The Best Homemade Big Mac (with Wagyu Beef!) | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K



    SAM THE COOKING GUY12 days ago

    THANKS EVERYONE FOR WATCHING AND COMMENTING! You'll never look at a Big Mac again 🙂 🔴FAT MEANS FLAVOR + MACA MERCH! ➡️ (direct link to the new FMF - or just look ⬆) ➡️

  2. Brian Arnold

    Brian Arnold4 days ago

    Hey! Idiot face! You’re stupid, you’re dumb and I hate everything about your life.

  3. RedRisotto

    RedRisotto5 days ago

    McDonald's cut their pickles more evenly than you did. Not impressed by your sauce. Meat was okay but you made the burger 10 times more expensive.

  4. catie west

    catie west6 days ago

    I feel you on the pickles dude.... I always get heavy pickles lol

  5. samet shabani

    samet shabani7 days ago

    oh cmon now Sam its kinda unfair to compare i mean you used that super high quality beef :)

  6. S K

    S K7 days ago

    SAM THE COOKING GUY just want to say I’ve seen your videos before and didn’t know if I liked them, I gave it a chance and now I do. Not as good as Gordon Ramsey videos but almost as good and entertaining.

  7. Lynn Bean

    Lynn Bean3 hours ago

    Wow! My mouth is watering! You don't even need fries with that haha...maybe a milkshake though. Thanks Sam, you inspire me weekly :)

  8. zomginmypocket

    zomginmypocket4 hours ago

    Cant you bake tho ? ;)

  9. IZZY Eatz

    IZZY Eatz6 hours ago

    Make a T-shirt. And we mix

  10. James Dobson

    James Dobson10 hours ago

    Kobe beef is wagyu beef. Kobe is the best farm


    DSTANGO11 hours ago

    This guy is funny

  12. Tye Leask

    Tye Leask13 hours ago

    the pickles weighed more then the patties

  13. Missy Dee

    Missy Dee13 hours ago

    Fricking Alan and your two pickle bull crap 😂😈

  14. VenomousStare

    VenomousStare15 hours ago

    Great video, loved the sauce.

  15. Jeff Joy

    Jeff Joy15 hours ago

    the origanal sauce was 1000 island salad dressing if you can find it try it im old and miss stuff that tastes good but is bad for you

  16. Kimberley H

    Kimberley H15 hours ago

    The Filet O Fish is my favorite too!

  17. Jared Stookey

    Jared Stookey18 hours ago

    I want that shirt and its not in the store

  18. Grizzly Fish

    Grizzly Fish18 hours ago

    Can anyone help me out here I wanna get that shirt hes got but I could not find it on his mech site

  19. pouty kyh

    pouty kyh20 hours ago

    sam getting angry about too

  20. Kamodo Jones

    Kamodo Jones21 hour ago

    Still no pickles

  21. Incog Spectator

    Incog SpectatorDay ago

    I like the fillet o fish

  22. jesus sajuan

    jesus sajuanDay ago

    Lol Alan!!

  23. jesus sajuan

    jesus sajuanDay ago

    Love that shirt couldn't find it

  24. f0t0b0y

    f0t0b0yDay ago

    Fuck you Allan!

  25. f0t0b0y

    f0t0b0yDay ago

    This hack couldn’t bake a simple bun? What a fucking dumb ass store buying bun. 😂 Love the channel.

  26. Sean

    SeanDay ago

    It's ok Sam, I also love the filet o fish that's my favorite too



    Sam you are the shit!❤

  28. Schlomo Shekelstein

    Schlomo ShekelsteinDay ago

    yo uh, the C in scythe is silent...

  29. johnyrangr

    johnyrangrDay ago


  30. Frank Sparks

    Frank SparksDay ago

    You should smelt metal and make your own BBQ or you're not making that Big Mac from scratch.

  31. Del Philips

    Del PhilipsDay ago

    fuck you alan

  32. Violet Norman

    Violet NormanDay ago

    Did you have diverticula my hubby has it and best way to heal is go plant based cut fatty meats and you will be healed 100% good luck I love your video will make this for my son thanks

  33. Matthew Peterson

    Matthew PetersonDay ago

    less talking, more cooking!

  34. 123rabanal

    123rabanalDay ago

    haha.. you opened the fish with a bite. Love it. I love the fish Sandwich. and hahaha.. to you speech.

  35. Texasranger793

    Texasranger7932 days ago

    The sharpness of the knives are a story on their own🔥🔥🔪🔪

  36. Ashby Childress

    Ashby Childress2 days ago

    Last big mac I ate had about 8 pickle slices.... and I loved it.

  37. Joseph Rodriguez

    Joseph Rodriguez2 days ago

    Yeah I was a manager at McDonald's and when I learned how they make their food I was blown. The cheeseburger only gets 1 pickle it's so dumb

  38. Daniel Duenas

    Daniel Duenas2 days ago

    Its chief Mike who make all of the food McDonald’s at HQ

  39. Craig

    Craig2 days ago

    Too much talking!

