The Best Homemade Big Mac (with Wagyu Beef!) | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K



    SAM THE COOKING GUY3 months ago

    THANKS EVERYONE FOR WATCHING AND COMMENTING! You'll never look at a Big Mac again 🙂 🔴FAT MEANS FLAVOR + MACA MERCH! ➡️ (direct link to the new FMF - or just look ⬆) ➡️

  2. To GOD Be All the GLORY

    To GOD Be All the GLORY7 days ago

    (JUST wanna say this was Awesome) 🖒

  3. Matt Ware

    Matt Ware16 days ago

    That’s legit ... but the beef is an overkill for me ... I’m on it .. Great video

  4. Barry Galer

    Barry Galer23 days ago

    SAM THE COOKING GUY you should’ve baked your own buns you fucking asshole

  5. Fadexity SZN

    Fadexity SZNMonth ago

    SAM THE COOKING GUY the fillet o fish is the best thing on the McDonald’s menu🙃

  6. Ant Saund

    Ant SaundMonth ago

    23:07 you just messed up with hash brown 😐👎🏾

  7. William Minnis

    William MinnisHour ago

    I like how he recreates fast food items how they should be cooked

  8. Adam Mahmoud

    Adam MahmoudHour ago

    I bet my balls that Sam has a fetisch for a lot of pickles.

  9. Saran

    Saran4 hours ago

    you got that snakeriver sponsor yet??

  10. Fantomas

    Fantomas4 hours ago

    There's no ketchup in Big Mac sauce. It's mustard.

  11. Grandmaster Playing

    Grandmaster Playing5 hours ago

    omg sure yours.

  12. Rich Harper

    Rich Harper13 hours ago

    You are the most annoying son of bitch i ever seen if i see ya ill smack ya


    SNOOP ALOOP21 hour ago

    put another slice of cheap bitch

  14. Paul Perret

    Paul Perret21 hour ago

    Sam!! keep it man love your show

  15. dadbod dadbod

    dadbod dadbodDay ago

    hey what's up with you not making your own bun?

  16. muppetnumpty65

    muppetnumpty65Day ago

    It’s a kidney stone I looked at one of your videos from the future, no need to go to that CT scan now👍

  17. muppetnumpty65

    muppetnumpty65Day ago

    Come on get on with it already....... did that sound American, I’m not american, it sounded american to me, did it, you know sound american?

  18. PeopleBe Trippin

    PeopleBe TrippinDay ago

    Lol The “Big” MAC is actually BIG from your style.

  19. Lurkman

    LurkmanDay ago

    fuck pickles wtf

  20. randomyoutubenicknameblahblahblah

    randomyoutubenicknameblahblahblahDay ago

    Hopefully McDonald doesn't put that much pickles in their burgers for the people who doesn't really like pickles. But good video man, made me hungry.

  21. jonas klintborg

    jonas klintborgDay ago

    40% talking random shit. 4/10

  22. jonas klintborg

    jonas klintborgDay ago

    Mad af boi

  23. Giovanni Weede

    Giovanni WeedeDay ago

    That’s what’s great bout it so ur comment and intelligence is -36/10

  24. The Beanz

    The BeanzDay ago

    Hey, idiot face

  25. MrOrangejuice518

    MrOrangejuice518Day ago

    Hey asshole, why can’t you make your own bun?! You say you’re a great cook...

  26. Rene Benavides

    Rene BenavidesDay ago

    Just talk less and you will be good bro

  27. TR3DJCruz

    TR3DJCruzDay ago

    LOOOOOOVED THIS EPISODE. Omg had me rollin!!!! ALAN!

  28. Will Holmes

    Will HolmesDay ago

    What a shit show

  29. Samuel Ornela

    Samuel OrnelaDay ago

    You worry to much about what viewers say it's your channel you do what you want. I fucking love watching you high on pot lol

  30. Roger Diking

    Roger DikingDay ago

    I swear i would do coming to america and open a mcdowells and hire this guy as our head chef. And get sued all day. Its funny how this videos big mac looks more like the pic in McDonalds pictures of the big mac.

  31. Roger Diking

    Roger DikingDay ago

    I like this vid it gets my thumb up. And more pickles on a big mac is all american.

