIES! When do we want them? PIES!

  84. ApexGamer

    ApexGamer6 days ago

    So much left out tho this guy is gold

  85. The Hermanator

    The Hermanator6 days ago

    5:23 best part


    JACK PEMBROOK6 days ago


  87. Elinor Grasyuk

    Elinor Grasyuk6 days ago

    Yass jimmmmm

  88. R Dunn

    R Dunn6 days ago

    This is a lot more emotional than I thought it would be but it’s ok I’m not crying ur crying

  89. Ethan Caraway

    Ethan Caraway6 days ago

    Where is Best of Pam?

  90. Cele

    Cele6 days ago

    5:25 😂😂😂 my fav!!!

  91. Carrie Gilchrist

    Carrie Gilchrist6 days ago

    He is the BEST!!!!

  92. Jeremy MacDonald

    Jeremy MacDonald6 days ago

    "I'm sorry, she's European ."

  93. maxcohen13

    maxcohen136 days ago

    Who picked these... a fat, lonely chick?

  94. KatlyStudio

    KatlyStudio6 days ago

    HA love the office

  95. Da BloxSquad

    Da BloxSquad6 days ago


  96. Anjana Devi Kumar MHT

    Anjana Devi Kumar MHT6 days ago

    #40 Trending. Why #40? It should be top 5 (in my opinion).

  97. Abby Rae

    Abby Rae6 days ago

    i love when jim calls pam, beasley

  98. Lauren H

    Lauren H6 days ago

    “Now exactly how much pot did you smoke?”

  99. BattleCrash123

    BattleCrash1236 days ago

    Where is he clip where Jim slaps Dwight because he is talking about getting attacked.

  100. pepperrgirl

    pepperrgirl6 days ago

    Awhhhh!! 😂😂 Thank you for this!!!