  40. Ghost Wolf

    Ghost Wolf2 days ago

    Fuck the camera guy who said I hope we get the heart attack on camera! That is horrible and seriously fucked up...WOW!

  41. Forrest

    Forrest2 days ago

    Fix your mic, it sounds like a helicopter

  42. Jawbreaker

    Jawbreaker2 days ago

    OMG, I'm laughing so hard, I'm in tears! Great video! Filet-o-fish rocks! Idea: substitute hash brown pattie for middle bun and call it the Big Mac Hash. :)

  43. Carter Finney

    Carter Finney2 days ago


  44. SBha30

    SBha302 days ago

    Just subscribed! That burger looks amazing!

  45. Unidielts

    Unidielts2 days ago

    Nice imitation of the big Big Mac, that is better than the original Big Mac. But there's one problem, the sauce... The Big Mac sauce I heard that it also has paprika, ranch dressing and a little bit of champagne Cola from what I've heard.

  46. likestoospooge

    likestoospooge2 days ago

    Fun vid, but you could have easily made this 12 minutes.

  47. alabala porto

    alabala porto2 days ago

    Why don't you make your own lettuce?ha ha

  48. Leah Hobbs

    Leah Hobbs2 days ago

    You're freaking hilarious

  49. J B

    J B2 days ago

    " *S K Y T H E!* LUL " *_Ssssssssss, EYE, TH_* "

  50. Cosmin Sinaci

    Cosmin Sinaci3 days ago

    I tought this guy wad kinda cool but after this episode i think he's kinda retarded or takes too manu prescription drugs lol

  51. Caio Bonifacio

    Caio Bonifacio3 days ago

    8:39 Cheers from Brazil!

  52. Brendan Ronin

    Brendan Ronin3 days ago

    Do you train in BJJ?

  53. Michael Guzowski

    Michael Guzowski3 days ago

    My girlfriend and I love watching your videos and love your recipes. Thank you for making cooking great again. P.S. we need more pickles lol

  54. Keno

    Keno3 days ago

    Pickles just end up being thrown at walls anyway

  55. Derrick

    Derrick3 days ago

    Sam forgot the pickles He is Alan from accounting he cut to 0 pickles

  56. KAPSR gaming N stuff

    KAPSR gaming N stuff3 days ago

    Sam has sexy toes like and comment if u agree

  57. Jeanlouise

    Jeanlouise3 days ago

    I love ur videos but I cringed when you touched things with your raw meaty hands 😭 cross contamination is not cool

  58. LapTop Pilot

    LapTop Pilot3 days ago

    hey idiot face, your stupid. your dumb. i hate everything about your life

  59. Jacky Lu

    Jacky Lu3 days ago

    my favorite is also the filet o fish, real ones know

  60. amanda barrera

    amanda barrera3 days ago

    This is the channel I’ve been looking for 😊 i just subscribed and I can’t stop watching your videos! ❤️

  61. JCJPark

    JCJPark3 days ago

    I think McDonalds saw your video cuz I found 4 pickle slices in my BigMac today

  62. aiden hargraves

    aiden hargraves2 days ago

    Making a difference 1 burger at a time

  63. maz rogers

    maz rogers3 days ago

    My partner made this for dinner tonight! Was so good! Thanks Sam, another gem 🙂👌🏻

  64. Th3Mavr1ck

    Th3Mavr1ck3 days ago

    Guy I didn't come here to look at your black toes make the Damn Mac already 😏

  65. Jacob Abrams

    Jacob Abrams3 days ago

    You forgot mustard in the secret sauce.

  66. Glissant

    Glissant4 days ago

    12 minutes and 30 seconds in, and you've only made the sauce and cut up a pickle. It didn't feel like 12 minutes and 30 seconds. I'm actually enjoying the banter a lot.

  67. filosoldier 23

    filosoldier 234 days ago

    its funny cus the homemade bugger looks like our normal burger at maccers. that shit that they are serving u is a def a rip off lol

  68. K.A.P

    K.A.P4 days ago

    Aye I’m from the big W... Wisconsin

  69. Kyle Jacobs

    Kyle Jacobs4 days ago

    Years ago when I worked at McDonalds for my first job, I got yelled at for putting 3-4 pickles on a sandwich. Everytime I go to McDonalds I ask for extra pickles and I am lucky if I get more than 4.

  70. Malachi Hail

    Malachi Hail4 days ago

    Fucking Alan

  71. Mitchell Woods

    Mitchell Woods4 days ago

    He attac He protec But most importantly he eat a Big Mac

  72. Joel Dawson

    Joel Dawson4 days ago

    NO the filet o fish is the BOMBA! Sam is not the only person who loves them.

  73. GlobalNotes

    GlobalNotes4 days ago

    Cross conSamination

  74. lady yaya

    lady yaya4 days ago

    He talks too much!!!!!!!!!

  75. Cohesive G-unit

    Cohesive G-unit4 days ago

    Some people have called him a "meat sculptor" or a "meat creator"

  76. Joe G.

    Joe G.4 days ago

    Yours actually looks like the one on the menu lol

  77. Jigar Patel

    Jigar Patel4 days ago

    Dude, you are hilarious!