  32. Roger Diking

    Roger DikingDay ago

    And the filet o fish is shit wendya alaskan cod is the best.

  33. Roger Diking

    Roger DikingDay ago

    He ia right the big mac beef is thin as shit smh more like a shit mac.

  34. Johnny Bravo

    Johnny Bravo2 days ago

    Sam, again you tell Us all about fresh vegetables grilled with a little oil, garlic butter grown in your garden then you throw down two pieces of plastic covered cheese product😠

  35. Johnny Bravo

    Johnny Bravo2 days ago

    Sam! Fuck the $35 WAGYU BULLSHIT BEEF!!!! STICK TO real food. Makes be so mad and tour the same, DON'T be a sell out. More Astro & Louis please! Grind mix it, get it drunk fuck it. BEEF! BURGERS 10 MINUTE LIMIT.

  36. Ronald Davis

    Ronald Davis2 days ago

    lmfao i like this guy he keeps it real

  37. Forte

    Forte2 days ago

    I recoiled physically when his son said "Skythe" and he went along with it lmao

  38. bryant rodriguez

    bryant rodriguez2 days ago

    Less talking, more cooking.

  39. matt artinger

    matt artinger2 days ago

    excellent but that's not mac sauce-love the vid though anyway!

  40. Johnathan C

    Johnathan C2 days ago

    Perfect , bravo.


    FADED ORACLE2 days ago

    why on earth is the damn video 25 minutes long!!!!!!!!

  42. Tyler Stone

    Tyler Stone3 days ago

    theres 2 other pickles in the other section of the burger so there is four pickles.

  43. Karen Adams

    Karen Adams2 days ago

    Tyler Stone Ummmm nope. I hate dill pickles and I’ve been picking off 2 pickle slices from Big Macs for many years. It is the bane of my existence lol. Once in a blue moon I’ve had 3 slices to get rid of but that’s really a rarity.

  44. Arseniy Pavlov

    Arseniy Pavlov3 days ago

    when you're rich but dont wanna flex

  45. Alexander Herberstein

    Alexander Herberstein3 days ago

    the microphone noise is really annoying

  46. Exy

    Exy3 days ago

    You forgot the fucking pickles!

  47. Delia Lawrence

    Delia Lawrence3 days ago

    Tbh. I wasn't gonna sub but this is my third video that I've bing watched and when you decided to show off your t-shirt during your opening segment into the video - I lost it😂Your sense of humor and personality sucked me in when I thought I could stay out😂😂 Had to Subscribe because of it. Thank you for being cool and being you. You'll make it a million and more

  48. Dr.Smokey

    Dr.Smokey4 days ago

    So you didn’t bake the bun? What a bitch fuck this!

  49. Matt B

    Matt B4 days ago

    @Sam the Cooking Guy, what do you do to your cutting board to get rid of the scratches? I notice every video that it looks like its scratch free and then you cut on it an see the scratches, but are gone the next show. Is it just oil on it or is it something else?

  50. Matt Constantine

    Matt Constantine4 days ago

    Pulp fiction: " in France, they call a big mac a royale".

  51. True

    True5 days ago

    did this guy just say s'K'ythe?

  52. Kevin Burnham

    Kevin Burnham5 days ago

    Adding that hashbrown was the most fucking savage move in my books.

  53. Hello

    Hello5 days ago

    you talk too fucking much

  54. Ethan Hinds

    Ethan Hinds5 days ago

    I can see why you get worked up over the pickle on the big mac me and you should be best friends they only give me 1 pickle on a big mac and i rage over it because they charge 50 cents for an extra pickle

  55. Mofa 18

    Mofa 185 days ago

    Wagyu is American beef and Kobe is Japanese hahahahahahaha fucking retard wagyu literally means a breed of Japanese catle fucking retard like to agree

  56. DatBoy _856

    DatBoy _8565 days ago

    Filet O Fish is the best lunch sandwich in McDs

  57. Bob The builder

    Bob The builder6 days ago

    This guy is funny

  58. steve s

    steve s6 days ago

    Sam is right, The Filet O Fish is the best thing on the menu!