  78. Just Your Shadow

    Just Your Shadow4 days ago

    Forgot the onions in the sauce.

  79. Natasha Williams

    Natasha Williams4 days ago

    I’m American and the filet o fish is my favorite. Well one of them😂😁

  80. Mtn Guard

    Mtn Guard4 days ago

    You did an awesome job on the Big Mac.

  81. Adam Dozier

    Adam Dozier4 days ago

    I do NOT watch these shows. But now I do. Very funny. I almost didn't watch this because of the title makes me want to puke. LOL Glad I did. More Pickles Alan you D!$k.

  82. ChiiZ0 lit

    ChiiZ0 lit4 days ago

    Nice one but u somehow fucked up by using this cheap ass cheese.

  83. Mtn Guard

    Mtn Guard4 days ago

    I love your channel. You make me laugh but also make me think a little. I love good food. It looks like you do also.

  84. Mtn Guard

    Mtn Guard4 days ago

    I made a spam lite egg mcmuffin today for work. For all you haters it was awesome.

  85. peterk814

    peterk8144 days ago

    McDonald’s tastes good for a reason. Doesn’t need your bullshit wanna be hipster twist to it.

  86. Saint JP

    Saint JP4 days ago

    Complains that Big Mac patties are too thin and proceeds to make thin ass patties haha love it

  87. Nick Gupta

    Nick Gupta4 days ago

    Anything that cost $35/pound should taste great :)

  88. Tommy McKiddy

    Tommy McKiddy4 days ago

    The hash brown is slick. I've done the fry thing on the burger at McDonald's, but that hash brown is awesome.

  89. Tommy McKiddy

    Tommy McKiddy4 days ago

    There's only 2 pickle slices, stacked in the same bite. What are you expecting from some teenager making minimum wage? The reason most fast food (and corporate pizza) sucks is because it's made by someone making minimum wage who just doesn't give a fuck.

  90. Tommy McKiddy

    Tommy McKiddy4 days ago

    The ingredients aren't bad, just the effort put into it.

  91. Sinbadd The Pirate

    Sinbadd The Pirate5 days ago

    You had me until those pickles. One or two. GTG.

  92. FurryWooki

    FurryWooki5 days ago

    McDs filet o fish is soooo good. But I loved their fish mcbites from a few yrs those were the bomb

  93. Chris Varns

    Chris Varns5 days ago

    who has 24 minutes for a 8 minute instruction video. The rants... from first talking about the middle bun at 6:00 he rants until 8:55, nearly 3 minutes, before getting to the simple process of making the bun. Sometimes I like the show, sometime it is a lot of extra with little content. This one was a bit too much.


    NULI ZENG5 days ago


  95. MegaDazen

    MegaDazen5 days ago

    waste of wagyu man, Since your girinfing your own meat for the patties you can control the fat precentage yourself. Great video tho

  96. mymovievideos

    mymovievideos5 days ago

    i fucking hate pickles

  97. MrSamschwarz

    MrSamschwarz5 days ago

    Sam is talking about Bubble Bass from Spongebob when he hid the pickles

  98. Niklas Alexandersson

    Niklas Alexandersson5 days ago

    @ 15:27 It looks like there are some metal in the grinded meat.... Something got broken inside the machine

  99. CrazyKlown84

    CrazyKlown845 days ago

    I need one of the shirts. How do I get one? I followed the link and I am guessing you are out. Will you be making more?

  100. Daniel Aguayo

    Daniel Aguayo5 days ago

    Hey Sam you should watch The Founder on Netflix it tells you how McDonald's got started and why they put 2 pickles on a burger

  101. Redeemed1

    Redeemed15 days ago

    Damn Sam you really freaking Rock!!! I just ❤❤❤ watching your videos 😎

  102. Mountaineer Actual

    Mountaineer Actual5 days ago


  103. Alex Elliot

    Alex Elliot5 days ago

    Because the hamburgers were small so those set the standard

  104. Nick Fisher

    Nick Fisher5 days ago

    Your beef facts are off. American beef is not wagyu. All japanese beef is wagyu. Kobe is wagyu but not all wagyu is kobe. Kobe is a specific brand representing a ranching region in Japan. Among all wagyu the kuroge washu is the breed famous for its quality meat. "American wagyu" is a marketing term to denote black angus heards that have been crossbred with the kuroge washu wagyu cattle in the past. Im personally performing a side by side of a4 & a5 japanese wagyu compared to various "american wagyu" and using prime as a control/reference point.

  105. Mr. North

    Mr. North5 days ago

    sorry... Claussen pickles only.

  106. Liam Welsh

    Liam Welsh5 days ago

    Can you just make the burger instead of talking for minutes on end in between steps. At least do it all at once so I can skip it.

  107. Hunter Blankenship

    Hunter Blankenship5 days ago

    What's the point of making a burger with Wagyu? When you grind it up doesn't it make all that marbling meaningless?